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Shandong Chemical Industry
FQ: 半月
AD of Publication: 山东省济南市
Lanuage: 中文;
ISSN: 1008-021X
CN: 37-1212/TQ
YP: 1972
Url: 山东省化工研究院;山东省化工信息中心
Recommended Journals
Shandong Chemical Industry
2017 -15
Research of Progress for Polysilane Optical Waveguide Material Huang Qiuyue;He Lei;Duanmu Chuansong;Sun Yongming;College of Chemical Engineering
Research Status and Application Prospect of Polysaccharide from Dunaliella Salina Zhang Yunpeng;Zhang Hui;Li Hui;Zhao Yanfu;Wang Chaochao;Qi Linlin;Xing Tao;College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
Researching Status of Microbialites and Microbial Carbonate Reservoirs Tian Zhen;Hu Xin;Zhu Ying;Chengdu University of Technology;State Key Laboratory of Oil and Gas Reservoir Geology and Exploitation
The Discussion on the Basic Principles of the Seismic Wave Attenuation Parameter Extraction Method Li Pengwu;Chen Yilin;Zhang Xingui;Shu Ying;College of Energy Resources
The Quality Testing About of the Stinky Tofu in Bijie City Nie Hong;Yang Shan;The tenth Middle School of Bijie City
Syntheses and Crystal Structures of Two Novel Nickel and Cobalt Complexes Deng Yuan;Li Li;Yang Xiaomei;Jining Environmental Protection Monitoring Station;High-tech Industrial Department Zone Branch of Jining Environmental Protection Bureau;
Summary of the Chromatogram Analysis of Roller and Gel Pen Ink Scripts Qu Yinxuan;Xu Ke;National Police University of China;Anhui Huaibei Public Security Bureau;
Current Situation and Prospect of Trace Aluminium in Flour Products Chen Zhe;Liu Nannan;Ma Yan;Chen Di;Zeng Baoshan;Xu Wei;Minjiang Teachers College;Fujian Normal University;Fuzhou Entry-Exit Inspection&Quarantine Bureau of P.R.C;
The Analysis of Covalent Bonds in the Common Diatomic Molecules and Ions(Ⅰ) Liang Aiqin;Qu Baohan;Dai Hui;College of Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences
Determination of Vitamin C in Tomato Zhao Junying;Zhao Junming;College of Chemistry and Engineering
Determination of Fluoride and Chloride in Complex Fertilizer by Ion Chromatography Gong Ning;Cheng Huapeng;Chen Quan;Wu Changwei;Shao Qingsong;Institution of Supervision and Inspection Product Quality of Guizhou Province;
Analytical Techniques of Polychlorinated Biphenyls in Site Environmental Samples Yang Yulin;Xue Jian;Wang Xiaoyun;CCIC Physical and Chemical Testing Co.
Synthesis of Thiophene Modified Rhodamine and Its Recognition of Fe~(3+) Zhang Sijie;Zhang Yubing;Qingdao University of Science and Technology
Progress of Heavy Metal Ion Selective Electrode Zheng Zhaofa;Zhou Xuejuan;Lu Chunhai;State Environmental Protection Key Laboratory of Synergistic Control and Joint Remediation for Soil and Water Pollution
Application of Capillary Electrophoresis in Inspection of Ink and Ink in Document Evidence Wen Xin;Nation Police University of China;
Synthesis and Research of Molecule Recognition Capability of Alpha-lipoic Molecularly Imprinted Polymer He Jun;Zhang Lifeng;Zhang Jin;Huang Yuanxiu;Niu Yanhui;Ren Wei;Technology Center of China Tobacco Guizhou Industrial Co.
