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Journal of Northeast Petroleum University
FQ: 双月
AD of Publication: 黑龙江省大庆市
Lanuage: 中文;
ISSN: 2095-4107
CN: 23-1582/TE
YP: 1977
Url: 东北石油大学
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Journal of Northeast Petroleum University
1996 -01
PHYSICAL ANALOGY OF POLYMER FLOODING WITH POLYMERSOLUTION PREPARED BY PRODUCED WATER Wu Wenxiang;Lecturer(Dept of Petroleum Engineering,Daqing Petroleum Institute,151400,Anda,Heilongjiang,P.R.China)Han Jiliang;Hou Jirui;Zhang Yuliang;Hu Jingbang(Dept of Petroleum Engineering)
STUDY ON THE STABILITY OF THE LIQUID SURFACTANT MEMBRANE Kang Wanli;Engineer(Dept of Petroleum Engineering,Daqing Petroleum Institute,151400,Anda,Heilongjiang,P.R.China)Li Fenglan;Han Jiliang(Workers College of Daqing,163255)Liu Peiyan;Yan Zhong(Chemistry Dept,Northeast Normal University,130024)
NUMERICAL SIMULATIOH AND EFFECT FACTOR ANALYSIS OF VERTICAL FRACTURE GEOMETRY IN HYDRAULIC FRACTURE Xia Huifen,Lecturer(Dept of petroleum engineering,Daqing Petroleum Institute,151400,Anda,Heilongjiang,P.R.China)Li Fujun(Dept of petroleum engineering)
VELOCITY DISTRIBUTION AND PRESSURE LOSS CALCULAT1ON OF LAMINAR-HELICAL FLOW OF CASSON FLUIDS IN ECCENTRIC ANNULUS Luo Guiming,Lecturer(Dept of Petroleum Enginering, Daqing Petroleum Institute,151400,Anda,Heilongjiang,P.R.China)Li Bangda(Dept of Petroleum Enginering)Hou Fuqu;Liu Min(Liaohe Oilfield,124000)
PERFORMANCE PREDICTION OF THE 3RD LAYER DEVELOPMENT OF THE 16TH PLATE IN JIZHOU Fu Junlin,Engineer(Dept of Petroleum Engineering,Daqing Petroleum Institute,151400,Anda,Heilongjiang,PR.China)Fan Jiang(Dept of Petroleum Engineering)
ANALYSIS ON THE ORIGIN OF T_2 POST-RIFT FORMATIONS IN SONGLIAO BASIN Liu Delai,Lecturer(Dept of Petroleum Prospecting,Daqing Petroleum Institute,151400,Anda,Heilongjiang,P.R.China)Chen Fajing(Geosciences University of China,Beijing,100083)Wen Xiangquan(Daqing Geophysical Company,163000)
NEW METHOD FOR DETERMINATION OF CHLOROFORM“A”AND THE GEOCHEMISTRY INDICATOR OF>nC_7NORMAL PARAFFIN HYDROCARBONS Zhao Xigu,Associate Professor(Dept of Petroleum Prospecting,Daqing Petroleum Institute,151400,Anda, Heilongjiang,P.R.China)Fu Xiaotai;Wang Zhengpin;Qu Jiayan(Dept of Petroleum Prospecting)
ANALYSIS OF SEAL PROPERTY OF SOUTHERN PART OF FAULT ① IN SOUTHEAST OF QIONG BASIN Li Chun,Lecturer(Dept of Petroleum Prospecting,Daqing Petroleum Institute,151400, Anda,Heilongjiang,P.R. China)Lu Yanfang(Dept of Petroleum Prospecting)Zhu Fuxiang(Daqing Geology and Mineral Bureau,163002)
GREY EVALVATION OF RESERVOIR HETEROGENEITY OF S_(1+2) FORMATION IN LENGJIA OIL FIELD OF LIAOHE BASIN Yin Yanyi,Lecturer(Dept of Petroleum Prospecting,Daqing Petroleum Institute,151400,Anda,Heilongjiang,P.R.China)Wang Guojuan;Li Shi an;Wang Xiuyan(Dept of Petroleum Prospecting)
