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Shanxi Architecture
FQ: 旬刊
AD of Publication: 山西省太原市
Lanuage: 中文;
ISSN: 1009-6825
CN: 14-1279/TU
YP: 1975
Url: 山西省建筑科学研究院
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Shanxi Architecture
2017 -25
A preliminary study on the teaching reform of mechanics experiment Liu Qinlong;Yang Yaofeng;Wang Yongsheng;Guo Yayun;Mechanical Experiment Center
Analyzing on climate adaptability of modern architecture of Ningbo in modern times Zhang Yaqi;Yang Feng;Ningbo No.2 Technician College;Zhejiang Heli Construction Special Technology Limited Company;
Equipment maintenace repair center based on analyzing the causes of uneven settlement and corrective actions Wu Rong;Li Tianbao;Guangxi Radio & TV University;China Energy Construction Group Guangxi Electric Power Design Institute Co.
Discussion on the application of SNS protection system in a dangerous rock zone prevention and control Peng Jingliang;Geophysical Survey Team
On features for source materials of Jiaochanggou landslide of Baoxing County Tang Xiaoyu;Guo Wenwei;Sichuan Geological Engineering Survey Institute;
On landslide stability analysis of Niangniangshan at Yanqian Village of Jiaxuan Coutny of Qianshan Town Zhang Yuntao;Lai Hongliang;Zeng Yinsheng;No.266 Brigade
On influence of fly ash on concrete performance Xue Jing;Wu Haiyan;Architectural Engineering Research Institute
On main reasons for insufficiency of hollow glass and its quality control Bu Yubo;Taiyuan Construction Inspection Co.
Discussion on silica powder performance in concrete He Changsheng;Shanxi Highway Engineering Supervision Technology Consulting Co.
Similarity analysis of backdraft and gas explosion Zhang Chao;Taiyuan Fire Detachment;
Analysis on the construction safety management of building engineering Song Ligang;Shanxi Zemei Real Estate Limited Company;
Research on problems and countermeasures of building engineering construction safety management Si Hongliang;Yangquan Coal Fifth Mine Huawang Construction & Installation Company;
Application of BIM in railway station Wei Qiang;China Railway International Co.
Finite element analysis of the air conditioning unit of the EMUs Han Weifeng;Xing Haijun;Zhang Han;School of Mechanical Engineering
Numerical analysis of ground settlement of overlapping subway tunnel Jiang Limin;Wang Zhide;Lin Manqing;School of Architecture
Discussion on the safety management of highway pavement construction Shangguan Heping;Shanxi Nuotong Highway Maintenance Limited Company;
Research on the coordinated development of urban rail transit Wang Pingzhen;Linfen City Planning Bureau;
Study on characteristics of engineering geological characteristics of expansive mudstone Zhang Dawei;Li Yanpeng;Chen Gaosheng;Zhongjian Tunnel Construction Co.
The application of vibroflotation reinforcement technology in port foundation treatment Xiong Xiangjun;Xiamen Angang Construction Group Limited Company;
Analysis of treatment points of karst cave in the bridge construction of highway subgrade Han Xue;Shanxi Jinzhong Road Bridge Construction Group Co.
Experimental study on strength properties of silty soil mixed with cement and curing agent He Zhibin;Anyang City Hengda Highway Development Co.
Analysis of influence of the setting of conductive asphalt concrete on the effect of ice melting Zhao Lei;School of Civil Engi.
Control and management analysis of highway engineering cost Shao Meihua;Shanxi Luqiao Construction Group Co.
Study on the whole process cost management of highway engineering Hou Junjie;Shanxi Pingyao Highway Management Section;
Analysis and application of quality information control system for highway engineering construction Hao Xiaofeng;Shanxi Loufan Highway Management Section;
On application of super-high performance concrete in bridge projects Sun Xiaohua;Jinzhong Road and Bridge Construction Group Co.
