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Shanxi Architecture
FQ: 旬刊
AD of Publication: 山西省太原市
Lanuage: 中文;
ISSN: 1009-6825
CN: 14-1279/TU
YP: 1975
Url: 山西省建筑科学研究院
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Shanxi Architecture
2017 -05
Scattering of elastic wave by a semi-cylindrical hill above multiple elastic inclusions Lv Xiaotang;Hefei University;
Discussion on the relationship of building settlement and building structure Zhang Yongqiang;Shanghai Branch Company
Discussion on the method of determining the shear strength of granite weathering residual soil in Guangzhou area Wang Shibiao;Guangdong Nonferrous Metals Engineering Investigation Design Institute;
The stability analysis and optimization design of excavation slope Bian Yangtai;Jiangsu Zhenhuai Construction Group Limited Company;
Stability analysis of slope with soft underlying layer under heavy rainfall action Wang Ligang;Rail Transportation Branch
Characteristics and management research of Nanjiang Xintianpo landslide Li Shenghong;Zunyi Normal College Institute of Technology;
The solution method of cryogenic pressure vessel closed-loop seam internal undercut defects Yang Huirong;Beijing Heli Qingyuan Technology Limited Company;
Application of fuzzy control in wastewater treatment COD Cui Jiren;Zhang Yanli;Li Jianhui;Information and Electronic Technology Institute of Jiamusi University;Mechanical Engineering Institute of Jiamusi University;
Pilot study on ozone treatment of a sewage treatment project Chang Jianchuang;Guo Zijun;Liu Yuanhui;Chifeng Economy and Information Technology Development Research Centre;China Coal No.5 Construction Coal Construction Company Thirty-one Works Agency;College of Energy and Environmental Engineering
Research on the formation causes and control measures of point source pollution in Loushan river basin Li Shaobo;Li Guoqiang;Cheng Tiantian;Zhou Lianbo;Qingdao Municipal Engineering Design & Research Institute Limited Liability Company;
Approach to the general layout of metro depot Hu Yahui;China Railway Siyuan Survey & Design Group Co.
Research on urban rail transit transfer Sun Yanhui;Shijiazhuang Rail Transit Limited Liability Company;
The influence analysis of landscape renovation to metro tunnels Deng Linheng;China Railway Siyuan Survey & Design Group Co.
Discussion on dangerous rock causes and stability analysis of Baocheng line downstream K425 Bai Mingzhi;Hu Chuan;China Railway Eryuan Chengdu Survey and Design Institute Limited Company;
On key techniques for whole cover and excavation top-down construction at subway station in Tianjin Liu Zhuangzhi;Global Logistic Properties Investment Co.
Analysis on design key points of outdoor water supply and drainage and fire fighting general drawing of metro vehicle section Zhai Jun;Railway Third Survey and Design Institute Group Limited Company;
Construction of large-span horizontal beam overhead system of jacking culvert of railway operation line Wang Xuefeng;Wei Liang;China Railway 3rd Bureau Group 3rd Engineering Co.
Optimization of railway route scheme based on weighted Rank Sum Ratio Liu Huiqun;Li Xinyang;Civil Engineering College of Lanzhou Jiaotong University;School of Automation and Electvical Engineering
On optimal design for drainage of switch machine pit at No.9 turnout in rail traffic of Chengdu Zhai Miao;Liu Wei;Du Huayang;No.1 Institute of Civil Engineering
On application of curve ingression formula in subway route design Chen Degong;Southwest Survey and Design Co.
Application research on safety risk management and control platform of shield system in the construction of subway Geng Min;Cao Jingzhen;Feng Tao;Mi Yang;Xuzhou City Rail Transit Limited Liability Company;Beijing Anjie Engineering Consulting Limited Company;
Study on the total construction period plan of metro car depot Shao Guanhui;Wang Haijun;Jin Yongfu;Wuxi Metro Group Co.