WATER REPLACEMENT INTENSITY IN SEDIMENTARY AND HYDROGEOLOGICAL PERIOD OF HEIYUPAO CONCAVE IN BINBEI AREA Zhang Shulin,Lecturer(Dept of Petroleum Prospecting,Daqing Petroleum Institute,151400,Anda,Heilongjiang,P.R.China)Ma Fengrong(Dept of Petroleum Prospecting)Zhang Weidong(Daqing Well Logging Company,163000)
60MHz DIELECTRIC WELL LOGGING INTERPRETATION MODEL OF 4-LAYERED MEDIA Yu Zhitang,Lecturer(Dept of Petroleum Prospecting,Daqing Petroleum Institute,151400,Anda,Heilongjiang,P.R.China)Zhang Zhiwei;Zhang Shumei(Dept of Petroleum Prospecting)Niu Chaoqun(Daqing Petroleum Administration Bureau,163000)
STUDY ON PRODUCTION OF EXTRACTIVE SOLVENT OIL NO 6 BY USING THE AROMATICS RAFFINATE OF THE SPLITTING LIGHT-END PRODUCTS Lu Chunsheng,Lecturer(Dept of Petrochemical Engineering,Daqing Petroleum Institute,151400,Anda,Heilongjiang,P.R.China)Wang Yanhua;Gao Yuqing(Dept of Petrochemical Engineering)Zhu Lianxun;Wu Guanjing(Daqing Petrochemical Complex,163350)
OPTIMIZATION OF COMPOSITION OF Pt-Sn-K/Al_2O_3 CATALYST FOR DEHYDROGENATION OF PROPANE TO PROPENE Wang Jian;Lecturer(Dept of Petrochemical Engineering,Daqing Petroleum Institute,151400,Anda,Heilongjiang,P.R.China)Guo Dawei;Luo Hongjun;Dong Qun(Dept of Petrochemical Engineering)
STUDY ON PREPARATION OF MODIFIED POLYETHYLENE WAX FROM LOW-MOLECULAR POL YETHYLENE Pu Yanfang,Engineer(Dept of Petrochemical Engineering,Daqing Petroleum Institute,151400,Anda, Heilongjiang,P.R.China)Zhang Zhihua(Research Institute of Daqing Petrochemical Complex)Wu Xianchun(Dept of Petrochemical Engineering,Daqing Petroleum Institute)
APPLICATION OF PROGRAMMABLE CONTROLLER IN WATER TREATMENT PROCESS Sun Yuhua,Lecturer(Dept of Automation and Control Engineering,Daqing petroleum Institute,151400,Anda,Heilongjiang,P.R.China)Dong Defa;Shi Weihong;Shao Keyong(Dept of Automation and Control Engineering)
SHORT PERIOD PREDICTION OF OIL FIELD POWER LOAD Liu Bin, Lecturer(Dept of Automation and Control Engineering,Daqing Petroleum Institute,51400,Anda,Heilongjiang,P.R.China)Li Yuchun;Tian Yanwen(Daqing Oil Designing Institute,163000)
STUDYOF CORROSION OF BRASS PIPES IN CONDENSERS Hao Wensen,Associate Professor(Dept of Petroleum Engineering,Daqing Petroleum Institute,151400,Anda,Heilongjiang.P R.China)Ma Chunshan(Daqing Petrochemical Complex,163000)Fan Hongliang (Daqing Petroleum Station,163711)Lin Zhiyuan(Port Service Company of D
EXPERIMENTAL RESEARCH OF CUTTING METHODS AND TOOLS FOR CUTTING NaOH STORAGE TANK Ni Han;Zhang Yuli(Practice Factory,Daqing Petroleum Institute,151400,Anda,Heilongjiang,P.R.China)Yang Weifan;Associate Professor(Dept of Mechanical Engineering)Lin Zhiyuan(Port Service Company of Dalian Bay,116100)
ANALYSIS OF FRACTURED SUCKER RODS Li Qi,Engineer(Dept of Mechanical Engineering,Daqing Petroleum Institute,151400,Anda,Heilongjing,P.R.China)Bi Xuesong;Gao Tai an;Zhang Jingfu;Song Libo(Daqing Oil Production Plant No.1,163000)
DEVELOPMENT OF GTF-01 24 THROUGH-TURN DISTRIBUTING VALVE Cheng Xuemei,Associate Professor(Dept of Mechanical Engineering,Daqing Petroleum Institute,151400,Anda,Heilongjiang,P.R.China)Liu Fuzhu(Daqing Petrochemical Complex,163352)
