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Journal of Anhui Agricultural Sciences
FQ: 旬刊
AD of Publication: 安徽省合肥市
Lanuage: 中文;
ISSN: 0517-6611
CN: 34-1076/S
YP: 1961
Url: 安徽省农业科学院
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Journal of Anhui Agricultural Sciences
2010 -01
Effects of Paclitaxel on the Phosphorylation of 4EBP1 in A549 Cellls during G2/M Stage LI Yan et al
Study on Method of HPLC Analysis of Peptide AT-N XIE Yun et al
Study on the Synthesis of 6-L-ascorbyl Trans-β-alkoxycarbonylacrylate and Its Properties WU Ya-liang et al
Effects of Preservation Methods on Activity of Recombinant E.coli ZHOU Zhi-hui et al
Study on Physicochemical Properties of Red Pigment Produced by a Strain of Serratia sp RONG Jie et al
Study on the Comparison of Flocculent Activity and the Optimize of Culture Conditions of Several Strains Microorganisms GUO Xu-hui et al
Research on the Separation of Microbial Degrading Phenol CHEN Ruo-fei
Selection on Dominant Microflora in Natural Degradation Process of Straw FANG Xin et al
Effects of Southward Flow of Yellow River on Eco-environment of Xu-Huai River Basin LI Gao-jin et al
Isolation,Characterization and Phylogenetic Analysis of an Efficient Potassium Feldspar Decomposing Bacteria HE Qi-zhuang et al
Preparation,Application of Lignin Adsorbent and Influencing Factors on Adsorption HE Xing-bing et al
Progress on Purification Technology of Trichosanthin and Its Pharmacology General Situation WANG Fei et al
Research Progress on Physiological Function and Mechanism of Selenium for Plants WANG Li-xia
Research Progress on the Mechanism of Zinc Absorption and Metabolism GAO Jian-wei et al
Research on the Bacteria with the Tolerance to Heavy Metal Affecting the Soil Adsorption of Colloidal System to Cu~(2+) and Cd~(2+) with Infrared Spectroscopy Inspection XIE Zhao-yang et al
Research Progress on the Plant RNA-binding Proteins TANG Qing
Research Process on Sugar Accumulation in Fruits TAO Hong et al
Preparation and NMR Spectral Characterization of Pachyman Sulfate CHEN Qun
Study on the Preparation of Phosphorylatied Chitosan Oligosaccharide SONG Yue et al
Effect of Different NAA Concentrations on Survival Rate of Induction of Franchet Groundcherry Calyx XI Guang-sheng et al
Propagation Technique of Plant Regeneration for Stem Segment of Sorbus aucuparia L. MA Jie et al
Study on Influencing Factors of Cymbidium hybridum Protocorm Proliferation LI Xu et al
Plant Tissue Culture Techniques and the Application in Bryophytes LIU Jun-hua et al
Optimization of Conditions Agrobacterium-mediated Transformation in Kentucky Bluegrass WANG Juan
Study on Isozyme Phenotypic Difference of Varicorhinus macrolepis Malic Enzyme PANG Qiu-xiang et al
Cloning of Seed-specific Promoter and Construction of Plant Transformation Vector ZHANG Meng-han et al
Construction of Chimonanthus praecox(L.)Link Aquaporin CpTIP Plant Expression Vector with Mannose Selection System CHENG Yu et al
Comparison of the Different Extraction Method for DNA from Dry Fruit of Lycium bararum L. SI Bin-bin et al
Study on the Effects of Pb~(2+),Hg~(2+) on Mycelium Growth of Pleurotus ostreatus and Antagonistic Effects of Alkaline-earth and Trace Elements JIAO Shuai et al
Study on Occurrence and Control of Pear Scab SUN Ai-qin et al
Optimization and Establishment for SRAP-PCR System of Line Pepper "Xunhuahong" LI Yuan-yuan et al
Analysis on Variation Characteristics of Thunderstorm and Its Cause in Guilin City in Recent 40 Years WU Song et al
Sequence Analysis of Control Region of Mus musculus from Xinjiang XU Hua et al
Cloning and Sequence Character Analysis of Squaliobarbus curriculus Mitochondrial ND6 Gene SHEN Ying et al
Polymorphism of FUT1 Gene and Its Relationship with Litter Size in Northeast Hebao Pigs ZHU Hong-yan et al
Effects of Organic Acid and EDTA on the Physiological and Biochemical Characteristics of Rice in Cadmium-contaminated Soil LI Yang-rui et al
Effect of Sowing Date on Grain Filling Dynamic for Grains at Different Positions within A Panicle of Rice XIE Wen-xiao et al
Effect of the Content of Water on the Measurement of Wheat Protein with Near-infrared Spectroscopy ZHANG Ling-shuai et al
