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Sci-Tech Information Development & Economy
FQ: 半月
AD of Publication: 山西省太原市
Lanuage: 中文;
ISSN: 1005-6033
CN: 14-1157/N
YP: 1991
Url: 山西省科学技术情报研究所;山西省科学技术情报学会
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Sci-Tech Information Development & Economy
2003 -11
Influence of E- periodical on Periodical Work HU Xiao jie, ZHENG Ji juan
Information Service Trade should Go the Way of Industrialization Development SONG Li ping, FAN Xiao jie
Practice and Recognition of the Construction of Periodicals' Contents Database CHEN De fang
Development and Utilization of Outdated Periodicals and Literature Resources of University Library ZENG Wen zhen
Consideration about the Standardization of Machine- readable Catalog (MARC) HU Zhong mou
Knowledge Economy, Learning Society and Library Work FENG Hui ru
Discussion on Individualized Information Service of University Library in Network Environment ZHU Hua qin
Probe into University Library's Service in Network Environment CHENG Zhao zhu
Probe into Information Service in Front of Digital Gap YUAN Cheng sheng
Professional Information Development of University Library SUN Feng qin
Application of Summarizing Method in the Researches of Library Science and Intelligence Science YIN Zhan bing, SONG Bei ling
Study on the Conception of E- book BAI Qing lian
Application of Public Relations Principle in the Work of Finding and Collecting Literatures YU Ying
Discussion on the Construction of Library's Knowledge and Technique Training System HONG Tao
Probe into the Developing Tendency of University Library's Information Service LIU Yi min
Probe into Reference and Consultancy Service of the Public Library under the New Situation FANG Jun
Literature Finding and Collecting Work of University Library in network Environment ZENG Wen wu, LIU Dong hong
Some Considerations about Taking a Part- time Job While Studying at Collage Practiced in University Library WANG Hui
Exploration and Consideration of Library's Humanistic Service in the New Period WU Jiang hua
Review of LI Da- zhao Thought of Library Science CAO Xiao lu
Look forward to E-book Market LIU Hai cui
Talking about the Readers Work of Print Resources Circulating Section and Digital Resources Circulating Section ZHENG Jian ming
Asymmetric Information and Asymmetric Information Market WANG Gui yun
Obtaining and Secondary Development of Network Education Information Resources HAO Zeng ming
The Exploration and Utilization of Network Chinese Academic Information Resources PENG Qian wei
On the Copyright Profit Balance of Digital Library YAN Xiao yu
Navigation for Network Forest Information DENG Gui ying, YANG Zhen de, LIN Xiao
Discussion on the Cultivation of the Core Competence of University Library LIU Xin wen
Discussion on Information Integrated Servicein Secondary Specialized School's Library YANG Bing wei
Discussion on the Humanistic Management in Library Work GAO Jiang li
Discussion on the Service Models of Libraries in Network Era WEI Guo han
Taking the Users' Needs as the Essentials and Going the Way of Knowledge Service JU Fu qin
Talking about the Liberians with Both Political Integrity and Professional Competence in Knowledge Economy Times WANG Gang jie
Knowledge Quality and Knowledge Service DAI Yu mei, WANG Quan hong
Analysis on Periodicals' Advertisement Operation Tactics XIE Zhi zuo
Reading Guidance of University Library in Network Environment HUANG Qian
Pay Attention to the Sub- health Phenomenon of the Librarians WEI Wen hui, WEI Zhe
Symbiosis of Technique and Emotion: Environmental Design of Library LIU Fan ru, CHEN Hong mei
Analysis on Library's Open- shelf Circulating Service DUAN Li rong
The Management of Library and the Quality of Librarians LI Yun qing
Developing Situation of C1- chemistry Technology and Developing Idea of Shanxi's Industry ZHANG Ying
Problems and Considerations of Sustainable Utilization of Water Resources in China REN Huan lian, CHANG Yu ping, WANG Jian ping
Probe into Shanxi's " Digital Ecology" Planning Method SONG Man fu
Analysis on the Present Situation of Aquatic Environment in Datong and Protection Measures ZHANG Sheng
Promoting Agricultural Sustainable Development through Comprehensive Control of Agricultural Chemicals ZHANG Qing shan, WU Lin ping, ZHANG Zhi min
Constructing Shanxi Into Great Economic Province through Strengthening the Practice of Talents Strategy LI Xiao hui
American E- government and the Development of Chinese E- governmental Affairs WANG Mei
Talking about the Problem of Environmental Protection in the Development of Domestic Fowl and Livestock Breeding WANG Miao hua, SONG Ri chen
Analysis on the Problem of Water Consumption of Sub- scale Industrial Enterprises in Shanxi Province YUE Peng yi, NING Wei liang, CHENG Pu yun, LI Xiu ping
Develop Water- saving Garden through Paying Attention to Actual Effect and Strengthening Management ZHAO Xue yi, WANG Jing
