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Shanxi Architecture
FQ: 旬刊
AD of Publication: 山西省太原市
Lanuage: 中文;
ISSN: 1009-6825
CN: 14-1279/TU
YP: 1975
Url: 山西省建筑科学研究院
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Shanxi Architecture
2014 -27
On interpretation of space composition stereotype of Heze Ancient City from astronomy LI Xue-qiang;ZHAO Jing;Shandong Urban Construction Vocational College;Tianjin University;
The application of RTK technology in rural network survey ZHENG Hong-wu;WANG Jie;Panzhihua Garden Department;School of Civil and Architectural Engineering,Panzhihua University;
Significance analysis of gyro-orientation in large-scale pass-through measurement JI Chun-ping;Yicheng Shanghe Coal Industry Co.,Ltd,Yangquan Coal Industry Group;
The stability analysis and prediction research on typical landslide in Three Gorges reservoir area WU Yong;CAO Wu;PENG Xiao-tao;Civil Engineering and Architecture College,Three Gorges University;Northeast Geotechnical Engineering Investigation Corporation;
The causes analysis on groundwater level rise in Taiyuan Jiancaoping Xiangyangdian YAN Dong-mei;Shanxi Geological Engineering Survey Institute;
The analysis and treatment of landslide hazard for certain scenic spot LI Ke;Tongzhou Logistics Co.,Ltd of Wuzhou in Guangxi;
On analysis of key issues on water resources demonstration of groundwater heat pump program ZHOU Chun-hua;REN Jing;WANG Jin-shan;No.2 Geological Environment Survey Institute,Henan Bureau of Geo-exploration and Mineral Development;
Research on recycled aggregate concrete perforated brick technique XU Chuan-jun;Lianyungang Sunshine Beach Property Development Co.,Ltd;
Experimental study on recycling and reuse of concrete waste SHA Sha;Sanjiang University;
The prediction model and application of blasting vibration waveform XU Fang-mei;TANG Jian;Civil Engineering and Architecture College,Shandong University of Science and Technology;China Gezhouba Group Company Limited Chongqing Branch;
Compraison on methods of remote sensing image fusion in pixel level GUO Qiu;LIU He-chun;GUO Sai-hong;Henan Polytechnic University;Jinzhong Vocational & Technical College;Shanxi Huajin Engineering Reconnaissance Ltd;China Chemical Engineering Second Construction Corporation;
Discussion on the application of automatic fire gun extinguishing system LI Jian-ping;Jincheng Coal Group Audit Department;
Installation and management technology of architectural fire-fighting electric PANG Cun-suo;Shanxi 4th Construction Group Fire-Fighting Branch Company;
Risk assessment of traffic operation on the Guang-Shen offshore freeway( the Shenzhen segment) under adverse weather conditions CAI Xiao-nan;CHEN Yong-jun;DENG Cheng-gang;Shanghai Jiaotong University;Shenzhen Expressway Co.,Ltd;
On safety management status of engineering construction and strategies LAI Cheng-guang;WANG Zhou-yi;Airport Camp Division of China Airforce South Sea Fleet;Nautical School,Guangdong Ocean University;
Discussion on tourism city toilets planning taking Changbai Mountain Chibei district for example YAN Jin;Jilin Urban Planning and Design Research Institute;
Key construction technology of civil radon governance using soil depressurization method LI Shou-kun;Tihome Construction Development Co.,Ltd;
Discussion on our construction industry garbage industrialization from international experience LIU Su-le;Architecture and Engineering School,Nantong University;
On the secondary combination weighting fuzzy evaluation method in water quality assessment application MENG Li;LIU Yang;School of Municipal and Environmental Engineering,Shenyang Jianzhu University;
Risk assessment of metro station construction based on improved Fuzzy AHP DENG Yan-sheng;LIANG Shi-ju;Shanghai Telsafe Engineering Technology Co.,Ltd;Luoyang Normal University;
Analysis on Xi'an traffic congestion and discussion on optimizing measures LI Xin-wei;Sichuan Agricultural University;
On structural repair experience of high-pile wharf after collision and innovation REN Wei;LIU Xian-peng;Tianjin Communication Transportation and Port Administrative Bureau;Transport Industry Key Lab of Detection,Diagnosis and Consolidation Technique,Tianjin Port and Waterway Engineering Academy,Ministry of Transport;
