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Shanxi Architecture
FQ: tri-monthl
AD of Publication: China
Lanuage: English
ISSN: 1009-6825
CN: 14-1279/TU
YP: 1975
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Shanxi Architecture
2016 -22
On urban green land information extraction based on remote-sensing images Wang Fei;Shanxi Agricultural University;
On curve design and measurement with polar coordinate method and its error analysis Zhang Ruihua;Taiyuan Jinwantong Road Survey and Design Co.
Discussion on the safety production in surveying and mapping work Han Ji;Xi Zhifang;Wuxi Surveying and Mapping Institute Limited Liability Company;
Study on geological disaster preventing countermeasures of Linzhi-Bomi section in national road G318 Jiang Yu;Wang Yongqiang;College of Industry
The situation and prevention about geological disaster Zhongfang county of Hunan province Zuo Wengui;Hu Xueyang;Wang Dianyi;Wang Shuangcheng;School of Geosciences and Info-Physics
The application of integrated geophysical prospecting in water passage exploration Si Yinnv;Xi'an Research Institute Limited Company
Several delivery modes and reservoir-formed models of oil-gas reservoir in Datong basin Du Fei;Shanxi Geology Survey Bureau No.217 Geology Office;
The application and research of shallow artificial earthquake in the Jin-Huo fault Xue Xiaodong;Earthquake Administration of Shanxi Province;
The study on microstructure and engineering properties of heavy metal contaminated soil Song Zezhuo;College of Earth Science and Engineering
The technological innovation to improve the coring drilling efficiency of vertical core drilling rig rope Zheng Hao;Shanxi Coal Geology and Hydrology Exploration Research Institute;
The related thinking on performance and development of cement concrete admixture Wang Qiang;Shanxi Eighth Construction Group Limited Company;
Research on defects and improvement measures of foam concrete Liu Ning;Jiangsu Normal University;
The importance analysis on hydrology geology to coal mine prevention and control water work Han Xu;Shanxi Coal Geology and Hydrology Exploration Research Institute;
Study on land reclamation planning and engineering tailings of iron ore open-pit mining Zhao Cunwei;Handan City Guangkai Land Planning Design Co.
Analysis of China's civil building construction safety situation Zhang Yue;School of Civil Engi.
Research on the treatment status and comprehensive utilization of building waste in Jiaxing Zheng Qiaoli;Chen Lu;Li Jingjing;Zhejiang College
Study on the structure scheme of deep shaft in subway long tunnel Xu Weiwei;Shenyang Railway Survey Design Consulting Company Limited;
The sliding collapse treatment and disease prevention of mountain railway cutting slope Peng Jianguo;Guangdong Local Railway Limited Liability Company;
On influential factors of settlement section height of piled embankment plane soil arch Wang Junjun;Ji Jiquan;Jincheng College
On measures for extension joint quality of concrete box culvert Kong Minjie;Hefei City Planning Design and Research Institute;
On management and maintenance of water-supply and drainage pipelines of municipal roads Sun Lan;Xinzhou Municipal Engineering Management Division;
Finite element analysis of laws of high fill embankment settlement deformation Zhang Lijun;Hou Yaling;Shanxi Centre Architectural Engineering Design & Research Institute
Analysis on construction technology of reinforced soil treatment in transition section of road and bridge engineering Su Yuzhang;Henan Highway Engineering Bureau Group Limited Company;
Inquiry on highway engineering subgrade construction quality control technology Yang Zhifang;Shanxi Jinzhong Highway & Bridge Construction Group Co.
Static risk description model of two-lane highway intersections Wang Weili;Ye Qing;Guizhou Transportation Planning Survey & Design Academe Co.
On construction standardization strategies on highways Liu Xuejun;Shanxi Jincheng Road and Bridge Construction Co.
Inquiry on some specific issues of implementing unblocked traffic project for rural road Wu Feng;Hefei Rural Road Administration Bureau;
Study of the technologies and application effect of fog seal maintenance Luo Jun;The Bridge South China Engineering Co.
