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Shanxi Architecture
FQ: 旬刊
AD of Publication: 山西省太原市
Lanuage: 中文;
ISSN: 1009-6825
CN: 14-1279/TU
YP: 1975
Url: 山西省建筑科学研究院
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Shanxi Architecture
2009 -01
An analysis on scale of urban sewage treatment projects GUO Chun-li
The development and utilization of groundwater resources on Chongqing Bishan county LIU Tao CHEN Xiao-lan WU Xiao-bin
On the feasibility of the sewage to deserts and its influence on the underwater environment SUN Li LV Yuan-yuan
Some middle water recycles installation work technology and economic analysis GUO Xiao-jun HAO Jian-zhao
The method of healthy and environmental management of architectural erection construction enterprise SUN Ji-dong WANG Bo-quan
Study on the treatment of carbon disulfide disulphide sulfur off-gas LIU Yue-ling LIU Lu-xin MOU Zong-wen
The application if GPS in the engineering measurement CHENG Gui-jing
Use of multi factor line regression method for hydrogical forecast ZHOU Wen-bin CHE Qian
The application of weight sensitivity analysis in PPP projects mult-purpose decision HAN Ya-pin JIANG Gen-mou
The technical principle and application of vegetation restoration for CSR rock and soil residue field YANG Guo WANG Jing-hua ZHANG Hua-de
Research on site measurement to shaft lining force impact and temperature of complicate hydrogeology WANG Xiao-jian CHENG Hua RONG Chuan-xin
Research of the evaluative method of landslide accident risk YANG Jun
The analysis of the causes mechanism of the sliding slope in the middle stream of Yalong river MA Kun SHI Yu-chuan LI Cheng-wu
The formation mechanism of landslide in expressway construction and preventive measures LIU Hong-tao
The humanism design of railway passenger station house LIU Jing-hua
On the mechanism of plants protecting the slopes along railway GOU Zhong-hua
Construction of graded crushed stone construction of the surface layer of subgrade bed of Jiaoji passenger dedicated railway WANG Zhao-peng
Construction technology of changing the original rail track into speed-raising turnout GUO Hong-tao MA Yu-lin
The post tensioned prestressed construction control points of prestressed concrete box beam YAN Shi-gang
Crack control and preventive measure of mass concrete bridge HUANG De-qiang
On the construction technology of the cast-in-situ precasting continuous box girder with framework method ZHANG Li-yu
Construction of the dual-arm steel boxed cofferdam sinking in the thick overburden of the large particle gravel WANG Wei-tao
Application of the bowl-scaffold support in the construction of the cast-in-place concrete box girder QI Hua-qiang
The upwarp control measures of mass concrete prefabrication box beam XIAO Gui-ping
On the prevention of the cracks in the post-tensioning prestressed box girders construction WU Yu-qing
A humble opinion about how to correctly detect ash amount of coarse stable material ZHAO Li-hua
Study on the mix proportion design of SMA-5 of hot mix thin layer finishing coat YANG Wei ZHU Xiang GAO Qi
Study on framework bituminous mixture performance GUAN Ning-feng
On the construction risks in road projects and their reasonable share XIE Ping
The construction technology and quality control of curbstone sliding formwork SUN Fu-cheng
Construction key points of SBS modified asphalt mixture WEN Xiao-xia
Seismic response displacement alanalysis of highway tunnel YANG Shao-qiang WU Ya-ping
The treating technology of large karst tunnel PENG Gang
On the consolidation technology of the bridge superstructure YANG Shui-sheng
Geological forecast of Meiguan tunnel OUYANG Gang-jie
Longitudinal seismic numerical analysis of mountain tunnel LIU Zhi-qiang ZHANG Bin-wei
The construction and detection of highway bridge pile foundation LI Jian-zhong
Application of ANSYS in the stability analysis of cable-stayed bridge YAN Sheng-quan CHAI Hai-feng TIAN Hao-liang
Discussion on the safety management of tunnel construction ZHANG Dong-ming LI Hui-qian
The primary design for the light rail large-span prestressed continuous girder bridge between cities XU Sheng-hong
A comprehensive study of tunnel surrounding rock classification methods LI Jian-wei JIN Li-fang HAO Yong
Construction technology of piers in water of Xunyang Hanjiang Bridge ZHANG Guo-wei
