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Rare Metal Materials and Engineering
FQ: 月刊
AD of Publication: 陕西省西安市
Lanuage: 中文;
ISSN: 1002-185X
CN: 61-1154/TG
YP: 1970
Url: 中国有色金属学会;中国材料研究学会;西北有色金属研究院
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Rare Metal Materials and Engineering
2009 -S2
Hot Rupture and Deformation of Corundum-Mullite Refractories Wei Xiaohui1
Prediction of Strength Properties of Typical Braided Composites Wang Guanghai 1
Influence of Mn on Electronic Performance of SnO_2~-Sb_2O_3 Based Varistor Lu Zhenya
Preparation and Dielectric Properties of Al/PVDF Composites Deng Yuan
Luminescence Characteristics of SrAl_2O_4 Ceramics Coatings Deposited by Plasma Spraying Zhou Feng
First-Principles Study on Formation Mechanism of Self-Organized Quantum Dot on Si Surface Deng Shenghua
Study of Raman Spectra in SrBi_2Ta_2O_9 Nanoparticles Ke Hua1
Preparation and Investigation of Nano-Ce-V/TiO_2 Catalysts Ren Xiufeng
Research of Composite Sol Electrophoretic TiO_2 Coating Xie Bing
Fabrication of TiNiSn-Based Half-Heusler Thermoelectric Compound by Mechanical Alloying and Spark Plasma Sintering Zou Minmin
Effect of Annealing Processes on Composition and Thermal-Sensitive Properties of Vanadium Oxide Thin Films Wei Xiongbang
Study on Structure and Degradation to TNT of TiO_2 Doped with Na_2SnO_3 Cui Haiping
Analysis of Process Influence Factor of Sol and Characterization of TiO_2 Thin Film Lv Kaiyun 1
Nitrogen-Doped TiO_2 Film Photocatalyst Preparation Mei Lefu1
Characterization of Doped TiO_2 Film Prepared by Spin-Coating and Pyrolysis Zhang Shaohua
Visibal Light Catalytical Property and Mechanism of Carbon Doped TiO_2 Thin Film Yang Ke
Relationship of Band Structure and Optical Functions of Al_2O_3 Gao Lihong
Characterization and Photocatalytic Properties of Y~(3+) Doped TiO_2 Nanoparticles Xu Wenyuan1
Effect of Grain Size and Heating Rate on Nitridation Reaction of Metallic Aluminium Wang Ronglin1
Preparation and Photoluminescence Properties of YAG:Ce~(3+) Phosphor by Step Precipitation Guo Rui
Investigation of Radiation Effects of α-Al_2O_3 Single Crystal by Neutrons Zhang Hailiang1
Effects of Sn~(2+)Doping on Phase Transformation of TiO_2 Gels Yan Long 1
Effect of Fuel Content and Temperature on Spinel LiMn_2O_4 Prepared by Solid-State Combustion Synthesis Guo Junming 1
Characterization of Ce_(1-x)Pr_xO_2 Solid Solution Prepared by Low-Temperature Combustion Synthesis Zhu Zhenfeng
Analysis on Toughening Mechanisms of Different SiC Particle Reinforced Thermal Protective Ceramics Liang Jun
Study on the Formation Mechanism of SiC Depletion Layer during High Temperature Oxidation of ZrB_2+SiC Wang Chao
Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of ZrC-SiC-C_g Ceramic Prepared by Hot Pressing Ma Baoxia1
Study on the Preparation of TiC Ceramic by Precursors Process Zhao Dan
Effect of Nano SiC Addition on Properties of Al_2O_3-SiC-C Castables Wang Zhanmin1
Heat Transfer Analysis of Several Industrial Furnace Lining Refractory Structures Wang Shouzeng1
Preparation of Spinel-Corundum-Sialon Composite Materials from Aluminum Dross and Fly Ash by Aluminothermic Reduction-Nitradation Huang Juntong
Phase Design of Anorthite/Mullite Composite Refractories Huang Zhaohui
Fabrication and Properties of Spinel-Sialon Composites from Magnesite and Bauxite by Carbothermal Reduction and Nitridation Liu Yan'gai
Surface Densification of SiC Materials Used for Electromagnetic Pump Han Tao1
Research on Golf-Shaped Bubble Bauxite Insulating Castables Liu Yongfeng
Preparation of Lightweight Mullite-Corundum Materials with High-Strength and Low Thermal-Conductivity Yang Daoyuan
Research on the Solidification Mechanism for Na~+ during the Hydration Process of red Mud Based Cementitious Material Sun Wenbiao1
In Situ Synthesis of Periclase-Hercynite Material Yang Bin
Preparation of Refractories by Chromium Slag Xue Wendong
Effect of Specific Surface Area on Reaction of β-Si_3N_4 and SiO_2 Producing Si_2N_2O Chen Junhong
Study on the Slag Resistance of MgO-Si_3N_4 Composite Refractories for Steel Ladle Wang Linjun1
