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Journal of Anhui Agricultural Sciences
FQ: 旬刊
AD of Publication: 安徽省合肥市
Lanuage: 中文;
ISSN: 0517-6611
CN: 34-1076/S
YP: 1961
Url: 安徽省农业科学院
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Journal of Anhui Agricultural Sciences
2009 -28
Evolution Law by Generations of Genotype Entropy of the Inbred Population Based on Fitness LI Da-lin
Preliminary Research of the Relevance on Ophiopogon Plant Traits·Tuber Yield and Polysaccharide Content WEN Bian-bian et al
Application of Orthogonal Design in Synthesis of Super Absorbent Polymer by Mechanical Activated Cassava Starch ZHANG Li-ying et al
Research on the Interaction of Resveratrol and DNA LIU Wei et al
Research Progress of Amomum tsao-ko in China DUAN Shu-de et al
Research on the Rapid Detection Methods of Melamine Content in Fishery Products LIANG Jian et al
Determination of Difenoconazole Residue in Watermelon by SPE-GC/ECD Method WANG Hua-dong et al
Synthesis N- benzoyl-N′-(sodium p-benzenesulfonate)thiourea through Phase-transfer Catalyst HUANG Yun-rui et al
Preliminary Study on Electrochemical DNA Biosensor Applied for Food Safety Inspection GAO Ming-hui et al
Further Processing of Rapeseed Oil-Preparation of Biodiesel with Base Catalysis NIE Yu-jing et al
Research Development of Solid Catalysts for Biodiesel Production XU Gui-zhuan et al
Research Advances of Quaternary Sporo-pollen in Tibet XIN Zhong-lei et al
Programmed Cell Death in plant Somatic Embryogenesis LIU Chun-Ping et al
Research Progress in Plant Diversity of Endophytic Fungi YI Xiao-hua
Research Progress in Bamboo Leaf Extracts Bioactivity XIA Hai-jun
Progress of Bactericidal Effect of Bamboo Vinegar WANG Jin-guo
Classification and Ecological Distribution of Scytonema in Northeast China ZHOU Chun-li et al
Comparative Analysis of the Prokaryote Diversities of Two Hyperthermal Springs in the West of Yunnan LI Hua-lan et al
Analysis of Genetic Difference at Molecular Level among Chuzhou Carp,Fangzheng Silver Crucian Carp and Pengze Carp LING Wu-hai et al
Study on the Rapid Propagation with Tissue Culture of Bretschneidera sinensis OUYANG Xian et al
Study on Influencing Factors on Subculture Multiplication Culture of Euscaphid konishii TU Shu-ping et al
Cloning and Analyzing of Rice CAS Gene ZHAO Xin et al
Construction and Identification of siRNA Expression Vector Targeting Nucleocapsid Protein N Gene of PRRSV CAO Su-fang
Composition Analysis on the Fatty Acid in a Strain of Endophytic Fungus of Phomopsis sp. FU Jing et al
Investigation on Enterobacter Sakazakii Pollution Situation in Liquid Milk HAO Chang-min et al
Application of Molecular Biology Technology in Plant Virus Detection WANG Xin et al
Application of Molecular Marker Technique in the Research of Chinese Gastrodia elata WANG De-xin
Isolation and Screening of Bacillus with High Enzyme Activity and High Antibacterial Activity ZHU Li-yun et al
Study on the Characteristics of Florescence and Pollen in Lagerstroemia speciosa REN Xiang-xiang et al
Study on Construction of Plant Virus Expression Vector pC1 YVV/CP/W and Expression of GFP WANG Zhen-dong et al
Research Progress of Gene Expression Regulation of Silkworm Silk Protein WANG Sheng-peng et al
Study on Making Process of Peanut-tofu HOU Li-xia et al
Eukaryotic Expression,Purification and Identification of Double-stranded RNA-Dependent Protein Kinase(PKR) GUAN Zhen-hong et al
Research on the Genetic Analysis of the Wheat Variety SARKA Gene Resisting Powdery Mildew and SSR Marker Selection WU Wei-gang et al
Establishment and Optimization of ISSR-PCR Reaction System of Houttuynia cordata Thunb LI Xiao-ying et al
Primary Experiment on the Ecological Adaptability of High-quality Japanese Japonica YAN Sheng-zhi et al
Analysis of Several Indicators of Spring Wheat in Water-saving Irrigation of Field Water Management System in Flood River Irrigation District WU Shan-hai et al