The Preliminary Exploration on Teaching Reform in Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry Experiment Xia Zhi;Zhang Yu;Li Qianzhu;Luo Shuchang;School of Chemical Engineering
The Improvement on Experimental Content About the Determination of Rate Constant of Sucrose Hydrolysis Zhou Chongsong;Guo Xian;Zeng Fanhua;Deng Bin;College of Chemistry&Biology and Environmental Engineering
Discuss on the Application of Clapeyron Equation in Ideal Two-Component System with Gas-Liquid Equilibrium Liu Xing;Lai Hua;Qu Jingnian;College of Chemistry and Material Science
Application of Multi-stage Steam Ejector in Vacuum System Cao Minghua;Sinopec Ningbo Engineering Co.
Piping Design and Stress Analysis for Vertical Thermosyphon Reboiler Cong Wei;Han Lei;CPECC East-China Design Branch;
Exploration on the Theory Teaching of Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics for Foreign Students Huang Feng;School of Chemical Engineering
Experimental Study on Application of Macroporous Ion Resin in Physical Cleaning of Tubular Membrane Cao Qianqian;Wang Peng;Men Zhen;Boxing Environmental Protection Bureau;Jingbo Agrochenicals Technology Co.
Synthesis of Pyridine Hydrobromide Wei Junbo;Zhao Benteng;Ci Yuyin;College of Chemical Engineering
Research Progress of Application of Tea Saponin Biosurfactant in Environmental Protection Zhang Long;Liu Tong;Cao Yang;Guo Yu;Tang Ting;School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
The Design and Calculation of Cylinder for Low-Pressure Powder Degassing Silo Tan Kexin;HQC
Application of Recycling Process for Wastewater Containing Chloroform and Dichloroethane Shang Hongyan;Sun Jingquan;Zhang Rongquan;Sun Limei;Kang Ting;Limin Chemical Co.
Preparation and Characterization of CD-PAN Composite Nanofiber Membrane Based on Electrospinning Cui Jingdong;Lu Dandan;Li Qian;Li Weihua;Inner Mongolia University of Technology
New Synthesis Method of 5-Methyl-1,3,4-oxadiazol-2(3H)-one Sun Yongming;Huang Qiuyue;Duanmu Chuansong;He Lei;College of Chemical Engineering
Studies on the Coeffect of Phosphinothricin with Haloxyfop-P-methyl Against Annual Gramineous Weeds and the Effects used in Non-cultivated Land Hu Zunji;Fan Jinyong;Zhuang Zhanxing;Zhuang Zhiguo;Liu Yu;Shandong Academy of Pesticide Sciences
The Market Situation and Production Process of Calcium Formate Cai Yingqiang;Liu Jixiang;Meng Fanmin;Wang Jing;Wang Zhiqiang;LUXI Group Co.
Energy Saving Optimization for Hydrogenation of Diethyl Oxalate to Ethylene Glycol Zhao Botao;Zhang Huaisheng;Yangquan Coal Industry Group Pingding Chemical Co.
Calculation of the Diameter of the Corrugated-plate-pack Column for Chlorosilane Yang Nan;Xinjiang East Hope New Energy Co.
Fault Stopping Analysis of Recycled Propylene Gas Compressor PK301 Li Yikui;SINOPEC Jinan Company;
Application of Aspen Plus in the Course Design of Chemical Engineering Principle Wang Keliang;Li Jing;Li Song;Li Lin;Li Zhi;Lian Minglei;Du Tingzhao;Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
Analysis of Factors and Synthesis of Waterborne Multicolor Coatings Wang Yufeng;Wang Hui;Longdong University;Shaanxi Hantong Detection Co.
Experimental Study on Pretreatment of Macroporous Resin in Dye Wastewater Recycling Men Zhen;Wang Peng;Cao Qianqian;Shandong Jingbo Holdings Co.
The Application and Study of Complex Blocking Removal Technology Used in Work-over Treatment of Jinxian 1-1 Low Permeability Oilfield Gao Yonghua;Wu Zinan;Ren Qiang;Fan Hong;CNOOC Tianjin Branch;CNOOC Ener Tech-Drilling&Production Co.;
Research of Fracturing Flowback Fluid Treatment Li Bingyi;Liu Zikai;Binzhou University;
Application of WSP-Absorber Technology for Fuel Gas Treatment in FCC Unit Wen Zengkun;Yang Bin;Liu Shuai;CNOOC Petrochemical Engineering Co.
