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(A) Mathematics/ Physics/ Mechanics/ Astronomy
(B) Chemistry/ Metallurgy/ Environment/ Mine Industry
(C) Architecture/ Energy/ Traffic/ Electromechanics, etc
(D) Agriculture
(E) Medicine & Public Health
(F) Literature/ History/ Philosophy
(G) Politics/ Military Affairs/ Law
(H) Education & Social Sciences
(I) Electronic Technology & Information Science
(J) Economics & Management

(C) Architecture/ Energy/ Traffic/ Electromechanics, etc
Industrial Current Technology and Equipment Mechanics Industry
Instrument and Meter Industry Aeronautics and Astronautics Science and Engineering
Weapon Industry and Military Technology Railway Transportation
Highway and Waterway Transportation Vehicle Industry
Shipping Industry Hydraulic and Hydropower Engineering
Architecture and Engineering Dynamical Engineering
Nuclear Science Technology New Energy
Electric Power Industry
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High Speed Railway Technology (2018-06) Transport Research (2018-05)
Power Systems and Big Data (2019-01) Journal of Hubei University of Automotive Technology (2018-04)
The World of Power Supply (2018-10) Guangdong Shipbuilding (2018-06)
China Building Waterproofing (2019-01) Landscape Architecture Frontiers (2018-06)
China Elevator (2018-22) Guangdong Electric Power (2018-12)
Distributed Energy (2018-06) Theoretical Research in Urban Construction (2018-25)
Technology and Economic Guide (2019-01) 清华大学学报自然科学版(英文版) (2019-03)
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Modern Manufacturing Technology and Equipment (2018-12) Journal of Shazhou Professional Institute of Technology (2018-04)
Journal of Qingdao Ocean Shipping Mariners College (2018-04) Journal of Mechanical & Electrical Engineering (2019-01)
Life Science Instruments (2018-06) Modern Architecture Electric (2018-12)
Electrical & Energy Management Technology (2018-23) Electrical Engineering (2019-01)
Ningxia Electric Power (2018-05) Sichuan Electric Power Technology (2018-06)
Internal Combustion Engine & Parts (2019-01) Water Purification Technology (2018-S2)
Construction Quality (2018-11) Engineering Blasting (2018-06)
Housing Science (2018-12)

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