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Yunnan Chemical Technology
FQ: 双月
AD of Publication: 云南省昆明市
Lanuage: 中文;
ISSN: 1004-275X
CN: 53-1087/TQ
YP: 1970
Url: 云南省化工研究院;云天化集团有限责任公司;云天化集团有限责任公司
Recommended Journals
Yunnan Chemical Technology
2018 -07
Analysis on the development and application trend of natural gas in Sinopec Sun wei;Oilfield E&P Department of Sinopec Corporation;
Technical measures to improve the quality management of petroleum projects Wei Jianhua;Xi'an Petroleum University;
On The Challenges And Countermeasures Of Oil Refining And Chemical Enterprises in Environmental Protection Yin Min;Wang Fang;Li Xue Jun;PetroChina Co Ltd of Urumqi Petrochemical Company;
Talking about the Safety Management of Gas Stations and Countermeasures Gao Ge;Li Jing;Shaanxi Petrochemical School;
Application of PLC technology in electrical engineering and automation control of chemical industry Yao Wenfeng;Jingchu Institute of technology;
Research on the improvement in pharmaceutical operation skills through informationalized teaching Fang Jing;Tianjin vocational college of bio-engineering;
Application Analysis of 5S Management in Management of Chemical Laboratories in Colleges and Universities Yao Yao;Yancheng Institute of Technology School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering;
The Importance of Biochemistry in Medical Education and Discussion on Teaching Reform Yi Caixia;Tongren College;
Analysis on the Status Quo of the Sharing of Large Scientific Research Instruments in Universities and the Model of Platform Construction Feng Yuquan;Xing Zhengzheng;College of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Engineering
Initial exploration of Micro class in organic chemistry of pharmacy Wang Jianghong;Wang Xiaoqiong;Jia Panpan;Zhengzhou University of Industrial Technology;
Analysis of the teaching status of chemical history in junior middle school chemistry teaching Geng Hongmei;Applied chemistry department Hengshui normal college;
Study on Antioxidant Function of Dihydromycin Li Xuehui;School of Life Science and Technology
Itroduction of green process of feed grade dicalcium phosphate by direct method Yang Jiashun;Yunnan Phosphate Chemical Group Co.
Determination of Lead and Cadmium in Soil and Rice of Different Varieties in Dehong Zuo Guangde;Hao Zhiyun;Dong Bitao;Dehong Teachers college
Geochemical characteristics and genesis of Se rich soil in Guizhou area Huang Sen;02 geological team of Guizhou provincial geological and Mining Bureau;
Study On The Preparation Of Special High Magnesium Calcium By Wet Phosphoric Acid Sludge Hu Guotao;Wang Fengxia;Jin hua;State Key Laboratory of Efficient Utilization for Low Grade Phosphate Rock and Its Associated Resources;Wengfu
Effect of water addition amount on pH of cooked material during fermentation of organic fertilizer Bi Xianlan;Li Hong;Kunming Erkang Technology Co.
The Research Progress of Organic Photosensitive Dyes HUO Dong-sheng;ZHANG Yang;SHI Miao;WANG Cai-xia;HU Hua-yuan;Wang Peng-fei;HE Xiao-yun;LI Qi-gui;Xi'an Manareco New Materials Co.
Feasibility study on regeneration and recovery of SCR flue gas denitration catalyst. Niu Liuxia;Zhou Cheng;Enerxy-Environ Co.Ltd;
Current Status and Prospects of Clean Fuel Vehicle Ethanol Gasoline Liu Xin;Tian Jing;Zhao Mei;Zou Huiling;Wang Tian;Shandong Product Quality Inspection Institute;Shandong Key Laboratory of Materials Chemical Safety Testing Technology;
Analysis of safety management and periodic inspection of pressure vessels Li Xiaonan;Shaanxi Yanzhong Coal Mine Energy Chemical Co.
Influence of EPDM foot pad structures on the stresses of conditioner pipes Fang Jingfeng;Chen Jianjun;Zeng Xiangkun;Bonderra Industries Co.
Application of Hollow Plug in Repair of Heat Exchanger of Lithium Bromide Refrigerator Li Chuanwei;Guangzhou Petrochemical Building Installation Engineering Co.
Analysis of research progress in urban domestic sewage treatment technology Jiang Feng;Zhengzhou Sewage Purification Co.
Study on deacidification and deamination of coal gasification wastewater by single tower pressure treatment Yang Jianguo;Pucheng Clean Energy Chemical Co.
