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Progress in Geophysics
FQ: bimonthly
AD of Publication: China
Lanuage: English
ISSN: 1004-2903
CN: 11-2982/P
YP: 1986
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2017 -03
Global ionosphere spheric harmonic function modeling with virtual TEC observations of empirical models WANG Yue-liang;LI Bo-feng;WANG Miao-miao;LOU Li-zhi;College of Surveying and GeoI nformatics
EGM2008 model and the measured ground gravity data fusion and its application in the western sichuan region WANG Zhuo-hua;JIN Hong-lin;FU Guang-yu;SHE Ya-wen;LIU Tai;Laboratory of Earthquake Prediction
Progress and perspective of submarine sand waves researches LIN Ai-jun;HU Yi;LIN Gui-lan;LIN Zhao-bin;WANG Li-ming;ZHONG Gui-cai;XU Jiang;Third Institute of Oceanography
In situ stress measurement at deep boreholes along the Tanlu fault zone and its seismological and geological significance FENG Cheng-jun;ZHANG Peng;MENG Jing;QI Bang-shen;QIN Xiang-hui;NIU Lin-lin;SUN Dong-sheng;SUN Wei-feng;TAN Cheng-xuan;CHEN Qun-ce;Institute of Geomechanics
Rebuild of the ISC Bulletin in 1964-2010 LI Bao-kun;China Earthquake Networks Center;
Overlapping Schwarz domain decomposition method for two-dimensional magnetotelluric forward modeling LI Dan;CHEN Hui;DENG Ju-zhi;Key Laboratory of Radioactive Geology and Exploration Technology Fundamental Science for National Defense
Prediction model of fault rupture length for characteristic earthquake events LI Pei;QIN Si-qing;XUE Lei;WU Xiao-wa;YANG Bai-cun;ZHANG Ke;Key Laboratory of Western Mineral Resources and Geological Engineering of Ministry of Education
Integrate use of potential field and its gradient for the continuation from a curved surface to a horizontal plane LIANG Jian;Geophysical Exploration Academy of China Metallurgical Geology Bureau;
Developments of research on earthquake detection and seismic phases picking LIU Han-lin;WU Qing-ju;Institute of Geophysics
Rock physics analysis of the hydrate-bearing sediments in the permafrost region of Qinghai-Tibet plateau LIU Jie;LIU Jiang-ping;CHENG Fei;WANG Jing;DENG Xiao-hu;LIU Xiao-xiao;JIN Cong;Hubei Subsurface Multi-scale Imaging Key Laboratory
Isostatic geoid anomalies of Eurasia plate and its geodynamical feature SONG Shi-rong;LU Gui-qing;FANG Jian;Central-South Institute of Metallurgical Geology;Wuhan Kedao Geographical Information Engineering Co.Ltd;State Key Laboratory of Geodesy and Earth's Dynamics
Experimental study of seismic wave velocity,anisotropy and elastic property of sandstones in Hami,Xinjiang WANG Huai-min;WANG Hong-cai;YIN Chang-ji;LI A-wei;ZHAO Wei-hua;DU Wei;WANG Xi-xin;College of Geosciences
Seismo-tectonic motions in the southern segment of the North-South Seismic Belt XU Ji-ren;ZHAO Zhi-xin;Institute of Geology
On the equivalence between the cumulative Benioff strain and the shear strain for the locked patches along a seismogenic fault system YANG Bai-cun;QIN Si-qing;XUE Lei;WU Xiao-wa;ZHANG Ke;Key Laboratory of Shale Gas and Geoengineering
Seismic ground motion amplification in Lushan downtown area: observation and analysis of aftershock data following the 4.20 Lushan M_S 7.0 earthquake YU Jiashun;HAN Chao;WANG Xu-ben;YUAN Jian-long;FU Xiao-bo;LAN Xing;LIANG Qun;ZHOU Wu;YANG Yi-hai;TAN Hao-yuan;LIU Cun-xi;LI Zi-xi;Chengdu University of Technology
Relocation by adaptive quantum genetic algorithm of Rushan earthquake swarm in Jiaodong peninsula area and analysis of structural features ZHANG Bin;SU Dao-lei;FAN Jian-ke;SHEN Jin-chao;WANG Peng;CAI Yin;LIU Chen;Jinan Earthquake Administration;Jinan Earthquake monitor center;Key laboratory of Marine Geology and Environment
Coseismicdeformation focal mechanisms inversion for 2016 Menyuan earthquake by DInSAR observations ZHANG Ming;GAO Han;NIU Yu-fen;QU Fei-fei;WAN Hong-lin;ZHANG Wei;Yunnan Foundational Survey and Technology Center;Yunnan Earthquake Administration;Chang'an University;Hebei University of Water Resources and Electric Engineering;
Pore structure evaluation and genesis analysis of tight oil reservoirs CHEN Jing;WANG Gui-wen;ZHOU Zheng-long;LAI Jin;WANG Shu-chen;HE Zhi-bo;RAN Ye;College of Geosciences
Discussion on the development and future trends of gravity and magnetic softwares for data processing and inversion CHEN Jing;WANG Wan-yin;Institute of Gravity and Magnetic Technology