On culvert jacking technique and its application under road pipe-shed support Yuan Jianping;Henan Zhongyu Road and Bridge Engineering Co.
On manual survey methods and evaluation of cement-concrete roadbed damage Du Xiafei;Shanxi Changzhi Road Survey and Design Institute;
The construction technology of high speed hydraulic ramming machine reinforcement roadbed Huang Yongchao;Shanxi Road and Bridge First Engineering Limited Liability Company;
Research on sub-grade compaction parameters correlation and improved soil control index Tao Jihong;Taiyuan Traffic Construction Engineering Quality and Safety Supervision Station;
The effectiveness analysis on cutting slope and reducing load measures of shallow buried and unsymmetrical pressure soil tunnel Xiong Zhonggui;Guizhou Highway Engineering Group Limited Company;
On analysis of demolition of old prestressed concrete T-shaped stiff bridges Ye Xianliang;Guizhou Expressway Group Co.
On key technical analysis of external prestressed design Ouyang Ming;Hubei Communications Planning Institute;
On design and calculation of reaction support in test of double-wall steel cofferdam truss support model Chen Yu;Chongqing Jiaotong University;
Discussion on effective length factor of pile type bridge pier Zhu Baohua;Zhang Jinrui;Shandong Province Design and Planning Institute;Hunan Province Communications Planning
On comprehensive treatment technique of diseases in operated tunnels Zheng Shunqiang;Xinyang Track Maintenance Division
Research on the control technology of large deformation of soft rock tunnel with high ground stress Chen Deyun;Wu Yalei;Wenzhou Xinda Traffic Engineering Test Detection Limited Company;Highway College
On treatment techniques for existing tunnel diseases Ding Yabin;Xinyang Track Maintenance Division
Discussion on the design and application of No. 0 and No. 1 block bracket of cantilever cast in place continuous beam Huang Jian;China Railway 10th Group Northwest Engineering Limited Company;
The application of full computer multi arm jumbo in mountain highway tunnel Yang Jianmin;Shanxi Traffic Science Institute;
Research on optimization of cable tensions of dead load state for asymmetric single pylon cable-stayed bridge Liu Ludong;Yan Quansheng;School of Civil Engineering and Transportation
Application of heating cable melting-ice technology in lateral tunnel sulcus freeze injury treatment Quan Guangxue;Xinyang Business Section
Research on the key technology of highway bridge high pier construction Qiao Jinbao;Houma Municipal Engineering Corporation;
The pre-stressed technology application in highway bridge construction Jin Tao;Jincheng Highway Limited Liability Company;
Exploration on easing traffic congestion in Kunming city Ren Chaofeng;Handan Branch
Analysis on cost control of highway construction enterprises Xue Yanxia;Chenyu Company
Analysis of safety evaluation methods used in highway engineering construction process Hou Dengfeng;Shaanxi Baoji Highway Administration;
The application of Excel in the tunnel over and under excavation Yang Xuefeng;China Building Civil Engineering Construction Limited Company;
Analysis of earth-rock dam slope stability of a reservoir project in Tibet Yao Li;Li Bingni;Bai Xingfeng;Tibet Hydropower Planning and Design Institute;
Inquiry on the campus landscape planning design on the basis of “spongebob city”concept Xu Jin;Chen Zerui;College of Design Arts
Impact on the safety of dikes and corresponding countermeasures of cross buildings formed by public facilities Luo Lun;Guangdong Survey and Design Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower;
Design and application of building seismic isolation and energy dissipation Liu Ruiqiang;College of Civil Engineering
Overview on mechanical connecting bamboo pile technology performance Shu Wen;Yang Xiaoyu;College of Building Science & Engineering
The study of experiment method with undisturbed soil on failure mechanism of half section pile of the CEP pile Qian Yongmei;Liang Songting;Wang Ruozhu;Jin Yujie;Jilin Jianzhu University;Jilin Structure and Earthquake Resistance Technology Innovation Center;
Analysis on equipment structural dynamic Yan Hualin;China Huadian Engineering Group Limited Company;
Construction technology of two kinds of different mechanical equipment used in the hole filling pile Zhao Liujian;China Construction First Bureau Group First Construction Company Limited;
On well dewatering under mixing piles and nailing and shotcrete support Wang Shuqiang;Taiyuan Municipal Public Facilities Management Office;
The application of the Flat Dilatometer Test in foundation pit investigation Nie Jianwei;The 14th Metallurigical Construction of Yunnan Survey and Design Co.
