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Seismological and Geomagnetic Observation and Research
FQ: bimonthly
AD of Publication: China
Lanuage: English
ISSN: 1003-3246
CN: 11-2327/P
YP: 1980
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Seismological and Geomagnetic Observation and Research
2013 -Z3
Application of automatic and rapid earthquake information reporting in bridge monitoring and alarming system Ye Chunming;Zhao Xianren;Guo Deshun;Earthquake Administration of Guangdong Province;
Analysis on the activity background of strong earthquak and determination of its further trends on northern margin of the Ordos Han Xiaoming;Xue Ding;Han Xiaolei;Earthquake Administration of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region;
Seismicity and stress field feature of the seismic fault zone before Wenchuan M 8.0 earthquake Wei Yaling;Cai Yichuan;Su Jinrong;Wu Weiwei;Earthquake Administration of Sichuan Province;
Velocity structure inversion beneath Chongqing Seismic Station using teleseismic receiver function Guo Xin;Wang Xiaolong;Gou Xianbin;Yu Guozheng;Earthquake Administration of Chongqing Municipality;
The lithospheric velocity structure in the central eastern Chinese mainland and the seas in eastern China inferred from surface waves inversion Gu Qinping;Kang Qingqing;Zhu Jieshou;Li Dahu;Earthquake Administration of Jiangsu Province;Chendu University of Technology;Institute of Engineering Seismology of Earthquake Administration of Sichuan Province;
Research on space-time distribution characteristics of strong earthquakes in the north-south seismic belt and its adjacent area Li Chengshuai;Yang Jiansi;Zheng Yu;Tian Baofeng;Jiang Xudong;Xu Zhiqiang;Institute of Geophysics
The properties of earthquake fault slip and features of crustal stress field in Shandong and nearby regions Shan Changlun;Li Xia;Fan Peile;Zhao Shuhua;Shi Yuyan;Earthquake Administration of Shandong Province;
Research on integrative predication of seismic precursors based on rough set theory Yang Liu;Earthquake Administration of Tianjin Municipality;
Travel time anomaly analysis of S-waves in earthquakes at Philippines-eastern Indonesia Wang Jiuyang;Wu Xiaoping;Jiao Mingruo;Li Guangping;University of Science and Technology of China;Dalian Seismic Station;Earthquake Administration of Liaoning Province;
A study on the relationship between earth rotation and the mediumsmall earthquakes around the epicenter before the strong earthquakes Wang Hengxin;Guo Xiangyun;Li Yan'e;Chen Xuezhong;Hou haidong;First Crust Monitoring and Application Center
Detection of regional seismic events by high order statistics method and automatic identification of direct P-wave first motion by AIC method Zhao Dapeng;Liu Xiqiang;Liu Yaoxing;Wang Zhishuo;Zhao Hui;and Zhang Yalin;Earthquake Administration of Henan Province;Earthquake Administration of Shandong Province;
Discussion on the characteristic of the middle-depth earthquakes at the eastern margin of the Pamir area Zhao Jianzhong;Yang Chengrong;Kuerle Seismic Station;Earthquake Administration of Xinjiang Urumchi Autonomous Region;
Seismicity research in Hainan island and its neighboring areas based on the cluster analysis Zhou Wen;Jiao Chen;Surong Tuoya;Qiongzhong Seismic Station;Earthquake Administration of Hainan Province;
The strong earthquakea ctivity analysis of Fenwei seismic zone based on HHT transformation Xing Xichun;Mao Juan;Wang Ping;Shao Huicheng;Jingyang Seismic Station;Earthquake Administration of Shaanxi Province;
The accurate measurement of arrival time of seismic phase and interference decision of Hongshan Station Li Xishun;Wang Libing;Wang Jing;Hu Xiujuan;Luo Na;Chang Guoping;and Chen Xiaoyan;Hongshan Benchmark Seismic Station;Earthquake Administration of Hebei Province;
Characteristics and analysis of digital records of mid-strong earthquake in Shanxi seismic belt Jin Yuzhen;Lin Mujin;Meng Caiju;Zhao Chunhua;Wu Haoyu;and Yang Shiying;Taiyuan Seismic Station;National Continental Rift Valley Dynamics Observatory of Taiyuan;Dongshan Seismic Station;
Calculation of site response of digital seismic station in Shandong Province Cai Yin;Lin Xiuna;Mu Juan;Qu Baoan;Earthquake Administration of Shandong Province;Tai'an Fiducial Seismic Station;
The recognition of electromagnetic wave interference and seismic anomaly based on the spectrum analysis Li Juzhen;Zhang Hongkui;Ji Hong;Cui Bowen;Kong Laishun;Chen Yufang;Earthquake Administration of Beijing Municipality;
The principle of power interference and its automatic processing during geoelectrical resistivity observation Pang Jingyuan;Chen Jun;Wang Chen;Teng Yuntian;Zhao Yingang;Li Zhonggen;Earthquake Administration of Jilin Province;Mengcheng Seismic Station;Anhui Mengcheng National Geophysical Research Station Field of Scientific Observation;Institute of Geophysics
Analysis of geoelectrical resistivity observation in Zhouzhi Seismic Station and its relationship with the Wenchuan earthquake Peng Yuzhu;Zhang Shimin;Yang Wen;Li Jianzhang;Liu Bin;Zhouzhi Seismic Station;
The study of relationship between earth resistivity and ground water level at Longyao Seismic Station Zhang Guoling;Qiao Ziyun;Jia Lifeng;Yin Xiaobing;Zhang Bo;Earthquake Administration of Hebei Province;Longyao Seismic Station;
