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Chinese Journal of Geotechnical Engineering
FQ: monthly
AD of Publication: China
Lanuage: English
ISSN: 1000-4548
CN: 32-1124/TU
YP: 1979
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Chinese Journal of Geotechnical Engineering
2012 -S1
Excavation dewatering and ground subsidence in dual structural stratum of Wuhan LI Ying1
Active earth pressures against rigid retaining walls with narrow cohesive backfill YING Hong-wei1
Method for calculating seismic active earth pressure of soil-nailing retaining structures based on energy theory WANG Yong-sheng
Soil responses induced by excavations based on inverse analysis MU Lin-long1
Simplified method for evaluating excavation-induced impact on surrounding environment based on numerical analysis WANG Hao-ran
Effects of reinforcement parameters in passive zone of excavations on lateral deformation of supporting structures MA Yun1
Stability analysis of soil slopes under rainfall infiltration XU Quan
Application of three-dimensional laser scanning technique in deformation monitoring of excavations CHEN Zhi-fu
Behavior of retaining structure with double-row piles for deep excavations subway stations CHU Zhen-huan
Design and deformation control of excavation support project close to a subway station LIU Huan-cun
Design of deep excavation of Pingleyuan Station of Beijing Metro using covering top-down method WANG Zhi-hong
Structure design of a metro station in Shenzhen using covered top-down construction method SU Bu-kun1
Deformation characteristics of deep excavations for metro stations in Wuxi QIAO Ya-fei1
Control and analysis of construction risk in excavations of stations of project stage No. 1 of Metro Line 3 in Wuhan TANG Chuan-zheng1
Key technique for long and large-span deep foundation pits under complicated conditions using cover-cut method ZHOU Shi-xi
Research and practice of monitoring indices for deep excavations of metro TU Chuan-bao1
Monitoring and numerical simulation of deformation of retaining structure excavation of a metro transfer station HU An-feng1
Influences of efficient transport technology of earthwork on operating railways and deformation of excavations using top-down method LI Ming-guang1
Three-dimensional dynamic analysis of an open excavation subway station subjected to earthquake excitation GE Dong-dong1
Response of multi-steel shotcrete under load in subway excavations CUI Wei-jiu
Safety and stability technology for railway trains running on trestle bridges above soft soil excavations JIA Jian1
Deformation of metro station excavation and its influence on nearby pile foundations of bridge DING Yong-chun 1
Influence of deep excavation on adjacent subway YIN Hong-lei
Deformation and stability of deep excavations in artificial offshore island DING Yong-chun1
Application and analysis of automatic real-time monitoring in construction of subway tunnels YANG Fan1
Selection and parametric determination of constitutive model for unloading soil—Case study of foundation pit at open excavation section of Gongbei tunnel of Hongkong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge LIU Zhi-ping1
Discussion on value of coefficient α in structural design of circular diaphragm wall CHEN Fu-qiang1
Influence of ultra-high rocky slopes on existing tunnels and countermeasures LEI Yong1
Automatic monitoring of effects of excavation of group foundation pits on existing adjacent metro tunnels CAO Quan1
Design and observation of deep excavation of eastern section of Slender West Lake tunnel CHEN Jian
Nonlinear analysis for settlement of vertically loaded single pile in dock pits after excavation JIANG Jie1
Analysis and monitoring of reconstruction project of vertical support for Fengsha Pumping Station engineering in soft soils LI Chuan
Application of grillage shaped diaphragm wall in support of revetment project of immersed tube tunnel ZHANG Yu-cheng1
Application of retaining structure with double-row piles in a hydraulic excavation DU Xiu-zhong1
Numerical simulation of shafts during excavation process DAI Xin
Case study of ultra-deep foundation pit by island and cofferdam construction in soft soils in coastal areas LIU Tao1
Design and analysis of retaining structures for a super-deep excavation in Shanghai using late-dismantling support TANG Jun
Application and deformation compatibility of combined support of pile (wall)-bracing-anchor FENG Shen-duo1
Engineering practices of preventing seepage damage of excavations in coastal thick sand layer region CHEN Yun-bin
Effect of reinforcement of deep mixing piles on deformation of ultra-deep excavations in passive zone LIU Yi1
Application of pensile impervious curtain to excavations ZHOU Huo-yao
Application of recycling anchor cables in support of excavations ZHAO Qi-jia1
Application and monitoring analysis of combined supporting system by prestressed anchors and soil nails for a deep excavation in Lanzhou CHEN Chang-liu1
Application of circular truss internal bracing in excavations engineering WANWANG Zhan-peng
Optimal row distance of retaining structure with double-row piles SUN Tao
