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Shanxi Architecture
FQ: 旬刊
AD of Publication: 山西省太原市
Lanuage: 中文;
ISSN: 1009-6825
CN: 14-1279/TU
YP: 1975
Url: 山西省建筑科学研究院
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Shanxi Architecture
2014 -04
The analysis on measurement technology of super high-rise buildings in Kunming and the application of surveying and mapping new technology GONG Zhen-wen;Water Resources and Hydroelectric Power Building College,Yunnan Agricultural University;
Sea structure load-out by winch and research of function requirement of simulation system ZHAO Nai-dong;Installation Company,Offshore Oil Engineering Limited Company by Share;
Se-Ning-Lan long pipeline along types and mechanism of geological disasters HUANG Peng;Petro China Southwest Pipeline Company,Lanzhou Branch of Oil and Gas Transmission;
Stability analysis and preventive countermeasures of Piludong landslide LIU Li-zhi;SU Wen-jun;QIN Mu-qing;China Railway Northwest Science Academy Co.,Ltd;
The slope stability analysis on improvement limit equilibrium method based on catastrophe theory WANG Rui;214 Geology Brigade,Shanxi Geological Prospecting Bureau;
The preliminary research on landslide stability of Qingjiang Huali Kaiyang Guizhou LIANG Feng;ZHANG Wei;Guizhou Geo-environment Monitoring Institute;
On gangue activation method in civil engineering MAO Li-xiang;College of Architecture & Civil Engineering,Taiyuan University of Technology;Shanxi International Electricity Group Co.,Ltd;
Study on the deformation and failure mechanism and engineering control of crush rock high slope SHI Lei-bin;China Petroleum Pipeline Engineering Corporation(CPPE);
Let the pressure hollow shell grouting bolt stress application techniques of large deformation of soft rock tunnel TIAN Zhen-yu;Lanzhou-Xinjiang Railway Gansu-Qinghai Co.,Ltd;
Concerning on the aroma of simple European style furniture LONG Hai-zhao;SHEN Li-ming;Department of Furniture Design and Engineering,Nanjing University of Forestry;Xu Beihong Art College,Shanghai Maritime University;
Shenzhen Luofang wastewater advanced treatment and reuse engineering field test factory membrane treatment system CHENG Peng;ZHOU Ke-zhao;ZHU Min;JIN Yun-hui;Southwest Municipal Engineering Design and Research Institute of China;
The operation experience and management of nitrogen and phosphorus removal blast aeration oxidation ditch process SONG Yu-lan;YANG Yu-bin;Changzhi Water Supply Corporation;
Analysis on purification process design of Guangsheng temple town water plant in Shanxi Hongtong LV Yan-li;Water Supply Design Research Institute,Taiyuan Water Company;
Strength characteristics of cement solidified heavy metal contaminated soils DING Yong;ZHANG Teng-yu;KANG Shuai;ZHAI Fu-ning;School of Environment and Architecture,University of Shanghai for Science and Technology;
Pollution warning summary and implications for radioactive contamination warning KONG Xiang-dong;ZHOU Yu-qing;PANG Jia;Environmental Engineering Quality Supervision Station of Real Estate Management Bureau of Chengdu Military Region;Architectural Design Institute of Chengdu Military Region;
The problem reflection and summarizes of our university gates design WANG Xue-ru;Zhejiang Forestry University;
Discussion on the management of supervision materials XUE Zhi-lin;GAO Huan-ping;Shangxi Construction Supervision Association;Taiyuan Housing and Urban and Rural Construction Commission;
Discussion on E-bidding practice and consideration LIU Jing;Houma Engineering Construction Transaction Center;
Research theory and practice of“three-dimensional”teaching model of architecture mechanics course GAO Hong-mei;ZHAO Yan-lin;MENG Li-yan;DU Wen-xue;JIANG Feng-guo;CHEN Yong;CHEN Jiao;Heilongjiang University of Science and Technology,Institute of Civil Engineering;
Experienced instruction in the course of building structure ZHU Jie;CHUAN Li-jing;ZHOU Xin;School of Mechanics & Civil Engineering,China University of Mining and Technology(Beijing);
