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Progress in Geophysics
FQ: bimonthly
AD of Publication: China
Lanuage: English
ISSN: 1004-2903
CN: 11-2982/P
YP: 1986
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2014 -03
The fast hankel transformation and its applications in forward calculations CAI Sheng;China Railway SIYUAN Survey and Design Group Co.
Forecast on solar activity during the launch of“Shenzhou Ⅱ”by the VLF method NIU You-tian;ZHANG You-xian;XIE Ying-tao;LI Dan-dan;LI Ling;College of Physics and Electronic Engineering
Behavior of Weddell Sea Anomaly observed by ground-based GPS AN Jia-chun;WANG Ze-min;LI Fei;AI Song-tao;Chinese Antarctic Center of Surveying and Mapping
Analysis on height time series of Beijing Fangshan magmatic station of neural network ZHANG Si-hui;ZHAO Gang;ZHENG Heng-jing;HUANG Sheng-he;School of Geometrics
Reflection wave imaging advance forecast system and its application WANG Meng-qian;YUE Jian-hua;LIU Sheng-dong;School of Resource and Geosciences
Research Progress on China typhoon numerical prediction models and associated major techniques MA Lei-ming;Shanghai Typhoon Institute;
Research on the elastic thickness of Azores Plateau based on the high precision gravity/topography model KE Bao-gui;ZHANG Chuan-yin;ZHANG Li-ming;CHANG Xiao-tao;Chinese Academy of Surveying and Mapping;Guangxi Key Laboratory of Spatial Information and Geomatics;Satellite Surveying and Mapping Application Center
Broad frequency ocean bottom seismograph based on real-time data transport XU Xi-qiang;YOU Qing-yu;ZHANG Yan;ZHAO Chun-lei;Key Laboratory of Petroleum Resources Research
Set foot in three science difficult problems of seismic probe and innovational course TENG Ji-wen;Institute of Geology and Geophysics
3D P-wave velocity structure of crust and upper mantle beneath Ordos Block and North China CHEN Zhao-hui;LOU Hai;MENG Xiao-hong;WANG Chun-yong;SHI Lei;Institute of Geophysics
Analysis of the future earthquake situation for some seismic zones in the east China,south China and southwest China QIN Si-qing;LI Pei;XUE Lei;LI Guo-liang;WANG Miao-miao;Key Laboratory of Shale Gas and Geoengineering
Analysis of the future earthquake situation for some seismic zones in the northwest China and Tibet QIN Si-qing;Li Guo-liang;Xue Lei;Pan Xiao-hua;Li Pei;Key Laboratory of Shale Gas and Geoengineering
Advance in research methods of rock deformation YU Shang-jiang;LI Wei;DONG Yun-peng;YANG Yuan-zhen;LIU Wen-hang;The State Key Laboratory Continental Dynamics
A simple numerical example for seismic traveltime tomography ZHANG Feng-xue;YU Da-xin;ZHANG Guang-cheng;Key Laboratory of Seismic Observation and Geophysical Imaging
A review of body wave traveltime tomography methods ZHAO Feng-fan;ZHANG Ming-hui;XU Tao;China Earthquake Networks Center;State Key Laboratory of Lithospheric Evolution
A review of the travel-time calculation methods of seismic first break ZHAO Feng-fan;MA Ting;XU Tao;China Earthquake Networks Center;State Key Laboratory of Lithospheric Evolution
Quiescence-seismic-quiescence evolution of medium-earthqakes before moderate-strong shocks in junction region of Shanxi,Hebei and Neimenggu ZHU Hong-bin;LI Hong;WU Min-jie;YUE Xiao-yuan;Earthquake Administration of Beijing Municipality;
Exploration of time-depth conversion method in complicated fault block——take Weixinan sag for example CHEN Lin;DENG Yong;GAI Yong-hao;ZHAO Shun-lan;ZhanJiang Branch of CNOOC Ltd.;
The response of electrical parameters of saturated tight sandstone to effective stress changes CHEN Ming-jun;KANG Yi-li;YOU Li-jun;SHI Yu-jiang;ZHANG Hai-tao;State Key Laboratory of Oil and Gas Reservoir Geology and Exploitation
The 3D focusing inversion of full tensor gravity gradient data based on conjugate gradient CHEN Yan;LI Tong-lin;FAN Cui-song;XU Bo-wen;SUN Ye-fa;College of Geo-exploration Science and Technology
Tectonic evolution and its vital role for oil and gas reservoir in Amu Darya basin HE Yu-dan;WEI Chun-guang;Sinopec International Petroleum Exploration& Production Corporation;PetroChina Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration& Development;
Reservoir geophysical response feature and forward modeling of Feixianguan formation in Fuling area,southeastern Sichuan basin HU Xiu-quan;SHI Ze-jin;WANG Chang-cheng;YU Wan-li;College of Energy Resources;Chengdu University of Technology;State Key Laboratory of Oil and Gas Reservoir Geology and Exploitation