Construction technology analysis of soft subgrade in municipal engineering Shi Shuaiping;Taiyuan Municipal Enqineering Corporation;
The application of GPS positioning technology in road design Bao Yangyang;Wei Jie;Chen Jinhu;CCCC Road and Bridge Construction Limited Company;Nanjing Traffic Technician College;
The test research on influence of high temperature asphalt pavement to marking paint Liu Jie;Beijing New Airport Construction Headquarters;
Analysis on seismic activity environment of a newly built bridge project in Taiyuan Dong Bin;Shi Shuangshuang;Zhang Longfei;Han Xiaofei;Shanxi Earthquake Disaster Research Institute;
Investigation and treatment of disease in Xichang section of G108 national highway Hong Xiaojiang;Jing Yi;Xichang College
Analysis on key points of safety facilities design for highway reconstruction and extension project Ye Yuxia;Anhui Transportation Planning and Design Institute Limited Company by Share;
On application of dynamic compaction in box culvert as filled roadbed Sun Qihua;Meng Qin;Guizhou Expressway Group Co.
Construction technology application of subgrade and pavement in settlement section of highway bridge Zhang Xiaobing;Shanxi Luqiao Construction Group Co.
Application of vacuum irrigation construction technology in highway engineering Wang Juan;Shanxi Luqiao Construction Group Co.
On related new techniques for asphalt pavement of municipal road construction Liu Peng;Taiyuan Municipal Public Facilities Administration Department;
The study on local highway in the mountains design and control about the horizon and vertical and composite gradient Zhao Pengpeng;Shanxi Luheng Traffic Survey Design Consulting Co.
On protection technique of traffic safety of rural roads Chen Jinliang;Road Management Administration
On temperature influential factors of cement-concrete roadbed along long tunnels Liu Shiliang;Jinzhong Road and Bridge Construction Group Co.
Discussion on measures for improving construction quality of highway soft soil subgrade and pavement Zhang Peigang;Shanxi Pingyang Luqiao Co.
Research on seismic degree detection technology of long span bridges Gao Shaobo;Zhang Decheng;Nanchong Government Investment Non Operating Project Agent Construction Center;
Study on deformation characteristics of surrounding rock under different lateral pressure coefficient of high geostress soft rock tunnel Pan Weidong;Peng Junyang;School of Civil Engineering and Transportation
Discussion on the structure of half-gravity anchorage in cableway bridges Chen Dong;Li Bin;Li Wenxiang;Yunnan Jiaotong College;Deqin County Jiaotong & Yunshu Bureau in Yunnan Province;Zhaotong Expressway Investment Development Co.
Correlation analysis between seismic patameters of near-fault earthquakes and seimic demands of continuous bridges Zhang Yilong;China Construction Three Engineering Bureau Group Co.Ltd Civil Air Defense Underground Space Design Institude;
The entire simultaneous vertical swing construction technology of Longgang bridge steel tower Zhang Ke;Wuhan Tianxingzhou Bridge Investment Development Limited Company;
Discussion on the impact of bridge friction pile exposure upon bearing capacity Mao Xiaomei;Shanxi Yuci Highway Administration Section;
Research on leakage water treatment scheme of tunnel trunk Lei Huiping;Shanxi Jinzhong Road and Bridge Construction Group Limited Company;
The temperature monitoring scheme and control measures of bridge mass concrete Zhang Xiaobo;Jinzhong Branch
Discussion on cross section design of auxiliary tunnel and straight hole Zhou Xiaoming;Yunnan Arrow Bridge Construction Engineering Co.
