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Journal of Shaanxi Normal University(Natural Science Edition)
FQ: 双月
AD of Publication: 陕西省西安市
Lanuage: 中文;
ISSN: 1672-4291
CN: 61-1071/N
YP: 1960
Url: 陕西师范大学
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Journal of Shaanxi Normal University(Natural Science Edition)
1998 -S1
Asynchronous parallel matrix multisplitting block relaxation iteration algorthms Li Jicheng 1, Li Yaotang 2 (1 Science College of Xi′an Jiaotong Univ ersity,710049 Xi′an,2 Department of Math ematics, Yunnan Univ ersity,650091 Kunming,PRC)
Symmetric bilinear function and linear transformation Yuan Huiping (Department of Mathematics,Yuzhou University,400033 Chongqing,PRC)
Induced interior operater and closure operater Liu Zhibing 1, Hu Maolin 2 (1 Department of Mathematics,Lüliang Teacher′s College, 033000 Lishi,Shanxi,PRC; 2 Department of Mathematics,Guyuan Teacher′s College,756000 Guyuan,Ningxia,PRC)
Construction of authentication codes with arbitration from vector space Li Ruihu, Zheng Yelong (1 Office of Mathematics,Air Force Missile Institute,713800 Sanyuang,Shaanxi,PRC; 2 Department of Basic Courses,Hefei Institute of Economics and Technology,230052 Hefei,PRC)
Longest cycles in 2 connected K 1,3 free graphs Bai Guoqiang (Office of Economic Mathematics,Shaanxi Financial and Economic Institute,710061 Xi′an,PRC)
Fuzzy approximation and examples basing TS model Yue Shihong, Zhang Kecun (College of Science Xi′an Jiaotong University,710049 Xi′an,PRC)
Generalized sigma additivity and continuity of set function Zhao Yuhuai (Department of Mathematics,Yulin Teacher′s College,719000 Yulim,Shaanxi,PRC)
Wavelet bases of Haar type and properties of local Lipschitz functions Shi Zhi 1, Li Fumin 2 (1 Department of Basic Courses,Xi′an University of Architecture and Technology,710055 Xian,PRC;2 Department of Basic Courses,Xi′an Petroleum Institute, 710065 Xi′an,PRC)
On β convexity radius of starlike function Guo Luobin (Office of Mathematics,Air Force Missile Institute,713800 Sanyuan,Shaanxi, PRC)
Both methods to find integrating factor for one order of differential equation Xie Shuqin (Department of Basic Courses,Northwestern Institute of Architectural Engineering,710061 Xi′an,PRC)
A Spectral methods for model of population Gao Huming, Kang Kailong, Liang Zongqi (Department of Mathematics,Luliang Teacher′s College,033000 Lishi,Shanxi,PRC)
Oscillation of delay parabolic differential equations He Wen (Department of Basic Courses,Xi′an Highway University,710064 Xi′an,PRC)
Stability of periodic linear difference system Yang Xiuxiang (Department of Mathematics,Weinan Teacher′s Colleye,714000 Weinan,Shaanxi,PRC)
In semiordered space firxed point and eigenelement for operators of α concave and convex Xu Yusheng (Xian Univ ersity of Arch itecture and Tech nology,710055 Xian,PRC)
A spread of weighted averagl inequality Zhang Junzu (Department of Basic Courses,Xian Highway University,710064 Xian,PRC)
Intrinsic integral inequality of totally real pseudo umbilical submanifold in quaternion projective space Shu Shichang (Department of Mathematics,Xianyang Teacher′s College,712000 Xianyang,PRC)
Quality and sampling variance about a kind of nonlinear regression estimator Wang Zuoren (Department of Applied Statistics,Xi′an Institute of Statistics,710061 Xi′an,PRC)
Grey relativity analysis of teaching quality evaluation Yang Junxian 1, Liu Zhibing 2 (1 Department of Basis Courses, Shanxi Agricultural University,030801,Taigu,PRC; 2 Department of Mathematics,L u liang Teacher's College,033000 Lishi,PRC)