Application of thin reservoir seismic inversion in Fana area,Niger JIANG Xiao-yu;JI Zhi-feng;MAO Feng-jun;SONG Tao;GAN Li-deng;Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration and Development;
Application of waveform classification in the prediction of fluvial facies interbedded sandstone reservoirs JING Yong-quan;FAN Hong-jun;FAN Ting-en;HU Guang-yi;CHEN Kai-yuan;CNOOC Research Institute;China University of Geoscience
Reverse time migration from rugged datum:technology and applications KONG Xiang-ning;DUAN Xin-biao;LIU Shou-wei;WANG Li-xin;WANG Hua-zhong;LI Jing-jing;Sinopec Oil Geophysical Prospecting Institute of Technology;Tongji University
A fine logging interpretation model of permeability confined by petrophysical facies of tight gas sandstone reservoirs LAI Jin;WANG Gui-wen;LUO Guan-xing;HUANG Long-xing;ZHAO Xian-ling;LI Hong-nan;LI Mei;WANG Di;State Key Laboratory of Petroleum Resource and Prospecting
The dual-variable in time-space forward modeling studies on fractured reservoirs LI Zhen-chun;LI Qing-yang;HUANG Jian-ping;LI Na;TIAN Kun;School of Geoscience
Applications of precise interpretation in the development stage of Surennuoer oilfield LIU Shu-fen;ZHANG Hai-xiang;ZHOU Bing-bing;XU Ling-yu;Northeast Petroleum University;
2.5-D numerical modeling on DC resistivity by FEM with continuous variation of conductivity LIU Yun;SONG Tao;WANG Yun;State Key Laboratory of Ore Deposit Geochemistry
Preliminary waves ray tracing by linear travel-time interpolation method in 3-D transversely isotropic medium MA De-tang;YANG Chun-yu;LI Xu-xuan;Changan University;CNOOC Research Institute;
High-frequency seismic sequence interpretation technique and its application MA Li-juan;CHEN Shan;Sinopec Geophysical Corporation;China University of Geosciences;
Extracted hidden attributive characters for target layers by continue frequency spectrum analysis with layered SHEN Hong-yan;LI Qing-chun;BIAN Jian-min;School of Earth Sciences and Engineering
Numerical simulation of decoupled VTI media acoustic wave equation SHEN Ming-cheng;LI Lu-ming;Zhou Huai-lai;State Key Laboratory of Oil and Gas Reservoir Geology and Exploitation
Chaidamu basin salt mud crystal region excitation technique SONG Zhi-qiang;LIU Bin;CHEN Wu-jin;Sinopec Shengli Geophysical Company Ltd.;
Review of fracture identification with well logs and seismic data SUN Wei;LI Yu-feng;FU Jian-wei;LI Tian-yi;Exploration & Production Research institute
Research on frequency-time domain transform method in central-loop transient electromagnetic field response computation SUN Ye-fa;LI Tong-lin;FAN Cui-song;CHEN Yan;College of Geoexploration Science and Technology
Application of seismic frequency-division technology in delta system:a case study of the Dongying delta of the middle sub-section of the 3rd member of Shahejie formation in Dongying depression SU Ming;LIU Jun-e;JIA Guang-hua;DU Xue-bin;WANG Xi-jie;PENG Wei;Laboratory of Gas Hydrate Formation Mechanism
Application of Pre-3D common reflection surface stack in real seismic data QIN Tian;SHEN Shui-rong;PENG Wen-xu;CNOOC International Limited Com.;
The depth resolution in potential-field inversion and some improvement measures WANG Jun;MENG Xiao-hong;LI Fang;School of Geophysics and Information Technology
Prediction of reservoir thickness based on spectral decomposition and seismic multi-attribute WANG Kai-yan;ZHOU Yan;CHEN Yan-qi;LIU Jun-ru;ZHANG Wei;BAO Bai-qiu;Accumulation and Development of Unconventional Oil and Gas
Three-dimensional visualization of colliery TEM data base on MATLAB WANG Peng;Xi'an Research Institute
CSAMT sensitivity analysis for 1D models WANG Ruo;YIN Chang-chun;WANG Miao-yue;DI Qing-yun;Institute of Geology and Geophysics
A method of using GPU and tile strategy to accelerate seismic wave field modeling WANG Shou-jin;LIN Nian-tian;DING Ren-wei;NING Xuan-xuan;REN Xiao-fang;College of Geological Science and Engineering
Low-level faults characteristics of seismic wave field HUANG Han-dong;LI Qi-xin;LIU Xue-tong;WANG Yan-chao;LIU Cheng-han;State Key Laboratory of Petroleum Resource and Prospecting;Enhanced Oil Recovery Institute
Simulation of fracture reservoirs permeability based on percolation method WAN Ju-ying;XU He-hua;LIU Tang-wei;SHU Wei-bing;Key Laboratory of Marginal Sea Geology of Chinese Academy of Sciences
