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Shanxi Architecture
FQ: 旬刊
AD of Publication: 山西省太原市
Lanuage: 中文;
ISSN: 1009-6825
CN: 14-1279/TU
YP: 1975
Url: 山西省建筑科学研究院
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Shanxi Architecture
2017 -13
The methods of multi-source heterogeneous spatial data integration of ground fissure Xu Mingxia;Liu Hongxia;He Jing;Shannxi Vocational College of National Defense Industry;
Outline on ground fissures developing rules of Weihe basin Luo Jiafu;North Sichuan Medical College;
Guangxi highway landslide properties and deformation mechanism Han Qianlong;Xi'an Zhongjiao Tongli Geotechnical Engineering Co.
Analysis on the impact of rainfall factors upon landslide stability Li Yaonan;Zhang Longfei;Liao Kang;Li Jiaqi;China University of Geosciences
Study on bauxite mineralization and metallogenic model Jin Miaojie;Shanxi Institute of Geophysics & Geochemical Survey;
On drilling technique of survey project for geological resources Chen Cheng;Tianjin Ruikan Engineering Survey Co.
On development of multifunction hydradulics experimental educational equipment Zhang Hongwei;Zhou Yong;Feng Weijun;Hang Wei;Song Yuheng;Sun Yetong;Department of Civil and Marine Institute
Research status of basic performance of recycled concrete Jin Wenqiang;Yao Xiaonan;Song Zicheng;Zhou Yanan;Wen Chao;College of Building & Civil Engineering
The influence of cement temperature on water consumption standard consistency Jiang Yafeng;Du Wenhui;CCCC Tunnel Engineering Company Limited;
On tensile and compressive properties of GFRP laminate Song Jiale;Hu Cuiping;Xi Jun;Zhang Wei;Qingdao University of Technology;
Study on underground petroleum storage caverns project management method Guo Shunli;Li Wei;Liu Xiaoliang;Zhang Wenhui;Yang Hua;Huangdao Oil Reserve Base Limited Company;Geotechnical and Structural Engineering Research Center
On optimal design for geological construction of coal-bed gas well Zheng Yuanjing;Architectural Design Institute Co.
Primary exploration for safety monitoring technology of underground crude oil storage caverns Ma Chuanbin;Power-China Zhongnan Engineering Corporation;
The application of cooling circulation water cooling in mass concrete construction Mei Quanwu;Daye Tonglvshan Construction Engineering Limited Liability Company;
On main problems in architectural safety management in China and strategies Liu Yifu;Qiao Limei;Zhengzhou University of Industrial Technology;
Experimental investigation on regularity of internal gas blast loading Gan Jiaping;State Key Laboratory of Disaster Prevention & Mitigation of Exploration & Impact
On risk evaluation of excavation safety of deep foundation pits and measures Gong Xiaojing;China Railway 17th Bureau Group Architectural Engineering Co.
Domestic water pollution preventing defects and countermeasure suggestions Cui Wenjun;Li Hongyan;Taiyuan University of Technology;
Diffusion impact of the field pollution source in aquifer Zhao Zhili;Tianjin Huabei Engineering Survey & Design Co.
On environment protection measures for temporary land for road construction Han Xingwen;Shanxi Road and Bridge No.2 Engineering Co.
On corrective maintenance procedure for defects in railway works Huo Minggang;Beijing Track Maintenance Division
The application of CRD method in subway entrance construction Peng Zhengkun;China Water Conservancy and Hydropower Eighth Engineering Bureau Limited Company;
Analysis on ballastless track structure stress deformation under integral temperature effect Feng Yang;Haixia
On prevention and treatment of frozen diseases along Datong-Qinhuangdao Railway Jin Yongzhong;Chawu Track Maintenance Division of Datong-Qinhuangdao Railway Co.
On construction technique of mechanical hole pile methods for subway station of underground excavation Dong Zhiyun;Yuan Xuefeng;Yang Bin;China Architectural 8th Engineering Bureau Co.
On numeric calculation analysis of PBA method construction of Military Museums Gan Xiaoli;Tunnel Engineering Co.
