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Shanxi Architecture
FQ: 旬刊
AD of Publication: 山西省太原市
Lanuage: 中文;
ISSN: 1009-6825
CN: 14-1279/TU
YP: 1975
Url: 山西省建筑科学研究院
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Shanxi Architecture
2017 -14
Application of modern surveying-mapping technology in colour painting status record of Gyeongbok Palace in the Imperial Palace Wang Mo;Department of Architecture
Import CAD map without coordinate information to ArcGIS with the help of Google Earth Zhang Ruifang;Zhang Ping;Architecture and Urban Planning School
On calculation method of tidal current numeric model and its engineering application Li Chao;CNNP CHD Hebei Nuclear Power Co.
Discussion on seismic wave selection in time-history analysis Zhao Tingting;Tan Jun;Jin Chunfeng;China Power Investment Engineering Research Detection & Assessment Center;
The risk assessment of geological disaster in a Shanghai cancer hospital project Tang Junhui;Shanghai Shenyuan Geotechnical Engineering Co.
Application of physics exploring technology in mined-out area of small coal mine in loose region Wang Tan;Wang Weihong;China Chemical 2nd Construction Group Co.
Landslide-dammed lake disaster analysis and discrete element numerical simulation Huang Hongqiang;Zhongshan Huoju Technology Industry Development District Hydrology Department;
Discussion on hydrogeology survey reflecting seismic technique Ma Bin;Shanxi Geology Survey Bureau Geology Department No.214;
Geological disaster causes and risk control of shallow tunnel collapse Meng Xianwu;Shanxi Highway Bridge Group International Traffic Construction Engineering Co.
On anti-leakage performance of self-compaction recycled concrete with various volumes of fly ash Tan Deyang;Ji Xu;Sun Dong;Wang Jie;Li Shuo;College of Architecture and Civil Engineering
Risk assessment and control of underground water seal oil caverns Guo Shunli;Liu Jie;Yu Feng;Yao Yuantao;Yang Hua;Huangdao Oil Reserve Base Limited Company;Geotechnical and Structural Engineering Research Center
Research status of metal fatigue damage Xiao Min;Yang Jie;Li Yuguo;Institute of Rheological Mechanics and Materials Engineering
The safety problems analysis and countermeasures of large and special mechanical equipment Wang Yan;Guangzhou Railway
The thinking analysis on the safety lifting technology of large hoisting machinery Li Henghong;Shanxi Jinzhong Road and Bridge Construction Group Limited Company;
The design and discussion of fire control system in airport flight area Su Jianming;Guangdong Longhao Aviation Group Limited Company;
Research on new anti-sliding structure of runways on airfields Zhang Hao;College of the Airport
The application discussion on set rail technology in narrow gauge railway transformation Xu Bo;China Railway Xi'an Design & Surevy Research Institute Limited Liability Company;
Design and analysis of traffic relaxation in urban metro construction Tang Yong;Sinohydro Bureau 8 Co.
The rainwater discharge system design for a frame bridge Liu Xiufeng;Survey and Design Institute
The problems and solutions of highway maintenance engineering Deng Guozhuan;Shaanxi Tongyu Highway Research Institute Co.
The application of CASIO-program combination total station in road and bridge tunnel construction lofting Li Congde;Yunnan Jiaotong Vocational Technical Institute;
On dynamic theory model of masonry pavement with horizontal diffusion loading Liu Junsheng;College of Airport
The application research on dynamic compaction method in highway subgrade construction Xie Hexiang;Shanxi Road and Bridge Second Engineering Limited Company;
The problems and the measures of municipal road design Han Guoqiang;Municipal Engineering Design and Research Institute of Taiyuan in Shanxi Province;
On construction points for cement stabilized cool regeneration of widening construction of expressways Han Liming;Jinzhong Branch
The adding transformation construction of old cement concrete pavement application of rubblization Xie Hong;Shanxi Shuozhou Highway Limited Liability Company;
Experimental study on the dynamic response of tunnel entrance slope Bi Quanchao;Fu Zhixin;Wang Xuelei;Zhang Mingxiu;Hebei Institute of Architecture and Civil Engineering;
Traffic sign installation for variable lane control Yuan Long;Zhang Bo;School of Civil Engineering
Research progress of asphalt aging and aging prediction model Liu Yan;Shen Junan;Center for Road Engineering Research
Subgrade subsidence filling scheme and construction technology of road-bridge transition section Han Shengli;Hebei Construction Group Co.