On the irregular behavior and countermeasures of geotechnical investigation Bai Jing;No.3 Bureau of China Metallurgical Geology Bureau;
The role of hydrology geology in geotechnical investigation Li Wenwen;Shanxi Coal Geology and Hydrology Exploration Research Institute;
The application of CFG in civil engineering construction process Wang Qianhua;The 8th Shanxi Construction Group Company Limited;
Discussion on the building settlement of occlusive pile pile-forming construction in soft soil stratum Zhao Kunzhu;Shijiazhuang Housing Maintenance Fund Management Center;
The estimation research on CFG pile composite foundation bearing capacity in A6 geotechnical engineering Zhang Shaojun;212 Geological Team
The quality control and installation technology of glass curtain wall construction Shang Jun;Shanxi Fourth Construction Group Limited Company;
The construction technology of high rise building main structure Hu Fengwei;Shanxi Fifth Construction Group Limited Company;
The application of GBF bamboo core built-in mold technology in large scale shopping mall and garage roof Wang Zhiyong;Shanxi Second Construction Group Limited Company;
On construction techniques for pipe jacking crossing Zhang Da;Shanxi Industrial Equipment Installation Co.
Discussion on construction methods of downfall-step insulating decoration line Lian Shufang;Shanxi 3rd Building Engineering Company;
Study on comprehensive leakage treatment of subway station Li Jing;Tianjin Coastal Fast-Traffic Development Co.
Discussion on construction technology of construction engineering mass concrete Jia Bingshan;Li Zongzhi;Shijiazhuang City Construction Investment Holding Group Limited Company;
Experimental research of waste rubber powder improving early anti-cracking performance of cement concrete Cui Zhihao;Lu Faqiang;Huang Kaijie;Lu Yongyang;Nanjing Vocational College of Traffic;
Research survey of fiber modified self-compaction concrete performance Wang Jun;Li Ting;College of Civil Engineering
Study on foundation wet shotcrete laboratory mixing proportion of Beijing Feng Hongchao;Zhang Zhaoran;Jiao Weigang;Guo Yixian;Han Pengfei;Zhang Yang;Beijing Survey & Design Academy Co.
On dynamic performance tests of slag and fly ash concrete Yu Guixia;Jianghai Vocational College;
Research on fire performance design problems of large commercial complex Zhou Chuanhua;Sanming Police Fire Brigade;
On design analysis of power supply and distribution system of hospitals Hou Lianlian;Lvliang Architectural Survey and Design Institute;
Discussion on the household metering indoor heating system form Wu Xiaoyuan;Jinzhong Architectural Design and Survey Institute;
Discussion on the common problems in HVAC design He Min;Wu Xue;Jinan Civil Air Defense Design and Construction Research Institute Limited Company;Jinan Xincheng Holding Real Estate Development Limited Company;
On heat transfer analysis of CL exterior walls Liu Peng;Wang Aihua;Zhang Haibo;Bincheng District Water Conservancy Bureau in Binzhou of Shandong Province;
The analysis and research on global patent technology of energy saving glass curtain wall Huang Jiaxin;Wu Qun;Beijing Center
Research advances and engineering application of low-carbon building Wang Jieni;Shi Xiaodong;Jiangsu Jiangnan Building Technology Development Corporation;Jiangsu Jianke Construction Supervision Limited Company;
Discussion on native plant landscape construction with different functional areas of Hengyang new countryside Yang Xisheng;Tang Guo;School of Design and Art
On inspection's control over concrete construction quality Chen Zhong;Yanggao County Architectural Design Office in Shanxi;
Immigration culture under the influence of Harbin modern architectural decorative art forms Zhang Xiaotong;Wan Hui;School of Material Science and Engineering College
The analysis of community empowerment'effect on public place planning in Taiwan Danshui Old Street Peng Yuhuan;Jiang Longbo;Huang Ruimao;Architecture School
The planning and design of new energy Auto Industry Park in Hohhot Jinshan Development Zone Quan Liumei;Anhui Institute of Architectural Design Co.
