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Shanxi Architecture
FQ: 旬刊
AD of Publication: 山西省太原市
Lanuage: 中文;
ISSN: 1009-6825
CN: 14-1279/TU
YP: 1975
Url: 山西省建筑科学研究院
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Shanxi Architecture
2017 -02
Risk assessment model of pipeline investment based on BP neural network Zhong Shilin;Sichuan Shuyu Petroleum Construction & Installation Engineering Co.
Study on the correction of the precision level of solid earth's tide based on stations Xu Wenzheng;Wang Jigang;Liu Ziyuan;Xu Hui;Wen Yan;Department of Surveying and Mapping of Huaihai Institute of Technology;
On test of flow models of new soft soil unloading Sun Qian;Wang Xiaowen;Yan Yuanyuan;Zijin College
On landslide measures for some road tunnel entrance Shen Yuan;Bai Chaoneng;Ma Huanyuan;China Railway Xi'an Survey and Design Institute Co.
Application of comprehensive geophysical prospecting method in city engineering construction Xiong Zhu;Xu Zhimin;Xin Huicui;Hunan Hydropower Survey & Design Institute Headquarter;Northwest Academy of Comprehensive Survey Design;Shannxi Vocational College of Energy Resource;
Silt drainage model testing research of underwater desilting tunnel Cong Zhongfang;Ma Donghe;Li Bin;Tan Zunxiang;Wang Rui;Shandong Wendeng Pumped Storage Co.
Preparation and mechanical properties of geopolymer recycled concrete Ye Wei;Huang En;Qiu Yuke;Xie Ziling;College of Architecture and Civil Engineering
Feasibility analysis of application of graphene materials in air conditioning equipment Ren Chunli;Liu Yun;Tangshan College;Beijing Jinmao Green Building Science and Technique Co.
Effective elastic modulus analysis of recycled concrete on the basis of MC-FEM method Wang Chen;Wu Yuqing;Tongji University;
Research mechanism on self-healing behavior of cracks in cement-based materials Shi Lin;Gao Xiangbiao;Yu Xiaoniu;Jiangsu Testing Center for Quality of Construction Engineering Co.
The water supply and drainage and fire protection design of pharmaceutical industry clean workshop Shi Zhiguo;Shanghai Aerospace Building Design Institute Limited Company;
On design for automatic start for fire-fighting pump in indoor fire hydrant system Gao Lifeng;Linfen Fire-Fighting Brigade in Shanxi;
Analysis on creative strategies of building construction safety supervision in the new era Zhao Meiling;Taiyuan University of Technology;
Construction site safety management points of building engineering Tan Yuliang;Chongqing Medical University Facility Administration Department;
Research of construction safety management and solutions Na Junjie;Shanxi Coking Coal Group Co.
Analysis on construction waste recycled material performance Mao Xuedong;Hao Junli;China Communication 3rd Highway Engineering Bureau Co.
Study on urban sewage recycling standard system Zheng Ying;Taiyuan Academy of Garden Architecture Design;
Major factors of general layout of the industrial project Qin Xiaoya;Shanxi Sente Cleaning Coal Technology Research & Design Institute Co.
The loosening blasting control technology of high voltage power lines cross cutting section Yang Yujiang;Zunyi North Road Construction & Development Investment Limited Liability Company;
Application of ground freezing method in cross passage of Beijing metro Zhang Haiyang;Wang Lixian;Luo Furong;Hubei University of Technology;Fuyang Institute of Technology;Beijing MTR Construction Administration Corporation;
On application of concrete guide platform in construction of shield wind well construction Zhao Dongping;No.3 Engineering Co.
Application of curtain protective net in the renovation of the railway rock slope Zhao Biao;Peng Li;Zhao Zhigang;China Railway Eryuan Chongqing Survey and Design Institute Co.
Study on GPR in subway tunnel geological forecast Fan Jiajun;China Railway 3rd Survey & Design Institute Group Co.
