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Progress in Geophysics
FQ: 双月
AD of Publication: 北京市
Lanuage: 中文;
ISSN: 1004-2903
CN: 11-2982/P
YP: 1986
Url: 中国科学院地质与地球物理研究所;中国地球物理学会
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Progress in Geophysics
2019 -01
New estimation of anisotropic saturation and fracture quantitative evaluation for fracture-filling gas hydrate reservoir QIAN Jin;WANG Xiu-Juan;DONG Dong-dong;SAIN KalachAND;YE Yue-ming;Key Laboratory of Marine Geology and Environment and Institute of Oceanology
Application of high frequency electromagnetic method to detect geologicaldiseases around underground pipelines REN Bao-hong;College of Marine Geosciences
Statistical analyses of principal strain axis rotational angles in shear bands and outside for clay specimens in uniaxial compression WANG Xue-bin;FENG Wei-wu;CAO Si-wen;YANG Mei;HOU Wen-teng;ZHANG Bo-wen;Institute of Computational Mechanics
Geological evolution mechanism and comprehensive survey of K25 karst in Wudongde hydropower station GUAN Lei-lei;GU Shuai-shuai;WANG Zhe;CAI Ye-qing;Department of Geotechnical Engineering College of Civil Engineering
Absorption and scattering comprehensive analysis method based on CMPCC two-dimensional surface waves CAI Shao-feng;HAN Yong-qi;HE Guang-hua;China Railway First Survey and Design Institute Group Company Limited;
Review of seismic tomography methods in near-surface structures reconstruction ZHANG Ming-hui;LIU You-shan;HOU Jue;XU Tao;BAI Zhi-ming;Institute of Information Engineering
Using forward modeling technique to identify the illusion in seismic interpretation DENG Guo-cheng;Geophysical Exploration and Surveying Team of Coal Geology Bureau of Henan Province;Henan Geological and Geophysical Engineering Research Center;
Three-dimensional elastic wave forward modeling in orthorhombic media based on least squares DU Ze-yuan;WU Guo-chen;LI Yu-sheng;School of Geosciences
Geostatistical inversion based on sequence stratigraphy FAN Ting-en;MA Liang-tao;HU Guang-yi;TIAN Li-xin;CHEN Kai-yuan;WANG Zong-jun;CNOOC Research Institute Limited;Bohai Petroleum Institute
Theoretical simulation on the magnetotelluric method for the mode of occurrence of Qinghai Muli gas hydrate HE Mei-xing;L Qin-yin;PEI Fa-gen;ZHANG Xiao-bo;QIU Gen-gen;Institute of Geophysical and Geochemical Exploration
Geophysical characteristic of the middle and lower Yangtz River metallogenic belt and ore concentration area and prospecting prediction based on cross gradient HUANG Zong-li;YAN Jia-yong;WANG Hao;China Deep Exploration Center—SinoProbe Center
Research of prestack reverse time migration JIAO Xu-ming;ZHANG Ming-qiang;WANG Yan-dong;WANG Wei;CHEN Ji-zong;XU Qiang;Geophysical Research and Development Institute
Low-frequency vibroseis with high density wide line seismic acquisition technology research and application in Tibet Plateau:a case study of low-frequency vibroseis LI Gui-lin;TIAN Yu-kun;YIN Wu-hai;WANG Rui;CAO Jie;LI Juan;WANG Ruo;Oil and Gas Survey
Reverse-time image for microseismic localization using grouping crosscorrelationimaging condition LI Qing-feng;ZHANG Jian-zhong;Key Lab of Submarine Geosciences and Prospecting Techniques
Research on two-dimensional Love-wave full waveform inversion in time domainbased on adjoint state method LIU Cong;WANG Zhe-jiang;YAN Ying-wei;College of Geo-exploration Science and Technology
Original resistivity inversion of water-flooded zones based on interpretation unit and its application LIU Huan;XU Jin-xiu;GAO Wen-bo;SHI Xin-lei;CNOOC China Limited
Research progress of electromagnetic methods in the exploration of metal deposits LIU Jian-xin;ZHAO Ran;GUO Zhen-wei;School of Geosciences and Info-Physics
Study and application on a kind of multiwave alliance oil and gas prediction technique LIU Jun-ying;ZHANG Jing;YANG Rong-jun;ZHANG Qiang;LIU Wei-fang;Petrochina Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration and Development and Research Center of Sichuan Basin;Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration and Development-Northwest Petrochina;