Research and improvement of core form of post-tensioned slab girder Zhao Guochen;Niu Hao;CCCC Fourth Highway Engineering Co.
Construction of runoff collecting system of highway bridge deck Zhang Liyi;Shanxi Fenyang Bureau of Traffic & Transportation;
Study on artificial bored pile construction technologies and quality control of the bridge foundation Nie Jianlong;Department of Hedi Maintenance
Discussion on bridge tunnel maintenance cost matters Wang Andong;Xishang Branch Company
On optimization of large-section loess tunnel construction methods Song Jiwu;China Railway 14th Bureau Group;
On application of BIM technique in bridge construction Cheng Jianhua;Shanxi Jinzhong Road and Bridge Construction Group Co.
On emphasis of outburst gas and monitoring measures in railway tunnel construction in areas with high altitude Chen Zhichun;No.5 Engineering Co.
Application of cantilever suspended basket technology in bridge construction Wang Xiaoyan;Shanxi Jinzhong Highway Bridge Construction Group Co.
On safety and durability in bridge design Yuan Haoyang;Tangshan Communication Survey and Design Institute Co.
On construction technique of winter concrete grouting of bridges Geng Xiaoxuan;Tangshan Communication Survey and Design Institute Co.
On analysis of widening construction craft of precast small box girder Zhang Chao;Shanxi Academy of Transportation;
Study on the detection and assessment of new Nanxun bridge Wu Shifeng;Du Xiaogeng;Zhejiang Zhongyan Engineering Technology Research Co.
Discussion on comprehensive evaluation index system of rural bridge location optimization design Ding Qiang;Huang Yili;College of Highway
On application of road detection techniques and detection quality control Ding Yahui;Highway Engineering Quality Monitoring Station of Xilingol League;
Analysis on highway engineering bridge construction management Zhang Yanping;Shanxi Pingyang Highway Bridge Co.
On factors affecting recycled asphalt performance in extraction Liu Hongyi;Changzhi Road Branch
On application of relative entropy model in scheme comparison for landslide Wang Fei;Zhang Longfei;Liao Kang;Li Jiaqi;China University of Geosciences
On construction technique of prestressed high strength concrete pipe pile in deep silt geology Zhang Mingwei;Gui Kaifei;CCCC Fifth Highway Engineering Co.
Analysis on bored pile technology in highway bridge construction Zhao Yingjuan;Lingshi Highway Administration Section
On selection for traffic development models in Changsha City Li Zhiqiang;Li Binglin;Changsha Urban and Rural Planning and Monitoring Enforcement Brigade;Changsha Planning & Design Survey Research Institute;
Study on the strength growth of cold mixture in pavement repair based on modified resin binder Li Yongdi;Hou Juntao;Li Qiang;Shannxi New Xixian District New Bangdong City Municipal Garden Facility Center;
Analysis on electric vehicles charging pile design points of civil architecture Ma Jie;Shanxi Academy of Building Design;
Study on urban road construction technologies in municipal engineering Zhao Huijun;Taiyuan Municipal Engineering Corporation;
Semi-rigid base performance measurement and analysis of city road transformation Zheng Minghan;Zhou Xuanxuan;Zhou Jie;Kunpeng Construction Group Co.
The mix proportion design and construction quality control of cement mixing pile of Longdong highway Li Congde;Yunnan Jiaotong Vocational Technical Institute;
Comprehensive traffic controlling techniques of connecting hub interchange with existing highway Qiu Kaizhen;China Railway 17th Bureau Group 6th Engineering Co.
Exploration on the application technologies of lime-fly ash macadam organization design and construction Guo Hailong;Shanxi Highway Engineering Supervision Technology Consulting Corporation;
Discussion on technological difficulties existing in overlapping soil construction Guo Junpeng;Taiyuan University of Technology;
Construction quality control points of high-grade pavement base Zhang Peigang;Lvliang Highway Construction Co.
Application of gravity-style retaining wall in highway slope construction Peng Liyuan;Shanxi Jinzhong Highway Bridge Construction Group Co.
