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Shanxi Architecture
FQ: 旬刊
AD of Publication: 山西省太原市
Lanuage: 中文;
ISSN: 1009-6825
CN: 14-1279/TU
YP: 1975
Url: 山西省建筑科学研究院
Recommended Journals
Shanxi Architecture
2000 -05
Several questions of reformation and design of old workroom' s GMP of drug factory WU Shang-jun (Shanxi Province Pharmaceutical Planning and Designing Institute,Taiyuan 030013,China)
Consideration of parking patterns in uptown MO Man-chun,DENG Ming (Shanxi Architecture Design and Reseach Institute,Taiyuan 030013,China)
The development consideration of small-town RONG Xiao-ming(Jiexiu City Building Commitlee,Shanxi 031200,China)
Informal imagination of courtyard space—beginning from the Hu fanqu residence in Luoquan town BAI Jing(Southwest Traffic University, Chengdu 610031 .China)
Intelligent residence ZHANG Xiao-hua (Shanxi Architecture Design and Research Institute,Taiyuan 030013,China)
The housing design of yun-chang garden—A try of new model of residence enviroment MO Man-chun(ShanXi Architecture Design and Research Institute,Taiyuan 030013,China)
Ideal thought and formal operation—The creative thought of a Small Architecture ZHANG Ping(Shanxi Electric Power Surverying and Design Institute,Taiyuan 030001,China)
An introduction to the design of ShanXi cereals and oil building ZHANG Lan-ying,HE Qing (Shanxi Architecture Design and Research Institute,Taiyuan 030013,Chnia)
Discussion on intelligent residence PENG Jing - rong~(1), MA Fa-xiang~(2)(1. Jiexiu City Architecture Design Institute,Jiexiu 031200,China;2. Jiexiu City Architecture Committee,Jiexiu 031200,China)
Mergence of parking and green spaces in residential district ZHANG Xiao-hua,MAO Lin-yun(Shanxi Architecture Design and Research Institute,Taiyuan,030013,China)
Electrical design of house decoration ZHANG Ming-ke,XIN Yan-liang(ShanXi Architecture Design And Research the Institute ,Taiyuan 030013,China)
Simple analysis on creation of human settlement environment in resident district LI Gui-yong(Jiexiu City Architecture Design Institute,Shanxi 031200,China)
The initial discussion on checking aseismatic silo short cutting method LI Shu-min(Taiyuan Coalmine Design and Research Institute, Shanxi 030001,China)
Post-tensionning workmanship of 16m prestressed concrete hollow slab viaduct in Xiafen expressway ZHAO Kui-hu,GUO Wei-Iin(Shanxi Mechanical Construction Company,Taiyuan 030009,China)
Simple discussion on structure design and conception design of construction PENG Jing-rong(Jiexiu City Building Design Institute,Jiexiu 031200,China)
Simple discussion on the structure of the network supporting base in the earthquake preventing area LI Jing-yun(Shanxi Architecture Design and Research Institute, Taiyuan 030013, China)
Simple discussion on widening spacing of extension gap of reinforced concrete structure WU Guo-tao(Shanxi Coal and Electric Group Company,Taiyuan 030022,China)
Application of prestress technique in treating reinforced concrete beam accident WANG Jian-xiu,LU Kang-ning(Yuncheng District Building Engineering Corporation,Shanxi 044000,China)
Design improvement of test pushing device of housing of quake isolation and large room JI Zhi-hui(Jiexiu City Building Design Institute,Jiexiu 031200,China)
The skew-seetion shear calculation of reinforced concrete flexural member of rectanglar and T shape WU Yu(The Second Institute of Datong Building Design,Shanxi 037044,China)
Research on reinforcement partially prestressed concrete beams SHI Yong(The architecture design and research institute of the university of science and engineering ,Taiyuan 030024,China)
The causes and preventive measures causing supporting block cracks of cast-in-situ slabs LI Jum(Yuncheng District Building Design Institute,Yuncheng 044000,China)
