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(C) Architecture/ Energy/ Traffic/ Electromechanics, etc
Industrial Current Technology and Equipment
Mechanics Industry
Instrument and Meter Industry
Aeronautics and Astronautics Science and Engineering
Weapon Industry and Military Technology
Railway Transportation
Highway and Waterway Transportation
Vehicle Industry
Shipping Industry
Hydraulic and Hydropower Engineering
Architecture and Engineering
Dynamical Engineering
Nuclear Science Technology
New Energy
Electric Power Industry

Electric Power Industry

Anhui Electric Power Transformer Marine Electric & Electronic Engineering
Journal of Magnetic Materials and Devices Large Electric Machine and Hydraulic Turbine High Power Converter Technology
Light & Lighting Electrical Machinery Technology Electrical Measurement & Instrumentation
Battery Bimonthly Chinese Battery Industry Insulators and Surge Arresters
Electroplating & Pollution Control Plating & Finishing Electroplating & Finishing
Advanced Technology of Electrical Engineering and Energy Electrotechnics Electric Electrical Engineering Materials
Transactions of China Electrotechnical Society Electric Machines and Control Electric Machines & Control Application
Power Capacitor & Reactive Power Compensation Power Electronics Electric Power Construction
Electric Power Standardization & Construction Cost Control Information Electric Power Survey & Design Electric Power Science and Engineering
Electrical Equipment Power System Protection and Control Proceedings of the CSU-EPSA
Automation of Electric Power Systems Journal of Electric Power Power Demand Side Management
Electric Power and Electrical Engineering Electric Power Automation Equipment Electric Drive
Electric Drive Automation Journal of Electrical & Electronic Education Electric Explosion Protection
China Electrical Equipment Industry Electrical Engineering Electric Switchgear
Electrotechnical Application Electrical & Energy Management Technology Electrical Automation
Power System Technology Electric Wire & Cable Chinese Journal of Power Sources
Power Supply Technologies and Applications The World of Power Supply Power Station Auxiliary Equipment
Electronic Components and Materials Northeast Electric Power Technology Dongfang Electric Review
电气(英文版) Power Equipment Explosion-Proof Electric Machine
High Voltage Engineering High Voltage Apparatus Distribution & Utilization
Guangdong Electric Power Guangdong Power Transmission Technology Guangxi Electric Power
Hebei Electric Power Heilongjiang Electric Power Henan Electric Power
North China Electric Power East China Electric Power Central China Electric Power
Hubei Electric Power Hunan Electric Power Jiangsu Electrical Engineering
Jiangxi Electric Power Machine Tool Electric Apparatus Electromechanical Components
Jilin Electric Power Insulating Materials Southern Power System Technology
Inner Mongolia Electric Power Ningxia Electric Power Qinghai Electric Power
Electrical Appliances Shandong Electric Power Shanghai Electric Power
Journal of Shanghai University of Electric Power Journal of Shanghai Electric Technology Shaanxi Electric Power
Shanxi Electric Power Hydropower and New Energy Hydropower Automation and Dam Monitoring
Mechanical & Electrical Technique of Hydropower Station Sichuan Electric Power Technology Servo Control
Telecom Power Technologies Micromotors Small & Special Electrical Machines
Modern Electric Power Chinese Labat Man Piezoelectrics & Acoustooptics
Movable Power Station & Vehicle China Illuminating Engineering Journal Zhejiang Electric Power
Proceedings of the CSEE Electric Power China Light & Lighting
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