Selection and Arrangement of Garden Plants in Industrial and Mining Areas of Taiyuan City SHI Hong qi
Selection of Our Country's Financial Policy in Present Period MA Ya jing, MO Dong yan
Create Shanxi's Brand Resorting to Government's Service and Enterprise's Innovation KANG Jing hua
Net Present Value: a Decisive Quota in Project Investment Policy Making LI Gui qin
Further Normalizing Chinese Insurance Intermediate Market ZHANG Qing zhi
Orientation of Economic Development Outlook of Technical Innovation Ecologicalization WU Hui
Discussion on the Promoting Action of Industrial Revolution on the Talents CAO Lai fa, ZHU Zheng tang
Discussion on the Problems Existing in Our Country's Venture Capital from Constituent Factors and Developing Modes LI Jian bo
On the Functions of the Agent of International Contract Engineering WANG Jian nan
Promoting E- governmental Affairs must Integrate Governmental Resources and Strengthening Service Conception ZHAO Lin feng
The Influence of the Variation of Our Country's Labor Relations on the Allocation of Labor Resources LUO Shuang fa
The New Development of the Basic Contradictions of Modern Capitalism WANG Jun qi, YANG Wen sheng
Genetic Analysis on and Preventive Measures for the Audit Risk ZHANG Zhi qing, ZHANG Zhi gang
An Evaluation Method of the Transition Effect of Enterprise's Customer Relationship under the Mode of E- business ZHU Zhen, SHEN Xiang
Analyzes on the Causes of Foreign Countries' Antidumping to China and Probe into the Countermeasures ZHENG Wen ping
Recognition of Fixed Assets Accounting in Institutions HAN Tuan xiang
The Effect of Antiphospholipid Antibodies (APA) on Reproduction of Human and Animals HE Xiao yan, FAN Rui wen
Designing Methods for Indoor Story Adding and Aseismic Reinforcement of Brick- concrete Strcture ZHAO Yu qing
Analysis on the Developing Tendency of Volume of Rail Freight of Shanxi Province Based on GM( 1, 1) Model JIANG Xin li
Application of Fuzzy Mathematics in Groundwater Quality Evaluation HAO Rui sen
Analysis on the Power Circuit of Speed Regulation System of Switch Reluctance Machine ZHANG Chun hua
Improvement of Erection Method of Inertial Vibra Feeder HAN Hong yu
Application of Saw- tooth Flat- grid Structure in the Mill Buildings of Textile Industry CHEN Xu ping
Probe into the Popularization of Super Wear- resisting Pipe in Heavy- medium Coal Dressing Field (Ⅱ) GUAN Da jun
Uniformized Treatment of Water Height - flow Relation of Cut- and- fill Watercourse WU Cun ling
Pathogenic Mechanism of Apple Penicilliosis and Preventive Tests ZHANG Yu ling
Probe into the Planning and Designing of the Greening of Residential Area HE Jian ming
Composition and Consideration of Flood Control and Drainage Plan of the East Mountain Valley, Taiyuan City RAO Qing
Analysis and Prevention of the Fissures on Prestressed Concrete Cored Slabs GUO Yong
Theories and Methods of Urban Communication Impact Evaluation QIU Liang
Comparison and Selection of Design Flood Calculation Methods BAI Li
Summary of Bridge Washing Programme Development XUE Wei jie, LIU Li juan, LI Yong qian
Analysis on the Rationality of Industrial Water- consumption Measurement CHENG Pu yun
Summary of the Methods of Collapsible Loess Foundation Treatment ZHOU Ying
The Optimum Dispatch of Hydro- thermal Power in Power Market REN Ying min
Probe into the Automatic Observation Design Scheme for the Dam's Safety of Hengquan Reservoir HAO Pei hong
Present Situation and Cause Analysis of Water- sand Variation in Qiushuihe River Basin WU Xiao lin
Study on the Control of Harmful Emissions from Diesel Engines of Large- sized Earth- stone Machineries and Vehicles MA Shun li
Probe into Energy Conservation of Urban Civilian Construction LIU Xiao min
Analysis on Water Resources Supporting Ability of Water- supply Area of North Trunk of Wanjiazhai Yellow River Diversion Project (YRDP) XIAO Man yi
Study on the Application of PAS- 1~# Flocculant in Red- mud Settlement- separation System of Bayer Process WU Xin wei, CHEN Qiao ying, LI Cai zhen, WANG Hong juan
Probe into Charge by Thermal Measurement of Central Heating ZOU Bing
Construction Schemes and Technical Measures for the Carbon Roaster ZHAO Ze min, DING Jia ying
Calculating Method of Line's Break- point Parameters MIAO Qiang, FAN Ya min
Analysis on Permeability-reducing Results of Precast Lining Tunnel YAN Guo bao
Talking about Network Techniques and Information Safety XIA Qing
Remote Education System Based on Agent WANG Gui fang, SONG Li hua
Organic Combination of CERNET and Public Network Based on Strategic Route LI Hai dong
A Multimedia Centralized Controlling System ZHENG Jing
Research on User Management in Linux Operating System CAO Yun peng
Teachers' Scores- recording System Based on Internet CI Ming liang
Calculation of Contact Net's Suspension Chord with Microsoft Excel 97 WEI Ming bo