Controlling the surface cracks of cast-in-place concrete floor-slab by secondorry cement-plastering DONG Jing-minJI Zhi-qiang (The Third Company of Shanxi Building Engineering,Taiyuan 030024,China)
Analysis and solutions of early concrete crack JIAO Ya-ming(Yuncheng District Centre for Quality Supcvision of building engineering, Shanxi 044000, China)
Simple discussion on crack of brick and concrete structure building FENG Nai-qing (The Second Company of Shanxi building Engineering ,Taiyuan 030013,China)
The preventive measures of cracks of cast-in-place reinforced concrete slabs LIHui (Taiyuan architecture design and research institute,Taiyuan 030002,china )
Application of comprehensive plecipitation technoloty of news building in Taiyuan daily office ZHAO Jun-fang(Phe 6th Building and engineering corporation Shanxi,Taiyuan,030024,China)
Assiynable development strategy of small town construction ZHENG Shao-hua(Yangcheng County Edible Mushroom Development Centre Yangcheng 048100,China)
The key to cold-rolled and torsional reinforment quality control and the main point of tensile test method LAN Jun,WEI Li-guo(Shanxi Architecture Science and Research Institute,Taiyuan 030001,China)
Discussion on quality checking and witness sampling of construction project YAN Zhi-ping(Changzhi Building Engineering Quality Supervision Station,Shanxi 046011,China)
Simple discussion on safety and supervision control system of building WANG Wen-xin , WANG Xiao-dong(1. Taiyuan Building Corporation, Shanxi 030001, China; 2. Shanxi Jintou Building Supervisor Co. Ltd,Taiyuan 030024,China)
Briefly talking about the quality common failings and prevention of pasting glazed bricks LI Chun-de(The Second Building Engineering Company of Shanxi,Taiyuan 030013,China)
Winter construction and quality control of exposed wall glazed tile LI Wen-long, WANG Huai-jun.ZHAO De-sheng(The first Company , Shanxi Building Engineering ,Taiyuan 043004,China)
Quality control of construction of cement stiring pile LI Xiao-hong(Yunchong District Building Engineering Corporation, Yunchcng 044000,China)
Basic demands of quality guarantee material of building engineering LI Zhi-hai, LI Lu-ting(Jinzhong Centre for Quality supervision of Engineering, Yuci 030600,China)
Ultrasonic wave detecting deftects of qartial concrete colomas in a pudium SONG Xiao-hui,YANG Ying-chun(1. Shanxi Research Institute of Building Sciences,Taiyuan 030001,China; 2.Taiyuan Fest Centre for Sately and Quality Supervision of Construction Engineering,Shanxi 030012,China)
Application of information construction in deep foundation pit support CHEN Yue-ping ,REN Zhi-bang(1. The 12th Bureau Group,China Railway Ministry,Taiyuan,030024,China; 2. Shanxi Building Engineering (Group)Corporation,Taiyuan 030002,China)
The application of adopting unsanded concrete tube well precipitation in the deep foundation of Mei-Yuan building ZHANG Dong(The 4th Building Company of Shanxi,Taiyuan 030002,China)
The discussion on several problems of foundation pit bracing engineering in taiyuan AN Ming(Shanxi Mechanical Construction (Company,Taiyuan 030009,China)
The example of treatment on quality accident of cast-in-place pile of sinking pipe by hammer WANG Zong-qin( Yuncheng City Building Company, Yuncheng 044000,China)
The accident and treatment on pile foundation of a high building SHUAI Jia-jun, GUAN Rui(l.Shanxi Building Design Institute,Taiyuan 030013,China; 2.Shanxi Building Eegineering(Group)Corporation,Taiyuan 030002,China)
Several problems analysis of the design of foundation pit precipitation project SHI Hong-quan(Shanxi Survey Design and Research Institute,Taiyuan 030013,China)
The project example of treating uneven foundation with vibro-impact gravel piles GAO Hua-ping(Jinzhong Building Bureau Overall office,Taiyuan 030600,China)