Strong consistency of a class of estimators in partial linear model Song Yue (Department of Basic Course,Xian Petroleum Institure,710061 Xian,PRC)
Fritz John optimal conditions for solution in nonconvex multiobjective programming Zhang Jiangtao 1, Liu Sanyang 1, Huang Hejiao 2 (1 Department of Applied Mathematics,Xidian University,710071 Xi′an,PRC 2 Department of Mathematics, Shaanxi Normal University,710062 Xi′an,PRC)
A kind of multistage resource allocation problem Gao Anxi (Office of Economic Mathematics,Shaanxi Financial and Economic Institute,710061 Xi′an,PRC)
Controi of boiler feedhot Wang Jiangshu 1, Xue Jianhua 2 (1 Department of Basic Courses,Nortwest Institute of Light Industry,712081 Xiangang,PRC; 2 Yancheng Educational College,224002 Yancheng,Jangsu,PRC)
A theorem of synthetic algorithm Shu Shangqi (Department of Mathematies,Weinan Teacher′s College,714000 Weinan,PRC)
Generalized correlation immune and correlation measure Wen Qiaoyan (Department of Basic Courses,Xi′an Institute of Posts and Telecommunications,710061 Xi′an,PRC)
Construction of balanced Boolean functions with higher order norlinearity and correlation immunity Wen Qiaoyan (Department of Basic Courses,Xi′an Institute of Posts and Telecommunications,710061 Xi′an,PRC)
Coordinated maneuver of co located geostationary satellites Wang Wusheng (Department of Mathematics,Hechi Teacher′s College,546300 Hechi,Guangxi,PRC)
Improvement of query in DBMS Lu Zengling (College Computer Science,Henan University,465000 Kaifeng,PRC)
Research of intellective control system of pumping unit Ni Zhenwen (Department of Mechanics Engineering,Xi′an Petroleum Institute,710062 Xi′an,PRC)
Research on quadtree processing approach of geo graphics data Fu Wei (Department of Electronics & Information,Xingjiang University,830046 Urumqi,PRC)
Graphics programming of plane function with Visual Basic 5.0 Song Julong (Office of Mathematics Xi′an Petroleum Institute, 710065 Xi′an, PRC)
Asymptotic stability of null solution for several two order autonomous systems and applications in physics Liu Jianke;Lin Xiaolin (Department of Basic Courses,Northwest Institute of Light Industry, 712081 Xianyang,PRC)
A solution of nonlinear mechanical problem using computer Yang Mingzhi (Department of Physics,Shaanxi Institute of Education,710061 Xi′an,PRC)
Discussion of falling body and Newtonian mechanics Huang Yuan, Huang He (Shaanxi TV Station,710061 Xi′an,PRC)
Mechanism of changing superconductor proprety by inserting Bi series Huang Xinmin 1 Chen Yu 2 (1 Department of Physics; 2 Department of Chemisty,Hanzhong Teacher′s College,723000 Hanzhong,Shaanxi,PRC)
Analysis of normal heat transfer in multilayer insulation Ren Yajie (Department of Physics,Hanzhong Teacher′s College, 723000 Hanzhong,Shaanxi,PRC)
A discussion about willfully quasi static process of ideal gas Fu Zhentang (Department of Basic Courses,Jurnal of Air Force Telecommunication Engineering Institute,710071 Xi′an,PRC)
Illuminating remarks from derivations of Planck radiation law Xu Shijun (Department of Basic Courses,Xi′an Institute of Technology,710032 Xi′an, PRC)
Relationship of entropy increasing and formulas of thermodynamics Li Yali (Shaanxi TV University Baoji Branch,721001 Baoji,PRC)
Damped oscillation and adjustment of internal resistance of source Luo Weiliang (Department of Physics,Weinan Teacher′s College,714000 Weinan,Shaanxi,PRC)
Design and analysis of current cut off protection circuit Huangpu Guoqing (Department of Physics, Weinan Teacher′s College,714000 Weinan,PRC)