Thermal-Shock Resistance of MgO Ceramic Zhang Cheng1
Rheological Study of Sol-Gel Bonded High Alumina Castables Cao Feng
Effects of CaO/MgO Ratios on Crystallization Behavior of CaO-MgO-SiO_2 System Ceramic Fibers Liu Hao
Development of Magnesia Based Dry Vibration Mixture Bonded by Inorganic Salt for Tundish Li Fang
Effect of Dispersants on the Rheological Behavior of the Matrix Slurry of Corundum Based Castables Li Ning
Influence of Pore Size Distribution of Castable on Its Strength by Grey System Theory Fang Binxiang
Weibull Statistical Analysis of Bending Strength of Quartz Ceramic Meng Zhaoqiang1
Effect of Confined Stress on Dynamic Hardness of Ceramic AD95 Hu Xin
Experimental Verification of Test Method for Hardness of Fine Ceramics Yun Xinyue 1
Synthesis of Mullite Whiskers Using Molten Salt Method Nie Jianhua
Evaluation of Mechanical Properties of Ceramics and Corresponding Software Bao Yiwang1
Preparation of Glass-Ceramics as Sealants of SOEC Stack for Producing Hydrogen by Electrolyzing Vapor at High Temperature Zan Qingfeng
Study on Microcrystalline Glass Materials Using for Joining Ceramic with Ceramic Wu Xiulan
Effect of Tempering Process on the Elasticity of Soda-Lime Glass Qiu Yan
Effect of Vanadium and Neodymium on Crystallization and Coloration of Transparent Li_2O-Al_2O_3-SiO_2 Glass-Ceramics Li Yaohui 1
Influences of Nucleating Agents on Crystallization in SiO_2-Al_2O_3-MgO-F Glass-Ceramics Tian Qingbo1
Crystallization Characteristics of SiO_2-Al_2O_3-MgO-F-ZrO_2 Glass-Ceramic Wang Yue1
Study of the Properties of CaF_2-AlF_3-SiO_2 Oxyfluoride Glass-Ceramic System Wang Rui
Study on Optical Property of Glass-Ceramic for Passive Q-Switch Fan Shigang1
Effect of Particles Synthesized by Different Methods on Structure and Properties of Na_(0.5)Bi_(0.5)TiO_3 Ceramics Du Peng1
Sintering and Dielectric Properties of LiTaO_3 Powders Synthesized by Sol-Gel Method Hu Jianhui
Effect of Sintering Temperature on Electrical Properties of WO_3-Based Capacitor-Varistor Ceramics Wang Tianguo
Investigation of Gel Casting Preparation of Micro-Porous Si_3N_4 Ceramics Yu Juanli1
Fabrication of Binary Colloidal Crystals and Complex Ordered Mesoporous Silica Films Via Sol-Gel Technology Huang Xueguang1
Effect of Preparation Condition on Pore Structure of SiO_2-Aerogel Zhang Yu1
Porous Silicon Nitride Ceramics Prepared by Extrusion Process Jiang Guangpeng
Fabrication of Porous Alumina Ceramics with Directional Pore Channels Structure by Freeze-Gel Casting Processing Liu Weiyuan
Influence of Titanium Dioxide on the Microstructure and Properties of Porous Cordierite Ceramics Zhou Lizhong
Fabrication of SiOC Ceramic Foam with Silicon Resin and Polyvinyl Butyral Liu Hongli
Effect of the Methanol on Structure and Morphology of Ordered Mesoporous Silica Huang Fei
Effect of Porosity on Mechanical and Dielectric Properties of 20%BN/Si_3N_4 Composite Porous Ceramics Shao Yingfeng
In-situ Synthesis of AlN/SiC Multiphase Ceramics from Kyanite Yang Jianying
Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of AlN-TiN-TiB_2 Composite Conductive Ceramics Zhou Lijuan1
Hierarchical Microstructural Characteristics and Toughness Mechanism of Corkscrew Cross Microstructure of Mactra Sulcataria Shell Chen Bin
Research on Preparation of LTCC Green Tapes and Lamination by Aqueous Tape-Casting Cui Xuemin
Effect of Sintering Methods on Properties of (Zr_(0.8)Sn_(0.2))TiO_4(ZST) Dielectric Ceramics Yang Xuejiao1
Synthesis of Environment-Friendly Sialon/SiC Multiphase Ceramics from Cheap Nonmetallic Resources Hao Hongshun
Effect of Crystallization Temperature on Properties of Slag Glass Ceramics Liu Hongyu1
Effects of FeSi75 Addition on Liquid-Solid Flow Erosion-Wear Resistance of Sialon-Si_3N_4-SiC Composites Liu Baolin1
Preparation and Properties of Multi-Layer SOEC Composite Anodes Kong Jiangrong
Preparation and co-Sintering of Electrolyte and Hydrogen Electrode via Tape Casting and Its Performances for SOEC Ma Jingtao
Influence of CNT on Densification of Sm_2Zr_2O_7 Ceramics for Thermal Barrier Coatings by Pressureless Sintering Xu Qiang