Construction technology and quality control of bored pile for highway bridge Shang Zhixian;Shanxi Luqiao Construction Group Yangquan Branch;
Development and application of water pressure test device for tunnel surrounding rock of the water diversion from the Han to the Wei River Jiang Long;Duan Qingwei;Cao Ruilang;Zhao Yufei;Liu Lipeng;Institute of Geotechnical Engineering
Study on project management software maturity on the basis of user experience Chen Shujing;Liu Qiuchang;College of Hydrology
Study on dynamic characteristics and seismic response of the bulb tubular powerhouse Huang Hailong;Wang Xianzhi;China Power Group Kunming Engineering Corporation Limited;
A simplified calculation of unsymmetrical structure of curved single bar Luo Maojun;Xue Mi'an;Shi Lidi;Key Laboratory of Coastal Disaster and Defense
Analysis on 3D modeling combining with the oblique photography and ground photograph Li Zhaojun;Jiang Xinhua;Yang Yan;Qinhuangdao Mineral Resources Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology Bureau
The application thinking on construction survey of building engineering Zhou Junwei;Yangquan Coal Fifth Mine Huawang Construction & Installation Company;
On location of oval buildings and size adjustment calculation and accuracy evaluation in measurement Zhao Meng;No.5 Geological Brigade
On strengthening the entity quality sampling inspection of construction engineering project Hu Guoqiang;Binzhou Engineering Construction Quality Supervision Station;
Ways of improving safety and quality of civil buildings Li Qun;Baoji Civil Construction Survey and Design Institute;
On analysis of effective control over engineering cost in architectural engineering investment Zhu Jianjun;Shangrao Construction Engineering Cost Management Station;
Discussion on the application and significance of engineering cost specialty in judicial appraisal work Shi Chunyan;Shanxi Mechanical and Electrical Design Institute;
On cost analysis of commercial concrete in CFG piles and its application Miao Aiqin;Shanxi No.3 Architectural Engineering Company;
Discussion on bidding purchase of construction machinery equipment Liu Fan;Shanxi North Construction Project Bidding Agent Center
The management research and engineering practice of PC deep design of large commercial complex Qu Kejin;China Construction Eighth Engineering Bureau Limited Company;
Analysis of the influence of industrial park construction on groundwater flow field Deng Qiangwei;Wang Lei;Cao Lu;Li Lizhen;China Institute for Radiation Protection Environment Engineering Department;
Structural analysis and modeling simplification of the porch of traditional wooden structure Wang Li;College of Civil Engineering
Different beam coupled shear wall structures noninear finite element analysis of seismic performance Wu Jianhui;Cui Yanyan;Shao Xiaohua;China Coal Technology & Engineering Group Corp
Analysis on the design of the seismic reinforcement middle school teaching building Ding Guotai;Li Hong;Taiyuan University of Technology;Taiyuan Real Estate Administration Bureau;
Study on stability of foundation pit of seven top mountain sewage treatment plant Yang Jianjun;Zhang Xiangdong;College of Civil Engineering
On support construction technique for hammer penetration steel pipe nailing wall support of deep foundation pits Pei Zhuofei;Shanxi Bajian Group Co.
Experimental study on dry and wet cycles of composite solidified sand Gao Rui;Li Wanchun;Wang Tian;Weng Xingzhong;Cui Shuye;Liu Bing;PLA Logistics Department of Western War Zone;Unit 93882 of People's Liberation Army;Air Force Engineering University;No.2 Engineering Team of Chinese Airport Construction;
Research on water bursting accident of foundation pit based on dynamic fault tree theory Feng Xingren;Wang Kai;Wei Keke;Xu Qing;Sinohydro Bureau 7 Co.
On application of drilling sinking pipes post-grouting in prestressed PHC pipe piles Hu Zhiqiang;Li Xiaojie;Xing Yongjie;Taiyuan Architectural Design and Research Institute;Jinzhong Kechuangxincheng Real-Estate Development Co.
On selection for pile foundation of serious liquefaction foundation soil Shi Weifeng;Shanxi Erjian Group Co.
Discussion on the application of steel pipe pile foundation in communication tower He Xiaofei;Shijiazhuang Design Institute
The survey thoughts and methods of transformer substation in karst area Liang Hai;Northwest Survey Design Research Institute Limited Company
On application of consolidation scheme of composite pile foundation at some intelligent substation Yin Chao;Taizhou Kaitai Power Design Co.
Discussion on the slope support technology key points in civil engineering construction Guo Yefu;Hongyuan Engineering Construction Limited Liability Company
The geotechnical investigation of the 230 kV Luang PrabangⅡ substation in Laos Yang Zhengxing;Ke Hong;China Energy Engineering Group Yunnan Electric Power Design Institute Co.
