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Shanxi Architecture
FQ: 旬刊
AD of Publication: 山西省太原市
Lanuage: 中文;
ISSN: 1009-6825
CN: 14-1279/TU
YP: 1975
Url: 山西省建筑科学研究院
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Shanxi Architecture
2017 -17
Construction of emergency management system for seismic safety in China Zhang Qi;Liu Meiyao;Zhao Qin;Wang Yu;Xia Xiaoqian;Northeast Forestry University;
Numerical simulation of pile-soil isolated structure interaction system Zhao Jiandong;AE Architectural Engineering Design Co.
Analysis on the dynamic response of anchored rock slopes Xu Juncai;Hefei Investigation Institute LLC;
The survey and design research on soil-slope of Dong height Xia Rongli;China International Engineering Consulting Corporation;
Typical geo-electric section of high-density electrical technique in seeking for shallow fault Dong Rujun;Shanxi 1st Hydrological Engineering Geology Department;
Study on influence of excavation surface distance on surface subsidence of parallel tunnel in subway Wei Zhoubin;Lanzhou City Rail Traffic Co.
The experimental research on mechanical properties of foam glass concrete under axial compressive Qian Changgen;Wen Minjie;Jiaxing Vocational Technical College;
Effect of waste concrete recycled coarse aggregate on properties of concrete Gao Yan;Du Pan;Wu Congliang;Sichuan College of Architectural Technology;Sichuan Huaxi Green Homeland Hongtai Concrete Co.
The effect of fly ash on compressive strength of concrete Zhao Li;Ding Zhiyu;Shi Ruiguo;Hebei Labor Relations Vocational College;Xingtai Vocational and Technical College;
Discussion on domestic building engineering security supervision management at current phase Shi Lifeng;Jinzhong Construction Engineering Security Supervision Administration Station;
Research on the teaching method reformation of Industrial Wastewater Treatment Technology Wang Wendong;Zhu Luli;Deng Linyu;School of Environmental and Municipal Engineering
Aerial RGB image waters extraction on the basis of color and texture characteristics Guo Pan;Shannxi Tiandi Geology Co.
Study on cold-formed thin-walled steel-wood composite beam shearing performance on the basis of finite element analysis Deng Ruize;Li Tongtong;Qu Yu;Fang Liqun;College of Civil Engineering
Qingdao new airport GTC interchange station design improvement based on pedestrian simulation Hong Yuliang;China Architecture Design Institute Co.
The influence analysis on the heavy rail curve parameters to rail wear Gao Meng;Strait
Study on subway protection construction technologies of city underground space development Zhao Xuan;Shenzhen Subway Group Co.
Analysis on bridge engineering construction quality management control Song Jiaqi;Taiyuan Municipal Engineering Corporation;
On cost control and management measures of expressway construction programs Dong Jianfeng;Yangmang Expressway Co.
Discussion on feasibility of tourist highway of Xiadazhi to Diaowogou in Hunyuan County Wang Xiaodong;Hunyuan County Transportation Bureau County Road Maintenance Corps;
Research on the scheme design of Taiyuan Yingxin Three North Lane and along the route node Guo Yanfen;Taiyuan Municipal Engineering Design and Research Institute;
On planning for free leasing system of public bikes in districts of Yangquan Li Shiming;Yangquan Planning and Design Institute;
Analysis on quality control of cement stabilized gravel base Li Gaili;Jinzhong Municipal Engineering Administration Center;
Analysis on Cape Seal structure diseases causes of asphalt pavement He Feng;He Ziyin;Li Qing;China Communication 3rd Flight Bureau Jiangsu Branch Bureau;College of Highway
Preventing technologies of asphalt pavement construction cracks Wei Liyan;Shuozhou Highway Bridge Construction Co.
Application of ponding section subgrade processing construction in engineering Fan Guobing;Fang Hua;Shandong Power Engineering Consulting Institute Co.
Application of cement concrete technology in highway pavement construction Li Xiangdong;Shuozhou Highway & Bridge Construction Co.
