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World Nonferrous Metals
FQ: 月刊
AD of Publication: 北京市
Lanuage: 中文;
ISSN: 1002-5065
CN: 11-2472/TF
YP: 1986
Url: 有色金属技术经济研究院
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World Nonferrous Metals
2018 -14
Research on production technology and development direction of recycled aluminum YAN Fei;Guangxi Investment Group Co.
To explore the exploration and rational exploitation and utilization of geological and mineral resources DONG Guang-ying;SUN quan;East China geological survey of jiangsu non-ferrous metals;
Main functions and development of mine electrical automation control technology WANG Ze-kun;Yunnan Hualian Zinc and Indium Co.LTD;
Application of intelligent control technology in mechanical and electrical control system of metal mines YANG Cai-xia;College of Information&Business
Application Research of Computer Technology in Mining Engineering KANG Juan-na;HUI Peng-fei;Gansu Animal Husbandry Engineering Vocational and Technical College;Shaanxi Chenghe Heyang Coal Development Co.
Application analysis of UAV imagery in geological hazard investigation MA Jian-jun;Geophysical survey team of Anhui Coal Geology Bureau;
Application of CNC Machine Tool in Mining Machinery Processing ZHANG Wei-wei;Jilin Changchun Machinery Industry School Jing Yue campus;
Application of computer graphics 3D processing in non-ferrous metal processing JI Zhen-wei;Information Center
Failure analysis and supervision measures for metal parts of power grid equipment ZHAO Peng-cheng;State Grid Xinjiang Electric Power Co.
Study on key points of structural Design of Mine Construction Engineering AN Yu-cheng;Eighth Metallurgy Construction Group Co.
Discussion on the role of hydrogeological exploration in geotechnical investigation WEI Feng;Gansu fourth Bureau of Geology and mineral resources exploration and Development Bureau;
Study on hydrogeological problems in engineering geological exploration LI Dong-yang;Jiangsu Nanjing Engineering Vocational College;
Research on auxiliary function of ultrasonic flaw detector for metallic materials YE Fu-yu;Gansu Institute of Metrology;
Application of hydraulic mechanical transmission control system in mechanical manufacturing LI Wei;School of Mechanical and Electronic Engineering
Analysis on the cause of hydrogen brittleness of metal fastening bolts JIANG Chen;Rizhao City product quality supervision and Inspection Institute;
Analysis and treatment of failure of three-cylinder single-acting reciprocating positive displacement diaphragm pump CHEN Da-hai;WANG Shou-xing;LongkouDonghai alumina Co.Ltd.;
Research progress in application of metal material addition manufacturing technology ZHANG Zai-yu;Anshun University;
Research and development of special oil film and water separation technology for copper substrate HE Jin-hua;
Effects of typical mineral materials on remediation of heavy metal contaminated soil SANG Yong-heng;JIANG Gui;Chengdu University of Technology;
Study on pollution characteristics of heavy metals in soil of a county ZENG Yin-long;College of Earth Sciences
The production and characteristics of heavy metal pollution in soil LAN Min;Hubei University for Nationalities;
Application analysis of comprehensive treatment technology for cyanide containing poor liquid SUN Yu-hui;YANG Xi-wei;ZHANG Ji-ming;China Gold Songxian Song Yuan gold smelting Co.
Thinking and exploration of scientific treatment of metallurgical waste water ZHANG Bo;Gansu Provincial Institute of environmental science and design;
Retrofit design of Filter in alumina calciner MOU Jing;China Aluminum Shandong Engineering Technology Co.
Thoughts on Carrying out Environmental Monitoring in Mining Areas According to Law LI Chun-yu;WANG Pei-pei;LI Ke;Shaanxi coal field geophysical surveying and mapping Co.
Analysis of the deep hydrogeological conditions of the ZAZi Xi antimony mine LONG Chang-cong;The 418 team of Hunan Bureau of Geology and mineral exploration and development;
On the Classification Management and Control of Safety Risks in Geological Exploration Enterprisesof Metal Mineral Resources GAO Xuan;Sichuan Bureau of Metallurgical Geology & Exploration;
Aluminum reduction cell lining furnace building construction quality analysis FU Ming-Lu;JIN Ling;Huang Hexinye co.
