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Materials Review
FQ: semimonthl
AD of Publication: China
Lanuage: English
ISSN: 1005-023X
CN: 50-1078/TB
YP: 1987
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Materials Review
2012 -S2
Preparation and Luminescence Properties of Nanomaterials LaPO_4∶Eu~(3+) QING Guanlan
Some New Progresses of the Study of the Anderson Localization for Disorder Materials GUO Zizheng
The Effect of Zn~(2+) Content on Luminescence Characteristics of Ca_(0.925-x)Zn_xMoO_4∶Eu_(0.075)~(3+) Red-emitting Phosphors WANG Fengxiang1
Research Progress in Origin of TiO_2 Ferromagnetism LI Dongxiang1
Research Progress on Applications of Nanofluids on Refrigeration and Cooling SHI Baoxin
Research Progress of Silk Fibroin-Based Anticoagulant Materials QIN Jingwen
Application of Mesoporous Materials to Catalyst Supports in Fuel Cells LI Qiaoxia
Research Progress of the Green Cleaning Technologies in the Remanufacturing of Mechanical and Electrical Products JI Xiaochao
Research Progress of Electron Beam Physical Vapor Deposition Technology ZHANG Chuanxin1
General Description of Research on Separator for Lithium Ion Battery ZHAO Jincheng
Research Situation and Expectation of Cathode Materials LiMnPO_4 for Li-ion Batteries WANG Haixia1
Research Progress in Improvement of Performance of Lithium Sulfur Batteries LI Na1
Resesarch Progress of Sodium Sulfur Battery Preparation Technology GAO Xiaoju1
Recent Study Progress on Cu(InAl)Se_2 Thin Film Solar Cell ZI Xingfa1
Influence of Difference Etch Depth on Multi-crystalline Solar Cell Electric Performance MA Jikui1
Research Progress and Application of Pyrite FeS_2 in Battery SUN Ming1
Preparation Methods and Development Tendency of Ultrafine Nickel Powder Used in MLCC GUO Shun
Progress of the Research on Apatite-type Lanthanum Silicate Oxide-ion Conductor TIAN Lipeng
Applications,Performance Requirements and Manufacturing Methods of Optical Recording Target WANG Yongming
The Electrodeposition of CuInSe_2 Adsorb Layers by Step Potentiostatic Method HU Fei
Effect of High Static Magnetic Heating Treatment on Structure and Magnetic Properties of Cobalt Ferrite GUI Lin 1
Theoretical Study on Concrete Materials with Electromagnetic Wave Transmission Type HU Zhengzheng1
Study on Properties of BaO-Sm_2O_3-4TiO_2 Ceramics Doped with ZnO-2B_2O_3-7SiO_2 Glass by Sol-gel Method YAN Zhong1
Progress on Biomimetic Process on the Surface of Porous Titanium as Biomedical Materials YANG Kun
Progress on Natural Polysaccharide Polymer in Oral Colon-specific Drug Delivery System HE Zhongwei
Study on the Characteristics and Application of Low Dispersion-Chitosan WEI Tanjun1
Application of Keratins in Biomaterials ZHANG Quanbin
Research Status and Application of External Wall Thermal Insulation Materials HU Yanjun1
Effect of High-reflection Roof Coating on Building Energy Consumption LUO Qing
Research and Application of Energy-saving and Environment-friendly Straw-based Wall Materials in China XU Ming1
Research on Recycled Building Ceramic Concrete CHEN Mengcheng
Study on Carbonation Resistance of Cement Pastes after Drying Treatment ZHANG Tinglei1
Preparation and Performance Study of Non-calcined Phosphogypsum Brick HE Yuxin1
Research Progress on SiO_2 Coating for Metal Surface Protection SHANG Mengying 1
Research Progress on Evaluation Methodology of Green Degree of Building Material ZHANG Kaifeng1
Research of Ni Temperature-sensitive Material on Aviation Icing Annunciator PAN Xiong