Demonstration of No.8 Winter-wheat Introduced from Zhuanglang,Grown in Half-dry Areas ZHANG Xiao-hong et al
Research on the Changes of the Starch Phosphorylase Activity in the Other Section of Kernel except Embryo(OSK) of Micro - endosperm Maize during Kernel Development GAN Feng-qiong et al
Application of Whole Potato Tuber-sowing and Analysis of Yield Component LONG Guo et al
Study on Fertilizer Effect of Spring Oilseed Rape under Different Fertilizer Amount by Mulching Plastic Film ZHU Chun-lai
Research Process of Rapeseed Bioactivity Peptide ZHU Guo-fu et al
Influences of Different Sowing Dates and Planting Densities on the Yield and Yield-related Traits of Zheqiudou No.3 LIU Wei-ming et al
Pea Nodulation Characteristics under Different Ecological Environment GUO Li-zhuo et al
Comparison Experiment of Introduced Yunnan Sugarcane Varieties YI Dai-Yong et al
Effects of Potassium Dichromate(K_2Cr_2O_7) on the Mitosis of Root Tip Cells of Garlic GAO Yang et al
Effect of Four Species of Landscape Plant Waste Materials on the Mycelial Growth of Pleurotus geesteranus ZOU Jin-mei et al
Research on the Technique of Wild Jujube Softwood Cutting CUI Xiang-dong
Optimization on the High Efficient Propagation System of Two Wild Medicinal and Ornamental Azaleas by Uniform Design FENG Ying et al
Review of Development and Utilization of Cichorium intybus L. XU Ya-mei et al
Effects of Organic Fertilizer on Growth and Fruit Qualities of Malus pumila Mill.cv.Fuji WNG Hong-wei et al
Study on the Color Protecting and Shape Keeping of Rosa cultivars Petals HUANG Zi-feng et al
Study on the Effects of Different Treatments on Ivy Shoots Inverse Cuttage CHEN Guang-qin et al
Development Status and Research Progress of Xinyang Tea WANG Jin-ping
Effect of Four Kinds of Foliar-sprayings on the Tobacco Growth and Quality JIA Hai-jiang et al
Study on the Ratio of N and P Fertilizers for Cotton in Different Growth Periods under Drip Irrigation Condition CHI Jing-bo et al
Medicinal Value and Resources Protection of Fungus Shiraia bambusicola HUANG Xiao-bo et al
Study on the Appropriate Collection Period of Polygonatum sibiricum in Guizhou SHAO Hong-yan et al
Comparison and Evaluation of Methods for Licorice Flavonoids Content Determination WANG Yong et al
Tannins Content Determination of Polygonum chinense L.from Different Growing Areas LAI Fei-e et al
Effects of Salt Stress on the Growth of Carduus crispus L.suspension cells and Production of Flavonoids GUAN Lan-fang et al
Screening of Gastrodia elata Seed Germinating Strain in Zhaotong CHENG Li-jun et al
Study on SI Transmission Model of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza LI Yan-li et al
Screening of An Organic Solvent Resistance Protease Producer OUYANG Hua-yong
HPLC Fingerprints of Alkaloids in Guizhou Dendrobium nobile Lindl. GAO Wei et al
Secondary Metabolites and Its Physiological Function of Cyclocarya paliurus FU Xiang-xiang et al
Distribution of Escherichia coli Serotype of Chicken in Western Hunan and the Analysis Its Drug-resistance WEI Lin et al
Correlation Coefficient of Environmental Factors Related to Infectious Diseases of Ducks by Genetic Algorithm WANG Wei-bing et al
Study on the TCM Fodder Additives Improving Quality of Poultry's Meat ZHANG Wei et al
Effect of Chinese Herb Medicine and Antimicrobial Compound on the Inhibitory in vitro of Aeromonas hydrophila Strain PENG Jin-ju et al
Hazard and Control of Poultry Immunosuppressive Diseases Caused by Virus LIU Ming-cheng
Research Progress of Calpain System Gene QIU Mo-han et al
Research Progress on Sika Deer Antler Tray LI Yin-qing et al
Effects of Polysaccharides from Dendribum nobile on TNF-αand NO Secretion in Peritoneal Macrophages of Mice Induced by LPS LI Xiao-qiong et al
Study on the Effect of Yeast Polysaccharides on Immune Function of Mice in Vitro ZHU Yan-jun et al
Acute Toxicity Test of Malanin YUAN Yan et al
Toxicity Study on Phytohemagglutinin from White kidney Bean WANG Chang-mei et al
