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Shanxi Architecture
FQ: 旬刊
AD of Publication: 山西省太原市
Lanuage: 中文;
ISSN: 1009-6825
CN: 14-1279/TU
YP: 1975
Url: 山西省建筑科学研究院
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Shanxi Architecture
2017 -19
The analysis of the varying cross-section beam problem using Integrated Force Method Wu Jianfeng;China Construction Design International
Talk about the application of CORS in rural collective land ownership Zhang Jifei;Duan Junli;Zhu Bing;The Two Teams in Henan Province;
Inquiry on geographical conditions greenery coverage technology scheme of Wuxi city Zhang Yuntao;Ma Wei;Jiangsu Geology Surveying & Mapping Institute;
On features of temperature,rainfalls and runoff changes in source region of Yangtze River Tan Liwei;Qinghai Hydrogeological and Geothermy Geological Key Lab;Qinghai Hydrogeological Engineering Geological Engineering Survey Institute;
Analysis methods of site seismic response Li Maoshi;Shandong Laiwu Environment Sanitary Administration;
Common image feature study of geological radar Tang Yiman;Wang Shuangliu;Anhui Transport Consulting & Design Institute Co.
On analysis of reasons for Qika landslide in Ergun River and its treatment Li Ming;Ma Zhanxiong;Li Zaifeng;Geological Investigation Institute in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region;Institute of Geological Environment Monitoring
Exploration and protection of alkali-aggregate reaction Li Zhangkunlun;Wang Huabin;Chen Yuan;Nanjing University of Industry;
The application of mobile loader in mining continuous mining technology system Gu Daibin;Panzhihua Pangang Group Design Research Institute Limited Company;
Researching the temperature field for high performance mass concrete freezing shaft lining in Wanfu mine Liang Zhongyi;Kong Xiang'an;Preparatory Office of Wanfu Mine
Resource utilization of Electrolytic Manganese Residue in building materials Gao Cuicui;Liu Hong;Zhang Hongbo;Sichuan Architecture Vocational and Technical College;Sichuan Institute of Building Research;
The realistic significance of construction of “green”city Zhang Xiao;Datong Second Architectural Design Research Institute Limited Liability Company;
Review on design of wind-dust-screen in storage yard Chen Junbo;Lanzhou Railway Survey and Design Institute Co.
On environment inspection in construction period of architectural projects Lin Feng;Hanzhong Environmental Engineering Planning and Design Institute;
Application of gravel pile + cushion compaction in airport embankment foundation treatment Huai Xuefeng;Shanxi Mechanization Construction Group Corporation;
Application of joint grouting technology in airfield pavement construction Kou Zhenshi;Shanxi Mechanization Construction Group Company;
Discussion on local embedded repair technology of concrete pavement corners Wang Feng;Zhang Baopeng;Zheng Yungang;Qiu Kui;Yunnan Construction Investment No.4 Company;School of Airport
Discussion on railway transportation computer-based interlocking technology Yang Yaqin;Xishan Coal Power
Study on subway construction risk management Zhang Xiaotong;Inner Mongolia University;
Urban public traffic diversion organization design research during rail transit construction Chen Yuanduo;Urumqi Rail Transit Project Construction Executive Office;
The study of public transportation OD matrix based on GPS data and IC card data Yin Changyong;Taiyuan City Planning and Design Institute;
Fracture mechanics analysis of thermal stress intensity factor for pavement Xu Ruhua;Yang Junying;Jinhua Design Institute of Municipal Engineering Limited Company;
The design and construction of East Bridge reconstruction engineering Chen Fuli;Fuzhou Planning Survey and Design Research Institute;
Discussion on the quality control measures of highway tunnel construction Li Jia;Shanxi Zhenxing Highway Supervision Limited Company;
The safety assessment monitoring technology of bridge tunnel construction Liu Xiaojun;Shanxi Zhenxing Highway Supervision Limited Company;
On application of integration between drone and BIM technique in urban overpass construction Zong Rendong;China Railway Traffic Investment Group Co.