Criterion for distinguishing seismic signal from steady background noise visually:its quantification and verification Cui Qinggu;Fan Liyun;Li Wanjin;Earthquake Administration of Yunnan Province;
The application of wireless communication network in Samoa-China Seismograph Network Tan Ying;Li Lubin;China Earthquake Networks Center;
The analysis of the digitized precursor instrument running status at Aksu Central Seismic Station Lai Aijing;Jiang Zhiying;Feng Ying;Xu Yangang;Zhang Zhiguang;Aksu Central Seismic Station;
Analysis on the reliability of body strain observation data in Korla Jiang Chongkun;Su Ping;Sun Haijun;Luo Hongjiang;Korla Seismic Station;
Anomaly phenomenon of vertical pendulum and radon gas at Longnan Seismic Station before Baiyu M_S5.4 earthquake in Sichuan Province Di Guorong;Gao Shude;Su Yonggang;Longnan Seismic Station;
Correlation between water level and water temperature at Xiaguan well in Yunnan Province and its significance of earthquake prediction Fan Liyun;Wu Chengdong;Jia Hua;Li Lin;Earthquake Administration of Yunnan Province;
Determination of earthquake magnitude with borehole Strain observation data Bi Yongqiang;Bi Yongfa;Li Chengzhi;Cong Peimin;Dunhua Seismic Station;Dunhua City Sewage Treatment Plant;Jilin Xinyuan Wood Industry Co.
Operation status analysis of TJ-Ⅱ borehole strainmeters in Shandong Province Li Xiliang;Li Dongliang;Lu Shuangling;Wang Jiqiang;Zhao Xiaohe;Earthquake Administration of Shandong Province;Earthquake Administration of Weifang City;Tai'an Seismic Station;Malingshan Seismic Station;
The noise analysis of the time series of fixed deformation station Liu Junqing;Ding Guang;Zhang Chenxia;Wang Yumeng;Earthquake Administration of Jilin Province;College of Geoexploration Science and Technology
Analysis on difference of water chemical compositions of different aquifer in geothermal anomaly area Liu Xueling;Ninghe Seismic Station;
Analysis on the interference of seismic precursor observation at Golmud Seismic Station Yang Guanghua;Qiu Pengcheng;Zhou Hanlin;Zhu Shengwei;Zhou Jianhua;and Xie Qinghe;Golmud Seismic Station;Earthquake Administration of Qinghai Province;
Influence of the environment in cave on the seismological observation of seismic station Gao Ang;China Earthquake Disaster Prevention Center;
The application of HAC-LM24 RF modules for signal transmission in earthquake stations He Yue;Zhang Xiaodong;Zhan Shifeng;Fu Zaiyun;Wang Bin;Panzhihua Seismic Station;
Analysis of typical problems in "the ninth-five year plan" upgrading and reconstruction of the precursor observation network in Fujian Province Chen Caihong;Chen Yide;Liu Jiangang;Lin Wenfeng;Liu Guangneng;Earthquske Administration of Fujian Province;
Observation and analysis of short-impending anomaly of water mercury at Huailai well before Zhangjiakou M_L 3.7 earthquake Ping Caipeng;Zhang Fengqiu;Zhang Changhui;Song Xiaobing;Cheng Deqing;Jiang Jianing;Earthquake Administration of Hebei Province;
Aanlysis and resolvent of common equipment faults for seismic station of Heibei Province in capital circle upgrading and reconstruction project Li Xiaojun;Mao Guoliang;Li Dongsheng;Cai Lingling;Li Wenjun;Earthquake Administration of Hebei Province;Chengde Centre Seismic Station;
Analysis on declining anomaly of water level at Wangjiazhuang well,Luancheng Sheng Yanrui;Zhang Ziguang;Zhang Suxin;Li Wei;Earthquake Administration of Hebei Province;Earthquake Administration of Shijiazhuang City;
The analysis for the water temperature of the Wuliying well,Beijing Wu Xiaodong;Wang Zhihui;Wang Lihong;Wang Tongli;Yanqing Seismic Station;Earthquake Administration of Beijing Municipality;
Preliminary study of the comparative analysis on the effucuebct of bubble-type and sputter-type degassing device Xia Weiben;Liu Gaochuan;Wang Guiqing;Fan Chunyan;China Earthquake Networks Center;
Effective measures to increase the running rate of Chongqing Seismic Network Li Qiang;Zheng Xudong;Liu Li;Wang Lin;Earthquake Administration of Chongqing Municipality;Earthquake Administration of Wuxi County;
The study of monitoring ability of Lanzhou seismic array Yu Guoping;Zhang Shuzhen;Qin Manzhong;Li Fake;Han Ying;Lanzhou Observatory Station;Earthquake Administration of Gansu Province;
The design and realization of daily management and application system for Xinjiang earthquake macroscopic collection and transmission Ran Huimin;Yang Ting;Gao Xiaoqi;Zheng Liming;Yang Xiaofang;Kong Defeng;Earthquake Administration of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region;Weather Information Center of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region;Earthquake Administration of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Yili Zhou;
Application of Beidou satellite communication in the strong ground motion network data transmission Xu Shuo;Cui Jianwen;Wang Tun;Shi Weihua;Wei Haisheng;Zhou Yong;and Lu Aijun;Earthquake Adiministribution of Yunnan Province;Institute of Care-life;
Applications of SeisMIS in the seismic intensity rapid reporting system Luo Yunhong;Chen Jinghua;Taide Enterprise Co.
