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Guangdong Chemical Industry
FQ: semimonthl
AD of Publication: China
Lanuage: English
ISSN: 1007-1865
CN: 44-1238/TQ
YP: 1974
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Guangdong Chemical Industry
2017 -21
Determination of Trace Niobium Pentoxide in Ore Ye Zaixing;Laboratory Fourth Geological Brigade of Guangdong Geological Bureau;
Preparation of Polymer Reverse Phase/ion-exchange Mixed-mode Stationary Phase and Its Application in the Separation of β-agonists Bo Chunmiao;Wan Xiaojian;College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
Study on the Content of Halogenated Acetic Acids in Bottled Purified Water Xu Zhongbin;NSF
Research Progress on Biological Activity of Biological Gums Zhu Guodong;Chen Yunbo;Pan Feng;Wong Luojian;Wang Jinzhen;Pan Wei;Guangzhou Shanhe Chemical Co.
Catalytic Kinetic Spectrophotometric Determination of Aniline Based On Fading Reaction of Acid Chrome Dark Green G Oxidized by Potassium Bromate Du Yanping;Liu Bin;Guo Xiaojing;Liu Xuedan;School of Environmental and Chemical Engineering
Separation of Five Compounds from Preservatives and Sweeteners by High-performance Liquid Chromatography Liu Yunbo;Li Haitao;Zhu Xudong;Zhang Jingran;Production Department Bona-Agela Technologies;
Establishment of HPLC Method for the Determination of Fructus Schisandrae Alcohol Armour and its Methodology Yang Fan;Fan Hongyan;Huang Longmei;
Absorption of Alkali Ligningrafted Acryloyl Copolymer for Pb(Ⅱ), Cd(Ⅱ) and Cu(Ⅱ) Deng Yinlin;Lian Xintong;Zhao Xinpeng;Yang Yongxiang;Liu Yang;Ma Yanli;Northeast Foresty University Materials Science and Engineering College;Ministry of Education Key Laboratory of Biomass Materials;
Dissolution of Chitin in Aqueous Alkali Solution Chen Dongnian;Wu Huiqiong;Zhang Xiaomin;Taizhou Institute of Technology
g-C_3N_4/Carbon Material Composite Catalyst Li Dongnan;School of Chemical Engineering
Experience of Teaching Reform of Physical Chemistry in Pharmaceutical Specialty Zhang Ye;Zhao Xia;Yan Ya;Hu Kan;Pharmacy and Chemistry College of Dali University;
Research on the Application of Research Based Teaching Method in the Teaching of Inorganic Chemistry in Colleges and Universities Zhou Guangpeng;Li Hui;College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Chongqing University of Technology;Jiulongpo Vocational Education Center;
High-efficiency Synthesized Nitrogen Doped Carbon Dots and Used for Fluorescence Detection of Cr~(6+) Zhang Hanqiang;Zhang Zhusen;Hu Zhibiao;College of Chemistry and Materials
Synthesis and Characterization of a Thiazole-Hydrazone Compound 1-(4'-nitro-1-phenylformoxyl)-2-(thiazolo[5,4-b]pyridin-2-yl)hydrazine Wang Ye;Lan Honghong;College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
Application of Chemoinformatics in Comprehensive Design Experiment Du Miao;Li Xingyuan;College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Longdong University;
Reform and Innovation of Experimental Teaching in Instrumental Analysis Zeng Yanyan;Wang Yueting;Liang Zhihui;Ye Lingyun;Chemical Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center
Analysis and Countermeasure of Instrumental Analysis Laboratory Safety in Colleges and Universities Wang Yueting;Zeng Yanyan;Lan Shanhong;Wu Xiuwen;Chemical Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center
The Problems in the Flipped Class Model over Teaching of Physical Chemistry for Engineering Course Wang Hanlu;Yu Mei;Zhou Peng;Zhou Jianmin;College of Chemical Engineering
The Exploration and Practice on Bilingual Teaching of Inorganic Chemistry in Ordinary Universities Zhu Yu;Liu Jing;Chu Hao;Taizhou University
