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Special Casting & Nonferrous Alloys
FQ: monthly
AD of Publication: China
Lanuage: English
ISSN: 1001-2249
CN: 42-1148/TG
YP: 1980
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Special Casting & Nonferrous Alloys
2002 -S1
A Survey of Die Casting Industry in China Song Caifei
A Survey in Detail of Papers Read-out on the 62nd World Foundry Congress (Non-ferrous Casting) Huang Liangyu
The Latest Development of Overseas Die Casting Chen Jincheng
A Treatise Review on the First China International Die Casting Congress (1) Li Ziquan Wu Bingyao Tang Yulin
About the Applicatoin of ISO9000 for Die Casting Industry in Our Country Wang Yizhi
The Highlights of Recent Development for Die Casting Industry in China Pan Xianzeng
Sum up of the 19th International Die Casting Conferenceand Exhibition Tang Yulin Sun Guoxiong GuoJinjie
The Present State and Prospect for the Die Casting Industry Luo Zhuoxuan
How Can Die Casting Industry be Developed Along the Way of Sustainable Developemnt --ISO14000 for the Die Casting Field Wang Yizhi
Prospect for Die Casting in 21st Century Chen Jincheng
Influence of Low Temperature Aging Treatment on Mechanical Properties of Some Die Casting Al Alloys Chen Rongshi
The Fabrication Technique and Mechanical Properties of SiCp/ZA27 Composites Hao Yuan Chen Tijun Ma Ying
Influence of Rotating Electromagnetic Field on the Structure for ZA-27 Alloy Yu Ping Wu Bingyao Li Ziquan Dai Ting
Briefly Speaking to the Shotblast Cleaning of Aluminum Die Casting Surface Yan Xuecheng
Applications of Concurrent Engineering and Rapid Prototyping in Die Casting Wu Wei
Real Time Closed-Loop Control System for the Shot End JorgenG.Hedenhag Tymac Controls Corp.)
The Control of Impact Pressure in the High Pressure Die Casting Process Tymac Controls Corp.
The Newly Developed Method of Gating System Design for Zinc Alloy in Die Casting Wu Chunmiao
Temperature Control in Die-casting Tang Daquan Zhao Haibo
Influence of Chemical Composition Change of 380 Aluminum Alloy on Mechanical Properties Wang Yizhi
Influence of Vacuum Dead-point on Gas Hole for Die Casting Chen Guoce
Discussion on Hard Spot in Y112 Alloy Die Casting Lu Zhongzhi Xiong Shangwen Gong Yuanjie
Hard Spot and Hard Metallic Inclusion in Aluminum Die Casting Lu Shusun Xue Liming Xu Minggang Zhao Yu Chen Minzhi Ye Miao Chen Dingxing Xia Guangyi Tao Chenhua Wang Cheng
Hard Spots and Nonmetallic Inclusion in Aluminum Die Casting Lu Shusun Le Shuhua Zhang Shaozong Yin Fei Wang Guoxiang Dai Dingguo Chen Dingxing Ye Miao Zhang Lei Yu Yucong Liu Qun
Analysis of Blister for Zinc Alloy Die Casting Wu Chunmiao ]
Microstructure and Properties of Aluminum Matrix Composite by Die Casting Process Long Siyuan Li Huaji Zhao Jianhua Peng Xiaodong
Eliminating the Hard Spots in RE Modified Al Alloy Die Castings Tang Duoguang Mao Xiemin Cheng Qimin Li Jinhui Shao Minhua
Novel Al-Si-Cu Diecasting Alloy Feng Jun Bao Weining Feng Jie
Properties and Preparation of Diecasting TiC/AlSi9Cu 1.4 Mg 0.5 Composite Yang Bin Zhang Jishan Chen Guoxiang
Development and Processing Technology of Die Cast Aluminum Alloy for JH70 Hand-brake Deng Dexiu
Glimpse of Foreign Die Casting Machine Gu Jinsheng
Reliability Design for Die Casting Machine Meng Fanyi Yin Yuelai Hao Ming
Some Feature of Injection System for CL-T Type Die Casting Machine Dong Lifeng Sheng Cuiping Sun Yufeng
A Design on Conputer Control System for Die Casting Machine Jiang Guoding Ye Jinglou
Improved Design on Reliability of J213B Hot Chamber Die Casting Machine Zhu Fengnian
Technique Reconstruction of Conventional Die Casting Machine Liu Ning
