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Shanxi Architecture
FQ: 旬刊
AD of Publication: 山西省太原市
Lanuage: 中文;
ISSN: 1009-6825
CN: 14-1279/TU
YP: 1975
Url: 山西省建筑科学研究院
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Shanxi Architecture
2017 -12
The influence of urbanization to plant diversity in arid environment Li Miao;Ji Wenli;Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University;Xi'an Yanta District Greening Team;
Application of single base station CORS in South China in line survey Sun Guoqing;Peng Lei;Yuan Xingming;Zibo Jingwei Survey and Design Co.
Discussion on the application of GIS technology in fire protection work Gao Wenmin;Wan Berlin Brigade
Application of finite element method in rock mass seepage parameter inversion Du Wanjun;College of Hydraulic Engineering
Rolling performance study based on EPS beads-mixed lightweight soil of sandy soil Zhang Cun;Yuan Qingjuan;Xizang Agriculture and Animal Husbandry College;
Application of cast-in-situ light-weight foamed concrete in roofing engineering Liu Gang;Liu Li;Shanxi 1st Construction Group Co.
Investigation on the influence factors of homogeneity of concrete by microhardness tester Wu Yilin;Yan Wenpei;Chen Zhaohui;Jingshan Institute of Quality Supervision and Inspection;Jingshan Testing Center of Public Inspection;
The influence of admixture to high belite sulphoaluminate cement grouting material Zhao Yuebin;Zhao Wen;Ran Xiaofeng;Zhang Yapei;Meng Weihao;Mu Changhao;Resources and Civil Engineering School
Discussion on the recycling ways of waste concrete Yu Qinglin;Yu Yunpeng;Ji Xinmiao;Ding Xian;Sichuan Engineering Vocational Technical Institute;
Testing and FLOW-3D simulation analysis of interior gutter dam breaking model Lin Tianxiang;Xiong Kai;Li Yingli;Zhou Xinru;Wei Wanying;College of Building Engineering
The slag process mineralogy and comprehensive utilization technique of Yonggang corporation Jiang Feifei;Ma Jian;School of Naval Architecture and Civil Engineering
ACP1000 inner containment equipment non-standard embedded part design Zhao Jintao;Yao Di;Meng Jian;China Nuclear Power Engineering Co.
Discussion on safety protection method of double row outer frame construction Yan Bin;Shanxi Third Construction Engineering Limited Company;
Harbin haze influencing factors analysis and processing measures Dou Yuanhong;Wang Xu;Liang Xinyuan;Li He;Yang Ning;College of Civil Engineering
Application of hydraulic blasting method in subway construction Li Jian;China Railway 14th Bureau Group Large-Shielding Engineering Co.
Discussion on the installation quality control of piston compressor Du Quanlin;Shanxi Industrial Equipment Installation Limited Company;
On design for Sichuan aviation food projects based on efficiency priority Zhou Yang;China Southwest Architectural Design and Research Institute Group
Excavation deformation forecast analysis based on the hardening soil model Yu Haibing;The Rail Transit Co.
Study on steel cage hoisting technologies of ventilating shaft diaphragm in the middle of the subway Wang Kun;China Railway 14th Bureau Group Tunnel Engineering Co.
Analysis on the influence of metro shield tunneling Wang Zhe;Guangdong Communications Planning and Design Institute Co.
The process technology optimization and achievement of modern tram frame Yan Anning;China Railway Baoqiao Group Limited Company;
Analysis on soft soil foundation treatment technology in highway construction Fu Zhiguo;Shanxi Yuanfang Road and Bridge Group Limited Company;
Discussion on the impact of MJS hydration heat upon ground freezing Xie Shuxin;Hao Mingqiang;China Coal Tunnel Engineering Co.
Research on performance evaluation case of urban road maintenance Zhou Jie;Shen Liming;Zhou Xuanxuan;Hangzhou Tongfan Property Management Limited Company;Hangzhou Hanyi Municipal Engineering Limited Company;
Interpretation on soft foundation processing strategies of municipal road Li Bin;Taiyuan Municipal Engineering Corporation;
Steel casing construction methods of uncovered rock in deep water and inclined riverbed bored pile Zeng Zhiping;Henan Chenzhou Highway Bridge Construction Co.
