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Shanxi Architecture
FQ: 旬刊
AD of Publication: 山西省太原市
Lanuage: 中文;
ISSN: 1009-6825
CN: 14-1279/TU
YP: 1975
Url: 山西省建筑科学研究院
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Shanxi Architecture
2017 -11
Modification of complex transformation function of rectangular cavity with complex variable theory Yang Feng;School of Environment and Architecture
The 3D laser scanning technology based on building wall roughness detection Li Guang;Wu Changyue;Feng Teng;Wang Chunxin;College of Mining Industry Engineering
Discussion on engineering geology conditions of Pingtan citizen sports center Chen Su;Pingtan Comprehensive Experimental City Investment Construction Group Co.
Settlement analysis of vacuum-preloaded foundati on based on layer-wise summation at triaxial stress state Li Junhong;Public Resources Trading Center in Longhua District;
Laboratory experimental study on the strength and soil-water characteristics of unsaturated expansive soil Guo Zhenshan;Key Laboratory of Highway Construction and Maintenance Technology in Loess Region
Comprehensive application of DC method in hydrological exploration Gao Yunlei;Shi Jian;Li Wenqiang;The Hydrogeologic and Engineering Geologic Second Battalion
A new model for elasto-plastic analysis of concrete Ke Jiang;School of Civil Engineering and Architecture
Experimental study on compressive strength of limestone concrete Xu Congcong;Yuan Pengfei;Zhang Jie;Shandong Mingda Building Technology Co.
Study on water pressure of circular space in horsehead with freezing shaft Liu Yuping;Lu Zhong;Daqi Coal Bureau Security Supervision Station;
Study on influential factors and improving measures of fire-fighting excavation design Fang Fang;Hefei Public Fire-Fighting Team;
On management of safety construction management in architectural projects Feng Shaopeng;Changzhi Construction and Municipal Public Safety Monitoring Station;
On analysis of subway safety management of Chengdu and its strategies Huang Peng;China Railway Urban Development Investment Co.
Comprehensive evaluation of water quality in Binzhou basin based on RAGA-PPCE model Liu Peng;Shen Hongzhen;Shandong Binzhou City Water Conservancy Bureau;Binzhou University;
The experiment of sulphate saline soil airport salt heaving ruin Liu Xiaochuan;Wu Aihong;Liu Junhong;Zhou Qi;China Airport Construction Ninth Engineering Corps;Airforce Engineering Design Department of Southern War Zone;Airforce Engineering Design Department of Eastern War Zone;
On application of unmanned aircraft in engineering measurement Fan Tianyu;Dong Hao;Tian Zhenxing;Wang Bo;North China University of Water Resources and Electric Power;
On effect of collapse and settlement prevention of deep hole grouting in sandy cobble stratum Cai Jun;Beijing Urban Construction Exploration & Surveying Design Research Institute Co.
Control of CRTSⅢ track slab cracks Fan Huanle;Datong Housing Transaction Property Registration Management Center;
Analysis on regional adaptability of freezing method in connecting passage of metro tunnels Wang Lixian;Fuyang Institute of Technology;
Application of support form in open pit excavation of multi section urban tunnel Ding Jinlei;Tan Guogan;Zhou Lin;China Construction Five Engineering Co.
On experiment of CT image of elastic waves for foundation piles at old bridges Yan Daqian;Deng Yecan;Zhang Yuanhui;Geophysical Prospecting Branch
On application of micropile in slope disease treatment Fan Zhihong;Taiyuan College of Technology;Shanxi Application Technology College;
Construction technologies of highway continuous reinforced concrete pavement Kang Zhiling;Shanxi Highway Bridge 1st Engineering Co.
Highway bridge maintenance management problems and countermeasures Zhao Jinlin;Shanxi Loufan Highway Administration Section;
On safety management strategies for construction of highway bridge projects Ding Qidi;No.5 Engineering Co.