Analysis on bridge construction management problems and countermeasures Wang Ning;Yantai Bureau of Highway Administration;
On test inspection technique of road engineering materials Li Zebo;Test Inspection Center Co.
On prevention technique of cracks on arch culvert Han Junjie;Shanxi Road and Bridge Construction Group Co.
Discussion on the application of high performance concrete in bridge Yang Bo;Shanxi Zhenxing Highway Supervision Limited Company;
Measurement and analysis of experimental road pavement of fiber reinforced asphalt concrete Yang Wangding;Guangdong Provincial Transport Senior Technical School;
Research on construction technique of road settlement sections of roadbeds Sun Jinli;Test Inspection Center Co.
On construction quality control of bowl-type support of bridge projects Yu Dahai;Shanxi No.6 Construction Group Co.
Study on construction technologies of crossing exsisting railway line T-shape rigid bridge swivel Zhang Chuang;Xishan Coal Electricity
On analysis of reasons for tunnel leakage on alpine regions and some measures Wang Pingyu;Shanxi Yuanda Road and Bridge Construction and Maintenance Co.
On reconstruction and optimization of slurry shield machine in mudstone stratum Zhang Haibin;Guangzhou Rail Traffic Construction Supervision Co.
Analysis and research on improving the experimental detection level of highway bridge Liu Xiaowei;Shanxi Yuanfang Road and Bridge
On application of prestress in road and bridge construction and problems Du Miaomiao;Test Inspection Center Co.
Research on double permeability of pressure slurry of prestressed beams on expressways Qiu Kaizhen;No.6 Engineering Co.
Influence factors analysis on the stress of connector in steel-concrete composite deck system Tong Yuanshen;China Three Gorges University
Discussion on construction technology of post-tensioning prestressed concrete bridge Wu Qihua;Shanxi Highway Bridge 1st Engineering Co.
On application of bored piles in roads and bridges and its quality control Fan Ningning;Test Inspection Center Co.
Analysis on the tailing dam elevating feasibility on the basis of Geostudio Yu Hao;Qin Longhua;China Power Construction Group Central South Survey & Design Academy Co.
On mechanism of public participation in historical and cultural heritages preservation in China Yang Longzhi;Shanxi Hengxin Engineering Cost Consultancy Co.
The research on the dwelling art of the second house of Men Clan's nine-interlink yards Chen Xia;Hebei University of Engineering Architecture and Art College;
Relationship between the distribution of ancient buildings and constellations Li Jingming;Yu Shaoqiao;Dai Yao;College of Architecture and Urban Planning
The application of traditional geomancy “meshach” theory in modern architecture Yao Qingfeng;Li Menghai;Shandong University;
On development and design strategies for new residential areas in new economic status Song Huijun;Xiamen Branch
Research on rural architecture renovation under the background of urban and rural integration Tang Pushan;Hualan Design
Analysis on architectural aesthetics development Guo Chunhuan;Wang Huijuan;School of Architecture
On importance factors affecting vertical scheme of the general plane Chen Yinchuan;Taiyuan Urban Planning and Design Research Institute;
On analysis of architectural development in Harbin and its urban intelligent construction Zhang Qi;Qu Yu;Ye Chengyun;College of Civil Engineering
Improving and upgrading strategies of historic and cultural block fringe space under the angle of the science of acupuncture and moxibustion Zhang Hailin;Zhao Yao;College of Tourism & Urban-Rural Planning
Design experience of Shanxi Urban-Rural Construction College Zhang Yaozhi;Shanxi Academy of Building Design;
Study on the design of comprehensive internet teaching service station in poverty mountain area Sun Lingxiao;Zhou Luxin;Shenyang University of Industry;
City planning problems and solutions Wang Yan;Zhang Yutong;Shi Xinyu;Northeast University of Forestry;
Feasibility research on road openness of residential area based on space syntax Liu Chang;Dong Fanghong;Xiao Yao;School of Architecture and Urban Planning Yunnan University;
Discussion on the installation construction of vibration isolation rubber bearing Zhai Guiqing;Shanxi Construction Engineering Limited Company;
Energy dissipation design of the teaching building Zhang Mabing;Shanxi Academy of Building Design;
Discussion on structural selection in mountainous miscellaneous fill field Kang Jianqun;Taiyuan Pukejia Engineering Design Co.