Micro-structure evaluating indicators of gray correlation method determining asphalt mixture mining grading Yuan Hui;Ding Yan;College of Building Science & Engineering
The optimization research of tunnel lighting design in high altitude area Li Zhuo;Zhang Qingxia;CCCC First Highway Survey and Design Institute Limited Company;
The construction key technology of AC-13 asphalt concrete pavement upper layer in urban road Hao Donghui;Taiyuan Municipal Engineering Corporation;
Investigation on early damage of asphalt pavement in Nyingchi city of Tibet and its causes Lv Guangdong;Key Laboratory of Ministy of Education for Geomechanics and Embankment Engineering
Application of protecting technology of expansive soil cutting slope anchor bolt frame beam Wang Bin;Wenyuan Highway Construction Administration Department;
The application of AH-70 heavy traffic A type petroleum asphalt in South Kunming connection highway Li Congde;Yunnan Jiaotong Vocational Technical Institute;
Study on the field compaction test of embankment filled with soil-rock mixtures Zhang Xiaofeng;Zhou Yingxin;Qian Kun;Chen Wu;Wu Shangfeng;Zeng Weicheng;Yunnan Wuyi Expressway Construction Headquarters;Yunnan Highway Development & Investment Co.
Inquiry on the application of dynamic compaction technology in highway subgrade construction Li Zhuduan;Shanxi Yuncheng Highway Bridge Co.
Study on the interchange scheme design of east Binhe road southern extension T-style joint of Taiyuan city Huang Xuehua;Taiyuan Academy of Municipal Engineering Design;
Analysis on steel fiber concrete construction technology in highway bridge construction Nie Weizhong;Shanxi Highway Bridge 2nd Engineering Co.
Inquiry on expansive subgrade construction technologies in highway engineering Wang Wensheng;Shanxi Yuncheng Highway Bridge Co.
Analysis on the application of prestress technology in highway bridge construction Wu Lijuan;Shanxi Highway Bridge 2nd Engineering Co.
Overview on compaction technologies of municipal engineering subgrade pavement Wang Lei;Taiyuan Municipal Engineering Corporation;
Discussion on bottom asphalt concrete pavement layer mixing proportion design of municipal road Ma Liping;Jincheng Municipal Engineering Corporation;
Analysis on mechanical properties of corrugated steel webs PC composite box girder Dong Hao;Zhang Hongliang;He Jianqiang;Liu Xuyuan;Wang Lifeng;Northeast Forestry University;
The arch bridge construction technology of Jiangxia bridge Liu Boming;Jiangxi Geological Engineering
Discussion on construction site detection and control of precast C50 concrete hollow beam and slab Li Congde;Yunnan Jiaotong Vocational Technical Institute;
The conceptual design of bridge group in Shenzhen Qianhai cooperation zone Song Xiaohui;China Railway Major Bridge Reconnaissance & Design Institute Co.
The technology of rectification and simulation of bridge in Harbin Wan Junlin;Wang Jianrong;Harbin Municipal Second Engineering Company;Beijing Texida Technology Co.
Several crack causes and prevention measures of pre-stressed concrete cast-in-place beam Li Bin;Guangdong Nanyue Traffic Investment Construction Limited Company;
The seismic performance evaluation of active and hybrid control for continuous system bridges Cao Meng;Zhang Fuming;Liu Xiaoshan;Hubei Communication Planning and Design Institute Limited Company by Share;
Discussion on the quality problems and countermeasures in road and bridge engineering Fang Huaixia;Kong Lingshi;Hubei Water Conservancy and Hydropower Vocational Technical Institute;
The influence analysis on shield side crossing railway box culvert in soft soil area Zhou Hangsheng;Tianjin Branch
The numerical simulation of two freedom degrees wind-induced vibration of bridge cross section Kong Decan;Southwest Survey Design Limited Company
Discussion on cast-in-place beam foundation soft soil foundation treatment Niu Shubin;Northwest Engineering Limited Company
Construction technologies of pressure lifting method removing large-diameter foundation pile steel casing Feng Bo;Zhang Wei;China Communication 2nd Bureau 2nd Engineering Co.
