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Journal of Anhui Agricultural Sciences
FQ: 旬刊
AD of Publication: 安徽省合肥市
Lanuage: 中文;
ISSN: 0517-6611
CN: 34-1076/S
YP: 1961
Url: 安徽省农业科学院
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Journal of Anhui Agricultural Sciences
2009 -27
Effects of External Ca~(2+) on the Biomass and Mercury Accumulation in Pteris vittata L. under Mercury Stress YANG Li-chang et al
Study on the Biodiversity of Pteridophytes in Baise City JIA Gui-kang et al
Study on the Extraction and Enrichment Technology of Total Flavonoids from Lespedeza bicolor WU Hong-xin et al
Monitoring and Evaluation System of Wind Energy Resources in Guangxi Based on Web SHI Cai-xia et al
Observation Study on the Extreme Precipitation Events in China during Recent 50 Years CUI Fang et al
Solar Energy Resources Distribution in Shangqiu and Its Climate Analysis CHEN Qiao et al
Water Resource Current Situation and Feasibility Study of Artificial Snow in Winter and Spring in Shiyang River Basin DING Wen-kui et al
Protection and Exploitation of Marine Bioresources in Xiamen Sea Area WANG Shi-ping et al
Problems of Burning Straw and Its Management Countermeasures in China BI Yu-yun et al
Research Advances on Environment Hormone Cd Accumulation in Agricultural Products DUAN Yun-qing et al
Evolution of Gene Frequency Caused by Interaction of 2 Pairs of Gene at Different Fitness HUANG Xue-yan et al
Study on the Prediction Model Based on Neural Network Ensemble of Protein Secondary Structure LIU Jun et al
Discussion on the Cargo Velocity in the Multi-molecular Motor Transport ZHENG Yan et al
Study on Haloacetonitrile Formation by Celluar Materials during Chlorination ZHANG Qian et al
Preparation of Bar-like Nano ZnO and Analysis on Its Photocatalytic Property SUN Ji-feng et al
Application of Gene Chip Technology in the Mechanism Study of Plant Resistance GUO Ji-na et al
Research Progress on Sex Chromosome Evolution in Dioecious Plants DENG Chuan-liang et al
Research Advances on Biological Activities and the Mechanism of Fucoidan ZHANG Xiu-kun et al
Improvement of the Extraction Method of the Genome DNA from Arthrobacter SUN Hui-hui et al
The Secondary Structure Model Building and Analysing of Heveochlorella hainangensis sp. nov. CHANG Kai-jun et al
Construction of GFP Gene Expression Vector Suitable for Fungal ATMT Transduction by Recombinant PCR Technology ZHANG Yun-feng et al
Laccase Gene Cloning of Trametes trogii and the Construction of Yeast Expression Vector MIN Kai et al
Research Progress on Bacterial Dehalogenation in Pesticides Biodegradation SONG Shuang
Study on Photochemical Degradation of Emamectin Benzoate QIAN Jing et al
Indoor Simulation Study on Nutrient Release of Fishponds Sediment DU Xu-tong et al
Studies on the Nitrobenzene Biodegradation of White Rot Fungi LIU Ling et al
Experimental Study on Biological Nitrogen Removal Process of Low C/N Industrial Wastewater ZHAO Shuo-wei et al
Analysis on Choosing and Designing the Abandoned Dreg Site of the Construction Projects YANG Rui-feng et al
Study on Complex Formulation and Application of Cellulolytic Enzymes LIN Zeng-xiang et al
Analysis of China's Western Border Town of Disaster Prevention and Risk Green Building LIANG Hui
Consideration of Children's Physical and Psychological Scale in Plant Spatial Design in Primary School Campus LI Qiu-ying et al
Landscape Planning and Design of Urban Parks from the Perspective of City Image ZHU Chun-yan
Application of Ceramic Membrane in the Purification Technology of L-lactic Acid XU Jian et al
Preparation of Solid Beverage of Effervescent Tablet from Dioscorea opposita Thunb. NIE Ling-hong et al
Research Progress on the Extraction and Separation Techniques of Flavone from Tartary Buckwheat ZOU Liang et al
Quality Change of Green Tea during the Storage QIAN He et al
Analysis on Weather Process Situation of Severe Heavy Snow in Liaoyuan Area JIANG Hong-xia et al
Research on Agricultural Ecological Monitoring Technology of 2D and 3D Integration Based on RS and GIS LIU Jian et al
Study on the Synergetic Effect of Cellulose Decomposing Microorganisms YUE Si-jun et al