The selection of judging methods of the foundation fluidification of coastal side engineering consrtuction SHI Hong-quan ,LIU Wen-jing(Shanxi Survey Design and Research lnstitute,Taiyuan 030001,China)
The majer effect and scope of application of undercourse method REN Zhi-bang(Shanxi Building Engineering(Group)Corporation,Taiyuan 030002,China)
Application of composite ground of gravel pile and CFG pile in a project JI Zhi-qiang,WANG Ke-li(Shanxi Design company of Building Engineering ,Taiyuan 030002,China)
Practice of artificial digging perfusing pile in complex geological engineering WANG Jian-xiu(Yuncheng District Building Engineering Company, Shanxi 044000,China)
Exploitation and application of data treatment system of quality inspection of deep mixing pile GUAN Hai-xue(The First Building Engineering Company of Shanxi, Houma 143003, China)
Discussion on ground treatment with heary tamping TIAN Yi, WANG Xue-jun( 1 . Taiyuan Power Supply Bureau .Shanxi 030001,China 2. Shanxi Farming and Animal Husbandry Survey and Design Institute Taiyuan 030001,China)
The measures of safety and protection in news building JIA Mu-sheng(The Sixth Building Engineering Company of Shanxi,Taiyuan 030024,China)
Construction measure of improving appearance quality of concrete wall surface WANG Ai-xia.DONG Guo-liang(The Third Engineering Co. Ltd,the Twelfth Bureau Group .China Railway Ministry,Taiyuan 030024,China)
The quality common failings and preventive measures of concrete project construction in winter LI Xiao - hong, HOU An-ming(Yuncheng District Building Engineering Corporation, yuncheng 044000,China)
Construction method improvement and slope control of flat roof and cornice valley slope making CUI Zhen-wu, LI Jian-jun ,XU Guo-ming(1 The Second Institute of Shanxi Building Design,Chongzhi 046000,China; 2.Tianji Group, Shanxi 047507,China)
Incrotation method of facing tiles of external wall YANG Juan-ling(The Second Company of Shanxi Building Engineering ,Taiyuan 030013,China)
The subgrade construction technology of a special passenger transport line CHAI Wen-sheng.XING Lin(Changsha Railway College, Changsha 410144,China)
Filling piles construction of mud protecting wall in the water in a most great bridge of streching ocn ea LIU Hui-jie(The 12th Bureau Group Co. Ltd,China Railway Ministry,Taiyuan 030024,China)
The brieang construction of anchor guniting in niuguantou tunnel YANG Xiao-san(The 12th Bureau Group Co. Ltd,China Railway Ministry,Taiyuan 030024,China)
The construction technology of "latter-irrigated zone" in the structure of cast-in-place whole reinforced concrete XING Gen-bao(The 2th Building Engineering Company of Shanxi ,Taiyuan 030013,China)
The concrete construction of large cubic content of an underground parking area in winter FAN Ri guang(Taiyuan Supervision Station for Quality and Safety of Building Engineering,Taiyuan 030002,China)
The construction technology of external wall and outer heat-Insulation of high-rise ridisence GUO Xiao-xia, JI Zhi-hui(1. The second Building Engineering Compony,ShanXi 030013,China; 2. Jiexiu City Building Design Institute,Shanxi 031200,China)
Technique and application of narrow gap arc welding of horizontal reinforcing steel bar WEI Jin-ming(The Fifth Company,Shanxi Building Engineering Corporation,Taiyuan 030013,China)
The Construction technology of radical steel reinforcement of Shanxi "Junling Tiansha" high buliding GUO Xiao-xia(The second building Engineering Company,Shanxi 030012,China)
Construction technology of outwall heat preservation of "superior home"project HUO Zhi-qiang ,FAN Jian-zhou(1 .Shanxi Huiguang Real Estate Development Co.Ltd,Taiyuan 030001,China; 2.Taiyuan eletrical college,Taiyuan 030001,China)