Construction technology summarize on pile foundation of typical upgrading wharf project Li Saifeng;Ningbo City Traffic Engineering Quality and Safety Supervision Station;
Impact of deep foundation excavation upon neighborhood bridge foundation on the basis of seepage-stress coupling Li Hongliang;Zhou Xiaohan;Shanghai Chengtie Building Science and Technology Co.
Discussion on construction technical measures of laying asphalt concrete in municipal road Chen Junhui;Changzhi Municipal Administration;
The cause analysis and countermeasure research on early damage of highway asphalt pavement Song Sijun;Zaozhuang Highway Administration Bureau
Discussion on highway subgrade transformation engineering construction technologies and matters Zhao Huiping;Shanxi Yuncheng Pinglu Traffic Transportation Bureau;
Construction technology and control of the high-grade highway asphalt concrete pavement Yang Zhifang;Shanxi Jinzhong Highway & Bridge Construction Group Co.
On application of fog seal with fog in precautions maintenance of asphalt roadbed Xue Ruifeng;Shanxi Yuanda Road and Bridge Construction and Maintenance Co.
On construction techniques of sand-filling roadbed and its quality control Song Jian;Shanxi No.1 Road and Bridge Engineering Co.
Exploration on subgrade pavement compaction technology of municipal road bridge engineering Hong Shengfeng;
High fill embankment construction Qi Huaqiang;Shanxi Highway & Bridge 2nd Engineering Co.
On quality of high embankment on expressways Guo Yuhuai;Shanxi Road and Bridge the Second Engineering Co.
Analysis on settlement deformation of cut-and-fill subgrade in mountainous area Zhang Ying;Infrastructure Construction Department
Analysis on highway asphalt concrete pavement surface drainage design Ma Jinkui;Shanxi Changjin Highway Co.
The application of cold recycling base in national highway 307 line pavement reconstruction engineering Jin Xiaowei;Yangquan Highway Branch Survey and Design Institute;
On linear monitoring of corrugated steel web plate of short tower cable-stayed bridges Yang Fusheng;Huang Xin;Zhang Kun;Miao Zhantao;China Construction Communications ENGRG Group Corp
Research on surface subsidence and effective control caused by excavation tunnel construction Zeng Zhao;Engineering School
The application of new non portal tunnel formwork trolley in high speed railway Chai Zhengfu;The Fourth Department Limited Company
On application of high-pressure jet grouting technique in rich-water sand tunnels Yang Chaoshuai;Wang Guanghui;China Railway Tunnel Group Co.
Discussion on the seepage water treatment technology after double wall steel cofferdam back cover Cheng Rong;China Railway Bridge Bureau Group Seven Company;
On design for real bridge test of dehumidification system of Cuntan Yangtze Bridge in Chongqing Liu Xiaotao;Dai Xinjun;Chongqing International Construction
On construction techniques of steel fiber concrete in bridge deck pavement Chi Feifei;No.2 Road Survey and Design Institute Co.
Analysis on key points of special foundation treatment in cast-in-place box beam construction Meng Junyi;Shanxi Jinzhong Road and Bridge Construction Group Limited Company;
Using the piecewise integral method to calculate the prestressed tension value Zhang Weihua;Tian Feng;Lanzhou Petrochemical Polytechnic;Gansu Road and Bridge Construction Group Co.
Tunnel fissure water observation and collapse treatment Qin Caifu;Shanxi Oula Building Engineering Co.
Study on the energy dissipation of shed with EPS cushion by LS-DYNA Yuan Song;Li Liangpu;Sichuan Communication Surveying & Design Institute;
Discussion on bridge-erecting machine assembling methods within the tunnel Song Xilai;China Railway 17th Bureau Group 5th Engineering Co.