On control over asphalt concrete roadbed construction craft system on high-grade roads Wang Gen;Shanxi Pingyao-Yushe Expressway Co.
Study on the docking method of provincial highway designing scheme Yi Heng;Zheng Lei;Ji Zhigang;Fan Donghao;Tianjin Municipal Engineering Design & Research Institute;
Research on bridge disease problem Deng Guozhuan;Shaanxi Tongyu Highway Research Institute Limited Company;
On application of stone filled subgrade construction technique in road construction Wang Ning;Shanxi Jinzhong Road and Bridge Construction Group Co.
On reasons for diseases on expansion and contraction devices of expressways and bridges and replacement and maintenance technique Fang Zhang;Chizhou Administrative Center
The comparison impermeability performance influence of water cement ratio in secondary lining of Baihua mountain tunnel Li Congde;Yunnan Jiaotong Vocational Technical Institute;
Checking calculation of steel sheet pile cofferdam of bridge based on different construction phases Sun Huanzhong;No.2 Engineering Co.
Field monitoring measurement analysis of Bo-Shang small-distance tunnel Guo Wujun;Qi Su;Dou Kewei;Wang Cheng;CCCC Second Highway Engineering Co.
Study on hollow-slab bridge splicing scheme of highway expansion engineering Li Yi;Liang Qun;The 3rd Branch Institute
On comprehensive monitoring system of expressway mechanical and electrical facilities based on SCADA Zhang Linliang;Shanxi Academy of Transportation;
On improvement measures for transverse flexible deflection of cover beam bridge Wang Jianrong;Wan Junlin;Beijing Texida Technology Co.
Common prefabricated T-beam appearance defects and preventive countermeasures Wang Lili;Shanxi Jinzhong Highway Bridge Construction Group Co.
Construction and quality control of hanging-basket cantilever casting box girder Bai Haiying;Yangquan Branch Bureau
Numerical simulation analysis of TBM tunnel segment under different stresses Yu Yi;Xiangya Hospital
Discussion on the construction technology key points of Datong ancient city wall moat water system Liu Qingli;Datong Yongtai Square;
On analysis of reasons for leakage at Zhuangtou Reservoir in Huguan County Song Yang;College of Geological Survey
Research on the reform of experimental teaching of civil engineering based on “classroom flip” Zhang Chunyu;Zhao Yanlin;Chen Yong;Zuo Jingyan;Meng Xiangmin;College of Civil Engineering
Discussion on the green construction technology management of low carbon energy saving building Zhao Meina;Development and Planning Ministry
On energy consumption investigation and energy-saving scheme for some campus in Changsha City Cai Wanting;Guangdong Architectural Design Institute;
Inquiry on energy saving and emission reducing problems of thermal power station Li Zhiyuan;Taiyuan Thermal Power Company;
Discussion on safety evaluation of artificial stone waterfall rockery in a park Lin Weiguang;Fujian Academy of Building Research;
Landscape design of recreational space in riverfronts area of Yangzhou section of the grand canal Qu Fan;Li Desheng;Xu Huan;Lumei
On analysis of planning and design for gardening landscapes in modern residential complexes Yang Xiaofeng;Liu Yuanping;Taiyuan University of Technology;Datong Planning and Design Institute;
On buildings with earlier modernist style in contemporary Wuxi City Dai Mengjie;Design Insititute
Study on community planning of urban-block system Lu Shuai;Northeast University of Forestry;
Study on the application of AHP in LID facilities selection Guo Tao;Xie Xinlu;GIS Laboratory
Implementation scheme of comprehensive old residential community renovation Wu Shenglong;Shanxi Academy of Building Criteria Design;
Research on the walking problem in urban streets Wu Hao;Art School
On application of “strong coupling” precast concrete framework in China Zhang Cheng;Modern Road and Bridge Co.
Bending performance test on the different anchorage forms of reinforced glulam beams Zuo Hongliang;Qiu Yitong;School of Civil Engineering
On application of shearing wall structure of design for house structures Cui Dongfang;Shanxi No.2 Architectural Design Institute;
Discussion on current landscape garden design development tendency of Denmark Liu Yang;College of Garden
Consideration on engineering cost management status Xu Wenfang;Hunan Huasheng Project Management Co.
