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Shanxi Architecture
FQ: 旬刊
AD of Publication: 山西省太原市
Lanuage: 中文;
ISSN: 1009-6825
CN: 14-1279/TU
YP: 1975
Url: 山西省建筑科学研究院
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Shanxi Architecture
2011 -01
Research on forewarning methods on geological disaster investigation site JIA Shao-jie YANG Mei-zhong MENG Dong-fang
On application of ADINA in side slope stability analysis under vibration loading capacity WANG Shuai JIA Bao-xin WANG Shao-lei
Application of GPS in highway control survey XU Zhen-feng
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On application of sand removal and suspended matter elimination technique in reforestation irrigation system MA Peng GUO Hong-jin ZHENG Xing-qi
On compilation of prefabrication labor quota of CRTSⅠ type bi-block sleeperswith WANG Wen-jun WANG Qiang
Linear comfort controlling methods of Rheda 2000 orbit CAO Liang-hua
On recognition of line selection for F1 fracture zone of Qinling mountain along Xi'an to Chengdu passenger special line JING Ji-cang
Analysis and prevention on flood damage on Yu-Huai railway ZHOU Ming-xiang
On reasons for broken piles of cast-in-place bored piles and its treatment methods WU Bin
On production construction of pier column concrete of bridges in cold areas YANG Zi-zheng
On large concrete construction of bearing platform ZHANG Xuan-wei
Treatment technology on the leakage of steel boxed cofferdam CHI Ping-ping
On evaluation of rockburst conditions of surrounding rocks of tunnel by adopting in-situ stress testing WEI Jian-chang CUI Hong-wen
Study on ground surface movement and deformation in the excavation area of the Qingdao section of Jiaozhou bay tunnel ZHAO Qian-qian LI Fei XIA Yu-feng
On application of vacuum aid grouting technique in continuous rigid frame bridge ZHANG Jia-lun
Tunnel in weak rock informatization construction LI Heng-jie
On application of fuzzy weight Markov model in bridge condition state predict LI Jian
On application of hydraulic movement invert trestle in tunnel invert construction MA Yan-wei
Treatment technology for tunnel collapse of Fenghuang mountain LIU Yong-zhi
On construction controlling measures of loess tunnels WANG Cheng-xiang
Research on evaluation of collapse risks of soil cavity of karst in Mingjiashan super-large Bridge WU Tao
Tentative discussion on the controlling methods for bridge demolition construction technology HU Yan-li
Calculation on the elongation of steel strand of box beam prestressed in post-tensioning method HUANG Zhen
On section tunnel fire pipeline installation points of urban track traffic WU Chuang-qi
On consideration of modified soil experiments SHEN Zhong-yan DING Qi-bing XU Yong-bin
Research waterproof and cohesive layer for decorating high viscosity modified asphalt bridge pavement XU Yong-xin ZHOU Yan
On application of RTK in road measurement of mountainous areas and precautions TANG Jian-hong
On anti-crack measures for concrete of gallery of locks LI Shao-hong
The scaling resistance performance of pavement concrete ZHAO Xing-jie SUN Hou-kun
Research on induced factors analysis and safe countermeasures analysis of road traffic accidents NIE Ning TANG Jiang TAN Kun-hua
On prevention measures of diseases on asphalt roadbeds of municipal streets ZHANG Lu
On reason analysis and solution methods for bottom segregation of dense wearing course LAN Ya-ming
Application of Ground Penetrating Radar(GPR) in concrete pavement detection HUANG Rong
Discussion on construction technology control points on SMA pavement GU Jian-jun
Tentative discussion on factors and treatment of bridge head bump on highway LI Wei-gong YANG Qing-yun
Research on expansion project scheme of Beijing to Taibei expressway ZENG Yong
Preliminary discussion on the hazards of frozen earth on roadbed and the treatment prospect JI Chen-ming
Discussion on PR modified asphalt mixture design and construction quality control ZHANG Jun-feng
Analysis and prevention for pavement base cracks LIU Ming-feng
Shallow analysis on the causes and treatment measures for uneven asphalt pavement JIANG Xiao-qian
Shallow discussion on the construction methods and quality control for asphalt mixture layer MENG Chao-xia
Significance of detection and measurement of surrounding rock in loess tunnel ZHAO Chun-feng
Analysis on curved bridge design ZHANG Jing
Tentative discussion on the cast-in-place bored pile construction technique of highway bridge LEI Wei
Tentative discussion on construction safe control of concealed excavation tunnel ZHANG Wan-li
On basic theory for loading capacity evaluation of middle and small span beam bridges WANG Shu-lan
Construction scheme for highway tunnel through corrosion-developed section FENG Guo-wei JIANG Liang
Exploration on the construction technology of Yunzhongshan tunnel engineering ZHAO Guo-feng
Modification technology of finite element model based on bridge optimization theory LI Ling YIN Jun-hui DU Qing
Research on main beam geometry control method of PC cable-stayed bridges ZHAO Rui-peng LI Guang-hu
Construction technology of Xiashiti tunnel across fault fracture zone ZHANG Xiao-liang