Grain Yield Prediction for Irrigation District Based on Least Squares Support Vector Machine ZAI Song-mei et al
Selection on Resistant Variety of Amorphophallus konjac on Soft Rot Disease with Indoor Pot Test CHEN Guo-hua et al
Genetic Analysis on Chromosome of Hybrid F_1 between Elymus canadensis and Elymus sibiricus LI Jing-huan et al
Effect of Sowing Date and Depth on Yield of Soybean in Eastern Cold Mountainous Area of Jilin Province QIU Qiang et al
Establishment of Candidate Core Collection in Hebei Adzuki Bean Germplasm Resources LIU Chang-you et al
Effects of Fe and Zn on Seed Germination and Seedlings Physiology and Biochemistry of Brassica rapa L. QIAO Chuan-ying et al
Effect of the Salt Stress on the Anti-oxidative Enzyme in Seedlings of Three Vegetable Species LIU Chen et al
Effects of Material Physical Properties on White-rot Fungi Mycelial Growth HU Chang-qing et al
Effect of Plasma Treatment on Biological Characters,Yield and Output Value of Melon FANG Xiang-qian et al
Effects of Different Fruiting Parts and Different Opening Angle Branches Born in One or Two Years of Sweet Carambola on Flowering WEI Jie-bin et al
Effect of Gibberellic Acid on Yield and Quality of Whangkumbae SUN Rui-hong et al
Study on Volatile Components from Trifolium repens L.at Different Florescence WANG Sheng-bi et al
Study on Growth and Development Characteristics,Botanical Characteristics and Flowering Period Control of Four Flower Bulbs GUI Min et al
Research Progress on Formation Mechanism of Floral Fragrance of Orchid LI Yan-hua et al
Analysis on Population Dynamics of 3 Kinds of Plants of Sect.Chrysantha Chang WU Ru-hua et al
Effect of the Treatment of Stratification of Wet-chill and Dry-heat on the Germination of Switchgrass Seed MO Qi-hui et al
Study on Diurnal Variation of Photosynthesis of Spartina alterniflora in Its Mature Stage GAN Xiao-mei et al
Effect of Nitrogen Ion Beam Implantation on Seed Germination and Seedling Growth of Roegneria Plant YU Jing-yi et al
Influence of Stress from Heavy Metal Ion(Cu~(2+)) on the Physiological Characteristics of Potamogeton crispus WANG Bin et al
Effect of PP_(333) on Growth of Agrostis stolonifera Turf Grass Xuexuan Series SHI Xiu-lan et al
Study on Sericulture Layout of Shrubby Mulberry and Rational Usage of Leaf in Terraced Slope GAO Yu-jun et al
Study on the Optimum Alcoholization Stage and Appropriate Storage Duration of Flue-cured Tobacoo Strips in Different Producing Areas QI Ling-feng et al
Effects of Mildewproof and Disinsection and Alcoholization of Tobacco Air-regulating Agent on Tobacco Leaves in Different Oxygen Concentration Conditions ZHUO Si-chu
Research on the Relationships between Chemical Components of Flue-cured Tobacco and Smoking Quality as well as Appearance Quality in Tobacco Area of Guizhou Province WANG Jian-lin
Study on Artificial Wetland Wastewater Treatment WANG Hui-wen et al
Study on the Effects of Processing Parameters in the Primary Processing of Cigarette Production on Benzo[a]pyrene Delivery in Cigarette Mainstream Smoke TAN Lan-lan et al
Determination of Total Flavonoids in Eremurus chinensis and Study on Its Antioxidant Activity GUO Yu-mei et al
Selection of Endophytic Fungus from Dendrobium loddigesii and Their Physiological Rdes LUO Zai-qi et al
Determination on Contents of Metal in 12 Kinds of Chinese Medicine Produced in Guizhou GONG Jiang-ning et al
Effects of the Stress of Mine Tailing Environment on the Physiological Characteristics of Imperata cylindrical BAI Xiu et al
Study on the Root System and Anatomical Structure of Lonicera fulvotomentosa HUANG Li-hua et al
Study on the Effects of Different Diluents on the Quality of Boar Sperm Stored at 4℃ LI Zhao-hua et al
Preparing of SEM and TEM Samples for Oocyte WU Cai-hong et al
Research Overview of Sheep Pox Virus YAN Xin-min et al
Improvement of Mouse Model of Acute Heat Stress in Experimental Device YIN Feng et al
Study on Adjusting Coefficient for Weight of Penaeus vannamei LI Gang et al
The Time Sequence of Embryonic Development of Cambarus clarkii under Factory Propagation ZHANG Xiao-gu et al