The construction technology of shallow underground excavation method tunnel lining concrete in Chengdu subway LUO Xiao-ming
Construction technology of the beam fabricating by using MZ32/900 type moving die carrier LIU Xin-li
Application of the adding bottom in the steel cofferdam construction LIU Rui-min
Discussion on the disign of end-wall reinforcement in shield interval PAN Qian WANG Li-li
Innovation and progress of erection method of pilot cable of the suspension bridge in our country XUN Dong-liang WANG Min PAN Gui-lin
The study on the earth resistance of the long span continuous rigid-frame ZHANG Yin HONG Ting HU Zhi-wei
Application of Ground Probing Radar in tunnel engineering detection MU Wei-chao LIU Fang-yuan HUO Er-lun
Analysis of cracks in continual box-girder with prestressed concrete bridge and the measures of treatment ZHOU Zhi-ping CHEN Ming-jun
The damage analysis of the cable-stayed bridge ZHOU Yan SONG Jun-chao
Application of the comprehensive strengthening of the high slope by using the anchor and grid beam LU Xiao-ming
Analysis of landscape factors of urban road CHEN Fei WANG Zheng-mei
The research of the effect of the speed bump on the road WANG Chao SHI Yang CHEN Yong-sheng
Reason of breaking of cement concrete floor and its preventive measures JIANG Xian-dong
The application of lime improved soil in road engineering TAN Bin-hai WANG Jian-feng PAN Xue-feng
An application of the improving grey clustering method in road network construction level evaluation ZHAI Chang-xu
A study on controlling technology of reflection crack during "white to black engineering" of city roads XIE Li-hua
On the treatment of the longitudinal cold transverse joint of asphalt road FAN Yan-peng
Research on influence factors of homogeneity of asphalt mixture pavement XU Ai-hua
The influencing factors analysis of foundation fill height design ZHANG Tao
Discussion on the foundation direct and split joint technology in express highway extension HE Guo-feng
The study on the jack-up scheme of the continuous girder bridge and stress-strain test LIN Yi CAO Mao-bai DONG Yun
Quality control and detection of the over coarse-grained fill subgrade YAO Wen-hua
Discussion on the reasons and prevention of side slope damage LI Zhi-gang
The study on the test filling of rock-soil filled roadbeds CHEN Wei-bing
The study on the construction methods of the soil-rock foundation ZHOU Ting-zheng ZHOU Kai LI Zhi-da
The evaluation of the highway engineering field compactness ZHANG Yu YOU Dong-mei HAN Bing
The stability analysis of large span continuous steel bridge GONG Xiang-rui
The detection and estimation of express highway asphalt pavement isolation DUAN Hua-wei
The deep stability against sliding analysis of the No.18 dam of Wudu reservoir CAO Lin-xi WEI Jin-bing CHEN Ji-ping
Development prospect of the short-term prediction model of the flood ZHANG Shu-tian LV Su-qi
Diversion cofferdam design and the construction of Huilong hydropower station ZHAN Jian-mei
Discussion on how to normalize river sand management LIU Xue-feng
Application of the deep mixing cement pile in the hydro-structure XU Qi
The introduction on the floor radiant heating in Linrui commercial square project YU Cong-shu
On the reform scheme for the secondary water-supply system in some city of South China GAO Ling-ling
Discussion on the building natural ventilation design CHEN Feng YU Lei WANG Jing-jing
The research on the application of the pipe jacking in the repairs of the water supply pipes YANG Xiong
The economical efficiency and operability of architectural water supply and drainage design WANG Xiao-dong
Discussion on per capita comprehensive water consumption index value in urban water supply plan DONG Ting-ting
Guaranteeing the urban water supply and reducing the energy consumption LONG Zhi-hong
The application of double source heat pump technology in central heat water supply system LIU Jing-tao
The discussion on assessment of four conversations and one protection in construction project JIN Rui-jun DAI Yao-jun LIU Yun
Discussion on the water proofing problems of architectural engineering ZANG Jing-xuan
The technology of the reinforced parallel thread coupler splicing of rebars and construction control GUO Tao
On the cause and the control measures of the masonry crack ZHU Shao-qing