Realize parametric modeling of cable-stayed bridge based on Revit Ma Baiyu;Wang Ziru;Faculty of Infrastructure Engineering
On promotion strategies of bicycle traffic led by shared bikes Han Longmei;Chengdu Planning and Design Instittute;
On application of drainage asphalt roadbed in large-scale maintenance of highways You Pingruo;Wei Guangcai;Nanjing-Suqian-Xuzhou Expressway Co.
Study on the field deflection experiment of embankment filled with soil-rock mixtures Chen Wu;Zhou Yingxin;Qian Kun;Zhang Xiaofeng;Zeng Weicheng;Wu Shangfeng;Yunnan Wuyi Expressway Construction Headquarters;Yunnan Highway Development & Investment Co.
On reasons for leakage of asphalt roadbed and prevention measures Fan Ting;Shanxi Yuanfang Road and Bridge
Municipal road construction disasters and quality control Yang Yong;Taiyuan Municipal Engineering Corporation;
On construction technique of soft soil roadbed of road projects Yan Wanbing;Shanxi Qingxu Road Management Division;
Common municipal road drainage construction problems and solving countermeasures Jiao Jindong;Taiyuan Municipal Engineering Corporation;
Discussion on the content and its function of highway traffic safety facilities Liu Jingmin;Hangzhou Hongmeng Traffic Facilities Limited Company;
Inquiry on box girder construction technologies in municipal engineering Liu Yuejun;Taiyuan Municipal Engineering Corporation;
Discussion rural highway maintenance and repairing Li Shuyan;Lin Feiyang;Shandong Linyi Junan People's Hospital;College of Civil & Building Engineering
On maintenance techniques and management of national and provincial roads Zhang Lin;Jinzhong Road Branch Bureau;
The integral moulding technology research of reinforcing cage of box girder based on shaped mold Lu Hai;Zhang Suhong;Zhou Jie;He Ping;Han Guocheng;Zhang Pingliang;Wang Xiang;Hu Weifeng;Sun Wei;Liang Jianfeng;Hangzhou Traffic Engineering Group Co.
Analysis and treatment of shallow tunnel collapse in red clay Xiao Hongju;College of Engineering and Architecture
Analysis on the application of shallow-embedded excavation method in tunnel construction Zhang Liyi;Shanxi Fenyang Bureau of Traffic Transportation;
On construction methods for trestle basement of steel pipe piles of deep water high-inclination angle hard rocks Zhang Jifu;Sanming Traffic Infrastructure Quality Inspection Station;
Inquiry on construction technologies of bridge cast-in-situ box girder support Liu Haikuan;Shuozhou Highway Bridge Construction Co.
On key points in quality inspection and controlling process of road projects Gao Juan;Shanxi Qingxu Road Management Section;
On establishment of quality evaluation system for traffic safety engineering Feng Yongfei;Ju Jie;Shanxi Transportation Research Institute;City University of Zhengzhou;
The analytical solution for deformation of pile induced by tunneling considering nonlinearity p—y curve Lu Minghao;School of Environment and Architecture
On analysis of reasons for water burst and collapses of highway tunnels and their treatment Huang Zongying;Guangdong Nanyue Transportation Investment & Construction Co.
On hoisting reinforcing cage with A-frame Liang Huiqing;Yangquan Branch
On measures for improving regular and scientific road engineering management Pei Wenjuan;Shanxi Qingxu Road Management Division;
Analysis on factors influencing asphalt mixture production temperature and control Wang Jianjun;Taiyuan Municipal Corporation Chenyu Company;
Factors influencing the aggregate degradation of hot-mix asphalt mixtures Xu Ji;Guangdong Province Changda Highway Engineering Co.
On selection for power supply and distribution conductor section of tunnels Zhang Qingxia;Li Zhuo;No.1 Road Survey
Study on city road drainage and transformation construction technology Wang Haijun;Taiyuan Municipal Engineering Corporation;
On initiation of widening reconstruction of old and new district of Dongda Line in Hebi City Niu Chao;College of Civil Engineering
Analysis on construction technologies of highway subgrade engineering Wang Guiwen;Shanxi Zhenxing Highway Supervision Co.
