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Shanxi Architecture
FQ: 旬刊
AD of Publication: 山西省太原市
Lanuage: 中文;
ISSN: 1009-6825
CN: 14-1279/TU
YP: 1975
Url: 山西省建筑科学研究院
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Shanxi Architecture
2007 -01
Research of metrical space JIANG Juan-juan ZHONG Hong-bin
On reliability evaluation of single-story industrial building by modified grey clustering method ZHENG Jun GAO Jian-ping
BP neural network algorithms to improve the surrounding surface subsidence in deep foundation pit forecast applications ZHANG Xiang-dong YU Shao-chun
Research the influences of inherent stress to service behanior of the short concrete filled steel rube HUANG Jin-hui LI Bao-hua LIU Shu-xian
Form-finding analysis on cable-truss and its programming QIN Jing-wei TAN Feng
Construction of CBD in Chengdu and its impacts on urban settlement environment KUANG Xun DING Sang-lan LIU Xing
The necessity of land intensification in campus construction ZHAO Jian-bin YU Hong
Prospect and research for swarm intelligence optimum algorithm ZHANG Tong-hua LU Xiao-yang
Study on the development trend of urban houses through advertisement of commercial houses XUE Yu LI Zhi-min
Brief talk about the relation and congruity between architectural plan and design GUO Xin
Development of underground space is an important direction to release contradiction in city LIU Ying YAO Yong
On topographic structure in architectural form design ZHANG Yu-han HUA Feng
On space-experience NI Wei-ning
On development of Besming’s modernism construction planning methods WANG Zi-yu LI Li-xin
On space environment and human behavior characteristics of urban outdoor recreative activities QIN Yu
Analysis on Botta’s works-Mogno Church SHEN Hua-rong
Analysis on public participation system in city planning in the transition period YUAN Ze-ping SHOU Ping-feng LI Ming
Discussion on the origin of building with flush gable roof CUI Yin
On the design of amalgamated dwelling in reconstruction of the village in city JI Qiang LV Yan-hong
On the design of urban recreative square WANG Xi-bin
Research on method of calculating bus’s delay time in signal-control crossing LI Ke ZHU Wei-gang
Analysis on the city features of Hefei city CHEN Hai-yan HUANG Si-jie
The open space in using LIU Qiu-yue TIAN Bo LI Jin-wen
Discussing on community planning CAI Zhong-zheng
Analysis on CBD ZHANG Hong
Conceptual design condition—the key point of city planning management HUANG Hong
Ethic culture spatail arrangement and confignration minnging CHEN Yu LIU Qiang
On structural features of rural residence and its quality problems LIAO Yao-ming XIE Lan-zhen
On aesthetic thoughts of contemporary architectural design in China YAN Ri-song
Planning and design for renewal and transformation of modern hospital QU Qin-hui
Analysis on the factors influencing the performances of shock isolation system of high-rise building KANG Jin-xia
Structural design of cable-stayed reticulated shell in expressway toll station ZHAO Xin
Comparative analysis of critical slenderness ratio of concrete filled steel tubular column JIA Xin-lei YAN Quan-sheng
Discussion on seismic measures for houses in rural areas ZHENG Lei-gang LI Liang
Rresearch on wind speed about buildings located within mountain area GUO Ju ZHAO Yu-xing
The efficiency analysis of moment magnification factor at ends of columns of a frame HE Xiang-ying WANG Shu-he
The contrast of performance between concrete filled steel tube structure and steel structure in impact load WANG Bo LI Wen-liang
The discussions about some notions in the energy method of structure analysis SUN Yuan XU Xuan
Comparative analysis of various finite element models of RC member AN Dong-ya
The functions of explosive load on architectural structure and its developing circumstance ZHANG Ming-yue YAN Shi SUN Qiang
Development situations of steel column-beam connection in high-rise steel structure FAN Bao-feng
Seismic response of the frame-bent structure for main building considering three-dimensional effect CHEN Liang HAO Zhen-lin CAO Wei
On the application of concrete-filled steel tubular column in engineering construction YUAN Guang-yao
Study on aseismic strengthening of brick masonry building with bottom frameworks LI Ying SHI Qiang