Research and application of treated water treatment technology in heavy oil field Cao Qiue;Lei Hulin;Chen Yanyun;Shaanxi Yuyang Petroleum Technology Engineering Co.
Study on formation cause and simulation method of oily wastewater fouling Zhao Jie;Chongqing Energy college
Advances in biological adsorption treatment of heavy metal ions in water Yang Qian;College of Oceanography
Analytical Instrumentation in Environmental Inorganic Analytical Chemistry Fan Xingzuan;Wengfu
Utilization of waste water from waterborne coatings and treatment technology of wastewater and waste gas Hu Qingrong;Jiangsu geological and Mining Bureau fifth Geological Brigade;
Discussion on the Treatment Process of Chemical Industrial Wastewater Feng Shulong;Panjin Shuangtai Wastewater Treatment Co.
Discussion on environmental protection problems in chemical production Zhang Zhaozhi;hengshui university;
Discussion on Measures to Improve Safety and Environmental Protection of Petrochemical Production Yin Liyue;Zhao Jingtao;China Petroleum Guangxi Petrochemical Company;
Analysis on the application of aerated biological filter in sewage treatment Luo Zhongyu;zhengzhou sewage purification co.
Tar processing tail gas treatment practice Li Yinghai;Pangang Vanadium Iron Smelter Factory;
Analysis of electrical safety management technology in chemical industry Xiong Jun;H.B Fuller;
Technical measures for safe discharge of petrochemical products storage and transportation system Ma Haijin;Shenhua Yulin Energy Chemical Co.
An Analysis of the Innovative Modes and Methods of Safety Production Management of Chemical Equipment Zheng Chunxiang;China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation Guangzhou Branch;
Comparative analysis on the caffecine of coffea arabica Qiu Bili;Zhang Shaolong;Liu Chao;Dai Liling;Yang Tingbin;Duan Lina;Baoshan Quality and Technical Supervision Comprehensive Testing Center;
Analysis of the influence of filtration and hydrolysis solution on the measurement results Yao Shuangting;Liu Bo;Qiao Yuehui;Ni Jianbin;technology center of zhejiang China tobacco industry co.
Optimization of Ultrasonic Assisted Aqueous Two Phase Extraction of Catechins by Response Surface Methodology Zheng Yan;Zhao Tao;Lv Yingchun;Li Xueling;Luo Yiping;Zhe Haiyun;College of biology and chemistry
Discuss and prevent PC barrel from breaking easily Zhang Guiming;Kunming Bo Effect Packaging Materials Co.
Summary In order to realize the high efficiency and low consumption of Zhou Bingjing;Wang Haixu;Bai Li;Li Lanjie;Gao Minglei;Hegang Group
General Situation of Aluminum Alloy Surface Polishing Process Fang bian;Zhang Jilun;Li Wenfei;Wang Sihan;Wengfu
Study on Electrochemical Etching of 304 Stainless Steel Tan Junzhe;Liu Yang;Wu Limin;Zhao Yanan;Shenyang Blower Works Group Corporation;Department of Applied Chemistry
Management analysis and performance test of P110 steel sleeve for oil well Ran Wang;Xi'an Shiyou University;No.12 Oil Production Plant
Application Research of Purified Wet Phosphoric Acid in Aluminum Alloy Three-Acid Polishing Process Zhang Dan;Li Wenfei;Hu Guotao;Wang Fengxia;Wengfu
Effect of preheating and calcination temperature on determination of expansion ratio of perlite Wang Fengliang;Li Ting;Wei Ruijie;Liu Juntai;Wei Jianlu;The Third Institute of Geology and Mineral Resources
Global Oil and Gas Consumption and The Development Trend Analysis of Pipeline Wu Zongqiang;College of Petroleum Engineering
Summarization of Some Problems on Mechanism of Drag Reduction and Increased Transportation of Polymers Li Tianyu;Shengli University
Summary of corrosion and protection management of oil and gas mixed pipeline Lv Wenquan;Wang Yi;Wang Dang;Wang Lin;Xi'an Shiyou University;Dandong oil and gas transportation branch of PetroChina pipeline company;Xi'an oil and gas transportation branch of PetroChina pipeline company;
Investigation and Analysis on the corrosion of X80 steel in the Changqing long oil and gas pipeline Tian Yuan;Zhang Ku;Xi'an Shiyou University;No.2 oil transportation department of PetroChina Changqing Oilfield Company;
Research and development of a new chemical water plugging agent and its performance evaluation An Weidan;Xi'an Shiyou University;Material supply department of Changqing Oil Field Branch
Overview of Frost-proof plugging Technology for long distance Natural Gas Pipeline Transportation Chen Ruibo;Ai Yueqiao;China Petroleum Pipeline Company;
Research on Wax Oil Hydrotreating Technology Liu Mingtao;Ma Junjie;Refinery of Petro China Urumqi Petrochemical Company;
Talking about the treatment of emulsified oil in the transportation of refined oil pipeline Wang Shanrong;South China Branch of Sinopec Sales Co.