Well logging interpretation and evaluation of gas shale reservoir at Longmaxi formation in Qianjiang area of Southeast of Chongqing area XIE Qing-ming;CHENG Li-jun;LIU Jun-feng;HUANG Zhen-hua;LI Hong-ying;WANG Fei;ZHANG Ying-ying;Key Laboratory of Shale Gas Exploration
Simulation of 3-D random medium in seismic prospecting using fractal method XU Zhen-wang;AN Yong;ZHI Ling;WEN Yang;HUANG Xing-xing;QIN Mo;State Key Laboratory of Petroleum Resources and Prospecting
Identification of low resistance gas reservoir of section He_8 in the southeast of Sulige,Ordos basin YAN Yuan-zi;ZHANG Xiao-li;FEI Shi-xiang;SHI Lu-yu;WANG Jin-cheng;State Key Laboratory for Continental Dynamics/Department of Geology
Modeling and simulation on metallic mine exploration based on GPR tomography YANG Feng;DU Cui;LIANG Yin-cheng;XU Xin-jun;School of Mechanical Electronic &Information Engineering
Extracting formation velocity method and its application in low exploration areas-example of the deep water area of Qiongdongnan basin YAO Zhe;GUO Zhi-feng;DANG Ya-yun;YING Ming-xiong;LIU Ai-qun;LIU Peng;Research Institute of Zhanjiang Branch
Gas chimney pattern recognition technology and its application in detection of hydrocarbon migration pathway YIN Chuan;ZHANG Jin-miao;LUO Zong-qiang;WU Kui;DENG Jun;ZHANG Zhong-qiao;CNOOC Research Institute;Bohai Oilfield Exploration and Development Research Institute
Analysis of cave imaging affect by seismic acquisition and processing factors ZHANG Jun-hua;ZHANG Bin-bin;WU Cheng;HU Zhong-ping;WANG Li-xin;XU Ying;School of Geosciences
Mathematical simulation on electromagnetic properties of the plane seismoelectric waves in water-saturated porous media ZHANG Quan-ying;GUAN Ji-teng;ZHENG Hai-xia;ZHANG Xiao-qian;Faculty of Science
The full-wave field simulation in saturated porous media using the reflectivity method ZHANG Ying-ge;Geophysical Research Institute
Underway electrical rapid prospecting technology ZHU De-bing;YANG Yi-cheng;TIAN Zhong-han;Key Laboratory of Metallogenic Prediction of Nonferrous Metals
The influence of industrial transmission lines on transient electromagnetic's second magnetic field and the elimination of interference LI Feng-ming;LIU Hong-fu;ZHANG Xin-jun;YU Chuan-tao;Taiyuan University of Technology
The research and cognition of typical submarine landslide characteristics of Liuhua deepwater block NIAN Yong-ji;ZHU You-sheng;CHEN Qiang;HAO Gao-jian;LUO Jin-hua;CHEN Dai-xin;Geophysical-China Oilfield Services Limited;
Progress on practical skills of Ocean Bottom Seismometer(OBS) experiment NIU Xiong-wei;RUAN Ai-guo;WU Zhen-li;ZHANG Jie;Department of Earth Sciences
Research progress of carbon dioxide capture and store technique and geophysical monitoring research TIAN Bao-qing;XU Pei-fen;PANG Zhong-he;LING Su-qun;GUO Hui-li;HOU Jie;Institute of Geology and Geophysics
Review of borehole logging technology for evaluation of rock stability for ground control in mining YU Xian-yang;XU Hua-jun;Jamal Rostami;LI Bao-yu;China University of Mining and Technology;Pennsylvania State University
Summary of development of telemetry seismometers ZHANG Shuai-shuai;ZHANG Lin-hang;LIN Jun;SUN Fu-jin;Key Lab of Geo-exploration Instrumentation
Anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility of igneous rocks PAN Xiao-qing;SHEN Zhong-yue;SHI Lin-quan;ZHANG Zhi-liang;Department of Earth Sciences
Analysis on temperature fields of thermal-hydraulic coupled fluid and rock in Enhanced Geothermal System HU Jian;SU Zheng;WU Neng-you;ZHAI Hai-zhen;ZENG Yu-chao;Key Laboratory of Renewable Energy and Gas Hydrate
Numerical simulation on density measurement of rockfill body by additive mass method ZHANG Zhi;LI Xu;CAI Jia-xing;FAN You-hua;MA Sheng-min;XIE Hai-su;Company of Changjiang Engineering Geophysics Exploration of CWRC;Harbin Institute of Technology Shenzhen Graduate School;
Design and implementation of real-time multitask network comprehensive observation system based on DOS LIU Ai-chun;LI Jie-fei;ZHOU Zhen-an;MA Xiao-chuan;Institute of Crustal Dynamics
Contour filling algorithm based on inverse grown triangular mesh ZHANG Dao-jun;LI Rui-xue;XI Zhen-zhu;WANG He;Changsha 5D Geo-survey & Technical CO.
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