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Environmental Science & Technology
FQ: monthly
AD of Publication: China
Lanuage: English
ISSN: 1003-6504
CN: 42-1245/X
YP: 1978
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2010 -S2
Methodology Review in the Iimprovement of Seawater pH Measurement Accuracy CHENG Tong-lei
Advances in Removal of Trace Boron by Ion Exchange Resin from Desalination Seawater SHI Yue
A Study on Seasonal Variation of Phytoplankton in the Sea Near Sanmen Nuclear Power Station ZHU Gen-hai
Anniversary Variety and Quantity Characteristic of Phytoplankton in Caohai lake of Weining YAN Ni1
Effects of Calcium and Water Stress on Physiological and Biochemical Indexes of Bryophytes XIANG Jun1
Preparation and Photocatalytic Properties of A Magnetically Separable Photocatalyst Nanosphere ZHAO Song-jian1
Synthesis of Magnesium Hydroxide used Waste Bischofite by Reaction Crystallization SUN Shu-ying
Study on the Character of Calcium Sulfate Reducing Decomposition ZHANG Xue-mei
Impacts of Fe~(2+) on Bio-hydrogen Production by Anaerobic Fermentation LIU Xu-dong
Contamination Control and Ecological Reclamation Design in Land Reclamation of Metal Mine——Case Study of Gaocheng Zinc-Lead Mine,Yun′an County,Guangdong Province ZHAO Zhong-qiu1
The Research Development of Green Corrosion Inhibitor for Carbon Steel in Sea Water MA Qing-guo
Sorption Behaviors of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon on Surface sediment in Chongqing Section of the Yangtze River LUO Gu-yuan1
Spatial Distribution Research of Aitrogen in Sediments and the Overlying Water of Lake Dongtinghu WANG Wei1
River Network Information Extraction and Fractal Dimension Values Discussion of Dianchi Basin Based on DEM FENG Man
Pollution Characteristics of Paddy Field Ditch Water in the East Basin of Taihu Lake CHENG Meng1
Study on Removal Technologies of Microscale Impurities from MgCl_2 for Making Electrolysis Raw Materials SUN Ze
Isolation,Identification of Aerobic Denitrifying Bacteria from the Water of Intensive Livestock Farm Area YANG Liu
New Method of Scrap Iron Dealing With P-nitrophenol Simulated Wastewater and the Research of Its Mechanism WANG Hai-ren
Kinetic Parameters Sensitivity Analysis of Model ASM1 JU Xing-hua1
Study on Treatment Technology of Wastewater with Copper in Complex State CHEN Wen-song
Study on Decolorization of Methyl Orange Simulated Dye Wastewater by Copperized-iron Inner Electrolysis Process WANG Hai-ren
New Method of Advanced Treatment of Coking Wastewater by Scrap Iron SHI Xing-yang
Simulation and Optimized Design of Activated Carbon Injection for Flue Gas Dioxin Control SUN Ye1
Engineering Technology for Volatile Organic Compounds Treatment in Industrial Contaminated Sites WANG Peng
Application of Pulse Energization in the Electrostatic Precipitations of the 350MW Power Plant HONG Ya-jun1
Preparation of Glass Fiber Membrane Filter FAN Ling-yun
Research Progress on Low Carbon Emission Mitigation Options of Power Sectors LU Lu
Progress on Tracing Sources and Biogeochemical Cycling of Phosphorus by Using Oxygen Isotopes of Phosphate JI Jian-peng1
Research Progress on in Situ Determination of Nitrate and Nitrite Using UV-VIS Spectrophotometry in Sea Water WANG Hong-liang
Research Progress in Heavy Metal Wastewater Treatment and Recovery CUI Zhi-xin
Application of Photobacteria Method in Determination of Biological Toxicity of Landfill Leachat ZENG Xiao-lan
Application of Xenopus Laevis in Pesticide Toxicology HU Xiao-yan1
The Application Status and Prospects about the Probiotics Used in Water Purification WU Bao-cheng1
Mechanism and Application of Organic Matters Remove Assisted by Ultrasound XU Li-ke
Analysis of Influencing Factor on the Component of Extracellular Polymeric Substance(EPS) CAO Xiu-qin
Research Progress of Pavement Runoff Pollution Causes and Characteristics TANG Rong
Research Progress of Treatment Technology on Pavement Runoff Pollution HE Jin-lan
Recent Progress of Biological Preparations for in Situ Remediation of Urban Black-odor River LI Zhen1
A Review of Environmental PFOS Contamination XU Xiao-Lu1