Missile position protecting efficiency’s evaluating based on blur level’s analysing methods LIU Dan WANG Jia-yuan PENG Guan-zhong
Research on method of reading in temperature field of hydration heat of concrete based on ANSYS software LI Li-feng
A numerical solutions defining arch of multi-span arch greenhouses under snow load CAO Bao-shan WANG Ping SHAO Jun
Research status and trend of steel reinforced concrete structure DING Xiao-dong SUN Xiao-bo
Fire-resistance calculation of steel girder and design method HE Hai-jun ZHOU Chun-li
Identification and strengthening of roof cracks PENG Zhao-wu
Research on deformation law of bending concrete XU Feng PANG Jian-dong
On the durability of structural works in civil construction YANG Hui-sheng
Construction quality control of CFG pile in a certain project HE Yong-jun
Failure height of flexible stiffened earth-retaining wall CHENG Long-fei
The application of Rayleigh wave method in rock and soil engineering detection ZHANG Bing WU Shun-chuan
Deviation rectification of caisson in complicated environment and its technical application WANG Pei GAO Qian WANG Sen
Slope reliability analysis based on NN-RSM YE Hai-lin FANG Yu-shu GU Hong-wei
Analysis and disposal on the deformation of weak rock mass tunnel NI Bin XU Guo-yuan
Discussion on environmental geo-technical engineering in urban underground construction WANG Yun-long
Research on sustainable carrying capacity of groundwater resource SHI Lei ZHAO Gui-zhang
On the operating principle of dry jet mixed pile and its quality detection HAO Yi WU Xiao-guang LI Lian-lian
The application of Bishop method and finite difference method in slope stability analysis HAN Yong-chun GAO Qian QIAN Hong-tao
Application of composite soil nailing in large-sided deep excavation works LI Xue-wu
The estimation of permeability tensor of equivalent continuum model SHENG Jie
On construction technology of manual hole-digging cast-in-situ pile LIANG Shi-dong SUI Zhi
Anti-slid pile’s theory and design HUANG Feng FU Ting YANG Zhi-ben
Disposal of loosening toft by artificial backfill YUAN Xing-ming
Application of compound brad technology in soft soil deep-based hole supporting ZHANG Fang-ming SHANG Jun-lei XU Feng
Comparison between practical performance and the theory of gravity retaining wall FAN Huan-ling REN Jun ZHOU Jing
Discussion on treatment methods to strengthen several composite foundations LI Shao-ling
Instability analysis and treatment of supporting structure in soft soil excavation ZHOU Shi-xi
Determination of rational thickness of cushion of composite foundation ZHANG Yong LI Jin-wu ZI Min
The influences of pile stem's compression deformation on the value-taking of foundation pile' s bearing capacity LIANG Yong
Analysis on the economic indicator of stiffened cement soil mixing pile ZHOU Bin ZHANG Ke-neng LIU Cui-lian
Design experience of prestressed pipe pile YUAN Bin
The application of preferred plane theory in safety control of geotechnical engineering ZHOU Cheng-hai DING Yong
Construction technology of powder-jetting mixing pile YANG Xiao-hui
The application of SMW process pile in fine sand layer PAN Xing-liang
Construction technology of strengthening soft foundation by cast-in-situ concrete thin-wall tubular pile LIU Ya-wei
Treatment measure of common quality accident in bored cast-in-situ pile WANG Jing XIAO Qiao-lin GAO Yan-mei
The application of composite soil-nailing wall in deep foundation pit SHI Qing-jun SHI Chen-xiao LIU Xiao-jun
The causes of crack in plaster-perlite thermal insulation mortar and its countermeasures HU Qi YANG Hai-rong JIANG Xiao-dong
Analysis on the wall crack in building and its preventive measures YUAN Ze LI Chang-you
Construction for waterproofing treatment of settlement joint HAN Ling-mei
The field temperature control of mass concrete SHE Shi-guang LIU Min WANG Yue-song
Design and application of basement’s water proofing LV Cong LIU Jie-rong
Influences of steam-curing temperature on the quality of concrete members in winter YAN Li-kun
Embedded method of anchor bolt of concrete filled steel tubular column JIANG Rong-bo WU Jing GAO Jie-qi
Construction technique of repairing and strengthening damaged silo GAO Dong-xing
Box culvert middle-continuous methods inserting construction technology WU Zhen-zhong