On construction control of high-rise building CHENG Yong-shuang
Application of balance method of slurry and water in construction of long-distant jacking-pipe LIN Yu-li
Analysis on the sunken construction technology of water circulating pump house sunken well FENG Tong-hong
Control of the anti-crack and anti-seepage in the underground engineering WEI Yi
Construction technology of large bulk of concrete and its quality control WU Zi-feng
Research of the concrete mixed with the powdered slag and high calcium fly ash ZHAO Jun-mei
Experimental study on the stress-strain curve of Autoclaved Aerated Sand Lime Concrete LI Jiu-peng YU Jing-hai
The optimal design of mix ration of large mobility waterproofing concrete GAO Wei-ling
On the alkali aggregate reaction in the concrete structure GAO Ya-jun
Discussion on the method to prepare high strength concrete with common silicate cement HUANG He-ping
Test and application of C55 high-performance concrete HAO Bin-hui
On the steel fiber concrete KOU Xiao-jian QI Cheng-tao
A preliminary analysis of the leakage for buried thermal pipeline HONG Xue-di SHANG Yong-peng
On the shear tests of the single point method rock mass structures HE Meng
On the application of the deep soil mixing machine in some softsoil foundation WANG Xue-qin WU Chang-rong YU Wei
Static loading tests and numerical analysis of the FLAC~(3D) settlement about the static pressure pipe pile HUANG Hao LI Huan
Daily maintenance of machine equipment GAO Cui-ping
Application of fuzzy mathematics for selecting commercial housing TONG Wei-wei ZHANG Xi-bin
On the quality control of the electrolytic aluminum construction in Qiaotou aluminum and power company in Qinghai GUO Yu-luo ZHANG Peng-yun HUO Li-xin
How to control the quality of 4M1E in the process of building engineering construcion ZHANG Lu
Construction quality management study in building engineering GU Jie
Discussion on the construction quality control of prefabricated T-typed beam concrete in summer JIANG Ying
On the cost control and management of project programs TAN Pei-yi
On engineering cost control PEI Hui-min
On the budget management of projects GUO Li-mei
Discussion on the enterprise management pattern of engineering cost control CHEN Mei
On the architectural energy-saving and ecological environment LIU Pan-sen
On the application of renewable energy in architecture energy saving SUN Xiao-yan
On the study of the cost management in the whole process of the army construction QIU Bao-wen
On the cost control in design period WANG Yu
Study on the budget of the regulation project of the geological hazard ZHANG Yi-fan
Study on the quality control of municipal road construction LV Jin-peng
Discussion on dewatering design of foundation pit LI Min
The inclination of 10000 m~3 vertical coal gas reservoir cabinet WANG Yu-mei
The dynamic detection method in deep foundation engineering construction LUO Qiong LIN Wen-jian
The introduction on the treatment technology of the foreshore combining foundation along the sea LIU Ling-na
The underground continuous wall construction quality problems and measures in clay silt QIU Jing-wei ZHANG Zhen-hua
On the construction craft of the precasting girder with post-tensioning method prestress DAI Zhi-yuan
On the prevention practice against the bubbles in concrete structural surface SHI Jian-guo GAO Jie WU Shu-ping
The protection key points of the finished or half-finished products in residential projects LIU Qiang
On the C60 concrete mixing design and its on-site mixing construction JI Ming-xin
How to solve the problems caused by the excessive development of the automobile WANG Li
On the basic relation of the existent buildings DONG Da-peng
Literary embodiment of the urban construction features in Tang,Song and Yuan dynasties YANG Qiu-sheng QIN Nan CHENG Hao
Preliminary study on new senile apartment design on aging background YANG Chuan-fang
Reseench on the country-level renovation of village guided region honmonizing thought ZHENG Xiao-rong CUI Ya-nan
On the insight of the compact city and its inspiration WANG Hai-yan LI Ni
Discussion on the modern Chinese building thought development XIE Lie-chang
Study on the cognitive map of the green space international flower capital and the Jiangnan garden at Jiuxi in Hefei PAN Chao
