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Science & Technology Vision
FQ: 旬刊
AD of Publication: 上海市
Lanuage: 中文;
ISSN: 2095-2457
CN: 31-2065/N
YP: 2011
Url: 上海市科普作家协会
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Science & Technology Vision
2018 -01
The research and practice of flipped classroom teaching mode based on micro-course. FENG Qian-qian;School of mathematics and computer science
An Exploration to Beysian Teaching Method CHENG Gong-pin;School of Economics
Research On The Application Of Micro-lesson In Higher Mathematics Teaching ZHANG Wen-hua;Tangshan College;
Research on teaching reform of microbiology experiment based on engineering certification REN Fei;life science and engineering college
Teaching Exploration of Bioorganic Chemistry Based on Interdisciplinarity HUANG Rong;School of Pharmacy
Analysis of Prospecting and Stability Analysis of Soil Landslide LI Feng;PENG Zhen-bin;Key Laboratory of Nonferrous Metallogenetic Prediction and Geological Environment Monitoring
Determination of heavy metals in red jujube by atomic absorption spectrometry GUO Peng;CHEN Shang-long;LI Tong-xiang;ZHANG Ai-xia;TANG Wei-jie;Zhangye city agricultural and livestock products inspection and testing center;School of food
Research Progress on the Effect of Fiber on High Temperature Performance of Concrete SHI Guo-xing;WANG Lei;ZHAO Yan-ru;HAO Song;SHI Jin-na;Inner Mongolia University of Technology;
Study on Extraction Process of Polysaccharide from Enteromorpha ZHOU Qiu-mei;CHEN Xiao-yan;DUAN Ding;ZENG Hua-ting;CHEN Hong;Guangdong Ocean University;
Classroom Reform and Practice Based on Project Teaching——Taking CNC milling machine/machining center programming and operation course as an example WEN Peng-peng;HUANG Feng;Institute of electromechanical and automotive engineering of Huzhou Vocational and Technical College;
Ultrasonic inspection technology research for Main pump spindle KE Tao;DING Song;ZHANG Yun-ping;LI Shang-ping;China Nuclear Power Operation Technology Corporation Ltd.;
Teaching Reform and Innovation of Practice Mode on Virtual Simulation of Materials Preparation Technology for Metallic Metallurgical Engineering QIN Fang-cheng;LI Yi-bing;HUANG Hong-feng;LIU Chong-yu;College of Materials Science and Engineering
Study on the application of homogenization control of tobacco leaf formula WANG Xian-you;MENG Zhao-wen;LI Yi;QIN Jia-wen;Wenshan complex;Yunnan tobacco reheating co.
Determination of Selenium in Cordyceps Tea CAO Lu;CHEN Shang-long;CHEN An-hui;School of Food Science and Biotechnology
Strategies for Coordinated Development of Tourism Economy and Ecological Environment HUANG Yu-mei;Academic Affairs Office
Hardware Design of Carbon Monoxide Detection in Motor Vehicle Exhaust HU Ze-bao;LI Xiao-bao;LI Hong-xing;School of Electronic and Communication Engineering
Design of Food Waste Separated ideas Based on Sustainable Development ZHANG Lin;JIANG Xiao;DU Cao-yu;JIANG Yuan-yuan;Jiaxing University;
Innovative design of clean water cup CHENG Yu-qi;ZHENG Zhe;Jiaxing college;
The promotion and practice of engineering drawing language in the field of regional development ZHANG Zheng;BI Ren-gui;XIAO Xiong;College of physics and electrical and mechanical engineering
Use simple graphics to improve your ability to read YAO Dong-sheng;Shantou technician college;
Research and Application of Liquid-Liquid Ejector LU Jia;LI Peng-fei;LIU Wei;HU Yu;TIAN Ya-jing;HUANG Wei;Key Laboratory of Nuclear Reactor System Design Technology;
The Study of Civil Aircraft System Level Direct Maintenance Cost Analysis Method TAO Huan;Shanghai Aircraft Design and Research Institute;
Airworthiness requirements and manufacturing techniques for transport category airplanes' Placards SUN Jin-lei;JIA Ke-shuai;Taikoo
Electromagnetic protection design for civil aircraft wires and cables JIANG Xiao-ting;Contact engineering department
The whole construction method of tunnel side groove cable groove is poured LIU Xue;China railway 12 bureau group 4 engineering co.
Construction Technology of Widening Double B ox Chamber Short Match Precast Box Girder TAO Chao;Shenzhen Expressway Co.
Analysis of the Development Trend of Shared Electric Vehicles ZHOU Qiang;YIN Hai-bing;Anhui University of Science and Technology;China Construction Excellence Management Co.
Research on CAN Bus Communication System of Pure Electric Vehicles HAN You-guo;WANG Ruo-fei;TAO Ying;YAO Zhao-hua;YANG Yu-mei;WU Hong-tao;Chery New Energy Vehicle Technology Co.