Study on the effect of remaining silt layer at the bottom of cofferdam on the stability Luo Wendi;Yang Haiyan;Yang Chuanbo;Wang Yang;Dalian Harbor Construction and Development Co.
Design and application of movable production plant for precast T-shaped beam in cold area Li Xiao;Material Supply and Industrial Trade Co.
The subsidence causes analysis and prevention measures of a shield tunnel through kindergarten Huang Peng;China Railway City Development & Investment Group Limited Company;
Contrastive analysis technical performance of asphalt pavement raw materials at home and abroad Zhao Xibin;Gansu Provincial Transportation Research Institute Co.
Exploration on construction technology control of municipal road roadbed engineering Li Zhiming;Taiyuan Tongtu Municipal Engineering Department;
Research on the construction technology of passenger dedicated line across Datong-Qinhuangdao railway continuous beam swivel Ji Shaofu;Building Installation Engineering Limited Company
On construction techniques of cement-stabilized macadam Yue Zhiqiang;Taiyuan Municipal Engineering Corporation;
The slope stability analysis of a expressway Li Zeshan;The 2nd Engineering Co.
The collapse cause and treatment of a high slope of mountain highway Gao Wentao;Guangdong Changda Road Engineering Limited Company;
On application of modified asphalt and improvement of road maintenance craft Wang Guisheng;Lingshi Section
Discussion on hanging basket construction technology in bridge engineering construction Chu Faqiang;Henan Zhongyuan Highway Section Limited Company by Share;
Stability analysis and construction of deep water steel trestle Wang Guomin;Tongling Yangtze River Highway Bridge Management Office;
Research on the construction technology of continuous beam bridge sand box temporary support Wang Yong;Hu Qizhi;Civil Engineering and Environment School
On earthquake response analysis of concrete filled steel tube lattice high pier He Tianzhou;College of Civil Engineering
Discussion on interpreting method of detection results of lining structure radar in highway tunnel Zhao Wenke;Qin Feng;Wang Liancheng;China Merchants Chongqing Communications Research & Design Institute Co.
On application of three-dimension TSP in monitoring of mud-rushing tunnel cavity and loose rock Yang Xuxiang;Luo Jianjie;Yunnan Road Science and Technology Institute;
On design for curve steel-concrete superposed beam Zeng Li;Zhejiang Xicheng Engineering Design Co.
On treatment of boulder at shallow shielding tunnel address Xiao Jianhui;Dang Rujiao;China Railway City Development and Investment Group Co.
The integrated management solutions of smart future highway Song Pingxing;Datong Highway Construction Management Office;
Technical specification for inspecting of buttress the wing wall panel concrete defects by impact echo method Hou Gaofeng;Anhui and Huai River Water Resources Research Institute;Anhui Province Centre for Quality Supervision & Test of Building Engineering;
Analysis and research on stress of Yifanhe sluice project using FEM Wang Jie;College of Hydraulic
On comparison of diversion gate schemes for sediment laden rivers in north China Chen Ligang;Ma Jun;Dai Cuiqin;Yellow River Engineering Consulting Co.
On safety and quality detection in conservancy construction projects in Shanghai Zhang Yu;Shanghai Dike Facility Administration;
Discussion on standardization management of water conservancy engineering in Suichang Pan Weijun;Lan Danping;Zhejiang Suichang Water Conservancy Bureau;
Development of program for stability calculation of anchor block He Jiangjiang;Rao Junyong;Southwest Electric Power Design Institute Co.