Reformation and Practice of Productive Practice for Agronomy Department in Colleges and Universities ZHANG Yao-wu et al
Analysis and Forecast Methods of the Series Seasonal Deformation Monitoring Data JIANG Zhen et al
Research on Cold Acclimation of Microorganism of Biogas Fermentation DENG Gong-cheng et al
A New Comprehensive Evaluation Method on Sustainable Development of Large-middle-scale Irrigated Area LIU Yan-ming et al
Study on the Liquefaction Technology of Corn Stalks LIANG Ying et al
Fertilizer Efficiency Experiment of Organic-inorganic Compound Fertilizer by Using Municipal Sewage Sludge ZHU Chun-lai
Prediction and Error Analysis of Moisture Characterisitvs Parameters of Soil at Different Sampling Density YANG Qi-hong et al
Comparison on Release Characteristics of N in Chemical Fertilizer before and after Improvement of Leaching Method with Sand Column ZHOU Sha-sha et al
Parameter Models of Water Retention Curve in Unsaturated Zone and Analysis on Their Algorithms ZHAO Gui-zhang et al
Application of Nonparametric Projection Pursuit Regression in Prediction of Dam Land Sedimentation of Warping Dam LU Ke-fen et al
Preliminary Studies on C and N Cycle of Four Asteraceae Plants and Soil LI Su-li et al
Study on the Antifungal Mechanism of UEZC1AS ZHOU Li-hong et al
Comparison on the Nutritional Effects of Milk Vetch Honey and Rape Honey on Armyworm Moth ZHAO Dan et al
Occurrence and Control of Locusta migratoria manilensis(Meyen) in Hainan Province TANG Xiao-cun et al
Research Progress on the Production Technology of Antibodies to Pesticides LI Tie-jun et al
Field Control Effect of 30% Difenoconazole·Propicondzole EC against Rice Sheath Blight and Rice False Smut CHEN Ming-liang
Preliminary Study on the Extraction of Crude Toxin of Rhizoctonia solani and Its Activity HUANG Wen-wen et al
Effects of Different Concentrations of Manganese Treatments on the Growth of Wheat Seedlings and the Activities of SOD,POD under Salt Stress DAI Xin et al
Comprehensive Analysis on the Tillering and Ear Bearing of Wanmai 50 YANG Jie et al
Survey and Analysis of the Current Situation of Cassava Flowering and Fruit-setting DAN Zhong et al
Mutagenic Effect of ~(60)Co-γ Ray Irradiation on M2 Population of Potato Tubers LI Pei-hua et al
Influences of Different Biological Agents on the Quality of Silage Potato Stems and Leaves XU Ya-jiao et al
Research Progress on Helianthus annuus L. LI Xiao-li et al
Genetic Study on Barley Male Sterility ZHANG Feng-ying et al
Analysis of the Climatic Conditions and Changes about Planting Cotton in the Yanqi Basin YIN Zhong-ling et al
Effects of Cultivation and Curing Practices on Content of Solanone in Tobacco NIU Hui-wei et al
Study on the Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Protein in Tobacco Sheet LI Lu et al
Study on Technology of Supplemental Lighting Breeding of Tobacco YANG Chun-lei et al
Research on the Interaction between Methyl Jasmonate and Leaf-cutting CHEN Gang et al
Chemical Constituents and Antibacterial Activity Analysis of Essential Oil from Salvia plebeia R. Br. WANG Li-kuan et al
Study on the Monosaccharide Composition and Structure Qualification of Ophiopogon jaonicus Polysaccharides ZHAO Fei et al
Effects of 2,4-D and 6-BA on Callus Initiation and Plantlet Regeneration from Mature Embryos of Indica Rice MIAO Chun-bo et al
Study on the Isolation and Expression of Type 3 Metallothionein Genes from Rice XU Yu-feng et al
Agrobacterium tumefaciens-mediated Transformation of Brassica campestris L. with Fusion Gene Ycoil-bFGF XU Yan et al
Obtainment of Rice Seedling Transformed by Chloroplast Superoxide Dismutase Gene YU You-xia et al
Analysis on Peroxidase Isozyme and Esterase Isozyme of the Bud in Lycium barbarum L. Male-sterile ZHENG Rui et al
Research on the Yield Factors of 10 Rice Cultivars Introduced into Sichuan Area HE Yang-dong et al
Study on Yield Characters and Features of Dry Matter Accumulation of One-season High Yield Rice in Yangtze River WANG Xue-hui et al
Influence of Drought Seed Density on Quality of Hybrid Rice Seedlings XIAO Zuo-bing et al
Physiological and Biochemical Characteristic of A Stripe Mutant with Abnormal Flower Organs in Rice CHEN De-xi et al