Teaching Exploration of Marine Science Major Instrument Analysis Experiment-Take Qinzhou University as An Example Liao Riquan;Zhang Yanjun;Huang Haifang;Yin Yanzhen;Qinzhou University;
The Teaching Reform Exploration of Organic Chemistry of Pharmaceutical Engineering Major in Application-oriented Universities Qu Jia;Cao Baoyue;Wang Yimeng;Zhang Guochun;Wang Xiangting;College of Chemical Engineering and Modern Materials/Shaanxi Key Laboratory of Comprehensive Utilization of Tailings Resources
Research on Exploratory Teaching of Inorganic Chemistry Element Knowledge Based on PBL Mode Wang Dongmei;Ma Xiaoyan;College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
Discussion on the Teaching Mode of《Modern Life Chemistry》in the Public Elective Course in Universities Gong Rui;College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Guangxi Normal University for Nationalities;
Interlaboratory Comparisons Application in Quality Management for Special Equipment Inspection Institute Qi Wang;Special Equipment Safety Supervision Inspection Institute of Jiangsu Province;
Analysis of Safety Control Measures about Petrochemical Storage Tanks Zhang Chunyan;HSE Technology Center
Practice and Thought of Emergency Plan Compiling to Abrupt Environment Affairs for Chemical Industrial Park Wang Zhengbiao;Liu Pei;Jiangsu Engineering Consulting Center;Taizhou Institute of Sci.& Tech.
Treatment of Nickel-containing or Copper-containing Rinsing Water by PTFE Membrane System Li Jing;Ren Yuan;Lu Sihao;South China University of Technology;Dongguan Cleaner Production Center;Dongguan University of Technology;
Research Progress of Ordered Mesoporous Carbons Chen An;Liu Zhenhua;School of Materials Science and Engineering
Experiment Teaching Reform of Chemical Engineering Principle in Engineering Background Jiang Jianzhong;Xu Qianqian;College of Chemistry and Material Engineering
Study on the Problems and Countermeasures of Teaching Project in Chemical Specialty in Secondary Vocational Schools Sheng Fengjun;Ni Chunmei;Jiangsu Province Yixing Secondary Specialized Schools;
Green Environmental Protection Technology of Sodium Lauryl Sulfate Zhu Hongyuan;Wang Jiazhong;Jiangsu Fengyi Chemical Technology Co.
Synthesis Process Optimization on Clothianidin Wei Yilan;Wang Yu;Wang Liangjie;Yan Xin;Hunan Chemical Vocational Technology College;Hunan Bede Biochemistry Technology Co.
Review on Secondary Metabolites from Marine-Derived Phomopsis Fungi Liu Chunxin;Lu Xingrui;Wang Deguang;Huang Guolei;Zheng Caijuan;Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
Study on Epoxy Resin and Polyamide Curing Agent Li Caiwei;Chemical Engineering Institute
Optimization Measures of ST-Ⅱ Polypropylene Process Yin Fei;CNOOC Ningbo Daxie Petrochemical Ltd.;
Exploration and Practice on Teaching Reform of Fine Chemical Technology Ruan Changping;Liu Kui;School of Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Science
Study on the Synthesis and Properties of Sodium N-lauroyl Sarcosinate Cui Juan;Wei Chunmei;Fang Yinjun;Xu Hujun;School of Chemical and Material Engineering Jiangnan University;Nanjing Ruibo Technology Co.
Application of Principal Component Analysis by the Analysis of Trace Elements in Organic Fertilize to Evaluate the Fertility Zhang Xuejun;School of chemistry and chemical engineering
Preparation of High-performance Barrier Tape for OLED Encapsulation Application Chen Weibin;Shenzhen Meixin Electronics Co.
Research Progress of Acrylate oil Oil-absorptive Resin Liao Suran;School of Material and Chemical Engineering
Review of Synthesis and Modification for Waterbone Polyurethane Yan Changqi;Lv Xingjun;Guangdong Banggu Chemical Technology Co.
