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Guangzhou Chemical Industry
FQ: bimonthly
AD of Publication: China
Lanuage: English
ISSN: 1001-9677
CN: 44-1228/TQ
YP: 1973
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Guangzhou Chemical Industry
2016 -14
Determination of Zr,Hf,Nb,Ta and Sn in Geological Samples by Inductively Coupled Plasma- Mass Spectrometry DAI Xue-feng;DONG Li-ming;DAI Xiao-lv;Zhejiang Institute of Geology & Mineral Resoures;
Determination of Zirconium and Hafnium in the Marble by Microwave Digestion and ICP- MS Test XUE Fu-lin;TAO Li-ping;SHI Hua;Geology and Mineral Resources of Qinghai Province Test Center;
Research Progress on Preparation Methods of Ultrafine Silver Powder MENG Han-qi;WU Yong-qian;CHEN Kun-kun;LI Ting;Northwest Institute For Non - ferrous Metal Research;College of Materials Science and Engineering
Research Progress on Pretreatment Technology of Test Sample in Chemical Analysis LU Ye-you;YANG Fen;MIN Xin;Guizhou Geochemical Assaying and Monitoring Center of Nonferrous Metals;
Applications of Solid Phase Micro- extraction on the Analysis of Benzene Series PANG Rong;PANG Long;XIN Jian-hao;School of Medicine
Salicylaldehyde Imines Zinc Complexes Catalyzed Ring Opening Polymerization of Cyclic Esters GUO Peng-feng;School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
Preparation and Characterization of Chitosan / Graphene Oxide Aerogels by Sol- gel Method HAN Jun-ru;ZHENG Xin-yao;CAO Yong-hui;MENG Wan;REN Xiu-li;MENG Long-yue;Department of Chemical Engineering and Technology
Synthesis of Protein α- helix Mimetics Based on Oligobenzamides REN Yang;ZHOU Xiao-hu;ZHAO Si-qi;LIN Yu-lin;WANG Xiang;XU Hai;College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
Preparation of Porous Carbons by CVD Method for Gas Adsorption LIU Kang-kai;MENG Wan;JIN Xing-hua;MENG Long-yue;Department of Chemical Engineering
Catalytic Activity of TiO_2 Photocatalyst modified with( NH_4)_2SO_4 DU Feng;WANG Huan-fang;Patent Examination Cooperation Tianjin Center of the Patent Office
Fabrication and Pb~(2+)Ions Adsorption of Hydroxyapatite Nanoparticles Using Slag Powders as Raw Materials FENG Yu-tao;Baosteel Development Co.
Determination of Ascorbic Acid in Orange by Iodimetry YAN Ping;LUO Yue-sheng;CHEN Bi-qiong;College of Clinical Medical
Determination of Heavy Metals Elements in Common Seafood by Atomic Absorption Mpectrophotometry WU Xiao-di;LIU Yong-chao;LI Dan-na;ZHAO Juan-juan;Binzhou Medical University;
Determination of 11 N- nitrosamines Release in Rubber by GCMS HU Min;LUO Zheng-sheng;Guangzhou GRG Metrology & Test Co.
