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Shanxi Architecture
FQ: 旬刊
AD of Publication: 山西省太原市
Lanuage: 中文;
ISSN: 1009-6825
CN: 14-1279/TU
YP: 1975
Url: 山西省建筑科学研究院
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Shanxi Architecture
2007 -35
The design of the basis of compressor QU Xin
The application of steel bar joint technique in the construction of underground HUANG Jun
Optimized design of concealed-digging section in No.5 Liujiayao subway station of Beijing SI Jian-jun
Numerical modeling on tunneling at shallow depth in lama temple station of the Beijing metro LUO Shu-yan
On the control of micro crack in the construction of pier LI Hai-sheng
Properties of epoxy asphalt concrete and its construction technology DUAN Jia GAO Chang
Functional tests and research of large bitumen mixture under high-temperature HUANG Xiong
Quality control of mine material mixture WEN Yong-bin
Discussion on the management of highway engineering change ZHANG Hong-ri
On quality control of reconstruction engineering of trunk highway HAN Bi-jin
Potential risk preplan of TBM construction in Jinping long diversion tunnel SUN Ji-dong
Discussion on the cross section types of high piers of bridge and stability calculation LIU Ri-sheng
The application of geosynthetics in the treatment of pavement failures ZHANG Hua-ming
Test and research on cement stable mine stone basement ZHAO Yan-long
About the quality assurance measures to the asphalt pavement of the country roads YU Xiao-qian CAO Yong-qing
Compaction construction of subgrade filled with stones and quality control GAO Peng HU Xu-hui
Use the limiting equilibriun method in the stability analysis of side slope WU Dao-liu
Numerical analysis on ground subsidence in connection section of Baishiqiao subway station YANG Wu-zi
Study on optimum design of slope reinforcement QIAN Xiao-qiang DENG Jun
Application of powdered sprinkling pile in road soft base process LIANG Xin-huan
Construction control of high-rise pier of thin-wall and hollow section YANG Dong-xiang
Discussion on application of diluted sealing skill in maintaining production LIU Yong
Stability analysis and control for the construction of 30 m T-beam CHEN Yun-dong
Processing skill of soft road base by vacuum pressing method ZHOU Tao ZHANG Lan-zhu CAI Shun-jiang
Analysis on prevention of early cracks in cement concrete pavement TANG Bi-feng ZHAO Hui-rong XIONG Jian-ping
Problems should be noticed in micro-surfacing construction in expressway QIAO Hong-feng
Desert road formation construction technology MA Shao-hua
SBS modified asphalt pavement construction technology analysis LI Wei-dong
Simulating research of concrete road surface during shaking machines sealing process YAN Xiao-feng LIU Yin-feng
Roadbed quality inspection of expressway WU Ya-hui ZHANG Hong-bin
Analysis on the rebound modulus of young and old subgrades HUANG Fu-quan ZENG Shang GUO Yan-ling
Reasons analysis of diseases on bitumen road surface and protecting measures ZHANG Ya-feng
On the problems existed in expressway and its maintenance and management HUANG Shi-bin SHI Dian-bao LONG Li-fang
3-D finite element analysis result of the load stress of composite pavement LI Xue-bin
Probes into bitumen road surface design and curve sinking index in construction JIN Chuan-yuan
On the design for the reconstruction of old bituminous pavement LI Guang-min
The treatment of coal mine gob in Qi-Lin expressway ZHU Jun-fei
Modulus backcalculation method of deflection data based upon FWD and influencing factors CAO Yong ZHU Chao-hui
Discussion on the coordination between expressway and landscape construction ZHANG Jun-feng XIE Qi
The application of PVC geogrid in bituminous pavement LI Ming-hua
Application of exploring-radar in road construction and maintaining LI Jun-huai
The forecast and analysis of Cangling tunnel rock pressure TIAN Zhao-yuan
Bridge base reinforced project of current high iron supporting bridge LIANG Min-zhi GUO Zhi-ming
Analysis on construction scheme in special geological section of Xiangshan tunnel ZHOU Zhi-yong FU Ying-chun
Evaluation of structural state of medium and small span beam bridge with hollow slab SU Bin
