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Shanxi Architecture
FQ: 旬刊
AD of Publication: 山西省太原市
Lanuage: 中文;
ISSN: 1009-6825
CN: 14-1279/TU
YP: 1975
Url: 山西省建筑科学研究院
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Shanxi Architecture
2012 -01
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On measurement supervision at construction stage of architectural projects NIU Xiao-bo
On application of reflector plate spot distraction method in supervision program of deep foundation pits SUN Peng
Settlement analysis of soft ground based on hypoplastic constitutive model LIU Qian-min ZHU Qi-ze ZHOU Xing-de
Calculation of the rest slipping force of the landslide with joint method of earth pressure-slice method YI Peng-ying DENG Shi-yi
On hazard evaluation of geological disasters in Jiangbian hydropower station MENG Ling-jun
Stability analysis and control study of rockfall in Huiyuan power station WU Yu-liang DENG Min ZHU Si-jun
Experiment research on high-performance grout KE Lan CHENG Hai-li YANG Fei-hua
On analysis of bonding mechanism of interface of cement concrete HU Cheng WU Min-zhi
On performance of concrete's chloride-penetration resistance ZHANG Ying-ming DING Li-jin WANG Li-guang
Matters needing attention in the design of common concrete mixing proportion WANG Wen-rong
Application of large volume of fly ash in underwater concrete bored pile LI Bao
Research on support technology of deep buried tunnel on weak and fractured surrounding rock condition WEI Zhi-chang
Hoisting technique of 40 t converter body in the steel works LI Jian-bin HAN Hui-ling
On precautions of design process in primary period for cooked food processing construction programs YU Gang
Inquiry on characteristic parameter and measuring method of water mist fire-sprinkling nozzle LIU Jie LI Qing-gang
Research on full-day safety operation management system of highway network XU Liang WANG Xiao-fei
Systematic study on security management in architectural construction sites YAN Ai-min
On consideration of hazards management in engineering industry YANG Zhi-wei
On measures for training of safe production of projects CHEN Wen-long
On modeling and simulation of water quality in sewage treatment based on BP neutral network QIN Jing-hua ZHANG Yong-xiang WANG Dan-hu
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On common problems in A~2/O sewage treatment craft and its controlling measures XIE Chen-wei SUN Yan-qun
City culture promoting urbanization development CHEN Lei
On influence of program chief inspector in engineering supervision LAN Zhi-yu
On suggestions for promotion of supervision in engineering construction SU Xian-qu
On investment control at implementation stage of Wusu pyroelectricity construction program SHI Quan-cheng
Discussion on construction cost controlling management of construction enterprise engineering ZHU Guang-hui
Exploration on building methods and evaluation methods in building engineering WANG Xi-wei HUANG Rui-zhi
On human resource as essence of sustainable development of program management companies YANG Jie YIN Zheng-yun
Discussion on the qualification administration of construction enterprise BAI Fan
Concerning on controlling points of contracting officer at construction phase YU Cheng-lin WANG Bao-jian
Analysis on engineering contracting market in Nigeria BI Lin-chang ZHANG Ying-chao
Analysis on quality management in construction engineering management LI Jian-jun
Research on post-evaluation index system of overseas construction project based on FIDIC condition LIU Min-wei HU Bo
Research on cost control of architectural programs LI Jun
Optimization of blasting program design of a domestic underwater tunnel WANG Mei-mei WANG Yan-pu
Harmonic response analysis of the disk spring WANG Xiao-bo ZHANG Hui-ling
On treatment of roadbed of express railway of dead weight collapsible loess and its construction WEI Hai-hong
On realization of rapid connection technique of existing railways by frog technique LU Zhen-hua
On precast construction of CRTSⅠ ballastless track panel of Guangzhou-Zhuhai inter-city railway HE Wen-bo
On analysis of geological features of directional drilling crossing engineering of Nandujiang along Haiwen pipe line WANG Zhen
On improvement of construction benefits at mountainous sections of Yu-Ji pipeline by technical innovation ZHOU Xian-jun MEI Shen-ming YANG Li-juan
The application of new building materials in bridge engineering YOU Ping-ruo
On influence of photooxidation on porosity of asphalt mixtures JIANG Shao-tao
On influential of types of mixtures on flexural strength on cement concrete SANG Xiao-ya
Analysis on domestic rural highway maintenance funds shortage and causes YUAN Fang
On construction technique of landslide treatment in construction of cutting excavation of sericite schist XIE Pei-yi
Causes analysis on highway expansion roadbed diseases and the prevention JIA Hong-mei LI Xiao-yong YUE Wei-min
On technical requirements of installation of flare shield along Qixian-Linfen expressway and its application value LIANG Bao-gui
On construction technique scheme for regulation projects of high slopes along Qixian-Linfen expressway LIU Rong-ping