Production practice of new type structure diversion aluminum electrolysis cell ZHANG Xiao-qiang;WANG Xian-qian;YOU Pu;China Aluminum Guizhou branch;
Cascade control method for drum level of metal smelting waste heat boiler ZHANG Yue-xiang;Qinghai Saline Lake Magnesium Industry Co.
Analysis of manganese dioxide anode in metallurgy ZHAO Xue-tian;Electrolytic manganese dioxide plant of CITIC manganese and Daxin Manganese Mine Branch;
Determination of lead, zinc and copper in polymetallic ore by Flame Atomic Absorption Spectrometry WU Li-yi;WANG Wen-min;ZHAO Xiao-xia;LIU Yao-lei;Chifeng mountain Jinhong Ling Nonferrous Metal Mining Co.
Study on corrosion resistant Insulation coating material of Zn Electrolytic cathode Plate WANG Jin-long;ZHANG Xi;WANG Jun;Northwest Institute of Mining and Metallurgy;
Study on the influence of electrodeposition parameters on the performance of electrolytic copper foil XU Jian-ping;JIANGXI COPPER YATES FOIL INC.
Development and Application of Domestic Nonferrous Smelting Equipment LIU Zhi-gang;Jiangxi Copper Group Guixi Smelter;
Analysis and comparison of methods for preventing corrosion of anode steel claw DING Xiang-dong;Qingtongxia Aluminum Limited by Share Ltd..;
Structure optimization of thermal electric furnace system for smelting zinc ore by fire CHEN Xing-fa;QI Ping;LIAN Hua-lin;Dongjiang Environmental Company Limited;Guangxi fangchenggang aerial view of hugang metal co.LTD.;
Zinc smelting and resource regeneration JIA Zhao-lin;Shaanxi Zinc Industry Co.
Analysis of development trend of metallurgical automation technology HUANG Xu-chu;Electrolytic manganese dioxide plant of CITIC manganese and Daxin Manganese Mine Branch;
Research and Application of Activated Aarbon High Temperature Activation Technology in a Gold Mine in XinJiang JIN Qi-lin;Xinjiang JinChuan Mining Co.LTD;
Practice on copper concentrate blending management of Guixi smelter's flash furnace XIA Zhong-zhi;GUI Yun-hui;Jiangxi Copper Corporation Guixi Smelter;
Problems analysis and transformation practice of Kaldor furnace rotary device MA Zhi-mei;PENG Ya-long;Baiyin Nonferrous Metals Group Limited by Share Ltd;
Study on the effect of adding La-Ce-Y on the welding performance of tungsten electrode YUAN De-lin;GUO Chun-ping;PU jian;WANG Yu-xiang;WEN Xiao-qiang;
Study on improving the surface quality of annealed cold plate BI Jun-zhao;Jilin Technology College of Electronic Information;
Study on the technology of zinc nickel composite plating on the surface of new electrolytic copper foil GUO Li-gong;JIANGXI COPPER YATES FOIL INC.
The mathematical application and research of forced vibration in metal cutting DONG Guan-wen;LI Zi-yong;Gansu Mechanical &Electrical Vocational College;
Inquiring into deformation control of gear heat treatment LIANG Han-ling;Qinghai Xining special steel group company;
Effect of indirect squeeze casting process on mechanical properties of aluminum alloy castings ZHA Gui-yun;The Yellow River Xinye Co.
Experimental study on ultrasonic testing of tungsten and molybdenum alloys WU Wei;Jin Du Cheng molybdenum industry Limited by Share Ltd;
Finite element simulation of low pressure casting process for aluminum alloy piston casting process HE Zhi-bang;The Yellow River Xinye Co.
Application and practice of "double control" system in bauxite underground mine QIAN Yu;ZHAO Jian-ying;ZHANG Yong-shen;ZHANG Yu;China Aluminum Guizhou branch mineral company;
Analysis of the role of safety assessment in mine safety JIA Hong-zhang;Gansu construction project consulting center;
Several geological understandings in the prospecting process of the Dadiangou Gold Deposit ZHANG Yin-fei;Shaanxi Taibai Gold Mining Co.