Constructing crafts of tunnel water protection and drainage TAN Rui-feng
Skill points of drilling pouring reinforced bridge pile on complex environment floor GUO Zhi-ming LIANG Min-zhi
Preliminary approach of the closely-spaced twin tube tunnel quick construction technology WANG Jing-ning
Reinforcement of double-curve arch-bridge by changed structural system method SUN Zong-ming
The intelligence prediction & control of deformation during shield tunneling work YANG Hong-yi
Control and measuring skill of Shiziya tunnel MAO Hong-mei
Research on digital stratum technology of Longtoushan tunnel in Guangzhou ZHOU Qing-guo QIE Hong-fang
Construction technology of lining concrete in a certain diversion tunnel WANG Yan-wei
The foundation management steps of hydraulic structure in collapsible loess ZHANG Hai
Discussion on temperature control measures of massive concrete SUN Hua-ling ZHAO Jin-yun CHEN Huai-jun
Calculation and analysis of design flood of Changhe reservoir LI Rui-sheng
Stability analyses of slope under reservoir water level drawdown PENG An
Analysis of the causes of cracks in cast-in-situ plate and their preventive measures HE Gang WANG Jing-qin
Filler wall crack formation and control analysis XU Ming
Constructing skills of basic rainfall drainage project LIU Peng-fei
Research into KM mortar addition and its engineering application WANG Jun YONG Ce ZHU Yan-ning
Discussion on problems existed in concrete structural relations research GAI Qi-lei
Affecting factors and countermeasures of prestress concrete structural durability DING Xiao-dong
Analysis on the plugging issues of hot-water heating system LI Hai-qi
Rainwater accumulation and utilization in south-west region of China CHEN Wei
Introduction to Jimo's underground pipeline geographic information system and its administrative measures ZHANG Wei-min LIU Chun-yi ZHANG Chun-xia
Applying actuality of heat-metering in Urumqi HE Xue-bing XIONG Wen HAN Wu-song
Study on the reasons caused the water pollution in secondary water supply and management measures ZHENG Li-gang
Discussion on the hydraulic regulation of quantity heat supply system LIU Ji-wen MENG Rui-ping
Research on regional water supply modes WANG Gang
One family one meter to improve service quality for water supply LIU Zhi-qin
Unity of opposites among investment and schedule and quality objective of engineering project WANG Qing-wei
Skilled measures of improving concrete appearance and quality LIN Jun YAO Jia-liang WENG Qing-hua
Construction quality control of auger drill and recovery of common failures in pouring SUN Jun-zhi GUO Jian-xin
The essentials of construction without common quality faults in Hebin Garden engineering of Cangwu phase Ⅲ project QIU Huai-chuan
Strengthening structural supervising management improving ways of projects quality supervision CHANG Feng
Key points for supervision of roof waterproof engineering LIU Yi
On the quality management of testing laboratory on concrete mixing station DING Ling
The application of fizzy synthetic discrimination method in the selection of foundation pit supporting schemes GONG Yun-cheng
Analysis of excess pore water pressure during single pile driving in saturated soft soil SUN Shi-guang ZHANG Yuan-yi
Current situation and developing tendency of removal of fluoride from drinking water SHI Jin WANG Ping YAN Zi-chun
Study on the evaluation of the allowable bearing capacity of soft ground in loess ravine regions PENG Xiao-yun LI Hong-mei CAO Jing
Analysis on the building of featured community under collection appearance YANG Xue-juan LIU Fu-zhi
Abstract art and architecture YANG Ke LI Bing-ying
Research on flexibility problem in urban planning DENG Mao-ying JIANG Wan-fang
The conservation and renewing of traditional characteristic style regions JIANG Li-yong
Analysis on the vigor and characteristic of the urban public space of Chongqing HUANG Yu
On the experience in the planning of Suzhou industrial park WAN Hao-ran
On irrational components in buildings taking the villa with round hall as an example SHI Wei-na
Research into functional mixing and zoning of medieval European cities HUANG Yi
Study on renewal of Longjing village of the West Lake based on the ideal of leisure CHEN Ji
