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Environmental Science
FQ: 月刊
AD of Publication: 北京市
Lanuage: 中文;
ISSN: 0250-3301
CN: 11-1895/X
YP: 1976
Url: 中国科学院生态环境研究中心
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Environmental Science
2017 -01
Response Characteristics of Algal Chlorophyll-a to Nitrogen,Phosphorus and Water Temperature in Lake Erhai Based on Quantile Regression CHEN Xiao-hua;LI Xiao-ping;QIAN Xiao-yong;HU Shuang-qing;Shanghai Academy of Environmental Science;State Key Laboratory of Estuarine and Coastal Research
Seasonal Succession Characteristics of the Morphologically-based Functional Groups(MBFG) in Deep-water Reservoir YANG Yu;LU Jin-suo;ZHANG Ying;School of Environmental and Municipal Engineering
Effect of Dissolved Humic Acid on Thyroid Receptor Antagonistic Activity of Zinc in Aquatic Environment AI Yang;KONG Dong-dong;YU Chang;SHEN Yang;LI Jian;Engineering Research Center of Ground Water Pollution Control and Remediation
Characteristics of Perchlorate Reduction and Analysis of Consortium Structure in a Sulfur-Based Reactor at a High Perchlorate Concentration ZHANG Chao;TAO Hua-qiang;SONG Yuan-yuan;LU Cai-cai;GUO Yan-kai;LIAN Jing;GUO Jian-bo;Pollution Prevention Biotechnology Laboratory of Hebei Province
Impact of Biodegradable Organic Matter on the Functional Microbe Activities in Partial Nitrification Granules WANG Shu-yong;QIAN Fei-yue;WANG Jian-fang;SHEN Yao-liang;School of Environmental Science and Engineering
Identification of Efficient Strain Applied to Mining Rehabilitation and Its Rock Corrosion Mechanism: Based on Boosted Regression Tree Analysis WU Yan-wen;ZHANG Jin-chi;GUO Xiao-ping;LIU Xin;Jiangsu Province Key Laboratory of Soil and Water Conservation and Ecological Restoration
Effect of Cadmium on Biodegradation of Nonylphenol by Pseudomonas aeruginosa SHI Guang-yu;CHENG Yuan-yuan;SHI Wei-lin;College of Environmental Science and Engineering
Seasonal Variations of Soil Microbial PLFAs and Soil Enzyme Activity Under the Citrus Plantation in Mt. Jinyun,Chongqing LI Nan-jie;ZENG Qing-ping;HE Bing-hui;ZHOU Fei;Key Laboratory of Eco-environments in Three Gorges Reservoir Region
Composition and Environmental Adaptation of Microbial Community in Shibahe Copper Tailing in Zhongtiao Mountain in Shanxi LIU Jin-xian;LI Cui;JING Ju-hui;JIA Tong;LIU Xing-gang;WANG Xiao-yun;CHAI Bao-feng;Institute of Loess Plateau
Bioaccumulation of Halogenated Flame Retardants in Fish of Dongjiang River HE Ming-jing;YANG Ting;LI Qi;WANG Deng-xiang;ZHAO Jia-yuan;College of Resources and Environment Science
Comparisons Between Seasonal and Diurnal Patterns of Cave Air CO_2 and Control Factors in Jiguan Cave,Henan Province,China ZHANG Ping;YANG Yan;SUN Zhe;LIANG Sha;ZHANG Na;TIAN Ning;LI Jian-cang;LING Xin-you;ZHANG Zhi-qin;Key Laboratory of Eco-Environment in Three Gorges Reservoir Region
Greenhouse Gas Fluxes at Water-Air Interface in Small Pond Using FluxGradient Method Based on Spectrum Analyzer ZHAO Jia-yu;ZHANG Mi;XIAO Wei;WANG Wei;WU Hong-yan;ZHANG Zhen;XIAO Qi-tao;HU Cheng;YU Zhou;CAO Zheng-da;XU Jing-zheng;LIU Shou-dong;LI Xu-hui;School of Physics and Optoelectronic Engineering