Analysis on the accuracy of design estimation of industrial construction projects Chen Zisheng;Fujian Architectural Light Textile Design Institute;
Discussion on engineering cost control and management Zhang Aiping;Shanxi Yangquan Construction Criteria Quota Station;
Analysis on the impact of engineering change upon engineering settlement cost and countermeasures Zhang Junbin;Taiyuan Construction Engineering Pre-settlement Auditing Center;
Analysis on building engineering cost pre-settlement auditing Li Dongxia;Taiyuan Construction Project Investment Evaluating Center;
Building engineering cost control at bidding and tendering phase Zuo Yingbo;Shanxi 2nd Construction Group Co.
On reform in Residential Areas Planning based on house style model manufacturing Wu Tao;Ningxia Construction Vocational and Technical College;
Discussion on fire supervision and management measures of city commercial complex Li Yi;Taiyuan Police Fire Brigade Xiaodian Brigade;
Higher educational practice in the field of low carbon buildings Cui Yanqi;Zhongkai University of Agriculture and Engineering
Exploration on the application of computer simulation techniques in green building design Zhao Zhichao;Wu Tiefeng;Jiamusi University
On inheriting and developing strategies for water town culture in Lingnan Area Li Limin;Ou Wenhao;Lin Yingman;Deng Guanghua;Chen Hai;Tang Jiao;Guangdong University of Technology;
On survey of conservation of industrial heritage and reuse Ma Lingyong;Jiang Jing;College of Civil Architectural Engineering College
Performance analysis of precast shear wall in horizontal connections Ma Zhen;Yuan Wei;Yu Dehu;Heze Institute of Planning and Architectural Design;Qingdao University of Technology;
Application of steel structure in house-building engineering Li Gang;Shanxi Academy of Electro-Mechanical Design;
The seismic identification and reinforcement treatment of a middle school dormitory building Chen Mingchao;Lin Dehong;Ke Chenhui;Zeng Xiaoyong;Fujian Building Science Institute;
The structure design summary of automobile passenger station of railway new passenger station south Guangzhou Du Xingli;Guangdong Architectural Design Institute;
On analysis of weak steps of concrete structures and seismic consolidation approaches Cui Xuan;Shangluo College;
Experimental analysis of the ultrasonic testing for concrete stress Liu Hongxiang;Du Erxia;College of Building Engineering
Study on the pile supported system of supplementary excavation beneath constructed buildings Cheng Yuanhui;Hu Lifeng;Xie Zhengbing;Liu Nianwu;Keqiao District Construction Quality and Safety Supervision Center;School of Civil Engineering and Architecture
Wall anchorage support design and critical construction technologies under coastal geology condition Zhang Zhebin;Shanghai Foundation Engineering Group Co.
Research on the application of the sub-foundation construction technology of Suzhou engineering Niu Jiewen;Tao Zhixin;Lu Xiaoxiao;Zhongyifeng Construction Group Co.
Inquiry on deep foundation support construction quality control Li Liguang;Shanxi People's Hospital;
Analysis and measures of emitting slurry situation of deep bored pile top Yang Weihua;Fujian Jiulong Construction Group Limited Company;
Analysis on the impact of foundation excavation of loose region upon slope stability Liang Xiaowen;Zhang Fulong;Shaanxi Institute of Technology of Profession of Railway Engineering;
Analysis on the application of anti-corrosion construction technology in industrial building Zhang Xingyu;Shanxi Hongsha Building Engineering 3rd Co.
On reasons for concrete cracks and controlling scheme Guan Yongle;China Chemical Engineering Second Construction Corporation;
On construction technique of large elevator stage with a rotary combining machine Guo Haibin;Shanxi Jinzhong Road and Bridge Construction Group Co.
On one-time optimal controlling points for installation quality of residential buildings Ge Ye;Shanxi Sijian Group Co.