Preparation and Fracture Toughness of Sm_2Zr_2O_7/SiC Composites Yan zhenyu
Surface Tension and Density of Molten Borosilicate Glass Measured by Sessile Drop Method Li Jianqiang 1
Bivalent Ions Doping in Rare-Earth Zirconate Sm_2Zr_2O_7 Qu Zhixue
A Study of Bone Graft with Calcium Phosphate Ceramics in Non-Osseous Tissue Yao Jinfeng 1
Effect of B_4C on Mechanical Properties and Microstructure of ZrB_2-SiC Based Ceramics Liu Xuan
Effect of Additives of La_2O_3 and LaB_6 on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of ZrB_2-SiC Ceramic Composites Zhu Shizhen
Preparation and Mechanical Properties of Zirconium Diboride Matrix Composites Reinforced by Silicon Carbon Platelets Wang Mingfu 1
Pressureless Sintering of ZrB_2-SiC Composites Strengthening by Ultra-Fine Ceramic Powders Zhang Hui 1
Studies on Strontium Ferrite Material by Colloid Vibrant Casting Shi Qi1
Study on Electrical Properties of Mixed Proton-Electron Conductor SrCe_(0.95)Tm_(0.05)O_(3-δ) L Jingde
Structure and Mechanical Properties of Densified Boron Carbide Ceramics by SPS Wang Ling
Effect of B_4C Granulometric Composition on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of B_4C-Al Composites L Peng
Coating-Matrix Integrative Material Deposited Continuously by EB-PVD and Thermal Shock Resistance Song Guangping
Low Temperature Sintering and Microwave Dielectric Properties of Bi_6Ti_5TeO_(22) Ceramic and Bi_2Ti_3TeO_(12) Ceramic Wang Hong'en
Improvement of Alkali Corrosion Resistance of SiC Ceramics by Depositing Ca_(0.6)Mg_(0.4)Zr_4(PO_4)_6 Coating Zhou Jianer
Preparation and Thermal Expansion of Sm_2Zr_2O_7 Doped with Ce Li Miao
Pyrolytic Synthesis of Single-Crystal Si_3N_4 Nanowires by Polymeric Precursor Guo Gangfeng
Preparation of Stoichiometric Boron-Carbon Ceramics by Spark Plasma Sintering Zhang Song
Preparation Technology of SiO_2 Aerogel with Low Density and High Specific Surface Area at Ambient Pressure Jiang Yonggang
Phase Separation and Crystallization of CaO-P_2O_5-Na_2O-B_2O_3 Glass Ceramics Cai Shu
Crystallization Controlling and Microstructure of CaO-P_2O_5-SrO-MgO-Na_2O Glass Ceramics Jiang Wei
Influence of ZnO Whisker on the Agglomeration and Properties of TCP/HAP Composite Bioceramics Li Guanglong1
Relative Translucency Test of Five Ceramics System Core Material Shao Longquan1
Structure and Properties of Self-Reactive Spray Formed Multi-Phased Ceramic Preforms Wang Jianjiang
Research on Tribological Properties of Internal Surface on Al_2O_3/TiC/Mo/Ni Composite Ceramic Wire Drawing Die Yang Xuefeng
Low-Temperature Combustion Synthesis of Cordierite Powder and Its Properties He Ying1
Gel Solid State Synthesis Technique for Producing Ultra-Fine Y-TZP Powder with Low Specific Surface Area and High Sintering Ability Chen Daming1
Influences of High Gravity on Al_2O_3/ZrO_2(4Y) Prepared by Combustion Synthesis Song Yalin
Influences of ZrO_2 on Al_2O_3/ZrO_2(4Y) Prepared by Combustion Synthesis under High Gravity Zhao Zhongmin
Synthesis of AlON Powder Zhao Xiaojun1
Microstructure and Performance of Silicon Nitride Ceramics with Lu_2O_3 Additives Tong Jianfeng1
Superplastic Deformation and Microstructure Evolution of Ternary Nanocomposite Ceramic Al_2O_3-ZrO_2-Spinel Chen Guoqing1
Fabrication and Properties of SiO_2-BN-Si_3N_4 Composites Pei Yuchen1
Influence of Mineralizer on Performances of the YAl_(1-x)Cr_xO_3 Ceramic Red Pigment Cao Chun'e
Fabrication and Characterization of SiC-Based Porous Ceramic Used for High Temperature Filtration Supporter Li Junfeng
Fabrication of High Solids Loading of SiC/C Slurry Liu Hailin
Influence of Powder Bed on Thermal Debinding Rate and Mass Transport Process Yang Xianfeng1
Influence of Temperature and Compact Structure on the Mass Transport during Water Debinding in Ceramic Injection Molding Xie Zhipeng1
Fabrication of Densified YAG Ceramics by Combustion Synthesis under Ultra-High Gravity Liang Rui1
2Si-B-3C-N Ceramics Prepared by Mechanical Alloying and Hot-Pressing Consolidation Yang Zhihua
Sintering and Mechanical Property of Si_3N_4 with YF_3 Sintering Aid Teng Fu
Phase Transformation and Exceptional Mechanical Properties of 3Y-TZP at Cryogenic Temperature Chen Haibo