On interpretation of construction techniques of roadbed Tang Qian;Shanxi No.2 Road and Bridge Engineering Co.
Application of high-pressure jet-grouting pile technology in highway construction field Li Yuzeng;Taiyuan Highway Bridge Construction Co.
Inquiry on asphalt pavement disease processing techniques of heavy-traffic road Cheng Tao;Anhui Jiantong Investment Co.
Discussion on highway construction technology management and highway maintenance Duan Jun;Shanxi Pingyang Road and Bridge Limited Company;
On roadbed deformation prediction of road expansive soil and its controlling methods Qiu Xiaopei;Shanxi No.2 Road and Bridge Engineering Co.
Numerical simulation study of immersed tunnel joint under horizontal bending condition Zheng Xueping;Nanchang Municipal Public Group Co.
The tunnel construction and risk prevention in complex karst geological condition Liu Bingdong;Zhejiang Jiaogong Hongtu Traffic Construction Limited Company;
The jacking force research for the closure for middle span of a continuous rigid-frame bridge Kou Mingguo;Huang Jiang;Anhui Transport Consulting & Design Institute Co.
Study on the impact of continuous bridge beam prestress loss upon zero-block axial force Li Yong;Da-Xi Railway Passenger-Special Line Ltd;
The rock burst prediction and prevention measure of Lalin railway gneiss tunnel Chen Zhichun;Fifth Engineering Limited Company
Steel-sheet pile preventing measures of existing adjacent railway bridge cushion construction Wang Ping;China Railway 23rd Bureau Group 1st Engineering Co.
Elongation calculation of asymmetric prestressed tensioning theory Wang Zhao;Zhao Shangzhe;China Communication 1st Navigation Bureau Total-Contracting Engineering Branch Company;
Study on major beam stress performance of integral-seamless bridge abutment height Zhang Fan;Shenzhen Jiaoyun Engineering Group Co.
Discussion on steel corrosion detection method in highway bridge concrete Zhang Bianrui;Shanxi Highway Engineering Inspection Limited Company;
Manufacturing technology of secondary truss of Pingtan bridge Li Jing;Chen Zheng;China Railway Shanghaiguan Bridge Group
On construction scheme for Yunling No.2 Tunnel entrance Li Ruipeng;Yangmang Expressway Co.
On application of hydraulic climbing form in cable tower construction of Ruanjiangxi Bridge Li Bo;City College
Analysis on construction control of continuous rigid frame bridge Xie Zhanlong;Shanxi Jinzhong Road and Bridge Construction Group Limited Company;
Treatment of a culvert soft foundation Wu Jinfeng;Shanxi Jintong Highway Engineering Supervision Limited Company;
The sideline control countermeasures in a bridge precast T beam construction Niu Huifang;Shanxi Jinzhong Road and Bridge Construction Group Limited Company;
The test research on operation performance evaluation of No.163 bridge of Shenshuo line Han Zhiping;Hedong Transport Section
On construction techniques of high pier of highway bridges Zhang Fang;Shanxi No.2 Road and Bridge Engineering Co.
The deformation influence analysis on foundation pit excavation to overlaying existing tunnel Zhao Chunwei;Tianjin Municipal Engineering Design and Research Institute;
Highway bridge construction technology under green construction background Wang Guohong;Shanxi Highway Bridge Group International Traffic Construction Engineering Co.
Discussion on landscape pattern of urban road greening Gao Xiaoting;Municipal Engineering Design and Research Institute of Taiyuan in Shanxi Province;
Analysis on green space allocation and landscape effect of urban road Mu Jiaxin;Municipal Engineering Design and Research Institute of Taiyuan in Shanxi Province;
Research progress of wave force on parapet of breakwater Pan Xingkai;Gui Jinsong;Chen Ding;College of Ocean and Civil Engineering
Flexible-wall permeameter of the asphalt concrete and test error analysis Xia Wenjun;Beijing Urban Construction Bridge Construction Group Co.