Study on the Determination of Chromium in Food Additive Phosphoric Acid by Inductively Coupled Plasma Atomic Emission Spectrometry CHENG Hua-peng;CHEN Quan;ZHANG Hui;ZHOU Da-ying;Institution of Supervision and Inspection Product Quality of Guizhou Province;
Determination of Selenium and Tellurium in Organs of Wild Herbs from Qingcheng Mountain by Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometry ZHANG Xiu-wen;LANG Chun-yan;CAO Jian-ping;WANG Xiao-yun;LUO Lan-ping;Chengdu University of Technology;Guangdong University of Petrochemical Technology;
Determination of Carbimazole by Using Potassium Ferricyanide as Spectroscopic Probe Reagent GUO Li;LIU Li-tao;ZHANG Dan;Henan Province Environmental Monitoring Center;Xinxiang Environmental Protection Monitoring Station;
Reform and Practice on Green Chemistry Technology Experiment Teaching HE You-zhou;FU Min;WANG Chong-jun;WANG Xiao-ping;DU Ruo-yu;College of Environment and Resources
Reform and Practice of Polymer Experiment Teaching for the Cultivation of Applied Talents FENG Xiao-liang;ZHU You-liang;College of Chemical and Engineering
Exploration of Innovation on Examination and Assessment Methods of Organic Chemistry Experimental Course ZHOU Yan;Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Department
Exploration on the Combined Teaching Mode of Flipped Classroom and Traditional Classroom ZHANG Zhi-qiang;XU Lian-cai;SHAO Chen;HUANG Gai-ling;Department of Material and Chemical Engineering
Application of Rheometer in Polymer Physics Experiments Teaching SHU Rui-wen;School of Chemical Engineering
Study on the Removal of Cadmium by the Sediment Porous Materials CHEN Yi-ping;TAO Hong;CAO Gang;FENG Jia-ping;GU Zhu-jun;WEN Jie;School of Environment and Architecture
Systhesis of Hydroxymethyl Ferrocene LI Jia-qi;ZHAO Li-ting;WEI Ya-nan;LIU Chun-bo;LI Chuan-bi;College of Chemistry
Effect of Fluorination on Performance of Benzodithiophene- based Conjugated Polymers WANG Xun-chang;ZHOU Wen-pei;WANG Feng;XIA Yang-jun;Key Laboratory for Green Chemical Engineering and Process of Ministry of Education
Preparation of Graphene- loaded Bi_3O_4Br Composite Photocatalysts and the Enhanced Photocatalytic Activity WU Jian-cheng;Patent Examination Cooperation Jiangsu Center of the Patent Office
Study on Adsorption of Nickel Irons by Adsorbent LI Yu;ZHOU Hong-gang;YE Li;Shaoxing University;Shaoxing Tongdu Copper Co.
“Green”Practices in the Reform of Inorganic Chemistry Experiment Teaching YE Jie-hui;WANG Wei;JI Li-chun;GUO Jun-wen;College of Chemical Engineering
Brief Talk on Experiences for the Classroom Teaching of Inorganic Chemistry ZHENG Fang-cai;ZHANG Yuan-guang;College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
Education Design of Distillation and Boiling Point Measuring Based on Informatization CHENG Fang-ting;XIE Chun-mei;Lianyungang Traditional Chinese Medicine Branch
Chemical Analysis Methods and Prospects of Magnesia Refractories XU Shuang;ZHENG Hui-qing;SHI Xiang-yang;WANG Cui-cui;LIANG Yong-tao;ZHANG Zhen-ying;ZHANG You-yi;CITIC Heavy Industries Co.
Research Progress on Preparation and Application of Titanic Acid WU Xue;LAN De-jun;Department of Biological and Chemical Engineering
Operation Analysis and Solutions of Circulating Water System GUO Long;Petro China Changqing Petrochemical Company;
Reform and Practice of Teaching Mode of Principles of Chemical Engineering Course under the Background of the Internet WANG You;College of Chemical and Biological Engineering
Discussion on HAZOP Analysis Method Introduced in College Chemical Teaching JIANG Qing-mei;CHEN Zhong-lin;HE Xiao-lan;JIE Fang-fang;Chongqing Chemical Industry Vocational College;
Practice and Revelation of the Training of Chemical Engineering Design Capability for College Students through Competition HUA Jie;ZHOU Cong-shan;LUO Bei-ping;WANG Guo-xiang;WU Hu;HUANG Yan;Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
Research Progress on Microstructure of Modern Concrete Materials ZHOU Chong-song;DENG Bin;College of Chemistry Biology and Environmental Engineering
New Technology for Preparation of Nanometer Calcium Carbonate by Continuous Spray Carbonization Tower PAN Wen;Enping Yanyi New Material Co.