The analysis of well pouring water test of high-pouring waterproof wall in the projet of making the fenhe river beautiful in Taiyuan XIA Xiao- ming ,ZHU Yong- qing(Shanxi Fourth Construction Group Co. Ltd,Taiyuan 1000,China)
The reliable technology of quality guarantee of plastering below zero LI Xiao-hong,HOU An-ming (Yuncheng District Building Engineering Corporation, Shanxi 044000,China)
Masonry construction technology of 190kA preroast anode electrolytic CUI Quan - he, ZHANG Chuang - le (Shanxi Haizhou Aluminium Plant, Yuncheng 044001,China)
Application and some noticeable problems of hard Frame supporting model in construction Liu Zhi - ying(The second Company of Datong Building Engineering, 037006,China)
Application of goods concrete pumping technology in high building JIAO Wu-li, RU Wang-min(1. Shan xi Building Engineering Group Co, Taiyuan 030002,china; 2.Shanxi Town and Township Enterprise College, Taiyuan 030024,China)
The cause analysis of rigidity wateproofing leakage in toilet of the dwelling MA Zhi-ming, ZHANG Xing-qing, CHEN Zi-jing(Rear Service Engineering College,Chongqing 400041 .China)
The leakage and prevention of sealing up the balcony ZHAO Run-feng, JIA Li-ming( 1. Shanxi (ml Planning and Design Institute,Taiyuan 030002,China 2. Shanxi Building Engineering College.Taiyuan 030006,China)
Analysis and management of exposed wall leakage of high building JIAO Wu-li,FENG Guang-shan(Shanxi Building Engineering (Group) Corporation, Taiyuan 030002,China)
Application of cold-rolled and twisted reinforcing steel bar FENG Nai-qing,WANG Rong-xiang(The Second Company of Shanxi Building Engineering,Taiyuan 030013,China)
Exploitation and application of virid rock cobble floor brick, ZHAO Jian-feng,LIU Jian-ping(Wutai Country Building Corportion,Shanxi 035500,China)
Research on waterproof performance of steel fibre expanding concrete MA Jian-ping(The First Building Engineering company of Shanxi,Houma 044000,Chian)
Simple discussion on recycle of waste polystyrene WANG Xin-cui(Taiyuan Plastic Institute,Taiyuan 030024,China)
Discussion and analysis on cold concrete blending with new antifreeze compound WANG Xiao-dong(Shanxi Jintou Building Supervision Limited Company,Taiyuan 030024,China)
Restraining effection of citrin compesite retarder for concrete tiny crack DONG Xiao-qi(Yuncheng District Building engineering corporation,Shanxi 044000,China)
Reinforcing the investment control of construction project NIISG Man-fa(Taiyuan Minin'g Machin-evy Plant,shanxi 030009,China)
The supervision of steel structure construction of caihong and Furong great bridges in Shenzhen HE Li-jun(Shan zhen Sub-institute,Special Design Institulte of Railway Ministry ,shenzhen 518028,China)
Saving steels of structure design and construction of reinforced concrete structure ZHANG Yun(Shanxi University,Taiyuan 030006,China)
Practising responsibility system of project entity and strengthening binding system of investment risk ZHAO Run-li(Shanxi Investigation and Design Association,Taiyuan 030013,China)
Carrying out "the regulations of quality and management of construction and engineering"and doing well in supervising the engineering construcion YAN Yong(Shanxi Chemical and Engineering Design Institute ,Taiyuan 030024,China)
Cost control of project construction YANG Long-zhi ,GUO Zhao-yang, ZHANG Xiao-bin(l.Taiyuan Tongtai Industrial Company,Shanxi 030012,China; 2.Taiyuan Road Sub - bureau,Shanxi 030006,China)
Project management of the overall contract of construction JIAO Wu-li(ShanXi Building Engineering (Group))Co,Taiyuan 030002,China)
The essential condition of winning luban prize engineering PING Ling-ling(The 3th Building Engineering Compomy of Shanxi,Changzhi 046011 .China)