Study on Calculation Methods of Loss of Ignition of Dry Quenched Coke and Air Leakage Bai Xinge;Lv Qingqing;Li Zhihua;HongFa Coking Plant of Shasteel
Study on Quantitative Monitoring Method of Paraffin Odor Li Juntao;Chen Huirong;Quality Management Center SINOPEC Jingmen Company;
Study on Improving Fuel Oil Quality of Engineering Ship and Reducing Emissions of Pollutants Ju Jianming;Zhejiang Meirun Technology Co.Ltd;
Advance in the Biodesulfurization Technology in Natural Gas Sweetening Process Li Zuofeng;The Testing Center of Natural Gas Branch of Daqing Oilfield Co.
The Development History of Whitening Cosmetics in China Chai Jihong;Wang Huaiyou;Wang Cheng;Xia Yiteng;Chen Zhicong;Huang Renhui;Zheng Yuzhong;Tsim Wahkeung;HKUST Shenzhen Research Institute
Two Different Kinds of Microbial Challenge Test Methods are Used to Evaluate the Efficacy of Corrosion Protection System Cao Lin;Li Chengbei;Yang Junwei;Shaanxi Provincial Petroleum Chemical Industry Research and Design Institute;
Development and Evaluation of a New Active Foam Agent Luo Juesheng;Zheng Yancheng;Xie Qian;Yangtze University;
Research on Water Treatment Status and Technological Countermeasures in West Sichuan Gas Field Tan Jia;Pan Baofeng;Li Zhixin;Chen Yingyi;Jiang Shizhen;Engineering Technology Institute
Optimization of hydrogen pipe network in Refinery Cui Xiangyong;Zhang Li;Li Peng;Li Xiaotao;Zhonghai Asphalt;
Oxidation-Responsive Polymers: Them Nanoparticles Preparation Zhang Shichang;Wen Lu;Chen Gang;Southern Medical University Shunde Hospital Affiliated Xingtan Hospital;College of Pharmacy
Application of Photon Technology in Study on Superfine and Nanometer Material Bi Shu;Xie Xiande;South China University of Technology;Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry
A novel Ascorbic Acid Sensor Based Snow-shaped Au Nanostructure Chen Runkang;Mo Pingjing;Hang Anqi;Li Su;Zhang Min;Zhang Yan;Cheng Faliang;Department of Eco-environment and Architecture Engineering Dongguan University of Technology;Guangdong Engineering and Technology Research Center for Advanced Nanomaterials
Controlled Synthesis of Hollow Cu-Co Mixed Oxide Nanostructures for Lithium Storage Properties Ye Haitao;School of Chemical Engineering
Synthesis of MXene/Pani Hybrid for Supercapacitors Zhang Cheng;School of Chemical Engineering
Direct Determination of Trace Antimony in Iron-nickel-base Superalloy by Graphite Furnace Atomic Absorption Spectrometry Method Zhang Liangliang;AVIC Metal Test Technology Company Limited;
Statistics Analysis and Risk Assessment of Sulfur Content and Phosphorus Content in Imported Chrome Ore Qin Lijun;Qiao Zhu;Wang Heng;Zhao Xiurong;Xu Shi;Zhuang Mei;Lianyungang Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau;
Influence Factors Analysis of Textile Formaldehyde Measurement Ma Hanchong;Intertek Technical Service Co.
Preparation of Two Kinds of Aluminium Ferric Chloride Flocculants from Steel Pickling Waste Liquid and Application Li Nuoyan;Chen Junyi;Zhang Nuanqin;Yi Yunqiang;Shimen Middle School;School of Chemistry and Environment
Streamer Discharge for Rhodamine B Wastewater Treatment Feng Fada;Wu Peilian;Wang Fushan;Xie Jialang;Zeng Yuanxian;School of Chemistry and Environment
Research Progress on the Anti-smog Functional Beverage of Lung Zheng Min;Luoyang Normal University
Suggestions on Teaching Reform of Food Chemistry Course Qian Zhongji;Zheng Huina;Zhong Saiyi;Shao Haiyan;Ji Hongwu;Qin Xiaoming;Liu Yayue;College of Food Science and Technology Guangdong Ocean University;
Establishment and Application of Cleaner Production Assessment Index System of Cotton Printing and Dyeing Industry Wen Guoqiang;School of Environment and Energy
Characteristics of Volatile Organic Compounds from Different Haze Days in Spring of Beijing Hu Chunfang;Tian Yuan;Li Ke;Department of Environmental Science and Engineering
Study on Groundwater Nitrogen Pollution in a City of the Southern China Li Wei;Shenzhen Academy of Environmental Sciences;
Optimization of PAFC and PAM dosage to improve the Flocculation and Precipitation of PTA Wastewater by High Density Clarifier Du Yi;Guo Lei;Bu Yong;Yan Hongmin;Jiangsu Fang Yang Water Co.