Changing Trend of Air Temperature during the Growth Period of Double Cropping Rice in Poyang Lake Region in the Recent 40 Years WEI Jin-lian et al
Effects of TDZ and CPPU on the Adventitious Bud Differentiation of Begonia fimbristipula Hance on Dinghushan Mountain CHEN Xiong-wei et al
Study on Protection of the Diversity of Prototypical Ethnic Culture and the Genetic Diversity of Glutinous Rice Resources in Southeast of Guizhou LEI Qi-yi et al
Influences of Pb and Zn Stress on the Invertase Activity in Soil during the Growth Process of Wheat WANG Jian-li
Correlation Analysis of Agronomic Traits and Prediction of F_1 Agronomic Traits in Brassica napus ZHU Zong-he et al
Study on the Effect of Different Cropping Patterns on the Yield of Banana Dasheen ZHOU Ming-qiang et al
Impact of the Application of Extrajudicial Spermidine and Its Inhibitor on the Change of Chemical and Biological Substance in the Female Flower Differentiation of Cucumber Seedlings with the Top-removing HUANG Zuo-xi et al
Research on the Cerium Nitrate on the Pumpkin Plantlet Growth GUO Shu-hua
Correlation Analysis and Path Analysis between Main Agronomic Traits and Yield of Pleurotus Mushroom YU Hai-long et al
Study on the Improvement Effect of Microclimate Environment for Black Fungus Growth by Using Manpower Method WANG Jun-guo et al
Study on Accumulation Mechanism and Control Method of Nitrate in Vegetables WANG Feng
Preliminary Study on the Influencing Factors of Fruit Respiration WANG Yan
Ecological and Meteorological Factors Effecting "Pingliang Golden Fruit" Production and Their Chang Trends YANG Xiao-hua et al
Effect of Soil pH Value on the Fruit Characters of Pyrus pyrifolia Nakai. cv. Whangkeumbae ZHAO Jing et al
Comparative Studies on the Domestication of Fig in Water Culture by Different Induction Mutation Methods ZHAO Lan-zhi et al
Effects of Middle and Micro Elements on Pineapple Quality ZHAO Wei-feng et al
Effect of Moisture-absorbing and Dehydration Treatment on the Vigor of Artificial Aging Aster Seed HOU Jian-wei et al
Effect on Cuttage Rooting of Dwarfing Crape Myrtle under Different Concentration of ABT,GGR,NAA SONG Man-po
Study on Flower Forcing Techniques of Potted Anthurium andraeanum(Arizona) GAO Li-xia et al
Study on the Ecological Adaptation of the Endangered Species Paphiopedilum barbigerum in Maolan National Nature Reserve LONG Jian et al
Research on the Ability of Purifying Formaldehyde among Several Kinds of Indoor Ornamentals HE Wan-lu et al
Discussion on the Development of Rhododendron spp.Resources in Jiaozishan Nature Reserve of East Yunnan MA Chang-le et al
Distribution & Development and Utilization of Rhododendron Resources in Liangshan Prefecture of Sichuan LI Xiao-fang et al
Occurrence Mechanism and Control Measures of Continuous Cropping Obstacle of Strawberry YU Li-jie et al
Effects of 7 Fungicides on Control of Banana Leaf Spot Diseases DU Yun-an et al
Direct Determination on Cu and Mn in Cardiocrinum giganteum(Wall.)Makino with Atomic Absorption Spectrometry Method SHA Ben-cai et al
Embryoid Induction and Morphological Observation of Regier begonia Callus MA Chao-ying et al
Analysis on Efficient Extraction Method and Common Problem of Totul from Chinese Cabbage WANG Hai-wei et al
ISSR Analysis of Genetic Relationship of Germplasm Resource in Prunus mume Sibe. et Zucc. GUI Teng-qin et al
Detection of Two Main Orchid Viruses with the Method of Double One-step RT-PCR LIU Ai-chun et al
Genetic Relationships Analysis of 14 Representative Camellia Cultivars Based on Genome Level WANG Xiao-feng et al
Recent Progress on the Function of Walnut LIU Ling et al
Development and Utilization of Pecan Germplasm Resources LI Yong-rong et al
Experiment in the Henan Wild Maple Tree Seedling-raising from Seed MENG Qing-fa et al
Effects of Foliar Fertilizer Chitin Derivatives on the Leaf Growth and Fruit Swelling of Winter-date ZHANG Zhu-qi
Analysis of Greening and Species Diversity of Campus Communities in Changsha of Hunan Province LI Xia et al
Countermeasures for Maintenance and Management of Garden Trees around Hanshi Bridge Wetland ZHU Li
Study on Photosynthesis Characteristics of Eucalyptus urophylla Clone Seedlings LU Zhao-hua et al
