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Journal of Anhui Agricultural Sciences
FQ: 旬刊
AD of Publication: 安徽省合肥市
Lanuage: 中文;
ISSN: 0517-6611
CN: 34-1076/S
YP: 1961
Url: 安徽省农业科学院
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Journal of Anhui Agricultural Sciences
2009 -18
Confirming and Analyzing the Core Authors of Anhui Agricultural Sciences from 1979 to 2007 ZHANG Zhi-zhuan et al
Study on the Interferences of Chemical Components on the Mensuration of Tea Polysaccharides CUI Hong-chun et al
Study on Enrichment of Total Flavonoids from Fuava Leaves by Macroporous Resin D_(101) HE Gang et al
Determination on Trace Element Contents in Different Varieties of Carica papaya L.by Flame Atomic Absorption WU Xiu-lan et al
Determination of Micro-elements in Cephalanoplos segetum Bge with FAAS GAO Jun et al
Determination of Trace Elements in Cultivated Mushroom by the Method of Atomic Absorption Spectrometry in Yunnan and Guangxi GUO Yu-jiao et al
Quick Determination of Diazepam in Pork by Gas Chromatograph-microelectron Capture Detection ZHANG Yu-jie et al
Preparation of Highly Efficient Photocatalyst Ag/AgCl Film and Study on Its Methyl Orange Degradation under Sunlight SONG Cheng-fang et al
Research on the Relationship between the Thylakoid Membranes and Drought Resistance HUANG Xiao et al
Research Development of Laccase CONG Han-qing et al
Development Course and the Prospect of Global Transgenic Crops DU Yan-yan
Research Development of The Prins Reaction Catalysts QIAN Guo-lei et al
Effect of Organic Carbon Resource on Specific Methanogenic Activity of Anaerobic Microorganism LI Shun-yi et al
Study on High-efficient Enzymatic Conversion Conditions of Glutamine DING Bang-qin et al
Study on Culture Characteristics of an Effective Phosphobacteria Isolated from Chinese Pine Mycorrhizal Rhizosphere YAO Qing-zhi et al
Characteristics of Several Extraction Methods on Total RNA in Plant Tissues and Strategies to Problems YANG Zhan-jun et al
Research Progress on Straw Mulch Technology in Farmland WANG Wei et al
Screening and Identification of One Strain of Phosphate-solubilizing Bacteria from the Tropical Soil and the Study on Its Antagonism WANG Yi et al
Study on Isozyme of Silurus lanzhouensis in Yellow River WANG Li-bin
In Vitro Culture and Establishment of Regeneration System of Callistephus chinensis WANG Yan-jun et al
Analysis of Amylase and Superoxide Dismutase Isozymes during the Germination Process of Emmenopterys henryi Oliv Seeds LIU Guo-yong et al
Comparison of Two Methods of Genomic DNA Extraction from Pork Liver ZHOU Chun-li et al
Correlation between Polymorphism of Neuropeptide Y Gene and Traits at First Laying of Wenchang Chicken ZHU Wen-qi et al
Regulatory Effect of Transgenic Downstream MAR on Gene Expression in Stable Transfected CHO Cells ZHANG Jun-he et al
Establishment and Identification of Monoclonal Antibodies against Enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli Heat-stable Enterotoxin Ⅰ GUAN Cui-ping et al
Study on the Construction Method of Plant RNAi Expression Vector MA Jian et al
ISSR Analysis of Genetic Diversity of Tinca tinca Cultured Population GUAN Jian-yi et al
Studies on the Technological System for AFLP in Antagonistic Strains from Streptomyces JIN Lai-wu et al
Application Progress of Molecular Marker Technologies in Genetic Diversity Study of Brassica napus L. DONG Yun et al
Clone and Procaryotic Expression of Hemagglutinin Gene of H9N2 Avian Influenza Virus LI Chun-hong et al
cDNA Cloning,Genomic Structure of PM/mPM Gene from B.mori XU Sheng-sheng et al
Clone and Bioinformatic Analysis of Lfcin Gene of Datong Yak PEI Jie et al
Investigation on Duck Circovirus Infection Situation in Sichuan and Chongqing Partial Area in 2007-2008 and Analysis on its Sequence YANG Xiao-wei et al
Analysis of cDNA Cloning and Biological Information of Cattle Trf 2 Gene HUAI Ya-hong et al
Breeding and Popularization of High Yield,High-quality and Lodging Resistance New Variety Wan Rice 153 WANG Wu-mei et al