Research on physical and mechanical characteristics of improved soil in drying and wetting cycle Qu Shiyou;Yu Zhongjun;Engineering School
The construction technology of large-span post-tensioned prestressed frame beam Xia Xiangrong;Wang Baogong;Zhang Jiming;Shandong Zhongcheng Real Estate Group Co.
On concrete construction technique in building projects Liu Zhihong;Shanxi Industrial Equipment Installation Group Co.
The analysis and treatment on a basement roof crack causes Lu Yi;Yang Lusheng;Zheng Hongguang;Zheng Su;Weifang Changda Construction Group Limited Company;Weifang Municipal Engineering Construction Department;Weifang Municipal Engineering Limited Company by Share;Civil Engineering College
Study on building construction technologies under the background of green concept in the new era Guo Zhongzhi;Fujian Construction Engineering Quality Security Supervision Headquarter;
Comprehensive reform and practice of civil engineering specialty based on engineering education demonstration Liu Youping;Yang Weihan;Nanchang Institute of Technology;
Analysis on the application prospect of BIM in building whole-life-cycle He Binbin;College of Civil & Buildng
On management refined measures in engineering program process Chen Liang;Shanxi Erjian Group Co.
Exploration on the teaching method of landscape design course Jia Xinxin;Huaqing College
Application of building information modeling in educational reform of concrete construction course Geng Fangfang;Yin Fangzhou;Ding Youliang;Nanjing Institute of Technology;Southeast University;
On common quality problems of dry powder fire extinguisher and their strategies Wang Xiaojiang;Xiaoyi Public Security Fire Brigade;
Discussion on fire-preventing work of building exterior decoration Guo Peng;Jining Public Security Fire-Fighting Branch Department;
On application of anti-collision system for safety inspection of tower cranes Feng Jin;Shansha No.3 Hongsha Architectural Engineering Co.
Inquiry on high-rise building fire-fighting security Gao Han;Yunhe Department
The enhancement of design optimization to achieve an excellent project Wen Jun;Hao Dong;Xie Qiang;The Fourth Engineering Co.
On problems in site management of municipal projects and strategies Li Qianqian;Shanxi Chengxin Municipal Construction Co.
On practice and exploration for regulatory plan compilation for industrial park based on studies on industrial selection Zhang Weidong;Shanxi Urban and Rural Planning and Design Research Institute;
Exploration on intensive design practice of Tianchang city library and the archives Gao Lei;Tongji University Building Design Academy
On interpretation of design for current campus Gao Min;Shanxi Architectural Design and Research Institute;
The application of pre-stressed double T plate in large commercial frame structure Yang Yonghui;Chen Yongliang;Xia Lingyun;Hu Liang;China Construction Eighth Engineering Bureau Limited Company;
Analysis of plane anchorage of frame beam Wang Zhongyan;Li Guangcai;Jiuyuan
The application of Alar culture on architectural landscape design Li Zhizhong;Wang Min;Zhongyedi Construction Group
Consideration and suggestions on Taiyuan urban image Xing Chaowen;Taiyuan Urban Planning & Design Research Institute;
On architectural color planning and design in Jinan City Han Shenghua;Duan Liangbin;College of Civil Engineering
Research on the planning method of urban feature Zhang Jian;Xiamen Branch
Study on the application of modern wooden structure building system in civil architecture design Mao Yuhong;Sichuan Haichen Engineering Design and Research Co.
Analysis of a medical school new campus planning and architectural design Yu Shuchen;Shanghai Tongda Planning & Architectural Design Co.
On architectural design for scientific and technological innovative comprehensive service platform for Shanxi scientific and technological city Zhang Peng;Shanxi Architectural Design and Research Institute;
The planning exploration on the combination of non heritage protection and leisure agriculture tourism Shen Ting;Wuhan Modern Urban Agriculture Planning and Design Institute;
Research on bond slip of reinforced concrete Li Guoyi;Li Min;Niu Haiying;Zhang Zhuangzhuang;College of Marine and Civil Engineering
Construction technology of hydraulic lifting and turnover formwork for 148.2 m high chimney Zhang Huizhe;Drainage Administrative Office of Yancheng;
The construction technology of new composite steel wood keel support in building engineering Yan Wei;Shanxi Second Construction Group Limited Company;
Analysis on post pouring belt construction technology in building engineering Liang Zhigang;Shanxi First Construction Group Limited Company;
On rigid protection casing installation technique for air-defense basement Dong Yali;Shanxi No.1 Construction Group Co.
