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Shanxi Architecture
FQ: tri-monthl
AD of Publication: China
Lanuage: English
ISSN: 1009-6825
CN: 14-1279/TU
YP: 1975
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Shanxi Architecture
2017 -35
BDS real-time PPP and accuracy analysis Gan Chunxia;Jia Feixiang;Xi'an Chengxin Surveying and Mapping Digital Engineering Limited Liability Company;
Preliminary study on the evaluation method of the rescue force of the buried personnel based on earthquake Xu Bo;School of Computer and Software
Analysis and treatment of foundation settlement of a 110 kV substation in complex mountainous area Liu Yuping;Zhang Binglai;Gan Shengjun;Liang Quanlu;Yu Tao;Electric Power Design Institute of Qinghai Province;
Discussion on engineering geological classfication of surrounding rock Huang Longlong;Taiyuan Xinghua Geotechnical Engineering Investigation Quality Inspection Limited Company;
Discussion on quality control of geological disaster control construction Du Heng;Shanxi Metallurgical Geotechnical Engineering Investigation Co.
On water surface line caculation of some river channel project based on HEC-RAS software Chen Yu;Power China Kunming Engineering Corporation Limited;
Study on reinforced model of concrete by fiber Zheng Wenchun;Fujian Jingrong Engineering Construction Development Co.
Application of solid waste in cement Wang Jing;Huozhou Coal Electricity Group Yunsha Exploration Test Co.
Study on high pressure equation of state for concrete materials Yan Kui;Fujian Jingrong Engineering Construction Development Co.
Superficial defects and prevention measures of ready mixed concrete Shi Binbin;Yangquan Architectural Design Institute;
Study on treatment technology of pier governance of mined out area under engineering site Shang Weidong;College of Mining Engineering of TUT;Acer Architectural Engineering Co.
The water supply method of simple spray system Hao Yanrong;Lvliang Architectural Survey and Design Institute;
Analysis of the application and improvement of the existing sewage treatment process Ma Yaozhen;Taiyuan Sawage Administration Department;
Research and practice of flue gas denitration technology for coal-fired boiler Zhao Jun;Taiyuan Thermotics Inc;
Research on the emergency environmental accidents of caprolactam production enterprises Wang Guodong;Taiyuan University of Technology Institute of Environmental Science and Engineering;
Cause analysis and treatment measures of structural concrete cracks about open-cut subway station Chen Liang;The Sifang College
Study on air tightness detection technology of subway station Wang Chengjun;Liu Bo;Ma Yongjun;China Railway 12 Bureau Group Electrification Engineering;
On research and application of electronic checkbooks of works based on Android system Zhao Tiejun;Engineering Office
Some thoughts on railway financial management Suo Lihong;Jiayuguan Maintenance Section of Lanzhou Railway Administration;
Study on the feasibility of using accessible elevator shaft extracting fire smoke in metro station Yan Shuxia;Civil and Construction Engineering Institute
Analysis on necessity for operation monitoring of high-speed railway Wang Chuntian;China Railway Design Corporation;
Construction technology of soil improvement for dredger-reclaimed sand Ming Tingtao;Wang Jinlong;The First Construction Company of CCCC Second Harbor Engineering Co.
Discussion on the treatment technology of soft soil foundation in road and bridge construction Li Ligang;Shanxi Construction Engineering Group Co.
Application of soft soil foundation construction technology in highway bridge construction Li Hongyu;Loufan Highway Management Section;
Utility tunnel and municipal road implementation time sequence analysis Feng Yan;Taiyuan Municipal Engineering Design and Research Institute;
Study on the application of BRAC-16 in the cold region of high-strength mixture of rock asphalt Lei Mingchen;Fei Yanhua;Bei'an-Fuyu Expressway Engineering Construction Headuarters;Jiangsu Zhonglu Engineering Technology Institute Company;
Application of rubber asphalt concrete in urban roads Zhang Xiaoyun;Taiyuan Municipal Engineering General Corporation;
Design and performance evaluation of gap-graded and high-strength BRMA-13 mixtures Li Meng;Feng Wenwen;Jiangsu Sinoroad Engineering Research Institute Co.