Application of solid mineral geological prospecting technology LIAO Rong-chun;Guangxi 271 geological team
Geological characteristics and genesis of the No. 3 vein deposit in Dongping gold deposit, Chongli, Hebei CAO Rui-ming;LIANG Wen-lu;Hebei geology and Mineral Bureau Second Geological Brigade;
Application analysis of high density electrical method in mine geological investigation work FAN Rui-feng;Anhui geological and Mineral Exploration Bureau 326 geological team;
Analysis of the theory and technical method of mineral exploration LI Jun-ping;No.326 geological team in Geological and Mineral Exploration Bureau of Anhui province;
Geological and mineral exploration and protection measures LV Zhan-ying;The first Geological Exploration Institute of Henan Provincial Bureau of Geology and mineral resources exploration and development;
Selection of drilling technology in mine investigation JIA Po-po;Shaanxi 194 coalfield geology Co.
Application of controlled source audio frequency magnetotelluric sounding method in mine exploration HUANG Wen-tao;Gansu Institute of hydrogeology and engineering geology;
Application of Ground High-precision Magnetic Method in Exploration of Non-ferrous Metals in Malang Snow Mountain AreaQinghai LV Guo-hai;SHEN Hua-guang;Jiangsu nonferrous metal East China Geological Survey Bureau;
Discussion on Application Countermeasures of Remote Sensing in Mine Geological Disaster Investigation XIANG Xin;Geophysical survey team of Henan Coal Geology Bureau;
Hydrogeological study of kangjiawan mine LI Ling;ZUO Zong;Hunan Shuikoushan Nonferrous Metals Co.
Problems and prevention strategies of hydraulic ring in mine geological survey ZHU Ying-ying;MA Qian;The Sixth Geological Brigade of Henan nonferrous metal geology and Mineral Resources Bureau;The Third Geological Brigade of Henan nonferrous metal geology and Mineral Resources Bureau;
Application of controlled source audio magnetotelluric sounding in mine exploration GAO Wen-jun;Institute of hydrogeological engineering geological survey
Application and suggestions of mineral processing automation technology in the new situation of mining industry ZHANG Tao;Bay Engineering Co.
Experimental results of upward fan deep hole mining YIN Ji-gui;Yunnan Chuxiong mining and Metallurgy Co.
Application of hydrocyclone instead of screw classifier in primary grinding classification LI Qian-jin;LU Zhi-ming;ZHANG Liang-liang;XIE Rui;LIU Ya-wei;WANG Shuo;Yunnan Hualian Zinc and Indium Co.LTD;
Application of advanced bolt support technology in roadway construction of fractured rock mass GAO Zhen;Construction Supervision Department of Changchun Gold Design Institute;
Study on the metallogenic model of tin Tieshan deposit LI Huai-quan;CAO Sheng-cang;Western Mining Limited by Share Ltd
Geological and ecological environmental problems arising from mining activities and preventive measures YANG Jun-yan;Hunan provincial geological and mineral exploration and Development Bureau 414 team;
Exploration on Technical Transformation of Grinding and Spiral Classifier HU Shao-hong;Western mining Limited by Share Ltd
Application of high pressure roller mill in mineral processing engineering HAN Ming;Chengde steel mining
Application of GPS in mining subsidence monitoring in mining area Ma Ying;Anhui Provincial Institute of Exploration Technology;
Study and practice of filling system for deep gold deposits XIAO Qiang;ZHANG Jian;211 group of China Shaanxi Nuclear Industry Group Co.
Analysis of the importance of geological exploration for hydraulic engineering in mineral exploration LIU Guo-zheng;BA Rui-shou;ZHANG Wei;environmental geology survey of Qinghai Province;
Factors affecting the efficiency of belt conveyor transportation system YANG Sheng-ping;LIU Xiao-jun;national energy group
Modification of mineral processing technology for a copper gold mine in Shaanxi HUANG Xiao-yi;YANG Ping-wei;FAN Yu-chen;LUO Xiao-xin;GUO Ting;Shaanxi Metallurgical Design and Research Institute Co.
Application of GIS in geological and mineral exploration ZHANG Jiang-long;Shaanxi Institute of geological survey;
Application of controlled directional drilling in strong guided oblique formation exploration ZHOU Xing-hao;Zhengzhou Xianglong Geological Engineering Co.