Study of structural damage identification based on the proportional flexibility matrix and improved modal curvature method Wang Xianpeng;Zhao Zhongyue;Sanya College Management College;Hainan Fuli Real Estate Development Co.
Comparison on shear force resistance of RC beam with web reinforcement both Eurocode and Chinese code Li Xinyong;Zhang Fengbao;Qin Jiashi;Sinosteel Equipment & Engineering Co.
Design of the comprehensive pipe gallery structure of the county Liu Jianhong;Shanxi Urban-Rural Planning Design Academy Engineering Design Center;
Analysis on structural scheme optimization of Xinda international financial center Liu Yong;Wu Han;Liu Jianqiu;Shang Wennian;Shandong Power Engineering Consulting Institute Co.
Deep foundation pit support and construction of reformed resettlement housing in Dadongmen shanty towns Qi Lizhu;Taiyuan University of Technology;
Design method and construction technology of rotary extrusion cast-in-place pile in Yanbian area Xu Jialin;Fang Guangxiu;Jin Zhegao;Zhang Hongbo;Institute of Technology of Yanbian University;Yanji Huayi Real Estate Development Company Limited;
Research status of the concrete plates-expanded pile under horizontal force Huang Zixuan;Qian Yongmei;Jilin Jianzhu University;Jilin Structure and Earthquake Resistance Technology Innovation Center;
The application of pile foundation construction technology in building engineering Wang Yi;Shandong High Speed Greentown Property Investment Limited Company;
Analysis on various pile foundation optimization design matters Li Yonghua;Shanxi Zhongfang Sente Building Engineering Design Academy;
On common problems in special proof of architectural deep foundation pit support Yang Jianzhong;Datong Eryuan Architectural Design and Research Co.
Study on quality deficiency of fair-faced concrete and controlling measures Guo Yuandong;Jilin Xinfa Constructing and Developing Center;
Shallow theory of how to do a good job of quality supervision Bai Rui;Taiyuan City Private Economic Development Zone;
On controlling methods of masonry engineering quality Zhang Fengyuan;Taiyuan Sensen Real-Estate Development Co.
On settlement of construction projects Li Junfeng;Taiyuan Sensen Real-Estate Development Co.
On role of engineering cost in program management Zhang Yongjun;Shanxi Architectural Engineering Co.
Building engineering cost control difficulties and solving countermeasures Wei Xianghong;Shanxi Yuncheng Construction Industry Group Co.
On problems in control over architectural engineering cost and strategies analysis Li Fan;Shanxi Bajian Group Co.
On construction of training bases for architectural engineering majors and its exploration Gao Jianhua;Wan Jian;Song Danlu;Sichuan College of Architectural Technology;
Research on the future trend value of BIM technology for prefabricated buildings Guo Hong;Liu Junfeng;Civil Engineering and Architecture Department
On application of node method in architectural door and window management Song Luyou;Shanghai Jinyue Curtain Wall Co.
On construction management status of real-estate programs and solutions to related problems Li Guozhong;Shanxi Jinzhong Construction Group Co.
Inquiry on people evaluating matters of high-rise building fire Li Zhengjian;Zheng Yan;Tai'an Public Security Fire-Fighting Branch Department;
The application value of BIM technology in practical engineering Yan Yonghong;Guangye Branch
Discussion on the “integration” breakdown structure of construction engineering project entity Yu Hongbing;Shanxi Hua'an Construction Project Administration Co.
Discussion on excellence-creating quality management of the substation engineering Liang Yunhua;China Energy Resource Construction Group Shanxi Power Construction 3rd Co.