Application and Research of Hydrodynamic Cavitation Technology in Water Treatment Field ZHU Meng-fu1
Progress on Effects of Exogenous Nitrogen Input on N_2O Emission from Soil MA Xiao-fei
Research Progress in Strengthening Measures for Phytoremediation of Soils Contaminated by Heavy Metals BAO Tong
Manganese Toxicity in Acid Soil and Its Control Method XU Dan-dan
Impact of Wetland Plants on Removal of Heavy Metals in Mine Wastewater XIE Hui
Organophosphorus Pesticide Chlorpyrifos Detection NIU Ming-fen
Determination of Copper in Seawater Using Flow Injection Chelating Resin Preconcentration TONG Ying1
Simultaneous Determination of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Soil Using Supersonic Extraction and Synchronous Fluorescence Spectrometry ZHANG Ru-ping
Discussion on Some Problems Existing in the Determination of Ammonia Nitrogen in Farmland Soil Water WU Di1
Study of Microwave Extraction Ultraviolet Spectrophotometer Detecting PCBs in Soil TANG Yu-jia
Research on the Distribution of Nitrogen、Phosphorus and Relativity in the Dike-Pond in Shunde LIN Jie-zhen1
Apply of Fish Peripheral System Blood Cells Microkernel Monitoring the Water Pollution of GeHu Changzhou SHEN Yan-fei LI Yi-Qiang ZHANG Yong
Study on a Kind of Slow-release Chlorine Dioxide Air Purification Disinfector KANG Zhi-juan
Experimental Research of Negative Oxygen Ion in Different Functional Areas of Beijing SUN Ming-zhu
Pollution Characteristics of Fine Particles PM_(2.5) and Influence Factors in Jinan City ZHANG Gui-qin1
Environment Effect of Airborne Particle HU Hong
Major Function Zoning Oriented Spatial Decision-making Technologies ZHANG Xin1
The Simulation Application of Numerical Model in The Primary River Network of the Yangtze River Basin Li Yang1
Content and Risk Assessment of Heavy Metals Determined by ICP-AES in Fiddler Crabs and Wetland from Estuary ZHAO Jin-xiu
Zooplankton Investigation in Summer and Water Quality Assessment in Guizhou Xingxi Reservoir LI Li
Multilevel Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation on Poyang Lake Water Quality LUO Ding-gui1
Water Quality Evaluation of Taihu Lake Based on Principal Component Analysis and Geostatistical Analyst WANG Yan-hong
Based on the Fuzzy Comprehensive Appraisal in Evaluation of Surface Water Quality for Xiquan Lake PAN Jun
Evaluation of Carbon-sink Function and Its Economic Value of Xishan Forest Park in Kunming ZHANG Xin
On Promotion of Environmental Ethic Quality of Public Participation in the Green Consumption in China SHI Wei 1
Simulation of Rdioactive Determination Method of Silt Quality in Water Environment SHI Yan-hua1
The Experimental Research Simulating the Eutrophication of the Drinking Water Using the Microcosm Model LV Xiao-lei
Tendency and Causes Analysis of Marine Water Quality of Daya Bay CHEN Wen-jing
Effects of Draining Interstitial Water on the Water Salinization in Polder Reservoirs WANG Juan
Microplate Toxicity Analysis of 10 Imidazolium Ionic Liquids to Chlorella Pyrenonidosa YUAN Jing
Effects of extracts From Myriophyllum spicatum L. on the Production and Release of Cyanotoxins in Microcystis aeruginosa CUI Li-feng
Phytoplankton Community and Its Relationship With Environmental Factors in Hongfeng Lake REN Qi-fei
The Study of Microorganism Adsorbtion by Nanoscale Zero-valent Iron LI Bo
Study on Phosphorus Removal of Rural Domestic Wastewater With the Paddy Wetland LI Song1
The effect of Rainfall on the Leaching Loss of Soil Heavy Metal BAI Mei
Exploration on the Pollution of Topsoil Heavy Metal in the Different Areas of Beijing TIAN Yuan
Study on Heavy Metal Pollution in Agricultural Soils of Suzhou SHEN Jian-wei1
Microwave Extraction of Heavy Metal Cr from Soil for Morphological Analysis XIE Li-xiang1
Change of Woodland in Ordos and Research on Social Economy Driving Force MU Dan
Study on the Influnce of Topsoil Organic Carbon Density and Its Spatial Distribution in Shanghai HOU Peng-cheng
Migration of Metal Elements in Mixed Acid Mine Drainage SUN Hong-fu
Adsorption Behaviors of Cadmium Ion on Schwertmannite ZHAO Feng-hua1