Preparation of Basic Magnesium Carbonate and Magnesium Oxide from Mother Liquor of Salt Production Zhang Shihang;College of Chemical Engineering
Study on a High Solid Content,Non-benzene,Intaglio White Ink and Applying it to PVC Films Lin Qiuyun;Yu Yuqi;Qiu Guoping;Zhongshan Kingho Chemical Industrial Co.
Preparation of a Novel Environmental Crayon Hao Xingjian;An Wei;Wang Bo;Shandong University;
The Flow Field Characteristics Study of Cylindrical Vortex in Micro Particle Capture Device Xu Quan'an;Wu Jin;Liu Hanxiao;He Deyuan;Guo Ying;Zhejiang Feida Environmental Science & Technology Co.
Effects of Plastic Packaging Waste on Soil and Human Body Cao Xiaofei;Huang Beili;Zhao Dongjing;Peng Liming;Ma Fuhuan;Li Yugang;Qufu Normal University
Study on a Rapidly Operated Vibration Damping Products Zhang Shuling;Bonderra Industries Co.
The Effect of Glucose on Texturization of Monocrystalline Silicon Solar Cell Cai Shuhong;Shi Jing;Jiang Yan;Tan Kaifeng;Liu Botao;The 718th Research Institute of CSIC;
Progress in Research on Pharmacological Activities of Lonicera Japonica Sun Senfeng;Jiang Xue;Chu Wanchun;College of Pharmacy
Optimization of Ultrasonic Extraction Process for Total Saponins from Blumea Balsamifera by Orthogonal Test Li Yunping;Wu Xingxing;College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
Effects of Total Flavonoids from Coreopsis Tinctoria on Thymus Index and Spleen Index in Mice Qin Le;Chen Xinmei;Xing Baiying;Yue Zhimin;College of Pharmacy
Progress in Research on Pharmacological Effects and Application of Chinese Medicine Sophora Flavescens Wang Yue;Jiang Xue;Ding Fei;Chu Hongyi;Jin Wencong;College of Pharmacy
Advances in Targeting Drugs for Accurate Therapy of Gastric Cancer Yi Mengjuan;Zhao Yinying;Tao Lin;Zhang Xiaoli;Zhao Yan;Xu Jun;Department of Medicinal Chemistry
Silver Nitrate,Indene Three Ketone and DFO to Common Paper Appeared Fresh Fingerprints on the Comparative Study Han Jingfeng;Jilin Siping Public Security Bureau;
Teaching Reflection for the Promotion of Teachers' Professional Development Research Li Xiaosheng;Wu Junfeng;Wang Limin;College of Mathematics and Statistical
SPOC Teaching Model Should Pay More Attention to Students' Autonomous Learning Process Bao Dongyang;Jiang Dayu;College of Chemistry
Retrospection and Reflection on the Application of Chemistry History in Middle School Chemistry Teaching Ouyang Xuehao;Liu Jie;School of Education
The Analysis of Development Trend of Teaching Evaluation in Colleges and Universities Tian Yongshang;College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
The Study of the Experimental Teaching of Bio-engineering in the Cooperative Mode of University Enterprises Zhang Xingyu;Liu Fang;Wu Chao;Fu Shengmin;Department of Biology and Chemistry
Considerations about “Professional Information” and “Professional Education Integration” Guo Chenglin;Benxi Chemical Industry School;
A Comparative Study on the Employment Situation of National Unified Recruitment and Specific Recruitment in Higher Vocational College——Illustrated by Application of Chemical Technology of Qingdao Technical College Chen Yan;Fang Guangjing;Zhu Siwei;Guan Lijun;School of Biological&Chemical Engieering
Progress in Red Emitters for Organic Light-Emitting Diodes An Lingling;Jiang Xue;Qiu Xiaowei;Feng Shuwen;Peng Yinggui;Feng Yuan;Hao Peng;Patent Examination Cooperation Center
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