The planning design of Jinfukang pharmaceutical garden in Shangrao Jiangxi ZHANG Qing-hua ZHAO Da-yong
The color design for architectures of universities with the concept of geographical color SUN Qin
Sound proof design of architectural curtain wall and its analysis TIAN Guo-ku
On the sustainable idea of the high-rise buildings design LI Shi-quan
Analysis of architectural art variety of Puguang temple in Zhangjiajie LONG Zi-li
Talking about the creation of the space and environment of architecture SHEN Yun-hao
Analysis the planning of Hanzhong Yiyuan residential community TIAN Hai-ning
Analysis of the traditional commercial streets and alleys in civil residence LI Dong-feng GUO Li-yuan
Urban landscape design GUO Rui FAN Tao
Analysis of the prestressing tendon layout styles of concrete hollow slabs ZHANG Shi-gang
Analysis and study on the fire resistance of the steel frame construction LI Bing CHEN Dao-zheng
The wind load calculation difference between Chinese and American steel structure signal tower design standard PENG Huang SHEN Zhi-rong
Study on the influence of the vertical earthquake component to the dynamic response of the subway station WANG Yue QI Cheng-zhi
Research and analysis for stiffness of string beam structure LIANG Fu-sheng MA Hong-xuan
Similar analysis of concrete slab subjected to close range explosion ZHANG Zheng-zhou GAO Kang-hua
Application of the finite element analysis for hollow irregular floor of concrete LI Zhen-guo WANG Wei
Analysis of cross-section stress on structural sectior reinforce concrete beam LIU Liang
On the control and repair of the cracks in concrete structure SANG Xiao-nong ZHAO Hai-jie
On the application of CFRP strengthening techniques ZHENG Fu-long
The summary of the constitutive relation of concrete and analysis software WU Nan-dao LIU Zhi-qi
The application of the stress free cracks in the anti-crack design of the basement external walls SONG Li SU Yi-sheng
Application and study on the prestressed conposite beam HUANG Yan-chun LIU Ping
On the influence factors on the concrete intensity and the improving measures DI Jin-xiang WANG Quan-fu SU Xue-feng
The analysis of crack development process of fracture mechanics steel concrete structure TONG Rui-jin PAN Jie CHU Zhu-sheng
Analysis of the foundation sinking of the gantry crane track Dalang freight yard and the reinforcement WU Jian-min
Application of the CFG pile compound foundation in the frame tube structure LI Shi-chun FU Yan-mei
Discussion on application of lime-sand pile in strengthening collapsible loess foundation LIU Feng
On the sham shortcoming phenomenon of the low strain test on the completeness of piles with the shallow parts LIU Xiao-sheng
The optimized design of the retaining walls for storing coal ZHANG Hua LI Wen-hua
The reconnaissance and bearing capacity determination of mountain foundation and mixed soil layer foundation CHEN Cai-guo
Application of the sinking observing technology of high-rise construction YANG Wei-han HE You-xing
Application of vague comprehensive judgment in project risk evaluation FANG Xue-jin
Discussion on the water artistic conception of Chinese classical gardens SI Chun-yang
The ecological ideas of Chinese regional landscape under globalization CHEN Dan
Discussion on the plant disposition in the urban ecological landscape design CHEN Jing-tong LIAO Ze-zhi
Discussion on the building completion measurement of urban standard management WANG Li-ping
Discussion on the localization and the diversification of the design symbol in Shanghai LI Qin-ru
On the architectural facades rebuilding along the south road of Hohhot channel LIANG Rui-ling WANG Zhuo-nan
On the protection of the historical streets and the development measures in the urban renewal ZHAO Hai-bo
Ancient Chinese Taoist thinking and contemporary urban planning WANG San-ming NING Qi-meng CHEN Li-li
The ANSYS calculation module of mass concrete temperature creeping stress LI Li-feng XIE Pan
On the dynamic characteristics of structure affected by arch transfer floor at a high level LIANG Jiong-feng WANG Jian-bao GU Lian-sheng
Discussion on the teaching reform of concrete structure WANG Hai-xia LIU Hong-mei WU Kun
Omnibearing measures of energy-saving buildings in residential architecture MA Yan-fei XU Xiao-yong
The research of large-scale market and analysis of the possibility of energy saving about air-conditioning JIE Peng-fei