Displacement control effect of passive zone improvement at excavation section of deep foundation pits LI Zhi-wei 1
Engineering practices of constant thickness steel cement-soil wall constructed by TRD method WANG Wei-dong
Deformation predictions and control methods for excavation of deep foundation pits XIANG Wei1
Deformation of Shenzhen subway aroused by deep excavations and its risk control technology LIU Shu-ya
Influence of deep excavation on deformation and control of adjacent historical building DING Yong-chun1
Application of partial top-down construction of excavations under complex environment XU Kai-jun
Application of retaining structure of steel sheet pile cofferdam in soft soil area ZHANG Yu-cheng1
Application of deep mixing cement soil mixing wall (CSM) HUO Jing
Effectiveness of reinforcement of excavations in soft soil regions LIU Jun-yan
Variation law of water-earth pressure of deep excavations during construction process ZHANG You-jie1
Design and monitoring of bracings for deep excavation of Hanguo Commercial Center in Shenzhen MO Li
Design example of deep excavation of a high-rise building ZHUO Zhi-fei
Design and monitoring of bracings for a deep foundation pit in Lanzhou REN Yong-zhong1
Prevention and treatment of shallow pit accidents in deep and soft soil areas FENG Chen1
Effect of controlling confined water on surrounding environment of Shanghai Cultural Plaza ZHANG Gang1
Case studies of bracings for deep excavation of Nailun International Trade Building GUO Yong-cheng1
Experience and lessons from analysis and treatment of accident risk of excavation of a municipal road in Wuhan TANG Chuan-zheng1
Suitability evaluation method for engineering geology of excavation engineering in Beijing WANG Fa1
Design and practice of top-down method for large-scale podium basement excavation of Shanghai Tower XIE Xiao-lin1
Behaviors of alluvial silt foundation pits along Qiantang River YANG Ying-xiao1
Design and analysis of retaining structure for deep excavation of Banghua Global Plaza in Guangzhou SUN Liang
Centrifuge tests on soil-nailing reinforcing effect in scattered row piles and soil nailing for excavations YANG Min1
Influence of deep excavations on existing subways LI Wei-qiang
Pile test analysis of large-diameter rock grouting bored piles SHENG Chun-ling1
Application and study of circular strut system in deep excavations JIANG Bo
Comparative analysis of common retaining structures in Xining area HUANG Xue-feng 1
Application of soil nailing of steel tube in an excavation with deep fills QIAO Li-ping
Design and optimization of old excavation deepening under complex boundary conditions LIU Zhi-fang
Optimization of excavation supporting structure considering lateral reinforcement effect of CFG composite foundation on soils LI Lian-xiang1
Design and construction of ultra-large deep excavations LIU Zheng1
Field monitoring analysis of damage of buildings due to large deformations caused by adjacent deep excavations SHI Chun-le1
Application of flexible retaining method with prestressed anchors in ultra-deep excavations JIA Jin-qing
Design of large and deep excavation in underconsolidated soils in reclaimed area of Shenzhen Airport MA Chi
Discussion of some rules for prestressed anchors in some technical standards FU Wen-guang
Variational solution of single passive pile subjected to lateral soil movement induced by adjacent excavation LIANG Fa-yun 1
Earth pressure on supporting structures of asymmetric excavations considering their displacement YU Jun1
Application and development of new technology for support of deep excavations in coastal areas of Zhejiang YANG Xue-lin
Improvement of empirical methods for horizontal displacement of soil-nailing and composite soil-nailing walls LIU Bin1
Method for decreasing initial displacement of surrounding environment of deep excavations in soft soils LUO Cheng-heng
Influence of seepage flows on embedded depth of multi-pivot diaphragm walls WU Jun-dong 1
Frost heaving deformation control of pile-anchor retaining structure of deep foundation pits in seasonal frozen soil regions ZHANG Zhi-hao1
Differential displacement control of deep foundation pits in soft clay by use of top-down excavation method GUO Xiao-hang 1
Application of ABAQUS in calculating deformation of excavations QIN Hui-lai1
Numerical simulation of mechanical behavior of diaphragm wall during construction DING Yong-chun1
3-D finite element analysis of a deep excavation in Lanzhou area DONG Jian-hua1
Treatment of concrete chiselling of bored piles of excavations YIN Ji
Numerical analysis of supporting structures of anchored double-row piles for excavations in strata of “soil-rock” dualistic structure LIU Hong-jun1
Deformation prediction of excavations based on numerical analysis ZHANG Yun-liang1
Three-dimensional numerical analysis and monitoring of deformation of SMW retaining structures of deep excavations in gravelly soils LI Dong-hai1
Calculation of stability of anchor support considering prestress WANG Deng-qun1
Application of finite element numerical analysis in excavation design SUN Hai-zhong