Construction technologies of the highway AC-13 asphalt concrete pavement Song Zhubing;Shanxi Highway Bridge Group Yuhe Highway Co.
Application of surface active-warm mixing technology in highway construction Kang Zhipeng;Shanxi Highway Bridge Group Yang-Mang Highway Co.
Stability study of the tailings dam based on the geological exploration and numerical simulation Li Keda;Chen Donghua;Wang Shuda;514 Brigade of North China Geological Exploration Bureau;School of Civil Engineering & Transportation
Summary on Heituogou flood-preventing transformation phase No. 1 engineering technology Chang Xiaohao;Taiyuan Municipal Public Facility Construction Center;
Experimental study on detection of dam crack by Time Domain Electromagnetic Method Zhang Yi;Wu Guangrong;Institute of Geophysical Prospecting
Inquiry on various low-influence developing technologies and features Huang Qin;Hefei New Binhu Region Construction Investment Co.
On design for Shiji Square planning in Changzhi City Wang Feng;Shanxi Wanju Construction Engineering Bidding Agent Co.
The “Outdoor museum”strategy research in the northeast of architectural heritage protection Wang Qiao;Lang Lang;Jilin University of Building;
The horizontal overturning test and analysis on indoor railings of a commercial complex Wang Xiushi;Hefei Technical University
On promotion of axial pressure loading capacity of double-layer steel pipe concrete column with PET material Zhang Xianbo;Jinhua Polytechnic College;
The application of BIM technology in 3D anisotropic curved surface structure construction Ge Yanfeng;Chen Long;Civil Engineering School
On effective suggestions for reasonability of architectural structural design Wang Jun;Design and Research Institute Co.
On seismic vulnerability of steel framework under near-field seismic effect Luo Rui;He Guangjie;College of Civil Engineering
Experimental study on T-type steel pipe joint with built-in stiffening plate Li Hao;Guo Xiang;Cui Qiangqiang;Zhang Dengkai;Shandong University of Science and Technology
Structure design analysis of emergency management center in a nuclear power plant Wan Songlin;Tang Yujian;China Nuclear Power Engineering Co.
The finite element model of turnover plate interlayer isolation structure of external scaffold Wang Chunfu;Zhejiang Guangsha Construction Vocational Technology Institute;
On structural safety evaluation and consolidation treatment of some single-story steel structural workshops Chen Mingchao;Architectural Science Institute of Fujian Province;
Analysis on the optimization techniques in houses building structure design Zhang Fan;Lv Lijuan;Haibin School
The study on performance-based design procedure of blast-resistant structure members Wang Ziqi;College of Defense Engineering
On steel structural techniques in construction of civil engineering Gao Min;Tunlan Coal Preparation Plant
Analysis on the impact of expanding pile damage state under the horizontal force from plate quantity Qian Yongmei;Huang Zixuan;Zhai Lian;Jilin University of Architecture;Jilin Structure Seismic Technology Innovation Center;
On comparative test of dynamic triaxial tests of undisturbed soil and remoulded soil Jia Fuli;Xu Huaqing;North China University of Water Resources and Electric Power;
Tail of silt damping dynamic modulus Wan Dahong;Gao Guiquan;Dai Qiliang;Zhao Fumin;Yunnan Agricultural University
Processing technologies of grouting reinforcement and bored pile composite foundation base in deep backfilled region Li Zhiming;Yangquan Municipal Engineering Construction Supervision Center;
Study on the detection achievements of dredger filled field processed with vacuum preloading method Guo Rui;Liaoning Academy of Non-Ferrous Survey;
On design for prestressed anchor rod and its construction craft Yang Ruiying;Shanxi Application Technology College;
Continuous underground wall construction technologies under complicated geological conditions Ji Xinhua;China Railway 14th Bureau Group Large Shielding Engineering Co.
On application of campshed and anchor rod in deep foundation pit support Mei Quanwu;Tonglvshan Architectural Engineering Co.
On numeric simulation of refiller consolidation with high-grade reinforcement Zhao Yongxiang;No.1 Engineering Bureau Co.