On the application of rubber power consisting of waste tire in road engineering LIANG Li-jun
Maintenance of cement concrete pavement NIU Li-ping
On application of micro-surfacing technique WANG Zhao-hua
On quality control of aggregates of high-performance asphalt roadbed LI Yang
On quality control of asphalt concrete roadbed ZHANG Tong
Outline on highway asphalt development QIN Hong-bing
On road drainage MENG Ze-bin
Analysis on highway asphalt pavement disease LI Hong-wei
On construction summery of cement stabilized macadam base of expressway around Shuozhou DONG Yin-pin
Experimental research on joint of reinforced concrete bridge column by CFRP WAN Wei
On analysis of deviation stress of pile foundation of some bridge pier and its research on deviation rectification ZHANG Liang-shan
Analysis on the mechanical behaviors of U-beam applied in Chongqing rail traffic LI Hua
On linear supervision of grouting of cantilevel of precasting concrete continuous beam DONG Hong-gang
On exploration for ultra-shallow-buried bias section of road tunnels ZHANG Yan-zuo
On application of steel casing in foundation pile construction with special geology of nearby existing line LUO Shao-hua
Application and research of artificial frozen technology in the process of shield launching from soft ground CHEN Hong-ming
On prefabrication craft for 50 m T beam LI Shi-min
On exploration for bridge wind engineering WANG Mei-lian
On stressed analysis of cantilevel demolishment of main piers with continuous beam bridge and its supervision WANG Feng YANG Xiao-ming
Horizontal chemical churning reinforcement construction technology of silty clay tunnel stratum LUO Guo-xi
Experimental research on 25 m box girder structural property of the medium bridge on the highway CHE Shou-zhong
Research on deformation changes of Phylite tunnel construction in Shaojiatai CHEN De-yan
On influential analysis of cantilevel assembly trestle beam in Rongjiang super-large Bridge TIAN Shu-kun
Analysis on domestic bridge structure SU Guo-tian
On exploration for karst processing technique of road tunnels CHEN Xiang
Foundation treatment and detection of gravity anchor of suspension bridge in carst area GUO Chang-rui
On pavement craft of the waterproof plate of second tunnel of Gulangxia ZHANG Ping
On waterproof and drainage design for road tunnels and construction control GUO Shu-yu
Jacking construction technology on soft soil foundation for frame bridge on railway business line GUO Jian-long
Research on consolidation scheme for reinforced concrete T beam CI Jun-you
On analysis of shear lag effect of thin-walled box girder FANG Jun
On list quotation of bridges CAO Jian-mei
On application of geological dynamic model experiment in stability analysis of some arch dam JIN Yu YANG Tao
Application of high performance concrete with fly ash in east trunk engineering of Kuta YU Zi-man
Research on protection and reconstruction of historical streets from Tanhualin XIONG Bo-wen
On development of urban night landscapes LI Wen WU Qian
On exploration for lighting design of night landscape in historical and cultural villages of southeast of Guizhou TANG Lin
On development and construction experience of urban waterfronts at abroad and its aspiration BAI Chen-lu YIN Jian-qiang
On space forms and environment building in reconstruction and development of waterfront sections ZHU Shan-shan WANG Li
On low carbon traffic and the protection and regeneration of old districts of historical cities LI Li-juan
On application of scenery borrowing method in modern indoor design WU Xiao-yan
On architectural design for planning of No.10 Middel School in Suzhou CHEN Hao HUANG Yu-qiong
On impact of automobile passenger station's radiating drive on its city and surrounding areas ZHOU Xiao-yan WANG Lei
Natural awareness and building technique in current landscape design YANG Yuan-ting
Study on the inheritance of culture in university campus landscape design YU Ming-hong LI Xiu ZENG Rong
Pressure attenuation and energy consumption analysis when cement material applying on fracture grouting CAO De-lai LIU Xue-qin
The foundation construction method of collapsible loess area YAN Yu LI Zhuo-fan
Discussion on quality control points of cast-in-situ pile and the prevention LOU Jin
On analysis of engineering examples of collapsible loess high-filling pile foundation MI Shu
On analysis of difficult and key points of underground continuous walls construction and respective measures ZHOU Jian-long
Application of rolling straight thread in building engineering HAN Shu-fang
Preventive measures to the cracks of filler wall with small hollow block WANG Bo
On construction of large form construction and guarantee of construction safety ZHI Guo-hui
On points for large-span prestressed roof construction CHEN Ai-jun
Discussion on the construction technology of air-entrained concrete ZHENG Zhong-zhi
On application of GRG plaster seiling CHEN Yun-cheng
Research on construction scheme for tall-model supporting system of some grand theater project LIN Dong-liang LI Da-hua
Inquiry on construction technique of exterior board of the basement ZHANG Yong-jun ZHU Bai-chuan