Study on Degradation of COD in Leachate by US-Fenton Meng Shenglong;Nanjing Taiyu environmental testing Co.Ltd.;
Research Progress on Medical Waste Treatment Technologies Ru Gaixia;The First People's Hospital of Foshan;
Adsorption of NH_4-N in Aqueous Solution by Sodium Hydroxide Modified Zeolite Ouyang Ke;Xie Shan;The school of Chemistry and Environment Engineering
Study on the Influencing Factors and Improving Method the Determination of COD_(cr) of Wastewater from Livestock and Poultry Lin Yu'ang;Ni Tianzeng;Zhou Jinfeng;Guangdong Institute of Analysis
Research on Pretreatment of Aluminum Based Acid Pickling Liquor by Fe/C Micro-electrolysis and Coagulation Wang Dan;Wang Lingwen;Yu Jianfeng;Yin Cao;Institute of Zhejiang Metallurgical Design & Research;
The Influence of Conductivity on the Results of Tritium Measurement in Seawater and Surface Water is Discussed Lin Mingzhi;Chen Rendi;Hainan Radiation Environment Monitoring Station;
Engineering Application of Amino Acid Wastewater Treatment Yin Yongjun;Shang Hongyan;Limin Chemical Co.
Optimization and Reform of Environmental Chemistry Experiment Course Fei Zhenghao;Chen Jian;Tao Weihua;Wang Jingping;College of Chemistry and Environmental Engineering
Advanced Nondestructive Testing for Aircraft Composite Hu Tingping;Beijing Key Laboratory of Civil Aircraft Stuctures and Composite Materials
Construction Practice of Upgrading Project of Luodian Water Plant 15000 m~3/d Water Treatment System Zhou Dan;Xu Haoxian;Wang Wenzheng;Guizhou Normal College;Guiyang High-tech mountain Environmental Engineering Co.
Research on Application of Pinch Technology and Aspen Energy Analyzer in Heat Exchange Network Design Zhao Tete;Yang Pengfei;Liu Jiawen;College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Xi'an Shiyou University;
Investigation on Characteristics of Isothermal Pyrolysis of Fraxinusmandshurica Sawdust Zhang Xingye;He Yao;Chen Si;School of Environmental Science and Engineering
Analysis of Lithium-ion Secondary Battery Cathode Material Spinel Manganic Acid Lithium Zhu Lvzhong;Nanjing University of Science and Technology;
The Course Analysis of “Drug Toxicology” Song Chunhong;Experimental Center
Rapid Identification of Notoginseng by Nonlinear Chemical Fingerprinting Wang Dongyan;Shen Baitong;Wu Di;Jiao Peng;Wang Sihui;Li Shoujun;Pharmacy Department of Jiamusi University;Mudanjiang Cardiovascular Disease Hospital;The Jiamusi Academy of Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine;
Study on Optimum Extraction of Tetrahydropalmatine by Orthogonal Test Zhao Zhengdong;Ren Xiaofeng;Feng Zili;Qu Yihu;Wang Changwei;Xu Hao;Li Ying;College of Biological Science & Engineering
Study on Isolation and Purification Technologies of Celastrol from Tripterygium wilfordii Xie Bing;Yang Mengzhi;Yang Zhenzhao;School of Ethnic Medicine
Thermokinetic Studies of the Curcumin on the Growth Metabolism of S.Pombe Mou Zhaobiao;Zhou Jie;Zou Rou;Sun Luhong;Qu Sha;Jiang Jianhong;Ye Lijuan;School of Chemical and Biological & Environmental Engineering
Adverse Reactions and Countermeasures of Quinolone in Pingdingshan Zhang Lei;Mao Dongdong;Chen Qiu;Medical Department
Bilingual Teaching of Organic Chemistry in Sino-foreign Cooperation Liang Zheng;Xing Li;Xianli Zhou;School of Life Science and Engineering
Reflection and Practice in Classroom Teaching of Materials Properties Course He Zhanjun;Cheng Yunhuan;School of Chemistry and Materials Science Huaibei Normal University;
The Combination of Organic Chemistry's Undergraduate Teaching with the Scientific Research Wang Feiyi;Li Zheng;Hubei University College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering;