Application of ABAQUS in concrete structure curriculum teaching DU Min;ZHAO Yan;Disaster Prevention College of Science and Technology;Major Laboratory of Educational Ministry,City and Engineering Security Disaster Prevention,Beijing University of Industry;
On how to undertake effective lightning protection teaching in the course of Architectural Electronics CHEN Jia-hui;Jiangsu Wuxi Automotive Engineering Secondary Specialized School;
Compilation methods of Richard survey interface file WANG Wei;YIN Li-jun;Hebei Geology and Mineral Bureau 4th Hydraulic Engineering Geology Team;
Application of ground penetrating radar in road defect detection ZHU Ming-yan;DENG Hong-liang;HUANG Dong-hui;FU Si-yuan;College of Building Engineering,Beijing University of Industry;
Discussion on the blasting construction of road earthwork control SHUI Zong-neng;Chongqing Iron and Steel Group Construction Engineering Limited Company;
Numerical simulation study on high speed bullet penetrating concrete target ZHANG Ming-run;ZHANG Yong-xia;ZHANG Tong;LUO Jun;CHANG Ze-wen;Air Force Logistic Department the Air Force Logistic Department of Jinan Military Command;Air Force Logistics Office,Nanjing Military Area;Air Force Engineering Design and Research Bureau;The No. 3 Engineering Department of Air Force Defence;
Discussion on southeast connection line setting in Nanchang hub CHEN Xiao-quan;China Railway Fourth Survey and Design Institute Group Limited Company;
The QC application of demolition existing line turnout and unicom line construction ZHANG Jie;HE Wen-sheng;Second Company,China Railway Three Bureau;
Discussion on turnout seamless of bus passageway ZHANG Yu-hui;Datong Track Division,Daqin Railway Limited Company by Share;
CRTSⅡ slab ballastless track lateral block's configuration design and construction LI Zhong-hua;The Third Railway Survey and Design Institute Group Co.,Ltd;
Numerical analysis on the impact of subway train operation upon environment vibration YUE Hui-ting;SONG Jun-lei;SU Zhi-hui;Zhengzhou Rail Transit Co.,Ltd;Nuclear Industry 5th Design Institute;
Study on corridor scheme design of Qinxian street in Taiyuan city undercrossing east Binhe road GAO Ting-liang;Taiyuan Academy of Municipal Engineering Design;
Discussion on the manufacture and installation technology of waterproof casing of pipe system LI Xiu-li;Equipment Installation First Branch,Shanxi First Construction Group Limited Company;
The application analysis on high performance concrete in road & bridge engineering construction HAN Wei;Tai-Gu Highway Maintenance Center;
Analysis on truck escape ramps accidents WANG Xue-qin;Yicheng Section,Linfen Branch Bureau,Shanxi Highway Bureau;
Research on loading capacity of resonant pavement breaking layer on old cement-concrete pavement ZHANG Ying-xue;DAI Fu-hua;QIN Ren-jie;School of Transportation Engineering,Changsha University of Science and Technology;
On application of dynamic consolidation in construction of road projects WANG Shi-ping;Datong Yong'an Hengda Construction Co.,Ltd;
Analysis on stability and optimize of high embankment slope in Rong-Wu Highway ZHANG Zhi-fa;The Third Railway Survey and Design Institute Group Corporation;
The common diseases and prevention countermeasures of highway engineering sub-grade pavement LI Guo-qing;Shanxi Yuanfang Road & Bridge Group Limited Liability Company;
On application of CGM grouting material in defects repairs in bridges WANG Min;LI Hai-peng;Traffic 5th Brigade of Armed Forces;Armed Forces Traffic Headquarters;
Discussion on health monitoring system existed middle and small span highway network bridge ZHOU Ying-xin;Jing-Qin Management Office,Hebei Highway;
Urban landscape design of tied arch bridge HE Yu-long;GUO Kai-qiang;XU Bai-hui;JIANG Hai-xin;School of Civil Engi.,Northeast Forestry Univ.;