EFFECT OF ENCLOSING STRUCTURE ON CONSTRUCTION ENERGY SAVING Zhao Shichang,Engineer(Dept of Civil Engineering,Daqing Petroleum Institute,151400,Anda,Heilongjiang,P.R.China)
NEW DEFINITION OF GREY NUMBER'S GREY GRADE Zhang Qishan;Lecturer(Dept of Economics & Management,Daqing Petroleum Institute,151400,Anda,Heilongjiang,P.R.China)Qin Hong;Deng Julong(Dept of Mechanical Engineering,Dept of Autom.& Contr.Eng,H.U.S.T)
SOME OBVIOUS SIMIL AR SOLUTIONS TO GENEALIZED RAYLEIGH PROBLEM Fu Yongxue;Lecturer(Dept of Mathematics,Daqing petroleum Institute,151400,Anda,Heilongjiang,P.R.China)Guo Xiuying;Kong Lingbin The Library(Dept of Mathematics)
EFFECT OF FLUID VISCOSITY ON THE FATIGUE FAILURE OF TUBING Jin Shaoxian,Associate Professor(Dept of Electronics Engineering,Daqing Petroleum Institute,151400,Anda,Heilongjiang,P.R.China)Zheng Guanghan(Dept of Mechanical Engineering)
STABILITY ANALYSIS OF θ-METHODS FOR DELAY SYSTEMS OF NEUTRAL TYPE Liang Jiuzhen,Assistant(Dept of Computer Science, Daqing Petroleum Institute,151400,Anda,Heilongjiang,P.R.China)Liu Mingzhu(Harbin Institute of Technology,150001)Qiu Shenshan(Dept of Computer Science)
ONLINE SUPERVISORY MICROCOMPUTER CONTROL SYSTEMS FOR PRODUCTION OF CORROSION-PREVENTING AND HEAT-INSULATING LAYERS OF OIL PIPES Liu Yuping;Lecturer(Dept of Mechanical Engineering,Daqing Petroleum Institute,151400,Anda,Heilongjiang,P.R.China)Si Guangyu(Dept of Computer Science)
AUTO-GENERATOR FOR GENERAL DATA BASE MENU Yuan Man, Assistant(Dept of Computer Science,Daqing Petroleum Institute,151400,Anda,Heilongjiang,P.R.China)Tang Shiwei(Dept of Computer Science)
COMPOSITION AND PROPERTIES OF PHOSPHATE CEMENT Long Anhou,Engineer(Dept of Petroleum Engineering,Daqing Petroleum Institute,151400,Anda,Heilongjiang,P.R.China)Zhao Li an;Zhou Daqian(Dept of Petroleum Engineering)Wu Kexin(Drilling Company of Dagang Oilfeild)
ANALYSIS OF MICROSTRUCTURE OF PHOSPHATE CEMENT Dang Qinggong,Engineer(Dept of Petroleum Engineering,Daqing Petroleum Institute,151400,Anda,Heilongjiang,P.R.China)Zhao Li'an;Zhou Daqian(Dept of Petroleum Engineering)Wu Kexin(Dagang Drilling Company of Dagang Oilfeild)
DETERMINATION OF ENERGY RELEASE RATE AND INTENSITY FACTORS K_Ⅲ AND KⅣOF PIEZOELECTRIC MATERIALS WITHⅢ-MODE CRACK Ⅰ,J-INTEGRAL METHOD Yang Xiaoxiang,Lecturer(Dept of Mechanical Engineering,Daqing Petroleum Institute,151400,Anda,Heilongjiang,P.R.China)Kuang Zhenbang(Xi'an Communications University,710049)Fan Jiaqi(Dept of Mechanical Engineering)
DETERMINATION OF ENERGY RELEASE RATE AND INTENSITY FACTORS KⅢ AND KⅣ OF PIEZOELECTRIC MATERIALS WITH Ⅲ─MODE CRACK Ⅱ.STIFFNESS DERIVATIVE TECHNIQUE Yang Xiaoxiang,Lecturer(Dept of Mechanical Engineering,Daqing Petroleum Institute,151400,Anda,Heilongjiang,P.R.China)Kuang Zhenbang(Xi'an Communications University,710049)Fan Jiaqi(Dept of Mechanical Engineering)
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