CFG pile composite foundation in road of the profile design and application of soft foundation problem LI Xue-chen;WANG Bin;ZHU Wen-wei;LIU Yong-peng;Yunnan Construction Engineering Steel Structure Co.,Ltd;Civil Engineering College,Southwest Forestry University;
Research on slope and landslide treatment method of mountain highway KUANG Guang-hong;Guizhou Highway Group Limited Company;
The landslide treatment scheme of a expressway K192 +680~K192 +840 section high slope BI Hong-yan;Shanxi Pingyang Road & Bridge Limited Company;
On construction of sand low liquid limit clay roadbed on expressways FAN Si-kang;Pingyao People's Hospital;
On role of penetrated oil layer and its construction points LIU Ya-xing;Shanxi Zhenxing Road Supervision Co.,Ltd;
On ideas for construction of widening and rebuilding design for roads LIANG Chun-chao;Hainan Road Survey and Design Institute;
Finite element analysis for differential settlement and control techniques of road widening SUN Yang;GUO Yong-jian;CCCC Ruitong Road & Bridge Maintenance Technology Co.,Ltd;Qingdao Guoxin Jiaozhou Bay Traffic Co.,Ltd;
Research on common problems and countermeasures in municipal roads construction ZHANG Yuan-qi;Taiyuan Municipal Engineering Corporation;
Research on the technology efficiency and influence factors of highway LIU Jian-jun;Shanxi Road & Bridge Second Engineering Limited Company;
The application research of new asphalt pavement structures in China LIU Jun-xia;Shanxi Traffic Construction Engineering Supervision Corporation;
Large deformation of tunnel surrounding rock and the secondary lining crack stability analysis CHEN Yong-ming;College of Urban Planning and Architectural Design,Hunan City University;
The exploration on construction method of paste and reinforcement of lower bridge using aramid fiber cloth SHI Yu-zhu;Shanxi Road & Bridge First Engineering Limited Company;
The cost optimization of bridge maintenance and reinforcement project in operation period XU Wei;China Ocean University;
Finite element analysis of Illite soft rock railway tunnel excavation LI Peng;Taiyuan Municiple Public Engineering Quality Supervision Station;
On anti-seismic measures for simply-supported beam bridge of high intensity mountainous roads ZHU Jiang;Road Planning,Survey and Design Institute,Sichuan Communication Department;
Research on collapse prevention technology of highway tunnel WEI Ping-kuan;Shanxi Highway Bureau;
The design analysis on new and old steel terminal building viaduct connecting bridge in Zhongchuan airport ZHANG Wei-hua;TIAN Feng;Lanzhou Petrochemical Vocational Technology College;Gansu Road & Bridge Construction Group Limited Company;
The numerical simulation of arch culvert displacement and vertical soil pressure LIU Xi-yang;Hubei Danjiangkou Yuantong Highway Maintenance Construction Limited Company;
The construction technology of bridge rotation method GAO Chun-sheng;Shanxi Highway Engineering Quality Inspection Center;
Research on prevention maintenance of concrete bridges on expressways WANG Yi;QU Zhi;Suizhou-Yueyang Expressway Administrative Division,Hubei Transport Department;
Research on static load test of a continuous beam bridge LI Zhong-zhou;XIE Wen-chang;CCCC Road & Bridge East China Engineering Limited Company;Changsha Science and Technology University;
On construction technique for reconstruction of transverse tunnels into main tunnels at Qiandouquan Tunnel along Lvliang-Linxian Railway DENG Jing;The Fourth Company,China Railway 20th Group;
Influence of the pier top cast-in-place length on diaphragm beam CHENG Wen;JIA Yan-min;SONG Yu-bao;College of Civil Engineering,Northeast Forestry University;
The cantilever method linear control of large span pre-stressed concrete continuous rigid frame bridge ZHU Ming-xing;Guizhou Traffic Construction Engineering Testing Center Limited Liability Company;
Study on technology during road greening construction WANG Lei;HUANG Lei;YU Min;College of Garden,Henan University of Science and Technology;Tongji University;College of Information and Business,Zhongyuan University of Technology;