Research Progress in Gas Sensitivity of Graphene ZHANG Huanlin1
Preparation of Nano-sized Hydroxyl Magnesium Silicate by a Reverse Microemulsion Method MA Hongling
The Electrochemical Study on Glassy Carbon Electrode Modified by Amino-β-cyclodextrin/Ferrocene/Carboxy Single-walled Carbon Nanotubes Composite Toward Dopamine DU Xingsheng1
Preparation and Photocatalytic Properties of Spinel Ferrite Co_(1-x)Zn_xFe_2O_4 MA Chengguo
Research Progresses in the Electro-deposition of Carbonaceous Materials in Molten Salts LU Wangyan1
Method Discussion of Glass Tempering CHENG Jinshu
Methane Decomposition over Ni-SiO_2 Catalysts Doped with La to Produce Carbon Filaments and H_2 WANG Wenhua
Analyze of Luminescence Spectra in Eu~(3+) Doped Oxyfluoride Silicate Glasses ZHANG Ming1
Study on the Properties of Microwave Thermal Effect Ceramics WANG Binbin1
Study on Preparation of Ceramsite by Sintering Steel Slag and Sludge CAO Zhen
Effects of Base Liquid on the Settlement Property of Mg(OH)_2 Prepared by Lime Method LIU Weiping
Important Roles of Grinding Aid in the Manufacture of Cement WANG Jianbing
Research Status and Application Prospect of Woodceramics ZHAO Bin
Research Progress on the Eco-cement LIU Fangshu1
Effect of Impurities on the Thermal Dehydration Properties of Flue-gas Desulfurization Gypsum WANG Hongxia
Research Progress of Al_2O_3-SiC-C Castables for Blast Furnace Main Troughs YIN Yucheng
Study on the Preparation of Zirconium Diboride Ceramic Precursor CHENG Guangwen
Research Development in Electrospinning Technique for Manufacturing Nanofibers and Progress on Their Apparatus GAO Hesen
Molecular Dynamics Study on the Glass Transition Behavior of PBS YAN Jingguo
Preparation of WO_3/CeO_2/Epoxy Resin Based Multilayer Radiation Shielding Material and Its Property Research DONG Yu1
Study on the Preparation of the Composite of Expanded Graphite and Activated Carbons WANG Yansu
Preparation of Novel PMAA/MWCNT-COOH Hybrid Hydrogel and Theophylline Releasing ZHANG Changhu
Research Progress in Preparation of Alumina Fiber NIU Shuangjiao
Present Status and Development Trend of Artificial Rutile Both in China and Abroad WANG Yunhua
Corrosion Detection Technology for Surface Gathering Carbon Steel Pipeline in Oil and Gas Field ZHANG Jiangjiang
Research Progress in the Micro-nanometer Cobalt and Cobalt Oxide Materials FENG Chao1
Preparation and Characterization of Nanometer Size Crystalline Zinc Oxidant Transparent Sol QIU Wei1
Research Progress on Preparation Methods of Nanoporous Gold JIANG Bing1
Research Progress of Nanostructured Metal Oxide Gas Sensing Materials ZHANG Xuan
Research on Electrochemical Preparation and Application of One-dimensional Nanomaterials CHANG Yingxing
Research Progress on Photocatalytic Properties of Ag Doped TiO_2 Nanotube Array LIU Dong
Research on Super-hydrophobicity of Globular ZnO Film WANG Ze1
Nonmagnetic Ca Doped AlN Diluted Magnetic Semiconductor Nanorod Arrays LOU Yang
Functionalization of Carbon Nanotubes and Preparation and Properties of the Poly(hydroxyl carbon nanotubes-1,6-hexanedioic acid1,3-propylene glycol) Copolymer CHEN Si
Preparation and Kinetics Behavior Study of Silver Nanoparticles in Aqueous Phase CHEN Yanming
Preparation of BaCeO_3 Nanopowders by Sol-gel Method JIANG Hongwang
Controlled Synthesis of CeOCl Nanoparticles by Transformation of CeO_2 Nanoparticles LI Leilei
Study on the Structure and Performance of Ce-TiO_2 Powder DUAN Zhigang1
Synthesis of Hematite Nanocrystalline by Liquid Catalytic Phase Transformation Method and the Analysis of Their Formation Process ZHANG Zhaozhi1