Key points for slip-form design and construction of squat silo in national grain reserver CHEN Xiao-dan
Construction method of heavy cast-in-place hollow concrete beamless floor CAI Li-jun
The application of deflection and twist correction technology in pipe jacking works ZHANG Hong-xun FENG Zheng-feng
Steel coal scuttles construction of 4# machine in Ningde generating station ZHENG Wei-sheng
Design calculation of double-row ground-mounted fastening steel-tube scaffold YANG Ming LIU Jun-xia LI Jiang
Application of connective technology of reinforcement bar rolling equal-strength straight-thread LIU Xin-jian
Study on the cracks produced on spot-cast concrete floor-slab and preventive measures YANG Sheng-yong
On the application of release agent in concrete maintenance LIU Chuan-hui LI Shi-yong
Control essentials of post-tensioning pre-stressed box-girder construction LI Li WANG Xian-wei
Analysis on the causes of pipe clogging failure of concrete pumping LIU Dao-san
Discussion on tension of prestressing tendon WANG Long-wen
In concrete structure project common strain crack preventing and controlling SHAO Ming-bo
On technical problems in exterior insulation construction by thin-plastered poly-phenyl plate YAN Yan-jun
Discussion on the improvement of densimeter method in grading analysis test YI Nan-gai LI Xian-hui ZHANG Yan
Application of polypropylene fiber concrete in the flow channel of pumping station CUI Shao-yan
A study on green cementing material of recycled concrete TANG Chun-ping
Application research of epoxy and fibreglass combined material XIAO Sheng-xiang FAN Ding
The application of redispersible polymer powders in dry-mixed mortar ZHU Xiao-kun
Function of construction materials in construction power-conserving WANG Wei-hua DONG Cheng-jun GONG Yu-feng
Durability analysis of concrete through freeze-thaw test ZHANG Jun ZHANG Hong
On material planning in building enterprise LI Yun
Study on behavior of high volumefly ash concrete HUANG Yan-mei
On the planning of centralized water-supply works in the township of Beijing suburbs KANG Yong CHEN Li-hua
Experimental study on UASB-BAF composite reactor in municipal sewage treatment ZHENG Wei-yuan ZHANG Xin-xi ZHANG Wen-yi
On the elimination of arsenic in water YU Qing-yuan WANG Lin ZHANG Bao-wei
The management of drinking water health in developed countries WANG Hui LU Ping
Reclaimed water technology introduction and analysis ZHOU Jia-xin
Discuss on the recycling design of alcohol waste water depth’s disposal LIU Yun ZONG Qi-feng
Electrification planning and reconstruction in the campus of Shihezi university YI Gui-hong
On the reconstruction of heating system in several residential buildings GUO Jing-fang
On air accumulation in heating system and its eliminative measures WANG Ya-li SUN Ke-chun
Specific speed and pump adjustment LIU Lan-ping
Consideration on design of government investing item sub-establishing system LI Yong-chao
Analysis of construction safety problems in opinion of applied system LIU Xiao-wen
Building and development of construction teams of national construction enterprises WANG Zhi-jun
The advantages of computerizing technical data in capital construction CAI Hong-tao
Appling maximum Shannon rule in risk management QIN Shuang YU Le-jiang
Analysis on the impact of externality in land expropriation HUANG Chao-ming DONG You-qin
The way and method to increase the quality of personnel ZHANG Hong-xing
Probe into practical teaching of civil engineering specialty in local undergraduate university LU Shou-ming YANG Li-jun HE Zhi-juan
The development and differences and relations between project general contracting and construction agent system ZHAO Wen-guang
Some problems which should be adverted by culture relic protection project’s supervisor GUO Shao-qing
Analysis of how to construct performance management objective system FENG Wei-hua
Practice for safe construction organization CHEN Zhe YANG Bo
Safety evaluation of power construction simply discussed XU Yi-mu
Attentions and steps and concepts of primarily learning steel structure design XIONG Xi-cheng
Emotional management in construction enterprises ZHU Xiao-yan
System management of human resources in enterprise JIANG Hui
Considerations on contract management of construction engineering SONG Yue-feng