Study on design method of architectural department Yu Shaoqiao;Li Jingming;Zeng Jianxiong;College of Architecture and Urban Planning
The application discussion of GIS technology in ancient village protection planning Cheng Jungang;Wang Yue;Meng Jianxin;Tianjin Urban Construction University;
Researches on the planning of mountain scenic area from the perspective of regional cultural resources Zhang Peng;Shanxi Urban and Rural Planning and Design Institute;Economics and Management School
On industrial buildings adhering to architectural essence Fu Dongyan;Sinopec Engineering Incorporation;
The Wufu Manchu paraphrase plaque of Six Western Palaces of the Imperial Palace Zhang Jie;Ancient Architecture Department
Design of swimming pool of Shimao Carnival Yacht Club in Wuhan Zhao Zhenhua;Zhongxin Building Design Academy Headquarter Co.
On architectural design of civil-defense basement Jia Xiaoli;Shanxi Architectural Design Institute;
Discussion on the inheritance and reconstruction of characteristics folk villages taking Gubei water town as an example Yue Xiaojing;Zhou Xuejiang;China Urban Planning & Design Institute;
On coordinative land use of rural and urban areas in Lixin County under “the coordination of urban plan and land use plan” Jiang Wei;Hefei Planning and Design Institute;
Landscape visual evaluation and protection strategy research in Jianxi District of Luoyang City industrial heritage district Xu Shanshan;Zhang Hui;Kang Lei;Henan University of Science and Technology;
Study on cold city landscape design and design principles Hu Qiaoyu;Wang Tianyi;Xu Jinqian;College of Civil Engineering
On application of variable space design in medium and small houses Zhou He;Shen Shuting;Fu Yimeng;Zhang Zhengtian;Chen Huimin;Jiaxing College;
On planning design for residential complexes based on open cities Liao Qinghua;College of Architectural Engineering
On landscape planning design for Changshan River and Phoenix River in Zhenjiang Yang Jie;Shanghai Daotian Landscape Engineering Consultancy Co.
Contrast analysis on the wall structural calculations of multi-ribbed house-style grain barn and traditional house-style barn Song Hongling;Ding Yonggang;Qiao Haole;Shao Hao;Design and Research Academy
The current development and research status of engineering structural optimization Zhang Pengfei;School of Civil Engineering
Research on the connection technology of BM block filling wall in frame structure Gu Hongwei;Liu Shuibing;Yang Laiqi;Heping Cun Retired Cadres Housing Construction Project Headquarters;PLA University of Science and Technology
Analysis on the design of steel grid and steel reinforced concrete composite structure Zhao Shuai;Tang Shunyong;Shandong Academy of Building Design;
The research and application of plane integral representation method in engineering Zhang Guoyong;Architectural Engineering Institute
The research on the coal gangue concrete under different strain rate compression damage Kong Peng;Shanxi Architectural Design Institute;
On summary of underground garage structure scheme and design by Yingjianke software Guo Liang;Yuncheng City
The modified design method based on semi rigid node component method Huang Wenna;Bai Rui;Shenzhen Tianhua Architectural Design Limited Company;
The thinking of a foundation pile detection disputes and related problems Liu Jinpeng;Liu Dong;Lu Xiaozhi;Yue Yong;Hebei Geophysical Prospecting Institute;
Discussion on the application of key plug-in type steel-tube new template support Zhao Yongtun;Shanxi Hongtu Construction Group Co.