Discussion on construction technology of bridge concrete under low temperature conditions Su Zhigang;Yangquan Branch
Study on jointless bridge approach pavement construction technologies Yin Guanxu;Hebei Construction Group Co.
Inquiry on risk identification in mountainous high-pier and large-span bridge construction process Zhang Yong;Shanxi Jinzhong Highway Bridge Construction Group Co.
Study on the feasibility of building gallery bridge on Guanglu bridge Du Xiaogeng;Yu Guojun;Dongyang Highway Facility Co.
The main span closure technology of composite girder cable-stayed bridge Ma Jie;China Railway Baoqiao Group Co.
Monitoring analysis on cable force in cable-stayed bridge construction process Li Shaowei;Shanghai Municipal Construction Co.
Application research of cantilever suspended-basket technology in the bridge construction Zhao Pinghong;Shanxi Jinzhong Highway Bridge Construction Group Co.
Discussion on waterproof measures of shield tunnel in urban rail transit Wu Yinhe;CCCC City Investment Holdings Limited Company;
The surface subsidence analysis and control caused by shallow underground excavation tunnel construction Li Xiaojun;Third Engineering Limited Liability Company
Study on influence of excavation of pit on deformation of underlying tunnel in upper soft and lower hard stratum Li Yi;Planning and Construction Department of Sichuan University;
Asphalt pavement evaluation system for energy conservation and emissions reduction based on LCA Zhang Haitao;Meng Liang;College of Civil Engineering
The briefly analysis on the influence discussion of new operating region in Chongqing port Yang Huilai;Chongqing Yangtze River Waterway Bureau;
The present situation analysis and countermeasures research on highway construction bidding Ding Qidi;Fifth Engineering Limited Company
Exploration on comprehensive evaluation indicator system of urban pedestrian overcrossing location selecting optimization Huang Yili;Ding Qiang;College of Highway
Research on the traffic organization optimization of interchange group at the junction of Qianhai and Bao'an Xie Wei;Chen Lei;Shenzhen City Taffic Planning & Design Research Center Co.
The application and detection of cement soil mixing pile in impervious wall construction Gao Xiang;Taiyuan Zhuxin Municipal Engineering Detection Limited Company;
The seismic analysis of building above top of silos controlled by viscoelastic damper Guo Jinwei;Zhengzhou Design and Research Institute of Coal Industry Co.
The design of a cantilever steel frame structure Jia Shaolei;Shenzhen Guoteng Architectural Design Consulting Limited Company;
The stability analysis and optimization design of a steel structure tower Wang Jiawei;Guizhou Architectural Design and Research Institute Limited Company;
The beam and slab structure load transfer way based on plate shell theory Gao Yang;Shanghai Municipal Engineering Design & Research Institute
The distribution characteristic of passive earth pressure on retaining walls Liang Haoran;College of Information System and Management
Development of precast concrete structures Wang Lin;Wang Chuanxin;Wang Zhijian;Yantai University;Yantai Construction Engineering Quality Inspection Station;Yantai Construction Environmental Protection Bureau in High-Tech Zone;
Study on post-grouting material mixing proportion under stratum geology conditions Zhang Zhebin;Shanghai Foundation Engineering Group Co.
Comprehensive application of various foundation support methods in the pipe rack project Si Jianbo;Zhang Yanfei;Zhang Hongcai;Shannxi Longyue Foundation Engineering Co.
The application of reinforced earth retaining wall in coal gangue foundation Xie Deqiang;Xishan Coal and Electricity Group Design Institute;
Application of high-pressure jet grouting foundation embedding reinforcement in circular deep foundation support Xu Yingying;Shanghai Foundation Engineering Group Co.
Simulation and analysis on the effect of foundation pit structure of super large circular anchor Zhang Jian;Xiao Jingping;Zhuhai Institute of Urban Planning & Design;
Defect management of GRC partition board in high-rise residential building Chang Rui;Liu Can;Wang Xiaohong;Infrastructure Department
Discussion on the construction and quality control of high rise building concrete structure Guo Shuaiwen;CCCC Fourth Highway Engineering Bureau Limited Company;
The reasons for the formation of voids and pits of concrete T beam and solution Jiang Yafeng;Du Wenhui;CCCC Tunnel Engineering Compaly Limited;
Analysis of the technical difficulties in the construction of inclined wall of super high buildings Miao Aibao;Taiyuan Changfeng Real Estate Co.