Quality control and detection of municipal road DU Xi-ping;Taiyuan Zhuxin Municipal Engineering Detection Co.,Ltd;
Analysis on construction quality management of highway asphalt pavement XU Wei-xing;Shanxi Road & Bridge Second Engineering Limited Company;
Research on application of value engineering in construction cost control of bridge projects HU Bo;No.2 Engineering Co.,Ltd,China Railway 12th Bureau Group;
The safety management of Elephant Trunk Hill Hydropower Station diversion power generation system excavation engineering JIN Hai-bin;The Sixth Company,China Gezhouba Group;
Discussion on the integration of urban and rural planning and architectural design REN Hong-bo;Lvliang Construction Safety Management Station;
Analysis on the relationship of Hong Kong Mong Kok outdoor advertisements and city commercial space WU Jin;HUANG Wei-lin;LI Xiao-jiao;Guangzhou College,South China University of Technology;Huayang International Design Group;Shenzhen New Town Planning and Architectural Design Limited Company;
The simply introduction of a top three medical technology building design WANG Jing;Shanxi Architectural and Design Research Institute;
Discussion on the protection and reuse of industrial building heritage combining with eastern Chengdu Music Park TANG Tian;Southwest Jiaotong University;
Some thoughts on ancient building repair ZHANG Peng;Taiyuan Cultural Relics and Archaeology Institute;
On application of Chinese traditional culture in current building design ZHANG Fan;Shanxi Kadi Architectural Design and Planning Co.,Ltd;
The design analysis on a commercial building structure ZHANG Jin-bao;ZHANG Fan;CHEN Lei;Tianjin Architectural Design Institute;
Discussion on the static elastic and plastic analysis CHEN Min;Guiyang Construction Survey and Design Limited Company;
Structure analysis of hot water storage pool wall WANG Xuan;ZHAO Xing-ming;College of Hydraulic and Civil engineering,Shandong Agricultural University;
On calculation application of cantilever outrigger design of high-rise residential buildings LI Tie-zhu;LI Feng-feng;Pingyao Real-estate Management Bureau of Shanxi;Aerospace College,Harbin Institute of Technology;
Research on high-strength concrete site detection technology methods HOU Gao-feng;Anhui and Huai River Water Resources Research Institute;Anhui Province Center for Quality Supervision & Test of Building Engineering;
Characteristic analysis of mega-frame suspended vibration reduction structures SONG Dan-dan;ZHANG Tao-tao;TAN Rong;College of Civil Engineering,Southeast University;Nanjing Zhihui Xincheng Engineering Administration Co.,Ltd;
The overall stability analysis on single layer spherical reticulated shell KANG Li;LIU Zheng;Shandong Commerce and Technology Institute;Shandong Jiangu Special Engineering Limited Company;
Engineering application and prospect of CFST in high-rise building DUAN Xiu-bin;XI Ai-bin;ZHANG Wei-song;CHENG Juan;YU Chuan-peng;National Nuclear Power Planning & Design Academy;
On foundation consolidation construction technique of high-voltage tower at Antuo Mountain FENG Xing-ren;Sinohydro Bureau 7th Co.,Ltd;
Research on foundation pit engineering support design of a hyperbaric chamber YIN Zhen-jiang;YIN Xiao-yi;Construction Engineering Department,Binzhou University;
On lien and blocking measures of dewatering well steel water drum in deep foundation pits ZHAO Ju-xian;WANG Yun-xia;ZHAO Ju-zhao;Handan Construction Group Co.,Ltd;Handan No.1 Architectural and Engineering Co.,Ltd;Handan Zhongtai Architectural Installation Co.,Ltd;
On supervision on urban horizontal displacement and accuracy analysis of deep foundation pit based on method of small angle measurement HE Hui;LI Dong-dong;ZHANG Shao-wei;Architectural Engineering College,Xi'an Technological University;
Analysis on the foundation support design and construction in Nanjing YU Ping;WU Yan;Jiangxi Geology Engineering ( Group) Co.,Ltd;
Research on numeric simulation of pressure dispersive anchoring bearing plate reasonable distance WANG Hao;HONG Liang;Anhui Communication Planning Design Institute Co.,Ltd;
The application of pre-stressed anchor retaining pile in deep foundation pit support WANG Zhi-yuan;Hongyuan Engineering Construction Limited Liability Company,Datong Coal Mine Group;