On construction management of municipal road projects Zhou Shujun;Datong Construction Engineering Quality Monitoring Station in Shanxi;
The construction management and quality promotion strategy of railway bridge engineering Yang Chao;East China Construction Limited Company
Discussion on base isolation technique developing and existing problems Wang Guoxiang;Liu Yan;He Bin;Ke Pu;College of Civil Engineering
On application of impact echo method in non-destructive detection of concrete buildings Li Yongping;Jinzhong Planning and Compilation Research Center;
Research on seismic damage characteristic and retrofit method of stone masonry structure Shi Jiaxin;Li Pengcheng;China IPPR International Engineering Co.
Application of high-strength reinforcements in the retaining structures of excavations Tao Rongsheng;Shanghai Huanyu Urban Construction Investigation Development Co.
On application of sheet-pile anti-sliding retaining walls in spoil ground prevention programs Liu Zhigang;No.935 Brigade
Discussion on punching design of border column on flat-slab raft foundation Liu Jisheng;East China Architectural Design & Research Institute;
Deep foundation deformation control technology measures of expansive mudstone stratum Zhang Geqi;China Railway City Development Investment Group Co.
Research on horizontal bearing capacity test of a power plant cast in place pile Bai Jinjie;China Coal Handan Design Engineering Limited Liability Company;
Analysis on static loading detection methods of concrete bored pile Yang Wenfang;China Chemical 2nd Construction Group Co.
Analysis on the application of pier and pile in foundation treatment by combining with cases Feng Aifei;Shanxi Academy of Building Design;
Application of reinforced composite pile in deep soft soil region engineering Wang Hui;Shanghai Qiangjin Foundation Engineering Co.
The application analysis on dynamic consolidation method in collapsible loess foundation treatment Zhong Junbo;214 Geological Team
The application of PLAXIS in foundation pit excavation to surrounding environment influence evaluation Qian Hongwei;Shanghai Qiannian Urban Planning Engineering Design Limited Company by Share;
Analysis on the present situation and development trend of geotechnical design industry Yu Shuaibin;Shanxi Huajin Geotechnical Engineering Surevy Limited Company
Application of undisturbed soil pressure pouring concrete pile in engineering Fan Minglin;Shanghai Qiangjing Construction Co.
A comparative study on retaining design and measurement result of excavation in soft soil area Pan Haiyang;Shanghai Yuanyi Survey & Design Co.
Finite element simulation analysis of deep foundation pit dewatering in the Yangtze River Delta region Wang Ganggang;Shi Suqing;China Shipbuilding Industry Insititute of Engineering Investigation and Design Co.
High-rise building construction technology points and quality control Wang Qizhou;Yangquan Construction Engineering
Research and application of ECP wallboard system based on fabricated buildings Geng Li;Wu Xiaobo;Wu Shen;Lin Weiguang;Lin Xiaodong;Fujian Academy of Building Research;
The seamless construction technology of super long concrete Zhang Zhanjun;Henan Wanjia Construction Engineering Limited Company;
The causes and prevention of concrete floor cracks Li Suhui;Shanxi Second Construction Group Limited Company;
The application of basement roof as construction elevator foundation Mei Quanwu;Daye Tonglvshan Construction Engineering Limited Liability Company;
Causes and treatment measures of early cracks in basement wall and floor Lu Gang;Shanxi Sijian Group Co.
The green construction technology of super high rise building Zhang Peiguo;Yangquan Coal Industry Group Small and Medium Enterprises Investment Management
Inquiry on building construction technologies and innovation of civil engineering Han Jianning;Shanxi Huoerxinhe Coal Mining Industry Co.
On construction technique of post-cast-strip waterproof Wang Wenhua;No.6 Engineering Co.
On application of aluminum alloy framework in architectural construction Lian Weibao;Shanxi Sixth Construction Group Co.