On some suggestions for construction of pool foundation and pool wall of root ZHAO Jun
Construction method of composite wind pipe with colorful steel plate WANG Li-min
On construction methods of steel-bonded reinforcement projects XU Zhen
On construction technique of manual blue bricks for building barrel arch LEI Zhi-fang
Perlite concrete winter construction of cold case foundation in air separation facility YUAN Jiang-cheng
Research on visual characteristics about the wood mountain surface texture based on Kansei Engineering MIAO Yan-feng GUAN Hui-yuan
On outdoor drainage design of residential complexes ZHANG Xiang-rong
Discussion on water supply and drainage engineering design for urban commercial complex building LIU Wei YANG Jing
On treatment of water quality stability of superhard and super-alkali circular water of air-conditioner CHEN You-lan YANG Wen-jin
Study on establishment of heating specialized plan GUO Xiao-xiao
The construction management points of ground source heat pump system in a train station QU Jian-gang LU Jing ZHU Yuan
On energy-saving measures in municipal roads SHI Qing
On new well cover seat checking XUE Min
Enhancing water conservation management and constructing harmonious Luoyang LI Shu-zhan LI Shu-qiang LI Hong-xin
On measures for guarantee of construction quality of external wall and exterior insulation LU Qi-bin
On green construction technique from architectural sun-shading design PENG Jun
On energy-saving analysis of enclosure structure of current Wanguocheng project WANG Yong-yi HUANG Xi-cun
Scenery analysed about modern garden plant in China ZHOU Xiang-jun LEI Zhi-gang XU Dong-yun
Study of resource and zero-pollution in RC structure removal project CHEN Yan-chao XIE Zheng-min
On exploration of application of settlement observation in engineering construction DUAN Wu-yu
On influence of current office architectural features on its green design ZHOU Ye
Brief illustration on the residential in Sichuan ancient town with Pingle ancient town as an example JIN Xin ZHANG Ji
Analysis on the strategy of the conservancy of the industrial heritage LIU Hong-mei WANG Lu
Analysis on causes of the fence wall collapse accident CHEN Rong-bao
On analysis of self vibration features of tensioned membrane structure TONG Jing
Research on the significance and strategy of seismic performance to architectural design WANG Chun-e
On analysis of influencing factors of ductility of square steel tubular concrete column DU Yun-jing ZHANG Ling-kun
On anti-seismic parameter checking of some building based on vibration analysis instrument HU Fei ZHOU Zhi-gang
On analysis of design for frame shearing walls in high-rise buildings AN Xing-kuan
Discussion on the cause and preventive measures of the cracks in masonry structures WANG Ya-wei
The experimental research of yield soil which for coalfield drilling in Lu'an mining area CAO Li-wen WEN Wen-fu WANG Wan-zhong
On application of some common constitutive models in calculation of dynamic compactness and settlement XUE Guo-qiang JIANG Ming-jing
On measures for horizontal support construction technique in enclosure of foundation pits BAI Jun
On analysis of effect of consolidation of soft-soil foundation in vacuum preloading construction HU Yong-cheng CHEN Yu XIE Xun
Study on the shoring technology of anchor retaining wall with steel reinforced concrete columns and plate ZHANG Yu-qing LU Yu-hua
On analysis of application of self-balanced test method in pile foundation projects GUO Yu LI Jun-shan HAN Wu-juan
Templates made of soil and mud floor overhead indigenous withdrawing the application QIAN Guang-hua
The application of Ⅰ-beam piles with vertical inclined braces in foundation pit support OUYANG Man-chun XIE Qing-bao
Discussion on vacuum transmitting and consolidation depth about vacuum preloading CHEN Hong ZHOU Zhi-yan BIE Xue-qing
Matters needing attention in slurry coating pore-forming bored pile with rotary drilling dig WU Wei-li
On support and calculation of excavation of dry-soil deep foundation pits HAN Yong-kai
Research on quality management of architectural construction ZHOU Jian-wen
Talking about quality control of mass concrete SONG Yuan-yuan ZHOU Wen-liang GAO Jia
On Chinese traditional eight-treasured decorative pattern in modern design SHAO Pan-ke
On engineering mechanical maintenance WANG Fu-sheng
On exploration for design of transmission line and the engineering costs GUO Zhi-gang
Teaching of the environmental art design cognition practice based on constructing image WANG Wei
Human elements impacts in the accident of geotechnical engineering XIAO Jin-shui
Retaining wall design of the commercial residential project in Chongqing FENG Wei-qi LI Chong WU Ze
On application of inner support of steel pipe in deep foundation pits with complicated conditions SHI Yong-heng
On analysis of costs management in projects WANG Hong-feng
On identification of role of costs management in whole process investment control CI Ru-shun
On fault detection and maintenance of electric appliance WANG Hong-wei
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