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Journal of Anhui Agricultural Sciences
FQ: 旬刊
AD of Publication: 安徽省合肥市
Lanuage: 中文;
ISSN: 0517-6611
CN: 34-1076/S
YP: 1961
Url: 安徽省农业科学院
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Journal of Anhui Agricultural Sciences
2008 -12
Study on the Mixed Ground Beetle Population in Alfalfa Grassland with Fuzzy Cluster Analysis ZHOU Yu-feng et al
Application of GM(1,1) Majorized Mode in the Forecast of Groundwater Level YU Chun-xia et al
Parameters Estimation of Life Distribution Based on the Aborting Test Sample WANG Zhi-xiang
Preparation of Polyacrylic Acid(Sodium) High Water-absorbing Resin by Solution Method and Its Influencing Factors Analysis CHEN Li-gui
Study on the Inclusion of Lycopene Oil Resin/Mixed-cyclodextrin SUN Hai-song et al
The Studies of the Stability of Red Roses Pigment before and after Purifying by Resin CHEN Wei et al
Study on the Antioxidant Activity of Procyanidine from the Seeds of Wild Vitis quinquangularis on Camellia Oil MO Qian et al
Analysis of the Factors Affecting the Available P Content in the Fermentation Liquid of P Bacteria Determined by Mo-Sb Colorimetry ZHANG Xiang-sheng
Study on the Extraction Technology of Corn Yellow Pigment LI Yu-mei
Study on the Technology of Giant Reed liquefaction in Phenol JIAO Zhen-zhen et al
Research Advance in Endophytic Diazotroph XU Ti-sen
Analysis on HPLC of the Trichoderma Viride·Dimethomorph Water-Dispersible Tablet HE Lu et al
Determination of Fe,Zn,Ca and Mg in Incarvillea arguta Royle by Microwave Digestion-Flame Atomic Absorption Spectrometry TAO Ming et al
Determination on of Organophosphorous Residues in Fruits by Gas Chromatography Method WANG Ji-chen
Effects of Water Stress on the Physiological and Biochemical Changes in the Leaf of Nanguo-pear HU Chun-xia et al
Photosynthetic Characteristics of Chenopodium album L.at Flowering Stage SUN Cun-hua et al
Study on Difference on Cadmium Accumulation in Various Zizania latifolia Organs under Cadmium Stress LIU Ben-wen et al
Effect of Copper on the Growth,Photosynthesis and Mineral Content in Amaranth CHEN Hong-hui et al
Effect of "Handilong" on Drought-resistant Physiological Indices in the Early Period of Cane Elongation YANG Yan-chun et al
Comparative Study on the Photosynthetic Characteristics in 5 Kinds of Color-leaf Plants WEN Hui-juan et al
Effects of 60 Co-γ Ray Irradiation on Some Physiology Resistance Indexes of Yunyan87 Tobacco Seedling LUO Yi-gui et al
Influences of Treatments by 6-BA and Water at Different Temperatures on the Peroxidase Activity in Harvested Broccoli YAN Fu-hua et al
Effects of Treatments by Ethephon and Active Carbon on the Post-harvest Physiology and Storage Property of Deqing Tribute Orange LIU Jian-liang et al
Research on the Physiological and Ecological Characteristic of Moisture Content of Three Kinds of Tree LIU Hong-guang et al
Study on the Relationship between the Contents of Fatty Acids and Low Temperature Tolerance in Cucumber Seeds ZHANG Jian-jun et al
Study on the Sugar Metabolism in the Development Course of Banana Fruit WU Lan-fang et al
Study on the Detoxification Technology by Tissue Culture of Carnation XU Jie
Study on the Tissue Culture Technology of Dianthus cargophyllus ZHANG Hong
Study on the Vitrification of Tube-Cultured Seedlings of Tetraploidy Black locust REN Jian-wu
Comparative Study on Different Extracting Methods of Genomic DNA from Cerambycidae and Different Samples Preservation Modes TAN Liang-kui et al
Comparison and Improvement of the Method of Extraction Total RNA form Tubers of Manihot esculenta Crantz YU Jie et al