Research on the model construction of Xia Dynasty No.1 palace Shao Shiyuan;Bao Peiyu;Wang Shaopu;Hui Mengdi;Civil Engineering School
On classroom space of teaching buildings in art schools of engineering universities Lv Xue;Wang Jiang;Liu Yuan;College of Architecture and Art Design
The significance of “Roman Rules” to village planning location in Yunnan Yuanyang Tan Renshu;Tang Hao;Yunnan Arts University;Kunming University of Science and Technology;
Research on architectural features of traditional commercial buildings in Fencheng anciont town Chang Yuchao;Chen Tianye;Hu Xiaoheng;College of Architecture and Art
Study on the design of expressway monitoring center Yang Rongrong;Shaanxi Provincial Transport Planning Design and Research Institute;
On design for some municipal maternal and child care service center in North of China Hu Junpu;Shanxi Architectural Design Institute;
The planning and design theory and practice of new campus in colleges and universities Li Yaqi;Architectural Design and Research Institute
Discussion on Taiwan folk old activation strategy Wang Leixian;Jincheng College
Discussion on the construction and development of elastic city and sponge city Zheng Yuchen;Urban Design School
On planning for town-village system under new urbanization Li Jianru;Chen Zhenyu;Hualan Design
The historical experience realization of “water-town” coordination in millennium ancient capital Zhang Peifeng;Public Administration School
Dynamic response analysis of frame aluminum alloy glass screen wall Fu Shuyan;Huang Haiyan;Yang Lifan;College of Water Conservancy
Analysis on seismic behavior of a new kind of composite shear wall on ABAQUS Yu Chuanpeng;Cao Wanlin;Huang Youqiang;Dong Hongying;Liu Hao;State Nuclear Electric Power Planning Design & Research Institute Co.
Development of assembled steel structure residence external envelope structure system Sun Fei;Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture
Analysis on seismic static of subway station main structure based on SAP2000 Yang Qingchao;Zhang Aiping;Highway and Architecture School
Identification and analysis of reliability test for a comprehensive building Song Zongbo;Tang Lifei;Shandong Guotai Construction Engineering Consulting Co.
On buckling theory of prestressed fiber reinforcement pipelines Wang Yixin;Wang Ruheng;Jia Bin;College of Civil Engineering and Architecture
Optimum design for structure including TMD with complex damping subjected to earthquake Tian Huan;China IPPR International Engineering Company Limited;
The investigation on some rural houses structure type and seismic performance Yang Xiaogang;Lu Wei;Wu Zhongtie;Northwest University For Nationalities;
On simplified calculation for castellated beam deflection He Jinjiang;Taizhou Civil Architectural Design Co.
The influence of the self-sustaining of atmosphere boundary layers on building wind pressure Qin Gang;Cheng Xu;Southwest Jiaotong University;
Research on Qingshuichi engineering optimization of Taiyuan Huyan water plant second phase Wang Shaojie;Taiyuan Yellow River Yinzhou Engineering Service Co.
The deepening of a complex high-rise transformation layer node design and optimization Wang Xiaozheng;Kuai Qing;Liaoning Jinhai Architectural Design and Research Institute Co.
Pushover analysis for frame shear wall structure under lateral loading modes Wang Xingxing;Liao Guangming;Shi Xiuhu;Gou Wenping;Guizhou Institute of Architectural Design;School of Architecture and Environment
Analysis on a high-rise shear wall cracks Gong Wenjun;CCDI Design Consultant
Analysis of the metro station bottom plate from beam-plate structure to thick plate structure system Li Gang;Sun Yiying;The Third Railway Survey and Design Institute Group Corporation;CCCC National Engineering Research Center of Dredging Technology and Equipment Co.
Static analysis of steel frame with fixed column base Jiang Hua;Guilin University of Technology Bowen College of Mangement;
On comparison of wind pressure measurements of tube surface at large cooling towers in different countries and its prospect Liu Xiaopeng;Yang Zongyu;Liu Hongsheng;Zhu Tingshu;State Nuclear Electric Power Planning Design and Research Institute Co.
Finite element analysis on axial compression carrying capacity of multibarrel tube-confined concrete Liu Yongchao;Wang Zhenji;Highway Maintenance Technology Research and Development Center of the Traffic Planning and Design Institute Co.