Discussion on highway engineering cost control at construction phase Zhang Cuiping;Gujiao Highway Bridge Development Construction Company;
On regular bus management mechanism of cities with the example of Nanhai district of Foshan city Zhao Lei;Liu Xiangfeng;Shenzhen Urban Transport Planning Center;
The application research on BIM technology in steel truss stiffening PC continuous box girder bridge Zhu Yibei;Cheng Yaodong;Zhu Zhifeng;Gansu Road and Bridge and Underground Engineering Key Laboratory
Research on the construction technology of long span pre-stressed T beam Xiang Qian;Shanxi Jinzhong Road and Bridge Construction Group Limited Company;
Cast-in-situ beam support construction of large-span tied-arch bridge Jian Wei;Railway War Preparedness Zhouqiao Department;
Exploration on highway bridge construction technologies Guo Yingfang;Shanxi Highway Bureau Taiyuan Branch Bureau Survey & Design Department;
The matters needing attention and prevention and treatment measures in road and bridge construction Liu Lile;Shanxi Road and Bridge Group Test Testing Center Limited Company;
The technology preliminary research on traditional villages rainwater control and utilization Xu Huinan;Li Xue;Landscape Architecture College
On practice of sponge urban construction in garden landscape Duan Rui;Changzhi Planning Design Institute;
Brief analysis on marine nuclear power platform and seat water pumped storage station Chai Jianfeng;Hou Pingli;Technology Center
The analysis of the landscape culture development of Hezhe minority village in Heilongjiang Jiejinkou Zhang Junling;Zhou Yangyi;College of Gardening
On “readability”and “mystery”of night landscape of campus in Zhengzhou University Li Yuexia;College of Architecture
Design analysis and protection of garden-style celebrity's residence in Wuxi city Fu Jing;Wu Yao;Jiangnan University;
Creating comfortable dwelling environment of the old Zhou Huayi;Wu Jiang;College of Building & Design
Investigation on ancient architecture Fengfeng Yuhuang pavilion with traditional bricks in south Hebei province Xie Kong;Li Xiaona;College of Building
Construction of evaluation index system of rural tourism landscape attraction Han Yue;Tian Dafang;Northeast Forestry University;
The environmental protection and renewal of traditional rural settlement based on cultural tourism Cao Jie;Design School
The development process and reflection of cultural space planning in China Yao Wenshan;Xu Jiangang;School of Architecture and Urban Planning
Manifestation and planning of city architecture color Niu Quanqing;Lvliang City Planning & Design Institute;
Optimal design of coal mine surface building Li Xia;Shanxi Anmei Mining Industry Design Engineering Co.
Study on action mechanism of cultural industry upon old historic city space production Han Tianli;The North China University of Industry;
Study on the new school field adaptability design in the old city location Xia Chunxi;Shanxi Jinshetuofan Building Design Consulting Co.
Exploration on general planning design concept of old urban hospital transformation project Yin Lingfang;Yin Lingqiang;Ouyang Chun;College of Civil Engineering and Building
Treatment method for over-reinforcing coupling beam in nine-degree intensive seismic regions Li Hui;Mao Rongping;Southwest Jiaotong University;
Design and performance experimental study on stick glass curtain wall with hidden-frame Zhao Yanmin;Ma Hongxu;Northern Beijing Vocational Education Institute;Jangho Group Co.
The modal analyses considering liquid-structure coupling effect of ground reinforced concrete circular tanks Gao Lin;Wang Mingzhen;College of Architecture Engineering
Application of base isolated technology in the construction Yu Youchuan;School of Civil Engineering
The structure design of high-rise building shear wall Hu Yan;Shanxi Yangquan Kangde Architectural Engineering Design Limited Liability Company;
Numerical analysis of effects of corrosion on modal parameters of reinforced concrete structures Gu Wei;Tang Hongwei;School of Civil Engineering
The response discussion on nuclear power plant with explosion danger workshop design Li Rongpeng;China Nuclear Power Engineering Limited Company;
Experimental study on mechanical property of anchor adhesive under water immersion and salt water immersion Miao Shenglong;Zhang Kele;Xuhai College
Internal force calculation of the parabola arch structure Zhang Yusong;Wuhan School of Foreign Language;
Construction technology of foundation pit excavation crossing subway station in operation at a busy downtown street Luo Guijun;Fu Yan;Wang Zhen;Li Ze;CCFBE Civil Engineering Co.