Discussion on application of slurry balanced pipe jacking in municipal road engineering Yan Jian;Taiyuan Municipal Engineering General Corporation;
Construction quality control and management of municipal road modified asphalt pavement Han Xuhua;Taiyuan Municipal Public Works Quality Supervision Station;
Discussion on the treatment method of asphalt concrete pavement construction joints Zhang Jianhua;Shanxi Luqiao First Project Co.
Research on the node design of Nansha River and Xinjian Road in Taiyuan city Jin Gang;Cheng Feng;Taiyuan Municipal Engineering Design and Research Institute;
Analysis of subgrade earthwork construction technology in road construction Sun Yingting;Datong Branch of Shanxi Highway Bureau;
The technology of highway foundation defect reinforcement Dong Shutai;Shuozhou Luqiao Construction Co.
Construction technology analysis of cement stabilized macadam base in municipal construction Xu Huirong;Taiyuan Municipal Engineering General Corporation;
Common diseases and treatment technology of highway engineering construction Li Tao;Taiyuan Road Bridge Construction Co.
Asphalt concrete pavement overlay on galvanized steel reinforced net processing point Zhao Xiaolong;Shanxi Jinzhong Road and Bridge Co.
Analysis of flatness control technology for highway pavement construction Jia Qinxia;Gaoqin Expressway Construction Management Office;
Research on construction techniques of road and bridge foundation Cui Jianwen;Shanxi Yuanda Highway Bridge Construction and Maintenance Co.
Study on the application of new concept of highway survey and design Yang Lei;Shanxi Chengda Road Survey and Design Co.
Common problems and solutions in two grade highway engineering survey and design Sun Lu;Shanxi Changzhi Highway Survey and Design Institute;
The karst-groundwater movement rule research in a tunnel of Luoding-Yangjiang highway Wang Yuqi;Yang Zhengxuan;Liao Pan;Engineering College
Application of acoustic transmission method in bridge pile foundation structure Liu Jie;Jinzhong Traffic Construction Project Quality Supervision Station Inspection Center;
Application of prestressed technology in highway bridge construction Liu Zhibin;Loufan Highway Management Section;
Test case analysis of a continuous rigid frame bridge beam static force test Yu Bo;Guizhou Transportation Science Research Institute Co.
Concept,architecture and key technologies of intelligent highway tunnel Yang Hua;Shanxi Luqiao Jinzhong Construction Group Co.
Research and analysis of bridge detection technology Liu Xinchao;Tianzhen to Datong Expressway Management Office;
Analysis of the application of steel fiber concrete in bridge engineering Wu Chunyun;Shanxi Luqiao Construction Co.
Key points of construction of large section loess tunnel side heading method Li Wei;Shanxi Luqiao Jinzhong Construction Group Co.
South Tongpu railway K673+341. 07 north of Houma Ⅱ field box bridge jacking Li Jiangwei;Taiyuan Branch
Application of BIM technology in bridge engineering design Liu Yanfeng;Taiyuan Municipal Engineering Surveying and Design Institute;
The application of nondestructive testing technology in road and bridge engineering Wang Xiaoling;Yangquan Branch
Seismic calculation analysis and ductility design of conventional structural bridges Du Yongchao;Liaoning Provincial Transportation Planning & Design Institute Co.
Discussion on prestress technology in highway bridge construction Wang Lihong;Yangquan Branch
Quality control of mixing station asphalt mixture Zhang Zhihua;Taiyuan Municipal Public Facilities Management Office Materials Supply Station;
Study and application of dewatering methodology for sluice foundation pit at Jiejinkou Zhang Junfeng;Yang Guolan;Sinohydro Bureau 11 Co.
Benefit evaluation of comprehensive treatment in Ishikawa river basin Jia Yuanyuan;Shaanxi Provincial Land Engineering Construction Group Co.