State of art on research and application on bridge health monitoring system LI Zi-hua;Jing-Qin Management Office,Hebei Highway;
Study on index of lateral distribution status intelligent of highway bridge based on strain monitoring data ZHU Min-qing;Jing-Qin Management Office,Hebei Highway;
On surrounding rock consolidation technique for debris flow layer at Zhaobi Mountain's tunnel exit ZHANG Yu-hao;Xi'an Railway Engineering Vocational College;
Construction technology of continuous beam crossing highway of passenger specially railway line YANG Zhi-gang;China Railway 17th Bureau Group 3rd Engineering Co.,Ltd;
Box girder jacking and strengthening of pile foundation settlement of a continuous prestressed concrete bridge LI Wang-hui;HE Yu-hang;FAN Mao-lin;CCCC First Highway Consultants Co.,Ltd;
On construction technique for basket handle arch installation of large-span concrete filled steel tube HONG Yang;Bridge Engineering Co.,Ltd,China Railway Group;
Design and construction of variable cross-section continuous box girder of an extra-large bridge of Yushe hub GUAN Wei;Shanxi Academy of Traffic Science;
Analysis of long span rigid frame arch bridge construction simulation YAO Qing;HAO Ji-feng;ZANG Bin;Shaanxi Province Traffic Planning Design and Research Institute;Shaanxi Tongyu Highway Research Institute Co.,Ltd;
Study on the seismic performance analysis of high-strength lightweight concrete bridge LI Xiao-lan;Beijing CCCC Highway Bridge Construction Supervision Co.,Ltd;
On reasons for common accidents of bored piles and treatment measures CHEN Yong-pai;Hainan Road Engineering Company;
The application of geological radar in advanced geological forecast of subway tunnel LI Bin;Northeast Hubei Geological Brigade;
The study of the disease of main arch ring and reinforcement method of double-curvatured arch bridge MA Yue;LI Ling-jun;Guangxi Transportation Research Institute;China CMCU Engineering Corporation;
The construction technology of four arch tunnel of underground fan room and air duct crossing section YANG Xiu-wen;Second Engineering Limited Liability Company,China Railway 12th Bureau Group;
Analysis on the expansion joint construction technology of Sinan Wujiang three bridge LI Qing-guo;The Bridge Branch of Sichuan Road and Bridge Construction Co.,Ltd;
Overloaded railway prestressed T beam transverse hole accurate positioning construction YU Zhao-yang;2th bureau of China Railway Construction Group Third Engineering Co.,Ltd;
Discussion on the construction technology of highway bridge upper structure JIA Xia-kai;Shanxi Road & Bridge First Engineering Limited Liability Company;
On spatial finite element analysis of joint fatigue test model ZHOU Zu-yong;LIU Liang;Jiangbei District Urban and Rural Construction Committee in Chongqing;China Railway 20th Bureau;
On construction technique of bridge rollover of Liujiahe Lan-Yu railway ZHAO Xiao-bo;No. 5 Engineering Limited Company of CCCC First Harbar Bureau;
On application of boom construction technique for erection of bridges on expressways WANG Yan-wei;Shanxi Road and Bridge Second Engineering Co.,Ltd;
Discussion on the application of column reinforced modularity construction technology in viaduct QIAN Han-jun;Shanghai Aerospace Science & Industry Investment Administration Co.,Ltd;
Discussion on the construction technology of bridge rectangular high pier replicated moulding method CHENG Jian-feng;
On comparison of two coordinate calculation methods CHEN Hong-liang;Taiyuan Tongtu Municipal Engineering Division;
On problems in quality supervision of current road projects and main strategies YU Wei DU Qian;Infrastructure Engineering Quality Supervision Station,Shannxi Traffic Office;
The quality control of asphalt pavement construction of highway FAN Fei;International Traffic Construction Engineering Limited Company,Shanxi Road & Bridge Construction Group;
Diversion tunnel plugging design for upper reservoir of a pumped storage hydropower station SHEN Mei-hong;WU Ping-an;GENG Jing;North China University of Water Resources and Electric Power;