On analysis of well dewatering construction points YIN Sheng-nan;3th Engineering Bureau Co.,Ltd,China City Construction Holding Group Company;
Analysis of the influence on bearing capacity of foundation by water table rise LU Ya-bing;LI Chun-bo;AVIC Geotechnical Engineering Institute Co.,Ltd;
The application discussion of Larsen steel sheet pile in Taihua foundation pit support engineering WU Wen-sheng;Shanxi Hongxia First Construction Limited Liability Company;
Discussion on deep foundation pit excavation and supporting problems in Datong GAO Zhan-suo;Shanxi Datong Surveying and Mapping Institute;
Research on experiments of application of vibro-replacement stone column in weak liquefied formation WANG Li-bo;Shandong Power Engineering Consultancy Co.,Ltd;
The characteristics of Dandong coastal plain mucky soil and its application in engineering NIU Ming-zhi;Dandong City Water Conservancy Survey and Design Institute;
On foundation consolidation mechanism and construction of post-grouting bored piles HU Xue-ting;Jinzhong Branch,Shanxi Road Bureau;
Discussion on construction quality control of large diameter bored piles ZHANG Jia-hui;QI Zhen;Engineering and Research Design Institute,Shenyang Military Area Command Department;
On design for socketed pile of rock foundation and its construction precautions ZHANG Zhi-xin;Shanxi Architectural Design Research Institute;
Research on bearing capacity characteristics of post grouting on bored pile end and pile side ZHOU Ya-jun;Wuhan Geological Survey and Foundation Engineering Co.,Ltd;
The influence analysis of deep foundation pit excavation to adjacent buildings HAO Jian-jun;Coal Industry Taiyuan Design and Research Institute;
On consolidation and pore-forming technique of sleeve valve and high pressure jet grouting pile at tail slag filling area CHEN Zhi-qiang;SUN Xiao-yang;Zhengzhou Branch,Overall Contract Company,China Construction Third Engineering Bureau;Overall Contract Company,China Construction Eighth Engineering Bureau;
Application of altering seepage direction and increasing slope stability in foundation excavation ZHU Han-xin;Tai'an Dahe Reservoir Administration Department;
The impact analysis of excavation to the adjacent pile foundation YAO Jin-mei;ZHANG Shi-ling;The Engineering Technical College of Chengdu University of Technology;
On reasons for broken pile defects of bored piles and their prevention DUAN Xiao-qiang;Shanxi No.2 Road and Bridge Engineering Co.,Ltd;
Research on mechanical vibration compaction method treatment of coastal large area reclamation sandy soil ZHENG Qian;WANG Chun;GAO Xiang-yang;Dongying Surveying and Mapping Institute;
Some supplementary key points in steel pipe scaffold design construction WANG Xiang-dong;Shanxi Anyu Construction Supervision Limited Company;
The masonry construction technology of cut type coke oven heat storage chamber YIN Gao-feng;MCC Tiangong Group Limited Company;
The construction of HDPE double wall corrugated pipe XING Dong-bo;Chinese Municipal Engineering Northwest Design & Research Institute Limited Company;
On application of high-strength concrete in architectural construction LI Wei;Shanxi Construction Engineering( Group) Corporation;
On exploration for electrolytic plate construction craft HUANG Chun-shui;Shanxi Fourth Construction Group Co.,Ltd;
Research on the influence of fly ash amount to the performance of self compacting concrete ZHOU Tai-lang;YU Jian-jie;YANG Wei-kang;LIU Sheng-hui;QU Run-cai;Civil Engineering College,Nanchang Aviation University;
On role of chemistry-excitation on grounded furnace slag activity CHEN Ming-yu;Xinjiang Fukang West Construction Co.,Ltd;
The research status of concrete early shrinkage DUAN Xiao-fang;LIU Hai-tao;QIAO Qin-qin;Nantong Radio and TV University;Langfang Polytechnic Institute;
On stormwater management of Summer Palace's back mountain in LID's view point FANG Yuan;ZHANG Zhuo-lin;Beijing University;Beijing Turen Urban Planning Design Co.,Ltd;
Research on preheating temperature based on DN1 200 buried heating pipelines LU Hong-mei;Taiyuan Heating Power Co.,Ltd;