Safety production management practice in the Tongzilin hydropower station Li Danfeng;Lan Yanqun;Yalong River Hydropower Deveopment Co.
Research on the current situation and countermeasures of the northeast folk houses in the post urbanization Liu Guangpeng;Jilin University of Architecture;
A design prophase planning oriented medical project size estimation method Luo Zhihua;College of Architecture and Urban Planning
Research on spatial reconstruction of bucket style buildings in Chongqing Wang Xiaojian;Xu Tao;Hebei University of Engineer
Exploring the path of upgrading characteristic towns in beautiful suburbs of metropolis Wu Haiqin;Zhang Weili;Nanjing University Urban Planning and Design Institute Co.
Research on the protection and development of cave dwellings in Northern Shaanxi Dong Ru;Duan Lianru;Xi'an Polytechnic University;
Problems and solutions in residential planning and design Wang Xiangyang;Jincheng Zezhou Town Planning and Design Office;
Ming and Qing Dynasties culture influence on its construction Zhang Wei;Taiyuan Urban Planning and Design Institute;
Research on planning and design of mountain residential district Xu Yuexia;Jincheng Zezhou Town Planning and Design Office;
Discussion about the design and application of perforated plate in exterior skin of building Chen Yao;Jiangsu Jinke Tianchen Real Estate Co.
The planning of new rural construction in Zhaigou village Li Lidong;Taiyuan Urban & Rural Planning Design Institute;
Precast concrete shear wall technology analysis of Pudong Sanlin 05-01 plot Song Zishou;Shanghai Huihang Urban Real Estate Investment Limited Company
Analyze on damage identification of pipeline based on neural network Ma Yi;Shenyang Construction Testing Center;
On new kick-off walls of flue gas desulfurization gypsum Guo Jiaqi;Song Qi;China Datang Technologies & Engineering Co.
The influence of large opening and through layer column on seismic design of structures Zhang Yun;East China Urban Architectural Design Research & Institute
Seismic design optimization of high-rise residential building structure Hao Peng;Shanxi Architectural Design & Research Institute;
An elastic frame structure wind vibration time-history analysis Zhang Zhen;Xia Yu;Zhang Ming;College of Civil Engineering and Architecture
Discussion on gabled frame structure with mezzanine Li Na;Shanxi Construction Engineering Co.
Displacement based seismic capacity design of concrete structures Shang Wenkuo;Shanxi Coal Planning and Design Institute;
Development of high-rise buildings with conversion Fan Jia;Shanxi Academy of Building Research;
The test on some reinforced concrete chimney Zheng Yong;Shanxi Vocational & Technical College of Finance & Trade;
Analysis on the influence of stairs on seismic performance of frame-shear wall structure Li Xia;Taiyuan Institute of Architectural Design and Research;
Design analysis of improving seismic capacity of building structure Zhang Jianwei;Shanxi Coal Planning and Design Institute;
Cold straightening steel mechanical properties test in old building reconstruction Han Junfeng;Shanxi Qingxu Heating Company;
Argumentation on deep foundation pit support scheme of a drainage Qin Jiwei;Northern Beijing Vocational Education Institute;
Design of column pile of compositional retaining and protection for excavations of diaphragm wall with partial top-down construction method He Liang;Taiyuan University of Technology;Taiyuan Institute of Architecture Design and Research;
The application of TRD method of deep foundation pit waterproof curtain in Wenzhou area Wang Yanxia;Shanghai Project Management Co.
The application of occlusion piles in the surrounding structures of deep rock formations Zhang Yafeng;Wu Xiang;Guo Zhenhua;Wang Xiaofei;China Water Conservancy and Hydropower Engineering Co.
The basic technology of the main plant foundation of a mine coalbed methane is used Wang Fengzhen;Xu Yonggui;Kang Jianqiang;China Energy Engineering Group Shanxi Electric Power Engineering Co.