Research on performance of marine concrete by Super Absorbent Polymer added FAN Hai-chao;ZHENG Jun;XING Shuang-jun;Institute of Design Art and Architecture,Zhejiang Wanli University;
Analysis on rainwater collection and utilization scheme of the residential community in Lishui city SHI Jia-nan;College of Arts,Lishui College;
Study on architectural space efficacy on the basis of modern validity theory ZHANG Jun;YI Bo;College of Civil Engineering,Northeast Unviersity of Forestry;College of Building,Harbin University of Industry;
Discussion on the urban system planning of agricultural city with Hailun as an example DONG Jun;CHEN Zhao-ming;Northeast Forestry University;
Research and protection the building of Longchang temple beamless hall in Baohua mountain ZHANG Hui;CHEN Zhuo;Nanjing Industry Vocational and Technical College;Art Institute,Sanjiang University;
Survey on residential environment of the east kiln lane community in Xi'an of shantytowns transformation relocation area YIN Jun;Building Urban and Rural Planning Department of the University of Chang'an;
On collaboration inside with outside for indoor design and architectural design JIANG Yu-xin;GONG Yi-bing;SUN Wen;Material Science and Engineering College,Northeast Forestry University;
The semantic network analysis on humanized factors of commercial pedestrian street DONG Jun;LIAN Xu;Northeast Forestry University;
Discussion on the historical and cultural landscape in Jingdezhen WU Yan-fang;PENG Chong-hua;Central South University of Forestry and Technology;
Study of historic village landscape characteristics based on space syntax SI Gao-yang;ZHANG Ke;SUN Mei-ling;WANG Xin;Landscape Architectural School of Zhejiang A&F University;
On innovation for scheme of Taiyuan Maternal and Child Care Service Center DUAN Jian-jun;ZHAO Qiang;HUAN Hong-qiao;Chen Yifeng Architectural Design Studio,China Architectural Design Institute;
Inquiry on traditional Baozhai building in Hexi Corridor LI Jiang;College of Building and City Planning,Beijing University of Industry;
Research on public resources justice allocation of control regulation revision LIAO Chang-qi;Kunming City Planning and Design Institute;
Inquiry on agricultural science and technology park planning WANG Yu;YANG Fang;Dalian Academy of City Planning & Design;
The enlightenment of Singapore concept planning experience to Chengde city development XIE Rui-xin;Bangcheng (Shanghai) City Planning Consulting Limited Company;
Consideration on XD-11 district controlling planning in Taiyuan center city CHENG Si-yuan;Taiyuan Academy of City Planning & Design;
The research on the stiffening plate wall structure ZHANG Wen-jie;Shanxi Academy of Building Design;
Finite element analysis of bi-steel plate and concrete composite shear wall HUANG Ze-yu;Beihang University;
Study on reducing seismic response of space structure PAN Zhong-yuan;Xinjiang Academy of Building Design;
Analysis on Cancer Hospital structure of Zhongshan Medical University WANG Jin;Nanjing Architectural Design Institute Limited Liability Company;
Discussion on the seismic of house buildings SUN Kai-jiao;Lvliang Construction Engineering Quality Supervision Station;
The resent situation and significance of concrete damage constitutive model research ZHAO Yong-gang;WANG Jing;YANG Shi-jie;Construction Engineering Department,Wuhai Vocational and Technical College;
Application of performance-oriented seismic design method in ultra-limit high-rise building WANG Qiang;DAI Jun-cheng;ZHANG Qi;Huzhou Academy of City Planning & Design;
Discussion and countermeasures of buildings basement structural design WANG Xiao-jun;YANG Jun-ke;Baoji Architectural and Design Institute;
Structural system analysis and load calculation of steel structure corridor WANG Rui;Taiyuan Thermal Design Institute(Co.,Ltd);