Application of seismic sensitive azimuth hydrocarbon prediction based on “WF,WA&HD” seismic data at L buried hill in B basin,Chad CHEN Zhi-gang;XU Gang;DAI Shuang-he;SUN Xing;HAN Yu-chun;GUO Zeng-hu;China University of Geosciences;Bureau of Geophysical Prospecting
Study of one-dimensional inversion effect on transient electromagnetic data of three-dimensional models DAI Rui;LI Zhan-hui;HUANG Qing-hua;Department of Geophysics
Multiwave Gaussian beam prestack depth migration for 2D anisotropic media HAN Jian-guang;WANG Yun;CHEN Chuan-xu;YU Chang-qing;Institute of Geology
Simultaneous inversion for velocity and reflector geometry with multi-phase traveltimes in 2D triangular cell model HE Lei-yu;YAN Xing;BAI Chao-ying;Department of Geophysics
Research and application of the long wavelength static correction technology with well control in the loess plateau area JU Xing-guo;YU Qing-lu;SINOPEC Geophysical Research Institute;
Suppress of virtual source method's correlated gather noise LEI Chao-yang;LIU Huai-shan;Key Lab of Submarine Geosciences and Prospecting Techniques
Channel sand characterization based on the fusion of multiple iterative attributes——a case study of Z area of Fuyu oil layer in Daqing oil field LI Zhan-dong;ZHANG Li-shuang;LI Yang;LI Li;SHI Hao;LIANG Shun;TIAN Mi;College of Petroleum Engineering Institute
Energy replacement surface wave suppression technique based on frequency constraint LIANG Hong-xian;Geophysical Research Institute of Shengli Oilfield Branch Co.;
Well-logging identifying the complex lithology of scientific drilling ZK01 at Luzong ore concentration area LIN Zhen-zhou;LIU Dong-ming;GAO Wen-li;FANG Si-nan;WANG Zhi-yao;Institute of Geophysics and Geomatics
Fault displacement folds in simple slope and its related traps: a case study on the south central Wen'an slope LIU Jun-qiao;L Yan-fang;ZHANG Meng-di;SUN Tong-wen;CAO Lan-zhu;WANG Biao;LIU Zhe;College of Geosciences
Comparative analysis on the methods of potential field separation: a case study of the Jiangxi Xiangshan uranium polymetallic orefield LUO Xiao;WANG Yan-guo;DENG Ju-zhi;YANG Ya-xin;WU Zi-ying;Fundamental Science on Radioactive Geology and Exploration Technology Laboratory
Study of contrast in processing and transformation of field data based on cosine transform and Fourier transform LUO Xin-gang;WANG Wan-yin;Institute of Gravity and Magnetic Technology Chang'an University
Identification of tectonically deformed coal using well logs: a case study MA Guo-dong;CHEN Tong-jun;CUI Ruo-fei;Key Laboratory of CBM Resource & Reservoir Formation Process
Elastic wave anisotropy in a fluid-saturated rock under stress MENG He;TANG Xiao-ming;CHEN Xue-lian;XU Zhi-yan;HAN Hai-li;CHEN Cui-peng;School of Geosciences & Technology
Challenge and countermeasure of the application on seismic attributes in the western Pearl River Mouth basin PAN Guang-chao;LIU Ai-qun;HU Gao-wei;HE Yi;LIU Feng;CNOOC. Ltd. Zhanjiang;
Study on the effect of water saturation on acoustic properties for two phase medium based artificial cores PEI Yu-chong;YANG Qin-yong;ZHAO Qun;MA Zhong-gao;SHEN Hui;Sinopec Key Laboratory of Geophysics;Sinopec Geophysics Research Institute;
Basis pursuit study and application in the identification thin layer PENG Jun;ZHOU Jia-xiong;WANG Yu;SUI Bo;LI Hai-peng;Pan Guang-chao;China National Offshore Oil Company Zhanjiang Branch;
Method for predicting oil and gas sealing area of mudstone caprock in fracture development zone by seismic data WANG Wen-guang;FU Guang;HU Ming;Northeast Petroleum University;
Application of seismic inversion based on convolution model in coalfield geological exploration WEI yu;CHEN Tong-jun;JIANG Xiao-yu;CUI Ruo-fei;College of Resource & Geology Sciences
3D XSP-CDP stack imaging of deviated well WEI Zheng-rong;YANG Fei-long;LI Qi;LIU Xian-yuan;College of the Geological Engineering and Geometrics
Analysis of three component TEM response characteristic of electric source dill hole TEM WU Jun-jie;LI Xiu;ZHI Qing-quan;QI Zhi-peng;GUO Jian-lei;DENG Xiao-hong;School of Geology Engineering and Geomatics
3D FDTD modeling of TEM based on non-uniform grid XU Yan;LIU Yao;DENG Zhong-jun;ZHNAG Meng-ting;ZHNAG Gui-bin;School of Geophysics and Information Technology
Seismic wavefield reconstruction based on boundary storage and application of reverse time migration YANG Ren-hu;LING Yun;QU Li-jian;WAN Yong-ge;ZHAO Xiao-yan;GAO Fang-ping;Institute of Disaster Prevention;BGP Inc. of CNPC;