Machanism analysis and control measures of construction cracks of mass concrete in bridges FANG Can-xin LI Jian-fei LIU Tong-sheng
On construction craft for road tunnel through loose layer JIAN Yu-qi
On construction technique of single line railway tunnel through thick-layer ancient riverbed section WANG Jian-hua ZHANG Sheng
On application of three-stage and seven-step production method in tunnel construction GUO Lian
On mobile model frame bridge construction technique along Wenzhou to Fuzhou special line XIANG Jun-jian ZHENG Yun
Application of drilling pile in water conservation construction and controlling measures HUANG Yi-jun
Initial discussion on the safety protection measures of water survey LI You-long ZHOU Yong
Exploration on the safe management of water conservancy projects CHENG Fang LI Qian SUN Li-ying
On quality control of dam earth filling of Songta hydroelectric station JIAO Yang-tai
Shallow discussion on the quality management for water conservation engineering construction WANG Hua-sai WANG Wei-hua
On application of plastic anti-seepage wall in intensification of dam at Xixia reservoir LI Zhen-yu NIE Xiao-jun
Brief introduction on the lining of diversion tunnel with full circle needle beam template trolley for construction HU Zhi-yong
On challenge and development of digital architecture HU Rong-rong LI Yue-yan XU Jie
Structural analysis and reinforcement on glass sunshine ceiling of a high-rise building GUO Zhao-sheng
Impact analysis of vertical reinforcement ratio on deflection and crack width of RC rectangle beam CHEN Hui-man
On seismic design for multi-storey masonry houses SUI Xiang-yu
On common operation for meta-steel stair TIAN Bao-qi ZHANG Zhen
Research on seismic resistance and reduction of underground structures and technical status TANG Ke
Correct selection on accidental eccentricity and bi-directional earthquake action WANG Jun
The sensitivity analysis of stability factor on rocky slop with ecological restoration CAI Xian-yang XU Wen-nian
Analysis on the equivalent parameters for the foundation settlement and deformation YU Xiao-ya LI Hui-yun
Thinking of various technical problems of foundation pit support DU Yue-wu
Analysis on the selection of deep foundation pit support scheme HUA Chun-gen WANG Zhang-hu
Relation between free swelling rate of swelling soil and routine physical property indexes LI Hong-tao TIAN Wei-wei
On hammering hitting construction technique in prestressed concrete pipe pile ZHANG Bin
Shallow discussion on the construction of artificial bored pile XI Hong-liang
Adaptable limitation of free hammer tamping and expanding pile with hydrous sandy layer as the bearing stratum SUI Jian-feng LIU Meng GUO Heng
Application of squeezed branch disk pile in engineering WANG Zhen-ling
Construction technology on deep foundation pit support and dewatering LIANG Duo-sheng
On investigation and evaluation for geotechnical engineering in some complex HU Yu-bin
Construction technology and quality control of static-pressure pre-stressed pipe pile CHEN Yu LIU Bin LU Yan
On PHC pipe pile construction technique in Caofeidian industrial zone HU Li
On construction craft of general grouting of movehead type setting pond CUI Jian-xia LIU Jia
Tentative discussion on the controlling measures for temperature cracks of super-long reinforced concrete structure LIU Jun
Discussion on the residential energy conservation in northern Shanxi ZHANG Li-ping
Research on construction craft of automatic control phase change energy-storing energy-saving and insulation material XING Liu-jin
On construction of polyurethane foam panel external wall and exterior insulation system WANG Qi
Concerning on building energy saving and exterior insulation technology GUO Dian-min ZHANG Xia
On comprehensive management planning for landscape stripe of Bailigangou urban area of Mengcun water affair bureau ZHANG Chao
On management of mechanical equipment of building construction field WEN Yan-feng
Discussion on problems existing in engineering budgeting process and solutions LI Li-zhi
On exploration for lowering costs of decoration engineering programs HE Li
Concerning on engineering cost control and management of the engineering project during whole process LI Ling
On analysis of whole process management of construction progress for commercial real-estate programs ZHANG Xin-mi
On the construction of comprehensive security management in winter ZHANG Feng
Discussion on the project files scope of building energy-saving materials CHEN Zuo-wen
Research on problems of witness sampling and inspection work in construction engineering ZHOU Quan
On practice of teaching for Water Supply and Drainage Project in High-rise Buildings and its exploration LI Xia
On safety education for peasant workers in architectural construction enterprises LI Yan
On application research of Concurrent Engineering in engineering programs ZHANG Xiao-zhu
On necessity of details in landscapes design XU Da-wei LI Ping
Shallow analysis on modern landscape wall LI Wen CUI Shi-yao
Research on space mixing problems in commercial center CHI Wei LU Yi