The concrete winter construction of converter station changing square in cold area Cao Wu;Han Guangzhen;Yan Yuchao;Lian Jun;Anhui Electric Power Transmission & Transformation Co.;
Inquiry on the application of post-pouring belt construction technology in house building construction Wang Xiaojun;Hongtong Bureau of Urban-Rural Housing Construction Administration;
The research of orthogonal test for improvement raw-soil material with superfine slag Peng Bin;Meng Hongrui;Li Tao;Feng Yingxue;Yang Cheng;Chen Lihong;Dept of C.E.of Shaanxi University of Technology;
Progress and prospective of the “sponge city” theory Sun Wenjia;Zhang Kun;Zheng Yanna;Liu Xinmei;School of Ocean and Civil Engineering
Research on the failure modes of water supply and drainage inspection wells in towns Li Zhanwei;China University of Geosciences
Inactive hot spot forming and disposal of hot water heating system Wang Hongzhi;Linfen Housing Construction Heating Workshop
Discussion on the diversion reconstruction engineering of municipal rain and sewage pipeline Yang Zongliang;Taiyuan Municipal Public Facilities Management Office;
Soundscape in architectural design Wu Daohua;Liu Hengshuo;Li Meixuan;Zhuang Jinxun;University of Science and Technology Liaoning;
The role analysis on urban planning in city construction Chen Jiangkui;Ronghaichuan Urban Planning and Design Limited Company;
Study on the method of protecting and renewing railway legacy Wan Ting;Sun Qin;College of Civil Engineering
Research on the current situation investigation of urban underground public space Liu Yuanyuan;Zhuang Jinxun;Wang Jiang;University of Science and Technology Liaoning;
Research on city square public safety planning based on disaster prevention and disaster reduction theory Sun Ming;Hao Bingjie;College of Civil Engineering
On rural urbanization in new urbanization in Hebei Province Wen Han;Wang Haiyan;College of Architecture
Discussion on outdoor advertising control structure from the perspective of overall planning Zheng Shuangjie;Shanghai Environmental Sanitation Engineering Design Institute Limited Company;
Analytical solution and analysis for consolidation of the concrete-cored sand-gravel columns composite foundation Yang Yanwei;China Railway Siyuan Group Southewest Survey and Design Group Co.
Soil-nailing wall technologies of ductule grouting and gravity-style anti-sliding pier reinforcing mortar rubble Shen Peng;Cao Shengliang;Tang Bao;China Communication 1st Highway Survey Design Academy Co.
Sand compaction piles in the application of bead the island tunnel engineering of the Hong Kong and Macao Zhang Mingwei;Li Changhong;CCCC Fifth Highway Engineering Co.
Discussion on the energy saving technology and application in civil building Bai Pengli;Taiyuan Heating Power Company;
The application of space syntax in vertical dimension Wang Zhaoxun;Architecture and Design School
Research application of self-propelled hydraulic T-beam template system Yang Mingbo;Rong Xiangfeng;Liang Haibin;Shandong Tieying Formwork Co.
The application of construction mud treatment technology in a engineering Niu Jiewen;Suzhou University of Science and Technology;Zhongyifeng Construction Group Co.
Research on the advantages and disadvantages and restrictive factors of north green roof system Xue Yang;Zhang Yibo;Northeast Forestry University;
Analysis on green building design in public building design Zhang Yuyao;Shanxi Zhongchuang Building Design Co.
Quality control points of mold-preserving integrity plate cast-in-situ concrete composite thermal insulation system Zhang Xiaohong;Taiyuan Building Energy Saving Administration Center;
Historical experience research of lingering garden climate design Chen Jian;Wang Kuan;Li Tao;College of Design Art
Research on potential ventilation corridor in the main city of Hangzhou Yao Weiqin;Ying Jun;Zhejiang Agriculture and Forestry University;
The preliminary research on garden design strategies of children's outdoor activities space Pang Li;Li Wei;Beijing Dai Golden Pavilion Architectural Design Limited Company;China Railway Real Estate Group Design Consulting Limited Company;
Study on university campus landscape transformation strategies on the basis of sponge city concept Wang Xuming;Hanzhong Zhongsheng Construction Engineering Consulting Co.