Clone of NF-κB Gene in Mammary Tissue of Dairy Cattle TAO Jin-zhong et al
Evolution Analysis of Leptin Gene in Sheep HUANG Dan-li et al
Genetic Diversity Analysis Among 3 Foreign Sheep Varieties and 2 Chinese Local Sheep Varieties by Using 7 Microsatellite Markers TANG Xiao-liang et al
Phylogenetic Analysis of Twenty-five Strains of Endophytic Actinomycetes in Plants HE Bao-hua et al
Establishment of the Optimum Reaction System for ISSR-PCR of Hemerocallis fulva L. LI Hai-li et al
Analysis of the Internal Transcribed Spacer(ITS) Sequences in rDNA of 10 Strains of Fusarium spp. CHEN Yu-xi et al
Analysis of the Detection Efficiency of Digoxin Labeling at 3′ End ZHENG Hai-xia et al
Application of Biotechnology in the Research on Tea Plant YUAN Zu-li et al
Phytoremediation for Heavy Metal Pollution with Plant Genetic Engineering LIU Yi et al
Influences of Different Sowing Dates on the Seed Production Characters of Parents of Hybridized Rice Combination Kyou 8615 YUAN Guo-liang et al
Studies on Improving Outcrossing Rate of Rice Male Sterile Line IR58025A LI Nan et al
Effects of Uprearing and Bundling Lodged Rice on Its Yield and Yield Composition LI De-li et al
Study on the Effects of N Application Rate on the Milling Quality of High-quality Hybrid Rice Luxiang 615 KUANG Hao-chi et al
Application of Wild Rice Germplasm in the Breeding of Higher,Thicker and Tougher Rice and Its Prospect LU Wen-bei et al
Analysis on Seed-times effected the Amount of Accumulating Dry-matter WANG Yong-ping et al
Effect of Applying Salicylic Acid on 1 000-seed Weight of Wheat in Late Growth Stage ZHOU Fang-ju et al
Analysis on the SubunitUBUNIT Composition of High Molecular Weight Glutenin in the Progenies of Distant Hybridized Wheat ZHANG Su-qin et al
Analysis on the Relationship between seed-times and Spike-grain Structure MAO Wen-jun et al
Analysis of the Harmony Probability of Wheat Grain Yield and Quality under Regulated Deficit Irrigation CHAI Hong-min et al
Evolution Characteristics of Heterosis in Maize Hybrids from Different Years in Liaoning Province QU Ming-dan et al
Research on the Contents,Accumulation and Distribution Law of Nutrients in Different Types of Feeding Maize Plant YIN Xu-hong et al
Mutation Technique Induced by Ion Beam and its Application in Energy Production from Sweet Sorghum DONG Xi-cun et al
Study on the Morphologic Diversity of Wild Arthraxon hispidus(Thunb.) Makino in Nanchong LIU Jin-ping et al
Research Progress in the Eggplant Anther and Pollen Culture Technology QI Wei-qiang et al
Difference on Pb2+ and Cd2+ Residue in Zizania latifolia Products on Different Cultivation Media HUANG Kai-feng et al
Comparison on the Growth Characteristics in Vegetative Period of Melon under Different Substrate Conditions SHI Lei-li et al
Study on the Application of ABT2 Rooting Powder in Air Layering of Litchi chinensis CHEN Ping et al
Empirical Study on the Urban and Rural Planning Participated by Peasants Land-losing MIAO Yan-hong et al
Study on the Classification Basis of Curcuma kwangsiensis Bulb and its Characteristics SHENG Ai-wu et al
Studies on Tissue Culture and Sterilization Method of Huperzia serrata YANG Xue-fei et al
Chromosome Location of the Resistance Genes in Rye Species Imperial and King against Powdery Mildew TANG Zong-xiang et al
Breeding Effect of Space Treatment Breeding on Producting Strains of Spinosad CHEN Ji-hong et al
Preparation and Properties of Konjac Glucomannan/MgO Nanocomposites TIAN Da-ting et al