Appearance quality defects of T-type beam and prevention measures WANG Wei-bin
Construction quality control and prevention of municipal roads and rainwater and sanitary sewers CHEN Bang-xi
Market evaluation of real estate community value on fuzzy approaching degree YU Xiao-bei HUO Da
The application of project management in real estate development project ZHANG Yuan YU Guo-jun
Analysis on the factors influencing the risk of real estate project ZHANG Xiao-fang LUAN Wei-dong
Discussion on operating mechanism of item investment control in real estate developing corporation TU Qiang
Energy consumption situations of industrial buildings in Dongguan and analysis of composition features WAN Hong LI Ying-da YANG Wan-sheng
External wall thermal insulation technology and energy-saving materials WU Bin-wei
On energy-saving of buildings in new age ZHAO Yan-jun
Discussion on energy saving technology of nontransparent curtain wall GAO Song-he GUO Chao-fu GAO Hai-jiang
Experiences in regulation market for bid invitation and submission of construction engineering FU Chun LI Jia-shan
Compiling method of enterprise quota KE Shu-ling WANG Wei
The application of systematical kinetics in project risk identification XU Fang YUAN Da-xiang
Research of auditing potency in the procedure of project cost controlling WANG Rong YU Lu
On engineering cost control GUO Xi-sheng
Cost control in implementation phase of deputy construction project YANG Hao
Construction cost consultant institution and cost management of construction project in the whole process WU Feng-hua
The application of value engineering in foundation schemes’ selection LU Bo-bo
On budget and balance auditing of construction cost WU Xing-rong
Strengthen construction cost management of building project DU Hong-yan
Construction cost management in the stage of construction ZHANG Yan-chun
On the relationships between construction cost management and engineering quality DING Su-qin
On inevitable tendency of implementing BOQ valuation XU Yun
Risking evaluation in a large-scale project’s item organization DING Xiao-yan LI Guan-lei
On treatment method of worked-out section in tunnel HE Hua SONG Fei XUE De-sheng
The research of the ultrasonic method in detecting pile foundation of the bridge CAI Lin-gen
The discussion on the monitoring of highway tunnel ZHANG Dong-liang
One incident detection algorithm based upon wavelet analysis CHEN Wei-bo LU Xiao-bo ZHONG Kun
Demolishing scheme of main arch ring in deck-type reinforced concrete trussed arch bridge ZHANG Xing-li
Elementary probe into the typical disease and reinforce methods of a road’s steel arch bridge YANG Guang CHEN Wei-zhen LIU Xue
The application of geological advanced prediction method in Tongluoshan tunnel ZHANG Jin
The causes of dry shrinkage crack in cement stabilized base course and its preventive measures CHEN Jun-zhi YANG Nian-shun LIN Xu-xia
Simulation of three jobbing sheet construction schemes of air duct structure in a certain subway station by FLAC~(3D) program FENG Zhi
Evaluation of the tracing rut resistance ability of bituminous concrete pavement and its tracing rut prevention YU Hong-run KONG Yong-jian GUAN Yan-bin
The safety of subway operation in the new situation and the countermeasures XU Shi-wei
Discussion of the arrangemet method to the assigned roadway of big trucks CHEN Zhi-chen DENG Juan-hong
On the construction of stone-filling embankment in An-Chu expressway XIANG Mei
The application of ISAC intermediate layer in prevention reflection cracking of semi-rigid base asphalt pavement WU Yi-feng ZHU Xiang
Protection technology of roadbed and side slope works of highway CHEN Hong-bo XU Ming-ju LAI Bing-di
Design of harmony between highway and environment LIU Guo-fu HOU Xia CUI Yuan-sheng
Analysis of economic evaluating demonstration in construction item of Huahui railroad PENG Lu-gang WANG You-song
Temperature lowering technique of hot water with high temperature and pressure in Heibaishui ladder-shaped power station tunnel SU Bin
Analysis on the application of sediment transport model in general flushing of bridge GAO Yu-rong LAO Er-ping JIANG Li-feng
Introduction of the model to predict asphalt pavement performances CHENG Yu-zhu