Preparation and Properties of Ti_3Si_(0.6)Al_(0.6)C_(1.98) Ceramics Li Cuiwei
Effect of Aluminum Nanopowder on Growth and Morphology of Alumina Grain Zhang Xinni1
Aqueous Tape Casting of the 99 Alumina Substrate Using PVA+B-1070 Cobinder Fu Changyi
Microwave Dielectric Property of LnNbO_4(Ln=Ce) Zhang Zhili
MgAl_2O_4 Spinel Synthesized by Solid State Reaction at Low-Heating Temperature Zhan Wen
Effects of Processing on Microstructure and Optical Properties of Hot Pressed Y-α-SiAlON Shan Yingchun1
Influence of Crystal Phase on Dielectric Properties of Silicon Nitride Ceramics Li Junqi1
Preparation and Dielectric Properties of CaCu_3Ti_4O_(12)/CaTiO_3 Composite Ceramics Chen Kepi1
Effect of B_2O_3 Doping on Microwave Dielectric Properties of (Zn_(0.5)Mg_(0.5))Nb_2O_6 Ceramics Lin Xuping
VUV Luminescence Properties of BaMgSi_2O_6:RE~(3+)(RE=Tb,Ce) Tang Wei
Preparation of AlON Powder and Sintering of Transparent Ceramics Zhang Fang
In-Situ Preparation of Si-C-Ti Ceramic Using Polycarbosilane as Precursor Luo Yongming
Preparation of Nanosized NiO-YSZ Composite Powders by Situ-Precipitation Method Liang Mingde1
Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Reactive Hot-Pressed BN-ZrB_2-ZrO_2 Composites Wang Yujin
Effects of Synthesizing Temperature on Formation of Mullite Whiskers in Molten Sodium Sulfate Medium Zhu Boquan
Preparation and Microwave Dielectric Properties of C-Enriched β-SiC Synthesized by Combustion Processing Li Zhimin1
Synthesis of Sialon Powders from Aluminium Dross and Fly Ashes Li Jiajing
Synthesis of AlON Powder by Aluminothermic Reduction and Its Thermodynamic Analysis Wang Yuezhong1
Microwave Dielectric Property of Al-Doped β-SiC Powders by Combustion Synthesis under Low Nitrogen Pressure Su Xiaolei1
Influence of Doped YF_3 on the Dielectric Properties of Barium Strontium Titanate Ceramics Liu Shanshan
Effects of V-Doping on the Electrical Properties of Bi_(3.25)La_(0.75)Ti_3O_(12) Layer-Structured Ferroelectric Ceramics Wang Xiaojun
Dielectric Properties of Ba_(0.6)Sr_(0.4)TiO_3 Ceramic Doped with LaAlO_3 Wang Xilin
Effects of SrCO_3 on Electrical Properties of La_2Ti_2O_7 Ceramic Zhao Shujin1
Influence of Glass Doping on Sintering Characteristic and Dielectric Properties of BaO-Sm_2O_3-TiO_2 System Microwave Dielectric Ceramics Liu Weilang1
Research of BaTiO_3-Na_(0.5)Bi_(0.5)TiO_3 Lead-Free PTCR Ceramics Wei Jifeng
Microstructures and Electrical Properties of Bi_(2.9)Pr_(0.9)Ti_3O_(12) Ceramics Annealed in Different Environments Lu Zhijuan
Study on Laser Machining of Green Bodies of Ceramics Prepared by Different Forming Methods Dong Yingge1
Solid-Liquid Two-Phase Flow Erosion Wear Properties of Si_3N_4-SiC Composite Ding Hewei1
Synthesis of α-Sialon by High Temperature Nitridation Reaction Huang Saifang
Mechanical Anisotropy in LaPO_4 Ceramics Du Aibing
Synthesis and Thermal Performance of RE_(9.33)(SiO_4)_6O_2 Ceramics Wu Ruifen
Effect of Kyanite on Properties of Alumina-Based Ceramic Core Composites Qin Yexia1
Silica Sol Bonded Corundum Refractory Castables Wang Xitang
Interaction of Si_3N_4 Ceramics and Liquid Aluminum at Interface without Oxidation Li Guocai
β-Si_3N_4 Powders by Faming SHS and Their Morphology Analysis Zhu Yuan
One-Step Synthesis of AlON Ceramic Materials under Pressureless Sintering Zhang Ning1
Study on Preparation Technique and Properties of Zirconia Wear-Resistant Ceramic Balls Manufactured by a Roll-Forming Method Liu Wei 1
Reaction Mechanism of Chemically Bonded Ceramics Activated by Alkali An Mingzhe1
Effect of Carbonization Heating Rate on the Pore Structure of Hollow-Porous Carbon Fibers Xie Wei1
Study of YAG:Ce Phosphor Powder Synthesis by Solvothermal Method Zhang Xudong1
Tribological Behaviors of Nano-SiC/SiO_2 Composites at Elevated Temperatures Qiao Yulin
Fabrication and Optical Properties of CdS Nanostructures Fu Xiuli1
Microstructure and Thermal Property of Thermal Insulation Materials Li Maoqiang
Stress Corrosion Behaviors of Materials in Working Gases Wang Liming