On dynamic performance analysis of hybrid fiber mixed mortar Fang Zhiheng;Li Xinglei;Li Deshuo;Sun Yibo;Wang Huibo;Jia Yanmin;College of Civil Engineering
On emotional features of architectural surface materials Xu Jing;Yangquan Planning and Design Institute;
Finite element analysis of hybrid fiber reinforced self-compacting concrete beam flexural properties Du Lijun;Zhang Xinyue;Su Xianshan;Fang Guangxiu;College of Engineering
Present situation and reasonable suggestion of municipal water supply and drainage design in modern cities Cheng Bibo;Municipal Engineering Design and Research Institute of Taiyuan in Shanxi Province;
Comparison analysis of dairy free cooling scheme in cold area Zhou Minrui;Yu Zhongyi;Lei Jianping;CITIC General Institute of Architectural Design and Research Co.
Common frequency converter problems and countermeasures in constant-pressure water supply Li Jianbing;Taiyuan Power Supply Section
Study on dynamic response of buried pipeline under explosive shock wave action Zhang Fan;Jing Zheng;Xu Guofu;The Chinese People's Liberation Army
The application of new technology and new materials of a drainage engineering in Tianjin Binhai New Area Li Peng;Tianjin Municipal Engineering Design & Research Institute;
HVAC design of the newly-built commercial-residential building Cheng Xumei;Lvliang Building Survey & Design Institute;
The application prospect of double layered horizontal flow sedimentation tank in practical engineering Liu Bocai;Tianjin Municipal Engineering Design & Research Institute;
The thinking and its application of barrier free design in commercial space Li Mingming;Xu Zhao;Guo Jing;Wang Weiwei;Arts School
On protection and utility of urban historical landmarks with example of Shuitajiao in Nanning City Hua Qian;Li Kaijing;Zhao Jingwen;Huang Yaoxuan;Feng Yuguang;College of Civil Engineering
The history and present situation thinking of Xi'an Ming Great Wall Li Huan;Machinery Industry Survey Design & Reserch Insititute Co.
Planning of "urban-village-style" community Wang Min;Taiyuan Technology University Building Design Academy;
Experimental research on the vibrostand with recycled concrete structure Yang Zhaogang;Zhang Xu;College of Civil & Hydrology
Strengthening the earthquake prevention and disaster reduction and construction of safe towns Dong Bin;Han Xiaofei;Zhang Longfei;Shi Shuangshuang;Wang Jinping;Shanxi Earthquake Disaster Research Institute;China Earthquake Emergency Rescue Center;
Small shaking table test on bamboo frame model Wan Hongyu;Liu Yang;Luo Sheng;Xiao Yunfeng;Chongqing University of Science & Technology;
Discussion on the application of reinforcement technology in coal mine construction structure Wei Pengxiang;Datong Coal Mine Group Design & Research Limited Liability Company;
Influence of bolt arrangement on bearing capacity of steel-bamboo composite column Yang Jiaqi;Zhang An;Wang Lan;Han Bo;Wang Wei;Zhang Xiuhua;College of Civil Engineering
A new model for elasto-plastic analysis of steel Ke Jiang;School of Civil Engineering and Architecture
Design review of a concrete-filled steel tubular frame corewall structure Jia Shaolei;Shenzhen Guoteng Architectural Design Consulting Limited Company;
On comparative analysis of wind loading on steel-tower between Eurocode and Chinese code Wu Shijun;Baosteel Engineering & Technology Group Co.
On consolidation methods for anti-seismic of the framework integrating with energy-saving reconstruction Zhao Xiaobo;Xiong Guangjing;Shantou University;
On influence of interlayer space variation on high-rise framework structure under seismic effect He Qibin;Wang Yinbang;Yan Wei;Ocean University of China;
Superiority of application of base isolation technology in a plane irregular frame-shell wall structures Gao Rong;Xu Lu;Xiong Guangjing;Shantou University;Shantou No.2 Institute of Architectural Design Co.