Optimization and Validation of the Analytical Method to Detect Common Illicit Drugs in Wastewater GAO Ting-ting;DU Peng;XU Ze-qiong;YANG Jun;ZHANG Hua-fang;LI Xi-qing;Laboratory of Earth Surface Processes
Enhanced Treatment of Petrochemical Secondary Effluent by Biological Aerated Filter(Fe~(2+))-Ozonation Process XU Min;WU Chang-yong;ZHOU Yue-xi;GUO Ming-kun;WANG Yi;College of Water Science
Source Apportionment of Volatile Organic Compounds and Health Assessment of Benzene Series in Northern Suburb of Nanjing in Winter ZHANG Yu-xin;AN Jun-lin;LIN Xu;WANG Jun-xiu;SHI Yuan-zhe;LIU Jing-da;Key Laboratory of Meteorological Disaster
Size Distribution and Mixing State of Black Carbon Aerosol in Nanjing During a Heavy Winter Pollution Event JIANG Lei;TANG Li-li;PAN Liang-bao;LIU Dan-tong;HUA Yan;ZHANG Yun-jiang;ZHOU Hong-cang;CUI Yu-hang;Jiangsu Collaborative Innovation Center of Atmospheric Environment and Equipment Technology
Interactive Effects of the Influencing Factors on the Changes of PM_(2.5) Concentration Based on GAM Model HE Xiang;LIN Zhen-shan;College of Geography Science
Particle Size Distribution and Diffusion for Simulated Cooking Fume LI Shuang-de;XU Jun-bo;MO Sheng-peng;LI Wen-hui;GAO Jia-jia;CAO Ya-qun;CHEN Yun-fa;State Key Laboratory of Multi-phase Complex Systems
Fluorescence Spectral Characteristics of Fluorescent Dissolved Organic Matter(FDOM) in the Surface Sediments from Lihu Lake CHEN Jun-yi;WANG Shu-hang;JIANG Xia;HUANG Xiao-feng;ZHAO Li;State Key Laboratory of Environmental Criteria and Risk Assessment
Sedimentary Characteristics and Sources of Organic Matter in Sediments of Dianchi Lake HAN Xiu-xiu;HUANG Xiao-hu;YU Li-yan;YANG Hao;HUANG Chang-chun;HUANG Tao;YU Yan-hong;LUO Yu;Jiangsu Center for Collaborative Innovation in Geographical Information Resource Development and Application;Jiangsu Provincial Key Laboratory of Materials Cycling and Pollution Control;College of Geography Science
Seasonal Variation of Colloid Particles in the Shallow Well Water of a Small Watershed of Purple Soil ZHANG Wei;TANG Xiang-yu;XIAN Qing-song;School of Tourism and Land Resource
Deposition Characteristics of Suspended Solids and the Response of Dissolved Nutrients in Spring in the Western Lakeside of Taihu Lake QI Chuang;WANG Guo-xiang;WU Xin-ting;XU Xiao-guang;HAN Rui-ming;WU Song-jun;School of Geography Science
Correlation Between LDI-based Land Use Types and Water Quality in Sanshan Island of Taihu Lake National Wetland Park,Suzhou YANG Zhao-hui;SU Qun;CHEN Zhi-hui;BAI Jun-wu;QIAN Xin-qiang;ZHANG Zhi-min;School of Environmental Science & Engineering
Change and Influencing Factors of Dissolved Carbon and Dissolved Nitrogen in Water of the Three Gorges Reservoir FAN Zhi-wei;HAO Qing-ju;HUANG Zhe;CHAI Xue-si;JIANG Chang-sheng;College of Resources and Environment
Characteristics of Nitrogen and Phosphorus Emissions in the Gufu River Small Watershed of the Three Georges Reservoir Area HUA Ling-ling;LI Wen-chao;ZHAI Li-mei;CUI Chao;LIU Hong-bin;REN Tian-zhi;ZHANG Fu-lin;LEI Qiu-liang;Institute of Agricultural Resources and Regional Planning
