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Sci-Tech Information Development & Economy
FQ: 半月
AD of Publication: 山西省太原市
Lanuage: 中文;
ISSN: 1005-6033
CN: 14-1157/N
YP: 1991
Url: 山西省科学技术情报研究所;山西省科学技术情报学会
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Sci-Tech Information Development & Economy
2003 -09
Constructing Financial Supervision and Control in State-owned Large-scale Transportation Enterprises Group LU Jin hua
Talking about the Construction of Library's Literature Information Resources in Network Environment ZHAO Yan
Talking about the Information Literacy of Literature Classifying and Cataloguing Personnel under Network Environment HU Zhong mou
Serve the Western Development by Utilizing the Information Resources Superiority of University Library ZHANG Xian cui, LI Feng ling
Talking about Literature Acquisitioning of University Library ZHUO Ning
Information Consultancy Service of University Library in Network Environment ZHAO Hai tao
Talking about the Influence of Librarians' Quality on Database Creation with Backtracking Method CHEN Feng hua, MENG Shan
Discussion on the Innovation of University Library in the Information Age GONG Yue liang
Talking about the Functions of Information Management from the Variation of Service Trade in Economical Field LI Ying, LANG Yan
Consideration about the Automation Evaluation of Hubei Provincial University Libraries in the Year of 2002 LIU Qun ying
The Functions, Qualities and Responsibilities of the Subject Librarian ZHOU Wei ping
Strengthening the Collection of Electrical Literature Resources and Increasing the Efficiency of Library Services TAN De wei, SHI Cheng ye
The New Actions of University Library under the Point System DONG Jian ying, LIU Qing duan
Requirements of Information Users and Development of Library's Information resources under Network Environment LI Zhong liang, HUANG Jian ping
Strengthening the Management of Liberians through Setting up a Scientific Check-up System FENG Hui zun
Talking about the Work of Library after the University Mergence XIAO Yu mei, LIU Er ling
Cognition and Consideration of Reference Consulting Work of University Library Nai Lin yang
Talking about Learning-type Library and Librarians' Continuous Education WANG Li rong
The Humanistic Concern of the Library should Be Put into Effect AN Dong mei
How to Search Materials of Academic Papers ZHANG Yan jie
Strengthening the Novelty Recall Work and Striving for Realizing the Double Winning ZHENG Ken huang
Talking about the Construction of Library's Electrical Reference Sources QU Xue hui
Pay Attention to Literature Acquisition Work to Increase Library Quality LI Sheng hua
Conception of Library's Management with Readers' Participation CAO Hong yi
Realizing Inquiry of Newspapers' and Periodicals' Names by Utilizing ASP Technique SHENG Shu ping, QIAN Zhi yong
The Library Should Treat Well the Relation between Service Quality and Technical Progress ZHANG Hong wu
Discussion on Standard Literature Work in the New Period LIANG Hong xia
Library Construction in Urban Residential District NING Guang yan
Retrieval Tactics for Chinese Periodicals Based on Holdings HUANG Guo fan, HUANG Hai
Whitening of the Grey Information SHEN Jing
Talking about the Changes and new Features of the Service Mode of University Library WU Jian xin, ZHANG Yun fang
Problems and Countermeasures of the Construction of Digital Library HOU Xin zhi
Knowledge Management and Library Management in the New Century FENG Hui ru
Study on the Excitation Management Mode of the Library WANG Ze mei
Management and Application of Library's CD-Rom Attached to the Books MENG Li bing
Obstruction Factors of and Countermeasures for the Development of Our Country's Information Market CHEN Hao
Talking about Information Resources Management of Archives ZHANG Wen juan
Probe into the Construction of Local Literature Database JIANG Xiang chun, HU Qiang
Establishment and Development of Radical Indexing System LIU Jun
Discussion on the Quality Construction of University Reference Room's Personnel in the New Period LIANG Ling yan
The Investigation and Analysis of Medical University Students' Information literacy WANG Bao yun, LIU Bing
Information Sharing: the Inevitable Choice of the Development of the Future Libraries WANG Hui
Economic Globalization and Developing Countermeasures of Our Country's Information Consultancy Service ZHANG Jin huan,MA Dong ming, CUI Xue lan