The research progress of basalt fiber cloth in engineering structure reinforcement Liu Yanan;Liaoning University of Technology;
In-plane calculation and analysis of bent frame column for an industrial plant Jiang Hao;Ding Gaolong;Huatian Engineering & Technology Corporation
The research of rebound method to detect concrete strength Liu Xinxin;Ma Xiao;College of Urban
Review on the research summary of rectangular plate and inclined plate combination continuous slab Cao Zhenji;Xu Delong;Yuan Haijun;Jiangsu Nanjing Engineering Career Academy Institute;Wuxi Baoneng Real Estate Limited Company;
Dynamic deformation of buildings near deep foundation pit Fang Ming;Zhuang Dachang;Zhang Yi;College of Public Administration
Study on construction quality control of bored pile by air lift reverse circulation method Zhao Yi;MCC Tiangong Group Corporation Limited;
Design of foundation treatment in Chengdu EMUs depot Xiang Hangying;Wang Lifeng;China Railway Eryuan Engineering Group Limited Liability Company;
Numerical analysis research on the ground bearing capacity of mixed foundations Xu Jiayi;Tang Yongke;Lu Wei;Changshu Water Conservancy Engineering Construction Administrative Office;Yunnan Yingzao Engineering Design Group Co.
On application of no-fertilizer tank in deep foundation pit support Xiong Chang;Zhou Xiaosong;China Jikan Research Institute of Engineering Investigations and Design Co.
Techno-economic analysis of large power vibro replacement stone pile in complex strata Sun Yonghong;Sichuan Shuyu Petroleum Building Installation Engineering Co.
Discussion on the dynamic control measures of the slope near the metro station Xie Miao;China Railway Siyuan Group Southwest Survey and Design Co.
The key waterproof technology of single column foundation Wang Junhua;The 8th Shanxi Construction Group Company Limited;
Discussion on the influence of the porosity of collapsible loess to collapsibility in Lanzhou area Cao Chengming;Hu Dianjie;Zhang Sen'an;Guo Zhiyuan;Gansu Zhongjian Municipal Engineering Survey and Design Institute;
Introduction to the carrier pile applied in Bengbu area of soft soil Xia Bing;Bengbu Geotechnical Engineering and Surveying Institute;
Analysis on foundation pit monitoring of new office building of Suzhou Industrial Park Design Institute Zhu Xuefeng;Wei Rongliang;Suzhou Branch
The application of high press revolving spraying + press grouting consolidation method in handling karst cave under piles foundation Huang Yanhua;Sanshui District
Research on foundation soil compression modulus calculation based on cone penetration test Li Bin;Beijing Survey and Design Research Institute Limited Company;
The influence of cement in red clay to filling performance Wang Dong;China Metallurgical Group Huatian Nanjing Engineering Technology Limited Company;
The application of BIM technology in foundation pit design Zhang Chunhui;Wu Wenjuan;Song Yang;China Ordnance Industry Northern Survey & Design Institute Limited Company;
On construction technique of high-pressure jet grouting in architectural projects Hu Fei;Shanxi Hongsha No.1 Construction Co.
On improvement of construction scheme for high slope composite nailing walls Dang Dongsheng;Xi'an Institute
Study on the construction technology of low-temperature concrete without antifreeze at Que'ershan tunnel Yang Puxin;Sichuan Vocational and Technical College of Communications;
Discussion on each process safety protection measures and requirements of street lamp engineering construction Cui Huajie;Taiyuan Municipal Engineering Corporation;
Tool type assembled external lifting scaffold in Jiali square frame construction technology application Chen Jiacai;Fujian Jiulong Construction Group Co.
The post pouring belt construction technology of construction engineering Ren Chenghong;Shanxi Hongsha First Construction Limited Liability Company;
On the building roof vents practices and quality control Zhu Meijun;Guangzhou Engineering General Contracting Group Limited Company;
On optimization of the flowline construction projects and construction methods Zhang Xin;Shanxi Hongsha No.1 Construction Co.
Study on construction quality control measures of high performance concrete Dong Yongqi;Shanxi 4th Construction Group Co.
On control over large concrete temperature cracks in architectural projects Meng Qingjun;Shanxi Lu'an Engineering Co.