The research of internal calculation method of soil nailing force of dynamic construction conditions ZHANG Jun-jie;LIU Ze;College of Civil Engineering,Heilongjiang University of Science and Technology;
The comparison of soft consolidation horizontal loading and preloading method based on abaqus ZHANG Wu-mei;Beijing Aviation Aerospace University;
The construction technology of reserved earthwork second excavation support of support system ZHAO Zhi-long;Shanxi First Construction Group Limited Company;
Mass deep foundation excavation and enclosure construction YAN Dong-liang;China Railway 3rd Bureau Group Building Installation Engineering Co.,Ltd;
The application analysis on pile anchor support structure in deep foundation pit XU Gui-sheng;LIU Yin;Tongliao Traffic Engineering Bureau;
The bolting of anchor support study on a large foundation in an engineering project DENG Zhi-yong;Journal of Zhejiang Business Technology Institute;
Discussion on dynamic test compaction construction WEI Quan-hong;Shanxi Construction Engineering Group Corporation;
The investigation and treatment of influence scope of a under construction cyclone well subsidence area HE Peng;QIN Hong-yan;Qinhuangdao China Soldiers Construction Group Limited Company by Share;
Investigation on deformation behavior of existing metro stations adjacent to foundation pit TANG Fei;ZHOU Xiao-hua;ZHU Yan-bing;Wuhan Metro Group Co.,Ltd;China Railway Siyuan Survey and Design Group Co.,Ltd;
Analysis on composite foundation scheme in Xuchang New District BIAN Chong-jiu;Second Geological Survey Institute,Henan Geology and Mineral Resources Bureau;
European Renaissance wood plastic window style design research WANG Ren-yu;SONG Kui-yan;YAN Yu;Material Science and Engineering College,Northeast Forestry University;
The influence of construction project cost control to design stage LI Mei;Taiyuan Municipal Engineering Design & Research Institute;
On analysis of measures to improve accuracy of engineering budget compilation in projects FAN Xiu-qin;Architectural Installation Company,Fenxi Engineering Construction Co. ,Ltd in Shanxi;
Research on cost management countermeasures of China's construction project based on knowledge LI Jin-hua;CHEN Yong-jian;Economics and Management School,Tianjin Urban Construction University;
Discussion on the reduction measures of project cost GUAN Jiao-lan;Shanxi Third Construction Engineering Company;
Cost management of the whole process of the universities maintenance project JIANG Xin-hui;Infrastructure Department,Hohai University;
The adjustment and influence factors of measures project cost under list mode QI Xiu-rong;Shanxi Government Construction Affairs Administration;
Discussion on the technology measures of project cost control DU Ai-min;Jincheng Zhixinjie Investment Consulting Company;
Discussion on the cost management of construction enterprises WEI Zhi-juan;Shanghai Qiuzhan Construction Engineering Limited Comapny;
Construction enterprise project cost management YUAN Pu;College of Architecture & Civil Engineering,Taiyuan University of Technology;Shanxi Lu'an Mining Group Financing Center;
The responsibility cost management of installation engineering HU Kuan-xin;Construction and Installation Engineering Limited Company,China Railway 12th Bureau Group;
Discussion on how to improve the management level in construction project LIU Jian-jun;Shanxi Water Conservancy Construction Engineering Bureau;
Analysis on destructive static load test of grouting compressive pile BAO Yuan-cheng;GAO Yong-liang;Zhejiang Jiaxing 31 Engineering Detection Limited Company;
Application of silt soft foundation treatment of the yacht dock by vibro-replacement stone column ZHANG Kun;LI Ming-yu;Dalian Dort Construction Supervision Consulting Limited Company;Key Traffic Industry Laboratory of Hydrotechnical Structure Detection,Diagnosis and Reinforcement Technology,Tianjin Water Transport Engineering Science Research Institute,Transportation Department;