Public Image and Library's CI Strategy WANG Yan, ZHANG Xiao gang
Copyright Protection in Digitalization Construction of Library WANG Wei hong, HUANG Ke wen
Common Faults of Computers in Multimedia Reading Room and Their Avoidance WEI Cui hua
Compendium of the Developing History of Our Country's Library ZHANG Ai ping
Talking about the Integration of Services' Educational Innovation and Humanistic Education of University Library XU Mei
Facing the Reality of University and Cultivating Subject Librarians HUANG Jiang ling
Discussion on Continuous Education of Librarians in Knowledge Economy Times WANG Wen
Talking about the Problem of the Inconformity of Books' Former and Later Classifications WANG Gang jie
Knowledge-based Economy and the Functions of The Library LI Ying ying, XUE Cai ping
Consideration about Employment Information Service of the Graduates of Universities after Enrollment Expansion ZHANG Guo hua
Probe into All-round Construction of Rural Affluent Society in Shanxi Province LUO Jian jun
Taking the Chance of Industrial Structural Adjustment to Quicken the Step of Realizing Affluent Society in the Old Industrial Base WEI Yi rui
Considerations and Suggestions about the Development of Dairy Industry in Shuozhou City HAN Wen rang
Raise the Construction of Shanxi's Affluent Society to a New Level MA Sheng huai
Discuss on the Implementation of CDM between China and Japan in Shanxi Province XU Ming de, WANG Xiao wei
Rain-flood Resources and socio-economic Sustainable Development of Taiyuan City ZHANG Quan
Analysis on Water-saving Irrigation ZANG Zhong shan, WANG Xian an
Analysis on Sustainable Development and Cleaner Production CAO Li yuan, ZHAO Li, ZHANG Fa
Agricultural Modernization should Take the Intellectualization as the Leader HOU Xue qin
Consideration about the Shortage of Water Resources ZHANG Li ming, CUI Er ping, LI Gao feng
System Analysis and Mode Study on Scientific and Technical Payoffs Transformation CHEN Yi jun
Give Full Play to Government's Leading Functions and Promote Sci-tech Evaluation Management CHEN Xiao lang
Talking about Sci-tech Security Work of University ZHANG Fu zeng, GAO mei rong, ZHANG San xiang
Sci-tech Communication and Science Quality Cultivation of Journalist Talents WANG Qun ying
Accelerate the Construction of Information System and Increase the Scientific Research Management Level YUAN Hui ru, JIA Peng cheng, HAN Yi zhuo
Analysis on Knowledge Characteristics in Knowledge Economy Times LI Yong hong, LIAN Qing wang
Probe into Networking Accounting System and Information Discovery WANG Xiao yan
Analysis on the Development of Modern Material Exchange Industry in the course of Economical Globalization MA Qing mei
Research on Interest Rate Liberalization in China JIANG Gui qin
Considerations about China's Security Consulting Trade ZHANG Hong mei
Rational Determination of the Scale of Chinese National Debt BIN Jian cheng
Prevent from Entering Erroneous Areas in Cognition of “Localization” ZHANG Xiu qin
Financing Risks and Financial Risks WANG Gui xia
Consideration about Internal Price of Multinational Company ZHANG Xue chou
Civil Responsibility of Licensed Accountant from the Angle of Audit Standards WU Zu guang, QIU Fang
Study on Improvement of Stock Issuing Method in China DONG Gang,FU Qian sheng
Discussion on the Function of the Talents of Promoting the Sci-tech and Economic Development (1) CAO Lai fa, YIN Rui zhi
Talking about the Direction of the Reform of Governmental Construction Management ZHANG Yun, DONG Guo hua
The Characteristics of ETFs and Its Executing Risks in China ZHANG Hong mei
Talking about the Active Financial Policy and the Developing Ideas of National Debt Market WANG Jue
Talking about the reform of Accounting Course of University's Speciality of Human Resources Management ZHAO Hui qun
Probe into the Influences of WTO Entry on Chinese Economy and Corresponding Measures SHI Ze lin
Probe into the Factors Restricting University's Logistic Socialization Reform ZHANG Hui
Talking about the Development of Human Resources Accounting YUAN Qing mao
Comparative Research of our Country's Rural Social Security Level WU Cheng ping
New Ideas of Developing the County Economy REN Yu zhen
Discussion on Enterprises' Operation on Borrowing and Analysis on Relevant Problems LI Ruo yin
