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Materials Review
FQ: semimonthl
AD of Publication: China
Lanuage: English
ISSN: 1005-023X
CN: 50-1078/TB
YP: 1987
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Materials Review
2011 -S2
Transmission Characteristics of Elastic Wave in Lateral Limited Solid Phononic Crystal XI Feng
The Study of Multilevel Theory Interference-beat Modulation in Time-delay Four-wave Mixing with Incoherent Light ZHANG Yang
Application of Nanonear-Infrared Fluorescence Technologies for in Vivo Imaging MA Chunyan1
Research on Characterization of Sandstone Weathering of Yungang Grottoes WENG Luqian1
YAG∶Ce,Tb Powders Prepared by Co-precipitation Method and Their Luminescent Properties HAN Rongjiang
Research Progress and Application on Molybdenum Powder LIU Guoxi
Research on Improving Growth Rate of Diamond Film by the Addition of Oxygen-containing Gas LI Degui1
Neutron Radiation Damage Simulation of Several Typical Materials LIAO Zhe
Effect of Grinding Media Shapes on Breakage Parameters of Slag in a Planetary Mill ZHANG Bolin
Progress in Lithium Power Ion Battery Cathode Materials TAN Cong
The Progress of Study on Organic Metal Complexes Dye-sensitizer in Dye-sensitized Solar Cells YANG Zhenqing1
Synthesis of LaCo_(0.6)Ni_(0.4)O_3 Cathode Contact Material for IT-SOFC by PVA Method WANG Ao1
Research Progress on the Novel Crystallite Carbon Electrode Material for Supercapacitor PEI Weibing
Research on the Preparation of AZO Target and Sputtering Application WANG Xingming
Influence of Annealing Temperature on Properties of Transparent Conducting InSnGaMo Multivariate Films LIU Zhenhua
Structural and Magnetic Properties of LiAl Substituted NiZnCu Ferrite Powders SU Shubing1
Chemical Compositions Design and Magnetic Property of FeNiCr Magnetic Temperature Compensation Alloy Used Import Type Electric Meter PAN Xiong1
Latest Research Advances in Biodegradation of Lignin PAN Mingfeng1
Bibliometric Analysis of S&T Achievements on the Critical Materials of Energy Saving and Environmental Protection Industry in China ZHANG Huijing1
Tendency of Development in Diesel Exhaust Purification Catalyst ZHAI Buying
Application of Modified Nano TiO_2 Films by Semiconductor Coupling in DSSC LI Jing1
Study of AZO Thin Films Deposited at Room Temperature with High Rate LI Weimin
Research Development of Preparation of the Aerogel Films YANG Lixiu1
Synthesis and Characterization of Monodispersed Graphene via Hydrothermal Method ZANG Chuanliang
Research Progress of Carbon Nanotubes for Lithium-ion Batteries Anode Materials GUO Liling
Research Progress on Internal Curing Concrete based on Super-absorbent Polymer YANG Lu1
Influence of Curing Conditions to Properties of Aerated Concrete with Phosphorus Slag QI Guihai1
Effects Mechanism of Fly Ash on MgO Expansive Cement——Discussion about the Effects of Fly Ash on the Structure and Mechanical Properties of Cement Stone with Expansion Sources YE Qinmin
Effects of Recycled Rubber Particles on Mechanical Properties of Self-leveling Mortar LI Zhe
Zirconium Alloy Cladding Behaviors under LOCA Condition WANG Rongshan
Progress in C-TiO_2 Nanocomposite Photocatalyst ZHOU Hualan
Graphite Anode,Graphite Crucibles Breakage Mechanism and Their Protections Research Progress in Electro-deoxidation LI Zequan
Preparation and Characterization of SnO2 Hollow Spheres and Their Carbon-coated Composites WANG Hongming
The Progress on Environment-Sensitive Polymer Hydrogels YUAN Kun
Study of Inorganic Filler/Poly(N-Isopropyl Acrylamide) Composites LI Zhen
The Preparation and Development of Biomimic Super-hydrophobic Surfaces FU Aihong
Preparation of Low Pore Diameter and High Surface Aera Silica Aerogels by Ambient Pressure Drying LU Yanan1
Synthesis and Characterization of Mesoporous Cobalt Aluminum through Sol-Gel Method TIAN Xiqiang
Research Developments of Sulfur-doped TiO_2 Photocatalyst BI Shan
Progress in TiO_2 Visible Light Inducing Photocatalysis and Its Photocatalytic Mechanism FU Wen
A Facile Route for C,N,S-codoping TiO_2 and Its Photocatalytic Activity YIN Ting1
The Comparative Analysis of Micro-topography and Performance for the Nano-vanadium Catalysts and Traditional Vanadium Catalysts MA Lan1
Preparation of Ultrafine Zinc Oxide with Structured Crystal by Precipitation-Hydrothermal Process JIANG Qi
Progress of Growth Experiment about MPCVD Single-Crystal Diamond WANG Lisheng1
Influence and Prediction of Retarders on the Performance of FGD Gypsum XIA Qiang