Analysis on the Human Pathogenic Microorganisms Carried by the Resident Birds in Mudanjiang City JIN Zhi-min et al
Study on Soil Animals' Community Diversity of Yangjifeng Nature Reserve in Jiangxi Province YUAN Feng-hui et al
Evaluation on the Effect of Different Feed Formulas on the Growth of Galleria mellonella L. PU Heng-hu et al
Study on Methyl Mercury Security in Fish on the Outskirt of Chengdu SHAO Li-juan et al
Effect of Foliar Fertilizer of Chitin Derivatives-"Zaofengsu"on Disease Resistance of Winter Jujube ZHANG Zhu-Qi
Research Progress of Fish Mx Protein WU Hai-li et al
Plague Grade Meteorological Predication Models of Riceplanthopper Based on Insect Source Cardinal Number JIANG Sheng-guo et al
Screening and Bioactivity Determination of Bacillus thuringiensis in Sanya Region REN Hong et al
Research Progress of Eliminating Jujube Witches′Broom and Pathogen Detection Technology WANG Ya-li et al
Study on Community Structure of Arthropod in Wheat Field MEI Jing-fu
Evaluation on the Contacting Activity of Tripterygium regelii Sprague et Takeda against Dendrolimus tabulaeformis on the Basis of Uniform Design QIAO Shu-fen et al
Combined Effect of Trifloxysulfuron Sodium and Ametryn PAN Pu-qun et al
Study on the Treatment with Hot Water and Fungicide Combination of Alternaria alternata(Fr.) Keissle GU Yu et al
Preparation of tau-fluvalinate 5.7%EW FANG Wei-zhen et al
Analysis on Physical Field and Characteristics of Two MCCs during Short-time Rainstorm Process in Eastern Liaoning Province SUN Lian-qiang et al
Study on the Soil Erodibility of Luoning County WANG Ai-ping et al
Contrastive Analysis on Two Spring Rainstorms ZHAO Kun et al
Diagnosis Analysis on A Continuous Heavy Rain in Late Autumn Caused by Low-level Jet JIA Xian-feng et al
Effect of Changes of Temperature and Precipitation Trend on Agricultural Production in 50 Years at Chaoyang District in Liaoning LIANG Qun et al
Analysis on the Variation Characters of Temperature and Precipitation and Abrupt Change in Hefei in Recent 26 Years LIU Ran et al
Microphysical Characteristics of A Winter Fog Event in Nanjing BAO Lei et al
Primary Study on the Fungi on Branches of Gymnosperms in Xinyang LU Dong-sheng
Stability Analysis on Plant Community in Quanshan Nature Reserve DAI Xi-lian et al
Research on the Dynamic Change of the Microbial Community in the Process of Naturally Composting WAN Shui-xia et al
Effect of Different Microorganism Agents on the Compost of Wool Waste LIU Jian-liang
Change Characteristics Analysis of Heat Conditions in Zhengzhou City WANG Yan-ling et al
Study on Geological Conditions and Working Method along Fengjie and Wushan of Three Gorges Reservoir Area LUAN Jin-hua et al
Study on the Distribution of Month Average Temperature in the Mountain Area of Southwestern Zhejiang LIU Yue-qing et al
Remote Sensing of Land Use Change in Henan Province FAN Lei et al
Lightning Distribution Characteristics in Jiangsu LI Fang et al
Study on Abilities of 6 strains of Silicate Bacteria to Release Phosphorus and Potassium YAN Hua-xiao et al
Research Progress of Preparation of Activated Carbons from Plant Biomass LI Feng-ming et al
Analysis on the Feature of Summer Drought in the Karst Region of Guiyang HUANG Ju-mei et al
The Analysis of the Strongest Dragon-boat Rain in GuangDong province in 2008 LI Cui-hua et al
Improved Minimum Potential Energy and its Application in Stability Analysis of Tianjiazhai Landslides YANG Jun et al
Investigation and Analysis on Soil Organic Matter in Dangshan County of Anhui Province FU Jin-mu et al
Research on the Characteristics of the Content of Boron in the Soil Planted with Tobacco in Chongqing QIN Jian-cheng
Study on Changes of Soil Chemical Properties in the Process of Karst Rocky Desertification LU Hong-mei et al
The Types and Reclamation Potential of the Damaged Land by Wenchuan Earthquake YANG Jin et al