The Cause Analysis and Maintenance of Intermittent Flameout Failure of Dongfeng Honda Engine XIAN Yu-jian;Guangzhou Traffic Technician College;
Research on optimization control strategy of central air conditioning based on linear programming. LIN Zhong-chen;Anhui university of science and technology;
Mobile adjustable local exhaust device ZHAO Nan;Institute of physical and chemical engineering of nuclear industry;
Analysis and Monitoring of Shear Stress at Weld Seam of Long Span Steel Roof during Unloading ZHANG Ye;DENG Xing-he;LI Peng;LI Hong;ZHANG Wei-qing;China Construction and First Bureau Group Construction and Development Co.
Construction Technology of Long Attachment Frame for Small Attached Surface of Tower HAO Wen-ping;XU Cheng-rong;AN Yong-jie;JIANG Shan;WANG Dao-xin;China Construction Eighth Construction Co.
Analysis of construction schedule control under construction of BIM technology LIU Mao;Sichuan Construction Vocational and Technical College;
Analysis and Research on environmental protection technology of building water supply and drainage CHEN Jing-jing;Shanghai Construction Design & Research Institute CO.
Research on the Str ucture of Free Demolition Oil Lever for Engine LIN Long;SHEN Hai-qing;Taizhou Institute of Technology;
Optimization For The Stable Time Before 75 % Power Platform Test Of 320MWe Nuclear Power Unit SHEN Cong;Nuclear Nuclear Power Operations Management Co.
Analysis of Anomalous Ex-core Neutron Noise Signals of Nuclear Power Station LOU Ting;HU Jian-rong;YANG Tai-bo;JIAN Jie;FENG Jin-tao;Nuclear Power Institute of China;
EAM Advantages of Managing Operating Documents for Nuclear Power ZHU Min;Nuclear Nuclear Power Operations Management Co.
Talking about the Necessity of Chemical Supervision Test on Steam Generator YANG Jie;Jiangsu Nuclear Power Co.
Design of cement curing line process scheme WANG Chong;SONG Zhen;LIU Yu-hao;MA Xing-jun;first research institute of China nuclear power research institute;
Steam Generator all Lost W ater Accident Analysis and Treatment XU Hai-jun;Nuclear Nuclear Power Operations Management Co.
Passive anti-islanding strategy based on photovoltaic grid-connected inverter DAI Dong-ya;School of Electrical and Information Engineering
The structure design of second-order circuit time domain analysis based on Multisim ZHOU Yun-yan;ZHAO Nian-shun;College of mechanical and electrical engineering
The construction of 《 motor and drag 》 course system based on college counselor as a teacher PENG Juan;MianYang Polytechnic
The discussion of a new method of electric power calculation when the power meter is misused YANG Xiao-wang;national network ningxia power company
Influence of Relay Protectio n System on Primary Equipment Reliability ZHANG Li-xia;Nuclear Nuclear Power Operation Management Co.
Influence of Unit Trip on Power Grid Frequency and Voltage Stability DU Ze-yuan;LUO Xi;ZHANG Zhi-wen;State Grid Hubei Electric Power Co.
Effects of different raw materials on the growth of the maize seedling and primary exploration of the new bio-fertilizer YANG Shao-long;MA Hong-yue;ZHANG Hao;MI Xiao-tao;Shandong tuxiucai biological Co.Ltd;
The experience of “pathogenic biology and immunology” Teaching for Specialist nursing students Azierguli·Abudoukerimu;Zilaiguli·Mijiti;Rebiya·Nuli;SUN Yu-ping;Delixiati·Yimiti;Microbiology teaching and research office of basic medical college of xinjiang medical university;
Postoperative chemotherapy in patients with breast cancer due to fatigue Nursing intervention research progress ZHU Mei-ling;JIN Ying-hua;Yanbian University
The development of the role of GDF11 in cardiovascular diseases ZHANG Yong-hui;WEI Yong;SONG Hong-xia;MIAO Jia-wei;LIU Dan;Department of Basic Medical Science
A Brief Analysis of Translation of Haiku Sentences from the Perspective of Reception Aesthetics ZHANG Jing-yu;School of Foreign Languages
The Comparative Study of Adverbs for Hedging in Chinese and American Spokesmen 's Remarks at Press Conferences LI Jing;CHEN Li-xia;Xi'an engineering university;
To train the English teaching action research on the intercultural consciousness of higher vocational students. LIU Bei-li;Beijing institute of information technology;
A Study of the Teaching Reform of Mathematical English WANG Li-li;Dept.of Mathematics and Physics
Research on Construction of Miniature English Corpus in Higher Vocational Education LI Ying;Fuyang Vocational and Technical College Foundation Teaching Department;
Research on Evaluation of Professional Competence Based on Neural Network ZHAO Yu-feng;Guangzhou Senior Technical School;
The Relationship between Gratitude and Teachers' Job Burnout : The Regulatory Effect of Economic Income WEN Rong-hua;ZHON Zhi-bing;LIANG Jin-sheng;LUO Lan;Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine;Chuanxi Middle School