On influence of reforestation on block vitality Chen Aiping;Harbin Tianchen Architectural Design Co.
Landscape design of residential real estate experience zone under the impact of “experience economy” Shen Yinghua;Pang Ying;Northeast University of Forestry;
Procession of level network data of Liuyang agricultural park based on adjustment of condition group Liu Zhong;Cao Yuanzhi;The 217 Teams of Nonferrous Geological Prospecting Bureau of Hunan Province;Institute of Municipal and Mapping Engineering
Discussion on the implementation key points of quality control in building energy conservation engineering supervision Zhao Hui;Zhang Wenyuan;Jinken College of Technology;Jiangsu Jianke Construction Supervision Limited Company;
Discussion on quality supervision of brick-concrete structure masonry engineering Liang Lichun;Shanxi Yanggao County Architectural Design Studio;
The concrete transfer pot turning discharge power calculation based on solidworks Luo Huiwen;Changsha Yuanda Residential Industrial Group Limited Company by Share;
On application of Goldon pricing software in commercial bid compilation Zhao Jie;Zhang Mengyuan;College of Economics and Management
Study on engineering cost management at bidding phase Song Gaifang;Shanxi Linfen Engineering Construction Criteria Quota Administration Station;
On whole-process cost control in architectural projects Sun Haibin;Shanxi Sijian Group Co.
The whole process cost consultation service scheme design of major complex engineering Jiang Honglie;Liaoning Architecture Career Academy;
On influential factors of municipal engineering cost and its controlling measures Gong Zhifang;Taiyuan Municipal Engineering Corporation;
The teaching research on Building Materials course under school enterprise docking target Zhang Qingyan;Nie Baolei;Jiaxing Nanyang Vocational and Technical College;
Research on material requirement planning management Jin Yan;City Construction Branch
Research on dynamic management measures of building construction cost Gao Yuechun;Heilongjiang Academy of Engineering;
The application of BIM technology in urban underground pipelines design and management Zhu Xuying;Wu Di;Li Dan;PLA University of Science and Technology;
The technical management key points of municipal engineering construction various stages Li Wenbing;Taiyuan Municipal Engineering Corporation;
Discussion on the contract management of engineering construction project in bidding stage Han Xiaoyu;Taiyuan Coal Gasification
Discussion on the problems in agent construction system practice of Fujian provincial government investment project Dong Jingchun;Xiamen Chengshi Engineering Consulting Limited Company;
Discussion on engineering project cost management and points at construction phase Hao Yongzhen;Shanxi 8th Construction Group Co.
Application of fixed fire protection facilities in fire prevention and control of high rise buildings Jia Guofeng;Shanxi Jinzhong Yushe County Public Security Fire Brigade;
Discussion on several problems of buildings fire safety evacuation design Yang Le;Shanxi Hongsha First Construction Limited Liability Company;
The existing problems and countermeasures of project labor management Hou Dazhi;Meng Jinlian;Shanxi Guangsen Engineering Project Management Limited Liability Company;
Analysis on project management of Sydney Opera House Li Ying;Civil Engineering School
Inquiry on garden greening engineering project schedule management Liu Feng;Taiyuan Garden Demonstration Plant Planting Center;
On management over high-rise housing architectural engineering techniques Feng Junhui;Pingding County Urban Heat-supply Co.
Discussion on the construction organization and management course teaching reform for civil engineering specialty Li Zhe;Civil and Environmental Engineering School
On application of desktop virtualization technique in enterprise offices Ma Shuqing;Jiaotong College
Disscussion on the development path of the town in metropolitan fringe areas Kong Fan'e;Zhou Qi;Nanjing University Urban Planning and Design Institute Co.
Discussion on the influence and countermeasures of business tax instead of value added tax to real estate industry Liang Yachun;Shanxi Hengyu Bidding Agency Co.
The internal audit innovation work of state owned construction enterprises under new normal state Zhai Suzhen;Shanxi Second Construction Group Limited Company;
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