Research on the Relation between Active Iron in Leaves and Yellow-leaf Disease in Poplar Tree MA Jun-qing et al
Study on the Parasitic Natural Enemy in Larva of Calospilos suspecia Warren WANG Chuan-cai et al
Study on Biological Characters of Dendrolimus kikuchii Maxsumura and Food Consumption of Its Larva TONG Qing et al
Study on the Chemical Property of the Soil in the Composition System of Eucalyptus and Sugar Cane and Its Enzyme Activity LIU Ning et al
Vitrification Phenomenon in the Tissue Culture of Eucalyptas and Its Overcoming Measures MA Ji-min
The Vegetation Classification of the Return Farmland to Woods or Forest Region in Shananxi-Gansu-Ningxia Based on SPOT/VEGETATION Data LI Jian-ping et al
Research on the Difference of the Structural Feature of Artificial Sonneratia apetala-S. caseolaris Community and Its Affecting Factor WANG Xu et al
Influence of Cutting on the Tree Competition Relation of Broad-leaved Korean Pine Forest in Changbaishan Mountain QI Lin et al
Estimation of Ecosystem Commonweal of Main Arboreal Forest in Qinghai ZHANG Yu et al
Research of Street Greening Based on Plant Diversity Investigation in Nanning LUO Qing-long et al
Stand Structure Analysis of Evergreen Broad-leaved Forest in Northern Fujian ZHANG Yong
Effects of Different Rearing Modes on the Muscular Histological Traits and Meat Tenderness of Chicken YANG Ye et al
Investigation on the Clinical Immunology Effect of PRRS Vaccine in Anhui Province ZHU Liang-qiang et al
Cloning and Sequence Analysis of 5′ Flanking Region and Exon of Inhibin α Precursor Gene in Goat HE Yuan-qing et al
Determination of Chloramphenicol by Direct Competitive Time-resolved Fluoroimmunoassay ZHANG Yi et al
Research Progress on the Harm and Adsorbent of Mycotoxin WU Yan-bing et al
Identification of a Strain of Hybridoma Cell Secreting the Monoclonal Antibody against Porcine IFN-γ ZHANG Jing-mei et al
Genetic Polymorphism in GDF8 Region of Hu Sheep Based on Microsatellite DNA WU Wen-zhong et al
PCR-SSCP Analysis on Intron 2 of AGPAT6 Gene in Chinese Holstein ZHANG Jia-lan et al
Clone and Sequence Analysis on cDNA Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone Receptor Gene from Wuzhishan Miniature Pig ZHANG Yan et al
Research of CH_4 Emission Characteristics of 'Black Soil Patch' Degraded Alpine Meadow KONG Zheng et al
Investigation on Amphibians and Reptiles in Huanglongshan Nature Reserve of Shaanxi Province LI Hong-qun et al
Culture and Development of Grubs LIU Wei et al
Analysis of the Correlation between Silk Performance and Cocoon Quality Performance of Hybrid Silkworm XIAO Li-rong et al
Comparative Study on Seasonal Variation of Heterotrophic Bacteria Flora Associated with Intestine of Sea Cucumber in Feeding and Unfeeding Ponds NIU Yu-feng et al
Influence of Different External Hormones on the Growth of CS in Carp WANG Qian et al
Detection on Aeromonas hydrophila by Negative Staining Electron Microscopy ZHANG Wen-li et al
Comparative Research of Two Methods on DNA Extraction of Trichodinids subtilisa Lom. HE Gen-lin et al
Comparative Studies on the Isozymes of Channa asiatica and Channa argus MENG Yan et al
Analysis of the Practical Significance of Developing Fish Breeding in Paddy Fields WANG Yu-lin
Study on the Chemical Components of Volatile Oil from the Leaf of Melia azedrach Linn and its Antimicrobial Activity ZHANG Feng et al
Comparative Study on the Influence of Decoction of Atractylodis macrocephalae and Paeoniae alba on the Tension of Isolated Intestines in Chook WANG Jun et al
Study on the Determination Methods of Chlorogenic Acids from Cephalanoplos segetum ZHOU Jian-qing et al
Analysis of Essential Oil from the Leaves of Mangifera indica L. by Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry MENG Li-li et al
Extraction of Total Flavonoids from Swainsonia salsula Fruit and Its Content Determination MA Fu-jun
Effect of Foeniculum vulgare Mill on the Immunological Functions in Mice DONG Hua-ze et al
Research on the Activity of the Products Fermented with Actinomycete in Anti-tumor ZHENG Feng-ping et al
Influence of Rural Laborers Moving Out for Work on Left-behind Children Education WANG Dong-ping et al
