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Shanxi Architecture
FQ: 旬刊
AD of Publication: 山西省太原市
Lanuage: 中文;
ISSN: 1009-6825
CN: 14-1279/TU
YP: 1975
Url: 山西省建筑科学研究院
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Shanxi Architecture
2017 -06
Hydraulic conductivity optimized inversion based on numerical simulation method Yang Min;Zhou Hongwei;Hu Chao;Jiangsu Geology & Engineering Co.
Study on grouting diffusion mechanism of karst water bursting hazards Qi Houyi;Shandong University Geotechnical & Structural Engineering Research Center;
Evaluation on quakeproof avoiding calamity function of Kunming Baohai park Wang Wei;Duan Xiaomei;Landscape Architecture College
On analysis of deformation and damage mechanism of gravel landslide under rainfalls and excavation Lin Zhihong;Shi Yi;No.2 Road Survey and Design Institute Co.
The Qishe landslide formation mechanism and stability analysis in Pingfeng village Su Xiaoqin;Chongqing Changjiang Survey & Design Institute Limited Company;
Analysis on influencing mechanism of pipe-jacking construction upon surrounding soil Xiao Yanzheng;Lei Ming;Guangdong Chang-Da Highway Engineering Co.
The application analysis on building fire prevention technology in civil building design Cao Juan;Shandong Tai'an Fire Detachment;
On safety management of power engineering programs Yang Junming;Shanxi No.2 Road and Bridge Engineering Co.
The design example of automatic sprinkler system in a medical complex building Li Ting;Ou Yunfeng;Jiang Kun;China Zhongyuan International Engineering Limited Company;
On problems in fireproof doors in fire-fighting inspection and their strategies Tan Ziqi;Juye County Public Security and Fire-Fighting Brigade;
Protection of workshop bare bus bar and down lead Wang Shengwei;Shanxi Academy of Eletro-Mechanical Design;
Analysis on the influence of foundation pit asymmetric excavation to metro operation transfer nodes Yu Xin;Shanghai Railway Engineering Rail Transit Design Research Institute;
Discussion on the line route scheme of Yongzhou railway Li Bing;China Railway Wuhan Survey and Design Institute Limited Company;
Study on the precast technology and the quality control of the prestressed concrete sleeper in Mombasa-Nairobi railway project Niu Yao;Zhang Juncun;CCCC Second Highway Engineering Co.
Three-dimensional finite element analysis of wheel-rail joint contact based on ANSYS Wang Wei;Zhu Wei;Chai Chengyuan;School of Civil Engineering and Architecture
The “spreading method” construction technology of metro overall ballast bed single turnout Wang Jiantong;Operation Branch
Research on the influence of long distance subway tunnel on expressway Bi Kewei;Shenyang Railway Survey and Design Institute Company Limited;
Discussion on subway engineering contacting measurement methods and its application Zhang Liwen;Zha Xiaojun;Ningbo Huadong Branch Institute
Research on economic index analysis method of subway open excavation station Qiu Dongbing;China Railway Siyuan Group Southwest Survey and Design Co.
Kunming BRT system under city design Yang Chunsuo;Tang Hao;College of Design
Analysis and calculation of construction of pre-stressed anchor cable for high cutting slope Wei Jinwen;International Company of China Railway No.8 Engineering Group;
Application of deep-foundation soil-nailing support technology in highway construction Guo Hu;Shanxi Jinzhong Highway Bridge Construction Group Co.
Study on winter wet-spraying concrete construction technologies of Que'er mountain tunnel Yang Puxin;Chen Silai;Sichuan Vocational College of Traffic;Sichuan Egang Highway Engineering Construction Co.
Analysis of estimation methods of optimum asphalt content of hot mix asphalt Tong Cheng;Wang Daohong;Zhu Dewu;School of Civil Engineering
Study on the impact of RAP mixing amount upon pavement performance of foamed warm-asphalt-mixing mixture Hu Jianming;Wuyi Highway Administration Section;
Contrastive analysis of rutting resistance of asphalt mixture Yu Hua;Xi'an Railway Engineering Staff University;
Urban road construction important node design analysis Lu Yun;Taiyuan Municipal Engineering Design and Research Institute;
Research on the protection scheme of highway across the Great Wall enemy units site Cui Yi;Shanxi Transportation Planning and Design Institute;
Application of prestressed construction technologies in highway construction Wang Jun;Shanxi Ping-Yu Highway Co.
Analysis on construction technology of highway engineering sub-grade and pavement compaction Xu Hufeng;Shanxi Road and Bridge First Engineering Limited Liability Company;
On construction technique of road and bridge foundation Gao Junjun;Shanxi No.2 Road and Bridge Engineering Co.
On design for curved roads in mountainous areas Chang Dongsheng;Shanxi Luheng Traffic Survey and Design Consultant Co.