Phylogenesis of Rhodotorula and Determination of Lycopene ZHAO Shan-shan et al
Correlative Coefficient and its Significant Test of the Living Body Morphologic Index of Macaca mulatta in Taihang Mountain ZHI Li-juan
Effect of Different Treatment Methods on the Nutriment Components of Red Jujube CHEN Guo-liang et al
Study on the Difference of the Character and Denomination between Cultivar Group of Tree Peony from Central Plain of China and Overseas WU Rong-hua et al
Research Advance in the Ecological Characteristics and Cultivation of Herbaceous Peony LIU Yu-mei
Effect of Sodium Benzoate on Cut Lily Flower Fresh-keeping SHEN Yu-hua et al
Experiment on Prolonging the Green Duration of Manilagrass by Fertilizing Fertilizers with Different Ratio of N,P and K FENG Xi-zhen et al
Research on the Formula of Light Nutritional Substrate of Eucalyptus urophylla Seedling WEN Zhong-lin et al
Preliminary Study on the Construction of Green Protection System along Expressway SHANG Zhong-hai
Development of Colloidal Gold Rapid Diagnostic Stripe against Chicken Infectious Anaemia SUN Su-ling
Effect of Surfactin on Eimeria tenella in vitro HUANG Xian-qing et al
Study on the Treatment of Riemerella anatipestifer Disease in Duck with Chinese Traditional Medicine Shuangyansan WANG Cun-lian et al
A Report on the Hybridization Test of Rhine Goose and Sichuan White Goose HUANG Yan-kun et al
Determination of the Slaughter Performances in Nuogu Pig in Nayong County of Guizhou Province LIN Jia-dong et al
Diagnosis and Treatment Experiences of Mucus Capsulitis under Elbow Scalp in Big Dog DONG Hai-ju et al
Investigation of the Epidemic Flora Type and Epidemiology of the Parasite in Pet Dog in Jinzhou LI Jiu-chun et al
Establishment of Hybridoma Cell Lines Secreting Monoclonal Antibodies against Canine Distemper Virus HU Yong et al
Comparison of Methane Production in Ruminant Diets Determined by in vivo and in vitro Methods GUO Xue-feng et al
Research on the Stability of Chinese Herbal Immunopotentiator FAN Li et al
Acute Toxicity Action of Lamba-cyhalothrin against Monopterus albus WANG Yan-mei et al
Faunal Analysis of Pentatomidae(Heteroptera) in Henan CUI Jian-xin
Study on Culture of the Skeletal Muscle Satellite Cells in the Neonate Rats ZHANG Chen-hui et al
Study on the Control Effects of the Extracts from Perilla Seed on the Intimal Hyperplasia of Common Carotid in Rats FENG Xue-jian et al
The Effect of Different Culture System and Different Passage Methods on the Isolation and Culture of Embryonic Germ Cells from Kunming White Mouse WANG Yi-min et al
Observation on the Chromosomes in 2 Species of Bivalve LI Peng et al
Study on the Specific Lethal Effects of Trace Neutral Red on Amoeba discoides and Trichodina XIANG Xian-yuan et al
Culture of Free Hair Follicles from Ovine Skin on Williams E Serum-free Medium WANG Chang-shou et al
Analysis on Characteristic of Base Composition of miRNA in Insecta and Rhabditida ZHU Shan-liang et al
Study on the Antibacterial Activity of the Extracts from Housefly Larva Induced by Streptococcus HOU Li-xia et al
Study on the Optimum Adding Amount of Mercaptoethanol in Haemolymph of Housefly Larva LI Jian-hua et al
Microbial Diversity in Chilled Meat and its Research Situation LI Miao-yun et al
Effects of Different Nitrogen Quantity on Yield and Quality of Flue-cured Tobacco Strain F1-35 HE Huan-hui at el
The Influence of Medium Element Mg on Dry Matter Accumulation and Nutrient Uptake of Flue-cured Tobacco's JI Xue-jun et al
Studing on Physico-chemical Properties and Microbiological Community in Tobacco-growing Soils under Different Continuous Cropping Years WANG Mao-sheng et al