A probe into the key technical problems of underpass tunnel of North shore CBD of Minjiang in Fuzhou Yuan Xiaoming;Fuzhou Urban & Rurual Construction Development General Corp;
Testing detection technology of highway asphalt pavement Liu Yang;Shuozhou Highway & Bridge Construction Co.
Inquiry on highway engineering subgrade earthwork volume and pricing issues Jiao Jingjing;Shanxi Highway Bridge Group Yu-He Highway Co.
Barrier free design and municipal road design Zhao Jinhong;Municipal Engineering Design and Research Institute of Taiyuan in Shanxi Province;
Application of vibration mixing technology in wide super-thick cement stabilized gravel in Gobi region Zhang Yagang;Yang Wanhong;Su Run;Gansu Highway Bridge 3rd Highway Engineering Co.
On analysis of triple span continuous girder models Shang Sitong;Wu Yunlong;Yang Guang;Lu Shuhang;Yu Baozhu;Jia Yanmin;College of Civil Engineering
The durability research on drawing joint in bridge Liu Rundong;Lu Lihua;Architectural Engineering School
Hoek-Brown yield criterion and its application in tunnel excavation Pu Wenming;Pan Jiaqi;Feng Zhongning;Yuan Min;China Power Construction Highway Bridge Group Co.
A pier repairable plastic hinge Li Fengying;Wu Jiasheng;Zhang Ziqiang;Huang Linsheng;College of Civil Engineering
The construction technology of bridge reinforcement and bridge road widening Wang Jun;Jinzhong Traffic Development and Construction
Discussion on the formation mechanism and treatment technology of surface cracks in weak loess tunnel Chang Qingfeng;Shanxi Jinzhong Road and Bridge Construction Group Limited Company;
The influence research on step length to tunnel face stability in tunnel CRD method Wen Hui;Sun Shou;CCCC Tunnel Bureau Second Engineering Limited Company;
Based on the aseismic analysis of cable-stayed bridge of the time-procedure Pan Yong;Liu Ke;China Railway Five Bureau Chengdu Investment & Development Co.
The construction technology of large section collapsible loess tunnel Guo Xiuli;Shanxi Jinzhong Road and Bridge Construction Group Limited Company;
The continuous bridge construction technology of pre-simple-supported and post-structure He Xiaoli;Shanxi Luxintong Traffic Engineering Limited Company;
The tunnel construction characteristics and technical application of high pressure and water rich karst strata Wang Lun;Shanxi Jinzhong Road and Bridge Construction Group Limited Company;
Discussion on the bridge pile foundation safety of karst area combining with the engineering example Wang Junyuan;Shuozhou Highway Limited Company;
Analysis on genetic mechanism of development toppling deformation body in a power station in western China Wang Shouyu;China Renewable Energy Engineering Institute;
Discussion on the improvement of air greening to high-rise building environment Xu Zha;Zhao Meihong;Wang Lina;Architecture and Engineering School
On application of ecological dry streams in rainwater management of residential districts Xu Lin;Landscape Garden Research Center
Based on the research of time series analysis method in subsidence monitoring of building Zhao Shihua;Urban Construction Engineering School in Shanghai
Analysis on the focal points of the whole process monitoring of the high formwork support system Yang Xinwen;Infrastructure Construction Department
Common quality problems and control measures in building engineering construction process Li Gaopeng;Shanxi Building Egnienering
On measures for quality control in civil engineering construction Liu Wenli;Shandong Huaxin Real-Estate Development Co.
On problems of quality inspection of architectural projects and solutions He Wei;Shanxi Yuncheng Architectural Engineering Quality Inspection Station;
Analysis on construction process control in architectural engineering management Cui Yanxia;Shanxi Xinlumeijia Construction Group Co.
