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Special Casting & Nonferrous Alloys
FQ: monthly
AD of Publication: China
Lanuage: English
ISSN: 1001-2249
CN: 42-1148/TG
YP: 1980
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Special Casting & Nonferrous Alloys
1999 -S1
Study on the Character of Magnetic Field inElectromagnetic Caster by Rotating Permanent Magnets Wu BingyaoYu PingDai TingLi Ziquan
Study on Thermal Expansion of ZincAluminium Alloy Chen MeilingChen Yuxi
The Study of Vacuum Degassing on Aluminium Lithium Alloy Xiong Yancai
Study on Fabrication of Primary Crystal in Site Composites ofAlSi Alloy by Centrifugal Casting Wang QudongDing Wenjiang
Study on the Interface Reaction betweenSeveral Molding Materials and Ti153 Alloy Ding HongshengGuo JingjieJia Jun
The Fluidity of the Aluminium Alloy Mixed with Particles Zeng JianminSun XianqiZhou Kaiwen
The Effect of Titanium on the Mechanical Properties of AlSi7Mg0.3 Alloy Wang RuyaoLu Weihua
Study on the Suspension Stability of DifferentColloidal Silica Sol Slurry Coatings Bao YankunTan Jiliang
Study on Metal and shell Interface Reaction for Titanium Alloy in Investment Casting Li BangshengLi ZhiqiangJiang Haiyan
Research on Particulate Material of Aluminium Alloy Sun WeichengLiu Suxin
Research on the Hot Deformation Properties of\=Sodium Silicate Shell in Investment Casting Zhao HengyiBao Yin\ Tong Tianfu
Development and Progress in New Marine Cast Aluminium Alloy Liu Zhichao
The Study on the Effects of Iron and Silicon in Commerical Purity Aluminium\= Fu GaoshengKang Jixing
Induction Skull Melting Process of Ti\|48Al\|2Cr\|2Nb Alloy Su YanqingGuo Jingjie\ Jia Jun\ Ding Hongsheng
Effect of New Compound Refiner on Microstructure and\=Mechanical Properties of ZL104 Alloy Zhang BaiqingMa Hongtao\=Li Jiangguo\ Fang Hongsheng\ Ma Xiaohua
The Research in Unidirection Solidification of HCrCI Chen Pingchang
The Research on the Compound Modification Effect\=with RE\|Ba\|P in the Aluminium Huang XingboChen Weichen\ Lin Ai
A Research on the Characteristics of Dry Sand Filling\=and Compaction for the Expendable Pattern Casting (EPC) Zou RirongLi Jingcao\ Chen Shaohua\ Guo Anna\ Liu Yejin
Effect of Flake Refractory on Lost Foam Casting(LFC) Coating Property Sun WanliangLuo Jirong\ Ye Shengping\ Zhao Jing
Antifriction Property of Aluminosilicate Short Fiber Reinforced\= Aluminium\|Silicon Alloy Composite Chen XiaoWei Zheliang\ Zhang Maoxun
StudyonSHSCeramic\|LindedPipes Zhao ZhongminWang Jiangjiang\ Ye Minghui\ Du Xinkang\ Zhang Long
ZA27 Foam Metal Matrix High\|Damping with Combined\=Composites Structural and Functional Yang LiushuanSha Quanyou\ Liu Yaming\ Xia Qing
Influences of Synthesis Techniques on Curved Ceramic\|Lined\=Pipes by Gravitational Separation SHS Process Ye Minghui\ Zhao ZhongminWang Jiangjiang\ Du Xinkang
A Research on Surface Roughness of Iron Matrix\=Particulates Reinforced Composites Castings Xu DaqingLuo Jirong\ Huang Naiyu
Squeeze Casting Process of SiC Particulate Reinforced Aluminium Composites Ding ZhanlaiRen Deliang\ Qi haibo\ Fan Yunchang
The Study on the New High Aluminium Zinc\=Based Alloy for Gear Transmission Zhou RongfengJiang Yehua\ Chen Changhua
Development on ZAS35 Wear Resistant Zn Based Alloy\=with High Strength and Ductility Geng Haoran\ Ma Jiaji
A General Model of Work Pieces' Surface Temperature in Squeeze Casting Process Xing ShumingChen Weishi\ Ma Jing
Abnormal Phenomena of Differential Pressure\=in Counter Pressure Die Casting He LiQu Wanchun\ Wang Hongwei\ Ye Fengyun\ Dong Xiuqi