The Computer- based Patient Records(CPR) and Its Developing Trend PANG Yong feng, AN Zhi yong, HU Yu, DUAN Fu
How to Structure Campus Network GENG Li xin, MA Yu ying
Discussion on Some Security Techniques of E- governmental Affairs BI Bo, WANG Ping, ZHONG Qing cheng
Strengthening the Construction of Sci- tech Intermediate Organizations for Increasing Regional Innovative Ability LIU Sa sha
Talking about E- learning SHI Zu ping, WU Wei wei, FAN Jun, QIAN Xiao long
Talking about Strengthening the Through Management of Scientific Research Subjects TAO Zun li, TAO Zun ju, HE Chuan qing
Innovation: The Power for SOE's Reform and Development ZHENG Ming ke
Strategic Consideration about Technical Innovation of Chinese Small and Medium- sized Enterprises PANG Xiao ling
Discussion on the Protection of the Operation Secret of Enterprises LI Xiang
Increasing Enterprises' Financial Information Quality through Perfecting Enterprises' Internal Control System LIU Jun wen
Discussion on Enterprise's Safety Culture Construction WU You jun
Recognition and Consideration of Enterprises' Culture Construction LI Xiao ming
Discussion on the Reduction of Enterprise Cost through Practicing ERP WANG Fen, YUAN Ding, WANG Ping xin
Construction of Regional and Enterprise Sci- tech Innovation System ZHU Gui fang
Analysis on the Present Situation of Our Country's Cost Engineer Ranks LI Gang
Utilization of Clean Coal Technique in Coal Mine ZHANG Zhan lin
Talking about the Importance of Engineers from the Production of PCCP NAN Yan bo
Increasing Municipal Road Construction Benefit through Strengthening Cost Calculation of Road Building Machine GUO Yan ning
Study on the Growth of Enterprise Based on Knowledge Economy HU Zheng dong, ZHU Wei liang
Talking about the Effective Ways of Increasing the Transportation Efficiency of Railway Traffic Depot HU Zhi gang
Virtual Corporation: A Management Model Worthy of Reference JIANG Jin
Increasing the Kernel Competitive Power through Grasping the " Soft" Management ZHANG Kai yun
Analysis on Construction Cost Management System ZHU Zuo xiao
Improving Auxiliary Transportation Conditions Relying on Sci- tech Progress LI Biao qing
Probe into the Development of Project Management Contract Model of Construction and Design Units SUN Ding hai, JING Yu
Increasing Enterprises' Economical Benefit through Making Rational Use of High Sulphuric Coal Resources GAO Yun feng
Probe into the Knowledge of the Training of Human Resources CHAI Hai mei
Application of Computer in Coal Mine's Labor Wage Calculation SHI Gen hu, SANG Hai yan
Consideration about the Further Development of People- run Sci- tech Enterprise in Jinzhong City LI Bao hai, WANG Xiao qing
Comparative Analysis on " Same Salary for One Post" and " Different Salaries for One Post CHEN Shuang min
Quality and Service Quality XU Gang hong, LI Zhi qiang
Talking About the Linkage between the Leading Enterprise and the Peasant Household In Industrialized Operation LU Hong wei
Analysis on the Informatization Construction of Enterprises and the Developing Mode of Information System WEI Shao jun, XU Zhao
My Opinion of Present Construction Cost Reform ZHANG Fan
Talking about the Present Situation of Safety Management in Construction Site and Countermeasures ZHANG Xue dong
Talking about the Present Situation of Safety Management in Construction Site and Countermeasures ZHANG Xue dong
Strengthening the Functions of Statistics in Railway Transportation Management MIAO Yan ping
Ten Great Relations" of Safety in Production of Coal Mine WANG Yong an
Facing the Talent Losing Situation and Practicing the Talent Keeping Strategy ZHANG Yong chun
Ideas and Ways of Solving the Labor Disputes of SOE YANG Ji wei
Quality Control of Cement Stable Grain Base Construction ZHANG Dong sheng
Development and Utilization of Magneto Asynchronous Motor's Soft Starter CHEN Dong, YAN Feng lan
Application of TBM in Yellow River Diversion Project (YRDP) CAO Cui chen
Application of Quantifier in Central Heating SHI Xiang bing
Control of Leakage on the End- cover of Grate Mill WANG Hong juan
Construction Management Plan of Steel Chimney JU Yong, WANG Zheng fu
Causes Aualysis on and Countermeasures for the Inactivation of Water Pump′ s Deceleration GUO Jian rong
Optimum Design of Header Diversion Junction of Mafanggou Water Lifting Project XU Jing rong
Application of Electrical Component Protection in Comprehensive Mechanized Coal Mining and Improvement AN Rui ting, SONG Zi chao
Application of Construction Technique of I Iron Track- locking in Existing Multitrack Railways' Newly Constructed Culvert SUN Bin
Diamond Hanging Basket Grouting Construction Technique for Large- span Box Continuous Beam CAO Cui ping
Talking about the Arrangement and Implement of Urban Water- supply Pipe Network LI Yan
Analysis on the Relations between Governmental Functions and Public Products LIU Cai li
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