Commercial space recycling of ancient building decoration art protection in Tibet Yuan Huabin;Zong Xiaomeng;Nanjing University of Industry
Exploration on housing building engineering project cost management Cui Jianjuan;Shanxi 3rd Building Engineering Company;
The existing problems and countermeasures analysis of construction engineering cost control Huang Jiateng;Yangquan Coal Group Real Estate Development Company;
Cost control problems and countermeasures of building engineering Bai Chunping;Shanxi Building Engineering
Building engineering cost exceeding budgetary estimate causes and control measures Fan Xueqin;Linfen Building Planning & Design Institute;
Discussion on cost management control in civil building budget Ma Haiqing;Datong Coal Mining Wajinwanhulonggou Mining Industry Co.
The problems and countermeasures in disaster reconstiuction project management based on the owner's point of view Chen Yandan;Wen Hua;School of Civil Engineering and Architecture
Discussion on how to carry out building engineering project quality management for construction units Sun Yonghua;Department of Energy Resource
Research on controlling methods for whole-process follow-up auditing for cost of construction projects Kang Gaizhen;Shanxi Shuangming Real-Estate Development Co.
Discussion on non-whole-process project agent problems and management measures Wang Shuhao;Nanjing City Construction Group;
On control over construction progress of civil engineering and its management problems Zhao Hongbo;Shandong Huaxin Real-Estate Development Co.
Discussion on the application of life-cycle cost management in building design Liu Haixiang;He Wei;Shanxi Kaidi Building Design Planning Co.
Current fire hazards and renovation measures of family hotels in Wutai mountain scenic spot Wang Bo;Xinzhou Public Fire-Fighting Branch Department;
On management measures for cooperation of architectural installation and civil engineering construction Zhang Peng;Shandong Huaxin Real-Estate Development Co.
Discussion on how to strengthen civil engineering management measures Du Pengcheng;Taiyuan Thermal Power Company;
On problems in civil engineering construction management and their strategies Shang Ming;Shandong Huaxin Real-Estate Development Co.
A research of old village renewal in metropolitan area orient to coordinated and balanced development Zhou Kebin;Liu Yao;Li Peiling;Architectural Design & Research Institute of South China University of Technology;Guangdong Engineering Technology Research Center of Modern Architectural Creation;Guangdong University of Technology
Study on Black-clothes Zhuang's dwellings update of Pingliuzhai in Longlin county of Guangxi Huang Yiying;Ban Shaofei;Liang Han;Tang Jiweng;Xiong Wei;College of Civil Building Engineering
Research on planning and design platform function based on urban double repair Yang Lifeng;Zhang Wenpei;Shanxi Urban and Rural Planning and Design Institute;Shanxi Urban and Rural Planning and Design Institute Engineering Design Center;
On design for high-rise comprehensive inpatient buildings He Weiguang;Shanghai Beipu Communication Architectural Planning and Design Co.
Discussion on the architectural design planning of city medical center taking Linfen new hospital as an example Gong Liqiang;Shanxi Architectural Design and Research Institute;
Discussion on improvement plan of urban complex three-dimensional transportation Ye Pingyi;Guo Jialiang;China Architectural Design Institute Co.
Discussion on the protection and utilization of traditional villages in Zhengzhou from the perspective of cultural relics protection Song Wenjia;Zhengzhou World Cultural Heritage Protection Administration Office;
The commercial street of spatial syntax Yu Yang;Northeast Forestry University;
Some views on the architectural design of primary and secondary schools Li Ning;Shanxi Jinshetuofan Architectural Design Consulting Limited Company;
Comprehensive exploration on modern geography and geomancy of Chiang kai-shek's residence in Hongzhu mountain Zhao Yao;Yan Zongquan;Han Xuemei;College of Tourism & Urban-Rural Planning
Discussion on the seismic isolation design of frame shear structures Cao Ruoyuan;Shanxi Architectural Design and Research Institute;
The application of structural dynamic performance test in high building healthy inspection Wu Shen;Fujian Academy of Building Research;
Analysis on seismic design of housing building structure Wang Liang;Shanxi Second Architectural Design Institute;
The inspection contents of underground engineering to adjacent building safety influence He Guanping;Construction Engineering Quality Supervision Station
Outline on stress performance of corrugated web composite beam Xu Delong;Kai Xuan;Cao Zhenji;Jiangsu Nanjing Higher Vocational School of Engineering;
Discussion on the construction technology of cornice aluminum panel ceiling Dong Wei;Shanxi First Construction Group Limited Company;
On safety construction of civil engineering projects and progress control Li Xiaodong;Shandong Huaxin Real-Estate Development Co.