Coal mill foundation construction technologies of 2 × 660 MW power generating project An Jiayu;Shanxi Hongsha Building Engineering 3rd Co.
On coordination between quality and cost control in engineering programs Hao Laisheng;Shanxi Yuanfang Road and Bridge Group Co.
On installation and construction management of municipal burning pipelines Niu Qinyun;Taiyuan Natural Gas Co.
The analysis and countermeasures of fire casualties in public gathering places Shi Yujie;Taiyuan Public Security Fire Brigade;
On application of big data excavation in engineering program management Huang Huiping;Shanxi Sijian Group Co.
On construction models for new rural construction in Sanya City Chen Wenshu;Fu Shuanyang;Cai Yuxin;College of Art
On model establishment of SI ecological buildings Pei Zhuangzhuang;Wei Liang;North China University of Science and Technology
Research on memorial space design of red theme Wan Ting;Wang Yuanyuan;School of Civil Engineering
Protection and utilization of traditional civil dwelling in Guangfu under the perspective of regional culture Chen Ying;Ouyang Hehong;Yang Yang;Pan Chuting;Yang Jinyi;Zhu Kai;Guangdong University of Technology;
Analysis on cities on the basis of Rossi oAldo typology Lei Jing;College of Building & City Planning
On regional properties of architectural colors of traditional villages in mountainous areas in south of Hebei Province Luo Gengxin;Wang Xiaodong;Hebei Engineering University;
On elastic and plastic analysis of cross-shaped short-leg shearing wall with changing height-weight ratio Zhu Mengyang;Shanghai Architectural Engineering School;
On construction technique of transfer story of concrete structure in high-rise buildings Liang Changchun;Real-Estate Development Co.
Analysis on construction technology based on roof waterproof building Yang Xin;Shanxi Second Construction Group Limited Company;
On application of overall steel platform of electric integral system Zhou Haiwen;Shanxi Hongsha No.3 Architectural and Engineering Co.
Application of steel structure bearing technologies of the assembly-style prestressed fish-belly beam Fang Nianchun;Shanghai Qiangjin Foundation Engineering Co.
Discussion on the application of waterproofing anti-seepage techniques in industrial-civil architecture construction Nie Shengtao;Taiyuan Thermal Power Company;
Study on material transformation of China-Russian Jian'an project Jiang Zhuo;China Nuclear Power Engineering Co.
Discussion on new water supply and drainage pipeline technology status and development tendency Guo Peng;Shanxi Taiyuan Academy of Municipal Engineering Design;
Discussion on the application of automatic control system in central heating Liu Qi;Taiyuan Heating Power Company;
Research on deep treatment of ozone-bioactive charcoal and its development Liu Bocai;Wang Huicong;Tianjin Municipal Engineering Design and Research Institute;Baichuanyunchuang
On electric preheating construction of long-distance heat-supply pipelines Xu Feng;Taiyuan Thermal Power Company;
Analysis on common problems in municipal water supply and drainage design and planning Wang Fang;Municipal Engineering Design and Research Institute of Taiyuan in Shanxi Province;
Design of water-supply pipeline engineering Wen Jie;Taiyuan Water Supply Group Co.
Discussion on urban municipal engineering water supply and drainage technology Jiang Li;Municipal Engineering Design and Research Institute of Taiyuan in Shanxi Province;
The application of robot in urban drainage pipe network reconstruction Fu Sai'ou;Hou Mingfang;Tai Xirong;Yang Weiyi;He Kai;Urban Construction School
Analysis on construction points of high-rise building electric engineering Peng Hao;Shanxi 4th Construction Group Co.
Inquiry on water supply engineering construction technologies and quality control points and measures Gong Kaiyi;Taiyuan Water Supply Group Co.
Research on the evaluation method of drawing course in accordance with professional training objectives Gao Liyan;Wan Xiaomei;Gao Qian;Zhang Xiaowei;Mo Zhengbo;Qingdao Technological University;
On strategies of pastorate town of Bihu Town of Lishui City Shi Tan;Yan Shaojun;Chai Shiyao;Garden College
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