Effect of Cd~(2+) on SOD Activity and the Acute Toxicity of ClamMactra chinensis ZHANG Chuan-yong et al
Investigation on Freshwater Snails Type in Upstream Tarim River Water WANG Shi-wei et al
Application Study on BP Neural Network in the Diagnosis of Rice Diseases and Pests TANG Jian-jun et al
Monitoring Technique for Chinese Pine Caterpillars by TM Imagery in West Liaoning Province YUN Li-li et al
Research Progress of Site-2 protease in Regulation of Pathogenic Mechanism SONG Song
Study on Pathogen and Its Biological Characteristics of Alfalfa Downy Mildew YANG Qing-sen et al
Study on the Diffusion Law of Bursaphelenchus xylophilus in Enshi City WANG Bai-quan et al
Determination on Biological Characteristics of Nematode Rhabditis(Oscheius) sp. ZHANG Li-juan et al
Cause and Control Measures of the Outbreak of Rice Planthopper in Wuhan City during 2005-2008 TANG Shao-yun et al
Researches on the Organic Techniques Preventing from Dichocrocis punctifera in Chinese Chestnuts CAO Qing-chang et al
Study on Thifluzamide for Controlling Wheat Sharp Eyespot in Field FU You-sheng et al
Screening Experiment on Pesticides Controlling of Uroleucon gobonis DING Liang-bin et al
Study on the Effects of Growth-promoting Antimicrobial and Insecticidal Properties of Bacillus cereus CMCC63305 GUAN Jun et al
Analysis on the Meteorological Drought Characteristics of Crop Growing Season in Panjin JIANG He-wen et al
Solar Radiation Characteristics and Estimation Model for Daily Solar Radiation in Fuzhou Region REN Sai-sai et al
Discussion on Temporal and Spatial Characteristics of Early Frost and Its Forecasting Method of Maize in the Three Northeastern Provinces DU Chun-ying et al
Observation Analysis and Diagnostic Study on Meso-scale Convection System in South China Warm Sector Rainstorm GU Lin et al
Investigation and Protection of Rare and Endangered Plants in Anhui Province LIU Xiao-long et al
A New Method of Agricultural Commerce Website Development Based on osCommerce LIU Bing-bing et al
Dynamic Comprehensive Hydrological GIS of Thematic Map Generation Based on MSChart Control GUO Xian-chun et al
Screening Identification and Optimization on Dephosphorization Strains in Biological Purification Tank JIANG Chen-zhou
Analysis on the Precipitation Enhancement Process during Drought Rainfall in the Spring of 2009 in Liaoning Province ZHAO Shu-hui et al
Relationship between North Atlantic Oscillation in Winter and Climate in China WANG Xiao-teng et al
Average Recurrence Interval Estimation of Extreme Blizzard Event over Liaoning Province in 2007 ZHOU Xiao-shan et al
Study on the National Key Protected Wild Plants in Jinggangshan DENG Xian-lan et al
Study on Soil Physical and Chemical Properties of Rocky Desertification in Pingtang County XU Ping et al
Effect of Fencing on Soil Characteristics of Degraded Pasture LI Jing-gang et al
Study on the Soil Mercury Content and Its Influential Factors Near A Thermometer Factory WANG Yan et al
Effect of the Organic Matter in Soil on the Adsorption of the Organic Pollutant——Trichloroethene ZHANG Kun-feng et al
Research on the Nutrient Status in the Soil of Ginseng Root Zone under Forest SUN Hai et al
Study on Damage Farmland Productivity Evaluation in the Eastern Part of Coal Mining Subsidence Area with the High Phreatic Water Level LU Ye-Jiang et al
Study on Evaluation of Cultivated Land Intensive Use in Gansu Province WANG Hai-hong et al
Evaluation on Sustainability of Land Reclamation Items Based on Ecological Footprint Theory LI Wen-hui et al
Study on Influence Factors of Boron Bioavailability of Gray Desert Soil in Shihezi XIE Hai-xia et al
Research on the Alternatives of Non-ammonia Water in Water Quality Analysis Based on the National Standard Method NIAN Yu et al
Research Progress on the Detection of VOC in Groundwater HU Jing-ke et al
Investigation and Analysis on the Water Quality of the Urban Drinking Water Sources in Anhui Province ZHOU Xiao-tie et al
Investigation on River Pollution Situations in Rural Areas TAO Xue-qin et al
Pollution Status and Measures of Environmental Management of Large-scale Livestock and Poultry Farms in Chaohu River Basin PENG Jun et al