Preparation of Sodium Hexametaphosphate for Industrial Use by Selective Purifying Wet- process Phosphoric Acid WU Jiang;YANG bin;TANG Jian-song;The Bureau of Safe Production Supervision and Administration in Guiyang City;Wengfu & Zijin Chemical Industry Co.
Some Teaching Suggestion of Chemical Instrument Course in Higher Vocational Colleges LU Jun;LU Qing-hua;Baotou Light Industry Vocational Technical College;Inner Mongolia Scientific and Technical University;
Research Progress on Bio- based Polyurethane ZHAO Xin;Polyurethane Electrical Workshop of CNPC Liaoyang Petrochemical Fiber Company;
Comparison of Activated Carbon Prepared from Different Fermentation of Biomass Residues and Peat LIU Yan-tao;JI Li;ZHOU Zi-yuan;JIANG Jian-xin;ZHU Li-wei;MOE Engineering Research Center of Forestry Biomass Materials and Bioenergy
Synthesis and Luminous of Rare Earth Complexes Doped PMMA Resin HUANG Zi-qun;LV Shao-xia;PAN Wen-hao;College of Materials and Chemical Engineering
Comparison of Properties of Carboxymethyl Starch Superabsorbent in Salt Solutions WURENQIMUGE;ZHENG Yu-xia;FU Yuan;Inner Mongolia Chemical Engineering Professional College;
Research on Extraction of Polysaccharides from Cordyceps militaris by Response Surface Method HUANG Yan;ZHU Sai-jun;DU Yu-ting;WANG Yi-fan;ZHAO Ke-zheng-xing;SUN Shi-qing;Nanhu College
Optimization of Synthesis Technology of( S)-(- ) pantoprazole by Orthogonal Test LI Jing;LI Rong-dong;LIU Lei;Hunan University of Medicine;Hunan University of Chinese Medicine;
Highly Efficient Conversion Process Study of Myricetin in the Ampelopsis XU Jiang-feng;LI Hui;ZHONG Shi-an;School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
Experimental Teaching of Drug Synthesis FANG Song;LI Qing-qing;School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
Process of Propane Dehydrogenation to Propylene and Its Hazard Analysis WU Hui-qing;LI Xiao-xiao;SHANG Teng-fei;WU Jia-liang;Zhejiang Key Laboratory of Safety Engineering and Technology
Research Progress on High- barrier Materials and Its Application in Military Product Package XIANG Xian-wei;HUANG Jie;Key Laboratory of New Materials and Technology for Packaging
Discussion on Detection Work in Quality Control of Fine Chemicals LIU Li-ting;YANG Yong-zhong;BAI Lei;WANG Wei;YANG Xin;SU Tong;Shaanxi Coal and Chemical Technology Institute Co.
Synthesis Optimization and Properties of the Polyalliline GE Xin-lu;HONG Xiao-bin;GAO Hong-jing;Department of Material Science and Engineering
Application of HAZOP Risk Analysis in Methanol Tank SUN Dong-feng;LIU Hui;Lanzhou Brach
Study on Equipment and Piping Layout about CO Shift Conversion YUAN Jin-rui;China Wuhuan Chemical Engineering Corporation;
Control Principle and Application of Crushing in the Alcohol Factory WANG Qiu-shuang;Guangdong Zhongke Tianyuan New Energy Science & Technology Co.
Teaching Reform of Pharmaceutical Analysis Experimental Teaching Based on Traditional and Virtual Experiment XU Hong-mei;HE Cong-lin;XIA Shi-wen;HE Xiang-yu;WEI Xiao-yao;College of Bio - information
Study on the Advanced Treatment of Coking Wastewater by Fenton Reagent Oxidation Process ZHANG Xing;ZHOU Lin;Henan Branch
Pilot Plant Research on FCC Reaction Performance of Coker Gas Oil WANG Yi-ping;HAN Lian-fu;LIU Xing-bin;WANG Yan-jun;LI Lei;WANG Min;Zhejiang University Fangyuan Chemical Co.