Tourist Image Dsigning for Dongshan Scenic Spot around Taihu Lake in Suzhou ZHU Zhen
Probe into the Confirmation of Human Resources FAN Nian mao, WU Wei
Risk Comparison In the Corporation's Acquisition &Merger Vs Strategy Alliance WU Guo yang, XIA Yang gui
Geopolitical Analysis on USA's Oil Strategy towards Africa WANG Jin chun
Study on the Process of Double Glow Plasma Surface Alloying Technique and Plasma Carbonizing of Machine Hacksaw Blade ZHANG Xia Ping,CHI Cheng Zhong,GAO Yuan,XU Zhong
Study on Fire-resistance of Steel Structures DU Juan, WEI De min
Brief Introduction of Cytobiology and Origin of Cell BAI Yang
Probe into the Design Thought of the Feeding System of the Light Closed Planer ZHANG Gui huai
Test Design and Brief Analysis of Motor's Magnetic-floating Economizer HE Fang
The Operation of the Plate Falling-film Evaporator in the Production of Alumina ZHAO Ze min, DING Jia ying
Nourishment of Sea-buckthorn and Its Medicinal Research SHI Wen tang
Study on Medicinal Fruit Chinese Wolfberry RONG Feng
Two-point Adjusting Method for Linear Instruments ZHAI Bing hong
Interference Analysis on and Anti-interference Measures for Weighting Display Instruments HUANG Gai juan
Testing Research on Chemical Urban Sewage Primary Treatment WANG You kun, LIU Yan, XIE Zhao xia, QIN Wei feng, YANG Yun long
Probe into Reclamation Techniques of Clay Sloping Core Roch-fill Dam of Zhangfeng Reseroir ZHANG Yun biao
Talking about the Aesthetical Significance of Reconstruction of Taiyuan Railway Station Square WANG En shan
Environmental Protection Design of High-level Roads on Loess Plateau LI Jin chang
General Design and Arrangement of the Navigation lock of Spring Lake, Guilin City WANG Ren long
Research on and Application of High Performance Concrete (HPC) WEI Wei
Talking about the Design of the Shift Section LI Xi ting
The Multilevel Generalized Fuzzy Comprehensive Judgment Theory and the Assessment of University Managerial Cadres E Lan qing, LIU Xiang yun
Mathematical Model of Motion Simulation for Hinge's Four-bar Mechanism ZHU Qi
Probe into the Reaction Mechanism of a Phosphorized Film Forming Assistant TAO Jian qing,YANG Yu qin
Discussion on Voltage Control Methods in Power System DU Guo sheng
Study on Phenol Resin as Rubber Reinforcing Filler YAO Ying
Analysis on Comprehensive Wiring System in Intelligent Building MIAO Yan qin
Talking about the Effective Measures for Reducing Thermal Losses in Building Design AN Ai qin
Fine Rolling Set Model Environment after the Transformation of the Hot Tandem Rolling Factory, Taiyuan Steel &Iron Complex WANG Jin ping
The CAD System for Hard Alloy Variable-position Short Hole Drill GUO Li yun
Analysis on Over-voltage in Operation of Vacuum Circuit Breaker HU Jian jun,CUI Yong xia, Guo En xi
Fractural Structure Features and Developing Regularity of Wangcun Mine of Datong Coal Field HAO Fu sen
Influence of Permanent-magnet Impeller Type De-ironing Devices on Coal Series Kaolin Clay Industry MA Ping an
Comparison of Citric Acid Production by Fermentation with Cellulose Hydrolyte between Constant Temperature and Oscillatory Temperature HU Ya qin
The Effective Ways of Cutting down the Energy Consumption in the Circulating Water Operation LIANG Chun xin, ZHAO Hu
Application of Passive Relaying Technique in Microwave Transmission GE Hong yuan
Practice and Exploration of Downward Ventilation Technique WANG Zheng bin
Study on Abnormal Gas Distribution in Exploratory Area of Zhaojiayao Coal Mine of Qinshui Coal Field LING Liang fu
Influence of Forestation in Residential Areas on the Quality of Residential Environment WEI Kun, GAO Zhi qiang
On Humanistic Design of Hospital Buildings ZHAO Li xuan
Design of the Working Anchor Gate of Spring Lake Navigation Lock's Water Transmission Way XUE Gui rong
Talking about the Application of the Network and Information Technology In Management of Laboratory LI Yue ying, ZOU Yu xia, XU Guo tai
Development and Utilization of E-Government Administration Information Resources on Internet LUO Hao
Application of POWERBUIDER in Enterprise Personnel and Labor Management System WEI Ying
Application of Management Information System of Geologic Measurement in Mine Picture Drawing LIU Wei xia
Discussion on Network Instructional Resources and Teachers' Information Ability ZHU Hua qin