Research on the Garbage Treatment and Disposal Processing for the Rural Environment of Whole Comprehensive Control ZHOU Zu-guang et al
The Ecological Recovery of the River' Degraded Ecosystem Service Functions XU Yu-feng et al
Effect of the Process of Temperature Regulation on the Energy Consumption and Rate of Water Recovery of Freeze-dried Tilapia LI Min et al
Research on the Immobilization of Lactase with Cation Exchange Resin WANG Jing et al
Study on the Mechanism of Browning in Potato Processing and Its Inhibitory Effect SONG Ji-xuan et al
Preparation of Fermented Greengage Wine GUO Lei et al
Research Progress of Microbe and Its Application during the Fermentation Process of Puer Tea XU Bo et al
Study on Soybean Peptides Fermented by Mycelium of Cordyceps sinensis(Berk.)Sacc. JIANG Sheng-yan et al
Optimization on the Fermentation Conditions of Producing α-Galactosidase by Liquid Fermentation with Aspergillus niger ZENG Qing-hua et al
Study on the Liquid-submerged Fermentation and Polysaccharide Extraction of Tremella aurantialba Mycelia DONG Chang-jin
Study on Extracting β-Amylase from Germinated Broad Bean WANG Hui-chao et al
Study on the Extraction and Isolation of Red Pigment from Pitaya Peel YANG Chang-peng et al
Study on Extraction of Insoluble Dietary Fiber from Bamboo Shoot Based on the Enzymolysis Method BAI Rui-hua et al
Extraction of Oil from Cinnamomum camphora Fruit with Ultrasonic ZHANG Ling et al
Research on the Extraction Technology of Total Saponins from Sapindus mukorossi Gaerth. HUANG Su-mei et al
Research on the Extraction of Total Alkaloid from Liana Plant SHEN Jin-long et al
Optimization of Total Flavonoids Extraction from Mini Broccoli by Response Surface Methodology WANG Bing-fang et al
Optimization on the Ultrasonic Assisted Extraction Technology for Water-soluble Material from Enteromorpha prolifera CHEN Li-mei et al
Design of Single-chip Microcomputer Fuzzy Control System for Water-saving Irrigation WANG Xiao-jian
Study on the Greenhouse of Fuzzy Temperature and Humidity Controller Based on PIC16F877A JIANG Jiu-chao et al
Application of Graph Theory in Agricultural Economy CHEN Li-juan
Analysis of Wheat Yield Insurance Premium Rate by County in Anhui Province JIANG Chun et al
Research on Route-selection of Cotton Logistics Based on the Intermodal Transport WEI Fei et al
Research on the Rural Labor Employment from the View of Effective Demand FENG Da et al
Discussion on the Problems of Rural Youth Labor Transfer in China WANG Chun-wei et al
Empirical Analysis on the Income Difference of Farmers in Wuhan Urban Agglomeration LIU Shi-chang et al
Analysis on Strengthening the Agricultural Sci-tech Innovation to Promote Modern Agriculture Development CAO Cheng-zhong et al
The Research of Poverty Alleviation Through Agricultural Industrialization in Weak Economy Villages WU Chun-mei et al
Cultivation of Leading Industries of the County Economy in Western China JIANG Tao et al
Status and Causes of Rural Poverty in China PENG Hong-bi
Study on the Relationship between Agricultural Industrialization and Farmer Specialized Cooperative Society GAO Li-fang et al
Comparison Analysis on Individual Ranch Management and Community-based Rangeland Management in Maqu Grassland WEI Hui-lan et al
Cloning of the Porcine adiponectin Promoter and Study on Genetic Polymorphism LING Fei et al
Comprehensive Evaluation on Development Level of Circular Economy in North of Anhui Province HU Shu-heng et al
The Research of the Relationship between Chinese Township Governments and Villagers Committee on Building New Countryside ZHANG Kai-ping
Research on Agricultural Informatization System Based on Electronic Commerce WEI Hong-yu et al
Improved Variety Subsidy Effect Analysis of Wheat ZHU Ming-chao et al
Analysis on the Preference Scale and Competition State of Inbound Tourist Market in Nanjing BAO Juan et al
Growth Regularity of Broussonetia papyrifera Seedlings in Southwest Karst Region WEI Yuan et al
Study on "Media Coordination" Promoting Rural Culture Construction from the Perspective of Information WANG Hui et al