Inquiry on geotechnical engineering survey matters in loose region Zhang Yan;Shanxi Academy of Survey & Design;
Geotechnical engineering survey problems and improving measures Duan Jianrong;Shanxi Huajin Geotechnical Engineering Survey Co.
Vertical support technologies of the high-rise building deep-foundation under complicated conditions Bai Yunfeng;College of Living Environment & Engineering
Application of wave velocity testing technology in geotechnical engineering survey Yuan Xin;Shanxi Construction Survey Geotechnical Engineering Co.
Inquiry on geotechnical engineering survey technology matters and solving measures Li Rui;Shanxi Huajin Geotechnical Engineering Survey Co.
Inquiry on connective-corridor construction template system of high concrete structure Guo Shuaiwen;China Communication 4th Highway Engineering Bureau Co.
On application of accumulative sliding in installation of steel structures Cao Zhongqi;Li Rongjun;Shannxi Mechanized Construction Group Company Ltd;
On environment reconstruction of old residential districts under storage planning Fu Jia;Liu Qiang;Zhao Feng;Jinan University;
Study on traditional residential space organization in western Hunan province Gong Yangui;College of Urban-Rural Resource & Planning
Discussion on value standard of architectural heritage Jing Songfeng;Hebei University of Engineering;
Digging and recording of traditional residential building technology in western Liaoning district Zhang Shuying;Liaoning University of Industry;
On planning for seashore areas under airport radiation Bi Keni;Dalian Urban Planning and Design Research Institute;
Planning design of modern media bio-chemical park Hu Tongjin;Taiyuan Academy of City Planning Design;
On urban space structure and forms in Nantong City Zhu Qiushi;Nanjing Tech University;
Analysis on building design under the angle of ecological civilization Liu Xiangyan;Pingdu City Construction Investment Development Co.
Architecture frontier and research methods Liu Jincong;Shanxi Academy of Building Research;
The evaluation standard of steel structures overall stability under fire Huang Xiufeng;Civil Engineering School
Analysis on industrial wasteland landscape renovation design of Harbin city Jiang Hong;Xu Dawei;College of Garden
On planning and design for Linquan Agricultural Ecological Manor Zhang Zongzheng;Shanxi Senhe Garden Reforestation Engineering Co.
Research on the ancient village location and village environment in Zhongtian Village Liu Lei;Hunan High Speed Railway Career Technical College;
Quantitative analysis on the application of passive technology in rural buildings of Shanxi province Zhang Haining;Taiyuan Academy of Building Design;
On realization of “low carbon” in modern indoor design Zhao Xin;Communication University of Shanxi;
Selecting disaster-shelter green space of southwestern Yunnan city Xi Shengcheng;Duan Xiaomei;College of Garden
On design methods for plant landscape and plant reforestation landscape styles in residential complexes Chen Yanyuan;Communication University of Shanxi;
Analysis on how to creating ecological residential community landscape with the sense of belonging Zhao Na;Zhang Qing;Beijing Qingrun International Building Design Research Co.
On planning and design for green belt on campuses in Shanxi College of Forestry Luo Cunshuan;Jinzhong Lvdu Garden Reforestation Engineering Co.
On construction of resorts in forest parks Xu Guofang;Shanxi Xinyin Gardening Forestation Engineering Co.
Total station and the ruler in the application of steel construction Sun Yuqiang;Ma Xincheng;Yuan Xingming;CCCC Highway Consultants Co.
The application of real time dynamic measurement system( RTK) in urban surveying Zhou Ming;Pu'er City Real Estate Firm;
Analysis on engineering supervision meaning in house-building engineering safety control Liu Chong;Shanxi Coal Mine Construction Supervision Co.
Discussion on how to improve supervision quality Luo Bo;Shanxi Chengzheng Construction Supervision Consulting Co.
On risk analysis of bidding for architectural construction enterprises and strategies Zhang Dawei;Shanxi No.3 Architectural Engineering Company;
On dynamic management control analysis of architectural engineering cost Tian Zhongyan;Shanxi Chencheng Construction Engineering Co.