Influence Evaluation of Land Use Plan on Land Ecological Security ZHOU Wan-dong et al
Effects of the Hydrological Processes on Nitrogen Migration in a Small Watershed on the Taihu Lake LIU Hong-wei et al
Sources and Research Status of Heavy Metal Pollutions of Soils in Hebei Province RU Shu-hua et al
Projection Pursuit Analysis of Water Quality Evaluation of in Agricultural Irrigation Based on Artificial Fish-Swarm Algorithm LU Ke-fen et al
Identification of Critical Nonpoint Pollution Source Areas In Songhuaba Watershed HE Cheng-gang et al
Study on Present Situation of Rural Ecological Environment and Its Protection Countermeasures ZHANG Tie-liang et al
Research Progress on Analytical Technique of Pyrethroid Pesticide Residue MA Xin
Research Survey of the Impact of Transgenic Crops on Natural Enemies and Insect Pests XIAO Neng-wen et al
Study on the Degradation of Dye Wastewater with Solar Photo-catalysis and Aerobian LIU Feng-yan et al
Optimization on Technique of Enzymatic Hydrolysis from Silver Carp Using Response Surface Methodology LIU Hong et al
Extraction with Ultrasonic and Determination of Catalpol Content in Rehmania henryi Brown TIAN Chun-lian et al
Study on the Supersonic Extraction Process of Flavonoids from Ziziphi Spinosae Kernels LI Shen-ou et al
Study on Extraction Process of Pachyman by Microwave-assisted Enzyme Method ZHANG Xiao-juan et al
Optimum Extraction of Polysaccharides from Old Stalk of Asparagus by Ultrasonic Wave WANG Jian-an et al
Ultrasonic Extraction and HPLC Detection of Resveratrol Extracted from Peanut Shell LIU Chang-jin et al
Extraction and Chromatographic Separation of Anthocyanin from Purple Bud and Leaves of Tea Tree and Its Primary Identification LI Shuang-ling et al
Study on Antioxidative Activities of Maca Polysaccharides PU Yue-wu et al
Experimental Study on the Production of Deodorant of Garlic Odor through Amino-carbonyl Reaction ZHANG Li-xia et al
Effect of Salicylic Acid on Water Metabolism and Vase Life of the Peony Cut Flower WEI Xiu-jian et al
Discuss on the Planting Arrangement of the Modern Cemetery LI Chuan-xia
Study on the Rockery of SuZhou's Classical Gardens HUANG Wen-rui et al
Applications of Remote Sensing in Investigation of City Green land Situation LUAN Meng et al
Information Extraction from Desertified Land Based on Spectrum Knowledge of Landsat-TM Image WANG Li et al
Research on the Development of Urban Forest Recreation MEI Yan
Advance of Corn Precision Seeder YANG Xing-zhao et al
Research on Model Management System of County Cultivated Land Resources Based on WebGIS WEI Qing-feng et al
Study on the Design Technology of Ecology Energy-saving Bulkhead Components HU Yun-ping et al
Study on the Growth Status of Buckthorn in Different Tailings Dams WEI Feng-hua et al
Study on Community Structure Characteristics in Dalbergia obtusifolia Prain Ex Situ Conservation Forest SUN Yong-yu et al
Monitoring System Design of Greenhouse Environmental Factors Based on the GSM Wireless Transmission XU Qiao-nian et al
A M-file-based Method to Plotting Cutting Diagram YANG Shu-chuan et al
Study on the Application and Development of Virtual Instrument Technology in Agricultural Engineering WANG Li-bin et al
Research on the Development Mode of Rural Economy in Wuqi County ZHANG Xiao et al
Practical Significances and Paths of Rural Endogenous Industrialization in Anhui ZHANG Zhi-ming
Efficiency Evaluation of Agricultural Circular Economy in Guangdong Province Based on DEA ZHANG Wei-qiang
Research on Peasants' Increasing Income in Shanxi LIU Xiao-ying et al
Study on the Rural Living Environment Infrastructure Construction of New Countryside ZHOU Gang et al
Study on the Advantages and Risk of the Agricultural Products Logistics Outsourcing LI Hua
Empirical Research on Rural Finance Supporting Agricultural Development ZHANG Xiao-ting et al
Research on Selection Method of Leading Industry and Case Study in Industry Planning of Modern Agriculture CHEN Hai-xia et al