Discussion on the design of artificial lake in the development zone based on Qilin lake YANG Shu-jun ZHOU Dan-dan LIANG Long-fei
Initial discussion on the application of environmental behaviouristics in residential community construction HAO Qing XIAO Ping-fan
On reconstruction of city villages in urbanization process of China XU Na
Initial analysis on village rectification and construction of new rural area plan in northeast SUN Dan LIN Lin
On urban design of water-front areas HUANG Yong-wu SUN Ya-nan
Comparison on sinking methods of different caissons in engineering DENG Da-peng
Experimental study on chloride ion iffusion rule in reinforced concrete under salt fog environment YAN Xi-kang DU Lin-qian DING Qi-yuan
On control value of concrete strength for relative responsible party at different stages ZHOU Wen
Experimental study on detecting compressive strength of recycled fly ash concrete by resilience testing method LAN Wen-wen LI Bai-shou
Design on fire-fight water supply for urban fire-fighting commanding center WANG Wan-chun
On application research on ecological design in landscapes renewal of mine wasteland LI Wen LI Ying
The research of garden plant landscape design in residential area based on the low-carbon ZHANG Zhi-liang FAN Jun-fang LEI Fan-yu
On quality management and control of municipal PE water supply pipe projects HUANG Ji TANG Ming-qi
Tentative discussion on quality control points of DX squeeze and expansion cast-in-place pile ZHANG Jia-nian
Research on waterproof quality problems of inversion roof LI Kai-ru
Research on the groundwater infiltration quantity in urban drainage pipeline ZHENG Shu-bing XU Yi-ming WANG Hong-cheng
On urban gasification of natural gas ZHANG Min-ying
Research on central facilities region planning of higher education zone in speedy development background WANG Jun
Consideration on the regionality of light and space LIN Kai-yi
On analysis of historical and cultural protection planning of Shiqiao town SHEN Juan ZHANG Chun-ping
Tentative analysis on large folk houses in Hubei LIANG Ting
Countermeasures on the planning of traditional agriculture-type villages LI Tao
On art gallery in Atlanta ZENG Wen-hui YU Qi
Tentative discussion on the design of comprehensive ward building of a hospital LV Jing-yi
The research development of steel-lightweight aggregate concrete composite structure GAO Ming GUO Chang-qing
Research on seismic performance of civil buildings in Tangshan region LI Xiao-jie LI Li
Exploration on the reinforcement and reconstruction of old buildings WANG Xin LIU Yong-xing
Analysis and calculation of concrete two-way slab with plastic design ZOU Xu-hui YAN Hai-hua
Wind process analysis of the super-high chimney TANG Wei MA Zhang-yong LV Xiao-dong
On exploration of new regulation for high-rise shearing wall structure design LI Dong-sheng
On HVAC design in Radisson Qiandao Lake Resort Hotel XI Xiu-qi YU Kun
Problems easily neglected in firefighting power utilization facilities of architectural electrical system WANG Zhen-hua
On electric projects in quality management and cooperation in civil construction HU Tian-xing
Shallow discussion on several energy-saving measures for residential water supply and drainage design YANG Gao-feng
Tentative discussion on drainage design of underground garages LIANG Yu
On new thoughts for road landscape design of reconstruction of old cities in China LI Wei YANG Cui-na
Dust emission characteristics of small industrial pulverized coal boiler research ZHOU Xing
On structural design for dumper chamber in thermal power plant SI Xiao-fei
On application of integrated solar cells of architectural material in Japanese buildings WANG Xi-lian MU Wen-jie ZHANG Hong-mei
Optimal design of 200MW indirect air cooled heat supply rebuilding XIAO Hui-jie ZHANG Xue-song
On lawful responsibilities of supervisor and his effective management LI Bin-feng
Shallow discussion on the control of engineering cost LI Mei-yao
Tentative discussion on hazards and countermeasures for low supervision fee of construction engineering XU Yun-zhi DANG Bin
On engineering bill pricing and application of bidding controlled price ZHANG Hui-ming
Initial discussion on construction project risk management NI Guang-lin
On improvement of contract management in construction enterprises and maximum of benefits FEI Qin-hai
Research on engineering bidding management status and improving methods for X power plant ZHANG Da-qing ZOU Yi-jun
Analyze and countermeasures of the present situation of investigation market XUE Jin-xian CHEN Guo-guo
Shallow discussion on construction waste disposal in city village transformation CAI Hai-yong DU Wen-qiang
On comprehensive economic evaluation of road construction programs DENG Bo
Considerations on engineering cost control at highway construction phase PANG Wen-shuang
Research on passenger flow prediction of reconstruction project of Shanghai rail transit line No.3 MA Han-cheng
On construction organization and costs control of expressways JI Zhe-ming QIAN Qi
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