Solid Particle Erosion Behavior of High Alumina Refractory at Elevated Temperatures Yang Jingzhou1
Numerical Simulation of Subcritical Crack Growth in Brittle Materials and Influence of Biaxial Stress Li Weihong
Dispersity of Nano TiN in Water Feng Ping1
Preparation of PbTe Nanoparticals under Mild Conditions Wang Yuanyuan
Influence of Amino and Carboxylic Groups on the Synthesis of Magnetite Nanoparticles Wang Yongliang
Fabrication and Mechanical Properties of Micro-/Nanosized SiC/PP Composites Chen Huimin
Preparation and Characterization of SnO_2 Hollow Spheres by Hydrothermal Method Zhang Haijiao
Preparation and Hydrogen Sensing Properties of ITO Nanotubes by Sol-Gel Method Combined with Porous Anodic Aluminum Oxide Template Ye Feng
Step-by-Step Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles and Their Surface Modification Wang Ting
Morphology-Control Synthesis and Photoluminescence Characterization of Cerium Compounds in Phosphoric Acid System Bao Jinrong1
Two Step Preparation of Cerium Oxide Nanoparticles Doped with La Yang Xiaodan1
Synthesis,Characterization and Optical Property of Self-Assembly ZnO Nanorod Bundles L Yuzhen1
Preparation and Characterization of TiO_2 Nanorod Arrays via Hydrothermal Approach Li Yuxiang1
Preparation and Thermoelectric Properties of Mg_2Si Nano-/Micro composites Yang Meijun
Preparation of Magnesium Stabilized Zirconia Nanoparticles by Buffer Solution Precipitation Su Cunping1
Rapid Synthesis of a Cesium Removal Ion Exchanger by Microwave Radiation Yu Bo1
Preparation of SiO_2 Aerogels Heat Insulation Composites Reinforced by Aramid Fiber Jiang Xiaoqing1
Microstructures and Mechanical Properties of Pressureless Sintered Ca_3(PO_4)_2/Si_3N_4 Composite Ceramics Duan Xiaoming
Preparation and Microwave-Absorption Properties of BaFe_(12)O_(19)/BaTiO_3 Composite Wang Hongquan
The Preparation of 3D-Reticulation SiC Reinforced Al Matrix Composite Zhang Zhijin1
Hygroscopicity Expansion of C_((f))/HA-CS Composite Rods for Internal Fixation of Bone Fractures in Body Fluid Shen Jixian1
Oxidation Resistance Performance of ZrB_2-SiC Ceramic Matrix Composites Fu Jingying 1
Pressureless Sintering of Ytterbia-Coated ZrB_2-SiC Ceramic Composites Feng Chao
Preparation of Hexagonal WO_3 Nanowires and NH_3 Sensing Characteristics Xu Yuxing
Synthesis and Microwave-Absorption Properties of SiO_2-SiC Matrix Composites Guan Li
Preparation and Properties of CNTs/SiC/Cu Composites Xu Hongliang
In-Situ Fabrication of TiC/Ti_2AlC Composite by Spark Plasma Sintering-Reactive Sintering (SPS-RS) Method and Its Mechanical Property Shi Lu 1
Fabrication of Cf/SiC-BN Composites by In Situ Reaction of Active Filler Wang Zhen1
Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Ceramic Matrix Composites Wang Xiaoyan 1
Synthesis of Carbon Nanotubes on Different Substrates Luo Lijie
Influence of Low-Temperature Annealing on Structure Speciality of InAsSb Liu Xiaoming
Study on the Properties of the Ceramic Microfiltration Membrane Modified Via Nano-Crystalline ZrO_2 Coat Wu Yefan
Oxidation Behaviour and Mechanism of SiC-Glass Coated Carbon/Carbon Composites at Low-and Medium-Temperature Li Long1
Preparation and Infrared Character Study of Al-Doped ZnO Thin Film Feng Bin
Effect of Reaction Medium on Monodisperse SiO_2 Microspheres Liu Ling
Preparation of ZnFe_2O_4 by Sol-Gel and Its Broad-Band Absorbent Properties Jiao Qingjie
Fabrication,Doping and Optical Property of ZnO Nano-Crystals Jia Tiekun1
Synthesis and Characterization of TiO_2 Nano Powders by Pyrogenation-with-Sugar-Protection Method Sun Li1
Room Temperature Ferromagnetism in Sn_(1-x)Co_xO_2 Nanorods Prepared by Hydrothermal Method Liu Xiaofang 1
Synthesis of Cobalt-Doped AlN Nanorod by Arc Discharge Yang Songlin
Preparation of BaTiO_3 Nanofibers via Electrospinning Li Heping
Preparation of ZnO Nanofibers with High Specific Surface Area Qin Xiaolu
LaMnO_3 and La_(0.875)Sr_(0.125)MnO_3 Nanofibers via Electrospinning Zhang Rui
Synthesis of Uniform Clew-Like Cobalt Sulfide Nanochains by Mild Solution Chemical Route and Their Magnetic Property Zhang Yahui1
Synthesis and Growth Mechanisms of Nanoscale SrSO_4 Powders with Different Crystallographic Morphologies Liu Hongzhi