On house form and culture SONG Jia-ying
The Xi'an area glass curtain wall uses the glass material the investigation and study and the analysis LI Xue-ping
Development and application of high-intensity concrete material SHAN Jin-fang
On the selection of plastic windows WANG Yin-xi
Fracture properties of HPC and its compensating measures SU Fang-li YANG Li-qin
Several problems should be noticed in the assessment of concrete strength YANG Jie WANG Yu-liang CHEN Guang
On the user instruction of architectural literature PAN Li-ping
Measures to increase construction quality of building engineering PAN Ling
The steps of assuring the quality of hoop close of frame beam nodes MIAO Ping-gui
Discussion on soft environment of indoor design HOU Ai-ping
Questions existed in outer thermal insulation techniques of external wall in our country and countermeasures XU Xue-kuan FENG Xing-fa
Application of outer wall temperature-conserving system in Taiyuan and existing problems SHI Jing
About the exterior wall external heated compound form construction technology of the concrete shear wall LI Bao-ying
Process control of plastering-type external wall exterior heatinsulation construction JIA Hong-wen
SY expansion vitrified micro-heated and fire-proof mortar insulated fire-proof system construction XU Yu-lan
The energy consumption of architecture in our nation WANG Shao-ping
On the effective steps of controlling the investment in the process of construction FAN Ai-zhen
Value management in construction stage TANG Xiao-mei
Discussion on effective control of civil constructing project cost for the owners XING Jun-miao
Analysis on project tender management of curtain wall engineering LIU Xiao-man
Working drawing estimate compiling of 2×135 MW unit in Guangyu coal and power Co. Ltd of Xinzhou LI Xiao-bo
Optimize the item management and strengthen the cost control YANG Lei
On composite foundation cushion SHANG Gao-feng ZHAO Wei-cheng WU Ai-jun
The application of deep-hole bench blasting technology in deep excavation works YAN Yue-feng
The application of tube well dewatering in treatment of weak permeable stratum in deep excavation work WANG Lin-pan
Analysis on the mutation theory of single vertical destabilization CUI Shu-qin YIN He-ping
Supporting design and construction of deep foundation pit in Vantone Center project of Beijing DONG Qing
Application of integrated method in practical projects QIN Zhi-qian LEI Lin
Analysis on the stability of expansive soil slope WANG Liu-gang JIA Zhi-gang
Test and research of expended soil dried and wet cycling intensity characters WANG Yan-jun
Construction technology of large-diameter cast-in-place bored pile WANG Ping
Discussing on the computing method of Columb's active earth pressure considering groundwater level GUO Jun-hui DAI Bei-bing
Reliability analysis based on ANSYS CHAO Cheng-xin
Application of cracks processing of a residential building board XU Yan
Plastic analysis of ball cavity based on Drucker-Prager Principles XIAO Zhi-ming YANG Yuan-jun
Discussion on structural design of civil defense basement XIAO Shi-jian
On the design of a certain strongly connected high-rise buildings GUO Yang-bo
The application of dry density measurement of backfilled soil in engineering practices YU Xiang-mei WANG Dong-xin ZHANG Yong-ming
Application of PLAXIS to simulation of foundation excavation and support WANG Jiang-hong WANG Chun-bo LU Guang-ning
Design of ash soil pressed pile checking in a wet sinking loess area SONG Xiao-guang WANG Chang-dan
The simulation of the carrying capacity of the rock' groundwork by finite element programme LIU Xing-lin JIN Wen YE Hai-lin
Comparative study on engineering properties of Guangzhou soft soil LIANG Ling-zhi TONG Hua-wei
The reasons projects characters and damage of soft soil in the area of the west of the river in Nanjing XUE Bi-fang
The application of SMW method in foundation pit support under complicated environment QUAN Wei
The structural shape of deep foundation pit support and its selection ZHANG Hao
The application of ultrasonic transmission in quality of pile GUO Yong-dong