Influence of Real Time Injection Control System of Die Casting Machine on Casting Quality Wang Yizhi Pan Xianzeng Song Caifei Zhao Shizhong Qian Wanxuan He Guishan
Heat Flow and Temperature Gradient of Die Yang Yuguo
Effect of Si on the Interaction between Die Casting Die and Aluminum Alloy Zhu Hanliang Guo Jinjie Jia Jun
The Renovation and Technological Analysis of Gating System in the Import Die Casting Die for AG50 Left Crack Part Guo Hongbin Sun Yufeng
Characteristic and Formation Mechanism of Soldering Region between Die Casting Die and Aluminum Alloy Casting Zhu Hanliang Guo Jingjie Jia Jun
Application of Reliability Calculation in Ejector Diameter Design of Die Casting Mold Li Xiaotang
Integration Technology of Domestic Die Casting Die CAD/CAE/CAM Yang Chong Lin Hantong Liu Ruixiang
Computer Aided Manufacturing for Die Casting Die Xiao Bo
Design of the Die Casting Die of Bracket (Ignition Coils) for AudiA6 Car Fu Hui
Development and Application of the Coatings for Gravity Die Casting and Low Pressure Casting Zhu Hongping
An Approach on Some Technical Aspects of Al-Alloy Hub by Low-Pressure Die Casting Tang Duoguang Wang Haijiang Yang Jianzhong
Practical Algorithm for Time Step in Low Pressure Die Casting Solidification Simulation Wen Xinghuo Jing Tao Kang Jinwu Liu Baicheng
Counter Pressure Casting of Big Offset Truck Load Aluminium Wheel Zhang Xingying Pan Zhengyun Du Shiliang Wu Zhuyang
A Looking Forward to the Future for Low-pressure Die Casting in the 21~(st) Century Tang Duoguang
Study on the Numerical Simulation Coupling of Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer of Low Pressure Casting Chen Liliang Liu Ruixaing Lin Hantong
Low Pressure Die Casting for Side Disk in Textile Machine Ding Supei Yu Shoujian
Liquid Metal Filling Law and Its Influence in Low Pressure Casting Liu Zhiming Qu Wanchun Wang Hongwei
Simplified Mold Filling Simulation Research on Low Pressure Die Casting for Aluminum Wheel Casting Wen Xinghuo Xiong Shoumei Jia Liangrong Liu Baicheng
An Approach to the Application of Counter-Pressure Casting with Inclinable Vaccum Filling Zhu Lijuan
The Parameters Choice for Casting Process Design in Low Pressure Casting and Counter Pressure Casting Qu Wanchun Qi Guangxia Wang Hongwei Dong Xiuqi
Improvement Design on Reliability of J455 Low-pressure Foundry Machine Yao Wei
Aluminum Alloy Damping Cylinder for Motorcycle in Low-pressure Casting Wang Feiyue Cao Huizhong
Rapid Casting of Metallic Parts Based on SLS Plastic Prototype Sun Haixiao Liu Hongjun Dong Xuanpu Shi Yusheng Huang Shuhuai Huang Naiyu
Extrusion Casting for Aluminium Alloy Automobile Brake Pump Cylinder Luo Jixiang Hu Jianhua
The Structure and Property of Squeeze Cast ZA-27 Alloy Yu Haipeng Zhang Fuqiang Li Rongde Yin Jingtian Song Changqin Huang Ying
Research on the Influence of Squeeze Casting on the Friction and Wear Properties of ZA27 Alloy Qi Lehua
Squeeze Casting of Motorcycle Front Shock Absorber Sleeve Zhou Shaorong
Squeeze Casting Technology Geared to the 21~(st) Century Qi Pixiang
Applications of Soueeze Casting in the Monufacture of Automobile & Motorcycle Luo Jixiang
Effect of Punching Squeeze Casting Processing on Mechanical Property for ZA27 Alloy Yu Haipeng Zhang Zhongyuan Li Rongde Ying Jingtian
Influence of the Patterns of Squeeze Casting on Mechanical Properties of ZA43 Alloy Yu Haipeng Zhang Shangzhou Li Rongde Yu Baoyi Sun Litao
Technology of Extrusion Casting for Aluminium Alloy Wheels Hong Shenzhang
Design of Squeezing Die for Small Piston Xiong Caiyu Xiong Yuan
Forming Regulation and Technology Parameters for Rudder in Squeezing Casting Hu Jianhua Luo Jixiang
Design of Squeeze Casting Die for New Handle of Al Alloy Pipe Wrench Luo Jixiang