Investigation and development of mine geological environment LI Rui;Gansu Coal Geological Exploration Institute;
Research on large scale mine surveying technology based on low altitude remote sensing WANG Tao;ZHANG Yan-ting;CUI Kai;WANG Li;Shanxi Hengda Remote Information Engineering Co.
Application of remote sensing technology in geological hazard monitoring ZHOU Da-quan;Weifang mineral resources management center;
Application and advantage exploration of GPS technology in Mine Surveying LIU Jian-wei;Huaian surveying and Mapping Research Institute Co.
Study on the construction of mine survey management information system SUN Jie;Jiangxi Pangu Shan Tungsten Industry Co.
Causes and Solutions of Errors in Mine Engineering Surveying CAO Yi;WANG Xue-yan;Hunan high speed railway Career Technical College;
Application of total station and breakthrough error in mine survey GE Lin;Shandong eight bureau of Geology and mineral exploration and development
Application of Surveying and mapping and geographic information technology in Mine Surveying ZHU Zhao-xian;NI Lei;Jiangxi Coal Field Geological Bureau survey team;
Installation and management analysis of mine electromechanical equipment HAO Da-wei;Budget department
Common faults and technical improvements of thickener (NTJ-45m) ZHANG Hai-lian;JINCHUAN GROUP CO.
Research on positioning system and automatic feeding of belt conveyor trolley ZHAO You;Jiaojia gold mine
Optimization of backstoping design scheme of bottom pillar 11011 in shuikoushan pb-zn mine SHEN Yan-zhi;SHUI KOU SHAN Nonferrous Metal Co.
Study on mining sand gold ore by combining special wells with dredging method WANG Jian-chang;Yunnan Coal Geological Survey Institute;
Successful application of an integral hydraulic telescopic mobile lining vehicle in soft rock roadway support ZHANG Hu;LI Qiang;Chifeng Bupleurum Gold Mining Co.
Environmental geological problems and Countermeasures in mining LEI Shao-ting;LI Zhe;
Analysis of genesis and mining characteristics of Donggou deposit in Fengning County, Hebei Province LIANG Wen-lu;NING Shao-Jie;Hebei geology and Mineral Bureau Second Geological Brigade;
Analysis of deformation and failure mode of an exposed mining high slope in a mine DENG She-gen;SHA Rong-hua;CAO Yi-ni;Jiangsu Province Engineering Investigation And Research Institute;
Discussion on the development trend of underground metal mine mining technology XU Mao-wen;Gansu Bureau of Geology and mineral resources third Exploration Institute of Geology and mineral resources;
Discussion on the status quo and progress of non-ferrous metal sulfide ore dressing technology FENG Zhi-bin;ZHANG Feng;Western Mining Limited by Share Ltd;
Application of tailings cemented filling in treatment of mined out area in a metal mine ZHANG Jian;XIAO Qiang;211 group of China Shaanxi Nuclear Industry Group Co.
Discussion on the application of new technology in mine geological prospecting engineering WU Zhao-jun;WU Jing;Shandong geological and mineral exploration and exploration and Development Bureau;Shandong Bureau of Geology and mineral exploration and development No.801 Hydrogeological Engineering Geological Brigade
Study on the metallogenic characteristics and comprehensive prospecting methods of copper deposits JIANG Zhao-yong;109 geological team of Sichuan geological and mineral exploration and Development Bureau;
Discussion on the technology and application of geological survey in hydraulic engineering circle WANG Chen;Southwest energy Mine Construction Engineering Co.
Research on special geophysical prospecting method based on complex terrain conditions WEI Jing-shan;Water heritage survey team of China General Administration of coal geology;
Application of engineering geophysical prospecting technology in mine geological investigation JIANG Wei-na;Chongqing Research Institute of China Coal Science and Engineering Group Co.