Analysis of Factors Affecting CO_2 Corrosion and H_2S Corrosion Ma Xinyuan;The First Oil Transportation Department of Changqing Oilfield Company;
Preparation of biodiesel from life waste oil by solid super acid Zhang Chunlan;Chen Shufen;Zhang Jie;Wang Xuefeng;Zheng xiaoming;Petrochemical Department
Discussion on factors affecting the purity of MTBE products Zhu Zengjie;Shenhua Baotou Coal Chemical Co.
Research and application of sand control technology in oil wells with complex well conditions Guan Xin;Xi'an Petroleum University;
Drilling technology casing window opening process Nie Cuiping;Xie Wei;College of Petroleum Engineering
Application of pour point depressant in low-transmission pipeline Ren Bomin;Xi'an Petroleum University;
Wax control technology and analysis of long distance pipeline with waxy crude oil Zhang Jie;Xi'an Shiyou University;The second oil transmission station of Changqing oil field;
Drilling fluid technology for large displacement gas directional wells in the southern margin of Ordos Liu Chaofeng;Changqing Drilling Engineering Co.
Study on Acidizing and Increasing Injection Technology of High Pressure Injection Well in Tight Sandstone Reservoir Wen Min;Liu Haiwei;Zhang Bin;Chen Tiejuan;Zengchang Oilfield Co.
The Impact of Fracturing Fluid Salinity on Spontaneous Imbibition in Tight Reservoir He Zexuan;Xi'an Petroleum University;
Design of well completion method and pipe column in Honghe Oilfield Li Ning;Xi'an Shiyou University;North China oil and gas branch of Sinopec;
Study on Reservoir Characteristics of Chaganuoer Gutter in Gaolihan Depression Zhou Jiayi;College of Earth Sciences
Analysis on controlling factors of Chang 6 accumulation in T90 well area of Ganguyu oilfield in northern Shaanxi Wang Qiaoling;School of Earth Science and Engineering
Cultivation measures and effect analysis of long-lived wells in offshore oilfields Wang Wei;College of Petroleum Engineering
Research on Technology of Blending Hydrogen into Natural Gas Gong Yao;Ding Feng;Sinopec petroleum engineering zhongyuan corporation;
Corrosion Analysis of Steel Natural Gas Buried Pipeline Zhang Lijun;Sun Yuxiang;Zhang Junqiang;Chen Wei;Xi'an Shiyou University;Hanzhong Natural Gas Investment Development Co.
Current Status and Development of Safety Control Technology for Confined Space Operation of High Sulfur Natural Gas Purification Plant Zhang Sumeng;Nanjing Oilfield Puguang Branch Natural Gas Purification Plant;
Analysis of leak detection and location technology in gas transmission pipeline Li Han;Gao Tao;Wang Yu;Xi'an Shiyou University;Shaanxi provincial natural gas Co.Ltd;
Application of FGS System in Natural Gas Purification Engineering Li Changliang;Xi'an Petroleum University;
Causes of Corrosion of Natural Gas Pipeline in Jingxi Second Line and Anti-corrosion Measures Gao Tao;Li Han;Feng Tao;Xi'an Shiyou University;Shaanxi Natural Gas Co.
Discussion on standardization technology for overhauling high-sulfur natural gas purification equipment Shu Ajie;Xi'an Shiyou University
A brief analysis of the fire flooding mechanism and early production characteristics for edge-water(water flooding)heavy oil reservoirs Tang Ge;Xi'an Shiyou University;
Oil and gas space temperature gradient and small respiratory consumption reduction measures for fixed top tank Yang Ke;Xi'an Shiyou University;Refining and Chemical Company of Shaanxi Yanchang Petroleum
Cause Analysis and Thawing Measures of Cold Box Free Blocking in Dazhangba Gas Collecting Station Kong Dejuan;Zhang Yulei;Wang Na;Wu Junping;Tian Junyi;China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation Northwest Oilfield Branch;
Study on anticorrosion Management of Refinery and Chemical equipment Liu Keshu;CNOOC Dongfang Petrochemical Co.