On reasons for construction joint in architectural construction and prevention measures Li Xin;Shanxi Hongsha No.1 Construction Co.
Analysis on the influence factors and measures for the durability of fair faced concrete Guo Feng;Jicheng Construction Engineering Detection Limited Liability Company
Research progress of storm water management model Zhou Wei;Zhang Kai;Zhang Lijuan;Chengdu Huaxingzhongzhi Engineering Consulting Co.
The sensitivity analysis of heat transfer performance of each parameter of ground source heat pump system Yang Aiming;Yang Shui;Xiang Qingqing;Architectural Design Institute Limited Company
Discussion on some problems in high-rise building HVAC design Han Xiaofeng;Beijing Zhongyuan Engineering Design Consulting Limited Company;
On status of leakage detecting technique in water-supply pipe network in China and their strategies Chen Jianyu;Water-supply Branch
The connection design and material selection of building drainage branch pipe and main pipe Hu Lihong;Shanxi Hongsha First Construction Limited Liability Company;
Experimental study of thermal conductivity of artificial nest boxes who's materials in different forms Zhang Dongdong;Wang Yujue;He Jinjin;Wang Songqing;Zhang Yujie;Zhao Weijie;School of Civil Engineering
On energy-saving measures of green buildings in heat and ventilation air-conditioner Yang Yifan;College of Civil Engineering
Discussion of the application of renewable energy in a public building Yang Xiao;Department of Architectural Engineering
The design and research on city ecological cemetery landscape Ding Juan;Fan Hao;Dong Qirui;Wu Jialing;Liaoning University of Science and Technology;
On status of reforestation in urban gardens and its optimal analysis Zhou Qingli;Shanxi Hehe Gardening Reforestation Engineering Co.
Analysis on quality management and control measures of construction engineering project Wu Shuye;Wanlong Industrial Company
Concerning on building engineering cost settlement auditing methods Wang Xiaojuan;China Construction Bank Corporation Shanxi Branch Bank;
Discussion on construction engineering settlement audit Guo Shaoxuan;Capital Airport Group Company;
The technical and economic comparison and selection of municipal underground drainage pipeline construction scheme Ma Genyu;Third Engineering Limited Company
On application of management over budget after bidding in cost control of municipal projects Duan Lijuan;Taiyuan Municipal Engineering Corporate;
On settlement auditing in engineering programs Gao Li;Chongqing Yuandao Engineering Cost Consultant Co.
The policy research of promoting the development of the constructional building Liu Guangchen;Hou Anru;Wang Junsen;Che Shiyu;Shenyang Jianzhu University;
Research and practice of dynamic teaching mode of construction technology course training platform Zhang Wenjiang;Fang Youliang;Qie Luwen;Du Erxia;Civil Engineering School
On treatment of common diseases for quality and safety of architectural projects Zhang Jian;China Railway Construction and Investment Group;
The risk and control measures of energy access in project construction Ma Guichang;China Petroleum Xinjiang Dushanzi Branch Petrochemical Industries Company Project Management Department;
On the importance of early planning for construction projects Kou Hongyong;The Fourth Branch of Shanxi 6th Construction Group Co.
The application analysis on unmanned aerial vehicle in building construction field Xu Shengli;Civil Engineering School
The main problems and countermeasures of construction project management work of government investment project Gou Li;Wang Ding;Lin Kejun;Pixian Government Investment Construction Engineering Management Center;
On application of innovative model in management of architectural projects and its development Zhao Yongsheng;Engineering Quality Inspection Station in Baode County;
The drawing ways of sporadic node in Glodon reinforcement calculation software Zhao Jie;Ping Qinyan;Economics and Management School
Discussion on low nitrogen transformation technology of gas fired boiler Wang Xianhui;Li Zhong;Power Center
The application of concept map and case teaching method in black box testing technology teaching Liu Xiaomin;Ma Huibin;Zhang Yanli;Jiamusi University;
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