Analysis of the Store-waste of Tobacco Leaf during Alcoholize Procession and its Resolution LIANG Wei et al
Classification of the Ecological Quality Styles of Major Flue-cured Tobacco Production Base WEI Wei et al
Influences of Different Cultivation Measures on the Yield of Pinellia ternate ZHU De-sheng
Yield Experiment of Intercropping Pinellia ternate under Different Densities ZHANG Yan-ping et al
Study on the Extraction Technology of Total Aconitines and Purification of Mesaconitine WAN Li-xiang et al
Study on Chemical Constituents of Wild Phlomis umbrosa Obtained from Qinba Mountain TIAN Guang-hui et al
Analysis on the Main Effective Constituents in Cordyceps militaris LIAO Chun-li et al
Effects of Different Mulching Models in Tobacco Fields on Tobacco Diseases and Pests GAO Chun-yang et al
Occurrence of the Disease and Insect in 46 Chinese Herbs CHEN Yuan-sheng et al
Distribution of Celluloses in Eucryporrhynchus chinenis(Olivier) and Effects of Metal Ions on Their Activities YANG Gui-jun et al
Effects of Host Plants on the α-NA Esterase of Cotton Aphid in Different Areas XIE Jia-yan et al
Research on the Spaital Distribution Model in and Sampling Technique of Aphis sp. REN Yue-ping et al
Toxicity Determination of Several Insecticides against Cnaphalocrocis Medinalis(Gunenée) HU Ben-jin et al
Research Progress in Begomoviruses FENG Xi-hua et al
Experiment of Different Soil Fumigants on Controlling Weeds in Tobacco Seedling Bed ZHANG Yong-chun et al
The Experimental Study on Screening No-tillage Stubbing Herbicides in Late Rice BI Chun-fa
Compost Experiment on Papermaking Black Liquor and Corn Stalk LIANG Run-xia et al
Study on the Relationship between Zinc Forms and Physical-chemical Properties in Polluted Paddy Soil WANG Wei-ling at el
Determination of NO_3~-N in Soil with Flow Injection Analysis LIU Rong-ning et al
Review of the Research on the Social Benefit Post-Evaluation of the Agricultural Water-saving Project YANG Chun-hong
Study on the Production Biogas with Blue Algae from Chaohu Lake ZHAI Zhi-jun et al
Analysis and Comparison of the Gaseous Pollutant Concentration of Different Altitudes in Jinyun Mountain of Chongqing BAO Lei et al
Study on the Character of Heat Island in Hefei City HUANG Ya-li et al
Discussion on the New Model of Rural Residence under the Influence of Rural Tourism in Suburb around Beijing LEI Yi et al
Research on the Distributed Dynamic Ecological Environment Monitoring System ZUO Yu
Research on the Salinization and Alkalization in Sanshenggong Hydro-junction Region HAI Qing et al
Effects of Different Freezing Temperatures on the Nutritional Quality of Yam Slices BAO Tong-hua et al
Research on the Current Situation of Medicinal Plant Stachys sieboldii Miq Cultivation in Chongqing LIU Hong et al
Comparison of Determination Methods of Cynanchum otophyllum Schneid Pollen Activity WANG Ding-kang et al
Design and Implementation of the Geological Mapping System HE Zhen et al
Study on the Deep Development of Tourist Resource in Small-sized City in Mid-west Mountainous Area WANG Ye-she
Research on the Sustainable Exploiture of Frigid Black Soil in Suihua City WANG Shu-fang
Discussion on the New Records of the Distribution of the Seed Plants in Shandong Province MA Cheng-liang et al
Resource and Exploitation of the Plant with the Function of Pesticide in Dabieshan in Eastern Hubei ZHENG Yue et al
Study on the Flora of Gramineae in Shandong WANG Xiao-zhong