Parallel optimization design method for seismic forward modeling numerical simulation calculation YANG Shang-qin;SINOPEC Geophysical Research Institute;
Study of contrast in processing and transformation of field data based on Hartley transform and Fourier transform YAO Pan;WANG Wan-yin;Institute of Gravity and Magnetic Technology Chang'an University
Application of ΔLogR technology and BP neural network in organic evaluation in the complex lithology tight stratum ZHANG Han;LU Shuang-fang;LI Wen-hao;TIAN Wei-chao;HU Ying;HE Tao-hua;TAN Zhao-zhao;Unconventional Oil & Gas and Renewable Energy Research Institute
Velocity model reconstruction in complex areas of coalbed methane using RVSP tomography imaging technology ZHANG Hui;PAN Dong-ming;YIN Qi-feng;The School of Resource and Earth Science
Seismic wave simulation method based on variable grid step ZHANG Zhi-yu;HOU Wen-ting;MIAO Yong-kang;School of automation and information engineering
Development and application of HTI media azimuth AVO( AVAZ) forward modeling software CHEN Nan;XU Len-ming;SONG Zhi-xiang;Sinopec Geophysical Research Institute;
Development of test device for semi-airborne transient electromagnetic receiver GAO Song;WANG Jin-mei;ZHANG Liang;CAO Bin;LI Chen;Chengdu University of Technology
New attempt to quantitative characterization of effusive facies volcanic rock:a case of B structure in Bohai Sea GU Zhi-meng;NIU Cheng-min;YANG Bo;HE Dian-bo;HUANG Zhen;Bohai Oilfield Research Institute
Application of integrated geophysical method to Karst cave exploration of metro engineering in Nanning HUANG Yu-ming;ZHANG Xiao-feng;XIE Shang-ping;MIAO Si-da;HUANG Cheng-min;SHI Wei-jian;School of Geophysics and Measurement-control Technology
Experimental study of infrasonic signal characteristics of coal and rock samples under uniaxial compression JIA Bing;WEI Jian-ping;State Key Laboratory Cultivation Base for Gas Geology and Gas Control
Application of reflection coefficient sequence decomposition technique to reservoir study in Bohai N oilfield LIU Chuan-qi;LIU Xue-tong;ZHAO Hai-feng;GAO Wen-bo;SONG Jun-ting;CNOOC China Limited
Classtic thin sandbody reservoir identification technique and its application in the North Yellow Sea Basin LIU Jun;WU Shu-yu;CHEN Jian-wen;XIAO Guo-lin;GAO Jin-yao;College of Faculty of Earth Resources
Induced polarization method based on circular cross-correlation method and field experiment LUO Wei-bin;LI Mei;CHEN Ru-jun;Gansu Nonferrous Geological Survey Institute;School of Information Engineering
Mining-induced engineering effects base on microseismic monitoring and disaster-pregnant mechanism of shock bump L Peng-fei;CHEN Xue-hua;SONG Wei-hua;ZHOU Nian-tao;College of Mining
Study of defining collapse and dividing stratum in the borehole by character variation of shear-waves XUE Ming;SHI Bao-wen;WANG Gang;GUAN Yun-ying;XU Jun;DUAN Peng-fei;XU Zhao-yong;Kunming Southern Geophysical Technology Co.
Application of audio magnetotelluric and shallow seismic methods in tunnel geological exploration ZHENG Yan-feng;ZHU Tong;ZHAO Xiao-liang;ZHANG Long;College of Geology Engineering and Geomatics
Progress of Antarctic subglacial lake research based on multi-sources spatial exploration technique FAN Yi;HAO Wei-feng;LI Fei;TIAN Shan-chuan;GAO Sheng-jun;Chinese Antarctic Center of Surveying and Mapping
Study on the characteristics of pore structure of tight sand based on micro-CT scanning and its influence on fluid flow LIU Xiang-jun;XIONG Jian;LIANG Li-xi;YUAN Wen;State Key Laboratory of Oil and Gas Reservoir Geology and Exploitation
Calibration ofhorizontal well trajectory in marine thin-bedded ultra-deep reservoir: a case study in the Hudson oilfield of north Tarim NING Chao-zhong;JIANG Tong-wen;XU Huai-min;LI Yong;XU Zhao-hui;SUN Hai-hang;PetroChina Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration & Development;China University of Petroleum
Study on statistical characteristics of acoustic-vibration biological effect in oilfield exploration and development YIN Zhi-qing;Shengli Oilfield Technology Inspection Center
Geomagnetic bio-inspired navigation method of AUV in the presence of ocean current LI Hong;LIU Ming-yong;LIU Kun;School of Marine Science and Technology
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