Application of Micro Class in the Teaching of Jewelery and Jewelery Identification in Colleges and Universities AN Mei;CHEN Hong;Shaanxi Gemmological Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center;School of Jewelry
The PBL mode cultivates the teaching strategies of students' autonomous learning ability LIN Shao-zhang;Lufeng jieshi middle school;
Research on open laboratory construction CHEN Jia-jia;SUN Gan-chao;School of information engineering
Research on the training of practical material physics professionals DAI Hai-lu;HE Shou-cheng;TAO Ze-tian;ZHANG Xia;ZHU Hua-jun;College of materials science and engineering
Investigation and Research on Gender Differenc es of College Students Employment Viewpoint from the Perspective of Accurate Poverty Alleviation SONG Tian;WANG Yu-jiao;School of Educational Science and Music
Application of Project-Driven Teaching Method in Enhancing Students' Practical Ability TANG Zheng-qiang;School of Mechanical Engineering
3D Printing Technology and Accident Cause Theory Teaching Research GE Ying;FU Gui;School of Resources and Safety Engineering
The application of constructivism in the teaching of automatic control theory. SONG Xiao-xiao;NING Gui-min;SUN Zhang;YAN Tie-sheng;CAI Xi;Xihua university
A case study of circular structure teaching in C language programming WANG Liang;School of information technology
Research on the Performance Appraisal of Financial Personnel in Colleges and Universities——A Case Study of F University CHEN Chen;Business school of Fuyang Normal College;
The development community of innovative development teachers promotes the improvement of teaching and research ability of teachers DUAN Qiao-hui;LI Yong;HUANG Yin-yun;HU Xin-gang;Jiangsu agricultural and animal husbandry science and technology vocational college;
Analysis of students' learning status and management of new road exploration in the new period LI Jin-shan;Qinhuangdao technician college;
On the precept of the counselor's work ZHAO Yan;chongqing three gorges vocational college;
To explore the problems of education in left-behind children and their solutions FENG-Xiao-li;Qinzhou college library;
Research on PCB Manufacturab ility Simulation System in Comprehensive Experiment TIAN Lei;WANG Li;GONG Nan;ZHANG Qi;School of Electronic Engineering
Optimization and Realization of Azimuth of Millimeter Wave Automatic Alignment System ZHOU Yong;WU Yan;YANG Zheng;School of Electrical and Information Engineering
Design and Implementation of logistics monitoring system based on BeiDou Navigation Satellite LI Hai-ling;HUA Jia;ZHANG Xing-bo;Department of Computer Engineering
A Singlechip Based Intelligent Toy Excavator WU Bin;LI Wen-jin;Xinhua College
Deepening of library RFID technology——From smart bookshelf to virtual bookshelf TANG Qing;TANG Zhen-gong;Guangxi Construction Vocational and Technical College;
Idea of license plate detection in community based on image processing REN Fang;QI Li-ping;Bohai campus of Agricultural University of Hebei;
Application of Image Processing in License Plate Recognition ZHANG Yu-feng;School of Electrical and Information Engineering
Classroom Energy Optimization Based on Fully Automated Numbering Statistics and Design of Visualization Information System for Site Configuration TAN Lie-po;CHEN Wei-jie;OU Wan-xuan;LI Jian-wei;College of Computer and Information Security
Design of Automatic Test System for VDMOS Applied in Aerospace XU Hui;WANG Yan-jie;LIU Xiao-min;Quzhou vocational and technical college;
Research on the Information Security of Digital Library under the Age of Big Data NI Ju;Library of Guilin University of Electronic Technology;
Probe into the Function and Operation of "Maker Room" in University Library LIU Ya-wei;PANG Xiao-li;Naval Submarine College Library;
Reformation of University Library Space for Reader Service——Take Hubei University of Chinese Medicine Library as an Example LI Wang;JIA Jia;GUO Si-qi;Hubei University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Library;
The volunteer activity of university library is the main embodiment and problem in improving the quality of college students ZUO Ai-ling;Inner Mongolia university of finance and economics library;
Research on the strategy of library reading in the era of fragmented reading——take changzhou university library as an example LV Hui-lin;Changzhou university library;
On the marketing strategy of watsons enterprise. ZHANG Jun;XU Yan;Anshan normal university;
Research on the Achievements and Paths of Tourism Integration in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei Province LI Bai-hua;LU Xue-ting;ZHANG Hao-yue;Science and Technology Department
Talking about the Boutique of Popular Science Museum Exhibits LIU Ya-wei;LU Ling;LI Rui-ge;Zhengzhou Science and Technology Museum;College of Science
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