Study on Indirect Positive Squeeze Casting for Automobile Piston Luo JixiangLiu Linhai\ Hu Jianghua
Technological Research of Aluminium Alloy as Cast Indusoraliud Application Fu Lin
Study on Casting Technology of Aluminium Alloy Double\|Cross Axle Wang Weizhang
Chill Sand and It's Effect on the Aluminium Alloy Casting Tan Suokui
The Practice for TS\|14 Speed Governor Case Casting Qian Fujiang
The Study on New Al\|Si\|Mn\|Fe Materials with\=High Resistivity Aluminium Alloy Zhang Yuping
The Study and Application of Chromium\|Bronze\=in the Electrode Copper Bush of Are Furance Meng Yushi
Compound Die Casting Technique for Vacuum Pump Body Hou Linchong
The Technology of Continuous Up\|Casting of Aluminium\|Pole Zou QimingPeng Liming\ Wen Hongquan\ Mao Xiemin\ Wang Haijiang
Analysis and Solution to Defect Problem of Die\|Casting Cylinder Block 7H15 Cheng Qiming
Method for Improving Service Life of Iron Crucible for Aluminium Melting Chen DehuaZhu Jinlin
Research and Application of a Kind of Crucible Coating Peng DelinXing Dawei
Application of Liquid Surface Pressure Control\=System in Low Pressure Casting and Counter Pressure Casting Wang YoufaQu Wanchun\ Wang Lianqi\ Dong Xiuqi
TheInvestmentCastingofGolfHead Wang HuiguangPeng Delin\ Wang Youren
Study of the Making Technology of the Wax Pattern for Shovel Casting Wei Zunjie
The Technological Design and Manufacture for\=Stopping Device in Lost\|Wax Casting Liu Yanong
The Development of Composite Hard Alloy Manufacture Technology\= Fu HanguangWu Jianzhong
The Hgdrogen Removal and Purification Technology of\=Molten Aluminium Facing the 21st Century Yang Changhe
Survey of Research on the Lost Foam Casting\=Process with Dry Sand for Aluminium Alloy Wu GuohuaLuo Jirong\ Huang Naiyu\ Ye Shengping
Research Status of Soldering between Die Casting Die and Aluminium Alloy Casting Zhu HanliangGuo Jingjie\ Jia Jun
Intermetallic Compounds in Die Casting Aluminium Alloys Zhang MingzheZhou Hong\ Liang Tao\ Liu Yongbing
Application of Magnesium Die Castings in Automotive Industry Li YulanLiu Jiang\ Peng Xiaodong
Research and Application of Cast Dies Lan JieHe Junjie\ Wang Qudong\ Ding Wenjiang
The Technology of Permanent Mold Casting for Titanum Alloys Guo JingjieSheng Wenbin\ Jia Jun
The Development of the Electromagnetic Casting and its Numerical Simulation Hao HaiJin Junze
The Tchnological Innovation of Special Casting Facing the 21\+\{st\} Century Luo Jirong
Strengthening and Toughening Mechanism of Punch\|Squeeze Casting for ZA Alloy Li RongdeZhang Zhongyuan\ Yu Haipeng\ Ying Jingtian
Techniques of MHD\|Casting for Large\|thin Walled Castings of Al Alloys Jia JunChen Lijun\ Ding Hongsheng\ Guo Jingjie
Ration Compasc 3D Vibration Table Controlled by Microcomputer Chen Shaohua\ Liu Yejin\ Guo Anna\ Zou Rirong\ Li Jingcao
Numerical Simulation for Solidification in Horizontal Continuous Casting Luo HeliFeng DiYie WujunZhang ChunfuChen Peijeng
Research on Mesh Dividing Technique Based on STL Chen LiliangLiu RuixiangLin Hantong
Applying Computer Technology to Improve Quality of Die Casting Liu Xin
Intelligent Control of Low Pressure Die CastingBased on Wavelet Thermal Analysis and Multisensor Data Fusion Yao XifanChen TongjianLi WeiguangZhang Wei
Material Cost Accounting and Computer Aided Quotation of Investment Castings Chen DaoxinLu ZhigangYan ShouzhongJiang BujuYan Shuangjing
A Study on Accuracy of Wax Pattern in Investment Casting He Xiangping
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