Research on reinforcement construction quality control measures of concrete structure engineering Shi Haijun;Shanxi Third Construction Engineering Limited Company;
The application of home decoration in interior design Li Feifei;Art and Design School
Study on building project engineering cost control He Minyi;Qinhuangdao Municipal Construction Group Co.
Analysis on construction engineering cost management in China Chuo Yayan;Taiyuan Municipal Corporation;
Discussion on the whole process control of building engineering budget preparation Li Bianhong;Shanxi Tianheng Engineering Cost Consulting Office Limited Company;
The falsification behavior analysis and treatment countermeasures of bidders Hong Shengyuan;Hong Jianjun;Civil Engineering School
The “three control,three management and one coordination” of construction unit Wang Liangcheng;Chen Xiaohu;Sanya College;
The interpretation of medical architecture environmental design problems and humanistic concept embodiment Zuo Qing;Zeng Feng;China Machinery International Engineering Design and Research Institute Limited Liability Company;
The planning system expectation of “multi rules unification” Li Zhongjun;High-Tech Zone Branch
Discussion on the site coordination of medical building project designers Sun Feihu;Xu Xiangdong;China Zhongyuan International Engineering Limited Company;
The adjustment and control of shear-gravity ratio in seismic design Yang Wentao;Biomass-Oil Wuhan Chemical Engineering Technology Co.
Study on the restoration of earthquake site and its collapse of the library in North China University of Technology Jia Yuqi;Ma Lihui;Wei Liang;North China University of Technology
Calculation of shear bearing capacity of RC beam shear-strengthened with CFRP wraps Du Yang;Peng Yaping;College of Environment and Architecture
Transient temperature field of frame structure under different heating curves You Feng;Hubei Province Transportation Hall Management Office of the Highway Hankou to Shiyan;
Application of engineering visa management in engineering construction process Dong Fangfang;Shanxi Mingshi Coalbed Methane Utilization Co.
Discussion on the construction management of group tower cranes anti-collision Mei Quanwu;Daye Tonglvshan Construction Engineering Limited Liability Company;
Discussion on project management Wang Jianqiang;Shanxi Industrial Equipment Installation Limited Company;
Exploration on the focus of scientific management from the development trend of project management Jiang Hua;China Railway Second Bureau Group Decoration Engineering Limited Company;
Engineering cost settlement auditing problems and countermeasures Jia Zhimin;Taiyuan Construction Engineering Budgeting Auditing Center;
The application of automatic control strategy in contract energy management Li Ming;Second Heating Branch
Discussion on safety and civilized construction management of municipal engineering Bai Yan;Shanxi Chengxin Municipal Construction Limited Company;
Discussion on the application of Ulmus pumila cv. jinye in garden landscape Xu Zhi;Taiyuan Garden Nursery Stock Center;
How to create a new work situation of rural fire management Yin Yanfeng;Liaocheng Public Security Fire Brigade;
Study on GIS education status of university landscape gardening specialty Ren Jinxuan;Ning Ziyu;Fu Hui;Institute of Tropical Agriculture and Forestry
Teaching reform practice and research of green construction technology cultivation Wu Yanhua;Xiamen College of Industry;
Designing of BIM teaching system of engineering management specialty in application-oriented university Liu Jin;School of Engineering
Analysis on soil mechanics testing teaching status and relevant reform Zhu Hongying;Yang Mingjing;College of City
Research on the application of PPP model in large-scale sports facilities Huang Ying;Nanjing Olympic Construction and Development Co.
The comparison analysis on the basic valuation method of real estate Zhao Rui;Northeast Forestry University;
On the reconstruction of shanty town in Taiyuan urban construction Yan Jinyun;Taiyuan Urban Planning & Design Institute;
Analysis of management mode for government investment project in China Liu Chengchen;School of Civil Engineering and Mechanics
Rural houses investigation and statistical analysis of Hebei province Pang Wenzhong;Hebei Building Research Science & Technology Co.
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