Study on PP/PS Blend Modified by Nano-ATO Zhang Huiqin1
Effects of Calcium Acetate on the Hydrothermal Synthesis of Tetragonal-Phase ZrO_2(3Y) Nanocrystals Gu Xingyong1
Controllable Synthesis and Characterization of Cube-Shaped Co_3O_4 Nanomaterials Hu Jianqiang1
Preparation and Characterization of Co and Ni Co-Doped Anatase TiO_2 Nanobelts Ji Tianhao1
Controllable Growth of TiO_2 Nanopowders by Hydrothermal Synthesis Method Chen Zhiwu1
Influence of Processing Factors on the Flexural Properties of C_((f))/HA-PMMA Bio-Composites Zeng Liping1
Synthesis of Porous α-Al_2O_3 Ceramics by Freeze-Casting Processing Zou Jingliang
Influence of Water Soluble Polymer on ZnO Nanopowder by Chemical Liquid-Phase Method Yi Zhongzhou1
Relationships Between the Distribution Manner of Fiber and the Properties of KD-I/SiC Composites Yu Haijiao
Z-pin Process Investigation of 2D C/SiC Composites via Precursor Infiltration and Pyrolysis Wang Qikun
Fabrication,Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Silicon Carbide Short Fiber/Si_3N_(4p)-Reinforced BAS composites Ma Jingmei
Effect of High-Temperature Treatment on Properties of C/SiC Composites Produced with Different Slurries Zhang Shouming
Study on Preparation of Cu_2O-Cu Composites Feng Lichao
Influence of Process Factors on the Oxidation Resistance of C/C Composites Modified by Hydrothermal Technique Huang Jianfeng1
Study on 3D C_f/Si-O-C Composites Fabricated via Polysiloxane Pyrolysis Liu Jingyu1
Effect of Mullite Fiber on Properties of Alumina Ceramics Shi Guopu
Effects of the SiC Powder Contents on the Mechanical Properties of the 2D-SiC_f/SiC Composites Fabricated Via Precursor Infiltration Pyrolysis Process Liu Haitao
Preparation and Property of 2.5D SiO_(2f)/SiO_2 Composites Han Shuang1
Effect of Fabrication Process of Carbon Interlayer on Mechanical Properties of SiC_f/SiC Composites Yu Xinmin
Effects on the Thermal Conductivity Properties of SiC_f/SiC Composites Manufactured by PIP Process Wang Yifei
Preparation and Characterization of Nano-Sized Sr_(1-x)Ca_xTiO_3 Powders Mao Dusong
Synthesis of SiC Nanowires in Fluidized Bed and Its Microstructure Ren Kegang1
Synthesis and Micro-Structural Characterization of Bi_(3.15)Nd_(0.85)Ti_3O_(12) Nanotube Arrays Zhou Di
Effect of Multiplex Thermal Activation on Cementitious Behavior of Red Mud-Coal Gangue Zhang Na 1
The Effect of Processing Parameters on the Rheological Property of Foam Slurry of Gangue Zhang Jixiang1
Effect of Proportion of Mineralizer and Concentration of Silica Sol on Properties of Ceramic Shell Yao Jiansheng
Influence of CaSiO_3 Composite Addition on Al_2O_3 Adhesion of CaZrO_3~-Al_2O_3 Contacting Layer Yang Hong1
Preparation and Characterized of Cu-Ni-Fe-NiFe_2O_4 Cermet Feng Wangjun1
In-Situ Reaction Synthesis of Sub-Micro-Layered Ti_3C_2/(Cu-Al) Cermet with High Performance Huang Zhenying
Arc Welding of Ti_3AlC_2 Ceramic to Cu Alloy Zhang Hua
Comparison of Coating Properties of Pure Magnesium and AZ91HP Magnesium Alloys by Micro Arc Oxidation Zhang Rongfa
Synthesis of Y_(0.08)Sr_(0.92)TiO_(3+δ)/Gd_(0.2)Ce_(0.8)O_(1.9) Mixed Conductor and Its Application for Oxygen Sensor Liu Kui 1
Effects of Different Sintering Processes on Properties of SiC_p/Fe Cermets Shao Gang
Relationship between (Ti,Me)C/Fe Cermet Interfacial Valence Electron Structure and Properties Wu Yi1
Nanoindentation and Friction/Wear Behaviors of Magnetron Sputtered DLC/SiC Bilayer Films on Magnesium Alloy Xu Xiaojing
Microarc Oxidation Coating of the Sub-Micron Holes Pan Mingqiang
Quality Evaluation of Plasma Spray Coating Based on Leaky Rayleigh Wave Chang Junjie1
Micro-structure and Composition of Ceramic Coating on AZ91D Magnesium Alloy Prepared by Micro-Arc Oxidation Chen Dongchu
Structure and Thermal Shock Resistance of PEO Ceramic Coatings on Ti Alloy Yao Zhongping
Surface Non-Sticking and Wear-Resisting Properties of High-Velocity Oxy-Fuel Sprayed Al-Cu-Cr Quasicrystalline Coatings Fu Yingqing
Preparation and Thermophysical Properties of Sm_2Zr_2O_7 Ceramic Doped with La_2O_3 and CeO_2 Zhang Hongsong 1