On site construction management of civil engineering projects Li Chao;Shandong Huaxin Real-Estate Development Co.
On effective channels for construction site management in architectural civil engineering Zhang Yiming;Shandong Huaxin Real-Estate Development Co.
Discussion on effective methods of strengthening domestic building engineering management Guo Gaili;Taiyuan Municipal Public Facility Administration Department;
On application of architectural structural design in BIM technique Hou Tiancheng;Shanxi Architectural Standard Design Research Institute;
High-rise building structure design of the transfer-story structure with beam Liang Wenhui;Guocezhonghe
Discussion on the destruction of reinforced concrete shear wall Guo Yingchun;Taiyuan Architectural Design and Research Institute;
Analysis on multi-dimensional seismic action of extra-large-span single-layer reticulated shell seismic isolation structure Wang Shiyu;College of Material & Building Engineering
Discussion on frame structure seismic performance by applying seismic isolation technology Qiao Yongmei;Shanxi Taigu Construction Bureau Building Design Office;
The mechanics performance analysis of tube-in-tube structure of large length-width ratio by arrangement of shear walls Jin Tai;Shanxi Construction Engineering Design Institute;
Study on the design and application of girder transfer floor structure Tian Chenwang;The Institute of Shanxi Architectural Design and Research;
Study on carbon fiber reinforcing concrete frame beam damage mechanism on the basis of ANSYS Wang Zhuoyue;Lanzhou University;
Design method and engineering application of rotary extrusion cast-in-place pile Nan Yuan;Fang Guangxiu;Xu Jialin;Zhao Shifan;Yanji Cigarette Factory
Analysis of frost-thaw failure of anchor-shotcrete retaining under limit state Bi Quanchao;Zhang Mingxiu;Wang Xuelei;Rao Qiang;Hebei University of Architecture;
The model test research on the bearing capacity of rivets piles Hou Liguo;Jia Zhiping;Liu Mingquan;Tangshan Construction Engineering Quality Supervision and Inspection Station;Civil Engineering College
The application of high pressure pre-stressed pipe pile static pressure method in expansive soil area Lv Chengwei;Zhu Bingqing;Anhui Provincial Capital Architectural Design and Research Institute;Anhui Water Conservation Water and Electricity Technical College;
On application of comprehensive survey technique in geotechnical engineering survey Chang Shuai;Shanxi Survey and Design Institute;
On civil engineering construction of architectural pile foundation Su Qiang;Shandong Huaxin Real-Estate Development Co.
Discussion on design and application of pile foundation Luo Zhaowei;
On control over construction quality of deep foundation pit projects Lin Qingxiu;Maoming Vocational and Technical College;
On construction techniques of deep foundation pit in civil engineering foundation construction Duan Changlong;Shandong Huaxin Real-Estate Development Co.
Discussion on the application of 3F reinforced foam cast-in-place concrete open-web floor Wang Zheng;Shanxi Fifth Construction Group Limited Company;
Large flat reinforced wear-resisting terrace construction technology Wu Guolai;Fujian Jiulong Construction Group Co.
On technical problems in civil engineering construction and strategic analysis Liu Henglei;Shandong Huaxin Real-Estate Development Co.
Discussion on sewage pond construction leakage preventing and technological treatment Wei Wenming;Shanxi 1st Construction Group Co.
Discussion on construction technologies of pipe-jacking project Wang Hongyun;Taiyuan Municipal Engineering Corporation;
On construction techniques for controlling super-long structural temperature prestressed reinforcing steel in controlling cracks Li Yongkui;Shanxi Eighth Construction Group Co.