Soft soil ground improvement technology for A9 section of Anding expressway Li Zeshan;The 2nd Engineering Co.
On design and construction of joints between roads and bridges Wang Min;Shanxi No.2 Road and Bridge Engineering Co.
Analysis on common crack problems and prevention methods of tunnel lining structure Li Yong;Southwest Jiaotong University;China Railway Urban Development Investment Group Limited Company;
On temperature field test of pavement for corrugated steel web PC box girder bridge in low-temperature seasons Lv Guibin;Chi Junhui;Power China Road and Bridge Group Co.
The rapid construction improvement technology of ultra shallow cover earth slurry shield in karst area Zhao Sanbao;China Railway Third Engineering Group Limited Company;
Genetic analysis of continuous rigid-frame bridge main diseases Yang Zeying;Xi Xinghua;Tan Tingting;School of Civil Engineering of Shandong University;
Discussion on pre-stressed construction technology in highway and bridge engineering Wang Lei;Shanxi Road and Bridge First Engineering Limited Liability Company;
Study on static load test of a three span continuous steel truss arch bridge Fu Shulin;Xie Wei;Anhui 7-Star Engineering Test Co.
On analysis of reasons for cracks on foot of concrete-filled steel tube arch Liu Taotao;China Railway Xi'an Survey and Design Institute Co.
Durable concrete bridge deck pavement structures research Yin Weifeng;Jiangsu Jinghu Expressway Co.
On comparison of bridge types for 45 m simple bridge along roads crossing railways Feng Yanqing;China Railway Xi'an Survey and Design Institute Co.
On general methods of linear control over cable-stayed bridge at large-span superposed beam Zhao Penglei;Wang Xiaoning;No.2 Road Survey and Design Institute Co.
Analysis on highway bridge construction technologies under the background of green construction He Xiaoli;Shanxi Luxintong Traffic Engineering Co.
The application technology of precast concrete bridge pre-stressed diaphragm beam Tian Jianli;Shanxi Road and Bridge International Transportation Construction Engineering Limited Company;
On construction methods for rich water faults at granite section along tunnels Geng Luanfeng;Engineering Department
On technical measures for shield construction of low gas tunnel Zhang Geqi;China Railway Urban Development Investment Group Co.
The treatment and analysis on seepage water leakage diseases of a highway tunnel Peng Xiaoqing;Shanxi Traffic Science Research Institute;
On self-operation transition technique on existing line for TJ165 railway bridge erecting machine Guo Cunwei;Xinyang Engineering Construction Headquarters
Analysis on stress performance of skew box girder with single box and multi-chamber Xiao Yundong;Shenzhen Huafang Engineering Design Consulting Co.
The type selection and arrangement of ultra high pier and ultra wide beam crane of Marin bridge Peng Wenhua;Sixth Engineering Limited Company
Analysis on construction technologies of first-simply then-supported continuously bridge Liu Jian;Shanxi Jinzhong Highway Bridge Construction Group Co.
Cast-in-situ continuous box girder construction scheme of steel-pile column Bailey beam support method Wang Mingdong;Shanxi Highway Engineering Quality Detection Center;
The application of grillage method for selecting the bearing of the overpass bridge Pang Yougui;Taiyuan Municipal Engineering Design and Research Institute;
Application of steel fiber concrete technology in highway bridge construction Zhang Ronglu;Shanxi Jinzhong Highway Bridge Construction Group Co.
Discussion on massive concrete temperature control of major pier Huang Chunlei;China Railway 7th Bureau Group Zhengzhou Engineering Co.
Brief analysis on offshore wind power,photovoltaic power and seat water pumped storage station Li Mingyang;Chai Jianfeng;Ling Chao;Technology Center
Longchang aqueduct construction overview Zhou Peng;Design Institute Co.
Super-high-rise building fire-fighting design points and new fire-fighting material application Liu Siqing;College of Building
Analysis on Qing dynasty official Taoist architecture form and layout in Henan province Li Wangda;Zhou An;College of Building
Research on the design method of the characteristic street building elevation in the town Wang Hongwei;China Metallurgical Jingcheng Engineering Technology Limited Company;
Discussion on the catering space expression of regional context elements Jiang Chunying;Design School
On construction measurement rule for buildings during reign of Emperor Xiaowen during Northern Wei Dynasty Zhu Tingshu;Liu Hongsheng;State Nuclear Electric Power Planning Design and Research Institute Co.
Discussion on the traditional houses protection of rural areas Li Ning;Qinhuangdao Planning and Design Institute;
Exploration on flexural member cross-section bearing capacity problems Gao Li;Wang Yong;College of Hydrology Building Engineering
Selection design of common large-span concrete beam board roof Yu Hengbing;China Coal Science Industry Group Chongqing Design Academy Co.
