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Shanxi Architecture
FQ: 旬刊
AD of Publication: 山西省太原市
Lanuage: 中文;
ISSN: 1009-6825
CN: 14-1279/TU
YP: 1975
Url: 山西省建筑科学研究院
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Shanxi Architecture
2013 -24
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Universal design in the aging for the application of urban public space XU Zi-yin ZHAO Guang-ze YU Shen
On design for some infectious hospital LIANG Jian-lan
The Yandu Ming city antique commercial street design WANG Yong-bing
Development and research work of the green building ZHANG Hui-hui WANG Hai-rong
Study on the effect of water in ecological city construction WEI Heng
Shanxi province People's Procuratorate scheme design REN Xiao-yan
Study on spatial morphology of costal town reclamation area DU Ying
The planning site selection of small town area leading tourism type LIN Yan-mei WANG Peng
The application of Chinese traditional architecture in modern design BAI Jian-guo
Discussion on the applicability design of ecological residential CHENG Yuan
GIS technology in the intelligent building protection and the application prospect of research DU Hao
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Mechanical analysis and design on a platform for a silo slip form ZHANG Qiu-sheng 1 XIAO Ya-cheng 1 SHEN Yue-kui 2
Analysis of static elastoplastic properties of short-pier shear wall installed concealed bracings ZHOU Lu-bin 1 ZHANG Min 2*
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Assessment on structural safety of the frame structure after local demolition beam ZHAO Shun
On depth of compression zones of flexural member of reinforced concrete QIN Nan
Economic comparison for the high-rise building with different structure plans WANG Jing-wei
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Design of underground transition layer of high-rise steel reinforced concrete structure WANG Su-ping
Discussion on local stiffness discrete of concrete beams YANG Yong-liang 1 ZHOU Xiao-song 2
On identification and confirmation of environment classification and functional grades of concrete structure WU Hai-lai
In-situ monitoring analysis of stacking load pre-compaction in soft ground treatment XU Jian-fu
Design and economy of inclined inserting excavation foundation CHEN Yue-ke LUO Han-jie
The importance of foundation treatment in foundation design HUANG Long-cheng
Classification and existing problems of retailing support excavation foundation WANG Qing-rong
On foundation pit support waterproof curtain of lattice deep mixer pile ZHANG Zhi 1 WANG Li-tao 2
Discussion on the collapsible loose foundation treatment methods LI Hong-bin
The optimization and research on an industrial site filled soil slope reinforcement scheme DENG Xue-deng DENG Shao-lin ZHOU Wu-ping
The application analysis of high pressure jet grouting pile in foundation pit excavation construction SUN Dong-qing
Analysis on anti-slide pile to reinforce slope stability JIANG Yong-jun
Research on well point precipitation technology to improve foundation pit construction safety GU Hong-qing
The summary of the engineering characteristics of silt soil and review of treatment and utilization TIAN Hong-yuan QIU Min SUN Xiu-li
The application of lime-soil compaction pile and plain concrete pile composite foundation WANG Wei-qiang
The construction technology and quality control of high strength pre-stressed concrete pipe pile (PHC) YAN Wei-feng
Construction methods of thin dome of internal underground chamber CHAI Zheng-fu
Discussion on construction technology of girder transfer floor structure of high-rise building CHEN Ying
Construction technology of the support system of gradient super-high-large cantilever structure ZOU Dai-ling
On high-formwork design and construction technique of model test hall of Poyang Lake JIAN Hong-fu 1 ZENG Yu-jun 1 GAO Xiong 2 LI Chuan-qi 2
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Installation technology of curved-surface steel structure of the lotus-type exhibition building SONG Li-hua
Analysis on post-pouring belt construction technology key points of rooms engineering XU Cheng-yuan
The haunched beam construction technology of reinforcement concrete beam-column joints LIU Xiu-hua
Construction of anti-static floor WANG Bao-lin
Construction technology of infrared automatic tracking firefighting XIN Yan
Research on complex coat technique of polymer modified cement base ZHU Jian
Discussion on the vacuum drainage technique LAO Jia-liang XIA Jun
Application of PFTTH in building engineering FAN Wei-xing
Discussion on water consumption LI Zhi-wen
Construction technology of intelligent lighting system of the gym WANG Nai-xun
The development and application of water supply and drainage pipes of indoor architecture XUE Yong-hua
On fire-fighting problems in shopping malls and strategies ZHANG Li-juan
Technological transformation scheme of water adjustment valve filtered of V-style filter tank LIU Guang-lin
Study on the frictional resistance coefficient of mesh steel heat-resistant polyethylene heating pipe SU Xiao-bin
On application of design methods for ecological residence in residential energy-saving reconstruction LI Lin-zhi
The principle and application of infrared thermography GUO Jian-jun XIN Wei-da
On development and technical application of green buildings at areas hot in summer and warm in winter GAN Yu-feng CHEN Ming-xin
Discussion the architecture layout in Chinese classical garden XI Chen LUO Yi-qing
Discussion on gas station decoration engineering quality control YU Xiao-sheng
Analysis and control of high building concrete quality problems during the construction CHENG Bo
Discussion on quality common defects of residential project GUO Jun-xiu
On organization and coordination of general supervision engineers YAN Fu-shou
Sustainable decorative materials in the interior design of applied research YANG Ling
On exploration for quality control assurance system of real-estate projects GAO Ling-xiang
Changfeng project cost control scheme and the management to cost company LI Xiao-bo
Analysis on merits and defects of bill of quantity ZHAI Zhi-qiang
On modern management on cost control at implementation stage of large-scale and important construction programs LIANG Xiu-ying
Discussion on cost management of engineering changes in construction GENG Chun-hong
Study on recognizing alternatives bidding strategy opportunity in construction project FENG Xiao-long
Analysis on internal role and influence of list valuation to engineering bidding GUO Sheng-ming
How to be a qualified project manager WU Hong-yan
On problems and solutions of construction unit in engineering visa management of a workshop LUO Ling-jun 1 YANG Qing-ming 2
Discussion on geometric mapping method KANG Bao-cheng
The construction management and coping strategies of house building water and electricity installation engineering LI Juan
Analysis and comparison of “innovative” and “problem-solving” theme groups CHENG Chun-lan
The fire performance analysis and improvement methods of building external wall thermal insulation system GU Xiao-hui
Discussion on the development of Taiyuan city construction and demolition work YAN Qiu-ju
On management of construction process for circulating fluidized bed boiler LIANG Tie-ba
Consideration on construction archives management of vocational college SHI Xing-chun
Experimental research on the digital image correlation method of FRP embedded-style interface LIU Ai-xuan CAI Shao-jie DING Zhong-fan
The sustainable strategies of earthquake temporary housing KANG Zhuang 1 LI Xiao-nan 2
Analysis and suggestions on affordable housing construction of Licang district in Qingdao city ZHUANG Kui
Discussion on the cost control of the dam engineering of Xihe hydropower station HOU Qin
The risk identification and prevention of contractors under listing mode LIU Sai
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