The construction technology of pre-stressed LPM lightweight filling composite hollow floor Jia Jingfeng;Shanxi Fourth Construction Group Limited Company;
On application of civil engineering construction techniques in high-rise buildings Qu Xiaolong;Shandong Huaxin Real-Estate Development Co.
Optimize the construction period of non-rhythm flow process based on matrix method Wei Kai;Tianjin Railway Technical and Vocational College;
On analysis of construction craft of concrete grouting in architectural projects Wu Jianping;Jiangxi University of Chinese Traditional Medicine;
On analysis of waterproof construction techniques in civil engineering concrete projects Xu Rui;Shandong Huaxin Real-Estate Development Co.
On application of wireless network communication in thermal power station control Meng Lei;Dongshan Branch
The rationalization proposals of ventilation measure for pedestrian underpass Du Zhen'ai;Wuhan Municipal Engineering Design & Research Institute Co.
On design for unattended heat exchange station in new techniques Dong Qiang;Dongshan Branch
Inquiry on ventilation air-conditioning design of public kitchen Hu Lei;Hu Xiaowei;Lei Jianping;China Building Design Headquarter Co.
The conceptual scheme of sponge construction of an industrial park in Zhuhai He Ruiheng;Guangdong Architectural Design and Research Institute;
On application of heat-supply and ventilation air-conditioner installation techniques Sun Bolun;Shandong Huaxin Real-Estate Development Co.
Common problems in building energy saving materials testing and quality supervision and management measure Xie Jing;Shanxi 5th Construction Group Co.
On operation of green architectural design and BIM platform Li Lu;Shanxi Academy of Building Research;
A movable roof system composed of STHC steel column and new thermal insulation material Zhao Wenyan;Chen Yunshan;Li Jingwei;Northeast Petroleum University;
On counter-strategy of architectural design based on low-carbon concept and its measures Pan Liyun;CRSC Engineering Group Company Ltd;
The green design analysis on modern office building Zhang Naidong;Datong Architectural Design and Research Institute;
The energy saving and consumption reduction transformation measures and effects analysis thermal power station Zhang Jiamin;Taiyuan Heating Power Company;
On application of energy-saving construction techniques in architectural projects Zhang Bo;Shandong Huaxin Real-Estate Development Co.
On design strategies of low-cost landscape gardens and their application Huo Yanchen;Shanxi Communication Planning
The application of plants in sponge city system Zhang Chen;Lian Guangyu;China Construction Technology Group Limited Company;Beijing Engineering Consulting Branch
Discussion on the application of energy saving and emission reducing in thermal energy & power engineering Chen Liang;Taiyuan Thermal Power Company 2nd Heating Branch Company;
Aesthetic value of “ugliness” in modern art Huang Kailin;Wu Yifan;College of Civil Building Engineering
Consideration on high-rise building fire hazards and fire-fighting supervision Zhu Shugan;Linyi Public Fire-Fighting Branch Office Fire-Fighting Department;
Discussion on fire-fighting safety management of “three-in-one” field Du Jun;Jinan Public Fire-Fighting Safety Branch Department Licheng Department;
On importance of regulation duty of quality supervision stations of architectural projects Tian Zhenguo;Changzhi Architectural Engineering Quality Inspection Station;
Analysis on fire fighting basic command system in China Su Xinwei;Heze Public Security Fire Brigade;
The cause analysis and prevention measures of firefighter casualties in fire fighting and rescue operations Wu Xianghua;Command Headquarters
The safety problems and strategies of combat training of fire forces Kong Degang;Shandong Heze Public Security Fire Brigade;
Discussion on current safety problems and countermeasures in community fire Zhang Hui;Xinzhou Public Security Fire Brigade;
My view on the bidding supervision and management of in Shanxi transformation and comprehensive reform demonstration zone Huang Fuguo;Taiyuan Construction Engineering Bidding Management Office;
Discussion on on-spot and in-vicinity urbanization development mode with county and small-sized town as the foundation Yang Min;Shanxi Urban Planning & Building Development Center;
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