The application of finite element method in studying the height under ultimate load of soil-nail support CHEN Xiao-hui ZHANG Wen-long SHUI Wei-hou
Irrational constituents in design of modernism architecture HU Hong-lin ZHENG Quan-ze
On measures ensure sustainable development of city and architectures in Liaohe oil field GUAN Jian WU Qing-hui
On Marino Marini museum XUE Jia
On architectural works of Ando Tadao QIAN Ye
Environment design of advanced talent residential community in Luoyang ZHAO Li-yi
Discussion on the plotting of urban open space LIU Yu-feng
Study on design modular and morphological analysis method and its application in factory area planning LUO Zhou
Cognition and verification of urban context image in Taiyuan GAO Xiang-guan
To analyse the reason on comedown of the culture of arcade building with sociology theory ZHOU Yi-xin
The architectural design of Dijing garden YAN Wen-rui
Build ecological frame and fulfill ecological city GAO Hai-chao
The stereoscopic constitution artistic estbetics embodiment in architectural form GU Xian-guang TIAN Shuo QIAO Yan-rong
Research on managing framework of city ecological garden YUAN Hua PENG Jun-jie
Research on the compound crack in a concrete column YUAN Yuan
Discussion on reinforcing methods and features of reinforced steel concrete beam ZHAO Xin LIN Zi-chen
Processing measures of cracks on piles in an office building MIAO Sheng-long LIU Tao
Research of elastic Ⅰ-Ⅱ compound adding J integral breaking principle JIAO Peng-cheng BAI Yang
Discussion on factors influencing concrete intensity with rebound method LI Wen-bo WANG Ai-hua WANG Qian
Discussion on design of anti-quaking concept of high-storey buildings WANG Hong-xia
Steel structural microwave communication tower lectotype and cost-effectiveness analysis XIONG Xi-cheng
Earthquake-resistance design of steel structure rigid joint HUANG Wei
Understanding and application of load dividing parameters in constructing structural design XIAO Yu
Whole module test of large-span steel cover TANG Wei-wei
Application comparison of elastic and plastic methods SUN Qi-san
The method to adjust differential settlement of the high-rise main building and annex FU Zhong-bin
Construction technology of Y-type pile in soft soil foundation treatment LIU Hui-chun
Analysis of the design of PHC tubular pile and construction problems in engineering GAO Yong-sheng
Primary study on the value of science and technology in historical building inheritance protection ZHU Xiang-dong XUE Lei
Brief discussion on the introduction of the stable concept of struts XU Hai-sheng XUAN Wei-hong CHEN Min
The application of fuzzy synthesis evaluation method in renovation of city villages HE Xue-li HUANG Chuang-bin
Construction technology of vibration sinking tube gravel pile in foundation reinforcement NAN Huang-he YANG Xiao-yu
The application of reflection method in the detection of pile foundation's integrality LI Wu-ku
Study on reasons caused the cracks produced in cast-in-place concrete floors and treatment measures HAN Yu-feng
Installation technology of JQT lightweight partition board XU Hui
Construction details in roof drains and treatment ZHANG Zhi-li
Research into preventive methods for basement leakage YAO Xiao-feng ZHAO Bing-hui
Construction technology of roofing with JS waterproof roll YAN Jun-kang
The management of concrete wall surface scrapes gypsum paint filler and the back build ostium YANG Zhan-dong
Jointless construction technology of mass concrete structure WANG Xiao-qiang
The construction process control of general building FU Qing-wang CHEN Zhe
Pouring technology of mass concrete in engineering construction SUN Shu-jun XIANG Bin
The high standard construction technology of 1000 kV frame of the substation in the southeast of Shanxi province AN Ru-qiang
The flame straightening construction method of the welding deformation of steel structure HUO Gong-ming
Oil contamination control of hydraulic system of engineering machine LI Hai-bo
Analysis on the selection of renewal plan of old equipments in sewage treatment plant FAN Ju-hong LI Chang-hu DONG Jian-gang
Environment and greening of city architecture ZHAO Yan-fen
The way to reduce planting cost in garden greening project CHEN Xin-nv DONG Rui-yong