Photodegradation of Humic Acid and Its Effects on the Binding of Pb WANG Xue-jun
Effect of Biosurfactant on Enhanced Solubilization Behavior of PAH WU Ying-qin1
Variation and Potential of Ozone Created by Monoterpenes Emitted from Pinus tabulaeformis WANG Ju-wei1
Regime Shift of Acid Rain Intensity in Area of Shanghai MEI Xue-ying1
An Experimental Study on Smelting Flue Gas Desulfurization with Pyrolusite Pulp to Produce Manganese Sulphate LI Yu-jie1
Reductive Dechlorination of Chlorinated organic compounds by Ultrasound with Zero Valent Iron Bian Sen
Pa Tience and Enrichment of White Chrysanthemun Agaimst Cadmium YANG Wei1
Analysis on Temperature Effect of Sludge Disintegration With Ultrasonication CAO Xiu-qin1
Analysis of Appropriation and Performance of Vegetable Waste Anaerobic Digestion LIU Yan-ping1
Corn Straw Size and Dosing Quantity of Pig of Influence NIU Ming-fen
Experimental Study on Hydrophobic Agglomerate and Magnetic Separation of Ink YAN Bo
Survey on Sewage Sludge Characteristics and Treatment and Disposal CHI Yong-zhi1
Pilot Study on Treatment of Xinjiang Cainan Oil Field Oily Sludge DU Wen-jun1
Research on Phthalic Acid Esters in Soil around Municipal Solid Waste Landfill ZHANG Hong-guo1
Idea of Leachate Treatment through Analyzing Landfill Pollutants Decomposition Ways in Landfill LIU Yan-ping1
A Study on the Improvement in Dewatering of Sewag Sludge by Adding Fly Ash REN Bo-zhi
Study on Treatment of Landfill Leachate by Combined Coagulation-Electrolytic Method ZHAO Jian-rong
Practicable Technologies for Wastewater Treatment of the Small Towns in the Cold Area PANG Chang-long1
Study on the Treatment of Landfill Leachate by Flocculation/Electrolysis SHI Chun-mei
The Interval Impact on TP Removal of SBBR/BAF LI Wei1
Study on Start-up of Sulfate-Reducing Bioreactor Using Acid Wastewater Containing Thallium ZHANG Hong-guo
System Simulation And Prediction on Reclaimed Water And Reuse System of Vensim Model LUO Teng-fei
The Generation and Treatment Measures for Concrete Cracks of the Secondary Settling Tank of Sewage Treatment Plant in Malabo ZHOU Jiang-hua
Research of Phosphate Removal in Sewage Treatment by Lava CAO yu
Study on Highly Efficient Bioflocculant and Its Application WEI Wei1
Comparative Study on the Different Coagulants for Treating Low Temperature,Low Turbidity and High Color Water XUE Xiao-bei1
Temperature Impact on Wastewater Treatment Efficiency of SBBR/BAF LI Wei
Study of Acidulation Process and Control Measures in HABR LI Jia1
Accumulation of Soluble Microbial Products in Membrane Bioreactor and Its Influence to Bioreactor Operation LI Ying1
Catalytic Ozanation Dispersedye with Active Carbon-loaded Fe-Mn Composite Oxides XU Ge
Optimization on Bioleaching of Cd from Cd Smelting Slags WANG Qiang-qiang1
Preparation of Photocatalyst from Flocculation Sludge and Study of the Degeneration on Reactive Brilliant Red K-2BP CHEN Hui
Research on β-Cyclodextrin Cross-Linked Polymers Rremoving Chlorobenzene and Nitrobenzene in Micro-Polluted Water FAN Dong-yan
Study on Treatment of Wastewater From the Production of PolyTHF with Fe-C Micro-Electrolysis Method ZUO Yan
The Study of Mechanism on Rare Earth-Carboxymethyl Chitosan Composite Adsorption Dye CHEN Xiao-gang
Treatment of Printing and Dyeing Wastewater with Use of Both Yttrium Nitrate and Carboxymethyl Chitosan CHEN Xin1
Experimental Study on Advanced Treatment of Petrochemical Wastewater by Biological Aerated Filter DAI Xiu-lan1
Research on Advanced Treatment of Wheat Straw Pulp Wastewater by Immobilized Laccase ZHANG An-long
Study on the Mechanism of NH_4-N Adsorption by Modified Walnuts Shell DING Shao-lan
The White-rot Fungi Biological Contact Oxidation of Nitrobenzene Wastewater LU Ya-mei1
Experimental Studies on Treatment of Domestic Wastewater with Chitosan-fly-ash Compound CHEN Chun-xin
The New Sewage Treatment Process of Adding Ackermann Film to Anaerobic-Anoxic-Aerobic System ZHAO Peng-fang
Industrial Experiment Research on Electro-deionization Technology Used for Recovery Wastewater Containing Ammonia-nitrogen Wang Fang1