Study on genesis and geological characteristics of different types of gold deposits ZHANG Chao;Limited by Share Ltd
Exploring the exploration of geological minerals and the application of ore prospecting technology under the new situation SONG Jian-ping;LIU Jiu-jin;GUO Qing;The 915 Geological Team of Jiangxi Bureau of Geology and Mineral Exploration and Development;
Discussion on prospecting methods for geology and mineral resources LIU Guang;Anhui geology and Mineral Exploration Bureau 311 geological team;
Ore control structure characteristics and prospecting direction of metal deposits YANG Jian-jiang;HE Yong-gang;Sichuan Metallurgical Geological Exploration Institute;
Application analysis of drilling technology in engineering geology construction NIE Miao;Henan senior geological technical school;
Discussion on exploration and exploitation of mineral resources GUO Yan;Department of geological exploration
Analysis of secondary enrichment factors of No.2 layered ore body in ERON copper mine WANG Peng;Tibet ERON copper Limited by Share Ltd;
Discussion on control measures of mine environmental geological disasters LI Tao;LI Shen;MENG Chong;ZUH Hong-sheng;Henan Institute of Geological and Environmental Monitoring;Henan Key Laboratory of Geological Disaster Prevention and Control;Henan Geological and Mineral Exploration and Development Bureau
Geological characteristics and prospecting potential of ore bodies in Mian Gou copper deposit, Zhen ZHANG Lei;WANG Bin;Northwest Xi'an coloured chemical and geochemical exploration team Co.
Brief Discussion on Geological Characteristics and Prospecting Sign of Yinbangshan Copper Polymetallic Deposit in Hami City, Xinjiang YU Zi-chang;China Nonferrous Metals Resource Geological Survey;
Geological characteristics and prospecting criteria of lead polymetallic deposit in the Xia Longgang mining area, Longzi County, Tibet ZHANG Cheng-zhi;ZHONG Kang-hui;LUO Jian;School of Earth Sciences
Problem analysis and strategy exploration of geological prospecting in Zimbabwe, Africa QIAO Zhan-rui;LIU Hong-shen;FU Xian-rong;Jiangxi provincial Nuclear Industry Geology Bureau 268 brigade;
Characteristics of Geology and mineral resources and selection of prospecting targets in Kunlun Mountains area, Xinjiang LIU Bing;The first regional geological survey brigade of the Bureau of Geology and mineral exploration and development;
Geological characteristics and prospecting potential of the North Xiangyang gold polymetallic deposit, Golmud City, Qinghai Province LI Yan-hong;ZHANG Yong-feng;Qinghai nonferrous metal geology and Mineral Exploration Bureau seven team;
Geological characteristics and prospecting criteria of Pb deposit in Sishui Dingjialing, Shandong province YU Sen;Third Geological and Mineral Exploration Institute
Study on Geological Characteristics and Prospecting Indicators of the Yanta Gold Deposit in Pubheng County, Guizhou Province WANG Yu;Huajin Company
Geological Characteristics of the Albilite(Breccia) Type Gold Deposit and the Prospecting Direction in Zhulinguan Area of Danfeng–Doufujian Area of Shangnan,Shaanxi GU Yu-ming;WANG Chao;LI Chao;YANG Hai-tao;WANG Yu-liang;NIU Liang;HU Xi-shun;Xi'an Northwest Research Institute of Nonferrous Metals Co.Ltd.;
The Geological Characteristics and Origin Discussion of Xiegongkeng ion-adsorption type REE ore in Ganxian WANG Lin-po;CHEN Bin-feng;ZHOU Xing-hua;Geological Survey Team of Gannan
Geological Characteristics and Prospecting Indicators of Taishanmiao Gold Deposit in Ningshan County Shaanxi Province YANG Xuan-jiang;ZU Qian;LIU Kai;WANG Fang;LIU Cun;GUO Liang;LI Xiao-han;Xi'an Northwest Nonferrous Metals Seventh Five-Year Corps Co.