Influence of Heat Treatment on the Microstructure and Properties of ZA43-Mn Alloy by Punch Squeeze Casting Yu Haipeng Zhang Shangzhou Bai Yanhua Sun Litao Li Rongde
Study on the Numerical Simulation Method for Semi-solid Thixocasting Process Gao Zhiqiang Wang Yunhua Su Huaqin
Overview and Prospect of Semi-Solid Casting Su Huaqin Zhu Mingfang Gao Zhiqiang
New Progress and Prospect of Application of Semi-Solid Metals Forming Mao Weimin Zhao Aimin Zhong Xueyou
Influence of Vacuum on Mechanical Properties of Castings by Thixocasting Yang Xiangjie
Thixoforming of AlSi10Cu2Mg Alloy in Semi-Solid State Zhang Yongzhong Zhang Kui Liu Guojun Zhang Jingxin Fan Jianzhong Xu Jun
Study on Mechanism of Breakout and Breakage in Semisolid Metal Continuous Casting Process Xing Shuming Li Yamin Ma Jing Chen Weishi
Analysis of Induction Reheating Techniques for SSM-billet Wu Bingyao Dai Ting
Study on Semi-solid Forming Process of Kinds of Aluminum Alloy for Automobile Liu Guojun Zhang Jingxin Zhang Kun Xu Jun Shi Likai
Thixotropic Characteristics and Latest Application Progress of Semi-solid Met al Wu Yanjun Chen Zhenhua
Present Status and Developing Prospect of Mg Alloy Semi-solid Moulding Li Yuandong Hao Yuan Chen Tijun Yan Fengyun
New Development of Semi-solid Metallic Casting-Injection-Moulding Fan Zitian Huang Naiyu Luo Jirong Wu Shusen
Latest Research Progress in Semi-solid Casting Technology and Numerical Simulation for Mg Alloys Liao Dunming Lin Hantong Liu Ruixiang Chen Liliang
Preparation and Direct Rolling Test of the Semi-solid Rheological Slurry of 1Cr18Ni9Ti Stainless Steel Zhao Aimin Mao Weimin Zhang Leping Zhang Lijuan Yun Dong Kang Yonglin Zhong Xueyou
Progress of Semi-solid Mg Alloy Molding Zhen Zisheng Mao Weimin Zhao Aimin Cun Chenglin Yan Shijian Zhong Xueyou
Development of New Type Hazardless Fluxes Used in the Melting of Mg-Alloys Zhai Chunquan Ding Wenjiang Xu Xiaoping Deng Zuwei Yu Zizhang
Great Applied Potentialities of Magnesium Alloy Die-castings in Automobile Trade Shun Boqin
Casting Magnesium Alloy of Mg-Nd-Zn-Zr Series with Heat Resistance and High Strength Huang Bojie Hie Bangsheng Jai Yanjie Wu Yaqin
Application of Rare Earth Metals in Cast Magnesium Alloy Wang Qudong Lu Yizhen Zeng Xiaoqin Ding Wenjiang Zhu Yanping
Magnesium Die-Casting Alloys and Their Applications in Automotive Industry Zhang Yongzhong Zhang Kui Fan Jianzhong Liu Guojun
Application and Developing Tendency of Magnesium Die Casting Alloys in Automobile Industry Liu Zheng Wang Zhongguang
Sudden Appearance of Mg Alloy Die Casting Zhang Peng Zeng Daben
Present Status and Developing Tendency of Mg Alloy Smelting Process Zhang Shichang Duan Hanqiao Cai Qizhou Wei Bokang Lin Hantong
The Research and Development of Mg-Rare Earth Alloy Yu Kun Li Wenxian Li Songrui Tan Dunqiang
Research on a New Mg Alloy GQMZ96 Bai Yuqin Zhao Pifeng
The Prospect of the Future Development of Mg Alloy Die Casting Industry in China Huang Changyao
Measurement for the Flammability Point of Mg and Mg Alloy Chen Ping Zhang Maoxun
A Current Analysis and Counter-measures Regarding Anti-dumping Measure Taken over the World Against the Export of Chinese Magnesium Zhang Jingping
Ignition Proof during Die Casting Process of Mg Alloy and Its Latest Progress Huang Xiaofeng Zhou Hong He Zhenming
Hot Tearing Behavior Testing of Mg Alloy Wang Yeshuang Zhang Yongbo Ding Wenjiang Wang Qudong
High Zn-Mg Alloy Yao Sanjiu Liu Weihua Chen Riyue
Constituent and Structure of Surface Oxidation Film of Mg Alloy Casting in Dry Graphite silica Sand Mold Pan Yingjun Wei Bokang Lin Hantong
Microstructure and Properties of Cast Mg-RE-Zn-Zr Alloys Yu Kun Li Wenxian Zhang Shijun
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