Discussion on environment protection of Nanshan Lake traveling villa SUN Qi
The application of Geo-Studio in loess slope TU Jie-nan LI Jian
The application of S7-200 PLC in concrete mixing station CHEN Li-gu
Analysis of anti-corrosion of power transmission iron towers and foundation in littoral area GU Ming-liang DING Yong-hui
The application of electrical flocculation technology in wastewater treatment ZHU Lei HUANG Fen CAI Juan
Checking methods of low-concentration volatilized hydroxybenzene in micro-polluted water resource ZHANG Xiao-ming LU Jian-guo HAN Jin
Discussion on the sewage disposal methods of mountain beauty spots WU Jun-ming
Discussion on how to do well in fire-controlling safety management for constructing enterprises WANG Bao-cai
Application of safety control during underground construction YANG Jun-qiang
The evaluation of road traffic safety based on the method of DHGF PENG Jin-shuan SHAO Yi-ming NI Jian
Photoelectrocatalysis performance of TiO_2 electrode mixed by ions HU Fang-mei WANG Zheng ZHANG Jing-li
Study on the treatment of citric acid wastewater TIAN Zhi-hai WANG Zeng-zhang
The study of coal-exploring methods and back-explored technology of 7128 workface in Xutong mine HUANG Hua ZHANG Gui-lian SHANG Jian-gang
Application of Rotation in the Entire block and Homogeneous Strain Model in crustal deformation analysis PENG Hua ZHANG Dong-ju
Discussion on pressure loss in dry-air counter circulation-flush drilling work GUO Zeng-ming YIN Jin-ming
The application of arrangement of cutting holes in construction of various classes of surrounding rocks DENG Hua-jun
Discussion on organism variety protection of city green land system planning GAO Qiang HUANG Yong-qiang
Thoughts on the teaching of design drawing WEN Quan
Application of EDA in teaching of the electronics technology CHENG Su-ping
An application case of electromechnical tariff system on highway lane LIU Ling-zhi DUAN Ming-hua CHEN Xiang-lin
Researching on building and realization of the information system of land-use management CAO Yu-xiang
Development of branch-shaped tube watering simulating calculation software JING Hui ZHANG Chun-ling
The enisting situation and develop trend of the automatic measuring technique of oil tank in our country ZHU Jin-peng ZHANG Shi-fu MI Wen-yong
Researching on technical scheme of gathering and transformation to database of the place data of Hangzhou LIN Feng CAO Yu-xiang
Existing condition and countermeasures of the engineering technology file filing-up work WU Xiao-li
Discussion on the quality that a qualified supervisor should have HU Jiang-tao
Discussion on construction risks management ZHANG Dong-ping
Measures to engineering cost control work well in construction stage YANG Yu-lin
On the call for tender under the model of quantity list figure FU Hong-yu
Understanding on the concept of engineering bill pricing method GUO Hong-mei
The approved lowest tender price method LI Jian-min
Discussion on how to control project cost during project construction ZHANG Guo-hua
Effect of planning in promoting socialism new rural construction of Changsha DENG Ling-yun YIN Chang-lin
Discussion on process control and management of constructing projects YANG Li
Study on risk management in construction enterprises SANG Guang-cheng
Discussion on road projects cost valuation methods LIAN Hong YANG Yu-sheng
Discussion on treatment of claiming problems in item construction ZHU Jian-guo
The problems existed in internal control of state-owned enterprise and their countermeasures CHEN Yu-ping
Strengthening the professional ethics construction & increasing the enterprise competitive BAI Yan-hong
Optimize choice of address for commercial project LI Xu-rong LI Liang
How to strengthen overall management of labor insurance in construction enterprise GUO Yi
Modes comparison and feasibility analysis of Real Estate Investment Trusts REN Hong QIN Cheng-bo
Research on opportunities which the development of industrial real estate faced SI Cheng-jun
Analysis on engineering guarantee and insurance system under engineering bill pricing mode ZHU Wen-bin YAN Li-peng SONG Shu-yang
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