Comparison of method in three phase reactive power measurement by microcomputer Zhao Zhiming 1, Yan Qiang 2, Zhou Qinwu 3 (1 Institute of Physical Electronics and Devices,Xi′an Jiaotong University,710049 Xi′an,PRC; 2 Department of Electrical Power,Xi′an Electrical Power School,710032 Xi′an,PRC; 3 College of Electronics an
Nonlinear parameters of birefringent elliptical core optical fiber Wang Juxia; Miao Runcai (1 Quantum Optics & Photics Section,Weinan Normal College,714000 Weinan,PRC; 2 Department of Physics,Shaanxi University,710062 Xi′an, PRC)
Surface enhanced Raman scattering of molecules adsorbed on different types of Nanosilver Si Minzhen 1; Miao Runcai 2; Wang Juxia 3 (1 Department of Physics,Chuxiong Normal College,675000 Chuxiong,Yunnan,PRC; 2 Department of Physics,Shaanxi Normal University,710062 Xi′an,PRC; 3 Department of Physics,Weinan Normal College,714000 Wienan
Several optical methods of image differentiation Wang Hongxia, He Junfa, Li Chun, Li Xiaojian (Department of Physics,Second Artillery Engineering College,710025 Xi′an,PRC)
Variation in single slit Fraunhofer′s diffraction fringe in transparent medium Wang Yongqing, Li Yuxin, Shi Lin (Department of Physics,Second Artillery Engineering College, 710025 Xi′an,PRC)
Imaging formulas of rotational camber Zhang Yinke 1,Huan Yixian 2,Zan Huiping 1 (1 Department of Basic Courses,Xi′an University of Architecture & Technology, 710055 Xi′an,PRC;2 Department of Physics,Shaanxi Normal University,710062 Xi′an,PRC)
Discussion on superposition of two linear polarized beams Zhang Xiangwu (Department of Physics,Qingyang Teacher′s College,745000 Xifeng,Gansu, PRC)
Method of factorization for N dimensional Hydrogen atoms Li Changxing, Chen Wenxue (Department of Basic Courses,Xi′an Institute of Posts and Telecommunication,710061 Xi′an, PRC)
Research based software development for MRPⅡ Liu Zhibo 1, Ma Li 1, Gao Jianmin 2 (1 Information Centre,Xi′an Post and Telecommunications College,710061 Xi′an,PRC; 2 CIMS Centre,Xi′an Jiaotong University,710049 Xi′an,PRC)
Back propagation method based on multi layered neural network and its application in control of robot manipulation Lin Xiong (Department of Physics,Qiongzhou University,572200 Hainan,PRC)
Notes of fuzzy relational database Zhang Xunfeng 1 Zhang Jinlu 2 (1 Centre of Computer,Yili Radio and TV University,835000 Yining,PRC; 2 Department of Physics,Yili Teacher College,835000 Yining,PRC)
Selection and tuning on series DZ 10 breaker Cheng Yanwen (Shaanxi Sports Technical Institute, 710061 Xi′an,RPC)
Influence of filmthickness and Silicon content to conductivity and residual stress of silicon substrate copper film Xu Zijun (Department of Physics Chemistry and Biology,Xi′an Institute of Education,710002 Xi′an , PRC)
Oscillating reaction of amino acids in closed system Li Zongxiao, Yuan Chunlan (Department of Chemistry & Chemical Engineering Baoji College of Ares and Science,721007 Baoji,PRC)
Preparation of oxalic acid by oxidation and hydrolysis from husk of millet Wang Qiao 1, Yan Zongguang 2, Gu Yanhong 1, Liu Qirui 1 (1 Department of Chemistry,Yan′an University,716000 Yanan,PRC;2 Department of Chemical Engineering,Northwest University,710069 Xi′an,PRC)
Corrosion mechanism of cooling water tank in tower and corrosion prevention Yang Lan (Shaanxi Petroleum & Chemical Industry School,710062 Xi′an,PRC)
Applications of diiodinated samarium(SmI 2) in the organic synthesis Cao Changnian 1, Chen Shaoyuan 1, Yu Yongping 1, Chen Yaozu 2 (1 College of Chemical Engineering,Qinghai University,810006 Xining,PRC; 2 Department of Chemistry,Zhejiang University,310027 Hangzhou,PRC)