Genetic and Correlation Analysis of Grain Characters in Three-line Hybrid Rice ZOU Xiao-yun et al
Study on High-yielding Seed Production Technique of Xinlongyou No.1 in Anhui South Region YE Jun-hua
Suggestion about Female Parent of Hybrid Rice Seed Production Application of Direct Seeding HU Guan-bao et al
Analysis on the Output and Quality of Introduced Varieties of Beer Barley in Weiwu Area LIU Xiao-ning et al
Analysis on High-yield Stability of New Wheat Varieties ZHAO Xi-ru
Effect of the Different Planting Densities on the Photosynthetic Characteristics,Chlorophyll Fluorescence Parameters and Yield of Waxy Maize YANG You-wei et al
Changes of Peroxidase Activity and Isoenzymes of Baimian No.1 at the Growth Stage WANG Li et al
Changing Low of Limited Branching Type,Dwarf and Dense-resistant soybean under Different Densities YUAN Ming-hao et al
Research on the Extract from Walnut Leaf Water on the Allelopathy to the Black Soybean Seed Germination YANG Wei-min et al
Study of Balanced Fertilization on Growth and Yield of Sesame YAO Dian-li et al
Study on the High Yield Cultivation Model of Hybrid Rape Qingza 5 ZHANG Qing-yuan
Effect of Laminaria japonica Extract on Seedling Growth of Brassia campestris L.under Seawater Stress WU Wen-jie et al
Effects of Cadmium Pollution in soil on Physiological and Biochemical Index of Allium sativum L. QIAN Yi et al
Studies on Agronomic and Photosynthesis Characters of Tomato Mutant with Indeterminate Growth Habit mutated by Space mutagenesis ZHAO Yan-hong et al
Effects of P-Chlorophenoxyacetic Acid(PCPA)Treatment on Bearing Character and Fruit Quality of Pumpkin DONG Xiao-jie et al
Influence of Film Mulching on Application Effect of Drip Irrigation Measures in Cucumber Production in Protected Field LIU Shu-yan et al
Effect of Cadmium on Seed Germination and Protein Content of Kidney Bean XU Wei-hui et al
Analysis of Meteorological Condition on Production of Excellent Quality Pears in Guilin LI Shi-zhong et al
Effects of Salt Stress on Physiological and Biochemical Index of Lingwu long Jujube Seedlings under Different Nitrogen Application Levels WANG Jing et al
Comparison of Different Cultivation Patterns of Smallanthus sonchifolius JIN Ji-lin et al
Study on Intraspecific Variation of Palynology Characteristics in Rhododendron ZHOU Lan-ying et al
Study on Flowering Dynamics and Breeding System of Davidia involucrata Baill PENG Hong-li et al
Effect of Shading on the Leaf Structure and Neutral Aroma Components of Flue-cured Tobacco LI Dong-xia et al
The Effect of Harvest Maturity on Quality Characteristics of Flue-cured Tobacco in Nandan Mountain WANG Neng-ru et al
Study on Chemical Constituents of Morus alba L. LIANG Yong-feng
The Organic Component and its Value of Tea in Wanyuan Country in Sichuan Province LI Jia-qing et al
Study on Chemical Composition of the Essential Oil from Elsholtzia bodinieri Vaniot ZHOU Lin-zong et al
Preliminary Study on Pharmacognosy of Chickpea TIAN Chun-yuan
Comparative Study on Seed Traits of Purple Flower Platycodon grandiflorum and White Flower Platycodon grandiflorum XUE Jun-cheng et al
Research Situation of Plantain REN Yi-jun et al
Selection,Exploitation and Utilization of Ornamental Trees in the Country of Nanjing Area YUAN Ai-wen et al
Study on Optimization for Ultrasonic Wave Extraction of Polysaccharide from Gynostemma pentaphyllum ZHAO Peng et al
Study on Virtual Screening of inhibiting TNF-α Active Constituent in Mullugo pentaphylla L. LIU Ke-yue et al
Study on Fertility Standard of Male Sterility of Lycium chinensis in Ningxia Province CAO Jun-mai et al
Propagation of Abies beshanzuensis by Water Cultured Medium RAO Long-bing et al
Preliminary Report on Earlier Fruiting Test of Kiwifruit by Top Grafting LIU Wen et al
Photosynthesis and Transpiration Characters of Alfalfa(Medicago sativa) and Their Relationship with Relevant Factors during Branching Stage MA Yu-fei et al
Physiological Index Determination of Hailan Chicken Blood in Different Days Old LENG Chao et al
Effects of Concentrate Supplementing Level on Ruminal Environment of Karakul Sheep XU Gui-shan et ak