The application of stochastic method to seismic intensity rapid report Yu Tian;Lu Ming;Institute of Crustal Dynamics
Early-warning parameters research based on wenchuan earthquake strong motion records and its application in instruments Peng Chaoyong;Yang Jiansi;Xue Bing;Zhu Xiaoyi;Chen Yang;Li Jiang;Zhou Yinxing;Liu Minhui;Institute of Geophysics
Analyses of strong motion records at Humen bridge in 2013 Heyuan M 4.8 earthquake Wang Lixin;Jiang Hui;Zhao Xianren;Wu Bin;Earthquake Administration of Guangdong Province;Key Laboratory of Earthquake Monitoring and Disaster Mitigation Technology
Review and commentary on strong earthquake monitoring and earthquake early warning of nuclear power plants Zhou Guoliang;Tang Hui;Wei Chao;Nuclear and Radiation Safety Centre
Analysis of reinforced concrete frame structure considering the accumulation of damage under earthquake Wang Guoxin;Meng Xianzong;State Key Laboratory of Coastal and Offshore Engineering
Consistency test on typical strong motion accelerometer Zhou Zhenghua;Yang Liwei;Li Yongyi;Liu Jinjin;Ren Yefei;Nanjing University of Technology;Earthquake Administration of Yunnan Province;Institute of Engineering Mechanics
Noise monitoring technology for high-speed train Wang Rui;Lei Zhen;Li Xian;Institute of Computing Technology
Wudu 4-component borehole strain level interference factors to eliminate and reliability analysis Pu Xiaowu;Wang Kang;Mei Donglin;Chen Yanping;Wudu Seismic Station;
The long-term online service system for seismic data with huge capacity Wu Yongquan;Huang Wenhui;Su Zhujin;Liu Jun;Lv Zuoyong;Earthquake Administration of Guangdong Province;
The development and application of the information publishing platform for earthquake Xia Shi'an;Qi Hao;Liu Zeming;Cheng Xin;Zhang Bing;Wang Suochen;Yu Jianfang;Earthquake Administration of Anhui Province;
Framework realization of intelligent management system for Heilongjiang province regional seismic network Deng Yang;Hao Yongmei;Wu Baofeng;Wang Zhuo;Department of Space and Earth
The application of WEBGIS in the earthquake precursor network Yin Jingfei;Teng Yuntian;Wang Cheng;Fan Xiaoyong;Institute of Geophysics
Analysis of the distribution variation of electron density at mid and low latitude based on COSMIC occultation data Ma Xinxin;Jin Honglin;Li Dahu;Institute of Geophysics
The interference factor on background noise of the geomagnetic data in Taiyuan geomagnetic observatory Yan Jiming;Zhang Liang'e;Chen Changjun;He Yufei;Yang Fuxi;Taiyuan Seismic Station;Natinoal Continental Rift Villey Dynamics Observatory of Taiyuan;Institute of Geophysics
The preprocessing optimization analysis of the DC high-voltage transmission to the influence of the geomagnetic observation in Shandong Province Wang Fengji;Chen Chuanhua;Dong Xiaona;Wang Feng;Earthquake Administration of Shandong Province;
Bandwidth guarantee strategy of seismological observation satellite network Zeng Wei;Li Lubin;China Earthquake Networks Center;
The compilation and query of a new binary travel-time table file Li Wanjin;School of earth and Space Sciences;Gejiu Seismic Station;
Function test based accelerotransducer performance evaluation Zhou Zhenghua;Li Yongyi;Liu Jinjin;Ren Yefei;Nanjing University of Technology;Institute of Engineering Mechanics
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