The water supply scheme of Taiyuan Xishan suburban forest park DONG Xiang;Taiyuan Water Supply Design Institute Limited Company;
The application of electric preheating in single directly buried heating pipeline without compensation LI Ni-na;Shanxi Lu'an Engineering Limited Company;
Discussion on water quality control of ferronickel smelting cooling circulating water in tropical area WEI Li-guo;LI Ya-qing;Taiyuan University of Technology;Taiyuan Urban Planning and Design Research Institute;
Discussion on outdoor drainage design of large underground garage area LIU Zhi-yuan;Zhengzhou Architectural Design Institute;
Discussion on water supply planning & design of Taiyuan industrial new district LV Yan-li;Taiyuan Water Supply Design Institute Limited Company;
On exploration of improving combustion efficiency of heating boilers HOU Hong-xia;Pingwang Logistics Management Company,Datong Coal Mine Group of Shanxi;
The design and technology of municipal water supply and drainage pipeline layout WANG Fang;Taiyuan Municipal Engineering Design & Research Institute;
The successful experience of the construction of University of Pennsylvania's public art WANG He;Architectural College,Tianjin University;
On reconstruction planning design for village in city of Nanhan Village WANG Li-li;PENG Jun;Shanxi Architectural Design Research Institute;Shanxi Vocational and Technical College;
The reflection of sense of belonging of residents in Runchi oasis residential landscape design WANG Chao;ZHOU Chen;Hunan Agricultural University;
On application of imagery language in children's spatial interface LIU Xin-rui;MAO Bai-tao;Design College,Jiangnan University;
On exploration for related problems for fire-fighting design of high-rise buildings JIN Tao;Houma Architectural Design Institute;
Reconstruction of the street landscape core area in Taiyuan city QI Wen-fei;Taiyuan Architectural Design Research Institute;
Research on spatial environment planning of municipal square in modern cities GUO Yu;Xinyang Agricultural College;
Discussion on heating energy saving new technology and its application CHEN Peng;Taiyuan Heating Power Company;
A variable structure design scheme suitable for near south window in north area WANG Tian-peng;Architecture and Urban Planning College,Lanzhou Jiaotong University;
Research on energy saving of heating system operation regulation ZHANG Ni-na;Taiyuan Heating Power Company;
On design points for landscape artistic for garden pavement performance LU Yi;SUN Yan;College of Landscape Architecture,Northeast Forestry University;
How the form language of modern painting impact on modern landscape design CHEN Fu-qun;Fine Art Academy,Hunan Normal University;
The deformation observation technology and method in engineering construction WEI Yan-xia;The Yellow River Upstream Hydropower Development Limited Company;
The thinking on quality control of construction engineering roof waterproof WANG Xiao-jun;Shanxi Hongtong Housing and Urban and Rural Construction Management Bureau;
Discussion on the quality control in landscape greening construction ZHANG Jian;Nanjing Municipal Management Office;
Discussion on how to well promote the development of supervision industry CUI Xiao-dong;Shanxi Anyu Construction Supervision Limited Company;
On aesthetic material factors of modern architectural decoration with Harbin as an example HU Yuan-yuan;Wuxi City College of Vocational Technology;Wuxi Environment Science and Engineering Research Center;
The research and analysis on painting art in Chinese traditional wooden structure architecture ZONG Guang-gong;TAN Xiang-dong;MA Jun;Materials Science and Engineering School,Northeast Forestry University;
Discussion on the matters needing attention of site management in cost aspect LI Qing-ye;Shanxi Hengxin Engineering Cost Consulting Limited Company;
The comparative analysis on reinforcement content of water pool( pump) engineering YANG Tao;Changchun Urban Construction Engineering School;
Discussion on the engineering cost control in design stage HE Feng-yi;Shanxi Zhixinda Engineering Supervision Limited Company;