Germplasm resource and flora of decorative plants from Compositae in Shaanxi province He Xueli, Zhao Lili (Department of Basic Science, Northwestern Agricultural University,712100 Yangling,Shaanxi,PRC)
Determine and analysis on primary nutritional components of ganoderma spp. Zhou Xuanwei, Lin Juan, Zhou Liang (Shaanxi Major Labrarory of Bio Resources,Hanzhong Teacher′s College, 723000 Hanzhong,PRC)
Refining poly saccharide of wild and cultivated blach fungus Nan Chongbin, Wang Xinjun (Department of Biology,Shangluo Teacher′s College,726000 Shangzhou,Shaanxi,PRC)
Pheasant′s behaviors and their adaptabilities to artificial environment Ren Qingfeng 1, Lu Ani 2 (1 Department of Biology;2 Library, Ningxia Agricultural College,750105 Yongni,Ningxia,PRC)
Influence of some physical and chemical factors upon survival rate of bacteriophages of Bacillus thuringiensis Yang Shuiyun 1, Guo Chunlin 2, Zhao Wenming 1 (1 Institute of Bioscience Bioengineering, Xi′an Jiaotong University,710049 Xi′an,PRC 2 Department of Biology,Teachers College of Xi′an Union University,710061 Xi′an,PRC)
Investigation and evaluation of quality of drinking water in Xi′an Lei Ping, Guo Ailian (Deportment of Biology,Northwest University,710069,PRC)
Theory and method of naturally hazardous regionalization Fu Zhijun, Wei Xudong (Key Lab of Disaster Monitoring and Mechanism Simulating in Shaanxi Province, Baoji College of Arts and Science,Baoji,721007,Shaanxi, PRC)
Develop tourism industry——A important method of freedom from poverty Den Mingyan (Department of Tourism Leshan Teacher′s College,614000 Leshan,Sichuan,PRC)
Structure system of regional SARD Wang Yuncai 1, Gong Xinhe 2 (1 Department of SARD,Geography Institute of Chinese Acadimic,100083 Beijing,PRC; 2 Department of Environment Science,266071 Qingdao University,266071 Qingdao,PRC)
An elementary study of traveling photography in Northern Shaanxi Gao Yuqi (Department of Tourism,Xi′an Foreign Language University,710061 Xi′an,PRC)
Regional economic developing strategy of Jing Jiu Railway in Jiangxi province Yao Lifang, Zhou Fangxin 2 (1 Department of History and Geography,Shangrao Teacher's College,334001 Shangrao, Jiangxi,PRC;2 Jiangxi TV University Shangrao Branch,334000 Shangrao,Jiangxi,PRC)
Economic behavior study on developing district leading industry Wu Xiangling, Ye Hanxiong (College of Politics and Economics,Wuhan University,430072 Wuhan,PRC)
Research on allocation of construction material industry production in Shandong province Li Zongyao (Department of Geography,Linyi Teacher′s College,276005 Linyi,Shandong, PRC)
Sense of internationalization in mathematics education in teachers College Zhang Yanmin, Qiao Ximin (Department of Mathematics,Shangluo Teacher′s College,726000 Shangzhou,PRC)
Technology of multiple medium computer net teaching for education reform Zhao Hui (Department of Mathematics,Shaanxi Normal University,710062 Xi′an, PRC)
Fostering function of middle school physics methodology and discipline construction Gao Rongfa (Department of Physics,Shangluo Teacher′s College,726000,Shangluo,Shaanxi,PRC)
Model of Compression and expansion process Lu Yingmei 1, Shi Kangpei 2, Zheng Zhong 3 (1 College of Chemistry Xi′an Jiaotong University,710062 Xi′an,PRC;2 Director of scientific Repartment,Shaanxi Normal University,710062 Xi′an,PRC; 3 Xi′an Land Force Institute,710109 Xi′an,PRC)
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