Preparation of MAV and Compound Diesel Pour Point Depressant SU Yang;BU Shi-xiao;YAO Guo-sheng;TIAN Ji-lan;SHEN En-hui;TIAN Jia-wei;ZHANG Xiao-tong;School of Science and Chemical Engineering
Study on Reducing the Coke Yield While Residual Oil Blending Hydrogenated Diesel TIAN Juan;PENG Wei-cai;HUANG Hua;ZHU Guo-rong;SHE Xi-chun;Hunan Changling Petrochemical S&T Developing Co.
Optimization of General Process in Reducing Diesel MAO Hui-lin;GUO Hong-xin;GAO Xiang;Luoyang Petrochemical Engineering Corporation
Research Progress on Coating Film Forming Mechanism and Its Influencing Factors HE Zhi-yu;School of Material Science and Engineering
Study and Practice on Application Oriented Undergraduate Talent Training Model of Oil and Gas Storage and Transportation Engineering WANG Hong-mei;WU Quan-cai;WANG Cheng-yong;REN Fu-ping;LI Guang-gan;Chemical Equipment College
Brief Discussion on Deodorization of Tail Gas in Sour Water Stripping Unit WANG Qi-li;SINOPEC Luoyang Petrochemical Engineering Corporation;
Preparation and Characterization of Acid Modified Carbon Nanotubes- regenerated Cellulose Membrane ZHANG Ming-xin;ZHU Tian-rong;TANG Kai;HU Si-qian;WANG Liang;YANG Zi-ran;School of Chemistry and Environmental Engineering
Research Progress and Trend of Microbial Leaching Technology LEI Ying-jie;AI Cui-ling;ZHANG Guo-chun;ZHUANG Su-kai;Shaanxi Key Laboratory of Comprehensive Utilization of Tailings Resources
Exploration and Thinking of Teaching Reform of Technology of Utilizing Vanadium and Titanium Resources DENG Lin;School of Biological and Chemical Engineering
Inhibition Action of Benzalaniline for A3 Steel in Acid Medium WANG Jia-hui;ZHOU Dong-kui;WAN Xiao-kang;RUAN Hang;College of Technology and Engineering
Creating A Characteristic Specialized Optional Course Driven by the Classroom- teaching- intaking- achievements- in- scientific- research Mode HE Xiang-hong;CAO Xin;GUAN Ming-yun;ZHOU Quan-fa;School of Chemistry and Environmental Engineering
Optimization of Ultrasound Technology Extraction Parameters for Phytosterol from Grape Seed NIU Chun-yan;SUN Jing;ZHANG Jian;MA Shu-ting;GU Yu;Jilin Agricultural Science and Technology College;
Determination of Hardness of Several Commercial Mineral Water ZHOU Peng;LUO Xiao-yu;CHEN Zhi-liang;WANG Yi-wei;Department of Clinical Medicine
Exploration in Improving Teaching Effect of Chemistry in Textile Engineering LI Wei;XU Zhen-zhen;XU Wen-zheng;WEI An-fang;College of Textiles and Garments
Research Progress on the Pollution Characteristics of Heavy Metal in Urban Dust MENG Jiu-ling;ZHOU Fei;CHEN Mian-biao;FANG Ping;ZHANG Li-juan;HUANG Chu-shan;WANG Xiao-jiao;HU Guo-cheng;Xi'an Polytechnic University;South China Institute of Environmental Sciences
Mass Concentration Measurement of Nano- particles in Diesel Engine Exhaust YAO Shui-liang;SHEN Xing;ZHAO Yi-fan;ZHAO Kai-qi;YAO Hai;LU Yu-hao;WU Zu-liang;ZHANG Xu-ming;School of Environmental Science and Engineering
Quality Control Research Used in Testing Process of Water and Soil Sample LIU Cheng-Xia;YANG Jin;Shanghai SEP Analytical Services Co.