Study on Employment and Transfer Situation of Rural Women Labor Force in China WANG Dong-ping et al
Research on Urbanization Development and Land Right Protection of Land-lost Farmers CHAI Zhi-min et al
Difficulties and Countermeasures of Grass-root Governance under the Background of Rural Workers' Rushing Home SHEN Xin-kun et al
Study on Poverty Effect in Rural Based on Natural Disaster HU Jia-qi et al
Financial Countermeasures on Promoting Income Growth of Farmers by Industrial Development in Less Developed Areas CUI Li-li et al
Analysis on the Cognitive of the Reform of Collective Forest Property Right System of Fuxin City TAI Shan-shan et al
Influencing Factors and Development Countermeasures of Agricultural Export in Anhui Province WU Jian-hai et al
Discussion on the Interpretation System of Rural Tourism in Jiangsu Province GUO Jian-ying
Explore and Analyze on the Eco-compensation of Han River Basin XU Li-li
Meditation on Food Safety Retrospective System ZHAN Jin-chuan et al
The Modes of Brand Strategy of China's Fertilizer Enterprises in Transition Period FU Zhen-long
Construction of Evaluation System in the New Countryside Construction of Hebei and Empirical Study WANG Chun et al
Discussion on the Teaching Reform of Environmental Elology YU Shun-hui et al
Ideological and Political Education of Agricultural Universities in the Perspective of Ecological Civilization YIN Jun
Study on the Self-learning Courseware Designed and Exploited by Agricultural University WANG Xing-yu et al
Analysis of the Design and Achievement of Course-arrangement System in Agriculture and Forestry Colleges under Credit System LIU Tao
Study on the Roles and Approaches of Township Adult Education Central School Serving to the Construction of the New Socialist Countryside LI Yun et al
Analysis Research of the Follow-up Investigation of the Graduates in Open Education Gardening Specialty WANG Xun-jian
Practice and Thinking of Putting Question to Quiz in Classroom in Art Design Course LIU Qing et al
Study on Identification Method of Morphological Characteristics for Villages under Different Terrain Conditions GUO Qiao-zhen et al
Application of Analytic Hierarchy Process in Evaluation of Agricultural Information Websites YANG Heng-you et al
Study on the VPN Technology in the Application of Land Information Network ZHU Jiang-hong
Study on the Unified Information Service Oriented Rural Areas ZHAO Jing-juan et al
Study on the Question-Answer System of Agricultural Practical Technology Based on Improved VSM LUO Chang-shou et al
Study on Cotton Production and Efficient Decision Support System in South Xinjiang ZHOU Bao-ping et al
Research on the Network Security in Minor Enterprises WANG Chao-zhu et al
The Hazards of the Thought of"Emphasizing Business Scorning Agriculture"in the Republic of China LI Hui-juan et al
Evolution Path of Chinas Ancient Agricultural books CHEN Min
Immigration and Agricultural Exploitation in Hulan Region of Qing Dynasty FAN Li-jun et al
Study on Urban Heat Island Based On Landsat ETM~+ image LIN Zhi-bin
Influences of Sunny and Cloudy Days on the Temperature in Sunlight Greenhouses with Different Structures GUO Hong-en et al
Water Dispatch Market Management and Its Construction Management Analysis YAN Cheng-ming et al
Discussion on the Cultivation of Graduate Students' Innovation Ability on Food Subject SONG Xiao-yan et al
Model of Grain Yield in Henan Province Based on Conditions of Agriculture YANG Hong-qi et al
Research on Residents' Perception on the Tourism Environment Impact HUANG Dan-xia et al
Study on the Relationship between the Poisonous Plants in Northwest Ethnic Regions and Ethnoecology LEI Qian et al
A Guard Against Theft and Alarm System in Orchard Based on Wireless Transmission WANG Yan et al
Primary Research on Several Theorems,Laws and Corollaries of Hydrology GONG Yun et al
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