Illustration on construction technologies of soft-soil foundation processing cement-soil mixing pile Wu Rongfeng;Shanxi Highway & Bridge 2nd Engineering Co.
Analysis of stress and displacement of mountain filled foundation under dynamic compaction impact loading Liu Xianqing;Yang Fan;Gu Wenjie;Zhu Jiankai;Chen Jinfeng;Xu Yanling;Logistics Engineering School;Chongqing Design Institute;
Experimental research on shearing force properties of granite residual-soil Liu Wenhui;He Yongbin;College of Civil & Traffic
The method of calculating anti-floating anchor bolt by utilizing the weight of upper Liu Jianqiang;Zhao Chuanying;Gong Libao;Dalian Architectural Design & Research Co.
On key technique for foundation treatment in karst areas Cheng Ruixin;Guiyang Survey and Design Institute Co.
Discussion on low strain integrity texting detection of CFG pile Yu Chengshui;Fujian Academy of Building Research;
Separation technology of rigid-flexible combination of large-scale foundation expansion and subsidence post-pouring belt Dong Xinhe;Taiyuan Branch Company
On dewatering construction craft of underground comprehensive gallery Zhang Long;
Research on construction technology of large volume concrete pouring and curing in super-high-rise building Feng Junwei;Shanxi Sijian Group Co.
On ground crystallization construction of stone materials of some shopping mall Cheng Jianghuai;Shanxi Industrial Equipment Installation Co.
Discussion on the function and construction technology analysis of post-cast strip in building construction Qiao Zhengang;Gao Ling;Shaanxi Shenmu Xinyang Construction Limited Company;
Analysis on XPS exterior insulation cracking problems of the residential community in Taiyuan city Liu Wenjing;Liu Ke;Liang Yanping;Shanxi Huajian Building Engineering Detection Co.
On underground waterproof projects in buildings Wang Lixiong;No.2 Engineering Bureau Co.
Discussion on the concrete construction technology in construction engineering Li Chao;Shanxi Taihang Construction Development Limited Company;
On relationship between structural design and construction technique of civil engineering structures Chen Qiurong;Tian Congxiang;College of Arts and Science
HVAC design of a residential underground garage Liang Cunmin;Gao Zaiping;China Southwest Architectural Design and Research Institute Co.
Overall design of distributed urban heating network integrated monitoring Cao Yu;Tian Siqing;Zheng Jiafeng;College of Mechanical Engineering
Research and prevention measures of stack effect in super high rise building Wang Kui;South China University of Technology;
Main points of HVAC design for high-rise commercial building Weng Zhengjun;Suning Real Estate Group Co.
Method of association research of Chinese historical context and contemporary creative design Wang Jiang;Liu Yuan;Gang Mingming;College of Architecture and Art Design
The cultural resources protection in rural areas and the feature expression of beautiful rural landscape Huang Tao;Li Beibei;Architecture and Art School
Spatial pattern optimization and image schema construction of ancient town tourist attractions Li Defa;Shao Changfen;Jin Kuang;Chongqing Vocational Institute of Tourism;
Ancient architecture protection status analysis and tourism development in Baoding city Wang Yang;Wen Jing;Wu Tong;College of Garden & Tourism
The generation risks and related release strategy of transport disadvanteged groups in the urbanization process Zhang Xiaoli;Wang Wei;College of Civil and Transportation Engineering
Analysis on spatial structure of Dandong city Zhang Zhaolin;Liaoning Dandong Academy of Planning & Design;
The synthetic evaluation of seismic capacity of reinforced concrete structures Wang Cheng;Wang Ruoyu;CCCC Fourth Highway Engineering Co.