On seismic performance test of wallboard in China elevator shaft Zhang Guowei;Zhang Pin;Yang Yunfeng;Beijing Future Urban Design Advanced Innovative Center
Analysis on the design measures of high-rise shear wall residential structure Shi Fei;Hou Weifeng;Zhengzhou University Integrated Design Institute Limited Company;
Research method and prevention measures of wind-induced snow drift in large-span roof Xiao Yan;South China University of Technology;
Inquiry on building engineering cracks Ren Rongrong;Xishan Coal Power Group Design Institute
Analysis on the stability preformance of pretensioned cylinderical reticulated mega-structure Miao Qiang;MCC Huatian Engineering & Technology Corporation;
Discussion on prefabricated assembly-style concrete structure design methods with BIM technology Tang Qingping;Zhuhai Huafa Building Design Consulting Co.
On earthquake characteristics and seismic behavior of self-built houses in North Jiangxi province Cheng Qundi;Zhu Xiao'e;Chen Xujun;Civil Engineering College
On details in civil construction structure and optimal scheme Li Jiandong;Beijing Water Business Doctor Co.
On seismic design analysis of high-rise buildings Li Gengsheng;Quanzhou Architectural Design Institute Co.
Experimental study on foundation treatment of silt loess foundation Qin Shiwei;Li Yang;Liu Yang;Electronic Comprehensive Investigation & Surveying Institute of Ministry of Information Industry;
Repair of open caisson construction under unfavorable geology condition Lv Kejin;Shanghai Putuo Municipal Engineering Co.
Application of post grouting technology in engineering of Caofeidian Bao Zhiping;Fan Sidong;Cui Youshan;Petrochina Jidong Oilfield Company;
Discussion on improving the construction quality of PHC pipe pile static pressure method Liu Wenying;Fifth Construction Engineering Limited Company
On common problems in geotechnical engineering survey and improvement measures Gao Wei;Hebei Geotechnical Exploration Institute;
Analysis on tower pile foundation anti-pulling properties of red sand stone base Shi Guochong;Wu Shuli;Chen Yonggui;Anhui Hongyuan Power Construction Investment Co.
The experience space construction of hydrophilic leisure architecture Guo Yijiao;Zhu Zheng;Arts College
Stimela model validation on water supply plant Wim Mensink and water control strategies development Yuan Xiaoyu;Ignaz Worm;Luuk Rietveld;Tianjin Municipal Engineering Design and Research Institute;Delft University of Technology;
The analyses of EPC consortium internal behavior based on the game thoery Tang Huanji;Chang Weiwei;Beijing Enterprises Clean Energy Group Limited;Cgn New Energy Holdings Co.
On statistic work in architectural enterprises Han Juanxiu;No.1 Road Drainage and Maintenance Management Division
On application of surfer software in visualized calculation of earthwork excavation volume Jia Zhimin;Liu Jianfeng;China Three Gorges University;Guizhou Qianyuan Power Co.
On management of agent construction projects in HT area Wang Yi;Agent Construction Office
Study on analysis of the traditional villages in Guangxi Liu Zhihong;Lee
The historical evolution of the ancient road station and its utilization in rural tourism Shou Yunlei;Xing Yi;Yu Yiwu;Zhejiang Agriculture and Forestry University;
Study on inheritance and development of the traditional cultural in the modern town construction Tang Yezhi;Zhejiang Guangsha College of Applied Construction and Technology;
Inquiry on historical university building protection and utilization with Tongren College as an example Qiu Fagen;Tongren College;
Planning of regional cemetery building under the background of traditional village and folk culture renaissance Tan Renshu;Yunnan College of Art;
Study on diversity origin evolution planning and design of eastern and western cemeteries Fan Hao;Gao Beibei;Wu Jialing;Liaoning University of Science & Technology;
Influence of Wuhou temple Tibetan-inhabited area development upon street space Lu Yejiong;College of City Planning & Building
Discussion on moderate building color design with the power plant building as an example Lin Zhiwei;State Nuclear Electric Power Planning Designing & Research Institute Co.
On evaluation indexes system for architectural heritage values of Chinese Oriental Railway Zhang Jun;Wang Shicheng;Civil Engineering College
On Jingxian Hospital planning and architectural design in Anhui Province Fang Hanhui;Hefei Planning and Design Institute;
Study on lateral performance of light-wood structure shear wall Zuo Hongliang;Hou Jian;College of Civil Engineering
The research of construction load simulation methods of story-adding reconstruction in existing structure Zhang Yang;College of Civil Engineering Tongji University;
The similitude rule in shaking table model test of soil slope Tang Weimin;China University of Geosciences
The study of cement-soil pile long-term stiffness in corrosion environment Hou Fei;Zhang Lei;Cui Sheqiang;School of Civil Engineering of Shandong University;
The design and application of collapsible loess foundation treatment in sewage treatment plant Yang Yu;Tongji University Architectural Design
Discussion on cement-mixing pile quality detection Li Tiansheng;Zhejiang Handa Engineering Detection Co.