Epidemiological Investigation of Classical Swine Fever and Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome Infection in Six Regions of Shandong Province QIU Hui-ling et al
Effect and Mechanism of Folic Acid on Embryo Developing during Early Pregnancy in Pigs LIU Xiao-li et al
The Species of Strongyloid Nematodes in the Donkeys from Henan Province—Triodontophorus Looss,1902 BU Yan-zhen et al
Expression and Location of Androgen Receptor Analogue in Sex Gland of Male Polyrhachis vicina Roger ZHAN Guang-jie et al
Study on Anti-oxidative Effect on Mice with the Plateau Yak Placenta Powder NING Peng et al
Swine Edema Disease and Treatment with Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine WANG Hong-shui et al
Screening of Anti-Newcastle Disease Virus Ingredients of Phyllanthus urinaria WEI Ti-man et al
Pharmacokinetics of Junmie for Novel Antibacterial Medicine in Rabbit LI Jian-yong et al
Research Progress on Thymosin Biological Function ZHANG Mei et al
Isolation,Cuture and Biological Characteristic Analysis of Stromal and Glandular Epithelial Cells of Buffalo(Bubalus bubalis) Endometrium ZHUANG Xin-jie et al
Study on Gonadal Development of Brycon cephalus Cultured in Cement Pool TIAN Zhao-hui et al
New Host Record and Host Range Testing of Cydia trasisa DONG Li-kun et al
The Effect of Yak Placenta Powder on NO Content in Some Organs of Subacute Aging Model Mice GAO li-ying et al
Study on the Anti-oxidative Effect of Plateau Yak Placenta Powder on Subacute Aging Model Mice CHANG Lan et al
Experimental Study on Antibacterial Activity of Xianglian Pill CAO Jie-wei
Study on the Long-term Toxicity of Tannin in Punica granatum L. YANG Lin et al
Influence of Climate Condition on Change of Phenophase of Barn Swallow LI Shi-zhong et al
The Regression Analysis of Metacarpals and Metatarsals' Incomplete Specimen of Macaca mulatta Living in the Taihang Mountains ZHAO Yang et al
Determination on Relative Enzymes in 5 Kinds of Organizations of Osphronemas goramy WEI Dong et al
Study on Toxicity of Triazophos,Trichlorphon and Imidacloprid on Rana limnocharis Tadpole NIAN Yu et al
Study on Suitable Protein Requirement in Feedstuff for Misgurnus anguillcaudatus Juvenile LUO Yan-ping et al
Study on Fish Environmental Risk of Allopatry Introduced in China Domestic WANG Di et al
Study on Space Fixed-point Prediction Model of Dendrolimus Punctatus Walker's Occurrence Quantity XIANG Yun-fei et al
Effects of β-Amino Butyric Acid Induced Rice Blast Resistance on Reactive Oxygen Metabolism LI Li et al
Study on the Effect of Fluorescent Brightener 28 on Peritrophic Membrane Protein of Spodoptera exigua WANG Jun-ping
Determination of Biological Compatibility between Tween 80 and Beauveria bassiana Conidia REN Qiao-yun et al
Investigation and Efficacy Test for the Occurrence and Damage of Dichocrocis punctiferalis Guenée in Chestnut Orchard in Chongqing Region REN Shuang
Effect and Defensive Countermeasures of the Climate Warming in Winter on Diseases and Insect Pests Occurrence in Sunlight Greenhouse SUN Hong-yu et al
Identify and Control of Apple Bitter Rot WANG Jing-zun
Comparison of the Contents of Ferulic Acid in Angelica sinensis from Different Regions ZHANG Jin-yu et al
Induced Resistance Effect of Trichoderma Fermentation Liquid Protein on Maize Curvularia Leaf Spot TANG Jun et al
Study on Smoke Agents for the Control of Gray Mold on Vegetables under Structure LI He-nian et al
Study on Control Effect of 6 Kinds of Fungicide of Banana Post-harvest Anthracnose LI Ping-dong et al
Correlation Study of Medicago sativa Resistance to Thrips and Physiological Activity LIU Yu-liang et al
Study on the Effect of Metaflumizon against Beet Armyworm WANG Dong-sheng et al
Experiments on Control of Myzus persica(Sulzer) with 7 Kinds of Insecticides HU Wei-dong et al
Study on the 1% Emamectin Benzoate Micro-emulsion ZHANG Ying et al
Analysis on the Variation Characteristics of Climate in Grain Production Area in the East of Liaoning Province from 1960 to 2008 LI Lan et al