Study on the Wild Plant Resource in Qizimeishan National Nature Preserve and its Exploitation MAN Jin-shan et al
Study on the Trends and Countermeasures of Agriculture Irrigating Water of Shenyang WU Hong-liang et al
Effect of Swage Sludge Application on Structural Diversity of Soli Microbial Communities SUN Yu-huan et al
Application of the Tourism Ecological Footprint model in the Sustainability of Agro-tourism XIE Yu-ping et al
Research on the Quality Assessment for Ecotourism Resources of Mopan Mountain National Forest Park in Yunnan Province LU Shuang-zhen
Exploitation of Agricultural Culture Tourism in Yancheng ZHOU Lei et al
Plant Protection Forecast System Based on Data Collection TANG Chao-li et al
Suggestion on the Protection and Development of Fenghuang Ancient Town ZHANG Qun
Preliminary Investigation of the Nitrate Contamination in Soil and Groundwater in Vegetable Cultivation Area in Baiyun District of Guangzhou City PAN Yong-zhang et al
Diagnoses on Heavy Metal Pollution in Soil in the Tailing Dam of Baotou Steel WANG Zhe et al
Study on Evaluating Sustainability of the Industrial System with Extended Emergy Indices ZHANG Xiao-hong et al
Implementation of the of Farmland Returned to Forest Land and its Effect on Farmer Livelihood WAN Hong-lian
Investigation of the Land Reclamation Planning and Reconstruction of Land Zoology of Mine Area CAI Hui-min et al
Reason of the Ecological Degradation and the Countermeasure of Ecological Rehabilitation in Red Soil Mountain Area LIU Lan-fang
Analysis of the Restricting Factors of Grain Productive Capacity in China Based on Rough Set Theory HAN Wan-qu et al
Analysis of the Characteristics of Animals in Soil Grown with Heptacodium miconioides Forest in Tiantai Mountain of Zhejiang and its Dissimilarity with Different Plantations BAI Yi et al
Preliminary Analysis of the Land Resource Problem in Henan Province FU Jian-chun
Discussion on the Constitution and Consummation of the Transfer System of Property Right of Rural House HU Ming-yu
Research of Efficiency Evaluation of Fresh Agricultural Products Circulation modes Based on the Comprehensive "Cone of DEA-preference" Model WANG Bin et al
Research on the Competitiveness Evaluation System of the Western Region Attracting FDI JIA Rui et al
Definition and Advantageous Status of the Beneficial Right for the Maintenancer TANG Zhao
Discussion on the Difficulty and Related Countermeasure in Actual Rural Work CHEN Yong-jin et al
Study on the International Trade Strategy of Muslim's Beef and Mutton of Ningxia Province CHEN Hong
Research on the Management Thought of Ecological Agriculture in the Ancient Times of China LI Min
Discussion on the Method of Water Price Estimation and its Application LIU Zeng-jin et al
Analysis of the Inconsistency between Food Security and Peasant Income in Henan Province WANG Fang et al
Study on the Development of Urban Fishery in Shanghai YANG Yan-yan et al
Discussion on the Essence of the Circular Economy XU Xian-yu
Discussion on the Present Situation,Reason and Influence of Income Disparity between Agricultural and Industry and Commerce LI Wei-juan
Forecast of Aging-trend Based on Song Jian's Model of Population Development XIE Jian-wen et al
Research on the Design of Earth Bowl Machine XIE Jun-hua et al
Analysis of the Comparative Advantage of Major Crops from Hunan Province inside China WANG Min et al
Comparison of Farmer Tourism between Chongqing and Chengdu and its Countermeasure CHEN Xue-jun et al
Dam Safety Monitoring Model Based on Improved Neural Network SHEN Zhuo-jun
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