Method for engineering treatment of heat supply engineering in collapsible loess area Zhang Peng;Taiyuan Heating Power Co.;
Stability analysis and evaluation of loess slope in Northwest China Wang Yao;Liu Huiming;Anhui Traffic Planning Design Headquater Co.
The distribution characteristics and rule of saline soil in wind-power base in Jiuquan region Wang Mingfu;Zhong Jianping;Liu Jun;Power China Northwest Engineering Corporation Limited;
On the application of deep foundation pit supporting technology Miao Lu;Shanxi No.1 Construction Group Co.
Construction technology analysis of deep foundation pit in housing construction project Kang Fuman;Shanxi Sixth Construction Group Co.
Selection and application of vibratory hammer in geotechnical engineering Xu Bin;Yin Zhangquan;Zhu Junfei;Ningbo Yitong Construction Co.
Influence of constant amplitude drying-wetting cycles on strength characteristics of Chengdu expansive soils He Yanqing;Li Tao;Ye Hao;Liu Nuojin;Luo Muchi;Zhang Yuxin;School of Mechanics and Civil Engineering
A construction technique is provided for the wall of the basement after the basement Li Liqiang;Shanxi First Construction Group Co.
Dominate construction technical of key procedure for diaphragm wall construction in subway station Shi Huawei;Xue Shuai;Taiyuan Urban Planning and Design Research Institute;Imperial College;
Research on spiral staircase installation technology of steel structure Li Shuibing;Shanxi First Construction Group Co.
Discussion on the application of aluminum alloy template system in construction field Jin Guopeng;Shanxi Fourth Building Group Limited Company;
Study on construction technology of concrete parapet wall hanging mode Zhang Xiuli;Shanxi Construction Group Co.
Analysis and prevention of roofing waterproof quality problems Wang Haixing;The Eleventh Engineering Bureau Limited Company
The application technology of the whole system of special-shaped waterfall waterscape wall Liang Guoyan;Shanxi No.1 Construction Group Co.
Study on construction technology of cast-in-place concrete shear wall Shi Yufeng;China Shanxi Sijian Group Co.
Technical summary of roof rainwater system arrangement in Spring City Wen Zhiqiang;Xiaoyi City Planning Authority;
Quality control in civil engineering construction Yang Yiwei;Datong Coal Mine Group Hongyuan Engineering Construction Co.
Analysis of cost management and cost control in building economy Li Junqin;Pingding County Real Estate Development Company;
On common problems in construction inspection enterprises in bidding and their strategies Wang Jinshan;Shanxi Coal Construction Inspection Co.
Exploration on teaching reform of Building Structure and Drawing course Shen Fang;Wang Fengbo;Li Yu;Liu Zhijun;Jinken College of Technology;
Preliminary study on supervision indicator of prefabricated building based on policy text analysis Li Shunyu;Ding Yi;Zhou Zequan;School of Civil Engineering
Study of development of prefabricated construction under the background of new-type urbanization Liu Juan;Quan Hongzhu;Meng Dan;Construction Engineering Institute
Optimization of construction project design management Yan Fenggang;Datong Coal Mine Group Hongyuan Engineering Construction Co.
Application of BIM technology in construction management Ren Xiaowei;Xiaoyi Municipal Government Engineering and Construction Bureau;
Some thoughts on project supervision and project management Xu Zhongwei;Shanxi Yangquan Engineering Construction Supervision Center;
Application of information technology in construction project management strategy analysis Ren Qingwen;Xinzhou First Construction Engineering Company;
Analysis of organization structure design of construction project Lu Yong;Shuozhou Urban Housing Security and Urban Rural Construction Administration;
On problems in engineering visa and management methods Lu Yongqiang;Shanxi No.1 Construction Group Co.
The project management review based on system dynamics Luo Chunzhu;China Construction Investment & Development Co.