Technical application of geological and mineral exploration in geological prospecting JIANG Deng-feng;MA Wei;BAI Sheng-hao;AN Hai-xi;Qinghai Qaidam comprehensive geological and Mineral Exploration Institute;
Geological characteristics and prospecting criteria of copper and polymetallic mining areas in wulian Jietou, Shandong province LIU Xiao-min;Third Geological and Mineral Exploration Institute
Geological characteristics and prospecting criteria of the Bai Shi Gou Gou mining area in Subei, Gansu WANG Dang-qi;XIN Long;SONG Xiao-hong;HE Yan-zhi;XIE Xi-hong;LUO Tian-feng;Gansu fourth Bureau of Geology and mineral exploration
Analysis on geological characteristics and prospecting criteria of Hongyuan Pb Zn deposit ZHENG Yuan-yuan;LU Tong;The Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region geological and mineral exploration and Development Bureau Sixth Geological Brigade;
Application of EH4 electromagnetic sounding in geological prospecting ZHU Qing-lin;LIU Hong-shen;Jiangxi provincial Nuclear Industry Geology Bureau 268 brigade;
Geological prospecting characteristics and prospecting direction of polymetallic ore deposits in Jiangxi XU Li-qian;WU Yuan-liang;Jiangxi geological and mineral exploration and Development Bureau
Methods for improving geological and mineral exploration and Prospecting Techniques LIU Qing-hai;Shandong Zhengyuan Geological Exploration Institute
Metallogenic factors and prospecting direction of stratabound lead-zinc deposits in Panxi and central Yunnan WANG Neng;GAO Shuai;Sichuan Metallurgical Geological Exploration Institute;
Prediction of deep mineral resources in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River metallogenic belt TAN Rong;XU Xian-yu;YANG Shi-yi;Jiangxi provincial geological and mineral exploration and Development Bureau 916 brigade;
Geological characteristics and genesis of Bayin gold deposit in Dang Nan Shan, Gansu FAN Ying;Gansu fourth Bureau of Geology and mineral resources exploration and development;
Geological characteristics and genesis of the Gross Rosebel gold deposit in the Surinam gold deposit JIANG Hua-jun;JIANG Dong-ping;Hunan Nonferrous Geological Exploration and Research Institute;
Metallogenic Geological Conditions, Prospects and Potential Analysis of Copper-Tungsten Deposits in the Qimantag Mountains of Altun Area, Xinjiang JI Chun;YANG Zheng;ZHAO Yan;Shaanxi Research Institute of Geology and Mineral Resources Co.
Geological characteristics and metallogenic regularity of Hongzha copper gold deposit in He Jing County, Xinjiang ZHAO Lei;The first regional geological survey brigade of the Bureau of Geology and mineral exploration and development;
Geological characteristics and ore controlling factors of skarn type tungsten tin deposit in tin Tian, Hunan CHENG Nie;Hunan provincial geological and mineral exploration and Development Bureau 416 team;
The geological characteristics and metallogenic regularity of gold deposits in Milk ditches in Huadian City,Jilin Province FU Meng;Jilin Team of Geological Survey Center of China Building Materials Industry;
Research on the monitoring of geographical conditions and the construction of mineral resources based on 3S Technology JIA Ming-ming;National survey and Mapping Bureau second topographic survey team;
Exploration of geological features and genesis of gold deposits YANG Ming-liang;China Metallurgical Geology Bureau No.1 Geological Exploration Institute Handan branch;
Analysis of geological characteristics and ore-controlling factors of Yujia gold deposit in Jiangxi Province ZHENG Wen-bin;ZHENG Zhong-chao;Jiangxi Geological and Mineral Exploration and Development Bureau;
Geological characteristics and genesis of the watershed copper deposit in Yongsheng County HE Yan;PU Mi-cang;QI Lin-kun;310 team of Yunnan nonferrous metals Geology Bureau;
Geological characteristics and genesis of the sarbu gold deposit in western Liaoning CHEN Jun-dian;REN Hang;Investigation and Research Institute of Liaoning Nonferrous Geological Bureau;
Geological characteristics and metallogenic conditions of the Qian river gold deposit LIU Xiao-hu;The second Geological Brigade of Henan nonferrous metal geology and Mineral Resources Bureau;
Gold mineralization in the western margin of the southern Qinling Mountains Zhen ten ten day Basin CHEN Yan;WU Hao;LI Jing-chen;CAI Wen-chun;PENG Xiao-hua;LI Xing-wen;ZHU Jie;Shaanxi Geological Survey Center;
Study on site construction management system of large open pit mine LIU Hong;Limited by Share Ltd
Geological characteristics of fluorite ore points in Xizhigou of Dachaidan area LIAO You-yun;WANG yong;WANG Hui;GUO Rui-hua;FAN Yu-hai;ZHANG Shao-peng;LIANG Min;Geological Exploration Institute of Aerial Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing Bureau;School of Earth Science and Land and Resources
Technology and method for geological exploration of metamorphic hydrothermal gold deposits in ZG area, upper Garner, eastern Africa JU Wei-wei;JIA Lei;LIU Xiao-hu;XIAO E;ZHANG Yue-qiu;LI Fu;Jiangsu nonferrous metal East China Geological Survey Bureau;
Tensile Property of Copper-Based Composites Dispersion Strengthened by Al_2O_3 DU Lin-fei;Department of Equipment Support and Remanufacturing Engineering
Application of new materials in daily life DONG Lu-yao;Affiliated High School of Harbin Institute of Technology;
Improvement and application of drill bit for pipe cutting operation in hard and complete formation XU Ke-yi;CHENG Zhou;ZHENG Qing-yun;Sichuan Huafeng Drilling Engineering Co.