Application of whitewash gypsum slurry in interior wall plastering engineering YANG You-qing;China Metallurgy Tiangong Group Co.,Ltd;
Research on construction technique for template engineering in architectural projects QI Hu;Xishan Jinxin Architectural Co.,Ltd;
Introduction to the construction problems and methods of a stadium's steel structure canopy WEN Hong-wu;MA Zhang-yong;ZHANG Peng;Gansu Construction Investment Steel Structure Limited Company;
Application of underground diaphragm wall in Taigang stock yard reconstruction project REN Yu-fang;Shanxi Steel Construction(Group) Co.,Ltd;
Analysis on HVAC design of airport terminal buildings SU Min-fang;Shanxi Architectural and Design Research Institute;
Research on correction methods for household metering for heat consumption for multi-storey buildings LI Guo-bin;CUI Hong;Liaoning Jianzhu Vocational University;
Discussion on the selection methods of low voltage protection apparatus YANG Cai-xia;Shanxi Architectural Design Research Institute;
On principle of Sovent system and its installation technique ZHANG Lv;Construction and Development Co.,Ltd,China Construction First Building Group;
Determination of complicated pumping device pump operation point with programming method SHA Peng-peng;YAO Qing-yun;College of Civil and Hydraulic Engineering,Ningxia University;Ningxia Water-Saving Irrigation and Water Source Control Engineering Technology Research Center;
On ground source heat pump technique and its application CHEN Chang-feng;Property Company,China Railway 12th Bureau Group;
On exploration for heating technique by replacing coal-burned boiler with natural gas boiler LIU Feng-guo;JIN Yang;Energy and Safety Engineering College,Tianjin Chengjian University;
Views on lightning-proof of multi-floor residential building LI Xi-jun;Department of Olefin Project Preparatory,Shanxi Datong Coal Mine Group;
Analysis on water supply scheme in Taiyuan high-tech zone DONG Xiang;Water Supply Design Research Institute,Taiyuan Water Company;
Analysis and countermeasures on reduced pressure in urban water supply FANG Fei-fei;Inner Mongolia Construction Vocational Technical College;
The green building design analysis of Jinshan Shuicheng affordable residential district phase four XU Yong-hua;Zhenjiang Public Housing Investment Construction Co.,Ltd;
The application of energy-saving design standards of new residential building in practice LI Rui;Shanxi Architectural and Design Research Institute;
Learning evaluation standard Construction green buildings ZHANG Bu-hong;JIN Jin-guo;GUAN Zhong;Shuozhou Hongcheng Real Estate Development Company,Datong Coal Mine Group;
The energy saving and environmental protection problems in housing structure design JIA Rui-jie;Shanxi Chemical Design Institute;
Research on the construction of city ecological security capacity and system load DONG Jun;LI Li-wei;Northeast Forestry University;
Research on landscape experience QU Fei;XU Xian-sheng;FU Hui;College of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture,Hainan University;Applied Science and Technology College,Hainan University;
Discussion on indoor greening design and its principle BU Bing-bing;YU Shen;SUN Wen;Materials Science and Engineering School,Northeast Forestry University;
Discussion on construction quality control techniques for embedded parts in Sanmen AP1000 nuclear power station project ZHAO Jian-zhong;WU Wei;State Nuclear Power Engineering Co.,Ltd;
Analysis on common engineering quality testing problems CHEN Tao;Chongqing Construction Engineering Quality Inspection Station;
Discussion on quality control of template support system LI Xiu-feng;Yangquan Bureau of Housing and Construction;
Discussion on the dust problem of coal handling system of power plant SONG Xiao-wei;Inner Mongolia Electric Power Survey and Design Institute;
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