Seismic weak signal enhancement processing method based on improvedempirical mode decomposition LUO Hong-mei;SONG Wei-qi;XING Yi-ran;WANG Chang-jiang;MU Xing;Exploration and Development Research Institute of Shengli Oilfield
Research and application of one-step extended inverse Q filtering method based on equivalent weighted model NIU Cong;SHI Yu;ZHOU Huai-lai;ZHANG Yi-ming;ZHOU Wei;CNOOC Research Institute;College of Geophysics
Application of pre-stick seismic data inversion technology in Sulige area SU Hai;ZHENG De-de;GAO Bang-bang;HE Wei;DU Zhong-dong;LAI Sheng-hua;School of Earth Science And Engineering
Improving the accuracy of seismic inversion using the horizontal well data WANG Dan-dan;YANG Xiao-fa;ZHOU Yu-bing;MA Zhong-zhen;LIU Ya-ming;CNPC Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration and Development;
Preliminary investigations on the precision and resolution of electromagnetic holographic tomography in oil wells ZHANG Kuo;WU Xi-ling;YAN Jing-fu;CAI Jia-tie;China Center for Information Industry Development;State Key Laboratory of Petroleum Resources and Prospecting
Development of airborne and marine gravity exploration and gravity gradient strategic exploration for the ocean and unknown land LI Hong-yu;CAO Cheng;LI Feng-ting;MENG Zhao-hai;Henan Geology and Mineral Resources Information Center;Tianjin Navigation Instrument Research Institute;
Theory and practice on the apparent resistivity method and the apparent ratioparameter method LI Qi-cheng;GUO Lei;Liaoning Technical University;
Multichannel method of transient Rayleigh wave detecting in consideration of arrival time difference phase between channels LIULei;ZHOUFu-biao;SUNJin-zhong;LIGao;QISheng-wen;HEHua;CHENXiang;TIANXiao-fu;China Institute of Geotechnical Investigation and Surveying Company Limited;Institute of Karst Geology
Current state and progress in imaging the microstructure of geological porous media WANG Hai-tao;YANG Ye;ZHANG Jin-yan;GENG Zun-bo;Well Logging Company
Estimation of local impedance for long period magnetotelluric data using geomagnetic data and interstation transfer functions WANG Hui;YAO Yu-song;XU Tao-tao;ZHANG Zi-an;WEI Wen-bo;State Key Laboratory of Coal Resources and Safe Mining
Trace editing based on optimized convolutional neural network WANG Wen-qiang;MENG Fan-shun;SUN Wen-liang;College of Marine Geosciences
Progress of seismic diffractions separation methods WANG Zhi-hui;Lü Qing-tian;LIU Zhen-dong;YAN Jia-yong;Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences;China Deep Exploration Center-SinoProbe Center
Reconstruction of seismic data based on over-complete dictionary learning YU Guo-qing;JIA Rui-sheng;SUN Yuan-yuan;HOU Wen-long;College of Computer Science and Engineering
Research application of the P-wave anisotropy forward modeling and pre-stack fracture detection:take the tight sandstone gas block in Ordos basin as an example ZHAO Cai-shun;WAN Huan;ZHANG Hao;ZHANG Jun-lin;PAN Xin-zhi;SHI Xue-feng;Unconventional Oil and Gas Technology Research Institute of Enertech-Drilling and Production Company
Application of geostatistic inversion method to predicting single sandbody of distributary channel reservoir ZHU Ke-dan;WANG Ya-chun;LIN Tong;YI Qi-fan;WANG Chang-jiang;REN Lei;College of Geoscience
Application of Audio-frequency Magnetotelluric (AMT) in groundwater exploration:a case of the Nanmushui area in Zhanjiang HE Guo-li;WANG Guang-jie;ZHOU Chao;YAN Xiao-li;LI Hong-ling;Key Laboratory of Shale Gas and Geoengineering
Study on negative source spacing density logging dased on LaBr_3(Ce) detector LI Peng-ju;FU Yong-lu;SONG Yan-jie;ZHANG Yun-feng;HAN Wen-sheng;ZHANG Wei;Earth Science Institute
Study on fault division of Lishui sag in East China Sea basin JIANG Zhi-qiang;MING Yan-bo;YAO Gang;Shanghai Branch of China National Offshore Oil Corporation Limited;College of Geoexploration Science and Technology
Accurate boundary recognition research of central volcanic conduit:an example from Bohai A oilfield LIU Xue-tong;ZHOU Xue-feng;LIU Chuan-qi;WU Rui;CNOOC China Limited