Characteristics of Nitrogen Transport and Its Source Trace in Loess Plateau's Dam Watershed in Alternating Wet and Dry Seasons: A Case Study of Yangjuangou Watershed JIA Jun-jie;GAO Yang;CHEN Wei-liang;HAO Zhuo;WANG Ya-feng;CHEN Li-ding;Key Laboratory of Ecosystem Network Observation and Modeling
Comparison of Nitrogen and Phosphorus Uptake and Water Purification Ability of Five Submerged Macrophytes JIN Shu-quan;ZHOU Jin-bo;BAO Wei-hong;CHEN Jun;LI Dan-dan;LI Yang;Ecology and Environment Institute
Pollution Level,Distribution Characteristics and Risk Assessment of 32 PPCPs in Surface Water of Luomahu Lake ZHANG Qin;ZHANG Sheng-hu;WANG Zhen;GUO Min;LIU Ji-ning;SHI Li-li;GU Wen;Key Laboratory of Pesticide Environmental Assessment and Pollution Control of National Environmental Protection
Distribution,Sources and Risk Assessment of the PAHs in the Surface Sediments and Water from the Daye Lake ZHANG Jia-quan;HU Tian-peng;XING Xin-li;ZHENG Huang;ZHANG Li;ZHAN Chang-lin;LIU Hong-xia;XIAO Wen-sheng;QI Shi-hua;School of Environmental Science and Engineering
Effects of pH and Complexing Agents on Sb(Ⅴ) Adsorption onto Birnessite and Ferrihydrite Surface WANG Hua-wei;LI Xiao-yue;LI Wei-hua;SUN Ying-jie;School of Environmental and Municipal Engineering
Effects of UV Radiation on the Coagulation Process of Kaolin and Involved Mechanisms WANG Wen-dong;WANG Chang-xin;LIU Hui;HAN Yu;School of Environmental and Municipal Engineering
Cathode Electric Field Enhanced Removal of Nitrobenzene from Aqueous Solution Based on Activated Carbon Fibers(ACF)-Ozone Technique ZHAO Chun;ZHANG Shuai;ZHOU Yu;LI Kun;ZHOU Wei;LI Peng-yu;YANG Guang;SUN Zhi-hua;ZHENG Huai-li;Key Laboratory of the Three Gorges Reservoir Region's Eco-Environment
Effect of PVDF Hollow Fiber Ultrafiltration Membranes Modification with Carbonnanotube on Membrane Fouling Control During Ultrafiltration of Sewage Effluent WANG Li-ying;SHI Jie;WANG Kai-lun;GUAN Yu-qi;GUO Jin;School of Environmental and Energy Engineering
Specificity of Intact Ladderane Lipids in Anaerobic Ammonium Oxidizing Bacteria from Four Reactors WANG Han;FANG Fang;LI Kai;XING Hui;GUO Jin-song;CHEN You-peng;ZENG Qian-song;College of Urban Construction and Environmental Engineering
Fast Start-up of SBAF System Assisted CANON Process and the Microbial Analysis LIU Zhu-han;YUE Xiu;YU Guang-ping;JIN La-hua;TANG Jia-li;JI Shi-ming;School of Environment
Mechanism for Effects of High Free Ammonia Loadings on Biological Nitrification JI Min;LIU Ling-jie;ZHAI Hong-yan;LIU Jing;SU Xiao;School of Environmental Science and Engineering
Process of Enrichment and Culture of PAOs on a Novel Biofilm Process of Dephosphorization ZHENG Ying;PAN Yang;ZHOU Xiao-hua;LIAO Xuan-hong;MENG Xuan;XIA Jian-wei;School of Environmental Science and Engineering
Spatial Distribution and Source of Perfluorinated Compounds in Urban Soil from Part of Cities in Anhui Province,China LI Fa-song;NI Hui;HUANG Han-yu;XU Zhi-bing;ZHANG Qian;LI Chang-xia;HUANG Wen-xiu;JIN Tao-sheng;College of Environmental Resources