Discussion on cost control problems and countermeasures of airport construction project HU Da-tao;School of Economics & Management,Changsha University of Science & Technology;
On influence of consultation for engineering cost in preparation period on cost control WANG Jing;Chongqing Industry Polytechnic College;
Research on incremental investment risk of green commercial buildings TANG Hua;ZHANG Yan;Zhejiang Tongren Green Architectural Science and Technology Co.,Ltd;Zhejiang Underground Architectural Design Institute;
Thinking on the problem of building owners based on bidding process LEI Qin-lun;Shanxi Pingyao Transportation Bureau;
On innovation and application of equipment installation techniques of civil buildings SHI Qiang;Shandong Lurunzhiheng Engineering Management Co.,Ltd;
Research on higher vocational Landscape Architectural Design curriculum standard LIU Fang;Xinjiang Career Technical College;
How to make the construction technology data more timely perfect ZHANG Jing-liang;Shanxi Construction Engineering ( Group) Corporation;
Discussion on cost control and project manager management in municipal engineering WAN Xiao-jun;Jiangsu Agriculture and Forestry Polytechnic College;
Bibliometric analysis on research of building monolithic moving in China LI Qi-lian;WANG Xiao;School of Civil Engineering,Hebei University of Science and Technology;
The optimization key points of site construction organization design GUO Jin-zhong;Shanxi Third Construction Engineering Company;
The teaching process control reform of 3D MAX architecture modeling course HE Jie;SUN Yue-jie;Architecture School,Henan Science and Technology University;
Discussion on the engineering project quality management CHEN Chang-wei;Economics and Management School,Xi'an Petroleum University;Audit Department,Yanchang Oilfield Limited Company by Share;
Discussion on teaching reform of Building Decoration Structure and Construction course CHEN Huai-liang;WANG Jue;Jiangsu Engineering Career Technical College;Nantong Vocational College;
Discussion on corridor control planning management of Taiyuan large infrastructure NING Ya-ping;Taiyuan City Planning and Design Institute;
On importance of architectural construction technique management GUO Liang;Shanxi Sixth Group Co.,Ltd;
Discussion on the audit work of municipal engineering schedule settlement LI Jian-xia;Taiyuan Construction Engineering Budget and Settlement Audit Center;
On contract service scope and management responsibilities of program management and engineering supervision QU Wei-wei;Taiyuan Housing Security Center;
On necessity of establishing system of professional qualification of registered fire engineers YAN Ying-fang;Taiyuan Construction Engineering Group Co.,Ltd;
Discussion on the effective strategies of engineering building management and construction quality improvement CUI Yu-mei;Shanxi Changzhi Pingshun County Housing and Urban and Rural Construction Administration;
On application of technical saving measures in housing construction ZHOU Xin-yue;College of Polytechnics,Xichang College;
Research on risk management of overall contract for electric power projects WANG Li-juan;Fourth Company of Shanxi Electric Power Construction,China Energy Construction Group;
The application of frequency conversion speed governor and selection MA Gang;Taiyuan Thermal Power Corporation;
On problem analysis of cost control in electric projects and its solutions WANG Zhe;Shanxi Industrial Equipment Installation Co.,Ltd;
The influence of monetary policy to real estate market LV Fu-peng;Shenyang Construction University;
Research on slope erosion of small rivers in loess area YE You-feng;WANG Ying;Shangnan County Bureau of Water Supplies;
On strategies for erosion treatment at upper stream of Luofu River GUO Qi;HOU Hai-ying;Huayin Water Reservation Bureau;
On development status of Qinyuan Hydropower Station and development channels NIE Qin-mei;Qinyuan Water Conservancy Bureau;
On green marketing strategies for furniture products ZHU Yi;YU Shuang;Materials Science and Engineering College,Northeast Forestry University;
Discussion on the fire protection safety management system of modern museum WANG Xiao-ming;Shanxi Museum;
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