Analysis on the present situation of the municipal engineering construction management and improvement measures are explored Fu Jun;Taiyuan City Construction Project Investment Review Center;
Introduction to high-rise building fire characteristics and prevention countermeasures Gong Lei;Kang Long;Datong Public Security Fire Brigade;
Analysis of problems in implementation of construction project cost management Liu Hua;Shanxi Sixth Construction Group Co.
The digital construction technology of steel structure based on BIM Yang Gaoyang;Ye Xiaodong;Yao Huancheng;Wang Yalei;Li Dingshan;China Construction Steel Structure Wuhan.CORP.Ltd;
A brief discussion on “system management” in project management Miao Xuemei;Shanxi Sijian Group Co.
Application of unmanned aerial vehicle in fire fighting and rescue Guan Yu;Anhui Province
Based on BIM technology in the subway project in the establishment of the database and application in the project Zhong Haixia;Chen Meifang;Chen Lidong;Zhuji City Vocational Education Center in Zhejiang Province;College of Resource and Civil Engineering
Reliability identification of existing building structure Hao Xiaowei;Shanxi Construction Industry Design Institute Co.
Analysis on the construction monitoring of steel cable construction in trading center Zhang Dongwen;Shanxi Eighth Construction Group Limited Company;
Construction engineering mass concrete construction technology analysis Shang Zheng;Taiyuan Chemical Industry Group Good Housing Estate Co.
Study on construction control measures of basement roof waterproof engineering Hou Xiaodong;Shanxi First Construction Group Co.
Scissors staircase template support construction technology Chen Guojie;Linfen City Construction Authority Quality Supervision Station;
Thermal insulation construction process for installing prefabricated heat preservation pipeline in central heating project Li Ting;Taiyuan Heating Power Company;
Application of frequency conversion centrifugal unit in engineering example Tian Hui;Taiyuan Institute of Architectural Design and Research;
Leakage protection technology in building electrical construction Song Xueliang;Shanxi Third Construction Engineering Company;
Integrated control and management of urban nightview lighting Liu Xiwei;Wu Yafeng;Nanjing Jingze Lighting Technology Co.
Study on reconstruction and extension project of Longhai railway Dingxi cargo market Zhao Hengbo;School of Transportation Engineering
Application of green construction technology in building construction Ren Faliang;Shanxi Construction Investment Group Co.
Automatic control energy saving analysis of heating boiler Li Qiang;Taiyuan Thermotics Inc;
Introduction to Yitong river modification of the wetland landscape construction Hao Jia;Yang Rui;The Changchun City South New City Park Green Space Management Center;
Analysis on the application of Mongolian Yuan culture in Tongliao comprehensive park Shang Shuangjiao;Dong Chanchan;Graduate School of Northeast Forestry University;
Producing quality control of precast stairs in prefabricated houses Wu Ban;Tangshan University;
The application of modern technology in building quality management Yue Yaqin;Linyi County Construction Quality Supervision Station;
Geological disaster risk assessment of new photovoltaic power generation project in coal-mining subsidence Meng Huifang;Shanxi Jin'ou Land and Mineral Resources Consulting Co.
On practice and exploration for deep adjustment of coal-fired power plants Niu Peirong;Huadian Shanxi Energy Co.
Discussion on the engineering design for quantity of primary air Li Yan;CEEC Shanxi Electric Power Exploration & Design Institute;
Research on information release of government Micro-blog based on the earthquake emergency Yan Xiaomei;Earthquake Administration of Shanxi Province;
Teaching experience of Roadway Engineering course Guo Dongming;School of Mechanic & Civil Engineering
Discussion on teaching of soil test Liao Yuan;School of Civil Engineering
How to do the preparatory work of the laboratory certification Chen Huixiu;Taiyuan Municipal Administration of Public Facilities;
Research on resource productivity of Changsha Zhuzhou Xiangtan national independent innovation demonstration zone Chu Fangfang;Changsha Environmental Protection and Vocational Technology College;
Obstacles analysis and countermeasures of rural housing circulation Guo Jingyuan;The Official Website of Yuanping Urban Planning Bureau;
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