Study of Typical Plant Groundwater Pollution Risk Assessment in Qiqihar GUO Xiao-dong
Essential Analysis of Environmental Impact Assessment on VOCs from Medical Industry PENG Wang-min-zi
Application of SLAB in Emergency Simulation of Air Pollution Emergency ZOU Xu-dong
Development Strategies of EIA Agencies in China Based on SWOT Analysis CHENG Feng
Carrying Index of Comprehensive Evaluation Index System on Environmental Pollution from Ships YIN Xiao-bei
Methods of Cleaner Production Analysis in Environment Impact Assessment BA Ya-dong
Discussion of Cleaner Production Analysis on Magnesium Smelting project in Environmental Impact Assessment HAO Dian
Technical Method of Designing Emission Trading Program YAN Gang
Assessment of Water Resources Security in Panyu District ZOU Wei1
The Application of Ecological Footprint in Environment-friendly City——take Fuzhou as an instance XU Su1
International Comparison of the Utilization of Natural Capital based on Ecological Footprint LIU Jian-xing1
The Investigation and Analysis on Per Capita Output of Food Waste in Beijing ZHANG Bao-xia
Generation Prediction and Counter Measure of Industrial Solid Waste in Tianjin WANG Dong-mei1
Disprsal of Medical Wastes and Its Operation Instances LI Xiao-min
Research on the Solution of the Debate on the Construction of Waste-to-energy Plant LV Xiao-lei
Development Status and Prospect of Engineering Environmental Supervision in China ZHANG Chang-bo
Analysis the Agent Systems of Urbanization and Urban Ecology of Urban Villages LI Li-li 1
Heat Transfer Characteristics of Adsorbent Bed of Adsorption Refrigeration System Regenerated Directly RUI Zheng-qiu
PIV Technique and Its Application in Two-phase Flow Measurement WAN Li-guo
Application of Construction Waste Materials in the Road Styucture Layer LI Yue-ju
Study on the Factors and Effects of Stress of Highway Ecosystem Health QIN Zhi-bin
3D Digital Terrain Modeling and Analysis Based on ArcGIS and Secondary Development of Auto-CAD Package in water Reservoir Engineering ZHOU Yan-fu
Design of Urban Rainwater Resources Used in Landscape WANG Feng
Investigation of Manganese Oxidase TANG Mei-li
Application and Research Progress on Drinking Water Disinfection Technology LUO Fan
Application of Ferrate(Ⅵ) Salts Per-oxidation Technique in Drinking Water Treatment WEN Guo-jiao1
Removal of Micro-pollutants from Drinking Water Resources and Key Technologies QIN Lei1
Application Progresses of Forward Osmosis Process in Water Treatment LIN Hong-jun1
Use of Flavor Profile Analysis Assesses the Effect of Disinfection towards the Odor of Drinking Water ZHAO Xi1
Evaluation Index System of Road Landscape Color Based on Color Perception LI Yong-fang
Discussion on Optimal Design of Variable-Speed Flocculation Process in Water Treatment NAN Jun
Based on the System of Unattended Pre-rotating Well Pumping Station WANG Cheng-peng1
Landscape Current Status Evaluation of Urban Green Space in Haibowan District of Wuhai HAN Chun-li1
The Analysis of Establishment of Feasibility in Terminal Direct Drinking System ZHAO Hai-xia1
Application of Industrial Furnace Wall Heat Recovery Technology QIAN Hui-guo1
Study on the Tombustion of Wheat Stalk Binder FU Ai-qing1
Rural Distributed Water Treatment of Organic Pollutants JIANG Wei-qing
Fluoride Removal Technology in Rural Areas of Decentralized Water Supply REN Qing-kai
Study on the Present State of Rural Water Pollution in Li River Valley and Comprehensive Treatment XU Zhi-fen1
Application Progress of Bentonite in Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Environmental Protection LI Zeng-xin
The Research on Defluoridation Property of the Ball-shaped Clay Adsorbent HU Jing-lin
A Study on the Relationship of Urban Development and COD Emissions in Minhang District,Shanghai DU Yu1
Analysis of Coastal City's Land Use/Cover Change and Its Driving Forces SHI Long-yu
Discussion on the Development of Urban High-voltage Power Supply and Transformation Project CHEN ZHI-quan1
Analysis the Necessity of Developed Renewable Energy in China Under the Context of Low-carbon WANG Shou-lei
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