On problems in engineering cost management and strategies Wang Ting;Shanxi Chencheng Construction Engineering Co.
Discussion on how to audit building engineering project completion settlement Shang Xiaohui;Taiyuan Construction Engineering Pre-settlement Auditing Center;
On problems in engineering cost management in construction Zhao Cunfeng;Shanxi Chencheng Construction Engineering Co.
Civil construction engineering cost pre-settlement auditing measures Zhao Meina;Department of Development & Planning
On construction contract management of construction projects Yang Xiaoxia;Changzhi Architectural Engineering Corporation in Shanxi;
Discussion on the bottleneck of BIM in building intelligent construction Wang Liangcheng;Chen Xiaohu;Sanya University;
On reasons for claims in engineering construction and skills application Xie Lan;Wang Zhen;Zhengde Polytechnic;
Analysis on construction contract management under BOQ mode Yang Xiao;Shanxi Hexiangjiantong Engineering Project Management Co.
Analysis on municipal engineering management and measures Zhan Zhigang;Taiyuan Municipal Engineering Corporation;
Study on “VR technology” in real estate development and its application Zhao Chuncui;Shanxi 3rd Building Engineering Co.
On analysis of construction material management in housing construction Ren Guohua;Shanxi Liujian Group Co.
On driving force for land expansion of colleges in Chengdu City Luo Shihui;Xu Jiancheng;Li Dongmei;Chengdu University of Technology;
Discussion on how to strengthen fire-fighting safety management level of social old-age caring institution Yin Yanfeng;Liaocheng Public Fire-Fighting Office;
On effective strategies for improving the architectural engineering management and construction quality control Zhao Xiangwu;Shanxi Lu'an Engineering Co.
The field installation of large-span steel beam based on BIM simulation technology Chen Wenlong;Shanxi 8th Construction Group Co.
Study on mass concrete structure construction technologies in civil building engineering Liu Jinchao;Shandong Vocational College of Traffic;
The feasibility study for modular construction technology in residential buildings Zhang Peng;Tongliao Railway Construction Real Estate Development Limited Liability Company;
Study on house civil construction technology and quality monitoring Liu Dadong;Loudi Vocational College;
Study on welding construction technologies of air-conditioning air-tube glass wool-insulating board Fan Peiqin;Shanxi 8th Construction Group Co.
Study on concrete cracking causes and prevention in building construction Li Zhaoqiang;Zhongze Construction Industry Group Co.
Discussion on the installation and demolition of fastener-style steel-pipe supporting frame Duan Wenxiang;Department of Development Planning
The numerical simulation analysis of inner air pipes and water-filled pipes on the basis of explosive blast Fang Chong;PLA University of Science and Technology;
On design and implementation of washing scheme of water-supply pipeline synchronization in Qingxu Lv Wei;Taiyuan Water-Supply Group Co.
Discussion on construction technologies of municipal road rainwater drainage engineering Wang Fang;Taiyuan Municipal Engineering Corporation;
Importance of compactness in municipal drainage engineering Xu Lihua;Taiyuan Municipal Engineering Corporation;
A new structure design and analysis of natural ventilation sound-proof window Hu Yuntao;Meng Wenhua;Shanxi Pingyang Industry Machinery Co.
Application of automatic heat network system in unattended thermal power station Li Ming;Taiyuan Thermal Power Corporation 2nd Heating Branch Company;
Research on transmission tower shape coefficient Zhu Dedun;Li Shoulu;Kong Fangong;Xia Yefei;Yu Qiqi;Pan Haiyang;Shandong Power Transmission and Substation Engineering Company;Shanghai Shidier Building Damping Technology Limited Company;Civil Engineering and Water Conservation College
On investigation and research of traditional villages in Shanxi Province Zhang Daizong;Si Yingxin;Beijing Jiaotong University;
Discussion on the character and solution to dispute of building house compensating for project payment Jia Jingang;Yang Bo;Architecture Design Institute of Former Shenyang Military Region;The 4th Construction Manager Project Department of Air Force of the Northern Theater Command;
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