Microstructure and Corrosion Properties of Bio-Composite Coating Containing Ti Formed on AZ91 Alloy Wang Yaming1
Properties of Al_2O_3-SiO_2 Protective Coatings Prepared by Sol-Gel Process in Atomic Oxygen Environment Duo Shuwang1
Influence of Coating Microstructure on Fatigue Performance of Microarc Oxidation Coated LY12 Alloy Specimen Wen Lei
Promising Electrolyte for SOFC:Zirconia Codoped with Sc~(3+) and Bi~(3+) Li Bin
Relationship between Thermal Conductivity of Nano-Zirconia Coating and Parameters of Plasma Spraying Liu Yanbo
Research on the Coloration of Dental Zirconia Lin Yongzhao1
Progress of Surface Modification for Ceramic Cutting Tools by Pulsed High Energy Density Plasma Yang Yiyong1
Recycling of Scrap CRT Glasses by Self-Propagating High-Temperature Synthesis Zhu Jianxin1
Spallation Behavior of Thermally Grown Oxide Ceramic Film under Compressive Stresses Qi Yuhong1
Electric-Induced Deposition of Lead Zirconate Titanate Porous Monolayer Film Li Bo1
Fabrication and Surface Analysis of Boron Carbide Thin Films by Electron Beam Evaporation Yang Shuichang1
Preparation and Characterization of Boron Carbide Nitrogen Thin Films Liu Zhenliang1
Effect of the Structure and Component on Refractive Index of TiO_2 Film Liu Chengshi1
Preparation and Optical Absorption Properties of Ag/CoO Composite Films Zhang Meixia
Strengthening Mechanism of TiO_2 NanoFilms to Glass Surface Ji Guojun
Study on Influence of Target Powers on Properties of Diamond-Like Carbon Films Deposited by Mid-Frequency Magnetron Sputtering System Wu Sudong
Influences of Film Formation Conditions on PZT Superfine Particles/Stearic Acid Complex LB Films and PZT Ultrathin Films Tang Dongyan
Research in Surface Functionalization of OTS Self-Assembled Monolayer on Glass Surface Song Yayu
Self-Assembled Monolayers Preparation of HfO_2 Thin Film He Zhongliang
Fabrication and Characterization of Zinc Oxide Films with Ordered Two-Dimensional Pore Arrays Fu Ming1
Dielectric Properties of Yttrium-Doped Barium Strontium Titanate (BST) Films by Improved Sol-Gel Method Pan Xiaofeng
Structures and Dielectric Properties of Ce-Doped BST Films Fu Xiangjun
Influence of Annealing Temperature on Crystallization and Dielectric Properties of Barium Strontium Titanate Films Prepared by Improved Sol-Gel Method Liao Jiaxuan
Effect of Annealing Temperature on Optical Absorption Properties of Au/NiO Nano-Composite Thin Film Zhao Cuihua1
Lattice Transition and Magnetic Property of Dy~(3+)-Doped BiFeO_3 Film Prepared by Chemical Solution Method Liu Shan
Coating Process and Mechanism of PDP Phosphor with Composite Alumina and Silica Oxide Hu Yawei1
Synthesis and Characterization of Ca_2Co_2O_5 Powders by Coprecipitation Method Li Guojing1
Combustion Synthesis and Thermal Stability of Ti_3AlC_2 Zhu Chuncheng1
Synthesis of Sr_(1+x)Zr_4P_(6-2x)Si_(2x)O_(24) Phosphate Powders by Solid State Reaction Jiang Bin1
Preparation of Indium Tin Oxide Sputtering Targets by Spark Plasma Sintering Guo Wei
Mechanism and Properties of Ti/Al_2O_3 Composites by Spark Plasma Sintering Technique Wang Zhi
Study of AlN Thin Films Deposited on Mo Electrode by Reactive Magnetron Sputtering Xiong Juan
Effect of Samarium Doping on the Properties of Ca_(0.4)Sr_(0.6)Bi_4Ti_4O_(15) Ferroelectric Film Che Quande
Effect of Annealing Temperature and Spin-Coating Speed on Ferroelectric Properties of SrBi_(3.88)Nd_(0.12)Ti_4O_(15) Thin Films Zhang Fengqing
Synthesis of Bi_(4-x)Nd_xTi_3O_(12) Thin Film by UV-Light Irradiation Xiao Lihua
Preparation of LiFePO_4/C Composite Material Using Fe(Ⅲ) and Their Electrochemical Performance Gu Yijie1
Scaling Behavior of AC Susceptibility of Multifilament Bi-2223/Ag Superconducting Tape Chen Xingpin1
Optimization of LiFePO_4-AC/Li_4Ti_5O_(12) Hybrid Cells Xu Rui1
Study of Cathode Material LiFePO_4 Doped with Al~(3+) Pang Xiufen
Study of Cathode Material LiFePO_4 and Cu~(2+)-Doped by Improved Liquid Coprecipitation Method Yang Rong
Research on the Yb-Doped Zirconate/Sulphate Composite Proton Conductors Gao Dongyun
Study on Sintering Systems of Ni-Zn Ferrites Doped with Al~(3+) by One-Step Synthesis Li Dan1