Solution for hydraulic oil emulsification of hydraulic submersible pump Zhang Peng;Sinopec Petroleum Branch of Sinopec;
Analysis and Solutions about the Influence Factors of Boiling Water in FCC Sun Shaopeng;Guo Huijuan;Li Zongjie;SINOPEC Luoyang Company;
Study on the Production Formula and Production Process of Detergent Zhu Liqin;Xiao Liujing;Yao Ze;Zhou Linzong;Peng Jun;Hunan Province Geological Testing Institute;Chuxiong Normal University;
Effect of Supplementation of Associated Bacteria on Fermentation of Gulongic Acid in the Late Stage of Vc Two-Step Fermentation Han Litao;Zhao Xiaofeng;Jiang Mingxi;Zhang Chaoyin;Northeast Pharmaceutical Group Co.
Preparation and Mechanism of Waterborne Graphene Anticorrosive Coatings Liu Haibo;Shandong Eastern Platinum New Materials Co.
Study on the Influence of Detonator Detonator Delayed by Card Waist Li Jinyu;Datong Coal Mine Group Co.
Determination of sulfur in coal Jiang Haijing;Jinzhou Teachers College;
Analysis of Factors Affecting the Preparation of Texaco Coal Water Slurry Li Peifeng;Shenhua Yulin Energy Chemical Co.
8# coal-water slurry gasifier parking safety interlock optimization scheme Li Yuelong;China Coal Shaanxi Yulin Energy Chemical Co.
Talking about Common Faults and Solutions of Coking Pressure Vessels Wang Meng;Baicheng County Zhongtai Coal Coking Co.
Opportunities for Poly-p-Phenylene Terephthalamide in China Gao Jian;School of Chemistry and Materials Engineering
New Process of Preparing 1,4-Dioxane by Dehydration of Diethylene Glycol Nie Liushai;Yang Juping;Varndean College;Zhejiang Sci-Tech University;
Preliminary Study on Antimicrobial Activity of Chemical Composition of Gastrodia Stems Jia Changqing;Ma Rui;Lei Rulin;Gui Qianbei;Yu Jiansheng;National Engineering Center for Ethnic Veterinary Drugs
Study on Preparation and Adsorption Properties of Coconut Shell Activated Carbon for Exhaust Gas Recovery Tong Gui;Jiangsu Zhongneng Silicon Industry Technology Development Co.
Preparation and Characterization of SMA Compatibilized R-PET/ABS Blends Liu Huaxia;Chen Zhiwei;Zhu Hongfang;Yan Yongqiang;Zhou Wei;Qingyuan Poseidon Phosphate Chemical Co.
Optimization design and application of DMO gas removal tower gas phase distributor Wang Binghong;Henan Anyang Chemical Industry Group Maintenance Engineering Company;
Discussion on Electrostatic Form and Static Control in Gas Phase Polyethylene Production Process Zhao Hai;China Shenhua
Synthesis of Magnesium Phytic Acid and Its Electrocatalytic Activity for Hydrogen Evolution Wang Wenjuan;College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
Application Research of Chemical Analysis in Chemical Materials Testing Li Zili;Guizhou Institute of Industrial Technology;
Safety precaution and control measures for sulphuric acid plant and suggestions Li Xiuqing;Yunnan superstar Safe Technology Ltd;
Discussion on the application of energy saving and consumption reduction technology in chemical process Shi Hao;China Pingmei Shenma Group Blue Sky Chemical Co.
Discussion on Strengthening the Management of Chemical Machinery Equipment Li Qiang;Chemical Plant of Tongtong Coal Group
Research on the electric equipment management of chemical complete equipment Ma Ji;Xi'an Petroleum University;
Analysis on management and maintenance of chemical machinery equipment Sun Yawei;China Pingdingshan Shenma blue sky and Chemical Corporation Zhongyuan methanol plant;
Correlation analysis of corrosion causes and anti-corrosion management of chemical equipment Zhang Jun;Wang Jun;Qiang Bin;Chen Hongwei;China Nuclear Four-four Co.
Development of training project based on two-component atmospheric distillation unit Jia Lixia;Datong Coal Vocational and Technical College;
Determination Iodine in Soil Sediment Samples by High Temperature High-temperature Melting of Sodium Peroxide and using Inductively Coupled Plasma-Mass Spectrometry Sun Xia;Tan Wei;Guizhou Central Laboratory of Geology and Mineral Resources;Guiyang Supervision and Testing Center of Mineral Resources
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