Numerical analysis of deformation of excavation of Foshan Dongping Plaza using edge top-down construction method BAI Cheng-sheng
Monitoring analysis of pre-stressed load of anchor cables for deep excavations YANG Zhi-hong1
Calculation of lateral displacement of soils under diaphragm wall in large and deep excavation HE Chong
Deformation prediction for deep excavations based on genetic algorithms-GRNN WANG Yu
Numerical analysis of mechanical behaviors of large-diameter recoverable anchors CHEN Zhi-bo1
Effect of electrode spacing on standard electro-osmotic dewatering WANG Ning-wei
Numerical simulation of mutual influence of surrounding buildings and diaphragm wall trench construction in water-rich sand stratum ZHANG Yue-ming
Random simplified model for assessing damage risk of buildings adjacent to a braced excavation TANG Yu-geng1
Simulation of supporting effect of composite soil-nailing wall based on MADIS/GTS LIU Chen1
Application of p-y curves in excavation engineering ZHAO Di1
Development of 3D excavation software for parametric modeling and dynamic visualization PAN Xiao-hua1
Three-dimensional numerical analysis of combined support structure of pile-strut bracing-anchor WANG Zhao-lei
Risk analysis and warning in excavation engineering based on data dependency WU Wei-gao1
Numerical analysis of deformation behaviors of underpinning piles during excavation LI De-chao 1
Three-dimensional numerical analysis of deformation and mechanical behavior of deep excavations adjacent to river DING Yong-chun1
Optimization of earthwork for a super-large deep excavation based on hardening-soil constitutive model DU Zuo-long1
Numerical simulation of grillage flexible supporting structure with prestressed anchors for an excavation ZHOU Yong1
Design method for foundation soil and pit with complicated foundation pattern FAN Tie-qiang1
Analyses and countermeasures on interaction among large-scale group excavation projects SHEN Jian
Experimental study on internal force and deformation of anchored bracing piles PAN Xu-liang1
Recycling excavation support system (RESS) for foundation pits ZHANG Ji-hong1
Case study of support system of deep foundation pit of Beijing Century Building YANG Sheng-bin1
Deformation and force analysis of pile anchor for soil-rock dualistic structure based on finite element theory LIU Hong-jun
Design and analysis of unity of support piles and basement external walls WANG Wei-dong
Supporting characteristics of deep foundation pits using reinforced concrete support to replace steel support LIU Shu-ya1
Supporting method for excavations with high retaining wall on slope top WU Ming-bing
Application of circle beam supporting structure in deep excavation of peaty soft soils XU Yang-qing1
Study and application of bearing capacity and stiffness of supporting point of slop strut YIN Ji
Optimal design of a large deep excavation JIANG Yan1
Risk assessment of construction of excavations in areas of rock and soil XIN Xin
Safety assessment of impact of construction of deep excavations on adjacent buildings with pile foundation HUANG Pei1
Application of pile-anchor system in backfilling areas ZHANG Qin-xi
Effect of construction of deep excavation cofferdams and foundation in soft soils on underneath pipelines and protective measures ZHANG Yu-cheng 1
Application of rectangular prestressed high strength concrete supporting piles in excavation engineering YANG Bo1
Construction schemes for large excavations near subway facilities CHEN Jun-sheng1
Application of flexible retaining method with prestressed anchor for deep excavations in retaining of permanent slope LIN Zhen-de
Application of construction technology of steel cement-soil wall with uniform hickness in rock-socketed deep excavations in complex soil strata WU Guo-ming
Effect of construction of deep excavation in Hangzhou silty sand on adjacent metro tunnels and stations YUAN Jing
Design and practice of large-scale deep excavations in deep soft soils WU Xi-chen
Design practice of local permanent excavation support under complex conditions ZHANG You-xiang
Frost heaving force on row piles in freezing method ZHANG Ju-lian
Design and construction of water-sealing curtain in deep excavations in sand layer adjacent to sea TANG Jun
Practices of central island with inclined bracings for super-large excavations in soft-soil areas LIN Qiao1
Behavior of pile foundation due to excavation-induced lateral soil movement ZHANG Chen-rong1
Ground settlement induced by excavation of pile-anchor retaining foundation pits in soil-rock mixed areas HUANG Min1
Design and construction technology of displacement control in deep miscellaneous fill foundation pits SUN Jian-ping1
Optimal design of a ultra-large deep excavation in complicated clay GUAN Fei
Application of double prestressed high-strength concrete pipe piles in excavation engineering LI Ren-min1
Vertical adjustment method for soldier piles in top-down projects SHENG Chun-ling1
Design and application of a deep excavation adjacent to large-diameter pipes LIU Ruo-biao
Effectiveness and engineering application of outrigger-type diaphragm walls HU An-feng1
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