Status and Trend of Preparation Technology of Magnesium Fluoride SHUAI Ling
Effect of Y_2O_3 doping on Electrical Properties of ZnO-Bi_2O_3-Nb_2O_5-based Varistor Ceramics HUA Xiaohu
Preparation of LAS Glass-ceramics and Investigation on Its Crystalline Behavior LI Yangang
Studies on the Formation Regularity and Properties of V_2O_5-B_2O_3-TeO_2 System Glass with Low Melting Point SHI Leiyan
Advance on the Inorganic Membrane Reactors ZHANG Bing
The Experimental Study on Producting Dehydrate Calcium Sulfate Whiskers with Yellow Phosphorus Slag LI Guobin1
Effects of SiC on the Properties of Sintering Cordierite Ceramics LIU Yunmeng
Research Advances in Epoxy Resins Modified by Nano-particles WANG Qiong1
Microwave Synthesis of Biodegradable Hydrogels Based on Poly-aspartic Acid HUANG Mian1
Study on PVDF/PES/CA Flat Sheet Blend Membranes Used on Blood Concentration Device GU Ruxi
Properties Analysis of Dicyclopentadiene(CDR-0122) by Bisphenol A(E-51) Epoxy Resin LU Wenli1
Modification of Epoxy Toughening YANG Weipeng
Synthesis and Characterization of Molybdenum Modified Phenol Formaldehyde Resin LIU Guoqin
Effect of the Molecular Weight of Polyetherglycols on Properties of PUA UV-curable Adhesive HAO Haifeng
Preparation of Porous Carbons from Oil Residues and Eliminating Sulfur from Simulant Fuel LI Can1
Research Progresses of Mechanical Properties of Interface Modification Reinforced Wood Plastic Composites CHENG Qingmin
Surface Modification of Potassium Ionic Sieve by Silane Coupling Agent KH-550 SHANG Ru1
Mesoporous Carbons Prepared by Template Carbonization Method from Pitch WANG Yansu1
Research Situation of the Modified PVDF Membranes with Inorganic Particles ZHANG Biao
Preparation of Fatty Alcohols from Soapstock Fatty Acid Methyl Esters of Camellia Oil by Medium Pressure Hydrogenation LI Mei
Research and Application of the Superabsorbent Polymers as Fire Retardants LIU Ying
Progress on Preparation of Mono-dispersed Spherical Nano-silica BAO Mengru
Synthesis and Applications of Amphiphilic Silica Nanoparticles WANG Hongfei1
Preparation of Nano Ag Particles by using Para-Phenylenediamine in Different Solvent JIANG Lei
Effect of Calcination Technology on Dispersing Stability of Ultrafine γ-Al_2O_3 Powders YU Rongrong1
EDTA-assisted Hydrothermal Synthesis of Bi_2S_3 Micro-spheres SHEN Lin
Surface Modification of Carbon Black Nanoparticles Used to the Electrophoretic Display and Its Properties XUE Jinhui
Progress of the Nano-particles in Composite Polymer Electrolytes GU Ningyu
The Effect of Modification Agents on the Structure and Mechanical Properties of Nano-SiO_2/NR Composites YANG Lei1
Study on Preparation and Properties of the AlN/EP Thermally Conductive Insulating Casting Material MU Qiwu
Preparation,Characterization and Application of Sodium Oleate-based Nano Fe_3O_4 Magnetic Fluid ZHANG Ou
The Preparation of Carbon Nanofibers and Applications in War Industry LI Enzhong
Two Critical Parameters in Composite Structure Damage Tolerance Design FENG Zhenyu
Research Progress in Three-dimensional Simulation of Material Microstructure LI Xing
The First Principles Calculation of Cubic Boron Nitride Electronic Structure and Optical Properties LI Yao
Study on the Mechanical Properties of Knitted Fabric Composites WANG Chunmin
Research on Rolling Contact Behavior of Short Fiber Reinforced Polymer Layer with Rigid Plane REN Chao
Research of the Effects of Additives on Thermal Properties of Paraffin Mixtures YAN Quanying
Red Azo Dye Doping of Rare Earth Aluminates Strontium Luminescence Materials Redshift Influence QIAN Xinxin
Synthesis and Blue Upconversion Luminescence Properties of Tm~(3+)-Yb~(3+) Codoped NaYF_4 Powders LI Man
Effect of Different Preparation Processes on Thermoelectric Properties of Ca_3Co_4O_9 FENG Xiaoli
Research Progress of Ray and Neutron Radiation Shielding Material HE Jianhong
Research Progress in Common Wave Penetrating Composite Materials of Airborne Radar Radome LI Dajin1
Study on Preparation of Nano-porous Anodic Alumina Membrane XU Ning
Study on the Physical and Chemical Properties of WF/PVC Composites ZHU Dongfeng1
Review of Water Durability of Foam Core Sandwich Composites LIU Yongtao
Research Status and Development of Oxide Coatings for Magnetic Absorbents WU Ronggui
Preparation of Nanomaterials Employing Template Method LI Jing
Review of Preparation of Nanostructure HgTe and Prospect YU Weiping
Synthesis of CeO_2 Nanoparticles by Solution Method ZHANG Zhaoxia