Construction technology for water flush accident treatment in Daluliangzi tunnel NAN Xiao-yu
Construction quality control of micro-surfacing emulsified bitumen WANG Bao-cai LIU Qiang
The application of advanced geological forecast in south-to-north water transfer project ZHANG Xian-cai
Present research situation of material of steel bridges deck surfacing JIANG Yu-jing TANG Bang-yan TAN Yao-xuan
Theory for design of asphalt concrete pavement for deck ZHANG Yue ZHANG Chuan-yin SUN Guo-you
On the design of Wencheng tunnel WANG Li-qing
The influences of tunnel construction process by NATM on ground deformation WANG Yong
Supervising and analysis of country rock’s displacement of chestnut wood road’s tunnel YE Jian-xiang
On transformer station in highway tunnel QIAO Mei-mei
Discuss on construction technology of soft roadbed WANG Hai-ming YE Bai-jian
On manufacturing technology of tunnel lining trolley LENG Tao
Lining segments assembling technology of shield tunnel WANG Lin-min
An analysis on the influence of expressways on regional urban system development SUN Jian-xiang ZHANG Lian-bo XIE Hui
Research on characteristic of freeze proof of lime-fly ash stabilized crushed stone base course CHAI Yue-xin ZHANG Xue-qiang LIU Tao
Cantilever casting construction of Weiliu road cable-stayed bridge with guyed travelers in Jinan LI Guo-bing SUN Ying-chun YANG Yi-fa
Techniques of disposing wet-trapped ocher-bridge basement by tamping cement pile WU Qun-xing
Utilizing difference equations with constant coefficient to find common solutions of random continuous beams CHEN Yong-hong SHI Ji-yu XIANG Li-jun
Loading test and bearing capacity evaluation of one bridge in Huzhou LI Xia GAO Yong-jun CHEN Gang
Analysis on ground settlement caused by shallow-buried sub-surface excavated tunnel construction and its countermeasures RONG Yong-gang
Discussion of technique of concrete-filled steel tubular pipe roof underpass bridge LU Sheng-li WANG Hong-yu
Analysis of mechanical property of concrete-filled steel tubular pipe roof underpass bridge CHENG Zi-qiao SHI Jun-bo
Shield tunneling direction control technology DENG Yong-shuang
The geologic route selecting of Bao-Xi railway passage over Maotian mountain FAN Chun-lin
Discussion on a certain construction method of highway embankment TAN Jian-hui
Design and construction of deck-type load bearing frame in Shiweigang bridge DENG Xian-yong ZOU Wan-xin
Research of new mode in bitumen road’s repairing decision ZHAO Qiang BU Lin
On the design of highway subgrade in desert GUO Jian-jun NIU Xi-rong
Analysis of road slope biological protecting technology LU Qiao-qiao
Application of steel arch-shelf steel group in tunnel’s shallowly burying construction YANG Guang-lei
Study on the treatment measures of unfavorable geological conditions of tunnel YAN Zhi-gang
Influential factor and countermeasure of fall on subgrade height of freeway WAN Xiao-dong XUE Dong-feng ZHANG Xue-qiang
Construction quality control of cement stabilized macadam base YE Dan
Discuss on application of pre-force anchor cable construction in stone-slope SHI Ming
New concept to calculate the length of skew culvert SUN Ming-yi CHEN Jian-yun
Safety management of special equipment in building operation WANG You-qun
Analyze and estimate malfunction of NC machine’s hydraulic system ZHENG De-rong
Survey and analysis on littoral ecologic wetland in Qingdao LIU Jing XU Feng
On greening design of city rivers JIANG Li-li
On the construction and management of transplanting big trees in garden engineering WANG Zhen-bao
Study on chemical control experiment of barnyard grass in white clover filed of lawn YANG Jin-hong
Construction measurement technology of rock tunnel ZHANG Dong-xia
Underground excavation method of shallow hydraulic tunnel in city SUN Hong-yan
Construction technology for soil mass supporting in the sixth bid section in south-to-north water transfer project LI Zhi-min
Oppidan three-dimensioned mode visualized research based on OpenGL YUE Chao-rui
Sequenced realization of arch-axis coefficient HUANG dong
The development of maintenance construction management information system in college by Visual FoxPro CHEN Yi-wen LUAN Guan-hua
Measures to resolve failures of ADSL GUO Yan-ping
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