Exploration and Practice of Teaching Reform for “Packaging Material Chemistry Ⅰ” Course Xu Shuyan;Wang Guiying;Liu Bing;Jiang Kaiyi;Chen Chunsheng;College of Engineering and Technology
Reform and Explore the Training method of Light Chemical Engineering Based on the CDIO Mode by Supply Side Driven Chen Qijie;Hu Kexin;Wang Ping;Wang Jianhui;Zhang Yuefei;School of Chemistry and Biological Engineering
Challenges of Analytical Chemistry Course Teaching under the MOOC Storm Liao Lixia;Fang Tao;Chen Ligang;Sun Mingli;Liu Yuqi;Niu Na;Science College
The Innovative Talents Training along with Construction of 'Double First-rate' Discipline Wang Zhiguo;College of Light Industry and Food Engineering
Preliminary Study of EMI Course in Pharmaceutical Universities Wang Fei;Li Caolong;School of Basic Science China Pharmaceutical University;
Practice Curriculum System Construction for Personnel Training of Innovation and Enterprise Capability-Take Packaging Engineering Specialty of Northeast Forestry University as an Example Wang Guiying;Li Chunwei;Zhang Qunli;Chen Chunsheng;Packaging Engineering Department of Engineering & Technology College of Northeast Forestry University;
Design and Practice of Head-tail-echo Teaching Method Based on Problem-based-learning Zhou Xiaorong;School of Chemistry and Environmental Engineer
Exploration on Opening Experimental Teaching Model in Environmental Engineering Laboratory to Cultivate Innovative Talents Liu Junxia;School of Chemistry and Environmental Engineering
Discussion of Teaching in Environmental Engineering Principle via Reform of Course Evaluation Based on CDIO Engineering Teaching Model Wang Zhikang;Zhou Guoyong;Zhu Sixi;Fan Bailing;Zhang Yan;College of Eco-Environmental Engineering
A Glimpse of Higher Education Pedagogy in Environmental Engineering of University of Ottawa Zhang Ting;School of Petrochemical Engineering
Research on the Course Construction of New Energy Materials and Devices based on the Interdisciplinary Zhang Maolin;Li Zhimin;Yan Yangxi;Sun Peng;School of Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology
The Construction of Interactive Teaching Modes and the Practical Researches of Cultivation of Environmental Talents in the Field of Pharmaceutical Industry Guo Ruixin;Liao Qianjiahua;Chen Jianqiu;School of Engineering
Thoughts on the Peer Review in the Age of New Media Xia Chunming;Fan Shengfa;Zhang Xianmei;Mao Qingfeng;Geng Xu;Information office
Research on Operating Mechanism of Instruction Supervision in Secondary School Wang Sui;Sun Jie;College of Materials Science and Chemical Engineering
Exploration and Practice on Differentiation of College Talent Cultivation Model for Specialty in Materials Science and Engineering in Chongqing Zhou Guilin;Chen Shengmin;Li Xiaodan;Wang Xingmin;He Youzhou;Wang Song;Liu Xingyan;Li Ning;Department of Materials Science and Engineering
Curriculum Design and Teaching Methods Research on Polymer Synthesis and Characterization Wei Yuan;Liao Suran;School of Material and Chemical Engineering
The Applied Undergraduates Cultivating of Chemical Engineering Fields in the Local University Zuo Xiaohua;Shao Xiurong;Lu Xiaoju;Liu Ting;Cao Xiaoyan;Zhu Wenjun;School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
Exploration on the Evaluation Mechanism of General Education Course in Higher Vocational School Luo Dawei;Zhang Ying;Lin Fing;School of Applied Chemistry and Biological Technology
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