Research Progress on the Super Hard Nano Composite Films of Ti-Si-N Structure REN Yuan
Preparation and Photoelectric Property Analysis of the ZnFe_2O_4/TiO_2 Composite WAN Ruiqin
Research Progress in Carbon Nanotubes Reinforced Magnesium Matrix Composites CHEN Yaguang
The Manufacturing Technique of Clad Metals Sheet LIU Huan
The Comparison of Statistical Analysis Methods on Composite B Basis Value FENG Zhenyu
Design of Frequency Selective Composites with Passband at High Frequency and Stopband at Low Frequency LIU Lie1
Preparation and Structure Characterization of Fluorine,Zinc,Silver-substituted Hydroxyapatite CHEN Youying 1
Influence of Organization Structures on Compressive Property of 3-D Integrated Sandwich Composites ZHONG Chongyan1
Research Development of Locating Radioiodine by Solid Sorbent in a Gas Medium YUE Longqing
Research Progress on Preparation Methods of Magnesium Matrix Composites CHEN Ke
Effect of Interphase on Mechanical Properties of C/SiC Composites Fabricated by Liquid Silicon Infiltration LIU Wei1
Advances in Research on High Volume Fraction Aluminum Silicon Carbide Composites CUI Kuixin
Study on the Cure-induced Deformation Mechanism and Control of Composite Structures in Autoclave Process CHENG Wenli
Critical Damage of High Strength Ring Chain Under Temperature/Mechanical Loads ZHANG Qiang1
Research Progress on Surface Modification Technologies of Pure Copper YUAN Qinglong
Charged-particles Irradiation Simulation of Neutron Irradiation Assisted Strain Corrosion Cracking in Stainless Steel XU Chaoliang
Recent Developments in Numerical Simulation of Solidification Using CA-FE Method FU Zuoxin
Review on Formation Mechanism and Ability About Amorphous Alloys ZHANG Ke
Electronic Structure Analysis on Alloy Elements Strengthening for Martensite of 23MnCrNiMo54 SUN Yuejun
Thermodynamic Calculation and Analysis on Precipitated Phases in Sanicro25 Heat Resistant Steel ZHAO Bo1
Preparation and Structure Characterization of Ceramic Coatings on MB8 Magnesium Alloy Surface SHAO Yong
The Theoretical Research Progress of Sulfide Stress Corrosion Cracking ZHANG Fengchun1
Effects of Phytic Acid on Coating Properties Obtained by Micro-arc Oxidation on Mg-Li Alloy WANG Liping 1
An Overview on Application Status and Processing Technology Development of Titanium Alloy YE Yong
Study on Chemical Polishing Technics of Titanium Alloy(TC4) WANG Lianghui
Effect of Al Contents on the As-cast Microstructure Evolution of TiAl Binary Alloys YANG Huimin1
Influence Factors on High Temperature Oxidation Study for Cu and Cu-based Alloys LU Xueqiong
Research Status and Prospects of Pure Vanadium and Vanadium-based Alloys for Fusion Applications LIN Bo
A New Wear-resistant Materials-High-entropy Alloys LIU Ning
Microstructure Forecast of X100 Pipeline Steel Welding Coarse Grain Zone HU Meijuan
Study on Physicochemical Features and the Corresponding Method for Comprehensive Utilization of Common Red Muds LIU Dongyan1
Research Progress on Material and Service Life of the Magnesium-smelting Reduction Pot GUO Yunchun
The Preparation of Cu-Bi_2WO_6 and Its Enhanced Photocatalytic Properties for Degradation of Phenol-containing Wastewater WANG Jing
Study on the Application of Nanotechnology in Water Treatment ZHANG Yanqi1
Research on Recycling Technology of Abandoned Automotive Material SUN Jianliang
Research and Application Status of Sand-fixing Materials in China ZHOU Mingji
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