Simple discussion on the effect of the housing market of implementing monetization of housing allocation XUE Tuan-ming(Shanxi Building Department,Taiyuan 030013,China)
How to face challenge after China architecture enterprises entering WTO WU Dong-hui(Beijing City Building Group Co. Ltd,Beijing 100081 .China)
The rental system discussion on construction mechanical equipment LIN Xi-ping(The 12th Bureau Group Co. Lid,China Railway Ministry,Jiexiu 031200,China)
Construction of project method is the major measure of reformation of construction enterprises of china GUAN Rui(Shanxi Building Engineering (Group) Corporation,Taiyuan 030001 .China)
Attaching importance to maintenance of same condition testing concrete block in winter GUAN Hai-xue,ZHAO De-sheng(The first Company of Shanxi Building Engineering,Houma 043003,China)
The discussion on the problems of the item-Projects in first-Decorating of residece project XING Gen-bao,LI He-nian(The Second Company of Shanxi Building Engineering,Taiyuan 030013,China)
On how to make a pre-control of installation project supervision of high building XING Hui-yan(Shanxi Umversity of Finance & Econornics,Taiyuan 030006,China)
Project contract is an efficient management method of the engineering construction WEN Gai-di(Shanxi Youth Management Cadre College,Taiyuan 030002,China)
Project method management is a necessary road of the construction enterprises moving towards the market GUO Zhao-yang, YANG Long-zhi(1. Taiyuan Road Sub - bureau, Shanxi 030006, China; 2.Taiyuan Tongtai Industriat Company,Shanxi 030012,China)
Simple analysis on claim in the course of construction WANG Xiao-ping(Xiaoyi Architecture Design Instituta,Shanxi 032300.China)
Safety quality and benefit of building construction are the guarantee of enterprise sound development LI Lu-ting,LI Zhi-hai(JinZhong Centre for Quality Superoisoin of Engineering , Yuci.Shanxt 030600,China)
Analysis of the disadvantages of the radiative convetctive cast-iron radiator in existence ZHANG Cao ,TIAN Xin-wen(1. Datong Coalmine Group Company,Datong 037003,China; 2. Taiyuan City Real Estate Bureau,Taiyuan 030001 .China)
The solar energy heating eraluation of saving energy building in Taiyuan area SONG Li-ya(WangXiao-xiong Building Design Affairs office,Taiyuan 037003,China)
Water-power analysis on hot water circulating system WANG Xue-wen, ZHENG Ai-guo1. Shanxi Architecture Design and Kesearch Institute,Taiyuan 030013, China; 2. The Fourth Building Bureau Co. Ltd of shanxi, Taiyuan 030012,china)
Demand for power quality in intelligent building ZHANG Ming-ke(The Institute of ShanXi Architecture Design And Research,Taiyuan,030013,China)
Discussion on sustainable development of houma central heating XU Shi - xuan,SHI Yan - rong,ZHANG Xue- qin(Houma Architecture Design Institrte,Shanxi 043008,China)
The application of glass fibre reinforced plastic mortar pipe in a Project ZHAN Jin-shengJIA Qi-chang(Xinzhou City Water Company,Shanxi,034000,China)
The definition of working condition of selecting hot water circulating pump WANG Xue - wen(Shanxi Architechture Design and Resesrch Institute, Taiyuan 030013,China)
The improvement of the settling pond of the waterfilm duster XING Hong(Shanxi Metallurgical Design Institute,Taiyuan 030001 China)
The construction of controlled blasting for stonework of high side slope and deep cutting of double - tracking electric railways DONG; Hui-yun, YAN Jian-jun(The 12th Bureau Group Co. Ltd,China)
Treatment the embankment filling base of high water-level clay with NCS Curing Agent DONG Guo-Liang, WANG Ai-xia(The Third Engineering Co. Ltd, the Twelfth Burean Groop, China RailwayMinistry,Taiyuan 030024,China)
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