New Concepts and New Directions on the Development of Solar Cell Lin Hong
Investigation of Nanosized La_(1-x)Sr_xMnO_(3-δ) Powder Prepared by Citric Acid Method Luo Linghong
Development of Coating Materials on Alloy Interconnect in Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Han Minfang
Research Progress in La_2Mo_2O_9-Based Solid Oxide-Ion Conductors Guo Zhongyi
Preparation and Properties of Sm,Nd Codoped CeO_2 Solid Electrolyte Liu Wei
A New Coadsorbent for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells Li Xin
Sintering Routine Studies of NiFe_2O_4 Prepared by Self-Propagating High-Temperature Synthesis Wang Keqiang
Effect of the Structure of Pyrolytic Carbon on the Performance of LiFePO_4/C Composite Cathode Material Luo Shaohua1
Preparation and Properties of LiFePO_4/CNT Composite Cathode Material L Xiao1
Preparation of LiMn_2O_4 by Low Temperature Molten-Combustion Method Liu Guiyang1
Calcination and Phase Composition of BSCCO High Temperature Superconducting Powder Li Mingya1
Morphotropic Phase Boundary and Electrical Properties of PMN-PZN-PT Ceramics Chen Yan
Processing and Properties of SiC/CCTO Ceramic Capacitors by Hot-Pressing Sintering Wang Hailong
Vibration and Fatigue of Multilayer Piezoelectric Transformer Chu Xiangcheng
Design and Experimental Study of Piezoelectric Ceramics Linear Motor Chen Xiangyu
Design and Property of a Square Cylinder Type Piezoelectric Ultrasonic Micromotor Wu Junfei1
Study on Dielectric and Piezoelectric Properties of Na_(0.5)Bi_(0.5)TiO_3-K_(0.5)Bi_(0.5)TiO_3-BaTiO_3 Lead-Free Piezoceramics System Liao Runhua
Effect of Cerium Doping on Orientation and Properties of Calcium Bismuth Titanium Ferroelectric Ceramics Fan Suhua
Investigation on B-Site Substitution of High T_c Lead Free CaBi_4Ti_4O_(15) Ceramics Zheng Mingui
Effects of Co_2O_3-Doping on Properties of Potassium Sodium Niobate Lead-Free Piezoelectric Ceramics Chen Yan
Phase Structure and Electrical Properties of Lead-Free (0.96Bi_(0.5)Na_(0.5)TiO_3~-0.04BaTiO_3)-(0.98K_(0.5)Na_(0.5)NbO_3~-0.02LiTaO_3) Piezoelectric Ceramics Dai Yejing
Preparation of Nickel-Zine Ferrite Nano-Powder via Gelatin-Network Gel Method Yu Ting
Preparation and Characterization of Veneer Porcelain for Alumina All-Ceramic Crown Hu Nan
Effects of Low-Temperature Aging on Mechanical Properties of Two Kinds of Dental Zirconia Ceramics Yi Yuanfu1
Preparation and Performance of Glass-Infiltrated Ceramics by Gel-Casting Liu Renmiao
Mechanism of Enhancing Toughness of Microstructure of Shankbone Chen Bin
Apatite Coating with Gradient Structure via Ion Assembly Li Baoqiang
Effects of Surface Treatments on Microstructural and Crystallographic changes of Dental 3Y-TZP Ceramics Wen Ning1
Effect of Soaking Solution with Different pH on the Solubility of Cements Su Baohui 1
Deposition of Plate-Like Apatite on Nacre Surfaces and Its in Vitro Bioactivity Guo Yaping
Synthesis of Monodisperse CaCO_3 Particles Using Chitosan as an Additive Tang Haixiong
Study on Frozen and Mineralization Mechanism of Collagen Biomineralization Reation Huang Zhaolong1
Preparation of Machinable Polymer Composite with SiO_2,ZrO_2 as Fillers for Prosthodontics Wang Yong 1
Release of Plasmid DNA from Nano-Hydroxyapatite/Chitosan-Gelatin Composite Scaffolds Liu Jinsong1
In vivo Behavior of Composite of Chitosan Microspheres/CPC Dong Limin1
Dissolubility and Dissoluble Kinetics of Sr and Carbonate co-Substituted Porous Hydroxyapatite Ceramics Ran Xu
Reconstruction of Bone Defect in the Femoral Head by Biomimetic Tissue Engineering Bone Tian Jiemo1
Synthesis and Thermoelectric Properties of Yb_yFe_xCo_(4-x)Sb_(12) Compounds Wan Junxia1
Effect of Ge Phase on Thermoelectrical Properties of Sr_8Ga_(16)Ge_(30) Clathrate Wang Li1
Influence of Er_2O_3 Doping on Performance of ZnO Varistor Li Yuxiang
Preparation and Electrical Transport Property of La_xSr_(1-x)TiO_3 Oxide Thermoelectric Materials Shang Pengpeng1
Study on Impedance NO_2 Sensor Based on La_(0.8)Sr_(0.2)CoO_3 Thick Film Dai Lei
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