Study on Preparation and Mechanism of Nano-talcum LIU Lingling
Progress in the Research Nano-materials Applied in Adhesive DONG Yali1
The Application of Microbeads & Nanoparticles in the Biomedical Field MEI Jianguo
Research Progress of Nano Material Applied to the Conservation of Cultural Heritage LI Ying
Study on Photocatalytic Degradating Activity of Nano-TiO_2 by Microwave Drying YIN Rong
Inorganic Nano-antibacterial Agent and Its Carriers QIN Jiaxu
Fabrication,Characterization and Optical Property of Sn-doped ZnO Nanowires GUO Jialin1
Fast Synthesis of Silver Nanowires Through Polyol Syntheses Method Under Oil-bath Heating ZHANG Weichun
Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Mechanical Properties of Au Nanowires under Tensile Strain: Strain-rate Effects CHEN Ying1
The Influence of Oxidation Time on the Morphology of Titania Nanotube Arrays XU Minglei
Dispersibility of Multi-walled Carbon Nanotubes in Solution with Non-Ionic Surfactant Trition X-100 ZHENG Shunli
From Carbon Nanotubes to Graphene: Progress of Carbon Nanomaterials CHEN Liuqun1
The Present Status of Preparation of Nano Powder,Nano Tubes of TiO_2 and Their Band Theory Researches TANG Kan
Influence of Temperature of Heat Treatment on Crystal Phase of Nanometer TiO_2 and Its Photocatalytic Property JIN Zhixin
Morphological Control in Synthesis of ZnO Nanoparticles LIANG Xiujuan1
Study on the Densification Efficiency of Pitch-Based C/C Composites FENG Yangyang 1
Research on Light Metal Matrix Composites Reinforced by In-situ Synthesized Al_3Ti LI Huikai
Study on Effect of Particle Size of Matrix and Reinforcement on Properties of Iron Matrix Composites YANG Yufang
Research on the Comprehensive Utilization of Diatomite WANG Baomin
Preparation and Characterization of Novel Electrodeposited Ni-Cr-Al Composite Coatings YANG Xiuying1
Research of TiB_2 Coating Prepared by Chemical Vapor Deposition(CVD) Process CHEN Dajun
Research Progress of TiB_2 Cathode Coating in Aluminium Electrobath TANG Huixin1
Progress on Effect of Micro-arc Oxidation Treatment with the Particle Incorporated on the Coating Properties YANG Jianbing1
Research Status of Friction Stir Welding Technology on Magnesium Alloy ZHOU Nan
Manufacture and Properties of Header Forging Produced by Rotating Die Forging Technique JIAO Shaoyang1
Development Status of Surface Defects Inspection for Metal Plants LI Yao
Thermal Analysis Kinetics and Its Application in Bulk Amorphous Alloy WU Zhifang
Hot Extrusion Processing and Microstructural Analysis of 6082 Aluminum Alloy LIU Chenglu
The Analysis for Pickling Process Model DOU Xiaoyao1
Effects of Interface Friction on the Indentation Response of Thermal Barrier Coatings HU Taotao1
Study of Biocompatibility of Fe-Cr-Mo Soft Magnetic Alloy Evaluated by Using Cell Culture Methods SHAN Zhixin1
Research Progress of Diamond-like Carbon Films on Magnesium Alloy YANG Wei
Research Progress on Shape Memory Alloys XUE Sichuang1
Research Progress of Ni-based Superalloys WANG Huiyang1
Development of Cu-Fe Alloys with High Strength and High Conductivity CAO Minmin1
Effect of Heat Treatment on Structure and Mechanical Properties of AZ91D and AZ71 Magnesium Alloys TIAN Zhengjun
Hot Deformation Behavior of Mg-9Gd-3Y-0.3Zr Alloy GUO Yongheng
Progress in Research on Metal Ceramic Coatings for AZ91 Magnesium Alloy SUN Fanghong1
A Kind of New Thermal Spraying Material GUO Wei1
Effect of Temper-rolling Tension on the Yield Point Elongation of Isotropic Steel YANG Qiyu
Research on Dynamic Plastic Strain of Grade X100 Pipelines QI Lihua1
The Temper Embrittlement of Steel Used in Hydrogenation Reactor and Weld Metals MA Dongmei
Discussion on Technical Development Status for Sponge Titanium Production by Magnesium Reduction Process LI Kaihua
The Progress of Technologies for Energy Saving and Emission Reduction in Reduction Process of Magnesium Production by Silicothermic Reduction LI Hang1
Research on Influence Factors of Carbon Content of the Molten Iron in HIsmelt Melting Reduction HOU Yali
Selective Adsorption of Poisonous Components from Cigarette Smoke by Use of Nanometer Silicon Dioxide FENG Shouai1
Applied Research of Environment-friendly Insoluble Azo Dyes on Anti-counterfeiting Paper JING Mingming
Research Progress of Phosphine in Industrial Waste Gas WEI Yanfu
Multi-morphology Hydroxyapatite Microcrystals: Hydrothermal-controlled Synthesis and Their Absorption Upon Pb~(2+) WANG Yan
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