Harm and removal technology of metal elements in Coking Industry ZHAO Hong-lin;Lanzhou petrochemical Polytechnic;
Determination and analysis of heavy metals lead and chromium in chemical products MIAO Ying;Gansu province product quality supervision and inspection west part center;
Anti-corrosion design of pipeline for zinc smelting flue gas sulphuric acid system CHENG Wen-jun;LI Li-jian;XU Bin;WEI Li-kai;Henan Yuguang Zinc Industry Co.Ltd.;
Preparation of lanthanum carbonate by ammonium bicarbonate and ammonia water mixed precipitant HAO Yi-ming;DONG Fang;Inner Mongolia University of Science and Technology;
Analysis and control measures of energy consumption in each process of alumina production YANG Bao-ping;LIU Jing-jing;Shandong NanshanDonghai alumina Co.Ltd.;
Application of ZSX Primus Ⅱ X-ray Fluorescent Spectrometer E-Z Scanning in Blind Stone Samples DENG Shu-pei;FAN Peng-fei;SUN Yun-chao;XU Hong-liu;Hunan nonferrous metal exploration and Research Institute testing center;Hunan Provincial Institute of Nuclear Industry;
Atomic absorption spectrometry and its application WANG Shan-shan;Anhui geological and Mineral Exploration Bureau 313 geological team;
In situ monitoring and data processing for unstable slope of Niu Gou Gou in earthquake area CHEN Jian-kun;Hunan nonferrous metals Xintian Ling Tungsten Industry Co.
Applied research on mine polluted environment hydrogeological investigation technology LIU Wei;The first Hydrogeological Engineering Exploration Institute of Anhui Provincial Geological Prospecting Bureau;
Study on hydrogeological exploration in geotechnical engineering exploration LI Juan;Hebei Geophysical Exploration Institute;
Distribution characteristics of geochemical elements in abalten de la Zaka area,Madagascar LI Wei;WU Yu-cheng;China Non-Ferrous Metals Resource Geological Survey;Langfang iron geophysical prospecting Co.
Strategy analysis of geological hazard assessment for hydraulic engineering ring LAI Hong-liang;Jiangxi provincial Nuclear Industry Geology Bureau 266 brigade;
Geological hazard prevention strategy and application of geological environment ZHU Qiao;Guangdong Geological Bureau seventh Geological Brigade;
Discussion on geological hazard exploration methods and prevention ideas XIAO Hai-jun;Guangdong Geological Bureau seventh Geological Brigade;
Study on ecological restoration and management of mine geological hazard area ZHANG Cheng-yin;Gansu fourth Bureau of Geology and mineral resources exploration and Development Bureau;
Characteristics of geological structure and basin evolution in the thunder Basin CHEN Hua-zhu;HUANG Wei;XU Li-li;Hainan Nuclear Industry Geological Brigade;29 Research Institute of nuclear industry;
Application of drilling technology in complex strata XU Yong;230 Research Institute of nuclear industry;
Study on determination and analysis of rock mineral composition ZHAO Jun-li;Gansu Provincial Bureau of Geological and Mineral Exploration and Development
Application of safety production management in geological drilling technology GAO Sheng-lin;Beijing Geological Engineering Investigation Institute;
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