PROXY-based Flow Dividing Technology for Campus Network of CERNET SUN Dong sheng
Talking about the Organization and Utilization of LAN in Supervision Work GUO Feng xiang, LI Jian jun
Analysis of Network Users HUANG Liang
Hydrographic Water Resources Informatization Construction of Shsnxi Province CUI Bing yu, SUN He ping
Development of Microcomputer-based Statistical Management System for Locomotive Monitoring and Recording QIN Xue hua, XUE Lin wei, DONG Shun chang
Probe into the Decision Supporting System for Personal Credit ZHOU Ya qi
Talking about the Construction of Jincheng's Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) LI Man hong
Talking about the Fast Use of WORD HAN Guo ai
Digital Foundation of Digital TV LIANG Xue heng
Defensive Measures for Network Information Security WANG Jin liang
How Does Chinese Education Response the Challenge of WTO JIANG Zhi jun
Present Situation and Future Development of Transformer Substation's Automation System ZHANG Shun
Prospect of EP-type Automobile in the New Century LIANG Zhao min
Discussion on the Safety in Production and the Sustainable Development of Minor Enterprises WU You jun
X-low Efficiency and the Construction of Motivation System in Enterprises HU Guo zhu
Analysis on the Necessity and Feasibility of the Innovation of Middle-plate in Linfen Iron &Steel Ltd. GUO Zhen jiang
Talking about Some problems in the Construction of Enterprise's Informatization GAO Peng hui
Enterprise Quality Operation YUE Wen yao
Application of Quota Design of Cost Control in Engineering Design Stage ZHAO Lin hai
Risk-avoidance of Contractors' Bid Guarantee in Low-bid-price System PAN Lin fa
Developing Accounting Computerization and Serving Enterprise's New Economy YANG Guang yu
On the Relations between Information Resources and Technical Innovation of Enterprises LI Jin yi
On the Relation between Advanced Manufacturing Techniques and Enterprises' Competition in 21st Century HE Mei yi, LIU Kai ming
Increase SOE's Management and Operation Benefits through Strengthening Human Resources Management CUI Ke zhong
Establishment of Modern Enterprise System and Modern Institute System Beneficial to Innovation ZHU Gui fang
Talking about Receivable Account Management of Coal Enterprise LI Zhen fen
Probe into Technical Innovation of People-run Sci-tech Enterprises LI Bao hai, WANG Xiao qing
Discussion on Tender Offer for Traffic Engineering DUAN Zhi wen
Probe into Human Resources Management of Modern Hospital ZHANG Pei li
Discussion on the Feasibility of Practicing “Divisional Maintenance and Repair” in Railway and Bridge Tunnel CAO Yan ping, YAN Ai min
Analysis on the Causes of Peeling of Wear-resisting Concrete Floor Plate and Treating Methods SUN Qing shan
Application of PLC on Forging Equipment REN Ji yun
Digital Transformation and Application of Electric Automobile Weighter LIAN Xiao xia, ZHAO Qing mei
Some Problems Needing Attention in Residential Electrical Construction GUO Hui bing
Adjustment and Repair of the “Track Biting”of Crane's Running Gears ZHAO Ding heng
Talking about the Reasons of and Countermeasures for the Overload of Goods in Bulk and Stack HE Guo ai
Probe into the Problems of High-Injection Technique LI Guo hui
Faults of Electromotor and Its Protective Devices SU Chun liang
Troubleshoot of Coil Short of Miniature Three-phase Power Transformer HU Jun
ST—9040C Type Field Check Gauge ZHAO Qing mei, WANG Hong juan
Elongating the Working Life of Curved Steel Rail through Comprehensive Maintenance SUN Jian ye
The Summary of Compilation of Maps on Special Subjects JIA Cheng quan
Talking about How to Make Safety and Economic Management for Boiler HU Xiao ying
Production and Erection of Bag-type Dust Remover and Common Problem-solving Methods LIU Kai ming, HE Mei yi
Application of Multimedia Technique in the Teaching of Theory Mechanics YAN Shu fang
Dynamic Control Technology for Subgrade Construction of Qinhuangdao-Shenyang Special Railway Line for Passenger Transportation LEI Wei min
Construction Technology of Pedestal Post-injected Caisson Pile PAN Xue qiao
Study on Water-seal Construction Technique Used in the Subway with Single-Cave, Double-deck and Large Sections XU Dong kun
Application of Hardenability Technique of Steel WANG Li ning
Application of Coal Cutter's Cutting Pan Translation Technique ZHANG Zhan lin
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