Effects of Different Water Managements and Soil Eh on Migration and Accumulation of Cd in Rice TIAN Tao;ZENG Min;ZHOU Hang;XU Jun;YANG Wen-tao;GU Jiao-feng;ZOU Jia-ling;ZHANG Ping;PENG Pei-qin;LIAO Bo-han;College of Environmental Science and Engineering
Mechanism of Soil Eco-Functional Stability Under Pyrene/Cadmium Simplex and Combined Pollution Stress CHEN Xin-yao;YANG Hui-zi;LI Min;NIU Xiao-cong;SU Yu-xuan;ZHANG Yuan;School of Environmental Science and Engineering
Fractions Transformation of Heavy Metals in Compound Contaminated Soil Treated with Biochar,Montmorillonite and Mixed Addition GAO Rui-li;TANG Mao;FU Qing-ling;GUO Guang-guang;LI Xiao;HU Hong-qing;College of Resources and Environment
Screening of the Reduction/Stabilization Reagent for Cr(Ⅵ) Contaminated Soil in a Planting Site and Reaction Process Monitoring LI Pei-zhong;L Xiao-jian;WANG Hai-jian;YANG Su-cai;WEI Wen-xia;SONG Yun;Beijing Key Laboratory of Industrial Land Contamination and Remediation
Cd(Ⅱ) Ion Adsorption and Sealing onto SBA-15 Mesoporous Particles and the Related Potential on Cd(Ⅱ) Polluted Soil Remediation HUANG Hui;NING Xi-cui;GUO Zhan-yu;GUO Di;ZHANG Zeng-qiang;LI Rong-hua;WANG Li;Ali Amjad;College of Natural Resources and Environment
Characteristics and Evaluation of Heavy Metal Pollution in Vegetables in Guangzhou CHEN Zhi-liang;HUANG Ling;ZHOU Cun-yu;ZHONG Song-xiong;WANG Xin;DAI Yu;JIANG Xiao-lu;South China Institute of Environmental Science
Variation Characteristics of Vegetables Cadmium Uptake Factors and Its Relations to Environmental Factors YANG Yang;LI Yan-ling;CHEN Wei-ping;WANG Mei-e;PENG Chi;State Key Laboratory of Urban and Regional Ecology
Effect of Sewage Sludge Compost Products Application on Total Mercury and Methylmercury in Soil and Plants YU Ya-wei;YANG Yu-han;ZHANG Cheng;YI Jian-ting;AN Si-wei;WANG Ding-yong;College of Resources and Environment
Influencing Mechanism and Spatio-temporal Pattern of Stomatal Ozone Flux of Winter Wheat Under Ozone Pollution ZHAO Hui;ZHENG You-fei;CAO Jia-chen;XU Jing-xin;HUANG Ji-qing;YUAN Yue;Key Laboratory for Aerosol-Cloud-Precipitation of China Meteorological Administration
Diurnal Variations of Concentration of Porewater Dissolved CH_4 and CO_2 in a Brackish Marsh Dominated by Cyperus malaccensis and Phragmites australis During Neap and Spring Tidal Days in the Minjiang River Estuary TAN Li-shan;YANG Ping;HE Lu-lu;HUANG Jia-fang;HU Zhi-qiang;TONG Chuan;School of Geographical Sciences
Effects of Different Agricultural Practices on Soil Carbon Pool in North China Plain SHI Xiao-xia;ZHAO Yi;ZHANG Lin;WU Wen-liang;MENG Fan-qiao;College of Resources and Environmental Sciences
Effects of Biochar Pyrolyzed at Varying Temperatures on Soil Organic Carbon and Its Components: Influence on the Soil Active Organic Carbon ZHAO Shi-xiang;YU Xiao-ling;LI Zhong-hui;YANG Yan;LIU Dan;WANG Xu-dong;ZHANG A-feng;College of Natural Resources and Environment
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