Discussion on Dark Tourism and Its Development from Perspective of Experience ZHANG Qun
Study on the Biological Characteristics of Taxus chinensis var.mairei Seeds ZHANG Yan-jie et al
Study on Vegetation Structure of Shelter Forest System of Huangtuliangzi Area in Ji County of Tianjin BAI Yan-jiang et al
Design and Implementation of Tourism Geographical Information System in Xinyang ZHANG Miao et al
The Research of Eco-home Construction along No.107 National Road in Jiangxia District of Wuhan City BAI Tao
Plant Species Diversity Investigating of Gardening Plant Community in Ma'anshan,Anhui Province YI Xian-gui et al
Research on Renovation of Kuling Street Block in Lushan after Migrating of the Inhabitant NIE Lu et al
Exploration on the Component and Landscape Factors of Railway Landscape HE Yu-long
Landscape Design of Dongjiang Residential Area in HuiZhou LI Hong-bin et al
Agro-ecological Tourism Orchard Planning and Design in Baitu Town,Jurong City CAO Ren-yong et al
Playfield Planning and Designing on the Hong He School Area in Chongqing University of Arts and Sciences LOU Juan
Research on Mercury Pollution Status in Shijian Lake of Huainan City XIAO Yong-hong et al
Study on Garden Application of Wild Ornamental Plants in Tianjin PENG Hong-mei et al
Investigation of Plant Landscape in Winter in Shijiazhuang City KANG Yue-lan
Assessment of Scenic Forest Landscape Quality in Taihu Lake Source Forest Park LU Yang et al
Exploration on Experimental Teaching Reform in Ecology Specialty of Agricultural Universities and Colleges CHEN Gui-kui et al
Exploration on the Project Curriculum Development of Rural Vocational Education in North of Shaanxi Province GAO Yan-long et al
Analysis on Mother-tongue Reliance among Agricultural Undergraduates in English Class ZHAO Dan et al
Longitudinal Study of Biology PhD Dissertation in Agricultural University QI Jing et al
Research on Species Composition and Diversity of Artificial Forest Community in Chunhua County of Shaanxi Province DONG Qiang et al
Design and Implementation of Online Agricultural Auxiliary System Based on Java Technology WANG Xiao-long
Analysis on Feasibility of Drought Remote Sensing Monitoring in Complex Terrain LIU Pai-ying et al
Transfer of Rural Surplus Labor Force in Liaocheng City CHEN Yong-jin et al
Genetic Variation Analysis on the Whole Genomic Sequence of a H9N2 Subtype Avian Influenza Virus Isolate YU Bo et al
Expression and Purification of Hydrophilic Domains of Bovine Anion Exchanger,Member 1 and Electrogenic Sodium Bicarbonate Cotransporter 1 TIAN Wei et al
Effects of Different Additives on Silage Quality of Crop Corn WANG Jing et al
Physioloycial and Seed Vigour Changes of Medicago ruthenica Seeds during Artificial Aging Course WANG Xiao-li et al
RAPD Analysis for Micropterus salmoides and Tilapia nilotica ZHANG Jin-zhou et al
Effects of Ultrasound/Dilute H_2SO_4 Pretreatment on Cellulase Activity of Corn Straw Liquid Fermentation YANG Pei-zhou et al
Records of Chinese Edible Insects HU Peng et al
Experimental Research on the Antibechic and Expectorant Effects of Wild Ledum palustre Linn.var.dilatatum Wahlanberg from Changbai Mountain Areas HE Xiao-yan et al
Application of Hyper-spectral Remote Sensing in Production of Precision Agriculture HONG Xia et al
Construction and Analysis on the Source Model of Competitive Advantage of Ningxia Wolfberry Industrial Cluster JING E
Study on X-ray Diffraction Map of Rhubarb Produced from Different Places of Qinghai WANG Ning-fang et al
Construction of the Early-warning Model for Plant Diseases Based on Improving Neural Network CAO Zhi-yong et al
Application of SPSS Software in the Survey and Analysis of Influencing Factors in Colleges Teaching Quality XIE Lin-jie
Quantitative Analysis of Dynamic Change of Cultivated Land Pressure in Arid and Semi-arid Region Based on Food Security FU Shi-bo et al
A Method to Improve Photographing Function of Common Digital Camera to Small Flowers and Fruits HONG Ya-ping et al
Zhuhai Agri-tourism Development Countermeasure Analysis CHANG Cheng et al
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