The improvement of teaching method introductioning modular segment of the principle architectural design course Jiang Jun;Li Xin;College of Building & Civil Engineering
Analysis and management of fire control in public entertainment places Zhao Juanjuan;Fire Brigade in Xiaodian District of Taiyuan Public Security Fire-Fighting Unit;
Analysis on civil engineering information strategies and its implementation framework Zheng Junbao;Shanxi 4th Construction Group Co.
The supervision and administration of fire control safety of cultural relics and ancient buildings Wang Dawei;Fire Bigade in Yingze District of Taiyuan Public Security Fire-Fighting Unit;
Prefabricated concrete building a comprehensive quality management system Xiao Zhuolin;Pan Zhiqiang;Zhang Yibo;The School of Civil Engineering of Northeast Forestry University;
On analysis of management over construction progress in architectural engineering Sun Chaohua;Shanxi No.3 Architectural Engineering Company;
On problems in program management of housing architectural projects and their strategies Wang Chuanhui;Shanxi Architectural Engineering Co.
The existing problems and countermeasures in urban public fire protection facilities construction Shi Huajie;Zheng Ying;Hong Ligen;Xiamen Public Security Fire Protection Brigade;
Discussion on engineering cost development tendency Feng Liang;Shanxi Baojie Real Estate Development Co.
Discussion on new parametric design development under the background of BIM Zhang Hao;Li Yiqiang;Li Kai;College of Building Engineering
Application of BIM and GIS technology in utility tunnel Chen Meng;Southeast University;
Building foundation survey design and foundation treatment in the new era Jin Yongheng;Shanxi Zhongfang Sente Building Engineering Design Academy;
Effect of foundation reinforcement stiffness on mechanical behavior of rectangular composite pipe corridor Lei Hua;Huang Xin;Guangzhou City Polytechnic;Faculty of Civil Engineering
On research and innovation of roof bolting craft in deep foundation pit excavation Guan Ying;Shanxi Steel and Iron Construction
The application of Larson steel sheet pile with steel pipe soil nail in foundation pit support Zhang Haijiao;Shanxi Traffic Planning Survey and Design Institute;
On application of interpolated rectangular beam technique in cement-mixing piles Wang Zhijian;Liao Xuefei;Jiangxi Geological Engineering
On application of gravel piles construction in Tianfu Airport Guan Xiuli;Shanxi Mechanized Construction Group;
On engineering supervision of deep foundation pits in soft soil areas and its management Wang Nianzhong;Construction Engineering Quality Inspection Station of Hengqin New District of Zhuhai;
Design experience of the soil-retaining wall Xu Huizhu;Xiong Wenkai;Anqing Urban-Rural Planning & Design Institute;Anhui Yiyuan Architectural Design Limited Liability Company;
The existing problems and countermeasures of building engineering in rock and soil investigation Zhai Fei;Shanxi Survey and Design Institute;
On problems in foundation pit support projects in geotechnical projects and their strategies Xiong Weifen;Wang Haicheng;China Machinery TIDI Geotechnical Engineering Co.
Experimental study on replacement compaction of sand pebble for power plant in Xinjiang Sun Haoyu;Lin Hongrui;Shandong Electric Power Engineering Consulting Institute CORR
On application of assembled pre-stressed lenticular beam structure to the changed programs of deep foundation pits Yuan Ye;Zhuo Pingshan;College of Architectural Engineering
Technology of temperature crack control of mass concrete for some project Jia Hongbin;Quan Junhao;Fang Guangxiu;College of Engineering
On technique for concrete protection and maintenance and its features Zhang Jian;China Railway Second Bureau Group Co.
On application of plane allocation of architectural construction sites and BIM technique Zhang Kai;Shanxi Sijian Group Co.
Discussion on high template supporting system scheme design and construction of building engineering Li Aijun;Shanxi 2nd Construction Group Co.
Discussion on mass concrete construction technologies Ren Wenrui;Shanxi 6th Construction Group Co.
Inquiry on the design of data center roof waterproofing Zhuang Hao;China Mobile Communication Group Design Institute Co.
Exploration on the application of roof waterproofing technology in building construction Wu Jie;Shanxi Yuncheng Construction Industry Group Co.