Research on Professional Qualities of English Teachers in Rural Middle Schools in Northern Areas of Anhui Province HUANG Rui
Effect of Agricultural Universities in Construction of the Basic Leading Cadres of the Countryside HOU Jin-chao
Thoughts on the Development of the Higher-agriculture Education Based on the Demands of Rural Reform and Development HUANG He-wen
The Practice and Exploration of the Research-oriented Teaching Model in Agricultural University LIAO Zhi-wen et al
Design on Green Identification System Based on Color Sensor LI Xi-peng et al
Research on the "Subjectivity" Teaching Model about the Integration of Information Technology and Curriculum ZHU Yuan-zhao et al
Achievement of Three-dimensional Terrain Visualization Technology of Mountain Vegetation and Crop ZHANG Wei-dong
A Guidance Directrix Approach to Agriculture AGV Based on Feature Point Selection QI Bao-qian et al
Study on Map Projections Method Based on ERDAS IMAGINE LUO Yang
Study on Automatic Control System of Tobacco Baking FAN Zhi-ping et al
Agricultural Data Collection Based on Zigbee and SMS of GSM WANG Yan
Psychological Analysis of Peasant Workers in the Role Transformation ZHU Jia-wei
Study on the Institution Innovation of the Co-ordinate Development between Urban and Rural in Chongqing Based on the Flow Direction of Production Factors REN Xiao-hong
The Analysis on the Formation Causes of Regional Diversity of Urban-rural Interaction Development in China Based on Spatial Econometrics in 1986-2005 DUAN Juan
Analysis of the Temporal and Spatial Changes in Land-use in Taian City from 1990 to 2007 YANG Jiong et al
Analysis on Land Cover Changes of Yang River Valley between 1987 and 2000 MA Zhen-gang et al
Analysis of Multiple Time Scale on Land Quantity in China LIU Zhi-ling et al
Study on Land Saving and Intensive Use on Karst Mountains FENG Zhi-hong et al
Study on the Self-sufficiency Rate of Food and Prediction of Future Arable Land Demand in Jiangsu Province JIANG Li-qin
Grey Dynamic Analysis on Influencing Factors of Tibetan Grain Production LI Ping
Study on the Development of the Agriculture Industrialization in Western China YU Bo
Development and Dilemma of Agricultural Products Commercialization of Hunan in Qing Dynasty YANG Na-man et al
Research on Independent Innovation System of Agricultural Product Processing Industry in China REN Ai-lian
Discussion on the Establishment of Agricultural Product Quality Traceability System among Dispersed Farmers TAN Chan et al
Analysis on the Agricultural Economy Structure's Adjustment and the Developing Ways of Circulation Economy in Qinghai Province FU Yang et al
Review on the Policies of Industry Structure of Agriculture in the Past 30 Years of Reform LI Rui-hong
Brief Analysis on the Necessity and Practicality of Relaxing the Limit on Transferring or Mortgaging the Management of Countryside Land Contracting Right LIU Yan
Evaluation Market Environment of Peasant Cooperative Economic Organization Based on AHP CHENG Gang et al
Study on the Relations between Income Structure Change and Consumption of Rural Residents in China HUANG Jing et al
Research on the Experience of Group Cultivation by Zhang Yazhou in Northern Anhui and Scale Cultivation in Xialiuzhai Village LI Zhong-yang et al
Change Analysis of Land Use Structure in Karst County Area Based on Spatial Lorenz Curves SU Guang-shi et al
Environmental Protection in the Process of Agricultural Modernization in Japan and Its Inspirations TAO Jian
Discussion on the Organic Food from the Aspect of Traditional Chinese Medicine TU Yue
Mao Tse-tung's Thought on the Relationship between Chinese Industrialization and Agricultural Modernization LU Bi-hua
Study on the Rural Tourism Development under the Perspective of New Rural Construction CHEN Hai-peng
Structural and Non-structural Measurement of the Tourism Image of the Expos YANG Jie et al
Evaluation of Tourist's Satisfaction Degree of Dongda Hot Spring Resort Area in Xi'an City TONG Qin-xue et al
Study on the Meteorological Services of Agricultural Insurance ZHANG Ai-min et al
Discussion on Optimizing Management Mode of Open Laboratory in Provincial Scientific Research Institute LI Zheng-yan et al
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