Research Progress on New Renovation Technologies for VOCs in Chemical Industry Factories SHEN Fei;ZHANG Kan;Bureau of Environmental Protection;Trinity Consultants corporation;
Study on the Influence of Shale Gas Exploitation on Environment and Countermeasures XU Hao-yu;QU Yong-jun;MA Hong-kui;ZHAO Yang;HUANG Wen-tao;HE Xiao-hua;Chongqing branch
Discussion on Monitoring Specification of Volatile Organic Compounds in Stationary Source Emission XIE Qian-hong;LUO Yong-le;LIN Chuang-fa;Environmental Monitoring Center of Baiyun District in Guangzhou;Guangdong Technology Center of Work Safety;Zhanjiang Economic and Technological Development Zone Environmental Protection Monitoring Station;
Study on Practical Teaching System of Environmental Science in Teaching Service Oriented Universities WANG Kai-feng;PENG Na;TU Chang-qing;ZHANG Feng-ru;College of Chemistry and Environmental Sciences
Study on Dismounting Training Teaching in Process Fluid Machinery WANG Zhong-hui;ZHAO Jie;LV Tao;LI Jian-li;Department of Mechanical Engineering
Failure Types of Radar Absorbing Materials and Its Repair Techniques LI Bao-yi;ZHOU Bi-cheng;ZHAO Ya-juan;WANG Peng;ZHANG Rong;No.33 Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation;Electromagnetic Protection Materials and Technology Key Laboratory of Shanxi Province;
Practice and Experience on Constructing Excellent Course of Pharmaceutical Chemistry ZHOU Ling-yun;SHAO Tai-li;SUN Yu;TANG Ling;CHEN Kao-shan;Pharmacology College
Practice of Autonomous- designed Experiment of Natural Product Chemistry WANG Zheng;LI Chun-yan;LIU Wei;DONG Zhong-yun;SHEN Song-zhang;SU Juan;Pharmacy
Application of Integrated Teaching Methods on Pharmaceutics QIU Li-peng;CHEN Jing-xiao;YANG Zi-yi;LIN Xia;CHEN Jing-hua;School of Pharmaceutical Science
Research Status on Quality Control of Sulfur- fumigated Chinese Medicinal Materials YAN Yan;FENG Fang;Department of Pharmaceutical Analysis
Research Progress on Processing and Extraction Technology of Poria Pieces FANG Yi;XU Feng-qing;JIN Chuan-shan;LIU Meng-di;HU Yu;School of Pharmacy
Research Progress on Pharmacognosy and Quality Analysis of Picria Fle- terrae Lour. PAN Cui-liu;WEI Yi-fei;ZHEN Han-shen;DU Xi-mei;Guangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine;Guangxi Armed Police Corps Hospital;
Discussion on Establishing New Laboratory Management Model in Professional Undergraduate Courses GE Ri-le;QI Wei;CHANG Xuan;OUYANG Jin;Yinchuan Energy Institute;Beijing Normal University;
Layer- modularization Reform and Practice of Experimental Teaching System Based on the Chemical Technology Main Line WANG Xiao-ping;WANG Chong-jun;ZHENG Xu-xu;FU Min;LI Ning;College of Environment and Resources
Several Thinking Points of Professional Basic Course of Engineering Graduate Students in Theoretical Teaching GAN Gui-sheng;YANG Dong-hua;LUO Yi;CHI Lu-xin;School of Materials Science and Engineering
Construction and Practice of Quality Resources Sharing Course in Higher Education YU Li-mei;FENG Wei-hua;ZENG Xiao-fang;CHEN Hai-guang;College of Light Industry and Food Technology
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