The infinite element analysis of the unbounded prestressed CFRP concrete beam's flexural behavior Jiang Biying;School of Civil Engineering and Transportation
Effects of stress path on compression modulus of Zhejiang soft soil Jiang Mingyu;Zhao Yinghui;Jiaxiao Highway Investment Development Co.
On problems of architectural thermal insulation materials in buildings and their strategies Han Guixian;Taiyuan Tablets Park;
Comparative analysis on tropical coastal landscape in Hainan province of China and Singapore Chen Wenshu;Yang Bo;An Yaming;Sanya College;Sanya Garden Environment Sanitation Administration Bureau;
Discussion on improving campus greening environment through investigating plant species and flowering phase Ma Yan;Taiyuan Garden Construction Development Company;
The study on the water-front landscape design based on the creation of city landscape image Xu Yanfang;Lu Yi;Jiang Caiqi;Gardens College
The study of psychological culture of god in Chinese classical garden Bai Jie;Pang Ying;Northeast Forestry University;
On design for marks of underground pipelines and some problems Zhong Meijiao;Tianjin Municipal Engineering Design Institute;
The application of several prediction models in deformation monitoring data process Liu Yang;The Yellow River Planning & Design Limited Company;
On quality control and management of waterproof projects in subway stations Zhao Shizhen;Hefei Rail Traffic Construction Engineering Quality and Safety Monitoring Station;
On quality control measures of electric transmission line projects Liu Yanfang;Engineering Section of Gushuyuan Mine
Research on roof decoration type in Fujian and Guangdong area Sun Lisha;Tan Xiangdong;Materials Science and Engineering School
Cost accounting and cost control problems and improving concepts Dong Junjun;Shanxi 8th Construction Group Co.
Dynamic cost control method based on orthogonal test Liu Congyou;CCCC First Harbor Consultants Co.
Discussion on the impact of replacing business tax with value-added tax upon engineering pricing system and engineering cost change Cao Lei;Shanxi Chencheng Construction Engineering Co.
On effective controlling measures for cost budget of architectural projects Yuan Jianwen;Shanxi Shinie Bidding Agent Co.
The investment control of engineering cost in construction project whole life cycle Yang Yanfei;China Railway 12th Bureau Group Construction and Installation Engineering Limited Company;
Analysis of collapse mechanism of continuous beam in the teaching of Structural Mechanics Wang Zhuang;School of Enoironment and Civil Engineering
Some thoughts implementation of the architect responsibility system Fang Hanhui;Hefei Planning and Design Institute;
On air-supported sport game dome dealing with PM2.5 Wei Xiudong;Gu Xiangnong;Wang Qin;Broadwell
Discussion on photovoltaic design and installation of the roof Wang Yu;Xie Wei;Longyuan
Research on energy saving design of BOP building in nuclear power plant Zhao Shuxian;Ma Zengcui;China Nuclear Power Engineering Limited Company;
Discussion on green building design taking Red Canyon Desert Visitor Center as an example Li Shuqin;Shanxi Architectural Design Standard Institute;
Research on the key points and design methods of green building design Dang Hongwei;Liu Qi;Shaanxi Land Engineering Construction Group Limited Liability Company;
Analysis on the impact of field gradient upon photovoltaic power station site selection Lv Lijin;Longyuan
On consolidation analysis and design for No.3 cooling tower of some thermal power plant Gao Xiaolong;Guangzhou Lituo Earthwork Engineering Co.
Analysis on the application of electrical automation in electrical engineering Dang Shuai;Taiyuan Academy of Municipal Engineering Design;
Study on aging service agency combining medical treatment with endowment Li Chao;Liu Changxin;Dai Feng;School of Architecture
Design and realization of drawing-inspecting resource management system Li Jijiang;Zhao Rong;Wang Yong;Shandong University of Agriculture;China Mapping Science Academy;
Development mode selection of the tourism endowment real estate based on the fuzzy comprehensive evaluation Zheng Xiaoyun;Han Lina;School of Civil Engineering
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