Expert Forecast System of Large-quantity Rainfall in the Middle of North-piedmont of Tianshan Mountains in Xinjiang ZHAO Jun-rong et al
Method for Precipitation Identification Based on Radar Product according to Fisher Criteria YUAN Ye et al
Preliminary Analysis of Hydrologic and Meteorological Characteristics at the Glacier of No.72,Qingbingtan,Tuomuer Peak JIN Shuang et al
Analysis on Characteristis of Agricultural Climate Resources in Benxi JI Qi et al
Characteristics Analysis of Geological Hazards Caused by Heavy Rainfall in Recent Years in Guangxi Province WANG Dong-jie et al
Progress on the Biomass Fuels Transformed by Cellulose WEI Wei et al
Procedure Analysis of Hundred-year Largest Snow in Shengyang City LI Da-wei et al
Diagnosis Analysis of a Rare Large-scale Rainstorm Process Wang Song-hua et al
Feasibility Study on Constructing Reef in Deploying Reef Area of Laiwu,Chenhai in Guangdong Province TAO Feng et al
Review on the Formation Mechanism of Landslide Induced by Earthquake CHEN Xiao-lan et al
Study on Urbanization of Nanjing City and Its Greenhouse Effect JING Yuan-shu et al
Study on the Aquatic Vascular Plants Floras in Chaozhou City ZENG Xian-feng
Calculating and Analyzing of Agricultural Irrigation Water-saving Potential GAO Chuan-chang et al
Study on Evaluation Method of Basic Meaning and Evaluation Index System in Ecological Irrigation District ZHANG Zhan-pang et al
Research on Biodiversity of Chen Lake Wetland SONG E-ping
Exploitation and Utilization of Seawater and Seawater Resources ZHANG Xu-liang et al
Dynamic Monitoring of Urban Land Expansion Based on RS and GIS Technology LIU Guang-she et al
Analysis of Atmosphere Quality and Weather Condition and Expectation of Neural Network in Taizhou City ZHAO Li-gang
Study on the Hydrothermal Exchange of Underlaying Surface in the Moving Dune of Inner-Mongolia CHEN Min-yan et al
Delermination of Supermolecular Inclusion Constants of β-cylcodextrin and 4 Flavonoid Aglycones by Phase Solubility Method XU Tao et al
Trial on Cutting Propagation of Cinnamomum burmanni ZHUANG Shan et al
Analysis on the Construction of National Nature Reserves System in China ZHENG Hai-yang et al
Effect of Crop-residue-derived Carbon Application on Potassium Leaching Amount in Soil XING Gang et al
Study on Soil Background Value and Reference Value in Henan Section of Yellow River SHENG Qi et al
Study on Degradation Dynamics and Residues Detection of Chloropicrin in Soil WANG Yu-tao et al
Relationship among Terrain,Soil Water and Community Structure in Grass Turning Green Period in Baiyu Mountain of Northern Shaanxi ZHOU Hong-bin et al
Ecological Study of Agriculture-Pasture Transition Zone on Zhangjiakou Bashang Plateau in Hebei Province LI Tian-jin et al
Study on Environmental Protection of Mining Area under Concept of Sustainable Development WANG Zi-xin
Influence of Industry on Agricultural Environment in Shaoxing City of Zhejiang WANG Shi-ji et al
Study on the Different Adsorbent on Purification Effects of Biomass Gasification Tar ZHANG Cun-lan
Compare the Accumulation Ability of Heavy Metals between 3 kinds of Bryophytes Growing on Pb/Zn Tailings CHEN Tong et al
Analysis of Heavy Metal Content in Food Crops Planted Along the Shaanxi Inner Mongolia Expressway AI Hai-jian et al
Research Progress and Development Trend of Floral Bioremediation Technology in the Soil Polluted by Heavy Metal BAI Xiang-yu et al
Analysis of Environment Problems Caused by Geothermal Water Resources Exploitation LI Xiao-hua et al
Research on the Measure of the Epichlorohydrin in Drinking Water with the Method of Purge and Trap Gas Chromatography CHEN Duo-hong et al
Study on the Extraction Technology of Marigold Yellow Pigment ZHOU Yan-fang et al
Study on Integration Utilization of Vegetable Fibre JIANG Yan-hua et al
Effect of Sugar Permeability Technique by Microwave on Quality of Preserved Small Tomato ZHANG Pei-li et al
Development of Chinese Wolfberry,Honey and Cherry Wine LI Jing et al