The analysis of stress mechanism and failure modes of specially shaped column joints FU Guang-xu LI Feng LI Wei
On seismic behavior of steel-concrete frame structure HUANG Zhao
Experimental study on the residual strain of the seismic liquefaction of the saturated silt LUO Qiang
On the application and development of the reinforced retaining walls MA Yu-jing
Application of the nail-shaped and double-direction cement-soil stirring pile in the soft soil foundation treatment ZHANG Jun
The prevention and treatment of bored pile construction and underwater concrete pouring accidents WANG Zheng-yuan
Study on recovery stress model of flexural members of reinforced concrete WU Nian-chao XU Yi-zhuo
Experimental study of the pile bearing behavior in the silty clay ZHOU Wei-hua
Deep foundation pit support design and construction of the desulfurizing warehouse in the power plant WU Xiu-feng ZHU Jiang ZHAO Xue-jun
The numerical analysis of spread foundation's pressure beneath foundation on rock foundation LIU Wei
Application of the CFG pile in the high-rise building in the karst district XUE Wei-wen
Pull force compute formula analysis of building monolithic moving technology DU Ai-hua
The conceptual design problems of frame shear wall structure system ZHOU Jun DU Hong-biao CAI Long
Technical control with construction quality of section column hoisting for super high-rise YU Bo-hua LI Shui-ming LIU Yong-hai
On the design of the water-heated radiators JING Jiang-hong LAN Zhong-qiu
On legalization of controlling detailed planning LI Wan-ying GE You-song
On the sustainable development ecological architecture WU Si-biao XU Tao
On the protecting measures for the modern buildings YAO Mei-kang
Influence of the plot scale to the urban form LIU Min-xia
The meaning of studying architectural semeiology on the regional architectural design WANG Rui-yun YANG Mao-chuan
On project cost control in design period SUN Xiang
Reflections on the cost management of architectural construction program LI Zhen-jiang
Discussion and application of the project cost control LIU Dong
On how to examine and check the cost estimate of project in a fast and correct way ZHA Hou-xiang
Protection of the grounding fault in the low voltage distribution system LI Ge XIAO Yun-qin CAO Yong
Influence of the psychology in the engineering design of the university classroom LI Yong-long WANG Xue-song CHEN Hua
Computer technology and creating of new architectural forms ZHONG Yun-feng
The hydro structure engineering and three dimensional visual technology LI Xu
On the design points of the intelligent museum GENG Yan-ting
On intelligent technology GUO Rui
On project management of building engineering ZHAO Jian-wei
Problems needing attention in the review of the commodity inspection table of the design general contracting enterprise LI Jing XIN Yan
Discussion on the application of PPP model from the commercial infrastructure reconstruction after the earthquake FU Qiang
On the rights of the supervisor NI Tong-rong
On the implement of the new standards for the supervision cost calculating methods and its strategies WANG He LI Sheng-zhi
On the current situation for the project supervision in our country and its improvement SUN Shou-tian
On the ways how to have a better construction preparation for projects PEI Chang-rong
On the importance of supervision in design stage LIU Si-xin
Research on the development of the organization of architectural construction enterprises in Shaoxing HONG Hai-ming PAN Yi-min
On the fosterage of the core competition of enterprises MEI Peng
Necessary quality of the new era enterprise employee CHENG Wen-jie
On insurer subrogation in liability insurance system of construction project quality WANG Liang-hua WANG Huo-liang HE Yu-lin
Real estate evaluation agency brand strategy WANG Jia
The land cost control during domain project development SUN Tong
Project cost management study in highway construction enterprise CAI Xiao-bin
On the problems of cost management in present projects and some suggestions DUAN Yi
Discussion on the follow up auditing of capital construction project YANG Su-xia
The study on the market filtering distribution of the public residence ZHANG Lei
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