The application of pulsating method in a frame-core tube structure safety identification Liu Mingji;China Railway Shanghai Design Institute Group Limited Company;
The application of steel sheet pile support in silt soft soil Wang Jin;Shanxi First Construction Group Limited Company;
Subsidence problems and preventive measures of urban road inspection shaft Gao Zhiqiang;Taiyuan Administration Department of Municipal Public Facility;
Discussion on the energy saving efficiency improvement measures for heating system Peng Hui;Ventilation and Air Conditioning Branch
Discussion on construction technology improvement based on energy saving trend Jin Hongwei;Henan First Construction Engineering Group Limited Liability Company;
The analysis and research on construction organization design of energy-saving building Jiang Ning;Physics and Engineering Technology School
On energy-saving design techniques in traditional architecture Qu Jian;China Aviation Planning and Design Institute
The application and prospect analysis on air source heat pump heating in building energy saving Fan Xuhong;Shanxi Fourth Construction Group Limited Company;
Groundwater recycling techniques used in green construction Yang Zhihua;China Construction 3rd Bureau 2nd Construction Engineering Co.
Discussion on slab cracks processing of assembly-style building enclosure structure Zhang Xiaohong;Taiyuan Building Energy Saving Administration Center;
Research on users' recreation action in roadside green space different seasons Liu Hairong;Ji Yuanyuan;Shi Yanyu;College of Horticulture and Landscape
Green landscape evaluation in residential districts based on FAHP Li Qiuzhi;Zhang Yahui;Weft Planning Information of Surveying and Mapping Engineering Co.
The humanization of public space in residential district Chen Yanyuan;Shanxi Media Institute;
Exploration on “township style”landscape ecological design method in beautiful countryside Feng Wenxiu;Shanxi Applied Science and Technology Institute;
Discussion on refined management of municipal maintenance engineering safety production Bu Linhu;Taiyuan Administration Department of Municipal Public Facility;
Research on applied language of indoor decorative materials Sun Chi;Song Dandan;College of Design and Art
Anti-corrosion problems and countermeasures of mechanical equipment in coastal project Jia Haitao;Du Yan;China Zhongyuan Engineering Co.
Analysis on integrated cost management of design and construction Bai Fan;Shanxi Academy of Building Research;
Brief introduction to the cost management of informatization engineering in whole life cycle Li Bingxian;Taiyuan Heating Power Company;
On analysis of real-estate engineering management and program cost management Zhang Rong;Song Li;Huarun Real-Estate Co.
Research on teaching reform and practice of civil engineering based on OBE teaching mode Sun Xiaoying;Wu Yue;Key Lab of Structures Dynamic Behavior and Control of the Ministry of Education
Analysis on the application of information in building engineering management Yang Peitao;Xi'an Communication University 2nd Auxiliary Hospital;
Theory and practice of lean construction in construction management of construction water suply and drainage Lin Xiaozhong;The Construction Safety Supervision Station for Transportation and Construction Quality of Pingtan Comprehensive Experimental Area;
Fire features and fire-preventing countermeasures of the bar Chen Yiwen;Wu Xiaoming;Fujian Quanzhou Fire-Fighting Branch Department Licheng Branch Department;Fujian Quanzhou Fire-Fighting Branch Department Anxi Branch Department;
Discussion on the computer aided design of web steel structure building Zhao Zhichao;Wu Tiefeng;School of Information and Electronic Technology
Discussion on the characterstics and methods of geotechnical investigation of photovoltaic power station in Shanxi Zhang Weishi;China Energy Engineering Group Shanxi Electric Power Engineering Co.
How to improve evergreen conifer tree planting surviving rate Liu Zhenhua;Jinzhong Administration Department of Garden;
On conservation of traditional olive carving craft in Zengcheng City and new channels for inheritance Wu Qianying;Ding Yingshi;Zhu Kai;Guangdong University of Technology;
Teaching exploration on foundation engineering of steel structure excellent class Zhang Zhiqing;Urban Planning College
Research on teachers construction model based on "ladder type" higher vocational colleges Zhang Di;Liaoning Architecture Career Academy;
Construction of the three-dimensional panoramic walkthrough system in tropical orchard based on panoramic image Fu Guang;Fu Hui;Zhang Juan;Institute of Tropical Agriculture and Forestry
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