The installation construction method of construction elevator tilting gate Li Xiaohui;Shanxi Guorui Real Estate Development Limited Company;
New self-supporting method of beam-board post-pouring strip Zhao Fen;Shanxi 4th Construction Group Corporation Guangye Branch Company;
Discussion on major installation construction points and improved methods of architectural electromechanical equipment Wang Xiaojin;Shanxi Hongsha Building Engineering Co.
Study on comprehensive pipe gallery drainage and pipeline corridor entrance of the town road Liu Yu;Zhuhai Academy of Planning & Design;
The application of DCS in heat source plant Xue Limin;Taiyuan Heating Power Company;
Discussion of the rainwater discharge methods of Yingxumen pumping station in Xiangyang city Zhang Jian;Xu Xiuli;Wuhan Municipal Engineering Design and Research Institute Co.
Application and energy saving of heat pump technology in building heating Wang Zhongkui;Taiyuan Xinjie Air-Conditioning Engineering Technology Co.
The application practice of pressure type ultra filtration membrane in Miaoquan water plant transformation Shen Yudong;Li Wei;Chen Weixiong;Guangdong Architectural Design and Research Institute;
Study on the bearing capacity of large pile foundation considering the interaction of the bottom concrete Chen Li;Yellow River Engineering Consulting Co.
Discussion on the method of construction waste recycling material treatment of wet soft loess foundation Chen Dongmei;Kashi University;
On some model problems in energy efficiency test software of PKPM Li Ying;Shanxi Academy of Building Research;
Exploration on the promotion application of side window external sunshade roller shutters in buildings at home and abroad Xu Yue;China Building Standard Design Academy Co.
Study on green industrial building project evaluation under the whole-life-cycle cost concept Liang Simin;Yangmei Group Fundamental Construction Engineering Administration Department;
On energy-saving reconstruction in existing heat-supply residential buildings Gou Bingfeng;Shanxi Baojie Real-Estate Development Co.
On energy-saving measures in architectural electronic design Cao Jianhui;Shenzhen Beilinyuan Landscape and Architectural Planning and Design Institute Co.
Discussion on the community garden landscape design Zhu Yongjie;Tianjin Vocational College of City Construction Administration;
Application of regional culture in campus landscape design of local universities Xiao Hua;College of Fine Arts
Precision analysis of earthwork calculation based on 3D laser scanner Wu Xuechao;Jin Hebo;Yuan Xingming;Shandong Provincial Institute of Land Surveying and Mapping;Qingdao Technological University
On problems in current engineering cost management and strategies analysis Li Yan;Lu'an Group Engineering Company;
Construction contract management problems and legal supervision measures Zhao Qin;Northeast University of Forestry;
Discussion on fire protection facilities configuration and management in high-rise building Qi Peng;Wulian County Brigade
On application of “Internet Plus” in architectural industry Qu Yu;Zhang Qi;Ye Chengyun;Northeast Forestry University;
On exploration for the teaching model in heat transfer theory in colleges based on the idea of OBE Han Zhitao;Liu Shuguang;Su Yuchang;Cheng Weihong;College of Civil Engineering
How to reduce the loss of instrument and measurement point in circulating fluidized bed boiler operation Feng Nan;Taiyuan Heating Power Company;
On water-supply and drainage design in appealing rural construction Zhang Zhongwei;Shenzhen Beilinyuan Landscape and Architectural Planning and Design Institute Co.
Discussion on legal responsibility undertake of construction engineering project department Xia Banghua;Min Gan;Anhui Yuankai Law Office;Anhui Vocational College of Public Security;Anhui Yuanzhen Law Office;
The application of information system in university building mangement Kang Shouhe;Shanxi Agricultural University;
Research on features of seismic diseases for communication system and respective strategies Chen Xing;College of Civil Engineering
On application of automatic control system in heat source plants Zhang Xiaobo;Taiyuan Thermal Power Company;
Analysis on the advantages and disadvantages of PPP model construction for old residential district Xu Jing;Suqian College;
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