Application of rock physics analysis in pre-stack seimic reservoir prediction: a case study of low porosity and permeability reservoir in WC J/S area MA Guang-ke;LI Yang-sen;HUANG Yu;ZHANG Guo-dong;LIAO Yi;Zhanjiang Branch of CNOOC Limited;
Method of resistivity curve fitting sonic curve in LD10 high temperature and high pressure gas reservoir ZHANG Liang;DENG Hai-dong;DENG Yong;LIAO Yi;CHEN Ke-lin;Zhanjiang Branch of CNOOC Limited
New method for quantitative estimation of grain size in sand conglomerate reservoir WANG Min;WANG Yong-shi;LIU Xue-feng;ZHANG Shun;GUAN Li;Research Institute of Exploration and Development of Shengli Oilfield
Research progress on evaluation methods of rock brittleness in unconventional oil/gas reservoirs YU Ting;BA Jing;QIAN Wei;GUO Meng-qiu;WANG En-jiang;ZHANG Lin;TAN Wen-hui;School of Earth Sciences and Engineering
Prediction method and its application of migration zones of oil and gas migration to multiple caprock by oil source faults YU Ying-hua;DENG Rui;YUAN Hong-qi;School of Earth Sciences
Comprehensive evaluation method of water-flooded layers based on dynamic development data and well logs: a case study from reservoirs in P Block, South Sudan ZHAOGuo-liang;SONGYan-jie;HUANGQi-zhi;GUOZhi-hua;YANGYuan-jun;ZHANGYu-jin;GUOCui;Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration and Development
Is there any rheological failure for material inside earth interior due to long timeaction at low stress? CHEN Zu-an;LI Ming;Key Laboratory of Earth and Planetary Physics
Application and analysis of spherical dislocation theory and visco-elastic spherical dislocation theory in the Nepal M_S 8.1 earthquake LI Yu-lei;ZHANG Yong-zhi;YIN Peng;WANG Yi-peng;KANG Chao-hu;School of Geology Engineering and Geomatics
Coulomb stress impact on 2017 Jiuzhaigou M_W 6.5 earthquake induced by historical earthquakes and Regional Seismic Hazard XIONGWei;WANGDi-jin;YUPeng-fei;NIEZhao-sheng;LIUGang;CHENWei;QIAOXue-jun;TANKai;XUCai-jun;Key Laboratory of Earthquake Geodesy
Tomography of middle-upper crust in Nepal-Himalaya from ambient seismic noise XUE Ting-xiao;HE Cheng;WANG Min-ling;WANG Liang;School of Civil Engineering
Characterization of magnetic minerals in surface sediments of the Hulun Lake, Inner Mongolia ZHANG Min;PAN Yong-xin;CAS Key Laboratory of Earth and Planetary Physics
Research on LNAPLs detection based on multiphase flow model and groundpenetrating radar forward modeling SHE Song-sheng;LU Qi;LIU Si-xin;LI Ye;WANG Yan;ZHANG Gong-bo;College of Geo-exploration Science and Technology
Analysis of the high frequency components among wide-angle reflection/refraction data excited by large volume air-gun sources WANG Sun;QIU Xue-lin;GUO Xiao-ran;ZHAO Ming-hui;LI Pu-chun;Xiamen Centre for Seismic Survey
Research of Q migration technology in deep marine seismic data processing WANG Zhao-qi;YANG Cun;WANG Tong-kui;LI Li-sheng;FAN Guo-zhang;WANG Zong-ren;Petrochina Hangzhou Research Institute of Geology;Institute of Geology and Geophysics
Quantitative prediction of mid-deep thin sand thickness with seismic attributes: a case study of Bohai A oilfield YAN Hao;LI Bin;LI Jiu;Tianjin Branch of CNOOC Limited;
Effects on the resolution of high-density electrical method by electrodesarray deploying YANG Lei;JIN Wei-jun;SHANG Yan-jun;Institute of Geology and Geophysics
New mobile oceanic seismic recording system and its application in marine seismic exploration DING Wei-wei;HUANG Hao-cai;ZHU Xin-ke;SUN Gui-qing;NIU Xiong-wei;Key Laboratory of Submarine Geoscience
Joint inversion source parameters of June 18, 2016 M_S 3.3 earthquake in Zhangpu, Fujian Province with OBS and inland stations data ZHANG Li-na;CHU Ri-sheng;ZENG Xiang-fang;Xiamen Seismic Survey Research Center
Retrieval of land surface emissivity from FY-3B/MWRI data over the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau WU Ying;HE Ling-li;QIAN Bo;JIANG Su-lin;Collaborative Innovation Center on Forecast and Evaluation of Meteorological Disasters
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