Notes on a New Algorithm of the Agricultural Transport Issue ZHANG Jing-song et al
Study on the Agricultural Vehicle Auto-navigation System Based on Electronic Map CHANG Jian-gang
Problems and Outlet of County Economy Development in China DU Li
Study on the Relationship of Income and Consumption of Rural and Urban Residents in Tibet DA Wa et al
Analysis of Peasant Income Growth and Its Countmeasure in Jilin Province NA Wei
Integrated Evaluation of Agricultural Sustainable Development SUN Yan et al
Opportunity of Chinese Rural Economic Reform BU Mao-yong
Proactive Mechanisms of Young Female Peasant Workers Merged into the Urban Community SUN Zhao-yang
Consideration of Rural Land Circulation Status and Its Countermeasure——Investigation of rural land circulation in Lucheng area of Wenzhou City PAN Xiu-wang et al
Analysis on Ecological Footprint of Urban Sustainable Development of Huaian in 2006 XIA Hai-lan
Research on Land Resources Management under the Influence of Dai People's Traditional Culture in Xishuangbanna HAN Bin et al
Analysis on Area Change and Driving Force of Rural Residential Land in Chengdu city CHEN Ke et al
Study of Seed Selection in Agriculture Based on Sequential Simulation WU Gui-qin et al
Insurance Law of Production Risk Subsidy in Agriculture Sector of Moldova and its Enlightenment ZHANG Chang-li
Measures Study on Increasing of the Branch Height of Euonymus bungeanus Maxim ZHANG Fu et al
Preliminary Study on Water Physiological Characters of Male and Female Ginkgo biloba L. CAO Quan et al
Variation Analysis on Characters of Ginkgo Seeds from Different Provenances in Guangxi SHI Fu-jun et al
Study on the Crown Vertical Structure Characteristic of Chinese Pine Plantation in Daqing Mountain ZHANG Hai-dong et al
Primary Study on Characteristics of Forest Community in Liaodong Mountainous Regions ZHOU Qiang et al
Value Evaluation of the Forest Ecosystem Service Function in the Linzhi Area of Tibet GUO Qi-qiang et al
Carrying out Human-centered Idea and Building the Best Residential Environment HUANG Ming-xia
Simulation and Verification on Air Distribution of Two Sizes of Thermostat ZHANG Lei-jie et al
An Efficient Method of Nuclei Extraction in Cotton PENG Ren-hai et al
Study on Rice Culture Tour and Several Problems of Tour Development WU Jian-bing et al
Research and Construction of Urban Ecological Garden in Qinhuangdao City WANG Ying
Discussion on the Compensation Method and Rational Standard of Arable Land Expropriation XUE Ming-chuan
Character Changes Analysis on Landscape Ecological Pattern in Dapeng Peninsula,Shenzhen CANG Heng-jin et al
Cultivation and Maintenance Situation Analysis and Suggestion of Green Landscape Plant of Residential Are in Liuzhou LI Hai-ling
Study on Present Situations and Development Countermeasures of Yu and Qiang Culture Tourism in Beichuan GAO Qing
Study on the Planning Characteristics of Small Town in Mountain Area WU Wei-long
Ecotourism Resources Evaluation of Geological Park in Mancheng Country DONG Jing
Identification between the Immateriality of Material Cultural Heritage and Materiality of Immaterial Cultural Heritage ZHENG Liu-qing et al
Traditional Chinese Culture Reflected in Vernacular Architecture LIU Shu-fang
Exploitation Research of Red Tourist Resources Development Research Based on Motive and Effect FU Xiu-yong
Research Progress on Ecological Design of Urban Park YU Hong et al
Reform and Development of Personnel Training Mode of Agricultural Higher Education in Tianjin TIAN Jian et al
Exploration and Analysis on the Characteristics and Problems of PE Courses Setting in Agricultural Colleges and Universities YIN Wei-zeng et al
Discussion on the Bilingual Teaching of Microbiology in Application-oriented Institutes GE Chun-mei et al
Study on Data Format Conversion from CAD to GIS CHEN Le-shu et al
Thermal and Economic Analysis of the Solar Energy-Heat Pump Floor Heating System LIU Li-ping et al
Research on the Agricultural Application Software of Mobile Phone for Low-end ZHANG Feng et al
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