Inquiry on the application of anchor-head technology in layered settlement monitoring Men Long;Gao Feng;Wu Linbo;Tongji University;
On construction technique for super-large diameter ring support deep foundation pit in soft soil areas Miao Peibo;Shanghai Zhulu Architectural Development Co.
The stability analysis on row pile support foundation pit excavation Song Yongzhong;Weihai Construction Group Limited Company by Share;
The support design and construction of special deep foundation pit of adjacent existing subway Chen Yumeng;Southwest Survey Design Limited Company
Application of CFG pile foundation treatment in housing building engineering Guo Ruijing;Beijing Zhongyuan Engineering Design Consulting Co.
The causes and prevention and control of sinking toilet water leakage Lai Yangchun;Zoomlion Northwest Engineering Design Research Institute Limited Company;
Stress in the big cross section column of steel beams in the tower crane foundation in some engineering applications Chen Jiacai;Fujian Jiulong Construction Group Co.
Analysis on quality control key point of concrete filled steel tube lattice column Sun Hongfei;Sun Jianle;Guo Chengjun;Xin Ying;Xi'an Research Institute
On anti-crack measures of large concrete of baseplate of nuclear power plants Liu Minghui;Zhang Tai;China Zhongyuan Engineering Co.
The setting steel template construction of balcony tailgate of construction engineering Lai Yangchun;Zoomlion Northwest Engineering Design Research Institute Limited Company;
On construction scheme for 21-meter post-tensioning prestressed beam Zhang Quanbing;Yangquan Jinlian Property Construction Co.
Research status and prospect of coconut fiber strengthening composite materials with cement foundation Huang Xiaoqin;Jiang Bifeng;Sanya University;
On influence of coarse aggregate's surface feature on water-binder ratio of common concrete and its strength Chen Xiaoling;Hu Ranqing;Zhang Guiming;Ding Gangan;Li Shuai;An Yelai;Ma Qisheng;Nanjing Vocational Institute of Transport Technology;
Mixing proportion design of filling sequence C40 self-compacting concrete He Tantan;Guo Pu;Guo Ancai;China Railway No.3 Engineering Group Co.
The green lighting planning of Pingshan central area based on green power perspective Yang Yang;Shenzhen Branch
On stress analysis of 0°~15° puny angle corner in directly buried hot water pipelines Liu Cuixia;Taiyuan Thermal Power Plant;
Discussion on the design difference of water supply and drainage specialty in China-Cameroon building Lu Ning;Shanxi Architectural Design Institute;
Green construction application practice of the substation engineering Wang Zhaoyuan;Gu Xiaoqing;College of Industry
On design for green toilets Xu Chunli;Beijing Environmental and Hygiene Design Academy;
On landscape wisdom in mountain-and-water culture Meng Xiangzhuang;Cui Rongxin;Northeast Forestry University;
The development trend of community landscaping Zhang Jianguo;Shanxi Hehe Landscaping Engineering Limited Company;
On landscape features of coastal holiday hotels in Sanya Gong Huahuizi;Xu Zili;College of Architecture
The analysis of Tofukuji Abbot Courtyard Liu Zhiwei;China Institute of Building Standard Design & Research;
Discussion on pre settlement audit work key points of construction engineering cost pre settlement audit Cheng Li;Shanxi Jiaocheng County Housing and Urban Construction Bureau;
Discussion on engineering settlement problems and solving measures Jiang Rong;Hunan Vocational College of Express Railway;
Discussion on modern residential fire causes and prevention Zhao Peiren;Shanxi Fire-Fighting Training Base;
Research on the application of Partnering model in engineering management Wang Leizhao;Chen Xianting;Guangxi University;China Energy Engineering Group Guangxi Electric Power Design Institute Co.
Consideration on secondary operation management of building construction Zhao Jiangfeng;China Mettalugry Tiangong Group Co.
Application of dry fog dust suppression system in thermal power plant coal-handling system Li Wei;Shen Yan;Southwest Power Design Institute Co.
On scientific management strategies of infrastructure engineering documents Song Lei;Infrastructure Division
Inquiry on Daqing urbanization construction and development Sheng Jiang;Daqing Institute of Planning and Architectural Design;
Analysis on the location influence factors of commercial housing price in Ganzhou central city area Cao Hailu;Architecture and Surveying School
Research on hot spring town development strategy in Conghua Huang Ying;Guangzhou Urban Planning Survey and Design Institute;
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