Construction of large section beam( 400 mm × 2750 mm) formwork Zhai Ailian;Liu Dong;Shanxi Fourth Construction Group Limited Company;
On construction technique for large concrete for foundation slab of high-rise buildings Xue Xiangmin;Shanxi No.1 Construction Group Co.
Discussion on the application of inorganic glass expanded perlite thermal insulation board Li Wei;Taiyuan Construction Engineering Quality Supervision Station;
On reconstruction and expansion design for Guojiabao Primary School in Yuci District Deng Jiawen;Shanxi Jinshetuofan Architectural Design and Consultancy Co.
On analysis of product adaptability of Chinese courtyards Chen Wei;Daxiang Architectural Design Co.
Discussion on the application of building fire protection design in civil building design Huang Zhongyuan;Chen Xuezhi;Fujian Quanzhou Hui'an County Fire Brigade;Fujian Quanzhou Taiwanese Business District Fire Brigade;
Application of forecasting ultimate bearing capacity of single pile by hyperbola method Cai Yuyang;Yu Dongbo;Henan Zhongzhihenghe Engineering Management Consulting Co.
The technical methods analysis on comprehensive performance evaluation of concrete structure engineering Guo Rui;Architectural Design Research Institute
On design methods for new pipe gallery Yuan Feng;Shandong Laike Engineering Design Co.
The function and effective measures of lightning protection transformation of mechanical and electrical equipment of water supply system Deng Sen;Datong Water Supply and Drainage Refco Group Ltd;
Research and analysis of “coal to electricity” project in Beijing area Liu Zixiong;Zhou Enze;Pu Yankai;Cui Ruchuan;Chu Bifeng;Qingdao Technological University;
Fire protection design of a college new campus Zheng Lin;Shanxi Architectural Design Insitute;
On construction technique for drainage pipeline in municipal government projects Kong Yadong;Shanxi Chengxin Municipal Construction Co.
Discussion on how to apply building construction technology to reduce building energy consumption Yue Junhua;The Fifth Mine
The existing problems in combustion performance detection of energy-saving materials Chen Yinchuan;Shanxi Dingshi Construction Engineering Detection Consulting Limited Company;
On application of architectural energy-saving technique in architectural projects Wang Jikui;Shanxi Jinfeng Architectural Engineering Co.
On measures for urban landscape design Zhu Yongjie;Tianjin Urban Construction Management and Vocation Technology College;
Research of barrier-free landscape environment of the nursing home based on the characteristics of sensory Yan Yafei;Li Dongsheng;Han Bing;Forestry College
Preliminary discussion on plant landscaping in high-rise residential area of cold city Li Teng;Landscape Architecture College
Discussion on the feasibility of promoting roof greening in Taiyuan city Qi Zhaoxia;Taiyuan Urban & Rural Planning Design Institute;
Reseach on design wind speed calculation by using site observing wind speed data Hu Jinbao;Northwest Electric Power Design Institute Co.
Discussion on the patent how to enter the local standard of engineering construction Qi Jincheng;Shanxi Engineering Construction Standard Rating Station;
Study on the reform of laboratory management mode in local university under the background of transformation Shi Yongle;School of Civil Engineering and Architecture
The investigation and analysis on real estate management and valuation professionals training of Ningxia Construction Vocational and Technical College Wu Tao;Liu Yanling;Ningxia Construction Vocational and Technical College;
Laboratory test research on influence factors of photoelectric bidirectional displacement meter Wang Qunmin;Wu Yong;Zhang Jinfang;Huang Laixing;Zhejiang Huadong Engineering Safety Technology Co.
Research on targeted activity-based cost management of architectural construction enterprises Tan Yufang;Chongqing Huaxi Engineering Cost Consultancy Co.
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